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Hydroseeding Products 135

Hydroseeding Products

Flexterra® HP-FGM™ 22.68 kg bales Flexible Growth Medium™ Steep slope and high rainfall rating hydromulch Also described as a “spray on hydro blanket”, this product is designed for the most critical slopes (short of permanent materials). Flexterra® HP-FGM™ contains superior tackifiers which means it binds directly to the soil upon application (can be applied in rain). Flexterra® HP-FGM™ can grow vegetation 8 times faster than bare soil and twice as fast as traditional rolled erosion control blankets. Proven to be 99% effective in US tests against erosion and soil loss. Although BFM’s (Bonded Fiber Matrix) have their place, Flexterra® HP-FGM™ is engineered for much tougher sites and environmental conditions.

Application Rates 3:1 Slope 2:1 Slope 1:1 Slope

3360 kg/ha (10,000 m²) 4480 kg/ha (10,000 m²) 5050 kg/ha (10,000 m²)

33.6 kg per 100 m² 44.8 kg per 100 m² 50.50 kg per 100 m²

Conwed 2000 Hydromulch 22.68 kg bales Hydromulching for general seeding • Contains 100% of the highest quality wood fibre • Contains premium pre-blended organic gum tackifier • Eliminates extra step of field blending in tackifier

Application Rates 2.5:1 Slope 2:1 to 1:1 Slope

2240 kg/ha (10,000 m²) 2800 kg/ha (10,000 m²)

22.4 kg per 100 m² 28 kg per 100 m²

Conwed 1000 Hydromulch 22.68 kg bales Hydromulching for general seeding • Contains 100% of the highest quality wood fibre • Contains Slikshot™ for better yield, shooting and ground cover

Application Rates 4:1 Slope 3:1 Slope 2:1 Slope

1600 kg/ha (10,000 m²) 2240 kg/ha (10,000 m²) 2800 kg/ha (10,000 m²)

16 kg per 100 m² 22.4 kg per 100 m² 28 kg per 100 m²


Hydroseeding Products

Conwed Cellulose Hydromulch 22.68 kg bales Hydromulching for general seeding • High quality, clean 100% cellulose fibre • Darker green colour gives your work a professional look once applied • Cost effective mulch for general use

Application Rates Modest to 4:1 Slope 4:1 Slope

1600 kg/ha (10,000 m²) 2240 kg/ha (10,000 m²)

16 kg per 100 m² 22.4 kg per 100 m²

Jet Spray™ Pourable Hydromulch with Fibermax™ 18.1 kg bag Hydromulch for use in jet agitated machines • Pourable mulch designed for the smaller openings of jet agitated machines • A blend of 76% cellulose (paper) content, 20% wood fibre content, 3% Fibermax™ (locking fibres) plus 1% flocculant tackifier • New flocculating tackifier helps to increase yield and gives greater ‘loft’ for more water holding capacity and a stronger bond

Application Rates Modest Slope 4:1 3:1 Slope 3:1-2:1 Slope

2240 kg/ha (10,000 m2) 2800 kg/ha (10,000 m2) 3360 kg/ha (10,000 m2)

22.4 kg per 100 m² 28 kg per 100 m² 33.6 kg per 100 m²

BioCover™ Daily Landfill Cover BioCover™ Alternative Daily Cover (ADC) is a hydraulically applied product manufactured from Thermally Refined® wood fibres combined with cellulose fibre and a viscous hydro-colloid tackifier. Upon application, it forms a uniform layer between waste and the surrounding environment. Less expensive than other alternative covers and easier to apply, BioCover™ is the superior alternative to soil, mulch or plastic daily covers.

Application Rates 1 x 22.68 kg bag per 125 m2. Talk to your PGW Turf Representative for further application details.


Hydroseeding Products

Floc Lock 4.97 kg bottle • •

Increases the chemical bond in all fibre mulches while increasing the water holding capacity of all mulches Reduces friction in the hose and increases shooting distances

Application Rates Fibre mulch binding Modest to 4:1 slope

12.5 kg/ha (10,000 m2)

125 g per 100 m²

Tack 3 11.34 kg bag • • •

Tack 3 is a blend of tackifiers which require no cure time For use on critical sites For blending with other mulch mediums to increase the mulch’s ability to bind to the soil surface

Application Rates Mulch Binding 6:1 to 4:1 Slope 4:1 to 2:1 Slope 2:1 to 1:1 Slope > 1:1 Slope

22.5 kg/ha (10,000 m2) 34 kg/ha (10,000 m2) 45 kg/ha (10,000 m2) 68 kg/ha (10,000 m2)

225 g per 100 m2 340 g per 100 m2 450 g per 100 m2 680 g per 100 m2


Hydroseeding Products

Bowie Hydroseeding Machines Hydro-Mulcher®, HydroSeeder™, Hydrograsser™ or hydraulic planter, whatever you choose to call them, these versatile machines are used to quickly seed large areas for erosion control or reclamation. The same hydromulchers are also used to plant high quality turfgrasses for residential, commercial, golf and sportsfield uses.

Bowie 300 Hydro-Mulcher® This piece of equipment is a wise selection for the small seeding and touch-up jobs. It is simple to use and easy to move into tight places.

Bowie Lancer 500 and 600 Hydro-Mulcher® Bowie’s 500 is used for the rapid application of hydromulch on residential lawns, new construction developments and a multitude of smaller seeding projects. Bowie’s 600 allows you to apply your product either from the working platform using the discharge cannon or from the ground with a hose. Available as either a skid or trailer mounted unit.

Bowie Victor 800 and 1100 Hydro-Mulcher® The low maintenance, ease of use and high productivity of the 800 series of hydromulchers make it a smart choice. With the 1100, you can go up to 600 pounds of mulch per tank load and spray with a hose or from the deck using the ergonomic discharge cannon. Available as a trailer, gooseneck or skid model.

Bowie Imperial 1500 and 3000 Hydro-Mulcher® The large capacity tank along with the super strong agitation brings the large seeding jobs down to size in short order. Let the muscle of the 1500 work for you. The choice for maximum production, efficiency, and dependability. The agitation is smooth and strong throughout the power range making for less fatigue on the equipment and operator.