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Saviad Spring Fashion Fair 2014 concept and owners: Aliza Karu, Mila Tatham & Soraya Vaher COO : Natzuka Miliandrovic Event partners : Kabuki Boutique & Versus Magazine Sponsors : Sys, Gabriel, Gizza, Azul, Elysium, Dead Dollz, Pure Poison, Les Petit Details, HMAEM, Sonatta Morales, Zibska and Lybra. Shops : CW Celestina Wedding, IceWater, ROMANCE COUTURE, Artizana Ethnic Couture, Chocolat, AVALE, DEESSES SKINS, ! -slouch- poses, Ghee, Delirium Style, Xen’s Hats, Boudoir.

BSD, Living Imagination, Poseison Pose, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Silken Moon, Natzuka, Poseway, MUA, BAOBA, White Widow, StyLux, Tissu PiCHi, Blackliquid, Desir, Sascha’s Designs, Nailed It, Orsini Red, N1CO, Loovus Dzevavor, Countdown, Amarelo Manga, Swallow, BLacklace, A Gata Moura, Lyrical B!zarre and Finesmith.


AVIAD is a joint venture between the sims of the three leading haute couture designers on the SecondLife grid: Solidea Folies, Violator and AD Creations. Not only did these three designers merge their sims but they are also joining their artistic minds, working as one to enhance both fashion and arts communities. Mila Tatham, Soraya Vaher and Aliza Karu, the three wizards behind this project, aim to support each other’s brands and creativity, having as their common goal to create the biggest haute couture fashion district and to organise the best art and fashion events the grid has ever seen. Since its genesis in January 2014, SAVIAD has also been accommodating other ventures, such as the renown Couturier’s Dock and the Luxury District at Salimar; and renting spaces to third parties who wish to have their own events, shops or projects. SAVIAD is also the home of TREMPE. Needless to say, this is a new era for SL shopping and art, because SAVIAD is not only a commercial area, it has a life of its own, it breathes art, it is here to change how people shop, making the whole experience much more appeasing to the eye. …SAVIAD where art meets fashion.


The Evolution to Haute Couture and More! Sita Writer

If you were to compile a list of great designers in SL, three names would be at

the top of the list – Soraya Vaher of Violator, Mila Tatham of Solidea Folies and Aliza Karu of AD Creations. What happens when these three ladies decide to combine forces and organize an event… pure magic! Just this month, this amazing trio launched a one of a kind, haute couture shopping experience: Saviad, the Fiera Spring Fair. Not only did Vaher, Tatham and Karu merge their Sims for this event, they created three distinctive and different artful, well laid out garden environments for the SL community to explore and shop in. Shopping at the Spring Fair was easy as the landing point offered a TP that made navigation a snap. Even better, Saviad offered a FREE sweepstakes giveaway where the lucky winner would receive the chance of an SL lifetime; to win a package of all the exclusive releases from the sponsors of Saviad Spring Fair. The sponsors include a stellar group of designer super stars that include: Sys, Gizza, Gabriel, Dead Dollz, HMEAM, Azul, LPD, Elysium, Sonatta Morales, Zibska, Pure Poison, Lybra… it just doesn’t get any better than that! It is interesting to understand how this event, that has fast become the best haute couture shopping experience in SL to date evolved. As lovers of all things artistic, it is no surprise that Mila and Aliza met during an Art Exhibition and Soraya met Mila and Aliza at the 2LEI Charity Event. They all knew each other by name of course, but their love of art and participation in this charity event set the wheels in motion. The idea of combining their Sims took place over the past year. “Mila suggested that they join Sims initially and Aliza liked this idea and got on board immediately; so did I because this would give me the chance to better utilize all the space I wasn’t using on my sim,” Soraya notes. The idea of combining their Sims solved two problems. First, off the Sims are available for rent to third parties for fairs, art exhibitions, fashion shows and events in general. “Saviad was born, in a way, out of frustration. Frustration because as designers, we rarely see the desires of our costumers taken care of. As designers, our main goal is to make our costumers happy and satisfied. We believe the focus should be on designers and their creations and we hope we achieved this goal on this first edition of Fiera. We think, that sometimes making things on your own is the best way to reach your final goals.” Soraya suggested that in addition to combining their Sims, that they organize a fair to celebrate Saviad as an organization and as a fashion brand. “Our idea is to brand Fiera as an ongoing seasonal event that will be repeated through the year. The fair will always highlight the best of the best new seasonal collections from the best designers on the grid.”

