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HealthLines is a publication of Penn Highlands Healthcare which includes the hospitals of Penn Highlands Brookville, Penn Highlands Clearfield, Penn Highlands DuBois and Penn Highlands Elk. It is produced by the system’s Marketing Team and is always available on our website at

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Summer in Pennsylvania is upon us, and this time of year makes it easy to see why people choose to reside in our beautiful communities. In the Northwest/Central region of the state, we are very fortunate to have the great outdoors right in our backyards and experience endless recreational opportunities throughout all four seasons, while also residing in tightknit neighborhoods. The small town charm of our area is part of what makes it “home.” Although we choose to live in rural communities, we deserve access to advanced and critical healthcare services. And at Penn Highlands Healthcare, we are steadfast in our commitment to providing just that to our patients. In line with this commitment, we recently unveiled a $111 million plan for eight major construction and renovation projects across our region over the next three years. We have a vision for what the future of our health system will look like as we not only continue to respond to the changing healthcare landscape but also to the ever-evolving needs of our patients. We are proud to begin taking significant steps toward making our vision a reality and ensuring access to a healthy future for generations to come. You can read more about our eight projects in our center story and follow our journey as we grow our footprint by visiting In this issue of Healthlines, you’ll additionally learn about the services of our Cath Lab, our fleet of vans that transports patients with cancer to and from their treatments, our Sleep Lab, our recently-opened QCare location in Brookville, our new nurse navigators for our Breast Center of Excellence and our system’s latest providers. I hope you’ll enjoy this edition and gain an understanding of how much we value our role as a fundamental community partner. As always, we are proud of our commitment to providing the finest services to all those who call our region home. Sincerely,

Steve Fontaine, CEO Penn Highlands Healthcare


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What is a CATH LAB? Heart catheterization is a procedure to determine how a patient’s heart is working. At Penn Highlands Healthcare, this procedure can be done at The Heart Center’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab located at Penn Highlands DuBois.

Kayla Ryan, RN, shows what a physician would see while performing a heart catheterization.

Also referred to as the Cath Lab, more than 2,500 procedures are performed annually there to find problems patients may have with their heart muscles, valves or coronary arteries. It can also measure the pressure and blood flow in the heart. Problems with the heart can be serious, leading to heart attack, heart failure or even death.

Here for your heart.

The procedure uses low-radiation x-rays and contrast dye Stay close to home while injected through a receiving the best cardiac care small hollow tube, called a catheter. It’s available - The Heart Center inserted in a large at Penn Highlands Healthcare. blood vessel that Learn more about leads to the heart. The Heart Center at Heart doctors, called cardiologists, look at the x-rays on a screen /heartcare. to diagnose and perhaps perform stenting to open up narrowed or blocked segments. Other times, they may use the same equipment to insert a pacemaker or defibrillator devices to help regulate the rhythm of the heart. “Many lives are saved and their qualities of life improved through Cath Lab procedures,” Heather Franci, Service Line Director of The Heart Center, said. “With the right care and lifestyle changes, future medical events can be prevented or lessened.”

Here. Here for you. Here with open-heart surgery. Cardiovascular/Thoracic Surgery at The Heart Center Need a doctor? — Visit us at


Hahne Regional Cancer Center Vans Sport New Look Hahne Regional Cancer Center’s fleet of patient transport vans is in the process of getting a makeover. New van wraps are being installed on each of the seven vehicles. The wraps spotlight key services offered throughout Penn Highlands Healthcare, such as cancer care, heart care and lung care. The message is a simple one: we offer the healthcare services you need – from advanced cancer treatment technology to open heart surgery and low-dose CT lung screening – right here, close to home. According to Shannon Flanders, Clerical/Transportation Supervisor of Radiation Oncology at Hahne, the vans are a free service to Penn Highlands’ patients who need a ride to and from their cancer appointments, such as for radiation, chemotherapy or a check-in with the oncologist. Six dedicated drivers are responsible for transporting medical oncology and radiation oncology patients to

