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www. zphi bga. or g

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201 Aberdeen Parkway• Peachtree City, GA 30269 • 770-487-3013• •

ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY, INCORPORATED STATE OF GEORGIA LEADERSHIP International President 19th International President Southeastern Regional Director State Director Executive Board Chair Grammateus Assistant Grammateus / Legacy Coordinator Tamias Tamias Grammateus Collegiate Member at Large Antapokritis Phylacter Immediate Past State Director Advisor to the Board Administrative Affairs Coordinator Amicae Co-Coordinators

Valerie Hollingsworth Baker Dr. Eunice S. Thomas* LaWanda Harper Vicki Pearson Vanessa Elkins-Rogers Sherry Pope Elise Mason Dana Wilkerson Lynch Nicole Lowry Jazmin Hunt Kimberly Lissade LaNise Thrasher Shaneesa Ashford Malinda Stovall Nicole Harrell Harriet Green Michelle Langham-Robinson Kayla Jordan Olivia Horace Carol Alderman Alison Smith LeNora Hawkins-Ponzo Jocasta Frazier

Centennial Co-Coordinators Historian Protocol / Amenities / Chaplain Risk Management Life Members / Zeta Doves Coordinator Registration Co-Coordinator Registration Co-Coordinator March For Babies Representative Military Liaison Social Action Coordinator Stork’s Nest Coordinator Technology Coordinator Undergraduate Coordinator Youth Auxiliaries Coordinator Z-HOPE Coordinator

Tamira Butler-Likely Contessa Paige LaRita Dalton Karyn Burrell Michelle Reaves Shanda Ross Shaniqua Caldwell Felecia McClain-Sturdivant Kina Davis

Host Chapter Host Chapter President

Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta Milrinette Nelson


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Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated th

Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker, 25 International Grand Basileus 1734 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20009 202.387.3103

March 9, 2019 Greetings! Congratulations to Sorors Vicki Pearson, Georgia State Director, Milrinette Nelson, Basileus of Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta, and the remaining members of the planning team for hosting the 2019 State of Georgia Leadership Conference. I know you all have expended a lot of energy and time to ensure that all planning and programming is centered on the needs of your state and the goals and objectives of the Members’ Administration. “Finer Women: Always And In All Ways” captures the essence of Zeta and I am elated that you have chosen this theme to set the tone for your state. As you gather to focus on national programming, leadership training, strategic planning, and state management, I am confident that everyone will leave empowered to do the work of Zeta in the spirit of Sisterhood, Finer Womanhood, and unity as we Journey to Centennial. It is my hope that we will continue to focus our efforts on reclaiming and retaining sorors and recruiting talented and resourceful women who will help us to remain actionoriented and community-conscious, not only in Georgia but throughout the Southeastern Region. Let’s work as One Zeta to make the mission possible. Have a successful Leadership Conference.

Sisterly in Service,

Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker 25th International Grand Basileus

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Valerie Holli11gswortlt-Baker, I11ternatio11al Gra11d Basileus Lawa11da E. Harper, Southeastern Regio11al Director Pho11e: 561.449.9009 800 SW Avenue J, Belle Glade, FL 33430 SoutheasternRegio11alDirecto, #SER2020a11dbeyond

March 8, 2019

Dear Sorors, Amicae, Youth Auxiliaries, Brothers and Guests: It is truly an honor and a pleasure to bring you greetings on behalf of the Southeastern Regional Executive Board as you embark upon your annual State of Georgia Leadership Conference. This year conference has been designed not only to promote the goals and objectives of our illustrious sorority, but it also provides an opportunity for participants to fellowship in the true spirit of friendship and sisterly love. I want to commend Soror Vickie L. Pearson, the Georgia State Director, and the State Executive Board for their planning and implementation of the goals and objectives of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated set forth by our 25 th International Grand Basileus, Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker and the Southeastern Region. It is through their leadership and your unwavering support and that the Southeastern Region remains "Second to None," as we Prepare for 2020 and Beyond. Georgia, as we begin this state leadership conference this weekend, let us focus on the National, Regional and State goals as we celebrate your accomplishments. Workshops have been planned that will inspire you to go back to your respective communities and work with a greater zeal to implement and carry out the comprehensive programs of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. # OneZeta: Unified - MobiliZed - ZetaRiZed! May God continue to bless each of you and best wishes on a successful 2019 State of Georgia Leadership Conference. With Sisterly Love,

Lawanda E. Harper Southeastern Regional Director Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.


