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Dirty Fences

Copper Man


Too High to Kross

Los Angeles, CA

Cayucas, CA

Brooklyn, NY


(Secretly Canadian)


“High-octane alternative wave of sound” Straight from the get go, Acidic brings forth its frenetic energy and passionate sound in waves of indie alternative delight. “Copper Man” opens up this ten-song album with distortion-glazed guitars, dazzling percussion and bass and high-octane rocket powered vocals. This band from Los Angeles certainly should win over fans with their work, as track two “Satellite” has a momentary feel of Foo Fighters at their best. With more tracks like “Monster” and the Hoobastanklike ballad “Looking Glass” (complete with opening acoustic guitars), one is assured this band has worked hard to get where they are as 2013 unfolds. The production of Copper Man is stellar, with glistening mastering on the drums and guitars, most especially the honey-coated harmony vocals. This band brings the goods, with personality and flair unmatched in many West Coast bands. Touring with Candlebox and Fuel, Acidic must of learned from their mates about the art of composing songs that are appealing and catchy, and full of emotion. John Ryan did a tremendous job as the record’s producer. The guitars and heavy percussion and bass keep coming like a freight train, with haunting vocals that definitely give this band character and depth. Their experience will pay off and those who love alternative music should look forward to their tour this year.

“Funky indie-pop and energetic chord progressions for a summer day”

and John Ryan, Mastered by Charlie Watts

Cayucas (aka Zach Yudin), hails from a sleepy California surfing town void of propensity and excess. His music is just the same - captivating in a fun and addicting way. Bigfoot is the band’s first album it flows smoothly, channeling hazy summer days and carefree adventures. The composition is simple, which despite some predictability in regard to progression, allows the album to be instantly easy to enjoy. The record is driven by catchy pop-infused hooks and simple songs that create a feel-good environment. Cayucas shies away from overly intricate chord progressions and anthemic-like percussion ballads. Tracks like “High School Lover” and “Cayucos” [editor’s note - their spelling, not ours] are rife with energy and paint a portrait of sunny California beaches and long surf sessions with a 1960s surf rock vibe. The band’s overall sound is clean and polished but maintains a bit of room for experimentation – enter in clicking back beats, bursts of percussion, horn sections and the addition of ambient cafeteria noise. Bigfoot brings back a bygone era of music but with a modern twist. The decisive instrumentation adds layers of sound while the lyrics sum up the everyday troubles of life. The album doesn’t break any musical barriers, but it’s a strong and utterly captivating project that marks the start of summer and a new band to watch.

-Shawn M. Haney

-Vanessa Bennett

Produced by John Ryan, Engineered by Matt Thorne



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“Condense and catchy no-frills rockers” Once again Brooklyn has spewed forth a band that is riotous and hard-core. Dirty Fences prides itself on its experimental and committed passion for music. Their new album, Too High to Kross, is a 13-track project that showcases the band’s blend of complex layers of sound and multiple genres. From garage rock to blues to classic rock, the group pulls from a plethora of styles to create an album that keeps listeners hooked. The record is a nonstop barrage of guitars, drums, and bass delivered in frenzy. It opens with razor sharp guitar riffs and fast, pounding percussion. This trend is maintained throughout its entirety. Tracks like “Heaven Is Tonight” and “White Lies” have a raucous, no-holds-barred energy and “R.S.C.” channels multiple generations of music simultaneously. The vocals are clean, something unexpected, but they drive home messages of racy encounters and harsh life lessons. Dirty Fences are well-seasoned musicians and it shows. Too High to Kross pulls together the talents of four individuals in a collaborative effort that shows promise and skill. The band’s experimentation with sound and raw style of play collide with strong lyricism to create a solid debut. -Vanessa Bennett

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Performer Magazine: May 2013  

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