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Issue 1: December 2010

phantom encounters Quarterly Edition

Phantom Hounds

Mysterious, legendary...deadly?

Author Neil Arnold takes a look at the lore & legend surrounding Phantom Hounds


Night At the museum

Hollywood haunting

When the lights go out at North Lincs Museum it’s not the EXHIBITS that come to life! Could you brave a night at the museum?

‘SARC-Astrology Your Christmas stars? Your sarky stars for the Silly Season

Spotlight on...fort Paull

Kelly McKenzie-Day takes a you on a tour of one of Phantom Encounters newest locations.

Jason Day takes an in-depth look at the tragic story behind the ghost of Hollywood’s most famous and most haunted tourist attraction

Terror australis

Tara Edge takes a look at her first paranormal experience in one of Sydney’s most notorious haunted locations: The Q Station!

‘Tis The Season to be...Spooky? Check out our Book Review for details...

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Issue 1: Oct-Dec 2010

phantom encounters Quarterly Edition

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Phantom Hounds - Author and Zooform specialist Neil Arnold investigates the myth, mystery, law, legend and some surprising facts about Phantom Hounds. ~ Page 7

Spotlight on...Haunted Fort PaullAuthor Kelly McKenzie-Day takes you on a tour of Phantom Encounters newest location. Fort Paull ~ Page 22

First Look– Join us as we take a look at the hidden side of North Lincolnshire Museum, where it‘s not the exhibits that come to life when the lights go out!~ Page 11

Hollywood haunting– Jason Day takes an indepth look at the tragic story behind the ghost of Hollywood‘s most famous and most haunted tourist attraction. Page 16

Terror australis– Tara Edge takes a look at her first paranormal experience in one of sunny Sydney‘s Most Haunted locations!~ Page 12

Regular Features Phantom Encounters event Listing Your first look at the latest locations and events

UFO Watch See what‘s creating a buzz in UFO circles

Book Reviews Add these to your Christmas Wish List We take a look at the latest Paranormal Book releases.

SARC-Astrology Your Christmas Stars We take a light hearted look at your Christmas Stars‘ Have something you think might fit our newsletter? Feel free to email the team for article submissions, advertising or with any suggestions you have for next Quarters articles!


A message from::

The Phantom Encounters Team December Already! Welcome to the first issue of our Quarterly newsletter; can you believe it‘s another year almost done and dusted? It seems like only yesterday I was sitting in the sweltering heat of another Sydney Summer waiting for that all important piece of paper to arrive that meant the UK would be my new home. Now, with our first massive snowfall of the silly season melting into slush, it appears to be the appropriate time to reflect on the good, the bad and the downright ugly of 2010. For the Phantom Encounters Limited team it‘s been nothing if not a year of contrasts. This year has brought both Jason and myself incredible joy, some luck escapes, a few heartaches, a lot of hard work and some moments of pure luck that can only be described as truly paranormal! As an events company it has been a fantastic year for Phantom Encounters; we‘ve managed in a very short time to make a name for ourselves in the events industry; and our clients (mad though they are) keep coming back time & again to experience new haunted locations with the team. Phantom Encounters management would like to take the time to thank several people for their incredible hard work and sheer dedication in 2010; without you we simply would not have been able to do what we do: Tanzie Risebury, Kristina Jeans, Matthew Coles, Hayley Clark, Jack Day, Declan Wraith & Stephen Risebury. We would also like to take the time to thank our customers, who make our events truly special and whose chutzpah & sense of adventure is a constant source of joy to the team. No-one makes spending time in dark creepy places as much fun as you guys do! From the Phantom Encounters Limited Family to all of you:

Merry Christmas

Kelly & Jason Day


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Phantom Hounds In his first article for Phantom Encounters Quarterly, author and full time Monster hunter Neil Arnold takes a look at the myth and mystery that surround Britain's very own Phantom Hounds. In British folklore they are considered omens of death, or warnings of impending doom. They are called hellhounds. Ghost dogs. And they are usually the size of a calf, nearly always black in colour, and roam dark, foggy ancient roads, their fiery eyes beaming out from the darkness. Their breath a heavy pant, but their feet rarely make sound, and a growl not often escapes their lips, but they often disappear, sometimes transforming into crackling balls of flame. They are not the spirits of deceased pets, but something far more hideous and nocturnal, although in some instances these creatures are perceived as guardians and benign apparitions. The most commonly known spectral hounds in the British Isles are Black Shuck, Padfoot, Stryker (Striker), Guytrash and the Barguest. Lesser known hellhounds are known as Hairy Jack, Churchyard Beast, Shug Monkey, Cu Sith, Galleytrot, Capelthwaite, Mauthe Doog, Hateful Thing, Swooning Shadow, Bogey Beast, Gurt Dog, and Catalan Dip although these phantoms could encompass several other mysteries and hauntings. Black Shuck (or Old Shuck) is a shaggy-haired spectral canid said to roam the coastline of Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk. East Anglian folk have spoken for centuries of this beast, in fact its name possibly originates from the Anglo-Saxon term scucca meaning ‗demon‘. Many believe the phantom to be malevolent, often appearing in a layer of mist, or on the rare occasion headless. The monster‘s most notable appearance took place on 4th August 1577 at Blythburgh in Suffolk. The hound burst into the local church, crashing into a congregation, killing a man and a young boy. The dog was said to have left scorch marks on the door as it made its exit, and these marks are still evident today

On the same day at a Bungay church the apparition made its entrance and was recorded by Reverend Abraham Fleming, and described as A Straunge And Terrible Wunder, with the Reverend noting: „This black dog, or the divel in such a linenesse (God hee knoweth al who worketh all,) runing all along down the body of the church with great swiftnesse, and incredible haste, among the people, in a visible fourm and shape, passed between two persons, as they were kneeling uppon their knees, and occupied in prayer as it seemed, wrung the necks of them bothe at one instant clene backward, in somuch that even at a mome[n]t where they kneeled, they stra[n]gely dyed.‟ It would seem that any spectral dog seen along the coastline should be considered as the demon Black Shuck. Meanwhile Padfoot is the ghostly hound of Stafforshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Strangely, Padfoot is often invisible but its presence can be noticed by the sound of its padded feet. Padfoot‘s territory, just like many phantom hounds, seems to melt into the roaming ground of other spectral dogs. Stryker also haunts Lancashire and areas of Yorkshire where it is known as Lightfoot, and also Trash, resembling Guytrash which also prowls Yorkshire where it has been sighted on the bridge of the River Swale in the north, but appears headless. .