As for the goals of this forceful threesome… “Our mantra is high quality, art, business and innovation. We believe these concepts go hand by hand, and it is the excellence we strive for always. Another goal is that they wanted to give SL’s High Fashion Designers a Wake Up Call! “ We want Fiera to tease, tantalize and inspire our fellow designers in SL to create their best. We also wanted to give them an immersive artful and well laid out Sim full of fanciful and whimsical art that would enhance their designs as well as the shopping experience for all residents of SL.” The theme of the Spring Fair Sims was gardens that encapsulated each designer’s visions. Mila created the elegant white garden because she loves white and this is how she envisions spring. The Obscure Garden, on the other hand, created by Aliza showed her love of mystery, esoteric thoughts and darkness. The Greenhouse Garden by Soraya shows her love of divergent materials…. metal, glass and of course nature. Saviad has already come to represent what the brands of Violator, AD Creations and Solidea Folies stand for – high quality, haute couture, outstanding taste, reliability and an inclination to achieve goals and do things, which many others consider impossible. “SAVIAD is not only a joint venture of Sims but also a new Fashion Brand: all creations under the Label Saviad will be signed from Vaher, Karu and Tatham. We believe our styles although different from one another have a great artistic affinity for one another and that our combined creations will offer something uniquely interesting and new.” As for what we should know about Saviad…. “We are anarchists! Fundamentally, we do what we want because we are sure of the quality we provide. We take pride in making sure we give the best to the people who give us their trust.” Saviad has decided to play outside the usual roles fixed by the SL fashion community by their very definition.“SAVIAD is an entity dealing with fashion, we are not an “agency” and we don’t want to be one. At the same time, if and when we want we can be an agency, a production house, a magazine, stage builders, and so on. We don’t recognize just one role because we believe they simply do not fit our business model or brands. We think that one or two distinct roles are limiting for our goals. As creative thinkers and innovators, we like to keep all options open while brainstorming future projects. Creating an event is like creating fashion: you can push the boundaries as much as you like in order to create something totally original that has never been seen before and has a voice and style of its own.” As for the future…. we are on the edge of our virtual seats to see what the future holds for Saviad…whatever it is we know it will be tantalizingly original.

Saviad Blogger Contest

Saviad Blogger Contest Article: The

prize for the lucky blogger is a gift card of the value of 10.000 L$ for each of the following store : Violator, AD Creations and Solidea Folies and the title of official Saviad Blogger (will become blogger for the 3 brands hosting the event, Salimar Luxury District, Couturier Docks and all the future events hosted at SAVIAD).

The choice between them was really hard and we ended with a tie between 3 bloggers that got the majority of votes…so with a prize that reach an amount of 90.000 L$ we decided to award all the 3 bloggers that reached the podium: Lua Vendetta Caoimhe Lionheart Caryn Ashdene

Caoimhe Lionheart: My name is Caoimhe Lionheart. I am an “on occasion” fashion model, in other words, when I have to, I’m an avid blogger, a solitary wanderer, a friend, a wordsmith and a human who is constantly enthralled with all I have seen. As a person passionate for the magically creative fashions of Second Life teamed with my love of words and photography, this virtual world is uniquely wonderful and special to me. I am a prankster and a gad about. I love to laugh and create fun, to photograph and share the things I notice along my journey. But most of all, I find joy in bringing inworld to the outside on  So thanks for the read, perhaps one day you too will be a friend. =)

Caryn Ashdene: I began blogging in April of 2012. I absolutely love what I do, and more so because I get to meet so many creative people. When I began modeling, I did not have a lot of money to put into it and I learned early on that it could be an expensive trade to learn. I had a path and a purpose. I have posted over 1000 blogs, recruited 47 followers, added my work to many feeds, to other store blogs, and share with 2000 friends and followers on Facebook. Each time I’ve applied to blog, I’ve taken on the privilege as if it were the moment of a lifetime, and each new designer who allowed me to work with their designs created new moments for me to celebrate.

Lua Vendetta: Lua Vendetta was rezzed in SL on October 5th, 2007, since that day she get addicted to her life here. In RL she is a advertiser & photographer, in SL she have her decoration stores were she in someway put her RL work in her creations. The last 4 years she worked in a lot of different runway shows, charity events, instore modeling, store ads, mag ads, videos and won different contests. Her passion for SL modeling and blogging never ends, she adore what she does in SL, the work, the events and most of all, her true friends and her SL family

KABUKI boutique produced an amazing fashion show showcasing most of the event exclusives from designers participating on the fair. Here we present to you a sneak peak at some of the awe-inspiring stylings we could see on the runway.

Kaboki Boutique Staff : CEO & OWNER : Blackliquid Tokyoska COO : Taylor Wassep Photographer : Natzuka Miliandrovic Models : Bastien Berboral Beatrice Serendipity Blackliquid Tokyoska Forren Ashford Xandra Sciavo Xenobia Foxclaw

SPONSORS : Sys Gabriel Gizza Azul Elysium Dead Dollz Pure Poison Les Petit Details HMAEM Sonatta Morales Zibska and Lybra

Eira Juliesse Author of the picture that most represented the Saviad Fashion Fair

Saviad Spring Fashion Fair Bloggers Gallery

FIERA Spring Fair Magazine PUBLISHED BY

Art Director: Serab Photography provided by Natzuka Milliandrovich FIERA Spring Fair organization

Versus special for Saviad spring fair  
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