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By Heather Bonato

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BALANCED Approach to Training By Fernando Paredes

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Saturday, October 20th, 2018 Willow Grove Park Mall, Willow Grove, PA 12pm-5pm

WELLNESS, HEALTH & FITNESS EXPO Featuring workout demos and lots of fitness entertainment. Tons of local vendors and thousands of attendees makes this everything health and fitness you can imagine! ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Shopping Galore at our Vendor Booths! DJ & Dance Demos Food and Cooking Demos Kid’s Activities Beauty Makeovers Massage ~ Reiki ~ Reflexology Essential Oils Workouts Galore Something for Everyone...Come Join In!

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Begging for


I’m not holding out a can, but rather a “can-do”... my kids are counting on it!


know I’ve touched on this topic before, but lately I’m feeling like a flower that’s just opened up to drink in the Fall’s warming rays! Metaphorically speaking, I’m alive again! But, it didn’t happen over night and it would have NEVER happened if I had let my own pesky fears swallow me whole. Haven Can Wait Recently, I had decided to rent out my home. After all, what better way to change your environment, make new memories, and even change the air you breathe? Perhaps things will feel different, if I move...saying hello to new faces at new surroundings, sipping coffee in a different chair in a different spot, on a different porch. Heck, maybe the sun shines ‘brighter’ somewhere else. After twenty years together, my home has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s a part of me somehow, and I can’t help but wonder if it had been “feeling the pain” through the rough spots too? Weird, but I decided to move to Philly (Queen Village) and “take a break”—or at least that’s what I called it at that time. A super chic apartment, that may as well have been called a Penthouse, was what we moved in to! Now THIS was change! It sat close to the water, I now had water views and a helicopter landing pad that reminded me never to sleep too soundly. There were new puppies to pet on my morning walks to work, and so many new locals. They were more transient than the suburban neighborhoods, but that was ideal for the girl who wanted to sort of blend in for a while. Ideal, right? The kids loved the move, at first, too. Suffice to say, I let go of my safe-haven and wanted to create a new one. Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t thinking it would be any safer being downtown, but I don’t think I even cared. I felt brave, strong, empowered. Don’t think my heart wasn’t tugging with, “Why am I even doing this?” But my reality had become that I felt like I couldn’t see past my own feet anymore. I had no clue what lied ahead of me, or how my past was making me feel. Life had become, well, 4 | September 2018

humdrum. My purpose besides being a rock-star Mom had become unclear. That was not good enough for an ambitious, go-getter blonde like me. Let me back up a bit here. Up until recently, I was white-knuckled about the whole ‘letting go’ thing, but I realized I no longer could hold on tight to things just because they’re comfortable, easy or soothing. In some strange way, our things define us, and I was feeling like they shouldn’t. The self-made temporary “heaven” (and yes, haven) I carved out for my family, was rebuilt-to-suit as each passing year my life and family grew. My pride was, and is, sky high with this little shoebox of love we called home. But somehow, deep in my bones, I had a yearning to just leave, step outside of all that I knew, go out there and start to understand what it is that makes me tick. It felt like it’s was time to change things up. The once known haven, was somehow feeling tattered to us, and my inner soul was on a serious quest. The memories and the love that poured out of the walls in my home are indescribable. Was I sure this was the “change” I needed? Anyone who walked into our pad was like “OMG, Zen, love, peace…can I just sit for a moment and take it in?” It really was, and IS, that COOL! Step back to the beginning, before I bought it: It was an empty house for over a decade. Raw and gloomy, the neighbors joked it was haunted. It didn’t even have a 220 line for an electric dryer! Think a no-frills, never updated box with ancient and even broken windows, rotted- out seals, original metal kitchen cabinets and a tiny square for counter space. But at the time, I closed one eye and held my breath (the day I bought it) because the vision in my mind was so vivid and intense, and beautiful! I could see it and feel it. It was calling my name as I tried to walk away. It spoke to me like a little pound puppy. I knew it was mine as soon as I opened the creaky front door, but more so once I looked out the back door. No pool, and terribly overgrown, it was a bit intimidating. The treed and near acre yard had promise of kids and pets running around, screaming and barking with delight and plenty of privacy, which is something that I desperately craved and needed even at that | 267-767-4205


Mom and Derek, (9 months prego with little Savannah in my tummy/ I actually delivered her that night!)

Mom and Darion, ready to hit the dance floor at a friend's wedding.

Mom and Savannah, Wildwood Beach, NJ


time of my life. I was thrity years old at that time of purchase, only had my oldest son Derek who was 9. Let’s say I’ve battled more than one curve ball over the years. Now, let’s get something straight here, this home has never had granite and tile, stainless steal or updated hard wood floors, but it never needed it to feel magnificent. It simply, is! Sometimes, it’s all about the things you can’t see with the naked eye that truly matter. PRIDE riddled me, and I think it may have carried over into other aspects of my life too, uh um...PhillyFIT. PhillyFIT was born here, in this home, along with Darion and Savannah. All huge pluses to the home we call “868”. Truth be told, during my toying with the idea of moving, I even flirted with the idea of selling my home. Could I afford, or even stand, to play landlord to complete strangers, when life was already feeling strange to me? Rebuilding our own broken hearts, should I just sell and just start over. I listed it. I couldn't go through with it. So, the renting of the home began. It felt like I was giving up the family pet. But the decision was made, accompanied by feelings of relief, excitement, and utter panic! Darion, my intuitive and bright twenty year old along with Savannah, the creative little one, and I, went on a bargain furniture-shopping rampage, and Shazam! The new place was full! We had the sales people at Raymour and Flanagan on their knees and I taught Darion the fine art of negotiation (grin). I’m either a chicken, or brilliant, but I knew in the bottom of my gut, in the deepest of my soul, I just couldn't let go of EVERTHING. By the time our lease was over, we moved back home. The year “off” helped me realize I was barking up the wrong tree with seeking change. My home and roots was one thing I needed to keep, they matter. Does having to walk away from a relationship, or something that has left you feeling gloom, mean walking away from everything you built before that relationship (or whatever) even began? Hell no! Yep, I am rebuilding my home and filling it back up with love—a new kind of love! For a nano- second I worried about the realtor’s thoughts of me, but I don’t really care if I’ve left them scratching their heads… The lesson learned was just too big to be worrying about anyone else’s opinion (Re-read that sentence—it can apply to MANY aspects of your life). And quite honestly, those folks were part of my journey and awakening, whether they know it, or even care. Subsidiary lesson learned – let go of the fears that you can’t really control (worrying about letting others down). Let the rebuilding begin, one paycheck at time, one bonus at a time, one replacement window at a time, one wall painted. For what seemed like an eternity, each dollar was earmarked for a DIY project of some sort. Over time, it morphed into a newly respectable crib. But it wasn’t so much about the objects we put in the home. It was more about the feeling of being together in it; the memories—both good and bad — made each passing day. Happiness and togetherness, two words that really work for me. And when I say twenty, yes, twenty kids at a time sleeping over, there were many (happy) sleepless nights here. Man, it's good to be HOME! And I am embracing it with a renewed heart and deep appreciation for all that I had worked so hard for in my past! Change to Charge I am emotionally charged and believe it or not, I am realizing this wasn’t just some panic attack. It’s my life, my love and my children’s roots, and it matters. In fact, we really haven’t lost that much in the big picture, we actually gained so much by stepping away from life as we knew it for a while! We have managed to forgive and still love and remain friends with those in our past, who are no longer part of our inner family. We are enjoying potential new beginnings. It’s true; life is the thing that happens when you’re busy making plans. But keeping the idea of “balance” this time round. In my heart, my efforts to find solutions for the greater good were well intended. But in the end, I couldn’t bare the suffocating emotions that accompany good-byes. Saying so long to your home can be harder to do that saying good-bye to people! Who knew? For a second, I felt like this “rebuilding” thing was a cruel joke, but now it feels even more exciting than the first time around. Hey EVERYONE, we’re back! No wonder I live with this eternal flame of optimism. I get it—live your life, let your fears go. It’s worth it! My favorite | 267-767-4205

September 2018 | 5

workout spot…here I come! My favorite Chinese restaurant, start our “usual” order, we’ll be there soon! Walking the neighborhood, I can only imagine how silly I look with this big grin on my face for no apparent reason (or so they must think). If you’ve followed my Pub Page over the past fifteen years, you may have noticed I took off the past two years, and didn’t publish. Man it feels good to be back! You know, truth be told, the unforeseeable circumstances bit me in the ass (chomped down really freakin’ hard actually). Realities and priorities shifted at the speed of light. I had the carpet pulled out from under me so many times; it felt like I had a mean rug burn. And yes, it hurt my (not so fit anymore) bum. I really had no other choice. I did go from change to charge, motivated by the future promise of good things to come, because I’m at the helm again darn it! And maybe now, I can settle back in to my life and get working on this ‘glum bum’ of mine again. After all, this is the home of PhillyFIT too, and I better be sure I’m living up to it! Look, I’m a single mom in the throws of re-evaluating my life and just finally realizing that there is “nothing to fear except fear itself”. When starting any new venture, I always ask myself, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” And so, I have decided to take on new challenges (added PhillyFIT Fashionistas camp for girls, a PhillyFIT phone app is almost ready to launch, and upped my game with a RELAUNCH and changed style of our print edition, the one you are holding! Hey, let me know what you think of it, by the way! I think of it as adding a few more weights to the barbell— much like work in the gym. This time it’s my turn. Thankfully, surrounded by our PhillyFIT friends, I will be consulting with the local businesses to help me find my new hobbies and interests. Maybe I’m Really a Cat There are days when I feel like I’ve lived nine lives. But much like those darn cats, I’ve managed to land right side up on my feet after each fall (albeit a bit wobbly). Right now, there is only hope and love moving forward, thanks to all that I have learned. I need to own it, and be thankful for it all. Took me longer than most, but I believe I’m finally there. Hey, the weather’s great – get out there and get fit! Meow! xoxo

PhillyFIT Magazine is published by Jalynnconcepts, LLC dba PhillyFIT Magazine Publisher/Owner: Jami Appenzeller Assistant to Publisher/Team Motivator: Savannah Yancey

Jami’s Five for Dealing with Change 1. MAKE A TIME CAPSULE Gather up old pictures, keepsakes and meaningful items having to do with your big change. Keep it simple. If you’re moving, it could be a few flowers from your lawn or even a key from your home. Bury it in a place you know you can go back to twenty-five years from now. 2. TAKE THINGS OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND BURN TO A DISK OR EXTERNAL DRIVE. This is a biggie. I’ve found that old photos, old documents, etc. can really make it hard to move on and detach. This is an often-overlooked process that may take some time, but in the end there will be no pesky emotional remembrances on your computer. Cleansing your electronics (phone too) can be very cathartic and I highly recommend it! 3. WRITE DOWN LESSONS LEARNED/BE CREATIVE Gosh, every country song I know is a bit of a ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ melody. Try taking a stab at writing your own song about weathering through your own personal storms. You may just opt to write a poem about moving on and not looking back. This is something you can do with the entire family, if appropriate (every person could take a stanza). 4. LOOK FOR SIGNS I know this one sounds hokey, but I really believe that if you’re open to receiving signs of assurance from “wherever,” you’ll feel validated in making your change. Read those fortunes inside those cookies! Watch the news, listen to the radio or just go for a drive in the car or a walk. I just taped one to my oldest son, Derek’s, bedroom door actually! Sometimes signs are all around you – you just have to be in the right frame of mind to soak them in. My late, father sends me signs all the time. I just know it; they’re too personal and too eerie not to be silent, yet strong messages channeled to me in clever ways. 5. EXERCISE Ha! You know I had to FIT it in somewhere. Oftentimes, big change is accompanied by feelings of depression. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE DEPRESSING! Letting go is quite a mournful process (I get it). There’s nothing better than releasing some powerful endorphins. The best way to do that my friends is to get your heart rate up. (Okay, so those of you with your minds in the gutter, you know what I meant.) Even taking a walk around the block counts. Start working out three times a week for at least forty-five minutes and the blues will scram, and so will those pesky pounds you hate too.