Often considered paranormal or supernatural, it seems that these elusive terrors have the ability to shape shift

Phantom Hounds

The problem with such phantom hounds however, is that they exist by no rule. Often considered paranormal or supernatural, it seems that these elusive terrors have the ability to shapeshift, with several legends pertaining to hellhounds transforming into black blobs, bolts of lightning (especially during severe storms), or other seemingly animate forms such as witch-like crones, evil wolves and other bogey-type amorphous manifestations. The Barguest is a hound said to roam the remote moorlands of Yorkshire where on occasion it appears as a yellow hound, but in the west at East Riddlesden it has appeared as a cat the size of a donkey, or an iron-clawed goblin. Another Yorkshire hound is known as Tombstone Tom

Phantom hounds are often connected to places of eerie Ambience... In 1992 researcher and author Jonathan Downes coined the term ‗zooform phenomena‘ to categorise, or at least attempt to, seemingly supernatural creatures which all too loosely over the centuries have been deemed paranormal. This new term would be vital in research to classify contentious entities whose origins remain obscure but which appear as spectres with animal characteristics, but which are not ‗real‘ creatures awaiting scientific discovery, nor simple ‗ghosts‘ of animals. . In 2007 Jonathan, as part of his CFZ (Centre For Fortean Zoology) Press, published my unique alphabetical book on zooform creatures entitled Monster! The A-Z Of Zooform Phenomena, the first of its kind to collate true ‗monsters‘, folkloric beasts which do not exist in the woods or the oceans, and which rely heavily on the human psyche as manifestations to appear. Phantom hounds would very much become part of zooform folklore. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle‘s classic book The Hound Of The Baskervilles appears as a fictional account of a ghostly, monstrous hound on the prowl in Dartmoor in the West Country. Maybe this book derived from folkloric accounts because the West Country is haunted by many dog wraiths. Spectral dogs are said to roam the Quantock Hills of Somerset (a big, white dog also roams what is known as the ‗supernatural highway‘ which runs from Avon George to Clevedon), Bodmin Moor, Exmoor, in fact, most places where ley-lines run and ancient corpseways (old pathways where funeral processions used to march) exist.

Naturally, phantom hounds are often connected to places of eerie ambience, so it‘s no surprise such legends pepper the entirety of British folklore where old forests still stand and quaint villages still harbour rich tales of superstition. There is a black dog of Tring in Hertfordshire, many hounds (Row Dog, Roy Dog) of Dorset and even London, despite its hustle and bustle, has its menagerie of phantom dogs, the most evil of these once said to haunt the Old Newgate Prison. It is believed that the apparition came to fruition after acts of witchcraft. No county is bereft of such a manifestation, for a huge phantom white hound is said to prowl the dark lanes of Blue Bell Hill in Kent, a place often considered one of the UK‘s most weirdest when it comes to tales of hauntings. Meanwhile Pluckley, considered the most haunted village in England has its own ghostly hound. Sussex has a veritable feast of spectral dog-beasts and Surrey‘s Betchworth Castle is prowled by a big, black dog, and in Cheshire at Whirley Hall a red and white-coloured hound prowls every New Years Eve. However, the most intriguing phantom hound stories concern those which are of differing colour, and these also exist across the country, in fact the whole world. Unfortunately, such spooks seem to lack the malevolence and atmosphere of their darker-coloured

To end with, here are a few of my favourite monster hounds from around the globe: The Beast Of Bouley Bay. Possibly a legend constructed by smuggler‘s in Jersey to ward off trespassers from areas where treasure may have been stashed. This is said to be a giant, black hound with eyes like saucers. The Cadejos. Black and white hounds of Costa Rican lore, said to represent good and evil in their colouration. Fence Rail Dog aka Red Dog Fox, or Yakehtan Amai. Haunts a stretch of remote road which runs from Pennsylvania (USA) to north Georgia. The hound resembles a skinny wolf and always appears in accident black spots.

Phantom Hounds

Winged Dogs. Mainly exist in South American folklore. These marauding beasts are said to feast on livestock and were said to be responsible for attacks on sheep in 2004 in Chile.

Cu Sith. The ‗fairy dog‘ of Scotland, said to leave pawprints! The Cu Sith is a relatively small dog. Gwyllgi – the Welsh ‗dog of darkness‘ can paralyse humans by glaring at them. Black God Chernobog – a bizarre name for this Slavic entity which resembles a giant black hound. Black Dogs of France – said to haunt the Black Mountains of Brittany and guard an area said to sit on the very Gates of Hell. Hounds of Colebrook. This is a pack of phantom hounds said to be responsible for eerie howls said to soar over Conewago Creek, Pennsylvania. Hound of Sydney. Australia has its phantom hounds too. This creature is a huge white creature said to have been sighted on August 14th 2001 in New South Wales. Graveyard Dogs. These are found in old slave cemeteries where they are said to feast on the remains of corpses which they scavenge. Graveyard Dogs often carry chains around their neck, and sometimes appear headless.

Neil Arnold is a full time author, monster hunter & public speaker. His opinion on sightings of big cats, monsters and Zooform phenomena has been sought by media the world over.

Damascus Apartments Dog. A black hound from Syria said to transform into a floating blob.

For more information on Neil or his work, click any of the images of his written work or head to any of his websites:

Qiqirn. A bald phantom hound of Inuit folklore. If confronted, this ghost dog runs away!

Kent Big Cat Research , Beasts of London , Monster: A Blog , Kent Monsters

Mauthe Doog. Ghost hound from the Isle of Man. Those who observe the dog are said to die shortly afterwards.. There is in fact no end to the list of phantom hounds thought to haunt the world. So, if you don‘t know your Mickleton Hooter from your Polish White Dog; or your Spanish Perro Negro from your Church Grim, then purchase Monster! The A-Z Of Zooform Phenomena. Available from, or from the author

Did you know… Neil Arnold is a regular guest on Jason & Kelly’s radio show: White Noise Paranormal Radio. Neil’s candid on air interviews are some of the most downloaded in the 4 season history of the show!