both Hahne Regional Cancer Center, located at Penn Highlands DuBois, and Nathaniel D. Yingling, MD, located next to Penn Highlands Clearfield. Hahne Regional Cancer Center and Nathaniel D. Yingling, MD, Cancer Center are the home locations of Penn Highlands’ cancer experts. We also offer appointments with cancer doctors and chemotherapy at other locations in the region. “Our vans will travel 70 miles one way to pick up a patient and bring them to treatment,” Shannon said, noting that all patients who do not have transportation to their cancer appointments within that radius are eligible. The van service began in the early 1990s and, now, nearly 3,700 patient trips are made each year, she said. “This is a wonderful resource for the residents of the communities we serve,” Shannon said. “Our transportation team is a testament

that we are here to help our patients with cancer fight.” In addition to transporting patients with cancer, the vans also transport patients who may not have a ride home after being discharged from one of the four hospitals or from the Behavioral Health Services units.

We Provide Cancer Care Close to Home At Penn Highlands Healthcare, you are not just a cancer patient. You are our neighbor, our friend or maybe even a family member. We will provide you with the best cancer care available and also be here to answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

For questions or more information, call Hahne Regional Cancer Center at 814-375-3535.

Van wraps by Full Throttle Signs of Clearfield, PA


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Nurse Navigators Michelene Schwabenbauer, RN and Courtney Thompson, RN

The Nurse Navigator BREAST CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Women know that having an annual mammogram is important as mammograms save lives. After a radiologist reads the mammogram x-ray, if something unusual is spotted, further investigation is needed to see if it is something benign, such as a cyst or fibrous tissue, or if it is cancer. Being diagnosed with anything abnormal can be scary. What should you do? What are the next steps? Luckily at Penn Highlands Healthcare’s Comprehensive Breast Center of Excellence, there are two breast health nurse navigators. A nurse navigator is a registered nurse who is knowledgeable and can guide patients.

For questions or more information, on Cancer Care visit us at www.phhealthcare. org/cancercare

“A nurse navigator has many roles in the care of patients,” Courtney Thompson, RN, Nurse Navigator, said. “The nurse navigator is not only there to help coordinate the care of the patient, but to educate and be their advocate during a very trying time in their life.” “It is very important for the nurse navigator to assist the patients and their caregivers with any barriers that may arise in their care,” she said. “In assisting with barriers, it lessens the anxiety of

the patients and caregivers, and aids with making the cancer care experience as tolerable as possible.” “I find it very rewarding as a nurse to help educate and advocate for my patients,” Michelene Schwabenbauer, RN, said. “I love teaching patients and helping them understand their medical issues and the treatment care process. Being a nurse navigator, I can help patients navigate through their care and provide the necessary information to help empower patients to make ‘good’ and appropriate decisions for themselves.” Both Courtney and Michelene have offices located at Penn Highlands DuBois, but they travel and work with patients at Penn Highlands Brookville, Penn Highlands Clearfield and Penn Highlands Elk, regularly. “The Comprehensive Breast Center of Excellence, which includes the mammography departments of all four Penn Highlands Healthcare hospitals and the Moshannon Valley Community Medical Building, is devoted to the physical and emotional needs of women,” Laura Adams, Service Line Director of Cancer and Imaging Services for Penn Highlands Healthcare, said. “As one program, we coordinate specialized education, screening, diagnosis and treatment to improve the health of the region’s female population. Our mission is to allow women to navigate efficiently through any process at Penn Highlands Healthcare.”

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GROWING OUR Between 2018 and 2021, Penn Highlands Healthcare is implementing a $111 million Master Facilities Plan designed to enhance access to critical services and advanced care for the residents of Northwestern/ Central Pennsylvania. The Master Facilities Plan triggers eight major expansion and renovation projects to modernize, improve and expand upon the services we offer patients at our four hospital campuses and numerous outpatient facilities in the 12-county region we serve. To support these building efforts, we will recruit an approximately 100 additional physicians and advanced practice providers and more than 300 professional staff members in the nursing and support services fields. “The hospitals of Penn Highlands Healthcare have been serving our communities for more than 100 years. As we look toward the future and determine how we can best meet our region’s needs, we are thrilled to share our vision to grow our footprint and further build our system to provide patients with the care and services they deserve,” said Steven M. Fontaine, Chief Executive Officer of Penn Highlands Healthcare. “The projects collectively focus on delivering the right care in the right setting as we continue to respond to the changing healthcare landscape.” The plan will modernize, improve and expand upon the services we offers patients at our four hospital campuses and numerous outpatient facilities in the 12-county region we serve. The projects include: expansion and renovation of the Penn Highlands DuBois East behavioral health facility; a new five-