Graphic Designer: Lisa Celfo Web: Jeff Gross Social Media: Darion Griggs Distribution Manager: Derek Exner (RIP Jim Appenzeller) Ad Sales: Erin Hall, Shelly McGlaughlin Proofing/Editor: Heather Hoehn (RIP Bev Appenzeller)

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HEAVY METAL ROLLERZ Solid Steel Heavy Weighted Massage Rollers

The WEIGHT Does the Work!


e are very excited to introduce Heavy Metal Rollerz into a new category of massage rollers, a Weighted Massage Roller! Heavy Metal Rollerz was developed to specifically, effectively and independently target the muscles of the trapezius, forearms, and quadriceps through Self Soft Tissue Release, a technique that originated many years ago. The weight of the roller does all of the work! Simply place the roller on the muscle, and roll back and forth over the muscles to relieve muscle tension, stress, soreness and increase flexibility, range of motion and muscle performance. Heavy Metal Rollerz are made of heavy solid stainless steel and specifically designed to conveniently and independently massage the muscles using the weight of the roller with minimal, if any, effort. Typical rollers use your own body weight to massage the muscles, however they are sometimes ineffective, especially for the trapezius and forearms, which are a very difficult area to massage independently. Heavy Metal Rollerz are designed for many muscle groups and can be used on the quadriceps, trapezius, forearms, bicep, tricep, inside of the scapula, side of the shin, hamstring, calves, and feet. The WAIT is Over, The WEIGHT is Here! The rollers SHOULD NOT be rolled directly over any bones or connective tissue, they are for muscles only. If the roller causes any pain, try a lighter weight or discontinue use. The rollers also should be stored at room temperature. If they get too hot or cold, this may cause burning of the skin. Keep the rollers out of direct sunlight or extreme cold temperatures. PHILLYFIT

I'm Sharon Klinger and I developed Heavy Metal Rollerz. I developed this roller as I found no other product that could effectively and independently massage the trapezius muscles. I was first introduced to 'rolling out' (also known as mashing, foam rolling, myofascial release-these techniques have been around for years, but have become more popular recently) at the gym that I attend 5 years ago. I also go to the massage therapist who targets the trapezius with putting pressure on the muscle. I wanted to independently mimic that movement. I researched weighted roller products and found nothing. Heavy Metal Rollerz was born!

Please visit us online at 570.573.9109 | 267-767-4205

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1. MENTAL CLARITY HELPING TO FIND YOUR PURPOSE Not only does yoga perform physical transformation to the body, but yoga provides mental health benefits as well. Meditation and yoga, will instantly improve your mood. Half of the battle is getting onto the mat, but once you are there you will never regret it. When you commit to practicing a few times a week the benefits that come along with yoga provide instant gratification and lasting mental transformation. This practice prepares your mind for long-term health and wellness. Yoga is a lifestyle change. Once you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better and attracting better into your life. As Jennifer Aniston said, “Yoga kind of helps you prepare for everything. Honestly, it’s like meditation. It sort of just allows anything that’s coming at you at the end of the day to be kind of doable.” Yoga gets rid of any mental fog or clouded minds and allows you to focus on your true purpose. When you have a clear mind you have a much better chance of discovering your true purpose.

Fall in Love with Yoga BY HEATHER BONATO


would like to first start off by describing one of my first experiences with yoga, just in case anyone else had a similar experience that’s been keeping them from giving it another shot. I had just moved to NYC and I signed up to Class Pass allowing me to try out many different studios, work-outs, within different cities in Manhattan. I had an itch to try yoga and saw a Bikram Yoga class being held Saturday morning in Chelsea. Awesome! Sign me up. Upon arriving I noticed we are in a pretty small space with what I would guestimate a hundred bodies, mats literally on top

8 | September 2018

of one another, and it was warm. Wow - was it warm. I’d say it was ninety degrees in the room. Within fifteen minutes of the class I was dripping sweat, slipping on my mat and could barely breathe from the different body odors and humidity. I had to rip off my shirt and was just not feeling all “Namaste” and Zen in this experience, at all. I had a pre-notion after that class that yoga just was not for me. Eventually a friend convinced me to give it another try a few years later and I fell in love with the practice. Here are 5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Yoga. | 267-767-4205


2. PROMOTES SELF-LOVE Self-destructive patterns no longer seem worth the damage once you start practicing regular yoga. You suddenly find stillness and become present in a world filled with chaos. Your body and mind will find peace and once you have found that control, you will become addicted to the ability to relieve stress and discover a more purposeful life. I find mediation in my yoga practice, focusing on my breathing and self-massage through yoga flow and poses. As you focus on movement and body flow, you’re not only flushing out of impurities and toxins, which allows you to feel more energized, you are also promoting self-love and kindness towards yourself. Turning off your inner critic and allowing yourself to relax and tune into peace and bliss. Taking care of yourself will become a domino effect and you will bring more positivity into your life.

workout? Ashtanga yoga practice incorporates planks and press ups constantly using your own body weight to push yourself up and down. While you are pushing yourself and holding yourself up in plank you are engaging your core muscles, giving yourself a more trim and toned tummy. I saw an instant change in my upper body (arms and shoulders) within just a few weeks of chaturangas and downward facing dogs. The next thing I noticed almost immediately was how I looked at food differently. Yoga teaches you to be more mindful and you will take this with you when it comes to eating. 5. STRESS MANAGEMENT FOR A MORE POSITIVE OUTLOOK ON LIFE Yoga is a mind-body practice from ancient Indian origin that is gaining significance in coping with stress due to its health benefits. Not only does yoga help with stress it is found to improve depression and anxiety by cultivating positive emotions such as, empathy, compassion and self-love and awareness ultimately improving overall well-being. Some of these tactics used in yoga to help cope with stress include asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing practices), dhyana (meditation), and much more mindfulness based movements. Regularly practicing yoga and/or meditation can uncover a sense of active participation is working through one’s issues and providing a sense of control over improving ones well-being. Yoga helps with mindful approaches to healing and cultivating a calm, relaxed and peaceful mind. These are just a few reasons why I love yoga. I want to be honest, the first few times you practice yoga it can be a struggle. I’ve heard from a few people, including yoga teachers that the first few times they hated their experience and just were not feeling it. It sometimes takes a few tries for something to really click. There are different styles of yoga, and different studios and instructors. Try a few different styles and instructors before you make a final decision on yoga. I believe that it can be for everyone. I love walking into a class and seeing men and women of all different ages and sizes, there for one common purpose to see light within each other and become present. Namaste.

3. SHUTS OFF YOUR INNER CRITIC Focusing on your breathing allows you to shut off any worrying or negative thoughts, which will simply allow you to be present, promoting overall happiness. Entrepreneur Russell Simmons said, “The beauty of the practice of yoga is that it teaches you how to take those precious seconds of stillness and lengthen them from seconds to minutes, to a lifetime of enlightenment.” There have been numerous scientific studies showing the effect that poses have on your decrease of cortisol and an increase in confidence-boosting hormones. I personally love jumping into a headstand. Headstands are something that can be done on your own, at home in your own personal practices. You won’t find too many classes that incorporate headstands in your tradition yoga class. This posture can help improve mental function and increase your sense of focus in tenfold. When you are upside down you are increasing blood flow to the brain, allowing yourself to focus on the positive and purposeful moments in life. 4. PHYSICAL WORKOUT AND BODY TRANSFORMATION I think one of the reasons people steer away from yoga is the physical aspect. People say, “I will take a yoga class for flexibility and relaxation after a stressful day, but I need a more active workout like running and weight lifting.” If this was true, how is Bethenny Frankel so physically fit and claiming to only do yoga, as a form of PHILLYFIT

Heather Bonato is the co-owner of YOGA HIVE Philly, opening Summer 2018 on 1914 E. Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148. Heather and her partner Gina Durante stepped out on a mission to increase awareness throughout the community of all the benefits associated with regular yoga practice. YOGA HIVE will offer a very warm and welcoming environment to students, allowing them to learn and feel comfortable on their yoga journey. They openly encourage beginners and first-timers, as well as, challenging advanced yogis with different levels to continuously expand their practice. Yoga has no end. You will never be perfect at yoga and there is always room for continuous improvement and progress. There is so much hope in yoga and the possibilities are endless. We welcome you on your healing journey!

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e train in here for what happens out there.” is often said by Jennifer Marinucci CEO, COO, Marketing Director, Tech Expert, Bike Repairman, Audio Engineer, Studio Manager, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Head Trainer, and Instructor of BodyRide Spin and Barre Studio. Founded in 2013, Bodyride Studio continues to be in the business of improving lives. At Bodyride Studio, Jennifer Marinucci insists guests should train for living and she will not stop until the day she dies. We are a unique team, built from our guest community.

and team, BodyRide is in the buisness of improving lives. Jennifer has created a sanctuary of wellness that exists for all guests to FEEL VERY ALIVE. Bodyride exists not only as a place where fitness is valued, but where self care is paramount. Jennifer is committed to cultivating a culture and climate where each guest is valued and appreciated. It is a safe place where everyone can go, where nobody is judged or labeled, and where after 45 minutes, they walk out differently than when they walked in. The modality of BodyRide was defined, designed, orchestrated, and facilitated by Jennifer and #teambodyride. BodyRide offers a training program for team members that is over 30 hours in length. Over the past five years, BodyRide Studio and its intensive training Everyone at program has evolved BodyRide was at in order to offer the first a guest, then best inboutique fitness. —Jennifer Marinucci, selected to join the With a team of over 25 Owner BodyRide team. Each individindividuals, BodyRide Studio ual on #teambodyride exists for one reason: contributes to the operaBodyRide Spin & Barre is in tions and is utterly responsible the business of changing lives! for unique culture at BodyRide. The BodyRide continues to grow after five instructors, studio operators, kid city team, years in business with a studio that currentand ambassadors are all ordinary people ly includes 32 spin bikes, a barre room to doing extrodinary things. There is diversity accommodate 20 guests , videos on demand and differnces are merely the cornerstone of and an onsite training program. Currently, the culture. "We believe we are only as good BodyRide Studio offers over 30 classes as the sum of us all". Together community per week which range from high intensity

“We train in here for what happens out there”