December Book Reviews Ghosts at Christmas Author: Darren W. Ritson Format: Paperback ISBN: 9780752457673 What better way to start the silly season than with a book review of Christmas Ghost stories? Ghosts at Christmas is the fifth book by author Darren Ritson (published by The History Press) and takes a look at both factual and fictional ghost stories that surround the festive season. From tales of the frightening spectres of cowled monks who walk through church walls; ghostly children who haunt a lonely castle and even a full scale battle reappearing as if caught in a time loop; Ritson has captured tales from all parts of the UK; in our view, it‘s perfect fodder for the sleepless hours on Christmas Eve whilst you wait for the big guy to put in an appearance and bring the presents. Ghosts at Christmas is available from all major booksellers in the UK, it can also be purchased through Amazon and Tesco for RRP £7.99.

Paranormal kent Author: Neil Arnold Format: Paperback ISBN: 9780752455907

Neil Arnold returns with yet another fantastic book on the paranormal world; this time focussing on the 'Garden of England', Kent. Arnold takes a look at the darker side of Kent as he catalogues it‘s long history of paranormal phenomena. UFO sightings that remain unexplained, tarrying tales of witches and magick, big cat sightings, monsters, fairies and even a terrifying dragon encounter that will have your hair standing on end! If you‘re interested in the paranormal, Paranormal Kent is a ‗must have‘ for your bookshelf this Christmas. Paranormal Kent is published by The History Press and is available in all good bookstores, Amazon and Tesco for RRP: £9.99

First look...

North Lincolnshire Museum When the lights go out at north Lincolnshire museum It’s not the exhibits that come to life!

A former Rectory, this regional Museum, bustling with a steady stream of visitors throughout the day, takes on a new and sinister profile when the darkness descends. Eerie footsteps, strange shadows and a voice that calls to patrons and workers...but belongs to someone unseen have all be reported in Phantom Encounters newest paranormal event location.

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A History of Hauntings Staff have long told stories of noises in the iron stone cottage that now sits on the ground floor; odd shadows and a feeling of being watched pervade. So intense are the feelings of being watched that staff regularly race through the cottage at closing time, none of them eager to be the last to close the exhibit down and turn off the lights! Are You My Mummy? Could you brave a solo vigil in the vintage Anderson Bomb Shelter on the ground floor where the ghost of a little girl has been seen? Flushed with Fear… Who is it that haunts the ladies loo? Who is responsible for the shadows in the mirror and the feeling of being watched? Phantom Encounters Limited are the first to be given access to this amazing haunted location. If you would like to be amongst the first people EVER to investigate this brilliant building, you‘ll need to be quick! Interest is high and tickets are £25 and selling FAST!

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Terror Australis Aussie investigator Tara edge takes us through her first paranormal encounter in one of Sydney’s most infamous haunted locations... „It was a dark cold night, and I was alone in my house when I heard a strange noise…‟ Sounds just like what you would expect to hear when someone decides to describe to you their first paranormal experience doesn‘t it? My story is completely opposite. Picture if you will, a sultry hot 34ºc summers day sitting squashed on a bus filled with a load of fellow 13 year old schoolgirls on an excursion to arguably the most haunted location in the metropolitan Sydney area. For those who are familiar with Sydney, and the haunted locations that are hidden there, you will undoubtedly be having flashbacks to your own experiences and stories you may have heard in connection with the location where I was lucky enough to experience my first encounter with the paranormal.

Yes, I am talking about the North Head Quarantine Station. For those who are unfamiliar, the North Head Quarantine Station is one of Sydney‘s most notorious locations when it comes to the paranormal. It‘s beautiful beach-side location currently entices all kinds of visitors. People are married there, stay there for relaxing weekends and take tours of the buildings to delve into a part of Sydney‘s history. But at night, it becomes a magnet for paranormal enthusiasts and thrill seekers alike. To cut a long history lesson short, the Quarantine Station was in use from the 1830s up until 1984 to quarantine the passengers and crew of all ships entering Sydney. The quarantine station was home to many migrants for their first 40 or so days in Australia. While most people arrived and were successfully quarantined and given the all clear, a good many patients died during treatment of their

Terror Australis illnesses and diseases. Many of those who passed on, have long been rumoured to ―haunt‖ the Quarantine Station As part of our Australian History studies, our wonderfully eccentric history teacher organised for our entire year to take a trip to the Quarantine Station to learn about the early Australian immigrants and the kinds of diseases and infections they brought into our island home or at least to the Quarantine Station. To a bunch of rowdy 13 year old high school girls, this trip sounded as exciting as plain toast. The only part of the excursion we were excited about was the not being at school part. We had never heard any stories of pockmarked ghost children or stern-faced nurses appearing in the night, and I doubt my other classmates would have believed such tales. Nevertheless, it was a compulsory excursion and we jumped off the buses and started the tour.

Many of those who passed on, have long been rumoured to “haunt” the Quarantine Station So there I was, at the back of the tour group, walking around and listening to the tour guide explain the history of the Quarantine Station and its purposes back in the day. All I could think about was getting home and watching TV. It was at that moment, as our group walked into the shower block that I spotted a woman to the right of me, peaking behind one of the shower cubicles. This woman‘s face possessed such a fearful expression that it made me think that someone truly horrifying was standing behind me. After glancing over my shoulder (only to see nothing whatsoever) I stood for a moment staring at her. Something inside me understood the fear in her eyes and I started to walk toward her. I got about 5 steps closer when she just sort of dissipated in front of my eyes.

and I wanted answers. For some reason, I decided not to tell any of my classmates or the teacher or even the tour guide, I wanted to get to the bottom of what I had seen by myself. My experience however was not a I pestered my mother for weeks after that to take me back there on a weekend so I could try and find my ―scared lady‖ again. She grudgingly obliged knowing full well about all the creepy stories that stem from the Quarantine Station. Unfortunately my second trip there was uneventful, but in the coming years I did return quite a few times. I have been lucky enough to have seen her now on around 12 separate occasions through the day and the night. As I grew up I learned more about the paranormal through endless days spent in libraries reading every paranormal based book on the shelves and also honing my investigative skills by conducting investigations at family and friends homes. I have encountered many a phenomena during the past 10 years of my life since that first experience and I plan to encounter many more. I have disproved occurrences and been unable to describe others, but I have enjoyed every creepy, boring, cold, fun, and crazy moment of it! So get out there! Ask questions, investigate, do some research and I can guarantee you won‘t be disappointed with what you learn. Reading about other people‘s experiences is one thing, but enjoying your own experience is priceless. As for me, I‘m heading back to the Quarantine Station in a few weeks to, once again, attempt to get to the bottom of what I saw that memorable day ten years ago.