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Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated State of Georgia Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker, International President LaWanda Harper, Southeastern Regional Director Vicki Pearson, Georgia State Director Vanessa Elkins-Rogers, Georgia Executive Board Chair Greetings Sorors of Zeta, Brothers of Sigma, Amicae Friends, Zeta Youth, and Guests. It is my honor and pleasure to greet you as the 12th State Director for the Great State of Georgia and to welcome you to the 2019 Georgia State Leadership Conference in Peachtree City. We are delighted that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to join us for a weekend of handing Zeta business and fellowship with the Blue and White Family. Our theme for this conference is “Finer Women: Always and In All Ways.� Being Finer is a principle that is unique to Zeta and this theme reminds us to embrace our Finer and keep it at the forefront of everything we do. I want to thank the host chapter, Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta for stepping up and answering the call in support of the conference. I also want to thank the planning team for all of their long hours and hard work bringing this vision to fruition. We hope you enjoy yourself and your time amongst family. Sisterly regards,

Vicki L. Pearson Vicki L. Pearson Georgia State Director Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated

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Greetings, Sisters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. State of Georgia 02/25/2019

International President

ROY EDMONDS Regional Director Southern Region

MONALETO C. IRBY State Director of Georgia

What an exciting time it is for all Finer Women of Zeta. You are gathering for your 2019 Georgia State Conference to celebrate the awesome work of the Sisterhood. The great work that has been done in your respective communities over this year. You have shown an excellent commitment to your principles of Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood, and Finer Womanhood. Your theme for this year “Finer Women: Always and in All Ways” ; confirms your commitment to being an impactful force in the State of Georgia. As you march on to the 100th year celebration of the greatest Sisterhood; know that the Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc, will be there to help in turning Washington, D.C. a sea of blue and white. Our constitutional Bond is undeniable and we are committed to showing our Sisters how important they are to the Brotherhood. The Blue and White Phamily has such a rich history that can be measured by its chapter’s membership, hours of community service and the dedication from both current and past leadership. Both organizations have left a rich tradition of serving others within the State of Georgia and our perspective Regions. I want to send heartfelt and sincere wishes to you Soror Vicki Pearson on your first State Conference as State Director. You have been a visible force in Georgia already and your efforts are noted in your presence. I look forward to sharing with the Sisters; we are in this together. Enjoy the Sisterhood and soak up the knowledge, so that you can continue to be a force to reckon with. Be safe and enjoy Your time. Brotherly,

Bro. Monaleto C. Irby Director, State of Georgia Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

“Culture for Service and Service for Humanity“ Page 8

March 9, 2019 Greetings Members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated, Friends, Youth Auxiliaries and Guests, It gives me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to each of you who are here to share in the 2019 State of Georgia Leadership Conference. On behalf of the “Amazing” Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta chapter, your host; I offer a warm “Hello.” Should you need anything while you are attending the conference, do not hesitate to contact me or any member of Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta for assistance in finding your way. I would like to congratulate State Director Vicki Pearson on her inaugural state conference and thank her for the leadership and guidance she provided throughout the planning process. The theme for this year’s conference is “Finer Women: Always and in All Ways.” This theme frames the focus of the conference and the sorority’s journey to its Centennial Celebration in 2020. As women of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Finer Womanhood is not only a founding principle, but an ideal we strive to uphold. Again, Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta chapter welcomes you and we are here to assist you in any way during the conference. Thank you for joining us at the 2019 State of Georgia Leadership Conference and have a fabulous time! In Sisterhood and In Service,

Milrinette T. Nelson Milrinette T. Nelson President Southeastern Region St. Jude Coordinator

