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Tips for Success in an Online Class By Rick Wagonseller, Director of Graduate Recruitment and Marketing Edinboro University launched its first internet based program in the fall of 2001. Today, more than 14 separate graduate degree and certificate programs are available online (see page four for details). Students obviously appreciate the quality, flexibility, and convenience of webbased programming. During the fall 2001 semester there were fewer than 50 total online course enrollments. By the fall of 2010, there were more than 2,700! One factor contributing to this success has been the amount of support that is offered to online students. For example, the Perceptis Help Desk is available 24/7, 365, at 1-877-7306228, for individuals requiring technical support in connection with an online course. Students may also contact Edinboro’s Technology Help Center at 814-732-2111, for assistance with university e-mail or other network account related issues. In addition to excellent technical support, “real-time” orientation sessions are also provided for students taking their first online course. Here they receive information on how to log into the myEdinboro portal to access their online content via Online Campus. These sessions provide students with instructions on how to navigate between online course sections and how to use related tools in the online

environment like discussions, quizzes, grades, dropbox, etc. So, if you’re thinking about becoming an online student, here are some important things to remember:

Time Management – Out of sight does not mean out of mind! If you’re enrolled in a three credit online course, you will spend at least 120 hours working on related course activities. Motivation – Set goals that are tied to the completion of course assignments and reward yourself when they have been completed. Study Environment – Work to create a learning environment that ensures success. For example, minimal interruptions, adequate space, and sufficient lighting will all have a positive effect on your online learning experience. Study Skills – Begin with a quick review of your online course content and then go back and read each section more carefully. Write down related questions and forward them to your instructor for clarification. Check Your University E-mail – Access your university e-mail account frequently. This is how your online instructor will communicate with you and your classmates. continued on page 4

Tips for Success in Online Class P.1 Adult Student in the Spotlight P.2 79-Year Old Student Graduates P.3 May 2011 Graduates P.4

Focus on Adult Student Scholarships Edinboro University has 570 permanently endowed scholarships and makes over 2,000 student awards annually. Many of these scholarships do not require a separate application. All students who complete the Edinboro University admissions application and meet the specific selection criteria are automatically considered as possible candidates. Among these scholarships are several specific to the adult learner. Below is a look at one such award.

SGA Scholarship for NonTraditional Students This scholarship is awarded to a non-traditional student who is enrolled full time during the fall and spring semesters and is 24 years or older at the time of enrollment. The student must have a minimum of 64 earned credits and a QPA of 3.0 or greater. This scholarship is renewable for one academic year provided the student maintains a cumulative QPA of 3.0 and demonstrates academic progress determined by FAFSA. Financial need may be a factor.

Did you know? During the 2010-2011 academic year, 49 adult students received 59 Edinboro University scholarships totaling $75,525.

Adult Student in the Spotlight Richard Schlindwein Dick Schlindwein first attended Edinboro University when it was still a State College in 1969. At that time, his major was Secondary Education—Biology. Although competing interests did not allow him to graduate, he did achieve junior status. Now, 42 years later, he is well on his way to achieving that dream. Dick returned to Edinboro as a full time student in the spring 2011 when he qualified for trade adjustment assistance (TAA). TAA is a program for displaced workers. Dick was a machinist and union member, but when members of the union were laid off and his factory closed, they qualified for retraining because their jobs were lost as a result of increased imports. Dick had a choice of technical training or academic pursuits. He chose to complete the teaching degree that he left behind long ago. He changed his major to Middle Level Education—Science and is on track to graduate by 2013. Dick says “This whole experience is a process of rejuvenation. Being a student again and taking it seriously is a great opportunity. I feel energized as I continue this endeavor. At first I was self-conscious about returning as a nontraditional student. I thought I would stand out or not fit in. Edinboro's emphasis on diversity has put my concerns to rest. The regular crowd treats me with respect.” His advice to other adult students? “Enjoy and appreciate this time in your life. Be flexible and don't be afraid to start something new. I have been in many fields of employment. I have been a realtor, a machinist, and worked in construction. The economy changes , sometimes drastically, and you have to be ready and willing to change with it. Change is good.”

November 7-11, 2011 is National Non-Traditional Student Recognition Week! The National Non-Traditional Student Recognition Week is a national celebration held the first full week of November each year and is sponsored by the Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE). ANTSHE is an international partnership of students, academic professionals, institutions, and organizations whose mission is to encourage and coordinate support, education, and advocacy for the adult learner. National Non-Traditional Student Recognition Week is a chance for schools to recognize the support many campus departments provide and to celebrate non-traditional student success across the United States and Canada. Edinboro University’s Office of Adult Student Services will be celebrating National Non-Traditional Student Recognition Week in 2011! November is also National Career Development Month, so there will be at least one career development activity for adult students. Stay tuned for more information as details and events are finalized.