story annex at Penn Highlands DuBois West as well as a new Emergency Department that will serve as a Level III trauma center; a new three-story building housing Centers of Excellence in orthopedics, pediatrics and women’s health; Emergency Department renovations at Penn Highlands Clearfield; a new three-story Brookville Medical Office Building; renovations at Pinecrest Manor and a new two-story Clarion Outpatient Facility. In addition to providing our communities with access to high quality care and services, the continuing shift from traditional inpatient services to outpatient services, along with the system’s expansion into new markets, is a driving factor in the need for new infrastructure. The Master Facilities Plan represents a $111 million investment across the region. The projects are to be funded through a combination of operating revenues, bond financing and charitable donations. “These projects are a true testament to our dedication to all those who make up our communities, from our patients to our medical staff and employees,” said Karin R. Pfingstler, Penn Highlands Healthcare’s System Director of Fund Development. “We are a tightknit region and the generosity of grateful patients, families and community partners has undoubtedly been a significant part of our history. It’s this continued support that will shape our future and help us grow a robust health system that will serve generations to come.” You can follow us along on our renovation journey by visiting www.

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West Wing Annex

Penn Highlands DuBois West Wing Annex

The creation of the West Wing Annex – five stories plus a basement – makes way for the new Emergency Department at Penn Highlands DuBois. The ground floor will house a new kitchen and the first floor will include a retail cafeteria. The second floor will house a new physicians’ lounge and administrative wing as well as conference rooms. The third floor will be earmarked for future expansion of the Maternal and Child Center Maternity Department. A new Ambulatory Surgery Center on the fourth floor will offer patients of all ages a safe, comfortable environment for outpatient surgical procedures. It will have its own recovery area, pre- and post-surgery area and operating rooms. The unit will stand alone from the current Short Stay Unit. The fifth floor will be earmarked for future expansion of The Heart Center and cardiology services. The current Cardiopulmonary Services – treatment, monitoring and post-procedure rehabilitation – will expand as well. See page 7 for further details on this project, which launched in June 2018!

FOOTPRINT Penn Highlands DuBois East Campus Behavioral Health Hospital

Patients with behavioral health needs are critically underserved in Northwest/ Central Pennsylvania and beyond. To address this need in the region, the expansion of the current facility at Penn Highlands DuBois East will create a 126bed campus providing a comprehensive continuum of behavioral health services. The campus will feature a new walk-in urgent care center specific to behavioral health issues, outpatient behavioral health services, a Child/Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit, Adult Behavioral Health units and a new dual diagnosis unit for patients who need behavioral health services as well as drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation – a critically-needed service for our region. THE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CAMPUS WILL FEATURE: • A new walk-in urgent care center specific to behavioral health issues • Outpatient behavioral health services • An expanded Child/Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit • New Adult Behavioral Health units • A new dual diagnosis unit for patients who need behavioral health services as well as drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation

Behavioral Health Hospital

• A new kitchen, new cafeteria for staff and a new patient cafeteria, which will also have a courtyard.

Emergency Department/ Patient Tower

Penn Highlands DuBois Emergency Department/ Patient Tower

By 2021, we are poised to create a Level III trauma center for the benefit of patients in the region. With a lack of trauma-accredited hospitals between Erie and Altoona, many patients must be transferred out of the system based on protocols and regulatory requirements. These transfers can create hardships and emotional strain on the family members. To be accredited as a Level III trauma center, we must first grow our Emergency Department.

