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Chiropractic for Young Animals Alissa Grover, DC, CAC Often I will get the question, “What is a good age for me to start having my animal adjusted?” As a natural and holistic healthcare approach, chiropractic can be gentle and effective for animals of all ages. However, the best time to start chiropractic for a young animal is when it is still in the womb! Chiropractic During Pregnancy The overall health of any creature begins with its development in the womb. By improving the health and quality of life of the mother, chiropractic will also improve the health and quality of life of her offspring. A pregnant female goes through a lot of physiological changes to support the development of the fetus(es). This can put a lot of stress on the mother’s body, particularly her musculoskeletal system. The additional weight and bulk can lead to back pain, muscle tension, and sore joints, among other things.

Not only can chiropractic adjustments help to relieve these ailments, it can help provide a more hospitable environment for the developing fetus(es). Chiropractic misalignments in the mother can stretch and pull on the ligaments and other supporting structures of the uterus. This can lead to uterine constraint, which reduces the amount of space available within the uterus for the growing offspring. Keeping the mother’s body in alignment can prevent this from occurring and also help to ensure proper nerve flow to the area. Ultimately, the mother will be more likely to have a successful labor with healthy young. Chiropractic for Newborns Animals can safely be adjusted soon after birth. The most significant experience they have had at this point is the trip through the birth canal. This can be quite traumatic to their body, particularly to the upper neck and pelvis. The head often has to assume an unnatural position when exiting the birth canal, which can tweak the atlas (first cervical) vertebra. The pelvis of the animal is a prominent feature that can catch on the mother’s pelvis during labor. This can misalign both the baby and the mother’s pelvis. If a young animal does acquire a misalignment during its birth, it can make basic actions such as suckling, sleeping comfortably, and learning how to walk uncomfortable. It can also interrupt nerve flow from the brain to the still developing limbs and organs. Although it would be nearly impossible to trace a future issue back to that specific cause, it is known that chronic nerve interference can lead to major biomechanical dysfunctions and body diseases. Having newborns checked and adjusted, if needed, can set them off on the right path for health.


April 2014

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Chiropractic for Growing Animals Puppies, kittens, foals, and other young animals are full of youthful energy and curiosity, exploring the world, playing with others, and learning how to use their new bodies. This can lead to blunders, accidents, and falls. Although young bodies are more flexible and resilient than adult bodies, they can still acquire chiropractic misalignments. Over time, those misalignments cause unequal wear and tear on their joints that may lead to more serious issues, such as disc protrusions and torn ligaments. Routine chiropractic adjustment through the growing stages will keep their body balanced and healthy, helping to prevent those problems from happening. It is important to note that chiropractic care does not replace veterinary care at any age. However, it can be a wonderful complementary treatment. In the state of Utah, animal chiropractors are required to be certified in animal chiropractic and obtain a veterinary referral. Make sure that you only take your animals to a trained and certified animal chiropractor who is following the laws of their field. Dr. Alissa Grover is a chiropractic physician certified in animal chiropractic by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. She practices at the Animal Care Center in West Bountiful, UT and travels throughout Utah to adjust animals. She can be reached at (801) 294-5960 or Learn more about animal chiropractic at her personal website,

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