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benefit from versatility. Changing consumer preferences are a constant reality in the food service business, and the beverage category is no exception. Stay ahead of the curve with Sysco and our wide range of top-quality hot beverage offerings! drink up the profits. Consumers are becoming increasingly choosy when it comes to beverages, seeking more variety and innovation. Novel flavors and seasonal offerings are becoming expected. Use this as an opportunity for menu differentiation and watch your profits grow!





Arabica & Robusta Beans!


Citavo Quality Tiers & Roasts Gourmet, Premium and Traditional


The Iconic Cup 3 Easy Steps for Creating Your own Iconic Cup


Upgrading Your Coffee is Easy 4 Key Brewing Fundamentals


Coffee & Dessert Pairings Almond Coffee Cake


Heat Up Sales with Flavored Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Drinks S’mores Cocoa & Café Magic


Cream for your Cup International Delight Creamers


Bold Flavors, Bold Coffee International Delight Flavor Shots


The NesCafé Plan Creating Shared Value


Citavo Liquid Coffee


Hot Tea Basics Tea Trends and More


White Lion Tea Tea Variety and How Tea Helps Your Health


Citavo Cappuccino & Cocoa


Boost Sales with Merchandising





welcome. Nothing quite soothes the palate or enlivens the senses like a quality hot beverage. And nowadays, more and more operators are turning this recession-proof (or staple) foodservice category from just another section on the menu into a powerful profit center. Sysco’s hot beverage products and accompaniments have the distinct flavors and unsurpassed quality needed to drive sales in this expanding, but crowded market segment. Our philosophy is simple – provide the choicest products at the best prices so that you can give customers the value they expect while still maximizing the bottom line. So whether it’s a robust gourmet coffee, an antioxidant-rich tea or a decadent drink flavoring, you can depend on Sysco for all of your hot beverage needs.


Arabica & Robusta Beans! Different coffee beans create different flavors in the cup. While there are several species of the shrub Coffea, the plant that produces the berries from which coffee is extracted, the two most cultivated plants are the Arabica and Robusta. Of the two main species grown, Arabica coffee is more highly regarded than Robusta coffee.

The Arabica Bean – Grown in the highlands, this bean can be found at an altitude of 2,000 to 6,000 feet. The Arabica bean grows on a very delicate plant that is slow to mature. Its flavor is rich and aromatic, which carries over into the finished product. Arabica beans are sought out for their aroma and flavor. These beans are used in darker roasted blends, premium proprietary blends, flavored coffees, as well as core hot and black coffee blends.


The Robusta Bean – The lowland Robusta bean can be found at 2,000 feet. It grows at a rapid pace; has a strong, bitter taste and is not very aromatic. This bean is much higher in caffeine than the Arabica. The Robusta bean is used to provide the full-bodied taste and high caffeine concentration in European espresso blends. It is also commonly blended with Arabica in commercial coffee blends. All Citavo coffee blends are made from 100% Arabica beans except for Citavo Special Blend, which is a combination of Arabica and Robusta beans.

Citavo Quality Tiers & Roasts Whether a customer is seeking gourmet “coffeehouse” options or traditional “value offerings,” Citavo coffee offers a delicious selection of quality blends fit for any segment and every patron’s palate.

Gourmet The gourmet tier offers complex taste profiles and exceptional beans sourced from the world’s premier coffee estates.

create a distinctive taste, rich aroma and a deep, full-bodied flavor. Available in both regular and decaffeinated.

100% Arabica French Roast

100% Arabica Royal Mountain Roast

The finest Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America define the character of this bold dark roast, presenting rich, deep, sweet flavor for a distinctive coffeehouse experience.

A light body and sweet, crisp aroma balanced with medium to high acidity for a pleasantly smooth flavor. Available in regular only.

100% Arabica Gold Roast Smooth with a bittersweet finish, this roast is lighter in color and delivers a balance of medium-to full-bodied flavor with a sweet aroma that presents hints of red wine.

100% Colombian Traditional Roast Colombian coffee has a distinct, pleasing flavor. We roast ours to a medium-to full-bodied flavor and rich, smooth aroma. Available in both regular and decaffeinated.

Traditional This tier is designed for those customers looking for a traditional coffee program with value as the primary objective.

Special Blend Arabica and Robusta coffee beans roasted to a light or medium color for a full-bodied, hearty profile and a nutty, smooth finish. Available in both regular and decaffeinated.

Premium The coffees offered at this level provide the operator with a wide variety of blends. Explosive growth in the premium tier has been driven by large franchises and fast food restaurants turning quality coffee into a preference for everyday consumption.