Photo by Lisa Marie Petz Photography 10 | September 2018



Photo: Lisa Marie Petz Photography, Hair: Delco, Face: MAC DADDY/Ty Mascio

rhythmic spin to entry level barre. There is literally something for everyone. BodyRide is committed to meeting the physical demands of every guest. Each instructor is trained to meet each guest at their own personal fitness level. Jennifer has received hundreds of emails, testimonials, and declarations of how BodyRide Studio has impacted and saved guests. People have conquered a ddiction, have gained a safe haven from abuse, and have recovered from devastating loss, all in a dark hole in the wall: #overtherainbow. Previous to BodyRide, Jennifer was a Second VP for a Wall Street Firm managing retail investor portfolios. Her approach was different. She treated her customers as if they were her family. Despite being in a male dominated industry, the challenging tech bubble, and the tragic events of 911, Jennifer managed to both protect and grow her customers’ assets. In an industry with high attrition rates and extremely difficult market conditions, Jennifer persevered with both professional and personal challenges. For over a decade, Jennifer worked to assemble a promising career and a family of her own. What Jennifer had lost, was her father, Richard J. Marinucci. During her father’s illness, Jennifer spent countless nights sleeping on the ledge of a window in her father’s hospital room. She would often wear the same suit to work a few days in a row, but no matter what, every day she would move her body. Fitness was her only


friend because it was her fuel for her work life and her father. Richard lost a brutal and vicious war, in a fight with cancer, at the young age of 56. In that same year, both of Richard’s sisters, also passed away, of different types of cancer. It was at this moment Jennifer vowed to be VERY ALIVE. She was determined to live fully, because her family could not. While working in Two World Trade Center in New York City, Jennifer discovered spin at a famous studio in NYC’s Union Square. In her first spin class, the instructor was wearing combat boots. While emotions were high and the physical demand was intense, there was a beautiful elite athlete on the stage. Jennifer, being fit and strong, was finding it hard to keep up. Until the instructor came over, grabbed the ends of her handlebars and stomped on the ground and said “DO NOT STOP”. The instructor went on to say she had RUN to class having just finishing a round of chemotherapy. This sensational mother of two, lawyer, and spin goddess had cancer. If the instructor could cope with her situation, Jennifer COULD NOT STOP. Instantaneously on the bike, Jennifer experienced varied emotions shedding tears of pain, love, loss, and heartache. Right on that sweaty dark floor, she released all the negativity she held inside. Immediately, she laid out plans to start her own studio. She figured that if people in the middle of New York City were


having this type of experience, then the people #overtherainbow should too. She learned everything about indoor cycling, industry trends, equipment needs, infrastructure, all of it—Jennifer studied and prepared. With all the due diligence being done, she tested out her concept for BodyRide in a empty and lackluster spin studio in New Jersey. Within two weeks, the studio was sold out. Many people knew about the loss of Jennifer’s father, however, what many people did not know, is that Jennifer was in a very toxic, abusive marriage and secretly was suffering in her own right. Torn apart by years of abuse and strain, Jennifer’s weight dropped, her long blond hair had all fallen out, and she was left at the crossroads of pain and heartache. Jennifer, excited to start a new venture, and having the stability of her financial management business to stand on, approached her then husband about the studio. He refused her idea and he flat out said it is not happening. Not accepting no for an answer and armed with the desire for sense of fulfillment she had experienced in NYC, Jennifer immediately resigned. She left her career, of over a decade, packed up her children, borrowed a pickup truck, moved out of her beautiful home, and started BodyRide Spin and Barre Studio. Jennifer created BodyRide Spin & Barre for all the people like her, who needed more than a gym. There were people who were looking for purpose, they were looking for their why. She knew there were others like her who wanted to improve their life, not by the way they look, but rather for the way they feel. Jennifer chose to do what her father could not do. BodyRide Spin & Barre was the first rhythmic spin and barre studio and has paved the way for thousands of others to realize we are only as good as the sum of us all. One visit and you will understand that it is much more than an much more than exercise. Voted the Hottest Fitness studio, located in Limerick PA. Any one, at any moment can walk in and change their life. Jennifer & #teambodyride will be waiting for you. Come home

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12 | September 2018 | 267-767-4205


Fitness Exchange: 1004 Ridge Pike Conshohocken, PA 19428 610.397.1780 Fitness Exchange Lehigh Valley: 693 State Road Emmaus, PA 18049 610.965.6597


itness Exchange is not just a fitness equipment store, it is a personal, oneon-one, shopping experience. With stores in Conshohocken and Emmaus, you’re greeted by a Fitness Exchange equipment specialist who is more concerned with what you need, rather than making a sale. No sales commissions here. They ask good questions to make sure you’ve thought of everything before you make your purchase. “When I walked into Fitness Exchange” customer Nancy B. said, “I thought I wanted an elliptical. But Rick asked me some questions and we quickly realized that a recumbent bike would be better for me due to my arthritic knees. I’m on it every day and I love it.” Fitness Exchange equipment specialists care about your fitness goals, medical conditions, aches and pains, things you like to do, your fitness experiences, and your likes and dislikes. There’s no intimidation and no pressure to buy. All Fitness Exchange equipment specialists are trained to help you with your fitness or physical therapy needs. Whether you are buying a $10 resistance band or a treadmill, you are


given personal attention. What’s more, they stand by everything they sell, backing their product’s warranties with service after the sale. Fitness Exchange sells brand new equipment from major brands like Life Fitness and others but if you’re on a budget, Fitness Exchange also sells refurbished pre-owned equipment that works like new. They offer no interest financing and have an entire warehouse full of exercise equipment that is a fraction of the price of new and offer warranties. They will even take your old item as a trade-in! Not only does Fitness Exchange back their equipment with | 267-767-4205

ties, but they are a full-service company who also takes care of delivery, assembly, moves, and repairs. This is the kind of place where everyone who walks through the door is valued and given personal attention. A recent Fitness Exchange customer wrote in and said, “I needed a treadmill and some physical therapy equipment but I was on a very tight budget, but Fitness Exchange hooked me up and I got everything I needed at a price I could afford. They even gave me a warranty on the used equipment.” In addition to traditional items like treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers, weights and home gyms you will find Fitness Exchange specialists knowledgeable about cutting edge training products like functional training, body weight training, Whole Body Vibration Training, HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training, Interactive Spin Bike Training and more! So when you decide to invest in your health and fitness, stop by Fitness Exchange and consult with one of their equipment specialists to get the right piece of equipment at the right price in a no-pressure environment. September 2018 | 13




uccessful trainees don’t just hit the weights and do cardio. They include all of the components of physical fitness, in a balanced way, in order to make consistent progress and prevent injury. All the muscles of the body are important: stabilizers, tiny structural muscles, and synergists. Successful trainees see to it that everything gets adequate training. In fact, they commonly view a stretch or core session with the same importance as a weight-training session! How about you? Are you diligently training all these areas or do you view them as bothersome afterthoughts that you randomly perform every so often, or just neglect altogether? If you find yourself in the latter group, this article may help change your view. Let’s start with understanding the body’s needs a little better by reviewing some anatomical basics. HUMAN MOVEMENT BASICS: FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY & BIOMECHANICS Your body is comprised of over 620 muscles, 206 bones, a nervous system with billions of nerve endings, and a vast webbing of connective tissue called fascia, which connects and holds it all together. The muscular system can be divided into two main categories: 1. Large “moving” muscles 2. Small structural “support” muscles The large moving muscles are the typical ones most are familiar with: chest, lats, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, etc., and are relatively few in number. The small structural sup- port muscles are the ones not commonly seen, like rotator cuff muscles, rhomboids, intercostals, psoas, transverse abdominus, internal obliques, paraspinals, etc., which number in the hundreds. Add to this the neurologically sensitive fascia, which forms vast muscular networks throughout your body, and you have some serious head-to-toe communication and movement support.[1] One such network is the spiral line pictured here.

14 | September 2018

What we learn from this is that the human body functions as a highly intelligent movement-interpretation machine that thrives on exploring total-body movements in a variety of positions, angles, levels, directions, speeds, and environments.[2] OUT-OF-BALANCE BODY = LIMITED RESULTS & MORE RISK Since most traditional strength training works only the large muscles in isolation, not integrated movement, it leaves hundreds of structural muscles and fascial networks untrained. This is not good. When this supportive musculature becomes “out of shape,” the larger muscles will eventually overpower them. This creates an out-of-balance body and can lead to a host of problems, such as muscle imbalances, right-to-left asymmetries, distorted movement, increased joint pain, spinal stress, and tight, achy muscles. All these will limit your training results and increase your risk of injury.[3] The real issue is that many times these imbalances can “hide” within your body for months or even years. Most times you won’t know until it’s too late and you get hurt! Is there a way to check for these body imbalances? Yes, by going through an assessment called the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) you can do just that. The FMS analyzes movement and exposes any structural body weakness. You can then develop a | 267-767-4205


specific exercise plan to target and correct any individual structural weaknesses and restore balance to your body.[4] If there’s no one in your area who is certified to administer the FMS there is a simple self-guided option you can perform yourself. While the self-movement screen is not as in-depth of an analysis as going through the FMS with a trained professional, it will get you started on the right track.[5]

routine, while my elite athletes may require a thirty-minute routine three to five times a week. And in some cases a full hour once a week is needed. Regardless of level, my clients gladly do it because they get better all-around results in less time and reduce their risk of injury to boot. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO So please do not get caught in the trap of thinking you only need to hit the weights and do cardio to get the results you want. Take a lesson from successful trainees that achieve consistent results. Examine how balanced your body is. Find out where any structural weakness may be “hiding” in your body. Turn those weaknesses into strengths. Use total-body movement-based exercises and stretches to train multiple fitness components simultaneously. Training in this more complete and balanced way will quickly lead you to new levels of health, fitness and performance!

COMPLETE & BALANCED TRAINING 101 World-class trainers, coaches and athletes know that a complete and balanced training plan must cover all components of physical fitness so goals can be achieved without creating any muscular or skill imbalances that can lead to injury.[6] Components include but are not limited to: • Strength • Stamina/endurance • Fascial fitness • Mobility/flexibility • Core strength/stability • Balance/coordination • Speed/power Each of these is relative to your goal. For example, a triathlete’s muscular endurance needs will be higher than those of a bodybuilder. So muscular endurance would have a higher priority and given more time for a triathlete than it would for a bodybuilder. The main point is you must include total-body movement-based exercises in a variety of patterns: forward, backward, lateral, up, down, twisting to ensure a more complete working of all muscles and maintain balance throughout your entire body. For strength, these movements can be as simple as a Squat-with/Dumbbell Curl or as complex as a Kettlebell TurkishGet-Up. Using variations of the yoga triangle or lunge/forearm-to-instep stretches take care of mobility, flexibility, core and fascia.

Footnotes/References: [1] Thomas W. Myers, “Anatomy Trains,” Third Edition, Chapter 1, p. 13, Fascia and Biomechanical Regulation [2] Mabel Elsworth Todd, “The Thinking Body,” Chapter 2, p. 25, Reacting Mechanisms [3] Thomas W. Myers, “Anatomy Trains,” Third Edition, Chapter 10, p. 211, Anatomy Trains in Training [4] Gray Cook, “Movement,” Chapter 4, p. 65, Movement Screening [5] Gray Cook, “Athletic Body in Balance,” Chapter 5, p. 26, Mobility and Stability Testing, p. 31, self-movement screen [6] Mel C. Siff, PhD, and Yuri V. Verkhoshansky, PhD, “Supertraining,” Fourth Edition, Chapter 8, p. 411, Designing Sport Specific Strength Programmes Fernando Paredes, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FMS2, a twenty-year veteran of the fitness industry, is a sought-after fitness and performance expert in the Bucks/Philadelphia region. He has been featured in various media — Comcast Network’s “Your Morning” show, “It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle,” WFMZ Channel 69 News, CBS3/CW Philly and The Philadelphia Inquirer — because of his innovative Core-to-Strength Training™ approach. Fernando has gained the reputation as the expert other trainers turn to for advice and the “go-to” source for anyone interested in attaining lasting results and achieving their true potential. For more information visit his website at

COMPLETE & BALANCED TRAINING = MAXIMUM RESULTS & LESS RISK You can see why I focus on more than just traditional strength and cardio with my clients. We work all components of physical training. Depending on their fitness level, needs, and goals, working these key structural components can be as simple as a five to ten minute daily

