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小 狗 Shu Mai 與 Janet Tracy

愛在 澳門


移民貓兒 神奇故事

Puppy Shu Mai and Janet Tracy

Immigrant cat tells his tale

JUNE 2013

Love story in Macau • JUNE拯救寵物 2013 領養

Pets & Hugs

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美容 太漂亮了


That’s the look



讓 我 們 開 始 擁 抱 吧! 首發號 Launch Issue

Let the hugs begin!

P&H 0000 June/2013 出版人 Publisher

澳門出版有限公司 People Press

(Macaulink/Diffusion Ventures) 主任編輯 Editorial Director Monica Leong

主編 Editor-In-Chief Nuno G. Pereira 設計 Design 澳門出版有限公司 People Press 翻譯 Translators

Frank Xie (謝 陳)

Norman Ching (程 翰) 攝影 Photographers

Carmo Correia Eric Tam

編輯 Copy editors Kirsty Ridge

Louise do Rosario Sandra Laranjeiro 地址 ADdress

Av. Infante D. Henrique, 43-53A,

The Macau Square, 10th Floor – I, Macau

終於,我們有一本 獻給澳門寵物朋友 的雜誌了!《寶貝寵 物》是澳門第一本 寵物雜誌—在這裡 您可以找到所有你 需要知道的寵物護 理知識,以及現實生 活中的寵物故事;也 會解釋為何動物應 該像我們一樣,得到 應有的尊重,而且有 同樣的 權利,過幸 福快樂的生活。 正如本雜誌的名稱—《寶貝寵物》—的 含義,我們不但把焦點放在動物身上, 而且也重視寵物和主人之間的關係。 我們稱狗為 "人類最好的朋友" (我個 人認為這也應該適用於貓和龜 )。要 與我們的寵物建立親密關係,關鍵 是讓牠們知道:我們是牠們最好的 朋友。你只需要花一點時間跟牠們 玩,牠們就會—毫不誇張地說—對 你千依百順。

《寶貝寵物》與非 牟利動物權益和保 護組織Anima合作, 它的每一頁,以大 大小小不同寵物品 種的事實信息,帶 你走遍寵物王國。 雜誌的每一期將有 鼓舞人心的故事和 採訪,大家一定會 感到生動有趣。 作為動物愛好者, 我們都知道,可以 談論的趣事一箩 筐。我們都希望分享自己的經驗,更 不用說分享寵物的照片和視頻—誰 看了都會說:"噢,太可愛了!"。 您可以寫信給我們,諮詢如何照顧 你的寵物,我們的獸醫會為您提供 答案。此外,我們還設立了一個《寶 貝寵物》社交網站,讓我們可以走到 一起,保持聯繫,增加互動。現在在 Facebook上“讚”我們,開始分享你的 寵物的有趣照片和視頻吧!

Finally we have a magazine dedicated to

protection group Anima, will take you

the first pet magazine in Macau where

information about the different species,

中國 澳門殷皇子大馬路43-53A 澳門廣場10樓I

(853) 28355315/6 (853) 28355466


機構合作夥伴 Institutional partner

Anima - 澳門愛護動物協會 Printed in Macau 印刷地:澳門

發行量 Circulation 3,000

our furry friends in Macau! Pets&Hugs is you’ll find all you need to know about pet care, as well as real-life stories, showing why animals deserve as much re-

spect as we do and have the same right to live a happy life.

As the magazine’s name, Pets&Hugs,

suggests, we have put the spotlight not only on the animals, but also on the importance of the relationship between pets and their owners.

We call dogs “man’s best friend” – which 免責聲明:若向出版人提供之資料有不完整處,出 版人概不負責。引用本刊任何內容前,請先與出版 人聯絡。本刊發表的意見不代表出版人之立場。

I personally think should also be valid for cats and tortoises. Establishing a bond

with our pet is vital to let them know that

Disclaimer: The publishers accept no respon-

we are also their best friends. All you need

submitted for publication. If you like to use

them and they’ll be all over you, literally.

sibility for loss or damage to any materials

any content, please contact the publishers.

The views expressed in the magazine are not necessarily those of the publishers.

Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013

to do is to spend some time playing with

Page by page, Pets&Hugs, in partnership

with the non-profit animal rights and

through the animal kingdom with factual

big or small. Each edition will also have inspirational stories and interviews about pets that will be fun and interesting for everyone.

As animal lovers, we all know that there

are hundreds of interesting things to talk about. All of us will want to share our

experiences, not to mention the photos and videos of our pets, guaranteed to make everyone say “Aww, that’s cute!”.

You will be able to write to us, asking for advice on how to take care of your

pet, and our vet will provide you with the answers. On top of that, we have set

up a Pets&Hugs social-networking page

to bring us all together, get interactive and stay connected. ‘Like’ us now on

Facebook and start sharing funny photos and videos of your pet!