West Wing Annex Project Underway

Construction of the West Wing Annex at Penn Highlands DuBois is the first step in facilitating our growth for the future. Construction kicked off June 4, 2018 and is expected to be completed in fall of 2019. The annex will make way for the new Emergency Department and Patient Tower to be built next. WHEN CONSTRUCTED, THE ANNEX WILL FEATURE: • Five floors • 50,000 square feet • New cafeteria and kitchen • Expanded Surgical Services • Addition of Ambulatory Surgery Center • Future expansion for Maternal and Child Center • Future expansion of The Heart Center • New physician lounge and administration area

The new Emergency Department/ Patient Tower will have five floors and a basement. The first floor will have 30 Emergency Department bays compared to the current 19. Additionally, a 12-bed Observation and Clinical Decision Unit will be dedicated for patients who do not meet admission criteria but who may not be ready to be sent home as well as for patients transported from other facilities and awaiting bed placement. There also will be a four-bay area reserved for patients with minor illnesses or injuries who can be treated Continued on Page 8 Need a doctor? — Visit us at


Growing Our Footprint Continued and released quickly, many within an hour. Two large trauma rooms will be created. The trauma rooms will be able to be divided in half to create more space and they will also be pediatric friendly. The Patient Tower will house a combination of traditional medical/ surgical patient rooms and acuity adaptable rooms. All of the rooms will be single occupant rooms with private bathrooms. In total, this will create 40 additional medical/surgical rooms. THE NEW EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT/PATIENT TOWER WILL HAVE FIVE FLOORS AND A BASEMENT. IT WILL FEATURE: • 30 Emergency Department bays compared to the current 19 • A 12-bed Observation and Clinical Decision Unit dedicated for patients who do not meet admission criteria but who may not be ready to be sent home as well as for patients transported from other facilities and awaiting bed placement • A four-bay “vertical care” area used for fast-tracking patients who have ailments that can be treated quickly and released, many within an hour • Two large trauma rooms that can be divided in half to create more space

Emergency Department/Patient Tower


The Center of Excellence

Penn Highlands Healthcare Center of Excellence

A new three-story building will be built on the Penn Highlands DuBois West Campus along Hospital Avenue to create the Center of Excellence, a hub for orthopedics, pediatrics and women’s health. The building will include office suites for orthopedic surgeons and support staffs, a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation center providing physical, occupational and speech therapies, x-ray/imaging services and pain management services. On another floor, services specific to women and children, such as obstetric/ gynecological physician offices, maternal fetal medicine, mammography, bone/ DEXA scanning and pediatric physician offices, will conveniently be located within close proximity. The Pediatric Center will complement the Women’s Center, centralizing Penn Highlands DuBois’ pediatricians and providing space for pediatric physical therapy. Obstetric/gynecological and pediatric services will continue to be provided at Penn Highlands Brookville, Penn Highlands Clearfield and Penn Highlands Elk.

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THIS NEW HUB FOR CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE WILL FEATURE: • 72,000 Square Feet • Three floors • Orthopedics offices and ancillary services • Women’s health offices and ancillary services • Pediatrics offices and pediatric physical therapy

Penn Highlands Clearfield Hospital Renovations Penn Highlands Clearfield’s Emergency Department treats approximately 18,000 patients per year from a large radius around the greater Clearfield and Moshannon Valley region. The plan is to modernize and renovate the current Emergency Department to make it more welcoming and comfortable for patients. It will also have easier

PH Clearfiled Emergency Department

accessibility for patients and more room for staff to work. In addition, the renovations will improve ambulance access as well as enhance the outpatient registration and diagnostic areas. The main entrance of the hospital also is slated to be relocated. THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT RENOVATIONS WITH FEATURE: • Easier access for patients • Increased work space for staff • Improved ambulance access • Enhanced outpatient registration • Modernized main hospital entrance

Brookville Medical Office Building

Brookville Medical Office Building

A new three-story Brookville Medical Office Building, modeled after the St. Marys Community Medical Building, will house primary and specialty care super clinics for multiple providers. It will be located on the Penn Highlands Brookville campus adjacent to the main hospital, allowing for convenient drop off and pick up of patients and plenty of accessible parking. THE BROOKVILLE MEDICAL OFFICE BUILDING WILL FEATURE: • Located on the Penn Highlands Brookville campus • Accessible parking for patients • Primary and specialty care • Modern registration and outpatient ancillary services

Clarion Community Medical Building

A new two-story building will be constructed in Monroe Township, Clarion County, in the well-traveled Interstate-80 exchange near Clarion’s primary shopping plazas on Route 68. This building will house a QCare walk-in clinic with ancillary services, such as imaging and lab. Primary and specialty care super clinics will house multiple providers. This building also will be able to support virtual care to the extent that it could be called a virtual hospital. Using innovative technology, the virtual clinics will allow specialty providers to reach out and see patients and provide care any time from multiple locations. This will minimize the need for patients in the Clarion region to travel for specialty care. THE OUTPATIENT FACILITY WILL FEATURE: • QCare walk-in clinic • Primary and speciality care super clinics • Drive-thru pharmacy • Virtual care

