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Preliminary PZP Birth Control Plan for Botswana


Opportunities 1. Hunting may provide some bushmeat for locals. This, albeit, could be very limited since refrigeration of the meat may not be readily available. 2. Lifting the hunting ban will bring hunters to Botswana who may not otherwise come. 3. This will inject short-range capital into certain economic sectors of the country.

Threats 1. The allowance of hunting could lead to a political crisis. 2. Although there may be a political consensus for hunting presently, lifting the ban may create too negative of an image, or other political fallout. Then those praising the leadership now may later use such missteps against them. 3. This could make reelection challenging for some members of the government. 4. Some powerful foreign nations that have vested interest in Botswana may feel that they can use hunting as a leveraging tool, perpetuating it indefinitely in exchange for more investment. 5. Lifting the ban could cause the loss of the moral compass that other nations and leaders ascribe to Botswana. 6. Should the hunting ban be lifted, the 6,500,000 members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) would probably organize protests that may involve boycotts. 7. This may jeopardize the tourism revenue that accounts for 12% of Botswana’s GDP. 8. If the hunting ban is lifted, it may very likely result in nothing more than many dead elephants since 6,500 would need to be killed to create a zero population growth for one year. This would be a political dead end. For such a culling campaign would be fruitless and unsustainable. In other words, it is a non-solution in which everyone loses.

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Preliminary PZP Elephant Birth Control Plan for the Republic of Botswana  

Preliminary PZP Elephant Birth Control Plan for the Republic of Botswana