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• JUNE 2013








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寵物 Pet Creamy • 最好的朋友 Best Friend April Ku and Anakin Chan

寵物 Pet Coco Pops • 最好的朋友 Best Friend Breanna

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月



寵物 Pet Wings • 最好的朋友 Best Friend Seong Si

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寵物 Pet Cookie

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想看看照片嗎? 請看第 6頁

寵物 Pet Gin • 最好的朋友 Best Friend Sandy

Bella Milne

Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013

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西施天降 治癒舊傷

無盡 喜悅 Shih Tzu arrival heals old wound

A bundle of joy


以淚洗面。 "山窮水盡疑無路,柳暗花明又 不過,我一直有再養一條狗的 一村"。這是我的西施狗波比, 念頭。一個炎熱夏天的晚上, 三年前來到我家,與我和太太 我在一家寵物商店偶遇波比。 一起生活後的貼切描述。 沒有一見鍾情的感覺,但這隻 故事開始於 2010年,那一年我 3個月大的三色(棕色、白色和 們14歲的西施狗恩蒂,在寵物 黑色)西施犬很可愛,吸引了 醫院與疾病抗爭數月後,終於 我。我 把 離開了我 他抱在懷 們,魂 歸 裡,他 開 天 國。我 當他走路時,毛茸茸的短小 始舔我的 們傷心欲 四肢似乎像在滑雪 手,不 停 絕。我 太 地搖著尾 太終日以 巴。 淚洗面, Bobi’s hairy short limbs 在猶豫幾 有時半夜 seem to be on skis 天 後,我 會哭醒。 when he walks 終於決定 一位朋友 把波比帶 建議我們 回 家。我 重新養一 懷抱這個小傢伙走進家門,太 條狗,填補恩蒂留 下的巨 大 太迎來,稱它為 "波比"。她似 情感空缺。但是我 太 太 堅決 乎已經對波比有所準備。 否定了這個想法,認為是對恩 不過,開始幾天並不容易。我 蒂的背叛。結果她還是 整天

Every cloud has a silver lining. This


Shih Tzu dog, Bobi, came into my

to get my attention. The moment

is an apt description of how my

home three years ago, to live with me and my wife.

The story began in 2010 with the passing of our 14-year-old Shih

Tzu dog Undi. After a few months in a pet hospital, Undi finally left

us for God in heaven. We were heart-broken. For days, my wife

was in tears, waking up crying in the middle of the night. A friend

suggested that we get another dog, to fill the big emotional void

left by Undi. But my wife adamantly rejected the idea, seeing it as a betrayal of Undi. So there was more crying throughout the day.

Still, I kept the idea. On one hot

summer evening, I met Bobi in a pet shop. It was not love at first

sight, but this three-month-old




black) Shih Tzu was cute enough

I held him in my arms, he started

licking my hand and wagging his tail incessantly.

It took days of hesitation before I finally decided to bring Bobi home.

The moment I stepped into my apartment with the tiny creature in my arms, my wife walked up and

called him “Bobi”. It seemed that she had already prepared for him.

Still, the first few days were not

easy. My wife kept saying she was

not ready for another pet – she threatened to return Bobi to the shop. Then, she calmed down and said she was willing to see how it

worked out. Bobi seemed to get

the cue and was doing his best to be good and friendly.

Bobi was covered with long hair 寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月


太太不停地說,她還沒有準備 好養另一隻寵物,甚至揚言將 波比退還寵物店。最終她平靜 下來,說願意看看情況再說。波 比似乎得到暗示一樣,努力表 現出他最出色和友好的一面。 波比剛來時,毛髮又長又濃。 寵物店店員告訴我們,等他長 大些再幫他洗澡。因此,頭幾個 星期,他看起來好像身上蓋著 一條破舊的毯子。他的毛髮看 上去很凌亂,所以我太太給了 他“小乞丐”的綽號。 波比第一次洗澡、剪髮後,一隻 可愛乾淨的小狗浮出水面。他 圓而短的臉是那麼可愛,可以 融化任何 "冷酷的心"。他前額 的頭髮層層疊疊,如菊花的花 瓣 (西施犬別名菊花狗)。他的眼 睛又大又圓,像成熟的黑葡萄, 眼睫毛特別長。他的四肢很短, 但他的胸部不成比例的寬,又 大又壯。由於這個特殊的身體 結構,當他走路時,毛茸茸的短

波比與林村在迪斯尼樂園 • Bobi and Lin Cun in Disneyland


小四肢似乎像在滑雪。 波比是一隻非常聰明的狗,只 教一兩次 就 學會一 個表演 招 術。至目前為止,他能夠表演大 約 30 種把戲。我會不斷訓練他 做更複雜的動作,測試他的智 力。波比似乎很樂於接受這種 挑戰,儘管他在嘗試更危險的 動作時十分謹慎。令他願意不 斷學習的關鍵是食物,尤其是 美味、新鮮煮熟的雞肉。每當親 戚和朋友來到我們家,就是波 比表演的時候。朋友和家人總 是對波比的表演嘖嘖稱奇。 波比是一隻依人的小狗,輕撫 他的肌肉和毛髮是一種享受。 到了晚上,他總是喜歡跟我們 一起睡 在床上。上床後,在枕 頭和被子之間一找到舒適的位 置,他就可以立刻倒頭大睡。波 比幫助我與太太戰勝了失去恩 蒂的痛苦,跟他的前任恩蒂過 去十幾年所做的一樣,為我們 帶來無盡的快樂

他的眼睛又大又圓,像成熟的黑葡萄,眼睫毛特別長 His eyes are big and round, like ripe black grapes

when he first arrived. We were told

to time, I like to introduce more

ger. So, for weeks, he looked as if he

gence. Bobi appears to enjoy the

not to bathe him until he grew bigwas covered by a shabby blanket. So messy was his hair that my wife gave him the nickname “little beggar”.