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March 8, 2019

Greetings my beloved Blue and White Family, I am especially delighted to extend heartfelt greetings to you on behalf of the Zeta Amicae Auxiliaries of Georgia on your 2019 Georgia State Conference. As state leaders of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. you have come to this conference to be about the work of this glorious sorority. I encourage each of you to continue to collectively strive towards the aims of Scholarship and Service. Remember, if the spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control abides in each of us, we can successfully accomplish the programmatic thrust of Zeta. Congratulations to all the conference leaders for planning and implementing a conference of empowerment. Zeta Amicae Auxiliaries continue to be committed in helping Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. to achieve your goals. Again, I extend my warmest welcome to each of you in attendance, and best wishes for a most successful 2019 State Leadership conference.

For the Love of Zeta

Jeanette Frazier McDuffie Jeanette Frazier McDuffie Zeta Amicae State President

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Q ~ (t)


Get Up and Move = Stroll Practice

7am – 10pm

Vendor area open

7am – 10am

Registration Open

830am – 9am

Seating of Delegation

9am – 11:30am

Zeta Business Session I

11:30am – 12:15pm


12:15pm – 1:30pm

Networking Lunch Buffet in Hotel Restaurant

1:45pm – 2pm

Zeta Business Session I (continued)

2pm – 3pm

Life Member Meeting

2pm – 3pm Repeat 3pm – 4pm

Workshops Mental Health = Avoiding Burnout: Self-Care is Key Protocol = A Protocol Refresher Executive Presence = What Is It? Why Is It Important? How To Get It Chapter Dynamics = Are You Walking In Your Finer Centennial = Your Centennial Questions Answered

4pm – 5pm

State of Georgia Photo (weather permitting)

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Finer Women Awards Banquet (doors open at 6pm)

9pm – 12midnight

Phamily Fun Night

Sunday, March 10, 2019 6am – 7am

Get Up And Move = Stroll Practice

7am – 10am

Vendor area open

8am – 9am

Zeta & Amicae Necrology

9am – 9:45am

Zeta Rededication

*Schedule is subject to change – refer to handout for room assignments and most up-to-date information Page 14

ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY, INCORPORATED GEORGIA AMICAE - CONFERENCE AT A GLANCE Friday, March 8, 2019 4pm – 5pm Amicae Board Meeting Saturday, March 9, 2019 6am – 7am Get Up and Move = Stroll Practice

Business Attire Fitness Attire

7am – 10pm

Vendor area open

7am – 10am

Registration Open

9am – 12 pm

Amicae Business Session I

12pm – 2pm

Networking Lunch Buffet in Hotel Restaurant

2pm – 5pm


6:30pm – 8:30pm

Finer Women Awards Banquet (doors open at 6pm)

After 5 / Cocktail Attire

9pm – 12midnight

Phamily Fun Night

Paraphernalia / Casual Attire

Sunday, March 10, 2019 6am – 7am Get Up And Move = Stroll Practice 7am – 10am

Vendor area open

8am – 9am

Zeta & Amicae Necrology


Safe Trip Home

Business Attire Amicae: Light Blue with Royal Accents

Fitness Attire

Uninterrupted White Attire

*Schedule is subject to change – refer to handout for room assignments and most up-to-date information

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ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY, INCORPORATED STATE OF GEORGIA Z-HOPE PROJECTS I Wi l l Survive, Inc. is a not-for-profit, 501c3 organi zation with a mi ssion to provide prevention e ducation, e conomic support, and health & we l lness services to those at higher risk and those affe cted by breast cancer. The organization was founded i n 2010 by Ms. Anisa Palmer. The vi sion of I Wi ll Survive, Inc. i s to be the leading pre ventative breast cancer awareness and funding organization i n the world. Through Innovation, We llness, and Sustainability, I Will Survive, Inc. i magines a world with he alth care e quality for al l through a holistic approach. Their outreach consists of three main programs: fi nancial assistance, e ducational awareness, and health & wellness survivorship.