100% Arabica West Coast Blend A blend of Central and South American high-grown, mild coffee beans roasted dark to



The Iconic Cup Many different factors come together to make a great cup of coffee – bean origins, varieties, roast styles, and brewing techniques. All this complexity can be intimidating for customers who just want to serve a good cup of coffee. That’s why Sysco likes to cut through the complexity and talk about “iconic” cups of coffee that operators might aspire to serve. In today’s coffee world, there are a few dominant brands that consumers identify with. These leading national brands have chosen to serve a distinct cup of coffee with specific features that coffee drinkers are drawn to. For example, a high-end coffee house brand tends to offer a full-bodied dark roast, while a major donut player prefers a medium roast with rich acidity and body. The leading QSR is serving a medium-bodied, medium-roasted breakfast blend, while your typical corner diner offers a lighter coffee that patrons can enjoy all day and with a bottomless cup quantity. At Sysco, we match the standards of these power coffee brands with our Citavo brand coffee blends, which emulate these “iconic” coffee experiences. Choose the experience you want to offer your customers, then selecting your Citavo blend will be simple.

See how our Citavo® brand blends match up: Theirs



Diner Style Coffee • Value blends • A traditional, all day, everyday cup with a lighter roast and body

Citavo® Special Blend

Fast Food Style Coffee • Smooth coffee with some acidity and a lighter roast

Citavo® Royal Mountain or West Coast Blend

Donut Shop Style Coffee • Bright acidity, medium roast, full body to fuel hard-working folks

Citavo® Gold Roast Blend

Coffee House Style Coffee • Gourmet coffee house experience • Darker roast and full body

Citavo® French Roast Blend

> 3 Easy Steps for Creating Your own Iconic Cup 1) Simplify – Choose one of the four “iconic” coffee styles you’d like to create with your coffee program.

2) Identify – Your Marketing Associate or a Beverage Specialist can recommend the matching Citavo blend.

3) Optimize – Determine the throw weight that best fits your cost and operational needs.




Upgrading Your Coffee is Easy S Sysco offers a large selection of coffee from light to dark roast, from ttraditional up to gourmet quality, regular or decaf, whole beans and gas flushed ground. We offer affordable choices that make upgrading your ccoffee selection easy. Upgrading current coffee can be done with little or n added equipment, or operational impact. no > Take your existing blend of coffee and increase the throw weight > Add a limited-time offering or flavored coffee to the menu > Replace traditional tier coffee with a premium tier selection that will draw new customers Upgrading your coffee gives you a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded arena. It helps keep current customers satisfied while attracting new ones.


4 Key Brewing Fundamentals Preparing a great cup of coffee is easy with a few brewing suggestions. Following a consistent brewing process is key; any change will affect the overall taste.

1. Coffee to Water Ratio – Typically this is referred to as the throw weight. Not enough coffee will cause over extraction, while too much coffee will cause under extraction.

2. Grind – Beans being too coarse will result in under extraction; too fine and a bitter flavor will develop from being overly extracted. About 70% of all positive coffee flavorings are extracted in the first third of the brewing process.

3. Contact Time – The amount of time the water is in contact

Brewing Tip: Don’t take a cup of coffee from the pot until it’s done brewing. Removing the cup will interrupt the balance of the brew and will affect the taste of the remaining coffee in the pot.

with the coffee will affect the taste of the brew. Be careful with this step. If the water is in contact for too short of a time it will cause under extraction, too long and it will lead to over extraction.

4. Water Temperature – The ideal brewing temperature is between 95 and 205 degrees. Water that’s too cold will lead to under extraction, and water that’s too hot will lead to over extraction.


Coffee & Dessert Pairings The rich flavor of coffee pairs well with the sweet taste of dessert. Coffee complements most desserts, and offering the right selection will boost check averages and margins. Simply match the roast or richness of your coffee choice with popular desserts to create a winning combination. The following list will help you create exceptional pairings:

Simple Cakes – Pound cake and angel food cake go well with lighter roasts. Pair with 100% Colombian Traditional Roast and 100% Arabica Royal Mountain Roast.

Fruit Pastry – Fruit pies, cobblers, dumplings, and cakes such as pineapple upside down cake complement a medium roast. Try matching these fruit-based desserts with 100% Arabica Gold Roast, 100% Arabica Royal Mountain Roast, or our Special Blend.

