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JOBS: More than 10,000 lost in October A3

Monday, November 5, 2012


Te re s a M A LLA M / Fre e Pre s s

Haille Zelinski gets a good sniff of a bath bomb from the Happy Hippo Bath booth at the 36th annual Studio Fair on Friday. The juried event showcased the wares of 93 juried artisans from the northern region and across the country.

Maclean’s ranks UNBC No. 2

Maclean’s Magazine released the results of its annual ranking Thursday and UNBC tied its highest ranking ever, placing second among 19 small, “primarily undergraduate” Canadian universities. Mt. Allison, more than 150 years older than UNBC, placed first. This is the eighth straight year UNBC has been ranked the best university in its category west of Atlantic Canada. “We have terrific faculty, fantastic students, great relationships with communities throughout the North, and a wonderful

environment for teaching and research. It’s no wonder UNBC continues to perform well in Maclean’s,” said UNBC President George Iwama in a press release. “All those associated with UNBC should take pride in their university.” In its selection of UNBC, Maclean’s cited UNBC’s favorable student-teacher ratio and research funding. “The University of Northern British Columbia’s second-place finish is an even bigger story. UNBC, an 18-year-old school, debuted

at ninth place 14 years ago. This year it has the highest total research dollars, and the second best student-faculty ratio, impressive for such a young school.” Maclean’s considers 13 indicators of the quality of students, faculty, libraries and finances to assess 49 universities. Each is placed in one of three categories— Medical/Doctoral, Comprehensive, or Primarily Undergraduate—to recognize differences in size, programming, and research activity.

Imagine grants available again

For the fourth year in a row, Northern Health is looking for community partners who have great ideas for a health promotion project that will help improve the health and well-being of those living, working, learning and playing in northern B.C. We want to encourage people to visit the IMAGINE grants website for more information and to apply for grants.

This year, Northern Health is shifting the alignment of the grants to showcase their community health philosophy that health happens in the community and prevention is everyone’s responsibility. We have developed position statements focusing on key modifiable risk factors to support grassroots to government solutions to improving health and wellness by supporting action and partnerships at

the community level. You can learn more about this work our Position Statements Addressing Risk Factors website. IMAGINE grants will provide approximately $365,000 in total this year to community groups and organizations who are successful in illustrating their vision of a health promotion project. Interested groups are encouraged to apply for grants in several categories.

Spirit of the North elects board

The Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation held its 21st annual general meeting on Oct 30. Re-elected to the Board was Darren Masse (BMO Nesbitt Burns), Shane Lapierre (Prince George Fire Fighters), Trevor Lutes (Scotiabank) and Tom Sentes (Wood Wheaton). Newly elected to a two-year term were Don Gowan (Finning Canada), Albert Koehler (city councillor), Colleen Sparrow (Prince George Citizen) and David Yarmish (David J. Yarmish & Associates). Continuing on the Board as the regional representative is Paul Stewart (Gulbranson Logging, Vanderhoof) and Rhonda Loose (Auxiliary to UHNBC). These new Directors join Judy Jackson, Colin Kinsley, Diane Rog-

ers and Trevor Slaney on the Board. Also continuing on the board is Finlay Sinclair, Director of Business Development representing Northern Health. Dr. Michelle Sutter after a decade of service to the board representing the medical community completed her term. Dr. Linda Wilson will be joining the Board. Ron Epp, managing partner of KPMG presented the audited financial statements for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012. Last year, the Foundation had gross revenues of $2,487,527 and issued grants totaling $1,912,401 to UHNBC and numerous other Northern Health facilities throughout northern B.C. President Darren Masse introduced Jessica Aldred as the new Chief Executive Officer

who recently moved to the North after 13 years working in fundraising for a number of organizations. Masse, in his president’s address spoke to the fact that the foundation remains committed to its responsibility as “good stewards of the funds you, our donors have given to us… We need you to know that, we appreciate the trust you have placed in us to make sure your donation to health care is being used most efficiently and for the best impact on health care in the North. “As we improve the quality of our external partnerships, we must strive to understand what is needed in the north and how we can create maximum impact on health care through philanthropy.”