Clarion Community Medical Building

Pinecrest New Resdient Rooms

Pinecrest Manor

Built in 1971, Pinecrest Manor, a service of Penn Highlands Elk, is a 138-bed skilled nursing facility. Over the next three years, all of the resident rooms/ bathrooms, bathing facilities, hallways, solariums, multipurpose rooms and the resident dining room will be updated. New furnishings, window treatments and accents also will be purchased. The goal is to modernize the facility with finishes and elements to make the residents feel at ease. It will have an aesthetic that one would see in a residential house and not in a hospital. Having their own space helps patients retain their autonomy, dignity and health longer. THE UPDATED SKILLED NURSING FACILITY WILL FEATURE: • Resident room and bathroom renovations • Modernized multipupose rooms and resident dining room • New furnishings, window treatments and accents

You can help us grow... Your donation to our Master

Facilities Plan will help bring even more advanced life-changing care right here. We are honored to partner with you to help care for the communities that we choose to call home.

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ASK THE EXPERT - What is a Family Medicine Continuity Clinic?

The Family Medicine Continuity Clinic opened in Suite 315 of the Medical Arts Building, 145 Hospital Avenue, DuBois – across the street from Penn Highlands DuBois West. The clinic is the solution for those who do not have a primary care provider and need one. It is staffed by physician residents as Penn Highlands DuBois is a community teaching hospital. Penn Highlands oversees an Osteopathic Family Medicine Residency approved by the American Osteopathic Association and has received initial accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

WHAT IS A PHYSICIAN RESIDENT? A resident is a physician who has graduated with a medical or osteopathic degree. Before being on their own, physicians perform three years or more of on-the-job-training known as residency. Residents at Penn Highlands Healthcare have a training license issued by the Pennsylvania Board of Osteopathic Medicine and work under the supervision of board certified attending physicians. This must be done before obtaining board certification in their given specialty. They are qualified to see patients and provide treatment and care. And yes, you should call them “doctor.”

The Family Medicine Continuity Clinic provides primary care for all ages, routine physical exams, preventive care, management of chronic medical problems, minor illnesses, hospital and ER follow-up care - anything you would see your family doctor for! Minor procedures, such as skin lesion removal and biopsies, drainage of abscesses, joint injections, as well as osteopathic spinal manipulation will be available at the office.

Kyle Diller, DO Family Medicine Continuity Clinic

Lisa Witherite-Rieg, DO, Director of Medical Education and Family Medicine Residency Program Penn Highlands Healthcare

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DO I NEED AN APPOINTMENT? Our clinic is like any other primary care provider office. You can make an appointment at 814-503-4305. We are available from Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM and Fridays from 7:30 AM to Noon. You have the option of seeing the same resident each time or accepting an appointment based on your schedule. Insurances accepted by Penn Highlands Healthcare are accepted here, and those without insurance are also welcomed to use the service.

Ann Lopez, DO Family Medicine Continuity Clinic HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO HAVE A PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER? Very! When people come to our QCare walk-in clinics and Emergency Departments, we often see problems that could have been caught earlier. Some patients return because they don’t get the follow-up care that they need to control a health issue. The clinic will make it easy for a patient to make an appointment and receive care. Without continued care, people can become sicker and we want to prevent that.

Chun-Yu Lee, DO Family Medicine Continuity Clinic

Thank An Extraordinary Nurse With A DAISY Nurses can develop a connection and trust with patients. They are there for patients when their loved ones cannot be. They are skilled and competent clinicians who dispense not only lifesaving treatments and medications, but also healthy doses of caring and compassion.

hospitals. US Mail and email information is listed at the bottom of the ballot as well.

Many of Penn Highlands Healthcare’s patients often wish to thank a nurse, but don’t know the best way to do it.

Winners from each location will be chosen by a committee on a regular basis.