Creamy Desserts – Whipped and creamy desserts like tiramisu and cream pies pair nicely with a medium to rich roast. Couple these desserts with 100% Colombian Traditional Roast or 100% Arabica West Coast Blend.


Cakes & Pies – Whether it’s a classic sheet cake or a pumpkin pie, medium to rich roasts couple nicely with these selections. Cakes, cobblers and fruit pies pair with medium roasts such as 100% Arabica Gold Roast, 100% Arabica Royal Mountain Roast, or our Special Blend.

Tart Citrus Desserts – For tart desserts like lemon meringue or key lime pie, serve a medium roast coffee blend like our 100% Arabica Gold Roast or our 100% Arabica West Coast Blend.

Chocolate Desserts – Rich chocolate desserts are the perfect match for our 100% Arabica French Roast.

Cheesecakes – Richer coffees like the 100% Arabica French Roast or 100% Arabica West Coast Blend belong with your New York cheesecake offerings.

Multi-Flavored Rich Desserts – Gourmet pies flavored cheesecakes and seven layer bars match nicely with the dark, rich 100% Arabica French Roast.

This Almond Coffee Cake is a perfect match for our 100% Arabica Colombian Traditional Roast or 100% Arabica Royal Mountain Roast. Almond Coffee Cake Yield: 3 cakes Cakes Nonstick baking spray 4½ cups all-purpose flour 4½ teaspoons baking powder ¾ teaspoon ground ginger ¾ teaspoon salt 2¼ cups sour cream 1½ teaspoons almond extract 1½ cups granulated sugar 6 ounces unsalted butter, cut into small pieces and softened 6 large eggs 1½ cups sliced almonds, toasted

Streusel 1½ cups packed light brown sugar ¾ cup all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon 6 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, cut into small pieces Fresh raspberries for garnish 1. Prepare Cakes: Spray three 9- to 10-inch springform pans or round ceramic baking dishes with nonstick baking spray. In large bowl, sift together flour, baking powder, ginger and salt. In medium bowl, stir sour cream and almond extract. 2. Beat granulated sugar and butter on medium speed until light and fluffy, scraping bowl occasionally. Add eggs, 2 at a time, beating well after each addition. Add sour cream mixture and beat until combined.

3. Reduce speed to low; gradually add flour mixture and beat just until combined, scraping bowl occasionally. Evenly pour batter into prepared pans. Bake at 350° for 25 minutes. 4. Prepare Streusel: In large bowl, sift together brown sugar, flour and cinnamon. With fingertips, work in butter until pea-sized crumbs form. 5. Evenly sprinkle streusel and almonds over cakes. Bake 5 minutes longer or until toothpick inserted in center of cakes comes out clean. Cool cakes in pans on wire rack 10 minutes. To serve, top with raspberries. Serve cake warm or at room temperature.


Heat Up Sales with Flavored Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa Drinks Pour on the profits with hot beverage sales America’s obsession with gourmet coffee and tea is recession-proof. According to the National Coffee Association’s 2012 National Coffee Drinking Trends study, coffee consumption has been steadily increasing, up more than 17% over the past two years. Moreover, tea is quickly becoming the hottest drink on the market because of its antioxidant qualities and the increasing prevalence of retail tea stores. And the popularity of chocolate festivals across the country is helping to drive demand for hot cocoa to consumers of all ages. From a simple cup of caffé Americano to gourmet espresso drinks, hot teas and cocoas, operators can maximize profits by offering a wide variety of beverage flavoring options. And, Monin Gourmet Flavorings offers a full range of convenient flavors in the most popular and seasonal flavors.

Warm things up with winter flavors To encourage traffic on slow evenings and to increase beverage and food sales, host special tasting events. Print coffee or tea suggestions on the tasting event menu, like wine pairings. Featuring a “Flavor of the Month” or a signature drink is another way to boost sales. Traditional flavors like Monin Hazelnut, French Vanilla and Caramel continue to be customer favorites, but seasonal flavors tied to the holidays are also very popular. Suggested offerings are: > Harvest Pumpkin Spice Latte > Skinny Gingerbread Latte > Chestnut Mocha > Toffee Nut Cocoa > S’mores Cocoa > Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea > Red Rooibos Tea infused with Black Currant


According to the National Coffee Association’s 2012 National Coffee Drinking Trends study, coffee consumption has been steadily increasing, up more than 17% over the past two years.

