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Y11 Work Experience

New French Assistant

French Exchange

Life on the Ocean Waves

Year 11 Work Experience - A Class Act At the end of September and the beginning of October 2012 all Year 11 students took part in one week’s Work Experience. For many this was their first taster of the ‘real world’, and it was clear from the amount of letters and cards of appreciation from employers that many excelled in their chosen vocation. Emily Hall (pictured here) was fortunate to gain a place at the Worcester Evening News, hoping to gain some valuable journalistic skills in her placement. She certainly impressed her work colleagues as she was asked to write an article and now has her own fortnightly column in the paper.

Poetry Corner Stars

Star Poem

Pure beauty, Full of life yet so still. An essence of unity yet so alone. The colour? - the colour of joy, Sadness, happiness, Contentment.

When I stare at it, It stares back at me, It’s always there, Yet not always noticed, The dark side hides, Never seen by the human eye, It lingers in the shadows, It is lonely, It is afraid, It is the Moon.

The shape? - one entirely new. They are out of this world, They are stars...... They are more than that, They are Hope. By Charlotte Ricketts, Year 9

By Imogen Shiels, Year 9 Page 9

The Henrician (2013)  

The Henrician (2013)

The Henrician (2013)  

The Henrician (2013)