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AN ATHLETE’S HEALTH ROUTINE WILL HELP KEEP YOU FIT! Coach Walls offers advice on keeping fit as an athlete on the road


ccording to the U.S. Travel Association, U.S. residents logged 1.7 billion trips for leisure purposes in 2016, and 457 million trips for business purposes. They also report that the direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. averages $2.7 billion a day, $113 million per hour, $1.9 million a minute, and $31,400 a second. The travel industry is huge. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, your health and fitness level can take a big hit if you are not taking measures to keep that from happening. The good news is that you can stay fit as an athlete on the road. “It’s very easy to get lazy about doing our workouts when we are traveling, as it is to overeat and eat poorly,” explains Coach Sarah Walls, personal trainer and owner of SAPT Strength & Performance Training, Inc., who is also the strength and conditioning coach for the WNBA’s Washington Mystics. “When we do those things, we are doing more harm than we realize. It’s important to make the commitment that you are going to be healthy and fit, and that includes being accountable when you are on the road, just like athletes do.” Athletes travel often, sometimes for weeks on end, depending on the sport they play. Yet they always maintain being fit, because they make it a priority and follow the principles that help them no matter where they may be. Even making small efforts can help keep you fit and feeling good while you are traveling. Here are 6 things to make a priority on your next road trip, so that you maintain an athlete’s routine: SLEEP – According to the National Institutes of Health, sleep plays a vital role in good health and well being. Getting enough quality sleep helps to protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. When you are sleeping during travel, it can be more difficult to get a good night’s sleep, especially if you went to a different time zone. Try to maintain a bedtime routine, and when it’s time for bed keep the room dark, ensure it’s at a cool temperature,

16 | September 2018

and keep the phones and tablets in a separate room or turn them off. Consider taking melatonin to help with jet lag, better sleep, and to help reset the body’s clock. It can be bought over-the-counter at any pharmacy. NUTRITION – This is extremely important when traveling. Plan your meals in advance to ensure you will be eating healthy. Use your phone to look up restaurant menus ahead of time, so you can opt for healthier entrees. Carry healthy snacks with you, such as trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, healthy snack bars, fresh fruit, etc. When dining out, steer clear of the dishes that have been deep fried. If you can carry a small cooler with you on the road, keep fresh fruit, veggies, and dips such as hummus in it. Eating healthy when traveling will help you maintain your weight, keep you from feeling guilty, and help you avoid gastrointestinal issues. According to the National Institutes of Health, you can still eat healthy when dining out. They recommend avoiding all-you-can-eat buffets, and opting for dishes that have been baked, broiled, grilled, roasted, or steamed. HYDRATION – The American Heart Association reports that keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles, and it helps the muscles work more efficiently. They also report that it is important to keep tabs on your hydration during travel, because you may sweat differently in different climates. Again, this is an extremely important area. It’s important to stay well-hydrated. Opt for water, unsweetened tea, or some coconut water. Avoid sugary beverages, and avoid drinking | 267-767-4205


where you can go for a run or a brisk walk, and parks that offer a free workout system. You can also pack some lightweight fitness gadgets, such as your running shoes, a jump rope, and resistance bands. Do what you have to in order to get the activity in. “When you make keeping fit on the road a priority, you will come home feeling great,” added Coach Walls. “Plus, you will maintain your fitness all year long. There’s no better feeling than that. A little planning, effort, and commitment go a long way.” Sarah Walls has over 15 years experience in coaching and personal training. Owner of SAPT Strength & Performance Training, Inc, founded in 2007, she offers coaching to develop athletes, adult programs, team training, and has an online coaching program. She is also the strength and conditioning coach for the WNBA’s Washington Mystics, and has over eight years of experience working as an NCAA D1 strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer. To learn more, visit the site:

too much alcohol. You can help your body stay hydrated by eating foods that have a lot of water content, such as watermelon, cucumber, and pineapple.

SAPT Strength & Performance Training, Inc.Located in Fairfax, Virginia, SAPT Strength & Performance Training, Inc. is a high-performance training club that specializes in helping to develop athletes of all ages. They offer athletic training programs for youth, college students, and amateurs. The company was founded in 2007 by Sarah Walls, a professional strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer with NCAA D1 experience, who is the strength and conditioning coach for the WNBA Washington Mystics team. To learn more, visit the site:

MOBILITY AND STRETCHING – According to the National Institute on Aging, flexibility and stretching exercises give you more freedom of movement for your physical and everyday activities. Stretching can improve your flexibility. Stick with your normal workout routines as much as possible. Professional athletes have specific routines they adhere to, based on the needs of their bodies, and there are certain time frames within which they try to get it done following a flight. It’s very important to continue your mobility and stretching routines while traveling.

“When you make keeping fit on the road a priority, you will come home feeling great” — Coach Sarah Walls STRENGTH TRAINING – According to the Mayo Clinic, strength training can help you develop strong bones, manage your weight, enhance your quality of life, manage chronic conditions, and sharpen your thinking skills. It can also help you reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and help your body burn calories in a more efficient manner. Our professional athletes still lift, even lightly, when they are on the road. It’s crucial to maintain doing this in order to meet the goals of an athlete, but for most people it serves as a “reset” of sorts for their body, from a posture perspective, and it helps solidify that proper pattern. You can put together a strength training routine that uses your own body weight and can be done in hotel rooms or outdoors. IMPROVISE – When traveling, there is a good chance you won’t have all the things you use at home to get in a good workout, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. Plan ahead and see what’s in the area you will be in. Be flexible and use what you will have access to, so that you get that workout in. Check for hotel or nearby gyms, trails PHILLYFIT | 267-767-4205

September 2018 | 17


“No Dance Experience Required”

By Lisa R. Mele


arre class workouts are fast becoming one of the most hyped up and popular fitness classes to hit the gyms in recent years. Barre classes vary in ages from seventeen to seventy years old and offer all levels from beginner through advanced. The best part of the barre class workout is this - no dance experience is required! Barre class workouts may differ from club to club along with the set up in the aerobic room or studio. Some studios may have a ballet bar and other studios may substitute ballet bars with sturdy chairs for the members to use during class. Barre classes can be a fusion of Ballet, Mat Pilates and Yoga. While other Barre classes are more athletic and may require many different tools to use in class like tubing, balls, hand weights and more. Andi Fraass, Director, Group Fitness and Staff Continuing Education at Echelon Health & Fitness further explains, “Barre is an all encompassing workout that is low on impact and high on benefits. There are many benefits to a Barre workout; it will lengthen

18 | September 2018

and strengthen all of your muscles, lift your derriere, improve balance, endurance, posture and flexibility all while connecting the mind and body.” Fraass also adds, “It is a multi-level workout which means you can take it at your own pace, so whether you’re a ballerina or just love the feel of your body as it flows through the moves. Barre is definitely one of the most popular classes at our health club.” Every Barre Instructor brings a different style and flavor to teaching Barre class to their members, which includes their different dance styles and athletic background. For instance, Regional Group Exercise Manager for Edge Fitness Clubs, Karen Ryan remarks, “My Barre class is a mix of athletic and ballet. I was a trained dancer and a gymnast. I like to give the best of both worlds and challenge participants no matter what ones age.” Ryan also adds, “I do fuse classic Barre and Pilates together. They are so very different yet compliment each other. This creates discipline to know and be able to perform two different philosophies.” Also, Sommer Bayard, Group Exercise and Barre Instructor at Virtua Center for Health Fitness adds, “I truly enjoy teaching fitness and dance and this class is a mix of both. My biggest asset is trying to make it fun for the attendees by playing the most popular music that most enjoy. Bayards also adds, “I try to make everyone feel welcomed and have a great experience so they come back.” Casey Rosario, Group Fitness Director for Future Fitness Centers and Kennedy Fitness and Wellness, loves the gracefulness and movement of Ballet dance. Rosario adds, “I enjoy teaching Standing Pilates and incorporating strengthening and lengthening exercises in a group environment. I feel most participants can benefit from this type of exercise and it also feels good on the joints and muscles.” Although instructors have different techniques and goals, Andi Fraass sums up Barre class workouts, “Regardless of the class name and the equipment used, attending Barre class will inspire you as you work towards your health and wellness goals, so attitude and arabesque your way to a healthier mind and body.” Since 2011, Lisa R. Mele has been a featured PhillyFIT Magazine Workout-a-thon Instructor and in 2012 became the Stage Manager for the event. Lisa is also a certified AAAI/ISMA Personal Fitness Trainer and a certified Fitour Group Exercise Instructor who teaches a variety of classes for several different fitness centers in South Jersey. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys writing for PhillyFIT Magazine, taking jazz dance classes at Marcia Hyland Dance Center and spending quality time with all of her family members on the weekends. | 267-767-4205


5 Benefits of Consistent Exercise By Lonnie Perry

Want to feel better about yourself, add years onto your life, increase energy? It’s simple, start exercising regularly. The benefits of an active lifestyle are extremely greater than someone who doesn’t exercise consistently. Here are some benefits that will make you think twice about your current lifestyle. EXERCISE CAN PROLONG OR ELIMINATE HEALTH CONDITIONS Consistent Exercise can help regulate blood levels, boost high lipoproteins (HDL) and decrease the unhealthy triglycerides in our body. Also it can decrease a number of long term illness such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, etc. I come from a family where heart disease and diabetes are the topic of discussion. Staying consistent with a daily exercise routine has prevented me from having chronic health conditions. PROMOTES BETTER SLEEP PATTERNS Exercise can provide you with a full nights rest without those annoying “middle of the night” toss and turns. In my thrity years of life I have never been a morning person. However, with consistent exercises, I am able to wake up without my alarm almost every morning. INCREASE ENERGY Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work efficiently. Studies show that when your heart and lung health improve you have more energy to take on daily task. A hand full of my clients have noticed that I am more alert and attentive during our workout sessions. Exercising regularly has spiked my energy level tremendously throughout the course of the day. INCREASE SELF ESTEEM & CONFIDENCE A lot of times when you come from the gym after a vigorous workout you feel depleted. However, you begin to feel good about yourself once you get into the swing of things. Also, you may start to feel more self-confident. Some of those unreachable goals that you set in the beginning may become a thing of the past once you overcome self doubt.

Lonnie Perry, Health Enthusiast & Certified Personal Trainer Get In Lon Fitness, LLC Instagram @_getInlon


REDUCE STRESS Studies show that consistent exercise reduces the amount of hormones in the body, resulting in a slower heart rate, relaxed blood vessels and lowers blood pressure All of these benefits play a huge role on the outcome of our daily lifestyle. No matter your age, young or old, it’s never too early or late to make a healthy lifestyle change by exercising regularly. Start by starting TODAY!! | 267-767-4205

September 2018 | 19

Philly’s HOTTEST, SEXIEST, MOST EMPOWERING New Workout By Lauren Tosti

while burning anywhere between 400 to over 1,000 calories! You can absolutely enjoy all the physical benefits of an effective workout while having an insane amount of fun and feeling like the most powerful version of yourself. The workout was created originally by Janet Jones, a woman who found herself at a crossroads during her early thirties. With a lifelong career in entertainment as a dancer, she felt the need to “conform” to societal standards and give up dance to take a nine to five job, sitting behind a desk all day. This lifestyle change left her feeling as if she had lost a piece of herself, a huge piece, and she fell in to a depression. ​In Janet’s own words, “Vixen Workout was born from my experience coming out of a deep depression. During this time, I came to the realization that most women live their lives playing roles that they may not connect with. Maybe they’ve never had the chance to connect with themselves because they’ve shut off their inner light along the way, or because they haven’t discovered that light at all. I felt strongly that my experiences as a performer, the thrill of feeling the most alive, shouldn’t be a privileged secret. Instead, I wanted to make it available to all women as a part of their journey to not only achieve their best physical well-being, but mental well-being as well. The Vixen Workout is a culmination of all my experiences as a dancer, but most importantly my darkest experiences as a woman.” And with that the Vixen Workout was born. In 2016, Natasha Crayton was the pioneer who decided to take the workout from only being offered in New York and Miami, and she brought it to Philly. For the past two years, Natasha has been building her following. She even started a summer workout on the Deck of Moshulu, where Vixen is offered once a month from May through September. I thought the story was best told by Natasha herself. So, we sat down and I asked her to go in to a little more detail about how she started, why she started, and more about her Vixen story.