S’mores Cocoa Cup size: 12 oz

Hot Cocoa 8 oz Monin Toasted Marshmallow Syrup 1 oz Mini Marshmallows

1. Add Monin Syrup to the cup. 2. Stir while filling with hot cocoa. 3. Garnish with mini marshmallows. Café Magic Cup size: 10 oz

Monin Irish Cream Syrup Monin Espresso Syrup Monin Amaretto Syrup Coffee Half and Half

¼ oz ¼ oz ¼ oz 5 oz 2 oz

1. Combine ingredients in a serving cup. 2. Stir and garnish.

Monin also offers offers seasonal favorites like Pecan Pie Pie, Cinnamon, Toasted Marshmallow, Dark Chocolate, Irish Cream and Peppermint. Hundreds of recipes and serving suggestions are also available at to give your customers countless reasons to come back all winter long.

Monin products are available from Operating Companies, Central Warehouse and


Cream for Your Cup For many coffee lovers, cream isn’t just a garnish, it’s a necessity. Having a quality choice of cream can complete the coffee experience. Dean Morningstar brings you sweet cream selections from International Delight.

Unflavored International Delight Half & Half cream is the preferred choice among consumers. Made with real dairy, this cream is specifically packaged to offer a 60-day guaranteed shelf life; it’s also kosher-certified. International Delight offers a non-dairy unflavored cream as well.

Flavored Allow your customers to choose from an assortment of flavors to create a customized, gourmet cup of coffee in seconds. International Delight has their Flavored Favorites including French vanilla, amaretto, and chocolate cream. The gourmet varieties in International Delight’s Coffeehouse Inspirations include white chocolate mocha and caramel macchiato.

Single Serving or Bulk Dispenser? Each option has its own benefits. Single serving is a simple way to offer customization of coffee while saving money. Single serving also allows you to focus on creamer variety, instead of offering a variety of coffee roasts. There’s no need to refrigerate, making it perfect for easy, back-of-the-house storage. Bulk cream dispensers are more cost-effective for high-volume operations, making them an ideal choice for operators selling over 100 cups a day. The dispensers are designed to handle heavy use, but are easy to set up and operate. Bulk dispensers require minimal cleaning and offer labor savings when compared to refilling carafes.


Bold Flavors, Bold Coffee Flavor Shots Sometimes it’s the little things that make a beverage satisfying, like a shot of flavor in a fresh cup of coffee. Adding flavor options can enhance your coffee bar and please customers without additional expense. In a recent study, nearly 72% of customers rated the “ability to customize” as the most important coffee bar benefit. Flavor shots give customers a variety of options to satisfy individual preferences. Boost the flavor of your coffee or tea with International Delight Flavor Shots for cold beverages, coffee and hot beverages, and hot and cold teas. With 13 appealing syrup flavors made with intense, sugar-free syrup, these flavors will always deliver a bold “shot” to your drink.

International Delight Flavor Shots: > Almond Toffee > Caramel > Cherry > Chocolate Peppermint > Cinnamon > Hazelnut > Irish Crème > Lemon > Lime > Mandarin Orange > Peach > Raspberry > Vanilla Bean

In a recent study, nearly 72 % of customers rated the “ability to customize” as the most important coffee bar benefit.

Flavor Shot Dispenser > Costs 35% less than bottled syrups ups > No more sticky syrup bottles > Efficient dispensing, reducing wasted product and labor > Easy back-of-house storage > Easy to set up and refill


The NESCAFÉ Plan Creating Shared Value At a time when everything and everyone is closer connected than ever, we cannot ignore how our actions affect the world around us. We have to look beyond the cup. That’s why we support Nestle’s Nescafé Plan, a global initiative that supports responsible farming, production and consumption.

Responsible Farming > Sowing the seeds for the future by ensuring long-term security for farmers and respect for the environment

Responsible Production > Reducing our environmental footprint by taking care every step of the way

Responsible Consumption > Protecting tomorrow’s world by helping to make a responsible use of resources Find out more about The Nescafé Plan by visiting

NESCAFÉ Milano Offer customers a way to get into the Specialty Coffee market without any up-front capital. They too can serve a barista-quality specialty beverage with push button ease. > Create consistent beverages no matter who on your staff is preparing it > Unparalleled speed for your operation > Quality machine and ingredients > No up-front capital required > Peace of mind service from staff training to water filters


Nestlè Professional Vitality provides

NESCAFÉ ® Alegria Whether your customer is serving 100 or 10,000 cups of coffee a day, Nescafé® Alegria has a solution to solve their coffee needs.