After Bobi had his first haircut,

a cute, clean dog emerged. His round, short face is so cute that he

can melt even the coldest heart.

The hair of his forehead is layered, like the petals of a chrysanthemum.

His eyes are big and round, like ripe

black grapes, with long eyelashes.

His limbs are short but his chest disproportionately broad, big and strong. Because of this special body

structure, Bobi’s hairy short limbs seem to be on skis when he walks.

He is a highly intelligent dog, who

takes only one or two lessons to 狗狗行中的快樂聚會 • Happy gathering at a dog parade

Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013

learn a trick. To date, he is able to

perform about 30 tricks. From time

complex moves to test his intellichallenge, even though he appears

cautious to try what seem to be

more dangerous moves. The key

to getting his willingness to learn is food, especially delicious freshly cooked chicken. Whenever relatives

and friends come to our apartment, it is show time for Bobi. They are always amazed by his performance.

Bobi is a sweet lap dog, with muscles and hair pleasant to stroke and to cuddle. In the evening, he always

wants to sleep with us in our bed.

Once he has found himself a comfortable position between our pillows and blanket, he will fall into a deep sleep. He has helped my wife

overcome the pain of losing Undi,

bringing the same pleasure that his predecessor gave us for years



獅子來啦 Chow Chow

Here comes the lion


DOG breed

體型 中型 Size Medium 訓練 困難 Training Hard 脫毛 很多 Shedding Lots 與孩子的關係 很好 Relationship with children Great

鬆獅狗屬於強健、結實的北極 型犬,中等體型,肌肉發達, 骨骼粗大。鬆獅狗是一個原產 中國北部的古老犬種。雖然該 品種原本是一種工作犬,今天 牠主要被當作伴侶犬。這獅子 般,皇家血統的狗種有五種顏 色—紅色、黑色、藍色、肉桂色 和奶油色—該犬以藍/黑舌頭 和踩高蹺的步態而出名。鬆獅 狗的皮毛可以是兩種不同類型 中的任何一種:粗糙或光滑。

鬆獅狗真正起源不得而知,但 這個目前眾所周知的品種在中 國漢代 (公元前206年至公元22 年 ) 的陶器和雕塑中非常容易 辨認。鬆獅狗可以勝任多種工 作:狩獵、放牧、拖拽和保護家 園。有學者認為鬆獅狗是薩摩 耶犬、挪威獵鹿犬、博美犬和 荷蘭卷尾獅毛狗的原始祖先。 鬆獅狗柔情滿懷、忠於家庭, 生性 矜持、對 陌生 人有洞察 力。鬆 獅狗的個性令 牠們獨 立、固執,相比其他狗種不太 熱衷於取悅人。牠們需要早期 的合群訓練,並需要某種形式 的日常練習。為了保持鬆獅狗 的雙層被毛,定期梳理和洗澡 是必須的

獨特性 鬆獅狗可以在中國漢代的陶 器和雕塑中辨認出來

Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013

A powerful, sturdy dog of Arctic

22 A.D.). It was an all-purpose dog

with heavy bones, the Chow Chow

and protection of the home;

type, medium in size and muscular

is an ancient breed of northern

Chinese origin. While the breed was originally a working dog, today he primarily serves as a

companion. This lion-like, regal breed comes in five colours – red,

black, blue, cinnamon and cream – and is known for its blue/black tongue and stilted gait. Their coats can be either rough or smooth. The






unknown, but the breed as it is

known today is easily recognisable in pottery and sculptures of the Chinese Han Dynasty (206 B.C. to

used for hunting, herding, pulling

some scholars claim the Chow was the original ancestor of the Samoyed, Norwegian Elkhound, Pomeranian and Keeshond. Affectionate




family, the Chow is reserved and

discerning with strangers. Their

personalities make them independent, stubborn and less eager to please than other breeds. They require early socialisation and

training, and some kind of daily

exercise. Regular grooming and bathing are a must to maintain their double coats

Distinctiveness The Chow Chow is recognisable in pottery and sculptures of the Chinese Han Dynasty



夏季 保健 Help your dog enjoy the sun

Summer care


夏天提供了大量與你的愛犬同樂的機會 (野營、遠足、游泳、皮划艇和背包旅行等等),但也帶來一些夏季特有的健康危害和風 險,寵物主人應該了解。要警惕啊!

