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Passionate illustrator and graphic designer

24 years old

Looking for a graphic designer or a “zombie exterminator” ?


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Peter STylianou

graphicdesigner Creative Artworker

Contact 60 Pompiias, Kaimakli, Nicosia, Cyprus

+357 99851895

I recently came across your advertisement, and would like to submit my CV. After perusing your requirements I feel that my qualifications, experience, skills and personality perfectly match what you are looking for. I have recently graduated and hold a bachelors in Graphic Communication with a diploma in Applied Multimedia. I am extremely passionate about design and have an eye for detail which I feel reflects in my work. Having done a degree in Graphics I have a strong understanding of what attracts people visually. I am always eager to learn and am highly self-motivated. As a creative person I am looking for new and exciting opportunity to learn and develop my skills and contribute to the skills of the team. I am organised, ambitious and have good communication skills, along with this I am fluent in both English and Greek. I am a team player, but I am comfortable and confident when working alone and meeting deadlines. I would say that I am Self Motivated and hardworking and feel that this is the type of job that i am suited for, I always put one hundred percent into what ever I do and I have a drive that pushes me. I am comfortable with Mac OSX as well as Windows and I have in-depth knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite -Photoshop, Indesign,Acrobat and Illustrator- and am proficient in Microsoft Office. I have recently completed a Graphic Design internship in Cyprus where I worked on marketing material such as flyers, leaflets, brochures and window decals. Along with the marketing material i designed some assets for touch screens that the company uses. I dealt with sizing of artwork for print and worked with clients helping them take their ideas and portray them visually. This dropbox link is a link to a pdf portfolio sampler of mine with some examples of work i have done, my portfolio sampler shows a wide range of work and shows my biggest accomplishment of the year, which is the first image in my portfolio that Adobe bought for the 25 years of Photoshop: https:// Having a creative degree and being a creative thinking person, I have the right understanding and intuition fit into a creative position. I am temporarily in Cyprus (As i was attending university here and now on a bit of a holiday) but am moving back to the UK. I am available for Skype and phone interviews at any time and if need be I can always fly over. I hope you will find enough evidence of my capabilities as a Designer and a person to call me for an interview. Many Thanks, Peter Stylianou

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Oh! For Pete’s Sake Your next great designer!

graphicdesigner Creative Artworker

biography Hello there! My name is Petros Stylianou but you can call me Peter. I am a Graphic and Multimedia Designer with passion in illustrations and creative artworking. I am highly creative and multitalented with experience in both digital and print design. Highly skilled in client and vendor relations and negotiations. I am a dynamic team player and a passionate problem solver. I am organized, flexible and accustomed to performing in deadline driven environments with an emphasis on working within budget requirements and effective solutions at the highest of the standard. Additionally, being fluent in both English and Greek enables me to work remotely with clients worldwide.



NAME: Peter Stylianou GENDER: Male Date of Birth: 2 April, 1991 Place of Birth: Nicosia, Cyprus Nationality: British Drivers licence: Clean EU License

EDUCATION 2011-2015

B.A In Graphic Communications University Of Nicosia

60 Pompiias, Kaimakli, Nicosia, Cyprus pstylianou


Diploma In Applied Multimedia University Of Nicosia user/PeterVsAll


Pancyprion Apolytirion Pallouriotissa Lyceum

+357 99851895 peter.stylianou.5




Cisco certificate for ccna1 & ccna2 networking, router and routing basics Certificate of Airbrushing for beginners & certificate for techniques Certificate of IGCSE- AS/A level on English as a second language

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employment Graphic Designer

Polsa Services Limited | CYPRUS May 2014- September 2014

Attend client meetings and understand their brand and promotion requirements, design advertising material, logos, windows decals. Carry out detailed research and follow design briefs.

Waiter |Bartender Eleon Pool Nicosia | CYPRUS April 2013- August 2013

Provide a warm welcome to the customers. Receive food and drinks orders and serve customer requests to the standards required along with evening event bartending. Ensure timely delivery of all food and beverages. Familiar with cash handling and card payments.







And a 1 000 000%

Freelance Jobs T-Shirt Design (2013) Evros Glijin | Youtuber Wedding & Christening Album Design (2013) Jonathan Beattie |Studio22 Logo & Menu Design (2015) Vasillis Ioannou/ Pirinas live Bar


Infantry Soldier National Army | CYPRUS July 2009- July 2011

If on base, keeping fitness levels up and attending briefings, lectures and other training as required. Keeping weapons clean and functional; carrying out operations as directed by officers and superiors, including aggressive actions. Allocate vehicles to other soldier.