NESCAFÉ® Alegria V-Café > Great for front or back of house > 8 or 12 liter tank available > Flexible settings for various cup sizes, carafes, or urns > Virtually no cleaning required > Packaging has clear sides for easy visibility of remaining product > Proprietary packaging that allows full evacuation of product with no mess & no waste

On demand Liquid Coffee Solution > Variety of flavor profiles > Ability to serve by the cup or pot > No waste as coffee is brewed at time of request > Easy to clean machine

NESCAFÉ ® Alegria TT Barista

> Easy loading of product

> Offers several quality specialty beverages > Multiple cup size options > Great for front of house or self-serve > All products are shelf stable > Small footprint and low maintenance

> Great for back of house operations

NESCAFÉ ® Alegria Soluble Solutions > Variety of machines to choose from based on volume needed > Flexible settings for various cup sizes, carafes, or urns > 100% real coffee; no additives or preservatives; available in a variety of mainstream taste profiles > Shelf stable soluble products that are easy to store

many coffee choices. One easy decision for your customer.


Citavo Italian Roast Liquid Coffee America is becoming a nation full of “I need it now” coffee drinkers. Facilities that serve 100 cups of coffee or more per day require an option that is instant, catering to customers who don’t have time to wait for fresh-brewed coffee. These are often places like health center cafeterias, gaming facilities, cruise lines, universities, convenience stores and more. Using extracting technology, Citavo has created a liquid coffee solution that answers the call for on-demand coffee. During the last decade liquid coffee sales increased 8 to 12% per year, proving that this quicker coffee option is necessary for the foodservice industry. In addition to saving time and labor, liquid coffee is shelf stable and requires no refrigeration allowing it to be stored on shelves for long periods of time. It is always ready, fresh, and creates no waste, like coffee filters and grinds, or disposing of brewed coffee. Its consistent reliability will help you control business costs in your hot beverage category.




During the last decade liquid coffee sales increased 8to 12% per year, proving that this quicker coffee option is necessary for the foodservice industry.

Hot Tea Basics According to an ancient Chinese legend dating back to 2737 B.C., hot tea was first discovered by accident. While hot tea has been a popular beveragee for centuries, the tea bag wasn’t invented until 1908 when a New York importer named Thomas Sullivan thought that shipping tea in silk bags rather than large tins would be easier for his retailers. Tea bags then becamee a successful choice for steeping in addition to being a space-saver. Sysco offers House Recipe tea bags for premium black, decaffeinated black, green tea, and darjeeling blend teas. Our teas require different steeping times to help bring out their full flavor. > 3-5 minutes for black tea > 2-3 minutes for green tea

Tea Trends Tea consumption is influenced by many trends. Sysco believes consumer tea choice is most influenced by: Convenience and Taste. This is the most influential reasoning behind consumer purchases. Offering consistent high-quality products will keep customers happy, and flavor options will drive the specialty tea category. Proactive Health Management. With increasing focus on having a balanced and healthy life, consumers are interested in tea’s valuable antioxidants. Scientific reports claim that daily tea consumption may increase longevity. Authenticity. Consumers continue to place more value on “real” or “pure” products and brands. Ethnic and Exotic. These categories are of growing interest est to consumers. Exotic products offer a sense of adventure and appreciation for foreign customs and cuisines.


White Lion Tea Quality tea is handpicked and brought to you from the best gardens in the world. d. Sysco carries White Lion Traditional Tea, which produces high quality tea by following the “orthodox” method of manufacturing. The top two tea leaves and the undeveloped leaf bud are carefully handpicked. Tea pickers may pluck up to 60 pounds of leaves and buds in a day, requiring nearly 3,000 shoots to producee eaa one pound of tea. The handpicked tea leaves are then brought to the factory area to begin processing. While all true tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant, a warm weather evergreen, it’s how the tea leafs are processed that determines their type. No matter the origin of the tea leaf, there are four kinds of teas. These types are white, green, oolong, and black. White Lion Tea offers these teas in a variety of flavors and packages to meet your needs, resulting in a smooth and refined tea.

Tea Sachets White Lion Tea offers a broad mix of loose teas, tea sachets, iced teas, and their ervice proprietary sweetener Honey Pearls. They also offer complementing service ce style, accessories for any operational setting. No matter your preferred service White Lion has a presentation box to fit your needs.

Loose Tea – Loose tea provides you with upscale presentation, maximum guest impact and the lowest serving cost.

Bulk Sachets – These tea sachets without out ars. a string or tag are the best form for tea bars. They are the easiest serving format, causing no need for portion control.