At that point the group was all the way up at the other end of the shower block and I could hear the squeals from girls who people were sneaking up on and scaring during the tour guides recital of the shower block‘s ghost stories. I walked to the exact spot where the woman had cowered behind the cubicle. It must have been the unknown investigator inside me that had awoken and went into sudden overdrive. I waved my hands around the area feeling the air to see if it was cooler than normal, I touched all along the corrugated iron of the shower cubical and checked the floor for any sign of footsteps, I checked every corner and almost every cubical in the immediate area of where I saw her and I found absolutely nothing. I saw that the group had started to walk back toward where I stood and we were to move along to the building where the mortuary was. I didn‘t want to leave that shower block, I wanted to search for the woman

Tara Edge is an experienced paranormal investigator, Star Wars enthusiast and devoted Harry Potter fan from Kel’s hometown of sunny Sydney! Tara will be a regular feature writer for PE Quarterly as she makes the move from the sunny climes of Australia to the wilds of the Vancouver Winter this coming January. If you liked Tara’s story, look her up on Facebook and tell her! Simply click the picture above.


"It‘s Only A Movie…Isn‘t It? Is a creepy concoction of urban myths, facts and fantasy surrounding the films we all know and love. For anyone who loves the paranormal this is a ‗must add‘ title to your library" ~ Jason Karl, Paranormal Researcher, Author and Television presenter.

The Movie You Are About To Watch, Is Based On A True Story... Have you ever watched a movie that was based on a ‘true story’ and wondered just how true the story really was? If that movie was based on a subject such as a violent haunting, alien abduction, demonic possession or even a monster; you may have been comforted by the fact that such things don‘t exist, that it couldn‘t possibly be a true story...could it? In this book British paranormal researcher, investigator, broadcaster and author Jason Day delves into the paranormal movies that make these bold claims. Enlisting the help of paranormal investigators, monster hunters, ufologists, sceptics and mediums Jason compares the movies to the stories they are based upon and then investigates just how true the stories are themselves. With expert opinions from James Randi, Jason Karl, John Zaffis, Alexandra Holzer, Phil Whyman, Lara Wells, Mike Hallowell, Darren Ritson, Neil Arnold and many more professionals in the paranormal field this book sets out to answer the question we have all, at one time or another, asked ourselves after watching films such as The Amityville Horror, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, Fire In The Sky and The Exorcist:

It’s Only A Movie...Isn’t It? You can Get your signed copy now -Just in time for Christmas!

Order a signed copy here

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Raf Holmpton, withernsea

Saturday 23rd April 2011

Who is the airman who walks the halls of this underground bunker? Who reaches out to touch female guests in the weapons of mass destruction room? Find out, join us at RAF Holmpton—Tickets for this event are £35 (Remember, discounts apply when you book 5 or more tickets!

Hollywood Haunting It watches over the USA’s very own dream factory, but what secret is the Famous Hollywood sign hiding?

Jason Day looks at the mystery of Hollywood’s very own ghost!

Looming high over the City of Hollywood, on Mount Lee in Griffith Park, the Hollywood sign is one of the most recognisable landmarks in the world. Built in 1923, the original sign was constructed to encourage sales of homes in the Hollywoodland estate along Beachwood Canyon in California, USA. Promoter Mack Sennett wanted the Hollywoodland area to become a thriving community, so with Hollywood still in its infancy, he had the sign built for publicity as much as anything. The sign was built at a cost of $21,000 and was only designed to last 18 months. Each letter was 50 feet tall and 30 feet wide and studded with low wattage light bulbs. Initially it was a sight to behold and one that illuminated the area for miles. As time went by light bulbs were stolen from the sign, broken by vandals or simply just burnt out. Falling into a state of disrepair, maintenance of the sign was discontinued in 1939. In 1944 the developers of the old Hollywoodland district at the time, H.Sherman Company, quit and the City of Los Angeles claimed around 455 acres of land adjoining Griffith Park. This land included the Hollywoodland sign. As a consequence of the sign being as good as abandoned for 5 years, it fell into further disrepair. In 1949 the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce finally began repair work on the sign. The light bulbs were not replaced and the ‗land‘ portion was removed from the line of letters. This left a sign that now read ‗Hollywood‘. Despite this brief spell of rejuvenation the sign once again fell into disrepair until the 1970‘s. Following a fund-raising campaign, where donors were asked to pledge $27,000 per letter, the original sign was replaced. The remains of the old sign were demolished in August 1978 and a new sign was erected. Over thirty years later the same sign stands 50 feet tall and stretches 450 feet along the side of Mount Lee. It would be the original sign however, that would inadvertently give Peg Entwistle the fame she had striven for all of her life.

Hollywood Haunting Peg Entwistle was born Lillian Millicent Entwistle on 1st July 1908 in Port Talbot, Wales. Her early life is largely a mystery although it is known that her mother died when Peg was a child. Left to raise a daughter and two sons on his own, Peg‘s father packed up the family and moved them to New York, USA. The family soon settled into their new home and a new life. Robert and Milton, Peg‘s brothers, were happy enough and their father remarried and began working in local theatre. Growing up in an acting family, Peg had also developed an interest in the stage and seemed to be settling into her new environment too. Unfortunately for the family their happiness was to be short lived. Tragedy struck the Entwistle‘s once more when Peg‘s father was knocked down and killed by a car on Park Avenue in New York. Following the death of their father Peg‘s brothers, Robert and Milton, were sent to Los Angeles to live with their uncle, Harold Entwistle. Peg stayed in New York, turning to the stage she dreamed of appearing on for solace. Peg made her acting debut at the age of 17. She was a success with the critics, audiences and directors alike and quickly became a Broadway star. After becoming a member of the New York Theater Guild, Peg met a fellow thespian named Robert Keith. Despite a ten year age gap Peg and the older Keith became very good friends. Their friendship soon turned to love and the two Broadway stars married. What looked like a union made in heaven would soon dissolve, adding to the long line of tragedies that were to beset Peg‘s life.