Proficient Working Knowledge

Featured in 2015


memo | The notion of MEMORY through the visual arts exhibition


Photoshop 25 years Anniversary - Artwork Collaborator

‘‘Hard working and willing to learn”

-Rhyan Bridle (CTO, Polsa services LTD)


or go ho m


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PORTFOLIO Print & Digital


Oh! For Pete’s Sake Your next great designer!

basic info Eyes burning like a zombie. I have just kept these five words on my mind from the poem damage. The main reason my mind was surrounded by the idea of creating something which consists eyes was because mainly eyes is one of the main five senses, Eyes is the fastest sense to see and understand something, that’s why, with eyes you can see the problem that the earth is facing: pollution, either cause of the fuels, of garbage…of everything that humanity is creating constantly without caring about consequences The portrait I have created is a human abstract on a crying emotion. Why? Because I wanted to show that with those destructions (gaseous pollutant, greenhouse effect, acid rain, and damage to the ozone layer, particulate matter, and climatic effects) earth cannot stand this anymore, we need change and we need it now, every single human being should be sensitized because literally if we stay idly the end of world will come shortly. Some details about my poster: There is a plastic bag in the mouth, with that way I’m showing that people in our days cannot express their feelings with free will, and they keep “eating” the garbage that government, and generally people with power (money) are giving to them without asking. It also cuts the oxygen from the mouth, just like the pollution Crying eyes because it’s an emotion with negative feelings, that’s why this must stop, and it must stop NOW Tears: it has two meanings, the definition that is given is either tear of the eye, or to tear, which means to pull or rip something to pieces or to a part with a force .Again I wanted to show the brutality of humans. I have tried to manipulate mostly recycled items on the portrait like cans, water and milk bottles because recycling is just the first in a series of steps that generates a host of financial, environmental, and social returns. And basically we can help to sustain the environment for future generations. Last but not least I have choose to use to main colors, blue and red a warm and a cold color Red is a focusing, dynamic and active energy while blue is cooling, calming and expansive. Blue with combination of red gives to us the color purple. It gives the feeling of re-balance to our life .you put purple on your life also if you want to remove any obstacles. Purple is believed to be the ideal color. Most children love the color purple. Children are the future, and the future must go on, it’s up to us if we want to save this planet, and it’s never too late.


THE 87TH ACADEMY AWARD 2015 OSCARS COMMERCIAL SPOT Goodby, Silverstien & Partners along with Adobe approached me to have Damage Poem, for the Adobe Photoshop 25 years “Dream On” Oscars spot but this one was not used for the final spot. Client: Adobe Project: Photoshop 25th Anniversary – “Dream On” Length: 60 seconds Product: Adobe Photoshop Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Special Thanks: Jim King (Director of Graphic Services GS&P)


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INFOGRAPHIC memo exhibition

since 1947

politis newspaper

for information design

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basic info Infographic created showing the beginning and end of Cyprus Airways. The particular poster was featured in the MEMO exhibition from the department of Design and Multimedia, University of Nicosia.Exhibition on the ground floor of the newspaper “Politis�, Old Nicosia.


Exhibition memo |The notion of MEMORY through the visual arts Department of Design and Multimedia, University of Nicosia

The thematic of the competition and the exhibition considers the notion of memory and remembrance that is hidden beneath the word memo. The word memo derives from the word memorandum and the verb memoro. In Greek memo means a note, a report, or the process of remembering an important event. Therefore it can be considered to have the form of a note, a document or some other type of communication which assists our memory to record events or observations that are related to a specific theme.The students were/are asked: to creatively explore and engage with the concepts of memory and remembrance, to consider old and contemporary urban or rural myths or realities, to recall images from past instances of urban life that are no longer a reality, and scenes which have not been recorded or which have been excluded from the grander narratives which we can find in history books.