Keeping pets safe during the summer is easier if you know what the risks are and how to manage them.

Summer days provide lots of opportunities for fun with your dog (camping, hiking, swimming, kayaking and backpacking, just to name a few), but also bring a unique set of health hazards and risks that pet owners should be aware of. Be alert!

⦿ 脫水 提供大量清涼、乾淨和新 鮮的水。考慮為狗準備低 鈉雞湯或酸奶冰塊;及餵 飼狗罐頭,從而增加你愛 犬飲食中的水分含量


⦿ 爪墊燙傷 在陽光下,人行道和街道 的瀝青溫度可以熱到燙 傷狗爪。為了避免燙傷狗 爪,要 在 清 晨或 深 夜 遛 狗,因清晨或深夜的街道 沒有那麼熱

⦿ Dehydration

Provide lots of cool, clean, fresh water.

Consider preparing low sodium chicken

broths or yogurt ice cubes and introducing canned dog foods to increase the moisture content of your dog's diet

⦿ Burned pads

Under the sun, the asphalt on sidewalks and streets can heat to a temperature

that can burn dogs’ paws. To avoid

scorched paws, walk your dog very early in the morning or late in the evening, when the streets have cooled off

⦿ 寄生蟲 夏季是多寄生蟲 (如跳蚤) 和蚊子的季節。以高品質 的 飲 食 餵 飼 您 的 狗,將 令 牠 建 立自己的免疫 系 統,增強對寄生蟲感染的 抵抗力。經常清潔你的房 子、好好梳理你的狗,也將 減少寄生蟲感染的風險。 與你的獸醫談談,看他對 你 的狗還有什麼 建 議 — 如現場化學藥品治療;驅 蟲 洗 髮 水;精 油 及 防 跳 蚤/蜱項圈

⦿ Parasites

Summer is the season for parasites

like fleas and mosquitoes. Feeding your dog with a high quality diet will build his immune system, mak-

ing him more resistant to parasite infestation. Cleaning your house fre-

quently and keeping your dog well

groomed will also reduce the risk of infestation. Talk to your veterinarian to see what else he recommends

for your dog, like chemical spot-on treatments, repellent shampoos, essential oils and flea/tick collars

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月



⦿ 中暑 中暑對狗隻的健康危害很大,最壞的情況可以 致命。您可以通過下列措施避免狗隻中暑:避免 愛犬在一天中最熱的時候做運動;確保牠飲充 足的水;提供陰涼的地方讓狗休息並讓它有機 會游泳;使用散熱墊為狗降溫,決不將夠獨留車 中而無人看管 (每年許多狗死在炎熱的車輛中, 儘管車窗是破裂的或車輛停在陰涼處) ⦿ Heat Stroke

A heat stroke is a serious risk to a dog's health and, in a worst-case scenario, can be fatal. You can prevent

it by restricting exercise during the hottest hours of

the day, by making sure he is well hydrated, by providing cool places for him to relax and opportunities

to swim, by using cooling mats and by never leaving him unattended in the car (annually, many dogs die in hot cars even if the windows are open or the car is parked in the shade)

⦿ 鉤端螺旋體病 鉤端螺旋體病是通過體液或組織感染,並可以 通過直接 (在咬傷或攝取肉類的情況下) 或間接 ( 通過水源、食物等) 接觸被感染的動物傳播。不 流動的水體,是鉤端螺旋體菌的常見源頭。如 果不及時治療,鉤端螺旋體病可能會造成永久 性健康問題甚至死亡。其症狀包括發燒、嘔吐、 顫抖/發抖、嗜睡、食慾不振、關節和肌肉壓痛、 飲水增加。如果你懷疑你的狗患上鉤端螺旋體 病,馬上帶牠看獸醫。並且與獸醫談談,平衡感 染鉤端螺旋體病本身的風險,和注射疫苗涉及 的風險 ⦿ Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is contracted through bodily fluids or tissue and can be transmitted through direct (in the

case of a bite or ingestion of flesh) or indirect contact (through water sources, food, etc.) with an infected

animal. Stagnant waters are a common source of lep-

tospirosis bacteria. Lepto can cause permanent health problems or even death, if not treated quickly. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, trembling/shaking, lethargy, anorexia, tenderness of joints and muscles and

increased water intake. If you suspect your dog has lepto, take him to a vet right away. Also talk with the vet about weighing the risk of infection with the risks associated with the lepto vaccine

⦿ 季節性過敏 如果你懷疑你的愛犬可能患上季節性過敏,或有 抓撓和掉毛的情況,建議你帶牠看獸醫 ⦿ Seasonal allergies

If you suspect your dog may have seasonal allergies, is scratching and perhaps losing fur, a visit to your vet is recommended Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013


夏日 驚喜

濕漉漉小狗用的 Slopmats 墊

新型的 Slopmat 墊,很適合沾上水、泥和雪的狗。它解決吃喝馬 虎的狗狗下巴滴水、把食物盤和水碗弄得一團糟等問題。

Soggy Doggy Slopmats

The new Slopmat is great for wet, muddy and snowy dogs. It

also tackles the problem of dripping chins and sloppy drinkers at the food and water bowl.


