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April 2013

Sigma Nu’s Letter

Iota Upsilon chapter 204

APRIL 2013

Letter from the E.C. by Chris Lau IY252

Greetings Alumnus, After our Fall 2012 semester, we are proud to have Knighted seven worthy men into our active house, bringing our house total to 37. During our winter retreat, I challenged the active house by telling them that we need to recruit differently. The reason I said this is because we need guys that are shapeable and moldable into the values of Sigma Nu. We need to make sure we have quality guys and not just quantity, something I made sure during rush week. By the end of spring rush we recruited 11 solid candidates. With the help of our Marshal, Corey Brittain, shaping these young men into becoming Sigma Nu’s should not be difficult. Over the past few months it has been challenging getting on the right foot and knowing what to do as Commander. College of Chapter, which is Sigma Nu’s leadership conference for Commanders, gave me a new perspective on how to better run an organization. It taught me to have an open mind because there were over 100+ commanders and talking to each one taught me something new. It also, taught me leadership skills, how to create a vision and implement it, in a way where the rest of the

chapter will agree and follow. The plan I created and presented to the House was for the next year, to create an environment where we stop following our past predecessors and create a healthy and beneficial culture and return back to our values and what it means to become a true Sigma Nu. To get into details, I wanted us as a house to start on a fresh slate moving into the Spring 2013 semester. In general we tend to look to the past for help, but the only way to excel in excellence is to create our own future. I wanted to bring back the values as well as what it says in our ritual to become a Sigma Nu and abide them daily. Giving back to the community was a big issue for me, our fundraising and philanthropy chair understands how much I am stressing for us to thrive in these areas. I feel that the only way to show non-Greek organizations that we are not just a stereo-type is to assist the community. If we continue to strive in the direction we have been since the beginning of the semester, Iota Upsilon will be a total new chapter no one has seen in a very long time.

Issue Date


Calendar of Up-Coming Events:


April 20th—Founder’s Day BBQ, Go-Carts and Alumni Meeting. (Times and Location Tentative According to AAB)

 April 17th—Poker Tournament Fundraiser at the CSUN University Student Union. 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Tickets are $15 and available from any active member.

Past Events:  Spring Candidate Retreat

 Successful Exchanges with Delta Zeta on February 28th and with Alpha Xi Delta on March 17th. Exchange with Phi Mu scheduled for March 29th and Alpha Omicron Pi is tentative.

 Also, a very special welcome and thank you to our new Leadership Consultant from Headquarters, Bill Morosco, for his insightful visit this early March. Mr. Morosco helped extensively with the clarification of the Pursuit of Excellence paperwork the Chapter needed assistance with.




Sigma Nu Jerseys: Iota Upsilon finally has its own jerseys for intramurals and we are a competitive force among the Interfraternal Fraternities (IFC).

Sigma Nu Helps Take Back the Night By Troy Scott IY236

Every year, the Women’s Center

Back to Back IFC Presidents: Troy Scott IY236 and Kieran Bertram IY237 have served back to back terms as IFC Council President. Brother Scott served the 2012-2013 term and Brother Bertram is currently serving the 2013-2014 term. Both men work closely with our Greek Advisor and Division Commander, Jamison Keller.

at Cal State Northridge hosts an event titled Take Back the Night. This event is an opportunity for women in our community to speak out against violence, share stories of empowerment, and march as a group on a candle lit walk on campus to “take back the night”. This year, the Interfraternity Council voted to donate $100 from every IFC fraternity to support the Women’s Center ($1200 total). The IFC Council helped set up the event with the assistance of several Sigma Nu members and IFC fraternity members wore white ribbons on March 21st in support of eradicating violence against women. We as a fraternal

organization teach manly values and virtues, and it is time that our community realize that gentleness, understanding, and respect are very much part of our moral and ethical canon.

Sigma Nu’s Letter

April 2013

Iota Upsilon chapter 204 18111 Nordhoff St. Northridge CA 91335

Recruitment Post: By Amir Kashi IY268

Respected Alumni, If you have any capable men you would like to recommend to our chapter it would be greatly appreciated if you could send the information to Recruitment Chairman Amir Kashi, at (310)871-1444 or

Thank you.

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IY Alumni Newsletter  

April 2013