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Oh! For Pete’s Sake Your next great designer!


basic info The idea behind Freshpak is that I wanted to create something new and unique. Before the packaging didn’t really reflect where it came from. The product itself is from South Africa, so it has to reflect its Roots. The package looks cheap and unappealing. Once open the package is not safe for the teabags so it was better for me to go with a revolutionary design. The Freshpak package is yellow and green combine with different patterns ,it is too complicated and by itself it doesn’t give the impression of a tea that is why they added a real picure of tea cup on it the.Except of the cheap package I realized that the teabags where very cheap material and were breaking in my arms So I wanted to create a stronger package and more secure, by changing the actual cardboard package into tins. Something that lasts forever. Also the drawings of actual Africans wearing tribe costumes, give you the feel of African. The two colors I used were pink and yellow. Pink for the aromatic fennel and yellow for the rooibos tea. With that way I showed the color of the actual tea. I have kept the logo and the slogan because otherwise the brand it is not recognizable .it only changes on the tea flavors (color). The design consist 3 parts. The actual logo with the drawing and the flavor. The second part is different quotes for drinking tea from famous people. Last part the nutrition and ingredients. The particular package is environment friendly and it can be recycle


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N4 branding o

Pete’s choco lates

personal project

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basic info The concept behind putting the chocolate in a box is that nowdays we don’t really have time to buy gifts and personalize them, thus resulting in the stickers that allows you to personally choose a message or make your own. There is a repetition of the circle motif which links back to the Pete’s logo. The continuation of the circle ties all the products together even though they may look different. The circle is a central focus point and is universal, sacred and divine and can also represent the infinite nature of energy. Each age group is represented through the circles and the colors. For the kids, the idea of making something bright and fun, by doing the dots in different sizes and colors makes it more appealing to children. When looking at the packaging for the teens, the circles are big but constant creating a fun feel that is not too childish. The colors on the teens packaging reflects the flavor of the chocolate inside, but when looking at the adult packaging the dots have been made smaller to look more elegant but still brings across the fun aspect. The reason for choosing purple is that purple has a royal and elegant feel to it as a color. With each box there is the option to place a message on the lid, this is where you get to add a personal touch to the chocolate packaging when giving it as a gift. You as a consumer wanting to give this as a gift can choose an already set message or there is an option to make your own message. Each box’s messages are related to that age group for example: The children’s messages are more basic then the adults and the teens are more fun and playful.


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N5 o

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LOGOS 2015

iv E BAR • •L

es t.



20 15


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N6 o

blueberry card payment solutions

Oh! For Pete’s Sake Your next great designer!


basic info The stationery i have created for blueberry card. The company also wanted an icon to use for their android and IOs Application


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N7 o


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basic info Some designs created and used for liveheroes website.Some examples, hoodies,t-shirts, iphone covers, sweetpanmts, simple dresses


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Your next great designer!


monthly brochure redesign

Oh! For Pete’s Sake Your next great designer!


basic info Leaflet Redesign for Theater Rialto (University Project). The main idea was to design a monthly leaflet that is user friendly and keeps up with todays trend.


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N 9 Elements Design o

Elements Design

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basic info Through research I found out that students and employees due to any reason they procrastinate. For instance poor management of their time goal and objectives, difficulties on concentration and not completing tasks. Unorganized lifestyle, waste of time, frustration, fear anxiety and failure. Last but not least the two main reasons the lack of time and laziness. Many of us have procrastinated to some degree or another but, according to statistics, procrastination is increasing radically. In the other hand a suggestion of people putting things off because they work better under pressure known as ‘”adrenaline rush”. My game will try and beat that procrastination by showing every person the minutes spending each time he/ she procrastinates and if he/she can give 3 minutes on only one task without multitasking. Over the course of the last ten years the average attention span has dropped from 12 minutes to a short 3 to 5 minutes and it keeps dropping every year. My game aims to show people that they actually procrastinate either because they are lazy, either because they have a break, or because they feel stressed from their daily routine and they want just three to five minutes to change their routine. Also to see if the users can focus on a task for three minutes without thinking of doing something else (attention span) The game will last 3 minutes and it can be played only once every day, that means after the start of each game, the player has 3 minutes to get as many points as he can before the time runs out. After the end of the round, a 24 hour countdown appears.


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N10electricity Your next great designer!



of authorrituys cyp

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basic info Redesign of the equal monthly payment solution leaflet, provided every month free,w ith the bill of the electricity authority of Cyprus

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Peter stylianou cv  

This is my latest CV ( curriculum vitae )

Peter stylianou cv  

This is my latest CV ( curriculum vitae )