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“Mayoridad” feels slightly out of place when compared to the other tracks. All in all, Lake Tones is a fun, catchy pop record. It takes a lot of work to put out such a collection of divergent songs on one album, let alone one that works. Keep an eye out for Wild International.



having formed in 2009 on Long Island by high school friends Ryan Camenzuli, Greg Coffey and Bryan Daly. Ultimately relying on a foundation of bass, drums and guitar, Wild International layers polyrhythmic beats, vocal harmonies and experimental noises to create a full and textured sound. Lake Tones is a six-song, post-punk offering, layered with indie-rock instrumentals and fun, punchy tunes. The first track “Waterflaws” sounds like a mix of Battles covering Yeasayer. The best description one can offer is oddlyshaped, catchy, anthemic rock. The drumming, keyboard synth backgrounds and chorus of vocals push “Waterflaws” past gimmicky and into endearing. “Emosteg,” the second track on the EP, blasts off into ear-splitting distortion, slowly breaking into bombastic drums and a punchy, punk chaos chorus. The song has a sprinkle of Sparta screamo, but it’s a pop number at heart. “Creeks” is probably the closest fans will get to a ballad on this record. But even then, Wild International is able to show off their penchant for writing a catchy song. “Creeks” is a pleasant listen with jangly guitars and a sing-a-long chorus, but with the addition of bass and pumping drums, it’s pushed into pop territory as well. With “Dreams” and “Mayoridad,” Wild International closes out the EP, offering up two of their sleepier tracks. “Dreams” is a standard shoegaze-tinged tune, while -Dana Forsythe

Ivan & Alyosha All The Times We Had Seattle, WA Genre: Indie Folk/Pop

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Brendan Kelley Quicksand Boston, MA Genre: Soulful Pop/R&B

163 Massachusetts Ave. (across from Berklee, next door to Daddy’s Music)


Performer Magazine: January 2013  

featuring Moe Pope

Performer Magazine: January 2013  

featuring Moe Pope