Inductees from left: Cheryl Trabert, Nicholas Longstreth, Kathleen Allen, Lissa Buzzanco, Andrew Hosie, Jodi Lyon, and Emily Nagurney

Spring 2011 Inductees Ms. Kathleen B. Allen Ms. Lisa R. Buzzanco Ms. Kelly L. Byers Ms. Julee A. Gilbert Mr. Andrew P. Hosie Mr. Nicholas O. Longstreth Ms. Jodi Lyon Mr. Braden R. Mitchell Ms. Emily M. Nagurney Ms. Wanda E. Ocasio-Claudio Ms. Patty S. Payne Ms. Bethanie R. Polito Ms. Cheryl A. Trabert

One of Edinboro University’s Oldest Adult Students Among Those Honored at Ceremony On Friday, April 22, 2011, Edinboro

University with his second and third

University honored adult students at the

bachelor’s degrees on May 7, 2011.

annual Alpha Sigma Lambda Induction Dr. Wheeler addressed

Ceremony at the Van Houten

the crowd of members,

South Dining Hall. Thirteen

inductees and their

new adult students were

families with stories of

inducted with an average GPA

his time at Edinboro—

of 3.95, and 14 members

both as a faculty member


and a student. Although the induction

Dr. Wheeler says

ceremony is a special event every year, this

that his future Graduating member Dr. Donald Wheeler

year’s event was extra special as one of Edinboro University’s oldest adult students, and Alpha Sigma

plans include

addressing some health concerns and to become a more “typical” retiree.

Spring 2011 Graduating Members Ms. Kathleen B. Allen Ms. Kristen M. Ashbaugh Ms. Carla J. Behr Mr. Tyrone J. Cashdollar Ms. Julee A. Gilbert Ms. Kimberly S. Gollihugh Ms. Jennifer L. Highfill Mr. Andrew P. Hosie Mr. James H. McCain Mr. Jon P. McClain Ms. Joyce M. Tinsman Ms. Kathleen M. Wagner Dr. Donald A. Wheeler

Lambda member, Dr. Donald Wheeler, was graduating with a dual degree in Accounting and Financial Services. Dr. Wheeler received his first bachelor’s degree from Michigan State College in 1953. His master’s degree was earned in 1956 at Michigan State University, and his Ph.D. is from Cornell University and was earned in 1961. Dr. Wheeler taught at Edinboro University in the Biology and Health Services Department from 1965 to 1997. He graduated from Edinboro

Graduating members from left: Kathleen Wagner, Andrew Hosie, Kathleen Allen, Tyrone Cashdollar, Jennifer Highfill, Joyce Tinsman, and Dr. Donald Wheeler

Tips for Success in an Online Class (continued from page 1) Participation – You can’t hide in an online course! Generally speaking, when an instructor asks a question, everyone gets to answer! Ask For Help – Don’t hesitate to reach out to your instructor for help when necessary and remember the Perceptis Helpdesk is there to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Personal Support – Establish a support network that encourages success. Members of this network should ask questions about assignments and your overall performance. They may even be able to provide you with a quiet place to work! Have all tools required for the course – Textbooks and other materials required in connection with online courses may be purchased through Edinboro University’s Bookstore:

If you find this information interesting and would like to learn more about online programming at Edinboro University, please contact Sandy Dell, Manager of Distance Education, at 814-732-1033 or

New Leaf will be published each fall and spring by the Office of Adult Student Services. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide information pertinent to Edinboro University’s adult student population.

For a complete listing of Edinboro University’s online program offerings, visit

Our Mission: The mission of Edinboro University’s Office of Adult Student Services is to empower prospective and current adult learners to meet their educational goals through programs and services that remove barriers to their success.

Congratulations May 2011 Grads!

New Leaf ISSUE 03 Fall 2011

On Friday, May 7, 2011, 160 adult students graduated from Edinboro University with their undergraduate degree. From top clockwise: Kimi Gollihugh, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/ Forensic Accounting with daughter Amanda, son Marc and husband Dave Amanda Merski, Bachelor of Science in Social Work Carrie Szermeta, Bachelor of Arts in Music Joseph Popp, Bachelor of Arts in Art History

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Fall 2011 Edinboro University Adult Student Newsletter  

Fall 2011 Edinboro University Adult Student Newsletter

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