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The Phillips Pictorial 2013 January



Snow, snow,  snow  –  she   doesn’t  look  happy,  does   she?    

Wedding planning   meetings  with  Em  &  Chris  

Birthday  celebrations  with   Emily’s  speciality  red   velvet  cake  


A Benedictine  Day     at  Durham  Cathedral  for   Pete  and  Theresa…  and   Pete’s  owl  collection  grew…  


Outing to  Hadrian’s  Wall,   in  which  a  fall  led  to  a   broken  flask,     and  meanwhile  a  dog   became  very  muddy…      

A weekend  away  with  Julie   and  Steve  Lomas  in  Robin   Hood’s  Bay.    


…and  a  Spring  Concert  in   which  Edd  did  his  first   solo  performance  on   bassoon  and  Sam  did   almost  everything  else!  

The  Birthday  Girls  –  Emily   (21)  and  Yvonne  (70!)  and  Edd   turns  15!!!  

  Time  in  Cornwall     and  Kids  on  Hols  (doing  exam   prep,  of  course)  


Pete  begins  filming  for:  


While Edd  selfies  his  way   to  the  Battlefields     Pete  &  Theresa  go  to   Lindisfarne  on  retreat  and   long  walks   Julie  and  Mike’s  Wedding     Schools  out  for  summer…  

Greeting long  distance   walkers  for  beachy   refreshment  

  End  of  School  for  Sam  

And a  Picnic  at  Fountains  

A  25th  Wedding  Anniversary   while  on  holiday  with  friends   in  Scotland  

  Heading  north  for  a  family   holiday  in  Scotland  

Conquering Ben  Nevis  




While the  kids  head  back  to   school/university,    

Sam matriculates  at   Emmanuel  College,   Cambridge  

#Digipilgrims celebrate,   Theresa  gets  some  refills   (note  the  bags!)  

Edd  goes  to  scout  camp  


December The kids  are  coming  home…  

Some time  in  Bempton   with  the  Firths  

Sam comes  home  for   Durham’s  Lumiere  Fest…  


and we  enjoy  lots  of   blackberries!  

Carol  Services  a  plenty  at  Ushaw   College  and  Durham  Cathedral  

  and  a  trip  to  N.  Ireland  to   see  the  McElderrys  

While  Edd  heads  off  to   Lyon,  and  a  job  interview   with  a  difference  for     Emily  (watch  this  space…)   and  a  double  outing  to  see   …and  Sam  is  19!   Shakespeare  in  Newcastle!  

Now  we  are  preparing  to   celebrate  the  greatest  story  ever   told…  

Happy Christmas  to  you  all,   Pete,  Theresa,  Emily,  Sam,  Edd   and  Grace!  

An  interesting  year,  full  of  lots  of  activity  with  the  family  and  with  some  really  good  friends.     We  are  looking  forward  so  much  to  Em  &  Chris  getting  married  in  June  2014    -­‐  Chris  is  a  great  addition  to  the  family  and   currently   president   of   Derby   CU   –   a   born   again   graphic   designer.   We’ve   spent   lots   of   time   with   Chris’   parents   exploring   wedding   venues   and   planning   the   big   day   in   Derby   on   June   7th.   Em   seems   very   organized.   She   is   doing   great   at   uni;   worship  leading  at  church;  preached  for  the  first  time  this  year;  and  has  some  exciting  prospects  for  2014.  She  has  become   a  delightful  and  beautiful  young  lady!    Oh,  and  they  conquered  Ben  Nevis!!!   Sam  had  an  amazing  year  –  Grade  8  Music  Theory,  offers  from  all  his  uni  choices,  winner  of  Durham  Johnston  Music  Cup   and   Carter   Cup,   Quidditch   Captain,   did   amazingly   well   in   his   A-­‐levels   and   secured   a   place   at   his   first   choice,   Emmanuel   College,  Cambridge.  He  has  settled  into  Cambridge  life  very  well  –  lots  of  work,  lots  of  late  nights,  lots  of  formals,  friends   and   fun.   He   goes   to   Holy   Trinity   Church,   and   plays   in   Cambridge   University   Music   Society   Symphony   Orchestra   and   lots   of   other  musical  things  in  his  spare  time  –  oh,  and  he  has  become  a  Frisbee  fanatic!!!    Oh,  and  he  conquered  Ben  Nevis!!!   Edd  is  rowing,  volunteering,  doing  Explorers,  and  continuing  to  play  his  bassoon  and  saxophone  –  and  is  gadget  mad!  He  is   still  interested  in  engineering  and  spent  a  week  at  Strathclyde  Uni  over  the  summer.  He  wants  a  kitten  called  Henry  and  a   bike!   Apparently,   he   has   found   life   at   home   alone   with   mum   and   dad   much   more   pleasurable   than   expected   –   no   competition   for   the   xbox   and   the   tv   being   the   prime   benefit!   He   went   to   France   late   in   the   year   on   exchange   and   is   looking   forward  to  the  return  visit  in  the  Spring.  2014,  of  course,  brings  GCSE  exams!!!    Oh,  and  he  conquered  Ben  Nevis!!!   Theresa   continues   to   work   for   the   Centre   for   Catholic   Studies   as   the   PA   for   Professor   Paul   Murray.   The   job   seems   to   be   growing   alongside   keeping   the   house   going,   running   after   the   kids   and   trying   to   cope   with   Pete!   Pete,   well,   it’s   been   a   difficult   year   with   ongoing   issues   with   the   church,   fund   raising   for   CODEC   and   struggling   with   his   health.   He’s   supposed   to   be   recuperating   and   writing   but   sadly   finding   it   hard   to   concentrate   on   much   at   all.   Old   age,   eh?     Oh,   and   they   both   conquered  Ben  Nevis!!!   Anyway,  that’s  our  news…well  done  for  getting  this  far.  Pop  in  anytime…we’d  love  to  see  you  xxx   Address:     Tel:     Email:    

1 Lowes  Fall,  Durham,  DH1  4NP     0191  384  9744,    

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