Prince George police timeline

Reverend Susan Scott delivers the service at a service for war veterans Sunday. Te re s a M A LLA M / Fre e Pre s s

Job numbers drop in October

It was a different Pat Bell on Friday. After almost being giddy when discussing monthly job numbers the past few months, Friday’s news that the province lost 10,900 jobs in October Bell was a little more somber. B.C.’s labour force decreased by 18,600 people in October and now stands at 2,484,800. Compared with 14 months ago, B.C.’s labour force has increased by 31,100 people.

B.C.’s unemployment rate of 6.7 per cent is down from September’s rate of 7.0 per cent and is 0.1 of a percentage point higher than October 2011’s rate of 6.6 per cent. B.C. has Canada’s fourth-lowest unemployment rate. Alberta (4.5 per cent), Saskatchewan (4.7 per cent) and Manitoba (5.6 per cent) have lower unemployment rates. The unemployment rate for youth (15 to 24 years of age) was recorded at 13.4 per cent, down by 0.6 percentage points from Sep-

tember. In October 2011, the youth unemployment rate was recorded at 12.7 per cent. Last month strong gains were recorded in finance, insurance, real estate and leasing (+10,300 jobs), other services (+8,000 jobs), information, culture and recreation (+5,000 jobs) and construction (+3,200 jobs). Even with the loss of 10,900 jobs in October, the province remains on track to meet its BC Jobs Plan targets, said the always optimistic Bell.

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Blacktop Blockheads in the snow

■ opinion

vehicle out to the point where the driver I can’t really call the drivers I saw last could put the pedal to the metal and zoom week Blacktop Blockheads, because most of off through the snow. them were driving on snow. • Of course, some drivers like the snow How about Whiteout Weirdos? because it does make the roads more slipWorks for me. pery, and gives them a “reason” to go charg• I would have hoped that having a lot of snow and ice on the road would have made ing through yellow or even red lights. “Well, officer, I couldn’t stop safely even some driver think a bit more about the way though I saw the light change. they were driving, and strive to do Well, yes, I was going about 75 on so in a safer manner. Wrong again. a municipal street, but that was the The number of total idiots on the Allan’s main reason I figured I wouldn’t be road didn’t decrease, although I Amblings able to stop in time.” would say the number of people AllanWishart Somehow I don’t think telling the driving intelligently (i.e. with officer you were speeding and that’s respect for the changed conditions) why you couldn’t stop is going to stop them did increase. It’s not that difficult a concept, from giving you a ticket. people. Snow equals slippery which should • The next person I have seen recently is indicate the need for driving slower and takone who I do feel a little sorry for, but a lot ing more care. of times they bring the problem on themNot for the one person I saw the Monselves. This is the person who has come up day of the snowstorm, who came swinging to a stop sign, and sees a slight break in the around a corner and slid across into the traffic, so they start to make their turn . . . second lane, bumping the curb while going and get their tires spinning in the snow as sideways, which helped to straighten the

they do so, which usually results in oncoming traffic having to slow down (or stop) while our friend finally makes their turn. If there is snow or ice on the corner, even I know that’s going to slow you down a bit when you’re trying to turn, so make sure you have a lot more room than you needed a month ago to make that turn. Of course, it would also help if the more of the roads were plowed within a couple of days of the snow. As of Sunday, four days after the main storm stopped, 18th Avenue still hadn’t been plowed. ANd don’t get me started on how 15th Avenue eastbound between Foothills and Nicholson is mostly one lane because of the snow piled in the inside lane by the plows. • All that said, last week may have been the wildest week of weather I’ve seen in some time in Prince George. We went from about three days of steady snow to -20 to rain within the course of about seven days. Weird.

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Lieutenant Governor retires

By Tom Fletcher Black Press

VICTORIA – Wearing a kilt representing the clan of a Scottish ancestor, Lieutenant Governor Steven Point ended his five-year term Thursday with a unique ceremony at the B.C. legislature. In the ornate rotunda now decorated by his hand-carved dugout canoe, B.C.’s first aboriginal Queen’s representative joined a choir and band to perform an original song he dedicated to the people of B.C. Premier Christy Clark presented Point and his wife Gwendolyn with gifts, and Point was visibly moved when presented with a hand-crafted guitar made in Kamloops. Clark praised the couple for their work during the past five years, including a partnership with Rotary Clubs on literacy in remote B.C. communities. Clark recounted Point’s career, starting as a chief of his own First Nation, moved on to Grand Chief of the Sto:lo Tribal Council, earning two law degrees, becoming a provincial court judge, and serving as chief commissioner of the B.C. Treaty Commission before accepting Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s invitation to serve as Lieutenant Governor.