“Yes, I’m sexy. Yes, I’m fierce. Yes, I got this! YES!” A true mantra of women empowerment is how Natasha Crayton starts each of her Vixen Workout classes. The Vixen Workout is the hottest female-only (or mostly) new way to get fit in Philly. The class enables women to feel sexy, learn some new moves, and burn upwards of 1,000 calories in an hour! So, what exactly is it? The Vixen Workout is a dance fitness format that uses commercial choreography, killer music remixes, and stage lighting so you can experience yourself as a performer. (Basically, you get to pretend you’re opening for the VMA’s, and perform the moves you see by your favorite artists.) The mission is to give a new edge to pop culture by merging dance, fashion, music, and fitness. The classes create an environment where you can experience an emotional release, mind-body connection, and a sense of community 20 | September 2018

How did you get started? I stumbled onto Vixen by one day typing “workout class to dance like Beyoncé” into Google. I’d seen another Beyoncé workshop offered by a dance studio, Broadway Bodies in New York but it was only offered during the weekdays and I was only in NYC on the weekends. I am a card-carrying member of the Beyhive, now an alum of BAK, so I was determined to find a class I could take on the weekend. The search results returned Vixen and after reading the first few lines describing the workout experience “Do you want to feel like Beyonce?,” I was sold.  I set out one day, on my own, to the Upper West Side of Manhattan to take my first class and fell in love with Vixen from day one. I was taking classes for about a year in NYC, as often as I could, when they finally offered a certification program for women to teach in other cities besides NYC and Miami. I was so excited because, finally, there would be a class offered in Philly too; for sure someone in this area would get certified. What I didn’t know is that the someone would be me. After much prompting by the NYC instructors to go for it, I decided why not, I have nothing to lose but everything to gain. And so, I did, and I’ve been teaching here in Philly since January 2016.



It gives me so much joy to see women come to my classes and transform in just sixty minutes from, “I’m not sure I can do this, I can’t dance” to booty-popping dance workout warrior divas! So, were you the FIRST Philly vixen? Yes. Very proud to say, I was the first. How does Vixen make you feel? Vixen holds such a special place in my heart and being. I love taking all sorts of workout classes: Spin, Barre, Zumba, you name it, and I feel great! But nothing makes me feel quite like Vixen. Vixen makes me feel empowered, confident, secure in my own body, and most of all fierce. Has it helped you overcome hard times?  Vixen is truly more than a physical workout but also an emotional release. Right after I started teaching Vixen, I ended a six-year relationship. There were times when all I wanted to do was sit on my living room floor and cry, but knowing I had a class to teach that day, or new routines to learn for class gave me the push that I needed to pull it together and work through it all on the dance floor. Then the sense of community that is felt in a Vixen class and in the online community through the hashtag #vixenarmy would always renew my spirit. It took me out of my head and into the beautiful energy that can be created by women of all different backgrounds, from different places, with different lives with one goal for sixty-minutes at a time, to SLAY on the dance floor.  Where and when do you teach?  I teach twice a week (Wednesday, 7:30pm and Saturday, 10am) at Retro Fitness East Norriton; and on Thursday at 6:00pm at Riva Health and Wellness in Fishtown. For the summer, I teach once a month for special pop-up workout events, The Slay and Sip at The Deck on the Moshulu.  So, what’s next for you? How do you plan to carry Vixen further through the Philly region? What’s next? That’s a big question. The word about Vixen Workout is still spreading here in Philly. It’s a very large city when you’re just one girl trying to conquer, but I hope to spread the #VixenArmy community throughout the entire city. This year I’ve been focusing on more partnerships with different venues and collaborations with other instructors on special events with the goal of spreading the word and love more of Vixen.  Natasha can be found on Facebook, @DanceTashaC; on Instagram, @VixenArmyTasha, where she posts tons of empowering images and quotes, and shares information regarding her classes and special events.



September 2018 | 21

Your muscles are longer, leaner and stronger. You move with elegance and grace. You stand taller, breathe deeper and are more centered. You build strength at the core of your body and of your being through precision and muscle control that you never thought possible. A stronger, more flexible back; a tighter, trimmer waist and deeper, more relaxed breathing. You look better. You feel better. You are better. This is Pilates


ymmetry Pilates Studio features a full range of Pilates equipment to be used alone or in combination to specifically address your physical needs. Precisely controlled movements become the basis of proper posture, alignment and constant elongation of muscles that create body awareness, flexibility, stamina, confidence and mental clarity. Pilates concentrates on proper alignment and following the breath to complete the movements. Focus is placed on neutralizing the spine and maintaining its natural curvature. This purity of form helps to correct poor posture habits and educate the body into a newer, better muscular pattern to allow the body to assume a more integrated form. Pilates can help EVERYBODY. Runners loosen tight hip flexors and ease joint pain in the legs, golfers get a smoother, stronger swing by working through their core, tennis players balance arm, shoulder and upper back strength and mobility, equestrian riders strengthen Joey McLaughlin, Owner their upper back, abs and hips to assist with their posture and the everyday person stands taller, stronger and without pain. Pilates’ no impact work is also perfectly suited to those rehabilitating neck, back or joint injuries, even those with joint replacements, arthritis and osteoporosis. Pilates equipment and mat classes offer a low-impact method to gain strength and mobility.

Joey McLaughlin is the founder and owner of Symmetry Pilates Studio, as well as the principal instructor. A certified Pilates and yoga instructor and massage therapist, she brings years of experience and education to her teaching as well as an extensive background in body studies. These years of study have provided her with a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, body movement, and the connection between the body and the mind. Symmetry Pilates Studio represents Ms. McLaughlin’s vision to create a comprehensive facility for Pilates instruction and overall body conditioning. Based in West Chester, PA, Symmetry is a studio where the focus is not solely on the body, but also the mind and the spirit.Symmetry Pilates Studio features customized, individual fitness and body conditioning for all levels of pilates practitioners.

For more information, please call 610.431.8990; 300 East Gay Street, West Chester, PA 19380 22 | September 2018




he revolution to democratize 360° Well-Being has begun. SHEapp® is an innovative health, fitness and well-being app for Women by Women. SHEapp® is a mobile platform that engages women in tracking their health-focused progress while being supported to Engage, Learn and be Motivated to optimize their HEALTHy WELLthy Journey. How many times have you been the object of body-shaming, not only by strangers, but by friends or even by you through unhealthy self-talk? How many times have you body-shamed someone else, possibly not realizing that you were doing so? When it comes to body image, women are the toughest on themselves and on others. Founder and President of She’s It®, Tam Williams, knows the history of body image and, as an African-American Woman, has struggled with health, fitness and wellness issues herself.



She knows how society’s images of what constitutes an “appropriate” body is not only outdated, it is degrading and shaming of women. SHEapp helps distill the shame associated with body image andturns the focus to a healthy Tam Williams, founder mindset, beginning with an internally healthy body. SHEapp Platform is the integration of what could be determined as six stand-alone apps – My Personal Body Blueprint®, My Food, My Moves, My Community, My Entertainment and My Planner. Each easily accessible section opens into a world of Knowledge, Support, Access and Autonomy in health, fitness and well-being. SHEapp is the pathway for women to walk on their personal HEALTHy WELLthy journey toward 360 degree Well-Being. Aren’t you ready to take control? Isn’t it time to take charge of how you see, feel, care and say about your body? At She’s It® we believe that everybody is different & every “BODY” is different. SHEapp® allows women to focus on all aspects of their personal well-being, physical, spiritual, and emotional through data, curated articles in 15 different areas from Ageing to Work, and, through communication with other women also on the path to 360° Well-Being. Engaging with the SHEapp® will shape the conversation, so every woman will proudly proclaim…My Body, My Data, My Life! She’s It, LLC® is a Lifestyle Technology and Content Media Company for Social Health Empowerment. We democratize 360° Well-Being by combining the strengths of mobile technology with the power of conversations that connects us all.

September 2018 | 23



I stuck my head out the window this morning and spring kissed me bang in the face. — Langston Hughes

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. — Margaret Atwood

24 | September 2018

for Exercise, Nutrition, and Some Big Nature Love

h, Spring-birds tweeting, sweet soft breezes, flowers unfolding and worms poking their heads up in the dirt? Oh be still my heart, because that’s my call to get down and dirty with my favorite force of nature—Organic Gardening. Done without synthetic fertilizers and often toxic pesticides and herbicides that mess with the plants, the soil (aka good dirt), the water, and the air, gardening is not just better; it’s great, and loaded with benefits. So let me count the ways. Stress. It increases bad cholesterol, knots you up, and generally can shorten your life. Getting outside is a simple way to put it aside and b-r-e-a-t-h-e. Most of us know this, but it’s finally being examined scientifically. A British study indicates that spending time with nature does help handle stress and creates the happiest people. This is because being in the garden allows you to pack away troubles, be centered, dream a little, and feel nature communicating. Really, plants actually do talk to each other. It’s called allelopathy. Plants and trees use chemical stimulators, repressors and hormones to directly influence their surroundings by attracting other friendly plants and bugs that help growth, pollination, and provide reciprocal nutrients. Simply summarized they chemically blow off botanical bullies that can hog available sun, moisture or nutrients as well as discourage pests looking for a snack. So why not get in on the gossip? It may sound crazy, but I talk to my vegetable and flowering plants all the time, feeling their leaves and flowers, thanking them for just being, and while I’m at it helping them out by checking for unwelcome insects and their eggs. The beautiful produce and blooms are thanks a-plenty. Stress relieved—check. Improved mental outlook—check. Gardening can be an outdoor gym. Burn 250 to 350 calories an hour digging (with the knees of course, not the back), lifting, weeding, raking, squatting, and hauling two gallon watering cans like sloshy barbells—it’s a real workout. And it’s guilt-free. The mind loves to play tricks on the sometimes reluctant body to keep us from those planks, walks, lifts, runs, etc. when we’re not in the mood. But the mind gets fooled into enjoying tending to the living things that will provide your perfect diet of fresh stuff as well as bloomin’ eye candy. Because it just doesn’t seem like work! You are what you eat. A good organically grown garden provides all you need for what any | 267-767-4205


good nutritionist knows: to eat a rainbow and eat it ripe. Red peppers ◗ Provide good organic soil, air circulation, sun, water. have some of the highest Vitamin C content of any vegeta◗ Plant flowers and flowering herbs near or around your ble. Kale rates at the top for overall nutrition and fiber. vegetables. These will attract birds, butterflies, A cup of lettuce is six to thirty calories, contains a beneficial insects and bees which pollinate and/ good count of Omega 3 fatty acids, and has a low A British study indicates or eat or otherwise discourage and destroy glycemic index to lower blood sugar. Carrots, garden pests. A prime reason to go organic: that spending time with tomatoes, and spinach are especially high in Pesticides and herbicides are definitely not nature does help handle beta carotene, which the body converts into their friends. stress and creates the Vitamin A. Put some blueberry bushes in a ◗ Mulch Madness! Make those earthworms happiest people. This is sunny spot in your growing space, and get and other beneficial soil critters happy, the bennies of one of the best boosts to the because being in the garden keep nutrient-stealing weeds at bay, and immune system out there, plus a good fiber allows you to pack away preserve moisture in the soil by using percentage. In fact, most fresh vegetables are troubles, be centered, dream organic mulches such as straw (not hay), high in fiber and cellulose, which help with a little, and feel nature newspaper or pine needles around plants. digestion and general cleansing. Fiber helps the Wood chip mulch is fine for paths and flowers, communicating. body deal with the LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol in two but not for vegetables. ways: It is utilized to remove spent bile salts; then more LDL cholesterol is used to create fresh salts. Want more benefits? There’s optimism (can’t be a gardener without that), patience, saving money, and feeding the soul. And it’s a wonderful activity to share with kids. Calming, problem solving, basic math, and sharing time, as well as seeing veggies grow and handling them helps replace the fear of trying new tastes with curiosity. My Dad had a big garden when I was a kid. He had his own business, and had to drive into Philadelphia at all hours and he was stressed a lot. But once in the garden, I could see it melt away. He paid my sisters and me a-penny-a-row to weed and they were long rows but we did it, and got the love of a terrific and loving tradition and the expanded taste buds that I carry today.