Peg fell into a dark depression that even the lights of Hollywood could not illuminate a way back from... The cracks in Peg and Robert‘s marriage began to appear during a visit to Robert‘s mother‘s house. Peg noticed a photograph of a boy on her mother in law‘s mantelpiece and being unfamiliar with the child, she asked her mother in law who he was. Peg was astounded to discover that the boy in the photograph was her husband Robert‘s son from his previous marriage, a part of his past that he had neglected to mention to her. Just a few weeks later a police officer called at Peg and Robert‘s home and demanded nearly $1000 in child support that Robert owed for his son. Peg managed to get the money together to pay what her husband owed and when she confronted Robert about it he became violent. The marriage cascaded down an ongoing spiral of debts, fights and lies concluding in Peg and Robert being divorced Peg briefly went back to the stage following the breakdown of her marriage but her final Broadway appearances were a wash out. This was not due to Peg‘s personal performances but due to the circumstances of the times. The Great Depression in America had a grip on New York and the majority of the general public could not afford the luxury of a theatre ticket. Broadway seemed to be dying a death but luckily for Peg, Hollywood was booming. It was a period of transition for the movie industry, silent movies were on their way out and the ‗talkie‘ was taking over. Studios were looking for stage actors and actresses to take the roles that the silent film stars could not fulfil anymore. It seemed a perfect opportunity for Peg so she headed for the West coast to pursue her new dream of becoming a movie star. Peg arrived, via train, in California and moved into the home where her brothers and her uncle Harold were living. The house was a bungalow in Beachwood Canyon, located in the Hollywoodland subdivision, just beneath the sign. She soon began working for a small theatre company. Peg‘s first appearance was in the production ‗Mad Hopes‘ which also featured another newcomer at the time called Humphrey Bogart. Despite good reviews the play‘s run

Hollywood Haunting lasted less than two weeks. Peg‘s reputation on Broadway and good looks had secured her a short-term contract with RKO Studios and within a couple of weeks of ‗Mad Hopes‘ ending she landed the part of Hazel in the movie ‗Thirteen Women‘. Upon its release the movie was panned by critics and the studio hurriedly shelved it. A short time later, having been substantially cut, ‗Thirteen women‘ was released again. Peg Enwistle‘s first movie role, the part she had hoped would lead to bigger and better offers, had been reduced to little more than a cameo appearance. Peg continued to audition for roles and go to casting calls despite this second set back, but it began to become apparent to her that she was just another pretty face amongst a town full of beautiful ‗wanna-be‘ Hollywood starlets. Peg‘s short-term option with RKO Studios ran out and they declined to renew it, promises of work came to nothing and her new ‗so called‘ Hollywood friends quickly vanished. As Peg‘s acting career began falling apart she was unable to find work anywhere, not even in the theatre. She thought about going back to New York but she could not afford the train fare home. Stuck in a town with no friends, no prospects, no money and her dreams in tatters, Peg fell into a dark depression that even the lights of Hollywood could not illuminate a way back from.

‘I am afraid I am a coward. I am sorry for everything. If I had done this a long time ago it would have saved a lot of pain. P.E.’

On 18th September 1932 Peg spent the night drinking and sinking deeper into despair, dwelling on the situation she found herself in. Peg told her Uncle Harold that she was going for a walk and was seen later that evening walking down Beachwood Canyon toward Mount Lee. It would be the last time that Peg Entwistle would be seen alive. Fuelled by drink and depression Peg climbed the slopes of Mount Lee and headed for the glowing Hollywoodland sign. Upon reaching her destination she noticed a maintenance ladder, carelessly left by a workman, perched against the letter ‗H‘ of the sign. Peg placed her purse at the foot of the ladder and removed her coat. She folded the garment and placed it alongside her purse. One can only imagine what thoughts were going through her head as Peg mounted the ladder and embarked on the 50 feet climb to the top of the sign, but this is what she did and it would prove to be the final act of her young life. Perched high above Mount Lee, on top of the 50 foot high letter ‗H‘ of the Hollywoodland sign, Peg Entwistle leapt to her death. Her broken body hurtled down the side of the hill, battering her against the unforgiving earth. Finally her body came to rest and Peg Entwistle, at only 24 years of age, was dead. The following day a woman hiking in the Griffith Park discovered Peg‘s belongings at the foot of the maintenance ladder. The woman opened the purse to try and identify its owner and came upon Peg‘s suicide note. It read: „I am afraid I am a coward. I am sorry for everything. If I had done this a long time ago it would have saved a lot of pain. P.E.‟ The woman replaced the note in the purse and anonymously placed it, along with Peg‘s coat, on the doorstep of a Hollywood police station during the early hours of the morning. On 20th September 1932 the police found Peg Entwistle‘s body amongst the brush at the foot of Mount Lee. Due to the condition of her remains the police were unsure of Peg‘s identity so they released her description and the contents of the suicide note to the press, in order to try and discover who this unfortunate woman was. The LA Times ran the story, dubbing the victim ‗The Hollywood Sign Girl‘ and reproducing the details of her suicide note.Having been frantically searching for his niece who had left for her walk several days before, Harold

Hollywood Haunting Entwistle saw the initials on the reproduced suicide note in the newspaper and feared the worst. Shortly after reading the report Harold visited the morgue where he identified the body as that of Peg Entwistle. In a cruel twist of irony Harold was sifting through the mail, which he had neglected to check during the last few days of family trauma. Amongst the letters was one addressed to Peg which had been posted the day before her death. The letter was from the Beverly Hills Community Players offering her the lead role in their next stage production at the Playhouse. The role was that of a young woman who commits suicide at the end of the third act. Peg Entwistle was cremated and her ashes were interred into her father‘s grave at Oak Hill Cemetery in Glendale, Ohio, USA. According to eyewitness reports though it would seem that this is not the final resting place of ‗The Hollywood Sign Girl‘, for Peg Entwistle appears to still be amongst the souls that inhabit Hollywood.