Sharon TIFFLIN/Black Press

Premier Christy Clark presents Lieutenant Governor Steven Point with a handmade guitar as he ended his five-year term at a ceremony at the B.C. legislature Thursday.

“He set out to be a role model for First Nations people, to inspire young people, and he has reached that goal,” Clark said. Point praised Clark and said the country needs more women leaders, and also showed his penchant for humour.

“Well, it’s all over,” Point said. “I feel like Dorothy at the end of the Wizard of Oz. I’m going to go home now.” Chilcotin rancher Judith Guichon is to be sworn in Friday as B.C.’s 29th Lieutenant Governor.

Cinema CNC presents...

Four for Fall


NOV 17 : mOOnRiSE KinGDOm

Dir: Benh Zeitlin USA� 91 mins. WITH: Quvenzhane � Wallis, Dwight Henry�

DIR: Wes Anderson USA, 94 mins WITH: Bill murray, Edward norton, frances mcDormand, Tilda Swinton and Bruce Willis

This stunning debut from first-time film- maker Benh Zeitlin alludes to a number of artistic masterpieces, paying homage to great works of literature, painting, and cinema. At home in The Bathtub, a marshland cut off from the Louisiana coast, an unapologetically uncivilized band of humans live alongside the animals that sustain them, blissfully disconnected from their resource-burning neighbours to the north. Among them, six-year-old Hushpuppy already fends well for herself, sharing a trailer with her father, Wink, who hasn't been the same since Hushpuppy's mother left them years earlier. Beasts of the Southern Wild is equal parts mythological, anthropological, folkloric, and apocalyptic. An emotionally wrenching and heartfelt portrayal of the bond between a father and his daughter, it is not to be missed.

NOV 24 : the queen of versailles DIR: Lauren Greenfield USA, 100 mins documentary. WITH: David and Jackie Siegel

This real-life riches-to-rags story follows billionaire David Siegel and his wife Jackie as they embark on the construction of their dream home: a sprawling, 90,0000-square-foot mansion inspired by the palace of Versailles, designed to be the largest private residence in the USA. But when the economic crisis hits and the real-estate bubble bursts, progress grinds to a halt and seals the Siegels' fate. Chronicling the decline in the Siegels' fortunes over the course of two years, Greenfield's riveting documentary explores both the virtues and tragic flaws of the American Dream. "A gaudy guilty pleasure that is also a piece of trenchant social criticism; a sprawling, richly detailed study of ambition, desire and the wild swings of fortune that are included in the price of the capitalist ticket.” –A.O. Scott New York Times.

This is the eagerly-anticipated new film from director Wes Anderson, and features his unique brand of quirky humour, an iconic soundtrack and distinctive visual style. On the fictional New England island of New Penzance in 1965, lovestruck twelve-year-olds Sam and Suzy have decided to run away together. Both are isolated children and their romance is ridiculous yet touching — a pre-teen fantasy of grown-up love. Their escape triggers a humourously hapless search party; the dramatic absurdity of the situation is heightened by the violent storm on course for New Penzance. Youʼll find yourself nostalgic for this magical, largely fictional time. Moonrise Kingdom is sure to be a joyful experience for Anderson fans, and a treat for the uninitiated.

dec 1: BOy Dir: Taika Waititi nEW ZEAlAnD, 87 mins maori with subtitles with: James Rolleston, Te Aho Aho Eke� tone-Whitu and Taika Waititi

Itʼs 1984. Michael Jacksonʼs Thriller rules the airwaves and 11-yearold Boy dreams of the day when his absentee father will return to whisk him and his younger brother, Rocky, away from their home in New Zealandʼs Bay of Plenty to see his one-gloved idol in concert. One-time comedian Waititiʼs refreshing direction and funny script imbues the story with magic, from its hand-drawn flip-book animations and Michael Jackson dance fantasies, to its bleeding sunsets, sweeping coastline vistas, and unforgettably colourful characters. As Boy, Rolleston — initially an extra who replaced the original actor at the last minute — turns in a remarkably unaffected, seemingly effortless performance.