◗ Soil is a living thing! Keep it fabulous by adding lots of compost. Create your own with plastic cylindrical bins available through many sources online or buy bags of good quality compost available these days in any garden supply stores. Add only organic fertilizers, which are also available just about everywhere due to increased consumer demand. To get started at this time of year with something easy, try easy-to-grow leaf lettuces, spinach, and radishes. Dig up a small area, for instance 2ft. by 3ft. or 3ft. by 4ft., after removing the sod (put it in the compost bin if you have one). Mix in some compost, in a compost to soil ration of 3:1 ratio. Or buy some bags of good organic garden soil. As an alternative, fill a larger container with drainage holes in the bottom. To create a productive and easy way to grow a lot in a contained space such as a raised bed: ◗ Measure out size you want then lay down some newspapers or uncolored cardboard thickly. Any length is fine, but no wider than 4 feet so you can reach in easily from either side and not strain your back. ◗ Add 6 to 8 inches of soil or more. Add some sides to your raised bed of cut lengths of 2” thick x 6ft. or 8ft. wide pine, cedar, or oak and attach corners. Or use bricks, straw bales, cinder blocks, pavers, or just leave it a mound. You can also buy raised bed kits. ◗ Follow the seed package instruction for planting width and depth - usually depth is three times the width of the seed. Water well, then water again for the next few days if no rain until seedlings emerge. Then water every few days deeply. Gently thin the seedlings and don’t throw them away. Rinse well and add to salads for a micro-green nutrient boost. Once you taste what you’ve grown, there’s no turning back. You’ll want to try more. I hope I’ve inspired readers to get outside and get dirty, and grow or polish up a green thumb. Can ya dig it? I knew that you could!

Organic growing is holistic, embracing many approaches to influence your growing area—be it a back yard, balcony or back deck containers. It is a reciprocal relationship –the plants work for you, you work for the plants. As part of that bargain:


Deborah Kates is the founder of the Let’s Get Dirty! Learn To Love Organic Gardening a health and wellness program for business, government and hospitals as well as libraries, the PA Department of Environmental Protection, senior centers, farmers markets, and other groups. She gets help from her teammate and longtime main digger, main squeeze and main eater Greg Layton. She is a third generation gardener, Certified Master Composter, and has been an organic grower for forty years. They live in Wagontown, Chester County. | 267-767-4205

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Sprinting T

he standard “cardio” session in a commercial gym typically involves a trainee joining forces with some lame machine for an hour. Not only is this incredibly boring, but it is also ineffective. There is a movement that will allow you to get leaner and more athletic and it does not require machines. Sprinting is the world’s most explosive and effective exercise but like many great things it is misunderstood. Let’s learn about the top three benefits of sprinting below.

A) Time

One of the main problems with why many trainees are stuck when it comes to losing body fat is because of how they use their time when they train. Do you want to know where many people waste most of their time when they are at the gym? The “cardio” section! Do you truly want to stay on a soul-draining device like a treadmill, elliptical, or Stairmaster for one to two hours just to have the machine tell you that you burned 148 calories? Are you kidding me? Unfortunately, many trainees will repeat this process over an over for years but when they look in the mirror they do not see the lean physique they wanted to build. This leads to frustration and that can lead to quitting which is never a good option when it comes to your health and fitness. Time is the most valuable thing we have on this planet and once it has passed by we can never get it back. With this knowledge you do not want to waste your valuable time in the cardio section of a gym. Your time would be better served on the track or field. The difference between using a machine and going outside to sprint on the track is massive like the Grand Canyon. No machine can compete with natural human movement. Sprinting will allow you to get effective work done in a fraction of the time. A full sprinting workout for fat loss (not specific speed training) will average anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five minutes if you perform it correctly. The old adage of quality over quantity applies here. 26 | September 2018

The process for a sprinting workout looks just like this: • eat your pre-workout meal (about 1.5-2.5 hours before you sprint) • show up to the track • perform a sprinter warm-up for 5-10 minutes • perform the sprint workout for 15-25 minutes • collapse • dust yourself off, go home, and have your post-workout meal While you are performing this sprint training you will be decimating body fat, building glutes of steel, and developing thick hamstrings.   I have never met anyone in life who could not appreciate round glutes that sit high and tight like a marines’ haircut! You cannot achieve this effect in the cardio section. Take Away: Use your time wisely and get your butt to the track.

B) Building Muscle and Dropping Fat

Sprints are the one move that can achieve this effect. When a trainee spends hours slogging away doing “cardio” at some point you begin to sacrifice muscle mass. That is never the goal when it comes to physique building. Conditioning that is short, intense, and to the point like sprints are, will build and retain your muscle mass while kicking body fat in the rear. Sprinting is similar to lifting weights in that the contractions of the muscle during the exercise are intense. When you consistently | 267-767-4205


repeat sprinting over time the muscles in your legs will grow and your whole body will become leaner. Take Away: Use sprints to preserve your muscle mass and shred body fat.

C) Develop Mental Toughness

I have done many types of lifting and conditioning workouts ranging from bodybuilding to power lifting to bodyweight training. These are some of the hardest training methods of all time, but I would choose any of those workouts over running repeat 300-meter sprints any day of the week. Sprint training can get very difficult. There is no worse feeling then these things happening simultaneously: -your heart is beating out of your chest -your glutes and hamstrings are pumped up beyond belief -your abdominals are cramping -your shoulders are getting tight -your mind wants to quit -and you still have 100 meters to go on your third of four 300-meter sprints for the day Though sprinting can get tough, the workouts you perform will build tremendous character. Without mental toughness, you will fold at the first sign of adversity.

Performing sprint workouts will undoubtedly forge that toughness for you and other workouts that you normally do will not feel so tough anymore. Take Away: Mental toughness can only be forged through adversity. I’ll holla at you next time. The People’s Trainer, Fitman Fitman is the head performance coach and owner of The Fitman Performance Center, in Abington, PA. He is a certified coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and he specializes in the areas of athletic performance, physique development, nutrition, and behavior change.Fitman is also a two time Men’s Health Next Top Trainer Finalist (2014, 2015), a master’s sprinter, and has been published on the web at T-Nation, Muscle and Strength, and Black Fitness Today, as a guest fitness writer.

If you are interested in learning more about how to perform sprint workouts please contact Fitman Performance: Phone: (267) 460-1790 Email: Website: Instagram: fitman83 or thefitmanperformancecenter

COLOR ME SAFE run angel™ launch New Color Range


un Angel Ltd, the innovative company behind the smallest, loudest personal safety wrist wearable, run angel™, have launched their new range of Limited Edition Colors. Capitalizing on the growing interest around personal safety, Run Angel Ltd. husband and wife founders, David and Ellen Caren, spotted a gap in the market for a small and compact wearable device which would attract attention in an emergency such as a personal attack or in the event of injury. run angel™, emits a loud 120dB, high-pitched alarm when activated, and pairs with smartphone devices over Bluetooth to send out emergency alerts by SMS and email to a guardian network of family and friends


showing the wearer’s location. In addition to this, the companion app can be customized to remote trigger the wearable itself or send silent alerts to the users’ guardians. “Making something so small sound so loud was no easy feat. Our focus needed to be on the audible capability of our wearable, after all, the greater the sound, the greater the level of attention one can attract in an emergency situation.” David commented. Since its launch last year run angel™ has gained broad take-up amongst runners, students on campus and overseas travellers. The company also attracted the attention and investment of the former U2 boss Paul McGuinness, amongst other notable investors. Customer testimonials highlighting the effectiveness of run angel™ in real life scenarios have been received from users worldwide. “Knowing that run angel™ has directly benefited our wearers in the last year has been hugely rewarding. When we set out to create the product, this was our ultimate goal.” added David. KEY FEATURES • 120dB loud alarm • High-pitch tuned frequency to attract greater attention in an emergency | 267-767-4205

• One-touch activation • Pairs with smartphones over Bluetooth Low Energy • SMS and email alerts detailing time, date and map link • Rechargeable battery • LED and sound status warnings including SOS light beacon • Remote activation from mobile application • Silent trigger of emergency alerts from wearable • Patent pending • Manufactured in Ireland ABOUT RUN ANGEL Run Angel Ltd. is a safety wearable technology company that launched the smallest, loudest personal safety wrist wearable, run angel™. Manufactured in Ireland, run angel™ emits a 120dB hi-pitch alarm when activated, and pairs with smartphone devices to send emergency alerts by SMS & email showing the wearer’s angel™ is available in black and limited edition pink, yellow & grey from runangel. com $106 with hard shell travel case (incl. free shipping throughout the US & Canada). Also available from Best Buy.

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What is Flexible Dieting? By Christine Hronec


truggling to lose weight? Do you hate “diet” foods? Counting your macronutrients may be the missing element. You are working out, you are eating “healthy” but nothing is happening and you just want to give up. The go-to system for losing weight has been calorie counting coupled with a black and white mentality that some foods are good (i.e. chicken breast, broccoli, salad) and other foods are bad (i.e. pizza, burgers, etc). The perception of what is a healthy weight needs to be recalibrated for most people. While one may have initial success by haphazardly cutting calories, it will not support a sustainable healthy lifestyle. The reality is that you can be perfectly healthy, strong, and lean without weighing what you “think” you need to weigh. This is because it is possible to drop body fat and gain lean muscle mass. Muscle tissue is denser than fat, therefore taking up less space and allowing one to look

28 | September 2018

smaller and leaner even if there is no net change on the scale. In order to make sense of this, one must begin with the awareness of what you are eating. Knowing what your food is made of and using that information to eat better is the basis of the macros approach to nutrition. Macronutrients, or “macros”, make up the caloric content of food and are listed on nutrition facts panels as protein, carbs, and fats in grams per serving. Instead of counting calories, by counting how many grams of protein (4 cal/g), carbs, (4 cal/g) and fat (9 cal/g) you consume in a day is the key to reaching your physique goals. Food choices will no longer be based off of whatever you happen to be craving at the moment or whatever is most convenient, instead you will intentionally consider your food based on what will best support your nutritional and performance needs whether you are looking to lose body fat, maintain, gain lean muscle mass, or improve your athletic performance. Once you have your daily macronutrient goals (see the Gauge Girl Training YouTube Channel for a full tutorial), you have flexibility with your food choices as long as they fit your macronutrient goals. This concept is also known as IIFYM or “if it fits your macros.” So if you occasionally wanted to consume something like a slice of pizza or any other food that isn’t considered a conventional “healthy food” selection, you would simply tabulate your daily macronutrients and adjust what you would eat for the remainder of the day to ensure that you stay on track towards your health goals. The concept of flexible dieting is a game changer because it removes the stigma of “bad” foods allowing flexibility as opposed to restriction. Macro tracking can be extremely useful to those who need a nutrition approach that is easy to implement and supports sustainable results. | 267-767-4205

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christine Hronec is an author, engineer, nutrition scientist, and bikini fitness competitor. Christine is the founder and CEO of Gauge Girl Training, an online nutrition and fitness coaching service. She has been featured in Forbes, OK! Magazine, Flex Magazine, the Huffington Post, CBS, Fox News, and Muscle and Fitness HERS. Visit the site: PHILLYFIT

TIPS FOR JOGGERS, RUNNERS AND TRAIL-RUNNERS We have to be proactive in our own personal safety EVERY SINGLE DAY! That being said, we have to realize at any given moment we can be the victim of whatever violence of the day presents itself so we have to know the following... By Gloria Marcott our own physical capabilities are – meaning, are we ✦ What trained and will our violence of action be more than the violence presented to us in order to solve the problem.

answer is “no”….do we have a tool available to stop ✦ Ifthetheattack? we have a tool we are going to use to stop the attack have we ✦ Iftrained with it? “If you are going to use it to save your life, you have got to practice with it to save your life!”

