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World Challenge

Link with Dumila School, Tanzania It was with great excitement and not a little trepidation that nineteen explorers set out from PHHS to visit for the first time our partner school Dumila High School in the Morogoro region of Tanzania in July 2012. The sixteen students were fantastic ambassadors for our school and after getting past the tricky element of picking up the boarding passes and making it through security at Heathrow, threw themselves into every activity with tremendous gusto and enthusiasm. Even the class sizes of 70 to 100 students at Dumila did not defeat them. During the trip there were enormous high points; meeting their counterparts in school, the sports day (a truly international affair), snorkelling in the warm waters off the coast of Zanzibar, walking in the Uluguru mountains and going on safari. There were of course low points but our band of explorers stuck together, supported each other with genuine acts of kindness, displayed wonderful fortitude and above all forged unbreakable bonds of friendship. Our link with Dumila High School gave the PHHS staff and students an insight into how education does really change lives and how their educational experience differs from that experienced in Tanzania, but there was more to this trip. All who travelled gained an insight into African culture, its people and its landscape and learned a bit more about themselves. A fantastic experience for everyone involved. Mrs J Tozer, Head of Careers Page 7

The Henrician (2013)  

The Henrician (2013)