In recognition of nurses across the health system, Penn Highlands has teamed up with The DAISY Foundation, a notfor-profit organization created in memory of a patient by his family. It is an international recognition program that honors and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day. Nurses at Penn Highlands Brookville, Penn Highlands Clearfield, Penn Highlands DuBois, Penn Highlands Elk, Penn Highlands Community Nurses and Penn Highlands Physician Network can now be nominated for The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses®.

Each DAISY Award honoree will be recognized at a ceremony on his/her unit and will receive a certificate, a pin and a sculpture. “We are proud to be among the healthcare organizations participating in The DAISY Award program,” Rose Campbell, Chief Nursing Officer for Penn Highlands Healthcare, said. “Nurses are heroes every day. It’s important that our nurses know their work is highly valued, and The DAISY Foundation provides a way for us to do that.”

Anyone – patients, patient family members, physicians and employees – may thank a deserving nurse by filling out a nomination form and dropping it in a DAISY collection boxes in the hospitals or by sending it via mail or email. Nomination ballots and information are included in patient discharge packets. The ballots are also located on the sides of the collection boxes and in the lobbies of the

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AT PENN HIGHLANDS We’re proud to introduce the newest members of our healthcare team. They look forward to being there for your healthcare needs.

Andrea Barber, CRNP Hospitalist Penn Highlands Elk 763 Johnsonburg Road St. Marys, PA 814-788-8000

Christopher Conti, MD Emergency Medicine Penn Highlands DuBois 100 Hospital Avenue DuBois, PA 814-375-3470

12 |

Holly Lawrence, CRNP Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner Penn Highlands Lung Center Charles Medical Center 240 Allegheny Boulevar Brookville, PA

Jodi Regulski, PA-C Certified Physician Assistant QCare Punxsutawney 551 W. Mahoning Street Punxsutawney, PA 814-249-7001

Penn Highlands Lung Center Cricklewood Medical Arts 1005 South Fifth Avenue Clarion, PA The Lung Center Penn Highlands DuBois 100 Hospital Avenue DuBois, PA 814-375-3770

Morgan Miksich, PA-C Certified Physician Assistant QCare Brookville 111 Summit Street Brookville, PA 814-849-1480

Taylor Murarik, PA-C Certified Physician Assistant QCare Clearfield 1900 River Road Clearfield, PA 814-205-1250

Rene Wells, PA-C Certified Physician Assistant QCare Brookville 111 Summit Street Brookville, PA 814-849-1480

Find A Doctor Kristin Schmader, CRNP Hospitalist Penn Highlands Elk 763 Johnsonburg Road St. Marys, PA 814-788-8000

Joy Shaw, PA-C Certified Physician Assistant QCare Brookville 111 Summit Street Brookville, PA 814-849-1480

Denny Tang, MD, FACS General Surgeon Penn Highlands General Surgery Charles Medical Center 240 Allegheny Boulevard Brookville, PA 814-849-1382

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Are you looking for a healthcare provider? Do you want to know a little more about whom your next appointment is with? Penn Highlands Healthcare wants you to know all of your healthcare providers and who is available to help you with your healthcare needs. On our website, findadoc, you can find a provider by name, by location, by specialty or by hospital. You can call 814-3756644 today to schedule an appointment.

To find a Primary Care Office location closest to you, visit us at www.phhealthcare .org/primarycare

Penn Highlands Healthcare Opens Community Medical Building in Brookville

A brand new facility opened in Brookville in June 2018, bringing a new point of access to urgent primary care to area residents. The Penn Highlands Brookville Community Medical Building, or BCMB, is located at 111 Summit Street in Brookville. The BCMB is home to QCare Brookville, a walk-in clinic named for the fast, convenient care provided. QCare is staffed by certified physician assistants and nurse practitioners and is designed to treat conditions such as coughs, earaches, sprains, minor eye problems, cuts, bladder infections and even minor animal bites. Patients can also obtain routine physicals for driver’s licenses and sports activities, tetanus shots, splinting and suture removal. According to Julie Peer, president of PH Brookville, this new facility will have a significant impact on the community of Brookville. “The QCare facility increases access to high-quality care for patients in this region,” she said. “Those who are unable to see their primary care provider, and even those who have