All shows in room 1-306 at the college of new caledonia showtimes: 7 + 9:30 pm seasons passes: $24: available: Books and Co. and CNC Bookstore Single tickets: $8, regular;� $7, student, senior, unemployed

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Prince George runner Luke Holmes of Duchess Park Secondary has the edge over Kieran Simpson of Creston’s Prince Charles Secondary shortly before crossing the finish line at the B.C. high school cross country championships on Saturday at D.P. Todd Secondary. Holmes finished 119th out of 264 runners who completed the boys’ 6.3 km course.

Cougars shut out in Kelowna




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New Denver


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Golde All the features of a newspaper Saturday night in Kelowna, the Prince George Cougars Clinton KA M Cache L dropped a 5-0 score to the Kelowna Rockets. Colton Hef- O C E A N now in Lillooet the Big North Free PressRevelstoke OO Port Hardy Creek PS Salmon Arm Radiu fley recorded three assists for the Rockets while Jackson Hot Sprin 97 99 23 Nakusp Pemberton 97 5 19 Whistle turned aside 21 shots for the shutout. Barkerville VERNON 6 Campbell Lytton PUBLISH BOOKING DEADLINE Powell Kelowna took an early 1-0 lead at 2:17 of the first period Kaslo Bear Lake River Whistler KELOWNA Merritt River 5 31 K 33 97 6 Burns Lake when Tyrell Goulbourne tucked home a Riley Stadel Comox d 3 CRAN Courtenay oo 5 Nelson Chetwynd Penticton Princeton rebound for his second of the season. Kelowna kept applyCastlegar 6 3 Cres 4 VANCOUVER Hope Dome Creek Grand 97 Tofino Trail Forks ing early pressure, but Cougars goaltender Mac Engel Osoyoos Francois Lake NANAIMO Rossland Ucluelet had an answer for 10 of the 11 shots he faced in the first Bellingham A Hazelton S U period. Hixon Houston Early in the second, the Cougars came on strong. Marc VICTORIA Port EVERETT Mackenzie Angeles McNulty did his best to spark the team with a fight against Manson Creek SEATTLE Kelowna’s Mitchell Wheaton. McNulty earned the takeMcLeod Lake down, and gave the Cougars some momentum. Prince New Hazelton George fired nine shots towards Jackson Whistle in the Penny second, with the best chance coming off the stick of captain Prince George Quesnel Brock Hirsche. Smithers Late in the second, Kelowna extended their lead to 2-0 Southbank on a Ryan Olsen power play goal. Myles Bell raced down Summit Lake the left wing, and centered a puck to the waiting Olsen Takla Landing who capitalized from the slot. Cody Fowlie would add a Telegraph Creek Terrace late goal with 45 seconds left in the period to make it 3-0 Topley Kelowna after two. Upper Fraser Towards the end of the second, the Cougars were given a Willow River five-on-three power play opportunity that lasted 1:18, but Stuart Nechako Advertiser the Rockets were able to kill it off. Fort St. James, Fort Fraser, With 6:01 gone in the third period, Tyson Baillie extended Fraser Lake, Endako, Telkwa, Germanson Landing, Kelowna’s lead to 4-0 with a goal off a two-on-one. Rourke Vanderhoof Chartier then followed with the fifth Rockets’ goal just 1:44 Valley Sentinel Prince George later to wrap up the game’s scoring. Valemont, McBride, Mac Engel was pulled from the Cougars goal after ChartBlue River, Dunster ier’s marker, and Brett Zarowny finished the game for the Total 35,436* * based on Canada Post count Jan. 2011 Cougars, turning aside all eight shots he faced. Mac Engel PROUDLY SERVING 63,000 READERS IN BC’S NORTHERN CAPITAL stopped 22 of the 27 shots he faced, many of which were  " '#!"$&"$#*#!$%"##%!!$# Covering these quality scoring chances. fl ("#* & &"$# The final shots on goal had Kelowna in front by a 35-21 communities every margin. The Cougars finished zero-for-four on the power

    1773 S. Lyon St. Prince George, BC V2N 1T3 play while Kelowna went one-for-three. month through Email: The loss halts the Cougars three-game point streak, and Canada Post!! moves their record to 7-8-1-1. The victory for Kelowna helps them improve to 10-6-1-1. Prince George now returns home to face the defending champion Edmonton Oil Kings on Friday and Saturday at CN Centre. NO