Summer surprises for your dog



“Twiggy” 和 “Woody” 牌狗遊戲棒

既有趣又環保,這是一種流行的天然狗玩具—遊戲棒—精心的製 作令它們對狗的嘴更加安全。

DOOG Sticks “Twiggy” and “Woody”

Fun and eco-friendly, DOOG's “The Sticks” take a popular natural dog toy — sticks — and make them safer for your dog's mouth.




Hugs Pet寵物用品—降溫墊

這個墊子創造一個低於你的寵物體溫的溫度,令你的寵物保持 涼爽。該產品柔軟、不易刺破且耐用,它為可能患有關節疼痛 的高齡寵物,提供了一個舒適的環境。

Hugs Pet Products Chilly Mat

This mat keeps your pets cool by creating a lower temperature than your pet’s body temperature. It is also soft, punc-

ture-resistant and durable, providing comfort for older pets who may suffer joint pain.




購買請參看此網站 寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月



Ruffwear Swamp Cooler


熱。只須將背心放在冷水中浸泡,擰乾,並將 它綁在你的狗身上。

Ruffwear Swamp Cooler

Help your dog beat the heat with this innovative cooling vest. Just soak it in cold water, wring it out and fasten it around your dog.




Tracerz 盲犬氣味標記

盲犬的適應能力是驚人的,但Tracerz牌氣味標記在你家里為盲犬導航 (運用牠們難以置信的嗅覺),使牠們避開障礙物,從而令牠們的生活更 輕鬆。

Tracerz Scent Markers for Blind Dogs

Blind dogs are amazingly adaptable. The Tracerz Scent Markers allow

blind dogs to use their incredible sense of smell to take you home without running into obstacles, making their life easier.




軟耳設計 LED 充電狗用安全燈

看得見的狗是安全的狗。這台防水、無需電池、可充電 的LED狗用安全燈,可戴在狗的項圈上,從而大大提高 您愛犬夜間的能見度。

Floppy Ears Design LED Rechargeable Dog Safety Light

A visible dog is a safer dog; this water-resistant, battery-free LED Rechargeable Dog Safety Light for your dog's collar greatly increases visibility.



購買請參看此網站 Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013


從巴西 到中國




我的大名是 Kitty,是來自巴西 的貓貓。我與其他四個兄弟姐 妹一起出生在巴西聖保羅一個 中產家庭。 我的貓貓家庭“貓口”太多,所 以我被送給一位本地的獸醫收 養。我是一隻美國短毛貓,但非 純種。你也許知道,我們友善、 柔情滿懷並且生性聰明。所以 我們生存下來。 我 的 新生命 始 於 20 02 年。那 年一對葡萄牙夫 婦 Mércia 和 Gonçalo 到達聖保羅,他們看到 我與另外一隻小貓在一家獸醫 診所的樓梯上跑上跑下。 在聖保羅我享受著平靜的生 活,在我們位於Higienópolis的 公寓露台上,我時常凝望著歡 唱的小鳥和鸚鵡。有時小鳥的 出現令我異常激動,我會追逐 他們,但最終自己卻撞在露台 的玻璃上。

我長大了而且日漸活躍,但我 卻感到孤獨。

My name is Kitty and I am a cat

ended crashing against the glass

together with four other kittens in

I grew up and got more active,

from Brazil. I was born in Sao Paulo a middle-class Brazilian family.


姐妹一起出生在巴西 聖保羅

There were too many in the family, so I was given to a local veterinarian for adoption. I am not a purebred. I am an American short

hair cat. As you may know, we are

I was born in Sao Paulo together with four other kittens

more friendly, affectionate and intelligent. We are survivors.

My life started in 2002, when a

Portuguese couple recently arrived in Brazil, Mércia and Gonçalo,

saw me running with another lit-

幾 個月後,我 的主 人帶回家 一 位"白髮碧眼"的"小 美 貓 " 。她 太 美 妙了!我 對 她 一見 鍾 情!M é r c i a 和 G o n ç a l o 叫 她 " Mao Mao " 中文 "貓" 的意 思。這個名字不壞,我喜歡。從 此我們相親相愛,我的生活變


tle cat in a veterinary office and

took me with them. I had a calm life, gazing at the humming birds

and parrots on the balcony of our

apartment. Sometimes I got so

excited with the presence of the birds that I ran after them – but

window of the balcony. but I was lonely.

Months later, my owners brought

home a beautiful little female cat with blue eyes and white fur. She

was marvellous. It was love at first

sight. Mércia and Gonçalo called her Mao Mao, which means ‘cat’ in Chinese. Not bad. I like it. We

loved each other and my life got

better and better. We played together. We slept together on the couch. We ate together. And gave love and caresses to our owners.

Then, one day in 2005, I felt some-

thing unusual happening. I realised that we were moving to China, to

Macau more precisely. I could not

believe it! My life was going to change completely.


Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013

得越來越美好。我們一起玩耍;一起在沙 發上酣睡;一起享用美食;我們也將愛意 和愛撫獻給主人。 2005年的某一天,我預感到不尋常的事情 將要發生。我意識到我們將前往中國,準 確地說是前往澳門。我簡直不敢相信!我 的生活將完全改變。 為了這次 "大遷徙",Mao Mao和我接種了特 別疫苗。你相信嗎?我們還被主人要求參 加一個特別節目一名巴西神父在一家獸醫 診所為許多寵物主持的集體祝福活動。 我知道“大遷徙”的相關文件非常難搞到。 我看到 Mércia 和 Gonçalo 忙於聯繫澳門的政 府部門;他們也忙於聯繫德國和香港的政 府部門,因為我們需要飛經這些地方。 難忘的一天終於到來。Mao Mao 和我被放 進一個大籠子,運往聖保羅的瓜魯柳斯國 際機場。我們登上德國漢莎航空公司的航 機,前往法蘭克福,再續飛香港。雖然我

我們曾接受一位巴西神父的祝 福,我們是幸福的貓貓

We had a blessing given by a Brazilian priest

For the move, Mao Mao and I were given

special vaccinations and, believe it or not, we

were made to take part in a general blessing given by a Brazilian priest to many pets in the vet’s surgery.

I understood that the documents required for

our moving were very difficult to secure. I saw Mercia and Goncalo busily contacting the au-

thorities in Macau, and those of Germany and Hong Kong, as we would fly via these places.

Then came the day. Mao Mao and I were put in a big cage and taken to the international airport of Guarulhos in Sao Paulo. We were on board a Lufthansa plane to Frankfurt then to Hong Kong. We knew our owners were flying on the same plane but, still, it was a terrible experience.

The noise. The cold. The darkness. We were so frightened that we neither ate nor drank even

when the plane landed in Frankfurt. Then, we were moved to another plane.

After 24 hours of flying, we finally landed in Hong

Kong, completely exhausted and stressed. From the Hong Kong airport, we went straight to the


Macau pier. Then there was another surprise: the jetfoil company did not allow pets on board. So we flew to Macau by helicopter instead!

貓的故事 • 2013 年 6月


們知道主人也在航機上,但這 對我們還是一個可怕的經歷。 陪伴我們的是噪音、寒冷和黑 暗...我們驚恐至極,以至於飛 機降落法蘭克福後,我們也不 吃不喝。接著,我們被帶上另 外一架飛機。 經過24小時的飛行,我們終於 降落香港,感到筋疲力盡、心力 交瘁。我們從香港機場直奔港 澳碼頭。那裡我們又吃了一驚: 噴射飛航公司不讓寵物登船。 我們只能坐直升機去澳門了! 現在我快樂地居住在澳門,已 經有七年了。我住在氹仔的一 座舒適的公寓裡,可以一覽澳 門的海景。我的口福不淺。我白 天美美地睡覺,晚上在家裡的 Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013

床上睡。我喜愛我的家庭和我 們的朋友。我也喜歡孩子。當然 我也鍾愛我親愛的 Mao Mao。 沒有她,我的生活將會是多麼 乏味。她是我最好的伴侶。 現在的日子裡我的活動不多。 我最重要的職責是早上九點 叫醒家人,讓主人去上班。有 時候我忘了是周末,在錯誤的 時候吵醒了主人。我有許多快 樂和自豪的理由。我喜愛我的 人類家庭,他們也喜愛我。你 們不知道,晚上與主人和 Mao Mao 一起坐在沙發上看電視是 多麼美妙的事情。這是一個完 美的故事—裡面有愛,有 "大 遷徙",也有我—中國澳門的 第一隻巴西貓


darling Mao Mao. Without her, life

我最重要的職責是 叫醒家人

would have been much more difficult. She is a great companion.

I do not do much these days. My most important role at home is to

My most important role at home is to wake the family up

wake the family up at nine in the

morning to get my owners to go to work. Sometimes I forget it is a Saturday and Sunday and I wake them up on the wrong days.

I am now happily settled with Mao

Mao in Macau. I have a great apartment in Taipa, with a sea view. I eat well. I sleep well during the day and

at night in the family bed. I love

the family and their friends. I love

the kids. And, of course, I love my

I am happy and proud. I love my human family and they love me.