Overwrap Sachets – Individually wrapped tea sachets with a string and tag are the preferred option for banquets and casual venues. White Lion Tea also offers a variety of service styles including butler service, barista style, individually wrapped sachets for single cup service, and a sophisticated selection of iced teas. White Lion teas are available through Central Warehouse and are coming soon on


Health and Wellness A growing trend in the market, many consumers are drawn to the health and wellness benefits of drinking tea. Research suggests that the phytonutrients found in all types of true tea may contribute substantially to the promotion of health and the prevention of chronic diseases.

How Tea Helps Your Health Saves Arteries – Two major new health studies have found that drinking black tea helps prevent clogging of arteries. It can help reverse poor arterial functioning that can trigger heart attacks and strokes.

Inhibits Cancer Growth – Tea has long been tied to a lower risk of stomach, colon, and breast cancer, and new lab studies find that tea chemicals may help stop cancer growth.

Burns Calories – Green tea’s antioxidants stimulate the body to burn calories and fat. Studies show that the increase in burning calories is not due to the caffeine but the antioxidants.

Wipes out Viruses – Previous tests have proven that tea can neutralize germs, including some that cause diarrhea, pneumonia, cystitis and skin infections.

Decaffeinated Tea While moderate caffeine consumption is believed to have no adverse health effects, caffeine-free tea is a healthy option for those looking to avoid or limit their intake of caffeine. Decaffeinated tea is processed to remove most (about 97%) of the caffeine. While Lion Tea uses Rooibos in caffeine-free herbal blends. Rooibos is an herbal agent that has tea-like characteristics, and a sweet-fruity flavor. It also has a list of health benefits including easing allergies, helping digestive problems like nausea and stomach cramps, calming the nerves, and soothing mild depression and headaches.

Tames Inflammation – Research has found that green tea may help with inflammation, reducing your chances of developing arthritis.


Citavo Cappuccino & Cocoa As more consumers are seeking specialty beverages, cappuccino and hot cocoa offerings are essential. Citavo offers a full line of flavors to give customers more beverage options. Put some steam into your sales with our delicious selections.

Cappuccinos Rich, foamy and full of flavor, cappuccino has become a favorite among coffee lovers, coupled with the instant gratification of push button dispensing.

Original – Our classic cappuccino presents an indulgent flavor with a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

French Vanilla – Our signature blend of light French Vanilla flavor and bold coffee delivers a sweet, distinctive taste.

Swiss Mocha – Decadent mocha flavor swirled into our creamy cappuccino will satisfy any chocolate lover.

English Toffee – Buttery cappuccino accented with notes of chocolate, caramel and almonds for a truly unique taste experience.

Cocoa Hot cocoa has been served since the age of the Mayans. Though once a spicier treat, hot cocoa is now served sweet, often with marshmallows. Try one of Citavo’s classic flavors or a deliciously rich, sugar-free cocoa.

Dutch Style – Real ground cocoa beans and fresh milk powder blend together in our premium quality hot cocoa. Available in individual packets or bulk for dispensing.

Creamy Style – Delicious, frothy hot cocoa made with the finest ingredients for pure indulgence in every cup. Available in individual packets or bulk for dispensing.

No Sugar Added – Just as rich and creamy as our other hot cocoas, without the added sugar. Available in individual packets only.


Boost Sales with Merchandising Citavo provides the necessary merchandise to serve coffee with ease. Whether you are looking for a custom branded bar solution, signage, or cream and sugar, we’ll help make your coffee station or bar complete.



Signage – Highlighting coffee options can increase sales. We offer signage, racks, and menu boards to fit your café or cafeteria.

Branded Bars – Presentation matters! Having a clean and cohesive coffee bar improves perceptions of coffee freshness and ease of use, making consumers more likely to repeat their purchases. Our customers branded coffee bar solutions deliver a fully-integrated premium coffee program for your operators and their patrons.

Equipment – Citavo offers larger size holding containers for serving hot, fresh coffee to customers.

Creamer Singles – Order any flavor of cream in the single serving size to place on tabletops or cafeteria serving stations.


Heat it Up! > > > >

Expand your hot beverage offerings. Add variety and differentiation. Build loyalty. Increase profits!

Sysco is the global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments and other customers who prepare meals away from home. Our family of products and services also includes equipment and supplies for the food service and hospitality industries. At Sysco, we understand that our valued customers have customers, too. That’s why we offer only the best family of products and brands that meet the highest standards of quality. Sysco hot beverage items like coffee, tea, cappuccino, cocoa, brewers, dispensers and more will help you continue the tradition of quality and maximize your bottom line.

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