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Judge Smith-Ribner Clergy Marks End Of Gun Shop Enters US Senate Race

(Cont. From Page 1) vania in the United States Senate. “Throughout my career, I have sought to speak up for those who did not have a voice while at the same time striven to promote equal justice, fairness and independence,” Smith-Ribner said. “I will continue that philosophy when I am elected to the US Senate.” Even before announcing her candidacy, Smith-Ribner could be seen at many events around the city and she has been crisscrossing the state attending Democratic and community events. Smith-Ribner also stated that she intends to have enough resources to win the race. “I am in this race to win, not just to run,” she said. “I am going to do whatever it takes. Pennsylvanians deserve to have a dedicated public ser-

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vant. Not just one that gives them lip service and is just holding on to power for the sake of having power.” Smith-Ribner says she will open up a campaign office in Center City by week’s end. Veteran political operative Maurice Floyd said Smith-Ribner’s entrance into the race will change the whole dynamics of the outcome of the contest. “Her entrance into the race is definitely not good for either of the other two candidates (incumbent Democrat Arlen Specter and Congressman Joe Sestak),” said Floyd, who also served as a top aide to the late Congressman Lucien E. Blackwell. “It’s going to be very interesting to have someone of her caliber in the race.” Smith-Ribner, before going on the bench she practiced law for 12 years in Allegheny Co. State Rep.

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Pennsylvania is reported to be the major source for illegally trafficked handguns to cities and states throughout the northeastern part of this country. That is why an interfaith group, operating as Heeding God’s Call, gathered outside Colosimo’s gun shop to celebrate its closing, announced by its owner Jim Colosimo earlier in the week. According to Rev. James McIntire, pastor of Hoe United Methodist Church, in Havertown, the shop’s closing is the first in “what we hope will be a chain of knocking out of business gun shops with notorious records of selling to straw buyers.” Father Isaac Miller of the Church of the Advocate in North Philadelphia indicated there would be other targets. One mentioned was the Shooters Gun Shop in Kensington. The group indicated Shooters is among the top 120 out of

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REV. ISAAC MILLER, of Church of the Advocate, addresses clergy at rally marking closing of Colosimo gun shop, long a fixture in Philadelphia, and once a major supplier of guns to Phila. Police. 80,000 gun dealers nationally for poor recordkeeping and for allowing straw buyers to buy guns. Clergy will continue to visit gun shops and have them sign a Code of Conduct pledging them to incorporate conditions aimed at stemming the flow of guns to straw buyers. These include videotaping the actual sale transaction, and employee back-

ground checks. Also speaking at the event were Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell, Father Joseph Genito, Rev. James McIntire and Claire Ryans, who lost a son on the streets. Colosimo, who was in his shop, indicated he will make a statement about the closing, having pled his corporation guilty to charges of selling to straw buyers. State Rep.

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