Newnan Health and Rehabilitation offers skilled care services that have evolved over time to expand beyond traditional nursing home care. Whether a patient needs short-term rehab or long-term care, Newnan Health and Rehabilitation works with the family to ensure each stay is as personal and comfortable as possible. Newnan Health and Rehabilitation offers a variety of services, including: 24-hour skilled nursing services; Pharmacy services; Hospice care; Medicare and Medicaid; and Transition Care. Newnan Health and Rehabilitation aims to offer its residents many of the comforts of home and community as well as activities to keep their patients entertained and energizes.

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Georgia Hall of Fame Honoree Soror Margaret Ware Tribble

Soror Margaret Ware Tribble became a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. in 1964. Her dedication of Zeta led to being a charter member of Eta Omega Zeta Chapter in Athens, Georgia in 1975, a Life Member in 1997, a Golden Life Member in 2004, and a Dove in 2014. She is the widow of Sigma Brother James Tribble, a devoted mother, and loving Grandmother. Soror Tribble demonstrates her untiring devotion to Zeta through service as a competent officer and committee member in her local chapter, co-advisor for Chi Epsilon undergraduate Chapter at the University of Georgia and Co-Sponsor for the Zeta Amicae Auxiliary of Athens. Further, she is an active participant in events and activities of the Athens area National Panhellenic Council and the community at large. Soror Tribble firmly believes in appropriate preparations to serve Zeta well. She is MIP certified in addition to certifications as undergraduate advisor, Amicae sponsor and ZOL training. In addition to being an outstanding Zeta, Soror Tribble is a retired educator who currently works as a program manager for a resource center for the blind and visually impaired. Further, she is very active as a member and officer of the Greater Bethel AME Church. Soror Tribble truly exemplifies the meaning of Sisterhood and Service as was modeled by our beloved Founders.

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Georgia Hall of Fame Honoree Soror Avis Blackshear Bowling

Soror Avis Blackshear Bowling embodies the principles of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority in all of her endeavors. She recognized the need for a chapter in Mitchell County, Georgia; a community that would later benefit from the presence of the newly chartered Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Phi Sigma Zeta Chapter. Soror Bowling is a native of Albany, Georgia, where she worked in the Dougherty County School System; 25 years at Monroe Comprehensive High School and 6 years at Dougherty County Pre-K Program. On January 31, 2012, she decided to throw in the towel and retire after 31 years of service. In her Zeta Phi Beta journey, Soror Avis Blackshear Bowling lives the guiding principles for which this wonderful organization was founded: Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood, and Finer Womanhood. Through her inspiration and leadership, Phi Sigma Zeta chapter has a successful partnership with the local Mitchell County School system, local nursing homes, Chamber of Commerce, city and county government and families in the community. The chapter donated 102 uniforms, totaling approximately $800 to the school system. One of Soror Bowling's most recent inspirational projects was the chapter's adoption of a family for the Christmas Holiday. Phi Sigma Zeta raised $1200.00 to help make the holidays special for the family. Her commitment also extends to supporting the Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Beta Nu Sigma Chapter in Albany, GA. She serves as their event planner and decorator, housing committee member and volunteer benefit committee member. Soror Bowling has been recognized by our brothers for the outstanding support that she gives to their local chapter. Soror Bowling's spirit of volunteerism also extends to other organizations, to include the National Teacher's Association; National Business Education Association; Relay For Life volunteer and Co-Team Member; and the Dougherty County School System Health Fair, just to name a few. She is member of the Leesburg church of Christ in Leesburg, Ga. Soror Bowling is married to Randolph Bowling and is the ONLY sister to Isaiah Jr, (Arlo), Charles Leon (Linda) and Schalor Isaiah (Kathryn) Blackshear. She is the proud aunt to Charlton (Tocarra), Ericka, Dedray (R.L.), Kendra (Edward), Arlicia and Amber Danielle.