PROACTIVE - You have to take an active part in your own ✦ BE personal safety. When going running: • Don’t go alone in remote areas and more importantly if you don’t have to go alone DON’T. • If you do plan on going alone let others know where you will be. • Utilize a GPS monitoring app that will go to friends and family like Life360. It tracks you on a map while you are running. • Don’t put earphones in both ears. Leave one ear available to hear the world around you and keep your head on a swivel looking for potential threats even while running. • Avoid going running when it is dark outside. This DOES NOT mean bad things don’t happen during daylight – because they do.

For more information about Gloria Marcott visit: or


A PLAN AND BE PREPARED - Your situational ✦ HAVE awareness and having a plan matters:

• Practicing possible scenarios mentally will help you to act quicker to what is happening. • If you are running down the road and someone approaches you – do not get within arms distance if possible. • Try to identify potential “escape routes” or “areas to get help” during your run. • If possible have a tool like the Defense Alert Device (D.A.D.). Not only is it a military grade pepper spray (to stop the attacker), but with the press of a button, it alerts anyone within a miles radius (that has the free app installed on their phone) that you are in danger with your coordinates on a map. That’s huge considering the statistics of proximity to others when attacks/assaults/kidnappings happen.

BACK!!! - You have to FIGHT BACK. You have got to ✦ FIGHT be the biggest loudest problem for the attacker. • Gauge eyes • Kick vital target areas (groin, take out their knees, kick to the face) • Strike or punch fiercely to the face, eyes, throat • Grab objects or things within your reach • Most importantly MAKE A SCENE using your VOICE by yelling as loud as possible to draw attention. FIND YOUR FIERCE TO SAVE YOUR LIFE! Attacks happen violently and quickly and most times unexpectedly. We have to change our mindset of thinking “it won’t ever happen” to the mindset of “when it happens I’ll do this…”. | 267-767-4205

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Philly'sFITTEST I’m almost 47 years old. I’ve been a personal fitness trainer for almost 4 years.It’s never too late to change your lifestyle — Nika White, Healthy Mania Fitness Training

Going strong at 51 and absolutely love being fit. Gravity trainer at Horsham Athletic Club. I absolutely love my job and to motivate people. Always believe in yourself!! — Holly Fosnot

“Work Hard; Stay Humble!” — Cory Outten, Owner Outten Fit Nutrition

“Deciding to lose weight and build some muscle was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's not how much, but what you eat that is just as important as getting into the gym and training hard!” — Michael Taraborrelli, 42

Kaiserman JCC Lifeguards Staying Fit!

“Behind every strong body is an even stronger woman with a story.” — Paige Lynn Tarloski Mother of three; age 46. I am just a normal person who happens to work out and dance my ass off in Zumba class! — Jami Amaro 30 | September 2018 | 267-767-4205

I work in a corporate environment, but when I'm not running at Fairmount Park, or at the gym lifting weights, I'm hanging in the air or lifting/holding people up! Sometimes both! — Tony Ruiz



Ron Dukes getting ready to get the people sweaty!!! @RedConditionFitness (

My name is Erin and fitness is my EVERYTHING! It keeps me alive, literally...I am a recovering addict. I am strong, taking it day by day, and beyond grateful to live in this amazing city and have support from all the gyms I work at. — Erin Hall

I’m 42 years old and a personal trainer from Springfield, PA. I’ve lost 50 lbs from Oct 2017 until present. “Got Lazy, now I’m workout crazy” — Careem Vaughan

Rob Weber, 58, has been cycling for a century to put an end to MS in the MS150 City to Shore Ride.

I am a stunt performer and personal trainer.I am active everyday, either inside the gym or enjoying outside activities. In my business, you always have to be at the top of your game. Lucky for me, I LOVE working out, eating healthy and staying active. — Patrick King

I am 29 years old. I am a personal trainer and fitness center manager in Philadelphia. “Fitness and health is not just about the gym and positive food choices but it's about emotional strength and mental fortitude.“ — Bridget Tobin PHILLYFIT

“That’s a dollar sign, before you holler mine!” — Terrance Wilson aka $oash Harrison, Genesis Gym in Harleysville, PA.

“You are as old as you feel and I don't feel as though I'm about to turn fifty!” — April Weaver, Revolution 360, Moorestown, NJ | 267-767-4205

I am an Olympic weightlifter at Philadelphia Barbell Club. I am currently second in the country in my weight class (53kg). This picture is of me clean and jerking 226 pounds (103kg). — Jessica Saxon September 2018 | 31

Philly'sFITTEST I am a high school Health and Physical Education teacher, Certified Athletic Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and Precision Nutrition coach. “Just over here trying not to die from the heat— post-workout!” — Susan Mazess, CrossFit 053

“Make it a great day!” — Melissa A. Pieragostini, Vice President Philadelphia Triathlon Club

NEED CAPTION — Matthew Tischler

I stay fit by running and eating healthy (but I do like cake and donuts too:)! My favorite thing to do is run to City Hall and stretch at the top of the Art Museum steps. It's a great view! — Crystal Hering

“We get one body so why not love the one you have!” — Ann Gruber 32 | September 2018

Don’t run from the spotlight. When you’ve put in the work, you’ve earned every second of it. Don’t be afraid to #StealTheShow! — Alex Gibson

Kelly A. Smyth kicked Cosmo Losco’s ass for 6 weeks, and it all paid off, with a focus on both workouts and eating right! It's just the beginning, but they couldn't be happier with the results. | 267-767-4205

At 50+, I've found joy in movement. Movement is key. Find movements that challenge you and do those things often! — Dr. Matthew Tischler Nick Swartz, 26, Owner of Spartan Strength & Conditioning, Bensalem, PA. Personal Trainer, Double Trifecta Spartan, Buisness Owner & Fitness Mentor.



“Competing has kept me in shape & has taught me a lot about my body as it grows and goes through different transitions." — Cantria Williams, Fit Mom NPC Bikini Competitor, Fitness Guru, Fitness Model, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Yogi

Giulia Umile, 38, CrossFit Certified Level 2 trainer at CrossFit Novem in Fishtown.

Ashley Harbinson and Hank Harbinson, Ages 34 and 2 "Workout buddies!”

Peter Parkkerr is a Philly native, an award-winning Filmmaker/Director, and has recently shared his weight loss journey as he aims to drop 100lbs in 100 days (has lost 50 already and gained an amazing fan base online)! see Instagram: @peterparkkerr and @100days100poundschallenge.

Shannon Audet is a yoga instructor, studio owner and bikini bodybuilding competitor.

Putting my back into it while trying to slay! — Ruth Lee

Rob Reed, 35, Certified Personal Trainer from Philadelphia, PA. Rob is the co-founder of Body and Mind Nutrition, LLC and the CEO of Rob Reed Fitness. and Instagram @ robreedfitness.

Scott Sorkin, 44, Owner of Tone Zone Fitness Studio in Conshohocken.

To be included in an upcoming feature of Philly’sFITTEST, please submit your favorite healthy photo along with a caption to: PHILLYFIT | 267-767-4205

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with Stylish Bike Helmets and Accessories


Showcase your business and be part of the holiday shopping that will be taking place at the 17th PhillyFIT Bash\Expo! Saturday, October 20, 2018 12pm-5pm Inside the Willow Grove Mall! Cost: $375/booth If your business has anything to offer someone who wants to look or feel good, then YOU need to be a vendor!


ith materials and styles ranging from straw to denim to tweed, women can enhance their outfits with coordinating, stylish bike helmets as they journey through scenic country sides Bike Pretty, an online bike helmet and accessories shop, is transforming the way women bike with its online store selling stylish bike helmets and accessories. With an assortment of styles to compliment women’s outfits, women can now take what is a commonly seen as a safety precaution and turn it into a fabulous outfit accessory. “For many, a helmet is a must-have wearable item for riding a bike; but I believe a helmet should tell a story like the rest of a carefully curated outfit,” stated Melissa Davies, founder, Bike Pretty. “Anyone can bike pretty! We never know who or what we’ll encounter on a ride, but we know we’ll look ever so charming along the way!” Although the company offers a variety of styles for women to choose from, the company’s best seller is its Straw Hat Bike Helmet. This helmet is a modern interpretation of a turn-of-the-century “picture hat”, which has been updated for a sensation seeking modern woman. It arrives in two separate components, the YAKKAY Smart 2 bike helmet and the Bike Pretty Straw Hat cover. A memory plastic reinforcement wire is sewn into the brim with a zigzag stitch. The process is then repeated with a second wire, ensuring the brim will still have integrity if the hat gets scuffed or a thread breaks. The Straw Hat bike helmet features a 3” halo brim to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and is equipped with a hypoallergenic elastic band, which keeps the cover fastened to the helmet at speeds up to 30mph. Bike Pretty’s line of bike helmets are available for purchase directly online and in select retail locations with prices starting at $135 and accessories starting at $18. For more information about Bike Pretty, please visit ABOUT BIKE PRETTY Bike Pretty is an online bike helmet and accessories shop transforming the way women bike. Each hat is handmade in California and is available in various sizes, styles and materials to compliment women’s outfits. Now anyone can “bike pretty” while ensuring a safe ride along the way. For more information, please visit our website at 34 | September 2018

Contact to get registered!

PhillyFIT Winter Wellness Retreat

Friday through Sunday January 3rd-5th, 2019 WHERE: The Golden Plough Inn Peddler's Village, Lahaska, PA HOW: EASY! Bring yourself, and anything that you want to shake off, put back in perspective, sort out, or simply begin again (like working out) WHY: WE HELP YOU GET YOUR MOTIVATION BACK! This event a weekend to rejuvenate, inspire, clean out the cobwebs and get your (health and fitness) groove back!

Call today for details 267-767-4205! Visit for photos of previous retreats | 267-767-4205



than no exercise. That being said, one of the best things about the human body is its resilience and ability to adapt. There are several reasons why should consider to varying your workouts: PREVENT PLATEAUS- That adaptation of the stress put on your body ensures that over time whatever physical actions or any action should and will get easier over time. Challenging your body in a way that it isn’t used to, will burn more calories and engage new and different muscles. In turn giving you better results and performance.