You do not know how good it is to

sit with them and with Mao Mao at night on the sofa and watch

television. So this is a great story of

love, travels and me being the first Brazilian cat in Macau, China


日本 福岡 攝影紀錄

神奇 貓島 Meow heaven on Earth 22

The cat island

日本攝影師 Fubira i 一直定期前 A Japanese photographer named Fubirai has been 往 福 岡 縣 ( 位 於日本 九 州島 北 documenting the lives of cats in Fukuoka prefecture, 岸, 大多數 居民 靠 捕魚為生 並 on the northern shore of Kyushu. He makes regular trips 且與貓相處融洽 ),記錄當地貓 to the area, where most residents rely on fishing for a 的生活。 living and share a beautiful relationship with the cats. 當漁民從海上回來,總有一群毛 When the fishermen return from the sea, there is a 茸茸的小貓在等待他們的船停 crowd of furry kitties waiting for them to dock. They 靠。漁民總是先餵這些小貓。島 always feed the four-legged ones first. The islanders let 民讓 貓漫遊他們的 the cats roam around 船 和 院 子,甚 至 讓 on their boats, yards 牠們進 入自己的房 and even let them into 大多數居民依靠捕魚為生, 子 "作客"。 their houses for visits. Fubirai在與這些貓玩


Fubirai plays with the

耍時,用他的相機捕 cats while capturing 捉 這 些美 好時刻。 the moments with his Most residents rely 他與不少毛茸茸的 camera. He has bondon fishing for a living 貓朋友 建 立了親密 ed with several furry and share a beautiful 關 係,定 期 訪 問 牠 friends whom he visits relationship with the cats 們。這些小貓為當地 on a regular basis. These 居民帶來一片安寧, kitties have brought the 並為經過一整天辛 local people a piece of 勤工作的人們帶來一些期待。這 tranquillity and something to look forward to after a 些照片令人驚嘆,如你在下列網 long day of hard work. The photos are amazing, as you 頁上所見(你也可以在他的博客 can see in these pages (you can also check them all on 上查看 his blog: 寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月



當漁民從海上回來,總有一群毛茸茸 的小貓在等待他們的停靠

When the fishermen return from the sea, there is a crowd of furry kitties waiting for them to dock


Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013


迷你 黑豹 Bombay

The mini black panther



需要關注程度 很高 Attention needs Lots 主動性 高於平均水平 Activeness Above Average 親熱度 高 Affection High 與孩子的關係 非常好 Relationship with children Great

生來就像家養黑豹的孟買貓中 型體態,是極有魅力的黑色貓 科動物。孟買貓體型與緬甸貓 相似,以其獨特的“漆革”被 毛出名,眼睛為金黃色或古銅 色,表情甜美。孟買貓是一種 遺傳混合品種,但有自身特點。 孟買貓非常外向,感情豐富。牠 們會在門口迎接客人,取悅主 人和客人。牠們喜歡你不斷地 關注,總是緊跟著你,牠們希望 被關注,但不苛求。孟買貓能 夠與其他寵物相處,包括狗,

有美國短毛貓隨和的態度;也 像緬甸貓一樣喜歡與人親熱。 孟買貓是一種有 "全家觀念" 的貓,感覺它屬於大家並能與 所有人建立親密關係,而不是 僅與一個人關係好而容忍其他 人。它們的被毛很短,只需要 偶爾梳一梳,就可以將其被毛 保持在最佳狀態。 當 Nikki Hornery 希望創造一種 像微型黑豹一樣的貓時,該品 種開始有了雛形。然而,她的 第一次嘗試是不成功的,因為 產生了一隻小貓看上去是美國 短毛貓的拙劣模仿品。然後, 她小心地選擇了一隻有深古 銅色的眼睛的美國短毛貓和 一隻獲得過總冠軍的緬甸貓, 經過幾代近親繁殖和異型雜 交,Hornery 獲得成功一種美麗 的貓出現了,她將其命名為孟 買貓。該品種以印度的地名命 名,因印度可以發現黑豹

孟買貓是一種非常外向及感 情豐富的動物

Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013

Created to be a parlour panther,

feeling it belongs to everyone and

stunningly black feline. Similar

ply with one person and tolerating

the Bombay is a medium sized, in body to the Burmese, it is recognised by its distinctive “patent

leather” coat, brilliant gold or copper eyes and sweet expression. The breed is a genetic hybrid with characteristics of its own.

The Bombay is a very outgoing and affectionate animal. They will

greet guests at the door and entertain owners and guests alike. They enjoy constant attention and

can always be found where you are, hoping for attention but not demanding it. Bombays get along

with other pets, including dogs, and have the easygoing attitude of the American Shorthair combined

with the curiosity and lap-loving attitude of the Burmese.

The Bombay is a ‘whole family’ cat,

The Bombay is a very outgoing and affectionate animal

bonding with all, rather than simthe rest. Their coat is short and requires only the occasional brushing to keep it at its highest quality.

The breed started when Nikki Horner felt the desire to create

a miniature panther. Her first attempt, however, was unsuccessful as it resulted in a kitten that simply appeared to be a poor imitation of the American Shorthair. Then,

carefully selecting an American Shorthair with deep copper eyes

and a Grand Champion Burmese, over generations of inbreeding

and out-crossing, Horner was rewarded with this beautiful cat she

named the Bombay. The breed received its name from the location

in India, the country where black panthers can be found


夏季 保 健

貓貓 喜涼風 Summer care

Every cat needs a cool breeze

當溫度計在夏季飆升時,你毛茸茸的貓可能面臨與受酷熱困擾的人類一樣的健康問題:心臟問題、中暑、呼吸問題等等。 When the thermometer shoots upwards during the summer, your fur-covered feline may be at risk of the same kinds of health problems that plague humans who are too hot: heart difficulties, heat stroke, breathing issues and more.