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ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY, INCORPORATED State of Florida and the Islands of the Bahamas

Paula Kay State Director


Vicki Pearson, State Director and Best Wishes for a Successful

2019 State of Georgia Leadership Conference #FinerinFloridaBahamas Page 22



Congratulations Successful

to State Director Vicki Pearson and the Georgia Executive Board on a 2019 State of Georgia Leadership Conference




Alpha Omicron Zeta

Kappa Chi Zeta

Chi Iota

Pi Rho

Zeta Amicae of Beaufort

Beta Beta Zeta

Kappa Eta Zeta

Delta Mu

Pi Theta

Zeta Amicae of Charleston

Beta Pi Zeta

Lambda Epsilon Zeta

Eta Nu

Psi Alpha

Zeta Amicae of Columbia

Delta Tau Zeta

Lambda Nu Zeta

Iota Lambda

Psi Eta

Zeta Amicae of Florence

Delta Xi Zeta

Lambda Omicron Zeta

Kappa Beta

Tau Upsilon

Zeta Amicae of Greenville

Epsilon Chi Zeta

Mu Kappa Zeta


Theta Epsilon

Zeta Amicae of Greenwood

Epsilon Iota Zeta

Mu Pi Zeta


Theta Theta

Zeta Amicae of Kingstree

Epsilon Psi Zeta

Nu Delta Zeta

Mu Rho

Xi Nu

Zeta Amicae of Marion

Zeta Tau

Zeta Amicae of Moncks Corner

Gamma Mu Zeta

Nu Nu Zeta

Phi Pi

Gamma Zeta

Phi Epsilon Zeta

Phi Rho

Iota Lambda Zeta

Phi Phi Zeta

Zeta Amicae of Rock Hill

Iota Mu Zeta

Pi Theta Zeta

Zeta Amicae of Spartanburg

Iota Tau Zeta

Rho Kappa Zeta

Iota Xi Zeta

Upsilon Rho Zeta

Kappa Alpha Zeta

Xi Iota Zeta

Zeta Amicae of Orangeburg

Maxine Moses-Adams, SC State Director


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Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Remarkable Rho Xi Zeta Chapter Congratulations Soror Vicki Pearson  On Your First State Conference 

Soror Elise Mason  President Page 25

Page 26

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the State of Georgia On the 2019 State Conference Eta Theta Zeta Chapter of Augusta Celebrating 50 Years of Service Charter Members Soror Queenie Lawton

+Soror Blanche Whigham

Soror Harriet Green

Soror Rubena Kemp +Soror Ruby Wiley

+Soror Susie Moore +Soror Juanita Hollis

+Soror Elsie Wingfield

Chapter Members *Soror Lucretia Brown *Soror Sheila Bullard ^*Soror Latonia Evans ^*Soror Harriett Green Soror Crystal Irving Soror Rubena Kemp Soror Queenie Lawton *Soror Aaron Newberry *Soror Lola Richardson Soror Lisa Sanders Soror Mary E. Terrell

*Soror Betty Bryant Soror Aretha Cross *Soror Jasmine Freeman Soror Barbara Guillory *Soror Tanya L. Jackson Soror Audrey Kennedy Soror Hattie Lowry Soror Stephanie Nicholson *Soror Wanda Richardson Soror Nichole Sanders ^*Soror Belinda White Soror Lola Richardson, Basileus

^Life Members *Officers +Deceased

Page 27

Soror Eubie Bryant ^Soror Brenda Davis Soror Dianne Greene Soror Rasheeda A. Hudson ^Soror E. Virginia Johnson Soror Jacqueline Lawrence Soror Carlyn Morris Soror Lizzie Pounds *Soror Arvella Robinson Soror Larissa Settles

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Please join the Ladies of Rho Epsilon Zeta as we party with a purpose and raise funds for The Louquender Robinson Memorial Scholarship. Come enjoy good friends, good food and good music while spending a fabulous evening with the Finer Women of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. Page 29

Prince Hall Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star Jurisdiction of Georgia Sister Deaidra P. Wilson 16th Grand Worthy Matron

Psalms 107: “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever� It is my honor and the Prince Hall Masonic Family of Georgia to support this momentous occasion for Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. God has given us great resources to use in our organizations for the betterment of developing Leaders. This conference will be an experience for growth in many areas. I extend prayers and support for wonderful Leadership Conference in Peachtree City. Deaidra P. Wilson Sister Deaidra P. Wilson Grand Worthy Matron Jurisdiction of Georgia