Robert Reed


ust like life, when it comes to exercise many of us are creatures of habit. We get into a routine that we feel comfortable with and we continue to do that for weeks, months, and maybe even years. I can tell you that any exercise you do is better

AVOID INJURY- If you repeat the same routine you are using the same joints, muscles and ligaments. That repeated strain makes them more prone to injury, when you vary you are giving them a chance to rest. In addition, variations in the approaches to resistance training (i.e. body weight, dynamic movements, etc.) are also a great way to avoid repetitive training programs. MENTAL SHARPNESS- Keeping your brain sharp and helping to prevent memory loss are added reasons and benefits to varying your workout. The key is doing things

that excite you not just the weight room; try Zumba or rock climbing or even salsa dancing. If you find your activity boring the chances that you stop multiply greatly. PREVENT BOREDOM- There is an old saying I love and it says, “Train insane or remain the same.” I personally like intensity so I can challenge myself but don’t let the word “insane” intimidate you. Simply put, if we continue with the same exercise we can maintain our level of fitness but further advancement will diminish and eventually plateau. When your muscles “grow” what’s actually happening is you are creating micro tears in the muscle, which will only continue to progress with increased weights if lifting or increased distances if you are running. A ten percent to no more than thrity percent increase or addition is recommended. You can also vary by trying a new form of workout, training more often, switching the order of your workout, training longer or boosting the intensity. Keep in mind that deep restful sleep; quality nutrition, flexibility, and recovery days are just as important for progressing your fitness. Switch it up and get a new passion for exercise. Make sure you get out and get active today. About the Author- Robert Reed is a Certified Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness Entrepreneur from Philadelphia, PA. Rob owns, an online health coaching service and is the co-founder of Body and Mind Nutrition, an award winning dietary supplement line and cGMP manufacturing business.

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eth Chiodo, RD, LDN, CWC is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Wellness Coach at the Horsham Athletic Club. Beth has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Villanova University and completed her Nutrition Coursework at Drexel University. Beth will complete her Master’s Degree this academic year through University of Saint Joseph in Connecticut. With over 10 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian, Beth’s mission is to help people feel their best by improving their eating habits and lifestyle. Beth works with all ages from children to older adults and focuses on weight loss as well as managing medical conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, celiac disease, GI disorders, food sensitivities, autoimmune conditions, anxiety and many more. Beth is also a proud member of the Weaver’s Way Neighborhood Nutrition Team in Ambler, PA. Beth focuses on mindful eating and treating the body as a whole to help her clients make healthy lifestyle changes. Beth focuses on helping her clients achieve a positive relationship with food through positive self-talk and self-love. “I want my clients to leave my office feeling empowered to make the changes they need to. I want them to feel like they are rock stars who can conquer the world because they can.” Beth addresses health holistically by also targeting things like sleep and stress. “Food can play a big role in anxiety, and anxiety can


wreak havoc on the body. We’ve got to start with one to treat another.” In addition to one-on-one counseling, Beth leads grocery store tours, gives corporate presentations, facilitates small group sessions, and leads cooking demonstrations. Beth just ran her first half-marathon in June and loves to cook! “I absolutely love trying new recipes! I love to eat and I love to cook for people I care about. I also love sharing this joy with my children.” When she’s not working with clients, she’s jogging, trying a new recipe, hiking, or spending her free time with her husband and 3 children, ages 4, 6, and 20. Beth accepts all major insurances, including Independence Blue Cross, Keystone Health Plan East, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Highmark, Medicare, and others. Most cover multiple visits under preventive care, so visits are FREE. Call or email Beth to schedule yours today!! | 267-767-4205

Beth Chiodo, RD, LDN, CWC Registered Dietitian/Certified Wellness Coach (484) 951-3916 • IG: @bethchiodoRD September 2018 | 35



Posture &Flexibility

rom the time we’re born, many factors affect our posture. While we can’t control accidents, stressors and certain illnesses, we can control how we walk, stand, sit and most importantly, our attitudes. Essentially, we choose how we carry ourselves each day. Poor posture can strain muscles and joints which can cause aches and pains and restrict range of motion. Significant cumulative issues in our knees and hips, backs and shoulders may also occur. Neck pain accompanied by headaches may result as well. Poor posture can diminish flexibility. We may have difficulty playing sports, exercising, and daily activities. If we’re hunched over consistently, as when we’re at the computer, we compress organs which can affect their proper function. Poor posture may even negatively affect our mood and energy level! The biggest influence on our hormones (mood) is our nervous system. The biggest influence on our nervous system is our posture. Think about someone who looks sad or depressed. Their shoulders are usually forward, head down and slumped. Sometimes they walk like this because they are depressed, however, their posture can also cause them to be depressed! Benefits of good posture include increased energy and our bodies working more efficiently. With improved posture, our moods improve. Better flexibility and range of motion, which help prevent injuries, are also benefits. We’ll also appear taller, slimmer and more confident. Much of what we do is formed by habit. Thankfully, we can choose to create new habits. During the first few weeks, as you make progress, it will feel awkward, unfamiliar and even sore. That soreness comes from overstretched and weakened muscles becoming stronger. The opposing muscles that had been contracted or shortened, will now be lengthened.

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By Nita Keesler

Picture an archer’s bow. If you pull the string, the wood will ‘bow’. Our muscles are like the string, and our spines are like the wood. If our muscles are tight on one side, it will ‘bow’ the spine to the opposite side. If our chest muscles are tight, our shoulders will draw forward and our head will have to follow. Then gravity kicks in and we will begin to walk hunched over. Many people think this is strictly a matter of age, ‘What’s the use?’ It’s easy to think something so common is ‘inevitable, the way it has to be’. But ‘common’ doesn’t mean ‘normal’. If fitness, flexibility and health were just a matter of age, we wouldn’t see a 90-year-old yogi master with his foot behind his head. Nor would we see Etta Clark’s book, ‘Growing Old is not for Sissies” with innumerable healthy seniors participating in sports and fitness. We can prevent and alleviate many so-called ‘age-related’ symptoms with simple changes. Simple doesn’t always mean easy. It will take effort to become aware and make necessary changes. You can counter those repetitive movements! | 267-767-4205


A few common repetitive postures to be aware of: how you hold your phone, the hours hunched at the computer or playing video games, heavy purse/bags carried on one shoulder, holding babies on a hip, leaning over a low stroller. Even sleeping positions or the way our car seats are designed, walking, standing or sitting in a slumped position repeatedly are things to keep in mind. This is not to say we want a stiff, rigid ‘military’ posture. Be relaxed but sit and stand tall! Here are some helpful suggestions to get started: ✥ Becoming more aware of our own posture is the first and most important step. A great way to do this is at the mall, grocery store or any city sidewalk. Observe postural habits. Notice how many people look uncomfortable as they hunch forward. Use that as a trigger to check in to our own posture. It is also very helpful to notice those with excellent posture. ✥ Whatever

position you find yourself in most of the day, stretch in the opposite position whenever possible. While it’s important to stretch your whole body, focus on stretching the shortened muscles twice as long as the opposing muscles that have over-lengthened. For instance, if you sit at a computer a lot, stretch your chest and belly twice as long, as your back.

✥ Strengthening exercises for the ‘over-lengthened’ muscles.

(A good posture assessment will help in determine this).

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Stand straight with weight distributed equally over both feet. Try not to lean your weight into one hip, but if you just can’t help it in the beginning, at least try to shift from one hip to the other.

Be sure to sit on your ‘sits bones’ and not your tailbone or sacrum. You will feel tremendous relief with most low back tension with this one change. The hips are the foundation of our frame.

Enlist the help of a buddy to support for each other with gentle reminders.

Line up ear canal directly over your shoulder. This will help the rest of the body to align itself in the correct position. (The plumb line goes down from your ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle)

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Notice your thoughts. A gentle smile when feeling stressed or down will actually change our mood which will positively affect our posture and our outlook!

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I offer a Posture & Flexibility workshop in a variety of time frames to address these issues. Together we can create an individualized stretching routine to address unique muscle imbalances. I also offer Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage/ Therapeutic Assisted Stretching sessions (where I stretch your body for you), and Massage Lessons, all of which will help correct postural issues and improve flexibility. Nita Keesler LMT, Back In Balance ~ Massage & Wellness ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor 267.980.1727


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CRYSTAL Mineral Deodorant Stone offers safe and reliable odor protection using mineral salts mined from the earth

Designed to keep skin odor-free for up to 24 hours using natural mineral salts that form a protective barrier on the skin to block odor before it starts; the mineral salts don’t block the pores, which allows the body to function naturally

Formulated without aluminum chloride, chlorohydrate, zirconium, or parabens, silicones, petrolatum, artificial dyes, and artificial fragrances



Smooth texture

Safe to use just about anywhere on the body – underarms, chest, feet, and inner thighs

Simply wet the top of the stone (or wet skin directly) and apply to clean skin to create an invisible protective barrier

◗ Winner

of the Women’s Choice Award®*

CRYSTAL proudly supports the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Breast Cancer Prevention Partners

Products meet the standards set by the European Union Directive 76/768/EEC to be free of chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer, mutation, birth defects or other harms

Endorsed by numerous breast cancer and oncology treatment centers across the U.S.

◗ Two

sizes: $4.99 for 3 oz. (lasts six months) $6.99 for 5 oz. (lasts twelve months)

For more information, visit us online at 38 | September 2018 | 267-767-4205






By T. Morgan

arlos Bradley went from creating fear to any offensive team in football to creating confidence and hope in the minds and bodies of those who have been fortunate enough to have contact with him. While at Germantown High School he earned All-American honors that led to an All-American career in football at Wake Forest. That in turn led to an NFL professional career that lasted six years with San Diego and Philadelphia. During his football career, his job as a linebacker was to stop the opposing team’s offense from making any gains. His job now is just the complete opposite. His encouragement builds up the bodies of those he trains so that they are heathier and more confident in their lives. It all started more than nineteen years ago when Carlos called the manager of the personal trainer team at the Aquatic and Fitness Center (AFC) in Bala Cynwyd. As Kevin Schultz recalls, Carlos called him asking for permission to use the club to personally train his clients. Saying yes was one of the best decisions he has ever made. Soon after Carlos started using the club, Kevin asked him to be a full time trainer. That hiring has made AFC one of the best training facilities in the area. Carlos not only became extremely popular with the members of the club, but his presence has attracted other quality trainers. “Simply put: Carlos has that unique ability to have a positive effect on everyone!” claims Kevin. “If you are in his presence you will be spoken to, helped and engaged. He is genuine.” Those of us who belong to AFC are greeted by Carlos by name when you enter the weight room. It doesn’t matter if he trains you or not. Members are often surprised when Carlos approaches them.


His body building makes him an imposing figure. They soon learn that, despite his somewhat menacing appearance, he is there to help. If you are doing something wrong, he will come right over and correct it. It doesn’t matter if you are his client or not. Those who are given these tips listen. They listen out of respect for his knowledge. Studying the body with all its movement and functions has been a passion for Carlos since he attended Wake Forest and earned a degree in Exercise Physiology. The Academic All-American learned his lessons well and really enjoys passing on his wisdom. That was the reason he became a personal trainer after his career in the NFL. Those who have hired him to be their personal trainer all pretty much say the same thing. He is really tough. However, he has the uncanny ability to know exactly where your comfort zone is. Then he takes you out of that zone to your physical limits, but no further. When his day in the gym is over, his work is not done. When Dr. Joseph Paige and Fred Dukes decided to start a project to help young student athletes who they deemed to be in high risk of failing, they asked Carlos to join them. Since the formation of the non-profit International Student Athletic Academy in 1995, hundreds of student athletes grades 6-12 have benefited from the organization’s educational enrichment, athletic development and personal growth skills programs. These kids not only stay in school, but go on to college and very successful lives. More information is available at His outstanding work as a trainer has not gone unnoticed. Bradley has won countless awards as the best personal trainer in the Philadelphia area. More importantly, as Schultz put it, the AFC club members have a person that is a big brother, mentor, father figure and a true friend.

Enter your favorite trainer on Instagram: phillyfit_magazine | 267-767-4205

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