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Reservoir Elevation: 852.34 m (2796.19ft) SLS Discharge: 63.3 m3/s Cheslatta Falls: 57 m3/s Nautley River: 11.5 m3/s Vanderhoof: 79 m3/s Isle Pierre: 170 m3/s For more information please call Rio Tinto Alcan at 250-567-5105. A recording of Flow Facts is available 24-hours in Vanderhoof at 5675812

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FRONT COUNTER & KITCHEN Frankie’s Burger Enterprises Inc. dba Fatburger hiring for their location in Prince George,BC. Food Counter Attendant($10.90/hr) & Kitchen Helper ($10.25/hr for all locations); both 40hrs/week+ben. Apply by Fax: (604) 637-8874.

No Phone Inquiries Accepted – Closing date November 9, 2012

CHILDREN’S ASSESSMENT & SUPPORT WORKERS Prima Assessment Centre is an accredited residential behavioral assessment program for children ages 5 – 12. We are currently accepting resumes from skilled, caring, energetic, individuals who are seeking challenging, rewarding opportunities to facilitate positive growth and change in the lives of children in care. Qualifications include a relevant degree or 2 year diploma, related experience, have/willing to obtain Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) certificate, valid 1st Aid Certificate and Class 5 drivers license. Casual Work is available to cover 8 hour shifts within the 24 hour/7 day a week program. Union Wages for casual employees start at 17.25 per hour plus 10.2% in lieu of benefits. Please submit resume to: Program Director, 2306 Pine Street, Prince George, BC, V2L 2E5 Fax: (250) 563-0824; Email:


Prince George - Classifieds - Free Press

Wednesday, October 31, 2012






Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate


OfÀce Support

OfÀce Support

Trades, Technical

Legal Services

$200 & Under

Apt/Condo for Rent

SIBOLA MOUNTAIN FALLING is looking for Certified Fallers for seismic work in BC & Alberta. For more info contact Jordan at 250-5969488 or

CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

Bridgestone tires. 1 new LT 265 75R/16 on steel 7 bolt rim $200. 2 used LT 265 75R/16 tires $30 ea (250)613-6455

Mobile Homes & Parks MODULAR HOMES and park model homes factory direct wholesale. New single wides $37,209 doubles $73,486 Special winter discounts! Call The Home Boys 877-976-3737 or


RECEPTIONIST Prince George Geotech Drilling Services employ professional, energetic, solution minded individuals that endeavor to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. The Receptionist possesses an energizing spirit with motivation to deliver superior time management and organizational skill while keeping an open mind to all contingencies of the position. Responsibilities will include but are not limited to: Greets customers, staff and the public - Answers 12 line switchboard and routes as required and/ or takes messages - Filing, photocopying, and scanning as required - Appointment reminders - Data compilation - Work with Administration, Project Managers and Operations personnel as needed - Other duties as assigned Qualifications: - Excellent customer service and organizational abilities - 1+ years’ experience in a professional office environment or a combination of schooling (i.e., Office Administration Certificate) and experience - Excellent use of Microsoft Outlook, MS Word and Excel - Flexible nature and a positive outlook Deadline to seize this opportunity is November 6, 2012. Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply at No phone calls please. We thank all that apply; however, only short listed candidates will be contacted

Help your child develop a LOVE of


Temporary Support Staff Position Union requires temporary/on-call support staff with reception and secretarial experience to work at the Prince George Area Office. This is an on-call position for relief coverage. Applicants must have secretarial/reception experience; high school graduation supplemented by secretarial training; typing speed and accuracy; proficiency in Word; an excellent command of English grammar; database experience an asset. An aptitude for organization, detail and the ability to set priorities and work within time limit is required. Knowledge of the trade union movement is an asset. Excellent salary package is provided under a collective agreement. Aptitude, word processing and typing tests will be administered to all qualified applicants. Based on the results of the tests, only successful candidates will be interviewed. Apply with cover letter and resume by November 2, 2012 to BC Government and Service Employees’ Union 1070 4th Avenue, Prince George, BC, V2L 3J1.

