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==== ==== watch our LIVE cas study of how we build a money making Niche site In front of your eyes!! ==== ==== A lot of people have a desire to start their own home-based web business. The concept of working from home appeals to a lot of us and with the introduction of the Internet we have been given a very powerful tool to reach the outside world without having to leave the comfort of our home. Starting any business, online or offline requires a certain amount of skills and dedication. You may have the dedication, but you may not have the skills. Because of the lack of the initial skills a lot of people simply can't figure out how to get started and so they give up. Without doubt, one of the quickest and simplest ways to kick-start an online career is by building a niche mini site. What is a niche mini site? A niche mini site is a web site which is built around a certain niche topic and where the revenue basically is generated through pay-per-click ads. Here are seven simple steps you can apply to quickly build a niche mini site and lay the foundation for a successful online business: 1. Firstly you need to find a hot topic to build the web site around To be able to make money with your site, you need to find a topic that will be of interest to a targeted group of people who would be willing to spend their money on whatever your site has got to offer. One tip to find a hot topic is to visit a news-stand and study the topics of the most popular magazines. 2. Register a domain name Secondly you need to register a domain name, preferably related to the topic of your site. I use and recommend them. 3. Find a web host You need to find a good and reliable host for your site. is one host I recommend. They are reliable and cheap. 4. Find web site building software One of the benefits with signing up with is that they supply you with a free site builder.

5. Find content for your site One option is that you write the content yourself. Other options are to outsource the work or to buy ready-made content. 6. Find a strategy to make money from your site A popular monetizing strategy with niche mini sites is by earning commissions with Google AdSense and other pay-per click programs. You install Google AdSense ads on your site by going to and simply follow the prompts. When you start to get good traffic to your site, you can also make good money from selling ad space. You can get all of those components together within a few hours and without getting out of pocket. As a matter of fact you can easily set up a fully functional revenue generating mini site for well under $100. 7. Long term strategies - building a sound Internet business You will eventually need to build more than one mini site to make solid revenue online. The good news is that - as a long term strategy - all you need to do is to apply the instructions I have supplied you with as a template for building a network of sites. This article is an overview guide for the very basics of starting a niche web business. If you have got the dedication and the will to keep developing your skills, there really is nothing that should stop you from succeeding greatly with a niche web site business. Just make sure you get started! R. Jelstad is the author of the "Niche Web Business PROFIT System", a 21 page free step-by-step action plan for making six figures with niche web sites. This guide is available at Article Source:

==== ==== watch our LIVE cas study of how we build a money making Niche site In front of your eyes!! ==== ====

The Nuances Of niche money sites  

watch our LIVE case study of how we build a money making Niche site In front of your eyes!!

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