There have also been various reports of sightings of a woman dressed in 1930‘s clothing in the same location in the years since Peg‘s death. Witnesses recount seeing a very attractive blond woman who has a very sad expression. When approached the woman is said to simply vanish before witness‘s eyes. Sightings of the phantom actress even began being reported to the police. In one instance, local police officers received a phone call reporting the sighting of a young woman climbing the Hollywood sign high on Mount Lee. Officers investigated the report and, following a comprehensive search of the area, could find no sign of the woman. A week later the police received another call describing the same woman ascending the same letter of the Hollywood sign. Yet again officers were dispatched to the scene and discovered nobody there. The subsequent search again revealed nothing. The woman had vanished into thin air.

In the years following her death there have been many reports of paranormal phenomena in the Griffith Park area that has been associated with the ghost of Peg Entwistle. Many witnesses have reported being overcome by a very strong scent of gardenia perfume whilst sight seeing in the vicinity of the Hollywood sign. There seems to have been no apparent explanation for the phenomena at the times the smells have been reported although the fragrance in question was known to have been Peg Entwistle‘s trademark perfume. Perhaps this is Peg attempting to make her presence known.

The reports were even more perplexing as stringent precautions had been taken to secure the area since Peg Entwistle‘s suicide and nobody would have been able to climb the sign. In 1990 a couple were walking their dog on a trail on Beachwood canyon near the Hollywood sign when the dog began acting peculiarly. The couple‘s pet usually ran around the trail and through the brush during his walk but on this occasion he began whining and staying close to his owners. The couple were confused by the dog‘s behaviour until they saw a woman walking nearby. They noticed the woman was dressed in 1930‘s clothing and seemed to be stumbling along in a daze, as if she were drunk or perhaps

Hollywood Haunting on drugs. The couple, not so much as alarmed by the woman‘s appearance as they were by her behaviour, decided to give her a ‗wide birth‘. Suddenly the woman faded away before their eyes and disappeared. It was only after the couple reported their experience that they discovered who Peg Entwistle was, that she had committed suicide near the trail and that her ghost allegedly haunted the area. John Arbogast has a vast knowledge of the subject of the ghost of Peg Entwistle. Arbogast was a ranger at Griffith Park and along with receiving many reports of encounters with Peg‘s ghost from members of the public; he himself has had experiences of his own. Amongst his duties Arbogast had to monitor the Hollywood sign itself. Alarm systems incorporating the use of motion detectors and lights were fitted to deter vandals and suicides from getting close to the sign. Arbogast recalled that on a number of occasions during his shifts the alarm system would go off warning him that somebody was closer to the sign than they should have been, even though an inspection of the area would reveal that there was nobody there. Arbogast said: “There have been times when I have been at the sign and the motion detectors say that somebody is standing five feet away from me…only there‟s nobody there.” Arbogast also claimed to have encountered the scent of gardenias that others have witnessed in the area which is also associated with the ghost of Peg Entwistle. Arbogast recalled: “I have smelled it several times and always when any flowers around have been closed because of cold weather. I don‟t think I have ever smelt it in the summer time.” John Arbogast stated that the ghost of Peg Entwistle normally made her presence known very late at night, especially in foggy conditions and always within the vicinity of the Hollywood sign. Peg Entwistle certainly gained much more fame in death than she did in life and it would appear that perhaps during dark, foggy nights beneath the Hollywood sign, she continues to do so in the afterlife.

Jason Day is a Director of Phantom Encounters Ltd and your host on Phantom Encounters events. Jason is also a prolific author with two books in print, two more in production and a further three lined up! Jason has written for magazines internationally, with his work appearing in FATE, Paranormal Magazine and Ghost Voices. For more information on Jason, head to: or click the picture.



si ght i ngs

WATCH f r om acr oss

t he UK

December: 1st December 2010: Two bright lights hover above a

11th December 2010: A resident in Luton living on a

housing estate in Bromley, Kent for approximately two hours; smaller lights appeared to move and blink within the major light sources.

farm was startled to notice bright white lights circling in the woods close to his house. The circle of lights ascended and descended rapidly moving from the woodland to the dark clouds above and then returning. Shortly after, the lights disappeared without a trace.

8th December 2010: Strange object with a long orange comet-like tail appears in the sky in Ribbleton, Preston .Similar reports were received two days earlier from the Frenchwood area.

10th December 2010: A triangular series of lights make

If you have any UFO news or views to share with our readers, please let us know!

an appearance in the sky above Horsforth. The lights appeared to move and then blink out once after the other.

Information about local sightings can be emailed to the team at:

11th December 2010: Four strange lights were seen in

Naturally, you may remain anonymous if you wish; just let us know you wish to have your name kept out of the newsletter.

the sky over Nottingham in broad daylight. Three white lights in the shape of a triangle, followed by a red light appeared to be hovering over the city, before disappearing from sight. Advertisement

Spotlight on...

Fort Paull

Bombers, bunkers and hanging soldiers... Kelly mckenzie-day takes you on a tour of phantom encounters newest location Nestled against the River Humber just outside the sleepy little town of Paull, a Fort has been located on this site since King Henry VIII established a twelve gun defence in 1542. Although the Fort changed dramatically with further inclusions and demolitions in both the Civil and Napoleonic Wars, it has been in almost constant use since it‘s creation. In 1964 a group of volunteers ‗The Friends of Fort Paull‘ took over the site and in 2000 this incredible location opened to the general public as a heritage museum. With 500 years of history hidden within it‘s walls & rumours of regular hauntings, the Phantom Encounters team couldn‘t resist the chance to take a look. It must be said that there are few times in an event coordinators life when they find a location that sets their spine a-tingle; for me, that location was most definitely Fort Paull. From the minute we entered the site, it became clear that this was (if there is such a beast) no ordinary haunted location. Exiting the visitors centre it was hard to ignore the overwhelming bulk of the 4 story tall Beverley Bomber aircraft, it‘s massive wingspan currently shading a rather rowdy group of 2nd graders on a field trip from the local school. Amidst the delighted squeals of children caught in the cargo net play ground and the sounds of seagulls squabbling for the last remnant of some Mum‘s well prepared pack up, Jason and I set about exploring the location.