Trades, Technical FALLERS needed for Seismic Line Cutting: Must be BC or Enform Level 3 Certified. Start mid to late November until March 2013. Call (250)2294709

1645 Spruce St. Prince George


JOURNEYMAN TECHNICIAN required immediately for Chrysler/ Dodge/ Jeep dealership in Salmon Arm, BC. Proven producer, good attitude, quality workmanship a must. Excellent wage and benefit package. Contact Pat 250832-8053,

Trades, Technical


Health Products

Personal Care S T OF P BEReader’s Choice G

GET 50% OFF - Join Herbal Magic this week and get 50% Off. Lose weight quickly, safely and keep it off, proven results! Call Herbal Magic today! 1-800-854-5176.

Best Place for Glasses



Reduce Debt by up to


• Avoid Bankruptcy • Avoid bankruptcy • Rebuild Your Credit • 0% InterestCanadian • Proudly

250-277-1677 250-434-4226

DROWNING IN Debt? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30%, or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation. Toll Free 1 877-5563500 GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: it’s that simple. Your credit/age/income is not an issue. 1-800-587-2161. M O N E Y P R OV I D E R . C O M . $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

Spruceland Mall 250.564.0095 Pine Centre Mall 250.564.0047

Home Improvements Bath & Kitchen Specialist

We bring creative design ideas to the table, as we work closely with you to achieve the perfect remodel. No job too big and none certainly, too small. Call Tom today for free estimate.


G Gilbert Renovation Year round reno needs. Int/ext, nothing too small. 30 yrs exp. Free estimates! Call Gaetan (250) 560-5845 or 552-7184

Pets & Livestock

Lessons/Training DOG obedience classes. Next set of classes to start on 28 October. Check website for registration forms and more info.

Merchandise for Sale

$100 & Under

NEED MONEY? No credit checks! No upfront fees! Immediate response! Electronic deposits and payments! 1 (866) 499-5629



IBEW Local 993

Both men and women for industrial work in Northern B.C.

Another Trip To The Dump

$50 Antique at

Used Prince George .com BUY & SELL FREE!™

Misc. for Sale FOR SALE: Sled dog box: accommodates 16 dogs; insulated, storage cupboard, night lights, exhaust stack; asking $600. Contact: Carol 250 567-6971 FOR THE HOME BREWER Wine making equipment. Incl. 2 primary buckets, 4 carboy’s, hoses, syphon’s, thermometers, floor corker (some corks) electric bottle filler plus lots more. Must be sold as a complete set $375 250-562-3747 STEEL BUILDINGS - Canadian made! - Reduced prices now! 20x22 $4,455. 25x26 $4,995. 30x38 $7,275. 32x50 $9,800. 40x54 $13,995. 47x80 $19,600. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-6685422. Woodfired Boiler. Tarm Innova 50 controls & storage. 250-344-2603 evenings.

Misc. Wanted Private Coin Collector Buying Collections, Accumulations, Olympic Gold & Silver Coins + Chad: 250-863-3082 in Town

Real Estate Lots 2 acre building lot (219’ x 397’) in city limits. 10862 Jutland Rd $35,000 Ph (250)964-0357


JOURNEY WITH US VOLUNTEER POSITIONS INCLUDE: Venue Committee Chair Sport Committee Chair > Venue Team Leaders > Volunteer Committee Chair >

Chief Medical Officer, Medical Services Committee Chair > Sport Leaders >


Please Email resume with names and phone numbers of 3 references, copies of tickets to:

Free Press

Volunteer to work on an outstanding project.


$34.35/hr, $5.10/hr into RRSPs 12% holiday pay every paycheck Medical & Dental after 90 days

No pick up until after 6:00 pm Back Door

We're growing!

is accepting resume’s from



Extra lean ground beef, pre sale discount on orders before Nov 15th $3/lb, 1 lb pkgs, 20 lb min. Satisfaction Guaranteed Bar K Ranch 1(250)967-4272 Wine bottles, including box, $5/dozen (250)960-8372

Trades, Technical

Free Items

1773 S. Lyon Street Phone (250)564-0005

Psychic readings every Fri & Sat at Art Space above Books & Co on Third. Call for an appt (250)561-0290 or 561-1213

Financial Services

Kenmore Ultra Stitch 12 Sewing machine, oak cab w/ 1 drw Incl. instructions, thread, bobbins & access. Immaculate condition $200 250-964-4205

> > > > > >

Team player & self starter Excellent communications skills Ability to make accurate & timely decisions Ability to perform simultaneous multiple tasks Previous Games or related experience considered an asset Willingness to volunteer variable hours, including evenings & weekends Fluency in French considered a major asset

