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Home Buyers Guide Congratulations! You have decided to embark on a

new and exciting adventure. You are going to discover a wealth of benefits as you prepare to find your dream home. This guide will help you understand and get an edge on the financing process for your new home. The mortgage process has changed over the years and the more knowledge you have regarding your home financing the more prepared you will be for making the right choices.

Your Mortgage Process Pre-Approval

Typically when you are searching for a home a listing agent will always ask for a pre-approval. A preapproval is when you actually supply the information regarding your income, assets and pull your credit. This will give you a head start in the process to finding a new home.

Documentation that we need for a pre-approval:


At this point we should have all your pertinent documentation By signing the lengthy application we can move forward with the process.

• Two most recent and complete tax returns; all schedule ( for self-employed borrowers)


• Two most recent W2’s

After the loan is initially approved, there may be some conditions that have to be satisfied including additional documentation or brief explanations.


There may be some conditions on the loan once it is reviewed by an underwriter. This may be additional supporting documentation or some brief explanations that the underwriter may need.

• Two most recent pay stubs • Most recent and complete bank statements; all pages • A copy of your photo ID

Now you are approved and ready to close!

Home Buying Tips Don’t Change Jobs

This can create complications for loan qualification. Underwriters will have to reverify employment and gather additional paychecks to secure your financing.

Don’t Switch Banks or Move Your Money

Moving your money can cause complications in the verification process. New accounts and large deposits in the last 6 months will have to be explained and can delay the closing of your loan.

Pay Off Bills

Your mortgage consultant will advise you if it is necessary to pay off bills to help you qualify for a loan. They will also show you the best way to pay off bills and make sure you have evidence of the bills being paid in full.

Do not make any Major Purchases

Don’t buy that new car, furniture or stereo yet. A large payment can affect the amount of home you qualify for and can make it more difficult for your loan to be approved.

Calculate Finances

It is best to calculate the other expenses that will be part of your monthly responsibility. Your mortgage consultant will add these expenses to your proposed mortgage payment to make sure that you are not taking on too much debt.

Glossary Terms Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

Mortgage loans under which the interest rate is periodically adjusted as agreed to at the inception of the loan.

Conforming Loan


A mortgage amount that exceeds that which is eligible for purchase by FNMA or FHLMC. All loans above this amount are considered to be nonconforming or jumbo loans.

A loan for up to and including $417,000 in the continental United States (Alaska and Hawaii limits are higher).

Transfer tax

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)


Paid by a borrower to protect the lender in case of default. PMI is typically charged to the borrower when the loan-to-value ratio is greater than 80%.

Qualifying Ratios

Two ratios used to determine whether a borrower qualifies for a mortgage. The top or front ratio calculates the borrower’s monthly housing costs as a percentage of monthly income. The back or bottom ratio includes housing costs as well as other monthly debt.

State or local tax payable when the title passes from one owner to another. A federal law that requires lenders to fully disclose, in writing, the terms and conditions of a mortgage, including the annual percentage rate (APR) and other charges.


The process of evaluating a loan application to determine the risk involved for the lender. It involves an analysis of the borrower’s ability and willingness to repay the debt and the value of the property.

About Us PERL is a leading independent mortgage banker, headquartered in Chicago, offering flexible financing options, seamless loan execution, and unparalleled customer service. PERL has maintained a high level of integrity and superior business practice with a legacy of leadership for over 18 years. We’ve been recognized as an industry leader by Crain’s Chicago Business, National Mortgage News, Mortgage Originator Magazine, and most recently by the Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals for exemplary performance. We pride ourselves in building lifelong associations with our clients, and help finance more than just a first home; we continually manage our clients’ long-term needs to secure lifelong success.

The PERL Advantage • The most competitive and innovative mortgage products available in today’s industry. • Access to competitive mortgage interest. • Fast processing and underwriting, secure loan management, and reliable and friendly loan closings. • An experienced, licensed mortgage professional dedicated to the immediate health of your mortgage and the long-term success of your financial strategy. Perl Mortgage, Inc. is a licensed mortgage lender. Perl Mortgage, Inc. ­NMLS ID 19186 -MB0004358 - 2936 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60618 - Arizona ­Perl Mortgage, Inc. ­460 West Johnson Drive, Gilbert , AZ., 85233 - Mortgage Banker License # 0904956 - California ­Licensed by the Department of Corporations under California Residential Mortgage Lending Act - Colorado ­To check the license status of your mortgage loan originator, visit the Colorado Division of Real Estate Website. - Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee ­Office of Banks and Real Estate, Mortgage Banking Division, 122 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1900, Chicago, Illinois, 60603, (312) 793-3000 2936 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 MB0004358 -Massachusetts ­Mortgage Lender & Mortgage Broker License MC19186 -Virginia ­Licensed by Virginia State Corporation Commission, License # MC-5428 - Connecticut License # 19728 - Florida License # MLD379 - Indiana 1st Mortgage License # 10857 -Iowa License # 2011-0141 -Kansas License # MC.0025150 - Michigan 1st Mortgage License # FROO17846 - Michigan 2nd Mortgage License # SR1014 -Minnesota License # MN-MO-20541807 - Nebraska License # NE 19186 - Oklahoma License # MB002260 - Wisconsin License # 21925BA

Home Buyers Guide by PERL  

Home Buyers Guide by PERL

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