Deciding to head away from the chorus of children and seagulls we headed first to the temptingly titled Underground Victorian Hospital. Those of you who have been on our events previously will know of my love for mannequins...I absolutely detest them, and I freely admit that they freak me out. So it was no surprise then, that I found the hospital exhibit chilling. Mannequined nurses tend wounded soldiers as they moan and scream in animatronic agony; whilst downstairs, a dummy doctor takes the bone saw to another unlucky future amputee. Moving along, rather more swiftly than Jason would have liked, we entered the cinema area; although seemingly placid during our visit, this camouflage bedecked part of the location has been reported to contain a rather pushy whispering male spirit. If ever there was a prime location for your EVP (electronic voice phenomena) experiments when ghost hunting, then this is it! Leaving the cinema we journeyed across the site to the WW1& WW2 trenches and it was there that the true nature of Fort Paull hit home for me. Freely admitting to being ‗as psychic as toast‘, I cannot explain adequately the overwhelming sensation when we descended into the trenches themselves as every primal sense screamed at me to leave, to get out, to be anywhere but there right now. Fortunately, I ignored it and we pressed on into the trenches themselves.

Spotlight on...

Fort Paull It is difficult to explain the atmosphere in these places; hidden below ground as they are, large, silent and slightly humid there is a feeling that is both strangely oppressive and uniquely comforting all at once. A psychic would perhaps say that it is the miasma of emotions left by those who once manned these tunnels in times of strife, still echoing in the stone and impressing upon those of us who dare to brave a visit. I was not alone in my perceptions it appears, as (lunch apparently over and the tour resumed) a small group of six 2nd graders and their teacher rushed up the stairs from the tunnels behind us; the children slightly less rowdy and perhaps a little paler than when they bravely and noisily entered behind us ten minutes earlier. One remark overheard and not forgotten was whispered by one ponytailed girl to her counterpart as she passed us; ―I really didn‘t like the soldier dummy sitting on the chair in the tunnel at all, he was dead creepy‖. It is perhaps little wonder that her friend looked at her and crinkled her nose in confusion…as the only chair in the tunnel was green, plastic and quite empty. Investigations into phenomena would later confirm that a soldier has been seen on several occasions walking the tunnel in apparent confusion before disappearing through the tunnel wall.

I confess that I was until then unaware of the history in North Lincolnshire and Yorkshires regarding witch hunting The plight of those (often falsely) accused has always moved me, no matter their geography; I cannot lie, I quickly left this exhibit for Jason to explore and moved beyond the reach of the screams. To say they chilled my blood would be something of a gross understatement.

As Jason explored the Civil War, I decided that a date with the legendary Mr Presley was in order, so with a murmured ‗Uh Huh Huh‘ I stepped aboard the German Railway Carriage that ferried ‗The King‘ around Germany in his war days. It is also home to some very interesting paranormal activity! Sitting in the red pleather seats and resting my arms on the red formica table, it was easy to see how a séance in this location in the dead of night would set your hackles to the rise. Although we will give no details here, we will (with good reason) be subjecting this area to a locked off camera experiment during our night there!

Nerves re-steeled, we headed into the underground vault, home of the most famous and frequent paranormal activity at Fort Paull. The early part of the exhibit is set up as an air raid shelter; complete with a siren that will thankfully, be silent during our overnight visits here. From there you enter the lair of the ‗Rabbit Nanny‘ and ‗The Hanging Soldier‘ two of Fort Paulls most prolific spooks.

We journeyed past the anti aircraft guns mounted on the ramparts towards the sound of unholy screaming and wailing coming from one of the smaller tunnel systems. Here, pressed together are remnants of the English Civil War; an imprisoned King, and witches trussed and staked for the burning.

Miss Jenkins, the ‗Rabbit Nanny‘hawked her rabbits in the streets of Hull. Such a character was she that it was said that her shrill voice could be heard across the river at Barton. Before her death Miss Jenkins sold her body for the princely sum of £5, for dissection & medical research in Hull. Her skeleton was subsequently bought from Dr. Hay & put on display; this skeleton is also now one of the exhibits at Fort Paull. The ―Rabbit Nanny‖ is said to haunt the underground sections of the Fort; un-interred & unable to rest.

Spotlight on...

Fort Paull Phantom Encounters Ltd have secured over 12 dates in 2011 for overnight ghost hunting events at Fort Paull! Why so many? Due to the sheer size of the site, we will only be able to open a certain number of exhibits at any one time. This means you have the best chance of thoroughly investigating each section of this incredible location without having to rush onto the next. If we were to open the entire site all at once, you would have approximately 15 minutes in each location before having to move on…hardly ideal when investigating! Joining Ms Jenkins in her wanderings through this section is the Hanging Soldier. In 1907 a group of soldiers were caught trying to steal equipment by their Sergeant Major and were duly court-martialed and sent to prison cells in this section of the Fort. The following day one of the prisoners was found hanging from the ceiling of his cell. The subsequent investigation suggested that the poor fellow was so frightened of the current ghosts of Fort Paull that he could take no more than one evening in their company in his cell. The soldier himself now haunts the cells and the corridor in-between them. We decided that with crowds of children now exiting the location it was safe to explore the Beverley Bomber. This mammoth aircraft was well worth the wait. Unlike some exhibits in museums, the Beverley Bomber is open for exploration. Complete with smaller exhibits inside and with the jump deck open to those brave enough to climb the ladder, this plane has more to offer than just a military experience.

Phantom Encounters Fort Paull events will be divided into three different visit options; some major exhibits, like the Beverley Bomber, Elvis‘ Train Carriage and Nanny Rabbit‘s Vaults will be open on each event; however, to give our customers the best possible overnight ghost hunting experience, we will opening other sections on a rotating basis. When you‘re booking Fort Paull with us, check the website for: Fort Paull – 1 , Fort Paull – 2 & Fort Paull – 3. For each event there will be an explanation of what section of the site will be open.

Click to book a fort paull event

Whose voices can be heard whispering in the darkness? With no animatronics or sound effects, it‘s not part of the exhibit. Hammocks on the jump deck swing on their own in a non existent breeze and several people have reported seeing a pilot checking the tyres on the craft only to see him disappear into nothingness…perhaps, if we ask nicely, he‘ll kick the tyres again for us when we visit in December. Originally hailing from Sydney, Australia Kelly McKenzie-Day is a published children’s book author, co-host of the UK’s top rated paranormal talk radio show ’White Noise Paranormal Radio’ and Director of Phantom Encounters Limited.