To apply, please visit / for full volunteer descriptions and closing dates. Resumes can be forwarded to: Human Resources, 2015 Canada Winter Games, 545 Quebec Street, Prince George, B.C., V2L 1W6 or email and include volunteer position title in the subject line. The Prince George 2015 Canada Games Host Society is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all individuals to apply for volunteer postings. The 2015 Canada Winter Games will be the largest multi-sport and cultural event ever held in Prince George and Northern British Columbia to date and is forecasted to generate an economic impact of $70- $90 million while building champions and inspiring dreams amongst Canadian youth. Athletes from 10 Provinces and 3 Territories will compete in 19 sports with the dream of becoming Canada’s next champions. In 2015, choose your path, leave your tracks, and journey with the 2015 Canada Winter Games as we host the nation and share a northern story with all of Canada.

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent


• 1 & 2 bedroom apartments available • Close to hospital & downtown • Rent includes heat, hot water • Elevator to undercover parking • Fridge, stove, quality carpets, drapes • Laundry on each floor • No pets

To Rent Call:

250-561-1447 GATEWAY MANOR 2080 20th Ave. Clean, quiet bldg with security entrance. No pets, spacious 1 & 2 bdrm suites . Resident mgr 250-5619397. Bach $450, 1 bdrm $570, heat, h/w incl., 1601 Queensway; 250-596-4275 250-612-7199

Carriage Lane Estates

Close to CNC and shopping


HARDWOOD MANOR APTS Large 1 & 2 bdrm suites Hardwood floors throughout Heat & Hot water included

1575 Queensway 250-596-9484

Pet friendly, 1 bdrm suites, includes utilities, $375 - $675 Senior discount. PH (250)6498439 or 1 (604)510-3252


2666 Upland Street 1 & 2 bedroom apts. Rent includes: hydro, heat, hot water, appliances, drapes and parking. Quiet, no pets


VENICE PLACE APTS 1438 Queensway Bachelor, 1 & 2 bdrm Suites Balcony, Elevator, Underground parking. Heat included Call (250)561-1446

If you’re out of sight...’re out of business!

Briarwood Apts. 1330/80 Foothills Blvd. 1 & 2 Bdrm suites 250-561-1571

Advertising Works! 250-564-0005



LEASE SPACE AVAILABLE 1600 THIRD AVE - THE GATHERING PLACE Approximately 3500 sq ft of space available in a friendly building. Lots of onsite parking, meeting rooms (small and large) available for use, restaurant in building, bus stop/public transit at front of building, close to downtown. Great space for a nonprofit group. Lease rate negotiable.

Request for further information 250-564-3568 ext 204


Prince George - Classifieds - Free Press

Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Commercial/ Industrial

Off Road Vehicles

Majestic Management (1981) Ltd. CE • OFFI ERCIAL M • COM IL A T • RE


2010 Polaris 550 Sportsman ATV 511 kms. Only been on gravel logging roads. When purchased $11,500.00 plus $500 in after market items (Warn winch, windshield, mirrors, camo saddle and rear bags, gun boot and holder plus cover. Asking $8500 Serious inquiries only. 250-562-3747

Gingolx Village Government

Homes for Rent Nice, clean, 2 bdrm home at Ness Lake. F/S W/D, elect, nat gas $750/mo (250)967-4428

Suites, Lower 1 bdrm bsmt suite, College Hts, sep entrance, $750 incl utilities. 250-961-3981 Fully furnished 1 bdrm bsmt suite. All appliances included. Close to CNC, UNBC & Pine Centre 250-564-9443

Suites, Upper 3 Br Heritage area, all major appl inc, Shared laundry, $1350 inc utilies. Close to school & bus.Ph 250-614-9675 Large bright 1 bdrm, F/S, alarm, newer house, close to Van Bien school & bus. $550 util inc. Ph: 250-563-7215

OMG! It’s your BFF! And FYI: he’s such a QT!