not established one, are able to seek treatment for their minor illnesses or injuries without scheduling an appointment.” “QCare is also a terrific alternative to the Emergency Department when you are in need of care, but the illness or injury is not life-threatening. Giving patients the opportunity to seek the appropriate level of care will be incredibly beneficial,” Julie said. “QCare is unlike any other healthcare service in our area,” Julie said. “We are incredibly excited to be able to offer walk-in care for minor issues right here in our community.” The brand new QCare Brookville is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Sunday. QCare is closed on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

to support regional employers in maintaining a healthy and safe workforce while reducing the overall cost to the company. The Occupational Health Department provides the local workforce with hearing testing, pulmonary function testing, treatment and monitoring of work-related injuries and physicals. Additionally, business leaders can work directly with Dave McAllister, manager of Occupational Health Services at Penn Highlands Healthcare, to coordinate training sessions for their employees. These trainings include first aid, CPR and bloodborne pathogen training, safety management trainings. Additional trainings include those required by the Mine Safety and Health Administration, or MSHA, as well as by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. For more information about the occupational health services coming soon to the BCMB, call 814-765-0221. “At Penn Highlands Healthcare, we are dedicated to the communities we serve and we are excited to have the opportunity for growth, allowing us to make high-quality care readily available throughout the region,” Julie said. To learn more about the BCMB and QCare Brookville, visit us at

Beginning this fall, the BCMB will also serve as a point of access for Penn Highlands Occupational Health, which offers a broad range of services Need a doctor? — Visit us at

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Tree of Doves Penn Highlands Community Nurses Hospice is coordinating its Tree of Doves for 2018. Trees located in the atrium of Penn Highlands DuBois, 100 Hospital Avenue will be adorned with doves representing a donation to the program. Each dove will bear the name of someone special and the person who made the donation in his or her honor or memory.

Dr. Gary Dugan Memorial Walk/Fun Run Come run with us on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 9:00 AM at the Beaver Meadow Walkway in DuBois. Registration is free, but donations will be accepted at the event or online at donate. All proceeds will benefit the Graduate Medical Education Program at Penn Highlands DuBois. Dr. DuGan was instrumental in the establishment of this program. For more information, please call 814375-6105 or 814-375-6160.

31st Annual Pinecrest Manor Bazaar will be held 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Sunday, November 18, 2018! There will be crafts, a bake sale, a basket drawing, food and more. All proceeds benefit the Pinecrest Manor residents, and this event is sponsored by the residents and the Activity Department staff. It’s a great way to do some holiday shopping and support a great cause.

Join the movement on November 27, 2018

Trees will be on display throughout the holidays through mid-January. For more information, call 814-3753300. Penn Highlands Brookville’s annual

Loving Touches Craft and Gift Sale will be held from 8:00 AM to

5:00 PM Friday, November 2, 2018, and 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Saturday, November 3. It offers an assortment of gifts, decorations, baked goods and ornaments. Remember or honor someone special through the Penn Highlands

Elk Auxiliary Christmas Trees.

For a $5 donation, a printed card with your loved one’s name will be placed on either the hospital or Pinecrest Manor lobby tree for the Christmas season. For more information about this program, contact any auxiliary member or call 814-834-1646 or send a donation to the PH Elk Auxiliary, 763 Johnsonburg Road, St. Marys, PA 15857.

The Penn Highlands Community Nurses Chili Bowl will be held September 20, 2018 from 5:00 - 9:00 PM at the Clearfield Driving Park, Expo II Building, Clearfield. The theme for this year’s event is “Monopoly Fun & Games.” There will be many different chilis to taste, a band, children’s activities and more! Admission is free. All Chili Bowl proceeds benefit PH Community Nurses Hospice patients and their families facing end-of-life issues, as well as the bereavement program. For more information, call 814-768-2012 or 800-841-9397.