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Velissa Jones-Basileus Ariel Rush Keniece Adams-1st Anti Basileus Gwendolyn Davis Sekemia Caldwell-Johnson- 2nd Anti Basileus Lavisa Williams Frances Caldwell-3rd Anti Basileus Bessie Warren* Shirley Harvey-Tamias Brenda Weatherspoon Shaniqua Caldwell-Grammateus Miesha Williams Peggy Miles-Phylacter Lashonda Mathis Doris Kelley Jocelyn Neal Essie Dennis Veronica Pittman Doris Marshall Evelyn McCray

Sends Best Wishes to the State Director Vicki Pearson for 2019 State Leadership Conference!

Shaniqua Caldwell State of Georgia-Undergrad Coordinator Southeastern Region-Youth Coordinator Page 32

Page 33


Pictured: Standing L to R: Sorors Teresa Allen, Tracy Jacobs, Nadia Broadus and Brenda Phillips** Seated L to R: Sorors Ulanda Barkley, LaToya Johnson, Rhonda King#, and Dorothy Griggs

Soror A. Carolyn Edge** **Diamond Life Member

Soror Cherelle Fults

Page 34

Soror Ashley Patterson #Golden Life Member

Page 35

Best Wishes State Director Pearson on a Great State Conference!

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Epsilon Eta Zeta Chapter Chartered June 17, 1954

2018-2019 Officers Page 36

Page 37

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Page 39

Page 40

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Congratulations Madam State Director Vicki Pearson

On your first State of Georgia Leadership Conference from the Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Sigma Chapter

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Page 47

Congratulations Sorors of the State of Georgia and to our State Director

Vicki L. Pearson

for a successful State Leadership Conference

Carol Alderman, DLM GA State Historian

and to our own

Chriscilia Cox National Strategic Planner

Eta Gamma Zeta Chapter

President – Candace Vaughn Vice President – Tanya Lanham Secretary – Cassandra Wright Treasurer – Bessie Fulks#* Assistant Treasurer – Beulah Evans Historian – Carol Alderman#*^ Thrasher@^ Paliametarian – Ruth Williams

Brunswick, GA

Members Chriscilia Cox Manieka Palmer Tanya Blackshear Lauren Parker Larqueshia Figueroa Darleen Smith^ Shaniqua Gunther Jamesha Shelton Yolanda Ketchup Wilhelmina

@ life member #diamond life *dove ^Le gacy Page 48

129 Bankhead Highway Carrollton, GA 30117 770838-8440- phone 770/838-8443- fax

Dr. Charlie Rouse, M.D., F.A.C.C. Dr. Bill Glass, M.D., F.A.C.C. Dr. Randy Turkel, M.D., F.A.C.C Shelley Smith, AGPC-NP Tondra Ivey, NP-C

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Services Available: Office Visits New Patient Consultations Nuclear Stress Test Treadmill Stress Test Stress Echocardiogram Echocardiogram Lab Draw ABI’s ECP Heart Monitoring Heart Catherizations Permanent Pacemakers

Congratulations & Best Wishes to our

State Director Soror Vicki Pearson On your first State Leadership Conference

Soror Carol Alderman GA Historian

Soror Shon Bowers Legacy

Eta Gamma Zeta Sigma Omega Zeta


G.I.F.T Educational Consulting, LLC

CONGRATULATES Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta Chapter and our company’s founder Soror Tiffanie Barner-Davis on your 2019 Georgia State Conference

CONGRATULATIONS Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta Chapter On Your Georgia State Conference

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Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated | State of Georgia |

Page 52

Profile for pearsov

2019 Zeta Phi Beta State Of GA Conference Journal  

2019 Zeta Phi Beta State Of GA Conference Journal

2019 Zeta Phi Beta State Of GA Conference Journal  

2019 Zeta Phi Beta State Of GA Conference Journal

Profile for persov