INVITATION TO TENDER Sealed tenders marked “Sewage Lift Station No.1 Construction 1156-1” will be received no later than 3:00 pm local time on Thursday November 22, 2012 by the Gingolx Village Government at the office of McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. Suite #1 – 5008 Pohle Avenue, Terrace, BC V8G 4S8 This tender is for the early spring construction the installation of a pre-fabricated – fiberglass reinforced plastic sewage lift station complete with submersible pumps, controls; sanitary sewer modifications, force main, control building, and standby electric power generator. The owner reserves the right to reject any or all of the Tenders and the lowest tender will not necessarily be accepted. Tender Documents may be viewed at the Gingolx Village Government Office or at McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. Suite #1 – 5008 Pohle Avenue, Terrace, BC on or after October 24, 2012. All bidders shall familiarize themselves with the local site, high ground water conditions, availability of local materials, labour and equipment, infrastructure conditions, and the need to provide full time compliance with DFO fisheries and sediment control, and possible dewatering requirements. A mandatory site visit will be held November 1st at 11:00 a.m. Meet at the administration office, Gingolx, BC. Tender documents may be obtained on or after October 24th, 2012 from McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd., Suite #1 – 5008 Pohle Avenue, Terrace, BC V8G 4S8. Project Engineer: Joel Barkman, P.Eng. (250) 635-7163.

Space available for rent For all your rental needs Call 562-8343 or 562-RENT


Trucks & Vans 2002 Ford F150XLT. 4X4, triton V8, power locks and windows, cruise control. Truck is in good working condition Asking $6000 OBO Email ‘98 Ford Windstar van, Excellent deal! $2000 FIRM. Includes $800 winter studded

tires. 163,000 km (250)564-1544 or (250)613-7870


Tenders LOGGING Contract Tender For Managed Forest 77, Managed Forest 243, Woodlot 0408. 45,000 m3 in the West Kootenay area. 3-year time frame, beginning January 2012. Detailed Tender documents at: Viewings: November 2nd & 16th, 2012. Tender Submission Deadline: December 15th, 2012

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Unduplicated Homes & Businesses in the


Carrier delivered to over 28,000 homes and businesses in Prince George

Postal delivered to over 34,000 homes in 36 communities in North Central BC

Postal delivered to over 20,000 homes in 28 communities in Northern BC

Call one of these professional advertising consultants to Ànd your next employee!

Anne Kiteley

250-564-0005 •

Penny Shirly Brown Prokopchuk S PLU REACH THE WORLD WITH



ing Togethe

w r for a Vibrant Do



1 The Wild Life - ENTRY BOX

HOW TO WIN THE SHOWCASE! When you come downtown, look for participating businesses and |the Downtown Christmas Showcase posters. Enter your guess

Patagonia Powder Bowl Insulated Goretex Jacket-womens 2 The Honey Tree - ENTRY BOX

In Stock Top or Blouse 3 Barbers on 3rd

Gift Certicate 4 Ric’s Grill

Gift Certicate

of the total “Showcase Prize Package Value” by Dec. 14th, 2012.

5 Savers Optical - ENTRY BOX


Gift Certicate towards glasses or contacts 6 Urban Treasure

Art Deco Metal Vase 7 RBC (Main Branch)


Ashley Rocker Recliner

8 Alison’s Embroidery & Gifts

Black Tough Jacket 9 Le Beaux Visages

Gift Basket 10 Prince George Florists

Gift Basket 11 Doucette Realty

Gift Certicate Twisted Cork Restaurant 12 Coast Inn - Coffee Garden

Patagonia Powder Bowl Insulated Goretex Jacket - womens


Dinner for 4 People “Prime Rib” Black Diamond Lanes ENTRY BOX Bowling Package for up to 10 People

14 City Furniture - ENTRY BOX nt ing Togethe Dow r for Work a Vibrant





PHONE ADDRESS SHOWCASE TOTAL IS $ Total Prize Package to be won by whomever is closest to guessing the Actual Regular Retail Price for all the items included in the Showcase. In the event of a tie, winner decided by a draw. Watch for Participating Merchant List updated weekly in the Free Press!

Ashley Recliner Rocker 15 Spee-Dee Printers

Gift Basket





#1 T




Urban Treasure






T. 19



SAVERS OPTICAL Locally Owned & Operated

30 DBIA Office


2 5 14

10 9 6

7 15


8 1

11 13

4 12

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Darry l DYC K /Canadian Press (photo pool)

Judith Guichon descends the front steps at the B.C. legislature after being sworn in as B.C.’s 29th Lieutenant Governor Friday.

November 5, 2012_Daily  

Prince George's community newspaper

November 5, 2012_Daily  

Prince George's community newspaper