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The 108th Penn Highlands Clearfield Charity Ball is

Where is the nearest QCare Walk-in Clinic and when is it open?

scheduled for Saturday, December 8, 2018. The “Fire & Ice” themed Charity Ball will be $150 a couple with advance ticket purchases only. There is limited seating, and the PH Clearfield Auxiliary encourages everyone to reserve their spaces early. Admission includes a sitdown dinner and live band “Over the Influence” for your dancing and listening pleasure. Invitations are mailed, however, one is not necessary to reserve your space. To make reservations, please call MarySue Diehl 814-765-3091 or Ginny Johnson 814-577-2907. The Penn Highlands DuBois Auxiliary Ball will be held December 1, 2018. The pre-party will be held from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Comfort Suites lobby, 10 Lakeside Ave., DuBois, and the ball follows from 9:00 PM to midnight at the DuBois Country Club next door. Cost is $100 per couple, $50 per person or $25 per college student with ID. Cost to sponsor a table for eight guests is $2,500. Dress in your best or wear cocktail attire. Come and enjoy the evening. Special rooms rates will be available at the Comfort Suites. Contact Paula DuBois 814-5901116 or Barb Fawns 503-871-6674 for information or tickets.

Where is the nearest QCare Walk-in Clinic and when is it open? QCare Brookville Brookville Community Medical Building 111 Summit Road Brookville, PA Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sunday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Closed Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

QCare Cameron County 416 N. Broad Street Emporium, PA Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM Closed Weekends & Holidays

QCare Clearfield Clearfield Community Medical Building 1900 River Road Clearfield, PA Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sunday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Closed Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

QCare DuBois

DuBois Community Medical Building 621 South Main Street DuBois, PA Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sunday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Closed Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

QCare Moshannon Valley Moshannon Valley Community Medical Building 271 Railroad Street Philipsburg, PA Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sunday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Closed Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day QCare Punxsutawney Punxsutawney Community Medical Building 551 W. Mahoning Street Punxy Plaza Punxsutawney, PA Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sunday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Closed Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day QCare Ridgway Penn Highlands Elk- East Campus 104 Metoxet Street, First Floor Ridgway, PA 7 Days A Week 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM Closed Holidays QCare St. Marys Medical Office Building, First Floor 761 Johnsonburg Road St. Marys, PA 7 Days A Week 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM Closed Holidays The Clinic at Walmart Operated by Penn Highlands DuBois 20 Industrial Drive DuBois, PA Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sunday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Closed Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

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Advice From A DOCTOR Angelo Illuzzi, DO, FCCP, D, ABSM, FAASM Penn Highlands Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine 814-503-8573

tongue. The blockage may cause shallow breathing or breathing pauses.

What is sleep apnea and do I need a in-home sleep study? If your spouse says you snore, you’re tired all the time, and you can’t remember when you last had a good night’s rest, you may need to consider if you have a sleep disorder. These are some of the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea – a very serious sleep disorder. You want to talk to your primary care physician, but you’ve heard that you would have to go to the hospital for a sleep study, and you don’t feel like doing that. Today, thanks to technology, your problems are solved, and you can have a sleep study done at home. In-home sleep studies have become available and ordered for people with possible obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the airway relaxes or is blocked during sleep by the soft tissue or

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Sleep apnea can cause high blood pressure, memory problems, weight gain, impotency, headaches, heart disease, poor diabetes control, stroke and possibly cancer. Untreated, it is the cause of accidents, motor vehicle crashes and problems at work. A person’s primary care physician or any physician he or she is working with can request this in-home sleep study to be done. You can pick up a kit at a convenient Penn Highlands Healthcare location and take it home. The study kit consists of a belt for the chest to measure up and down breathing movements, a small piece of tubing for under the nose to measure air flow in and out, and an oxygen monitor for the finger. The pieces are all connected to a small cell-phone size box that stays with you while you sleep. It requires no gels to attach the wires to you. The instructions are simple, and someone will review them with you before you take it home. There are mail-order kits out there, but those do not come with the personal instructions from Penn Highlands Healthcare staff. Our staff will answer

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questions and address concerns with the help from physicians, if necessary. Throughout the night, readings of how you sleep are recorded. The kit is returned the next day, and this information is downloaded by a registered polysomnographic technician. The technicians – whose skills are tested monthly by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and evaluated for competency – reviews and analyzes the information on the test. The information is then given to a doctor, like me, with experience in sleep studies to interpret. The doctor who interprets the study then reports back to the physician that ordered the test and gives him or her the results to share with the patient. If there is something found by the test, it is up to the doctor who prescribed the test to have you followed up by a specialized physician and receive a second test in an actual sleep lab because we need to help you with something serious. The home-sleep study is indicated to diagnose primarily obstructive sleep apnea. It’s a very serious condition, but it can be treated.

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