Healthier You | Summer 2017

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What is your advice to young people about smoking? I was young once, too, and I understand where they are. Please be wise enough not to take things lightly. I want them to know that it’s extra cool to be athletic, active, and healthy. If you are standing alone to be a leader in wellness, so be it. Bask in it. Know that you are doing a good thing. I can’t emphasize enough to youth that everything I was taught back then about health and wellness is in style now.

What has your quitting journey done for you? It has given me back to me. It has reawakened my spirit – who I am, who I am supposed to become. I went out of my comfort zone and it opened up other doors and reawakened my dreams. We can all do this. This journey has liberated me and taken me away from all the things that were hindering my potential. I’ve come back to where I used to be: that optimistic 23-year-old – but wiser.

What is your advice to others on their quitting journeys? Invest in your kids and grandchildren, because the message of quitting will impact your whole family. Seek out all the supports you can find – The cigarette takes away from your life, from your time. It really isn’t a grounding method to cope with feelings at all, although that’s the illusion: that it helps us de-stress. Try your best to be able to stand in front of the challenges without cigarettes. Start little. Do your core work. Embrace who you are. Possibilities are limitless once you quit smoking. You’ll be able to quit other things, too. At first it’s hard, but after a while, it becomes a habit to make healthy choices. It’s never too late!

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Healthier You