Sarc-astrology A sarcastic look at Your Christmas stars Just when we all thought Christmas was going to be all good tidings, heavy snowfalls, plum pudding and mulled wine; good old Mercury goes retrograde and communication between mere mortals grinds to a standstill until the 26th December. So if you were planning a pleasant Christmas Day filled with laughter and good cheer; you can thank good old Mercury when things (to be blunt) go ‗tits up‘! The Queen of Astro-Sarcasm thought you might need some astro-guidance for coping with a

Aries: There‘s no getting around it this year, with

Cancer: For Santa‘s sake, pick your lip up before a

communication at a standstill you‘re going to have to suck it up and admit when you‘ve put your foot in it. My advice? Save time and wear a sign that says ‗I did it!‘ because we all know you DID! And no, you will not get an iPad, no matter how many lies you told Santa Claus about how good you were!

reindeer lands on it! So the turkey burned, your mother in law hates you and the kids all came down with chicken-pox on Christmas Eve! There‘s nothing that can‘t be solved with a little medicinal Christmas brandy and a quiet lie down in the middle of the street.

Taurus: It doesn‘t matter how good you were this

Leo: Love, put down the hair products and step away

year; sadly, Santa is not bringing you a yacht! With the global economic crisis still in full swing, the most you can hope for is some dodgy celeb perfume and that someone else will offer to cook Christmas dinner and clean up the massacre afterwards. If you‘re going to run at something like the proverbial ‗bull at a gate‘ this silly season...make sure it‘s a bottle of vodka!

from the mirror! We know it‘s tempting to wear your entire designer wardrobe to any and all Christmas festivities this year, but in reality, label tarts make people‘s hands itch. To avoid being on the end of a round of Christmas slaps this year, avoid using phrases like ‗That would look better on me because I‘m not fat‘ or ‗You can hardly see your wrinkles in this light‘…trust me on this one!

Gemini: No one likes a smartarse! Just because you

Virgo: Lighten up for Santa‘s sake! Honestly, you‘re

predicted the global economic crisis and managed to pull your money out of Iceland before the crash, no one wants to hear about your brilliance over Christmas pigeon! Just think, if you‘d shared you knowledge, you wouldn‘t now be complaining that it‘s not a turkey in front of you! Avoiding a trip to casualty for multiple stab wounds this year will be easier this year if you sew your mouth shut!

putting people off having a good time, they‘re afraid they might wrinkle you! We know you lot pride yourselves on being controlled and neat as a pin; but it pisses people off when it takes them 45 minutes to unwrap your gifts because you‘ve used three rolls of scotch tape to hermetically seal them! Loosen up, have a drink…why not go really crazy and undo that top button!

Sarc-astrology A sarcastic look at Your Christmas stars

Libra: Flirt much? Yes we know you think it‘s cute

Capricorn: Just because you were born at the same

to ‗chat‘ to your cousins new man whilst drawing attention to your perfectly coiffed hairdo and your new implants but the rest of us are not amused. We know you‘re deeper than a puddle, no matter what act you put on – so surprise everyone by acting your age and your IQ this Christmas. Remember Libra, giving a practical gift for Christmas is not on…no matter how ‗balanced‘ you thought the decision was

time as Christ, does not make you God…or even A God! We all know you hate Christmas, you tell us every year! After all it‘s the one time of the year when you‘re forced to use a pry-bar to lever open your wallet for its annual airing. To avoid being bruised on Boxing Day, stop telling everyone how much each piece of the Christmas dinner cost you, and we all know your habit of including the receipts in your gifts is not so people can exchange them if needed, it‘s so we can see how much you spent on us! For hints on subterfuge, ask Scorpio!!

Scorpio: Let‘s face it, Christmas invites from you should come with a warning ‗You will be filmed for possible future blackmail opportunities ‗. Maybe this year you could take a radical approach and just let Christmas be … Christmas? Think about it, if you weren‘t so hell bent on taking revenge for every imagined hurt dished up throughout the year, you could put some of your other talents to good use during the silly season. Speaking of which, please stop suggesting ‗The Karma Sutra‘ as a suitable gift for Virgo to other people, getting them laid will not make them less uptight!

Sagittarius: Stop speaking now! Seriously…if I have one tip for you at Christmas time, it‘s to NOT SPEAK. Sag‘s legendary lack of tact has been the bane of many a fine family Christmas, when you add alcohol to this you have lack of tact AND self control - LETHAL. If you don‘t like your gift, don‘t say anything…and if someone doesn‘t like yours then the words ‗ungrateful‘ and ‗tosser‘ should never leave your lips!

Aquarius: You will be the first Sun Sign to read these stars; we know this because you‘re also the first one to use astrology to blame your bad behaviour on a regular basis. Christmas is a time of family celebration, for spending with loved ones –and we don‘t mean the three you picked up last night at the office Christmas do! Our advice for a happy Christmas season and a blackmail-free new year for you is to avoid Scorpio at all costs!

Pisces: Ah my funny, kooky, little wet blanket Christmas was just made for you wasn‘t it? What brings out the Piscean love of drama more than a traditional Christmas celebration; Christmas lights, candles, food…punch ups, screaming matches and trying not to bludgeon Capricorn for their ‗Bah Humbug‘ attitude. People who hate you will give you gifts of a technological nature this Christmas, try to ignore them and focus on the brilliant macaroni art picture your 3 year old nephew gave you instead. Peace, love and mung beans little Pisces…now go to your happy place.

I am sure by now you have guessed that I am NOT an astrologer. Although it should be totally obvious, these stars are for entertainment purposes only No Virgo‘s were harmed in the making of this article. .

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Phantom Encounters Quarterly Edition - Dec 2010  

Haunted Forts, Phantom Hounds and the Ghosts of Christmas Past await you in the first Phantom Encounters Quarterly Edition. Phantom Encount...

Phantom Encounters Quarterly Edition - Dec 2010  

Haunted Forts, Phantom Hounds and the Ghosts of Christmas Past await you in the first Phantom Encounters Quarterly Edition. Phantom Encount...