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Phifer’s GeoBella® Cushion Fabrics meld style and comfort in a unique line of outdoor cushion fabrics made of 100 percent recycled yarns. GeoBella fabrics feature the look, touchable texture and comfort of indoor furniture yet have the stability, strength and durability needed for outdoor applications. Equally chic as they are eco-friendly, GeoBella fabrics pair the perfect combinations of coordinating hues and intricate weaves for a host of options to suit any decorating need.


Wild Dunes Spice • ET4 • 3027683 Repeat: 9.6”x13.76” Canopy Pesto • DV1 • 3029145 Repeat: 13.5”x13.5” • NEW

Using a sponge or soft cloth, clean fabric thoroughly with mild detergent and water. Rinse entire cushion or umbrella with water. As with any outdoor application, dust and pollen often accumulate on the cushion. If the cushion is exposed to water, these dust particles can create what appears to be a stain. This can easily be removed by soaking the entire cushion with water and allowing it to air dry.

WARRANTY Phifer offers a 3-year limited warranty for GeoBella Cushion Fabrics. -This warranty covers the fabric becoming non-functional due to the loss of dimensional stability from exposure to conditions including sunlight, mildew, rot and normal atmospheric conditions. -The warranty does not cover damage to the fabric from any source nor does it cover gradual fading or discoloration from atmospheric pollution or other debris. -This warranty remains in effect for 3 years from the date of purchase. -Phifer wil provide new fabric, free of charge, to replace the non-functioning fabric. -This warranty does not cover the cost of labor or other consequential or incidental expenses. Centerline Pesto • DV2 3029142 • Repeat: 9” Vertical • NEW

GeoBella Cushion Fabrics are GREENGUARD® Select CertifiedSM to ensure healthier air quality. All products certified by GREENGUARD must pass a series of rigorous emissions tests and undergo quarterly tests as well as annual re-certification to ensure their low emission status is maintained.


Labyrinth Spice • ET5 • 3027684 Repeat: 2”x4”

Contact Phifer at 1-800-221-5497 to obtain larger fabric samples.

Fern Gully Pesto • DU8 • 3029146 Repeat: 28”x13.5” • NEW

P. O. Box 1700 • Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35403-1700 USA Phone: 205-345-2120 • Fax: 205-391-0799 ® GeoBella is a registered trademark of PHIFER INCORPORATED All original GeoBella designs are copyrighted by PHIFER INCORPORATED, Tuscaloosa, Alabama © PHIFER INCORPORATED 2012 ® GREENGUARD is a registered trademark of GREENGUARD Environmental Institute

Burton Marsh • DT9 • 3027686 Repeat: .75” Vertical 3030127


Cushion Fabrics

Bally Castle Tobacco • EN3 3025727 • Repeat: 14”x14” Jungle Beat Tree Frog • L63 • 3025725 Repeat: 27”x27”

Seven Mile Stripe Bark • EN1 3025688 • Repeat: 7.2” Vertical Cordoba • EJ1 • 3024094 Repeat: 13.5”x13.5”

Wandering Vine Tobacco • EN2 • 3025686 Repeat:18”x13.57”

Conga Line Tree Frog DR7 • 3025791 Repeat: 13.5” Vertical

Free Movement Tobacco • EZ1 3029143 • Repeat: 28”x14” • NEW

Array Timber • EZ4 • 3029152 • Repeat: Horizontal 13.5” • NEW