What not to do ⦿ 不要將你的貓獨留 在一輛停著的汽車裡 就算幾分鐘也不行。車 內的溫度會迅速上升, 打開車窗幾英寸不會令 溫度下降 ⦿ 不要忘記為你的貓 準備好足夠的淡水 在你的房子裡留下幾碗 水,讓你的貓有足夠的 水飲用


⦿ 不要為你的貓剃毛 貓的毛可以保護它們免 於曬傷

⦿ Don’t leave

your cat in a parked car

Not even for a few minutes. The

inside of a car can heat up rapidly

and leaving the window open a few inches does not make it cooler

⦿ Don't forget to leave

fresh water for your cat

Leave several bowls of water in the house, so that your cat will drink plenty of it

⦿ Don't shave your cat's fur

Your feline's fur offers some protection against sunburn

⦿ 不要將你的貓拴在戶外 即使你認為陰涼處可以保護 你的貓,但陽光可能轉移,在 你沒有意識到之前令貓暴露 在直射陽光下 ⦿ 不要忽視貓中暑的跡象 這 些 跡 象包 括 突 然 氣 喘 噓 噓、呼吸困難和心率加快。 中暑的貓會像喝醉一樣,他 们的步態不穩,其牙齦會比 正常的更紅。 如果您發現你的貓有上述症 狀中的任何一個,用陰涼、潮 濕的毛巾包住你的貓,並帶 牠看獸醫

⦿ Don't tether your cat outside

Even if you think that the shade is protecting your cat, the sun may shift, ex-

posing the cat to direct sunlight before you realise it

⦿ Don't ignore the signs

of heat stroke

These signs include panting rapidly,

having trouble breathing and increased heart rate. A cat may act as if it is drunk

by walking strangely and its gums will be redder than normal. If you notice any of these symptoms, wrap your cat

in a cool, wet towel and take it to your veterinarian

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月




What to do ⦿ 為貓提供一個涼爽、舒適的生活空間 在上班前盡可能令你的房子降溫。如果可以,遮住 窗戶,將空調保持在 "低" 檔。將小塑料容器裝滿水, 放在冰箱過夜。白天的時候,將這些容器 (現在充滿 了冰塊 ) 放在你的貓喜歡睡覺的地方。同時提供充 足的淡水 ⦿ Provide a cool and comfy living space

Cool down your house as much as possible before you leave

for work. Cover the windows and leave the air conditioning on "low" if you can. Put small plastic containers filled with water in the freezer overnight. During the day, place these containers – now filled with blocks of ice – around your cat's favourite sleeping spot. Provide plenty of fresh water

⦿ 做舒適的汽車旅行 如果你帶同愛貓作自駕遊,盡量在夜間或早晨涼快 時開車。保持車內空調開啟,確保氣流可以確實到達 貓籠。如果一定要在白天出行,將一塊濕毛巾放在貓 籠上。手邊準備一個裝有冷水的噴霧瓶,以便不時替 貓噴水 ⦿ Make essential car trips tolerable

If you have to go on a car trip with your cat, travel at night

or early in the morning when it's cooler. Keep the car air conditioning on, but make sure that the airflow actually reaches your cat's carrier. In case you have to travel with

your pet in the car during the day, lay a wet towel over your cat's carrier. Keep a spray bottle of cold water handy to wet your cat's coat

⦿ 調整水、遊戲和旅行時間表 將你的貓的食物和水碗放在遠離陽光的地方。在水 碗水中放些冰塊,令水可以保持數小時冰涼。將貓的 活動降到最低限度。勿讓你的貓在炎熱的日子玩耍 ⦿ Adjust water, play and travel schedules

Place your cat's food and water bowl away from sunlight. Fill the water bowl with ice cubes to keep the water chilled for

hours. Keep activity to a minimum. Don't encourage your kitty to play on hot days

⦿ 更涼快的竅門 考慮買一張能夠保持涼爽舒適的貓床 (使用低壓電)。 如果你認為你的房子對你的貓來說不夠涼快,聯繫 一位你外出那天願意照顧你的貓的朋友或貓保姆— 他們一定要有涼快的房子 ⦿ Even cooler tips

Consider buying a cat bed that stays comfortably cool with

low-voltage electricity. If you're not sure that your house will be cool enough for your cat, line up a friend or a cat-sitter with a cooler home, who is willing to keep your pet for the day

Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013


更快 更強 更聰 明 Faster, Stronger, smarter 精製的 Catemporary 貓廁所蓋


簡單、令牠們的排泄物不致四溢,還令貓廁所成為 您家居裝飾的一部分。

Refined Feline Catemporary Cat Cover

These roomy, polypropylene litter box covers are an easy way to give your cat privacy, keep litter mess contained and make an attractive part of your decor.




Pet Links系列PurrfectOrder衛生配件工具箱和垃圾箱

兩個獨立的產品協同使用,令寵物主人輕鬆進行清潔工作。工具箱中 有存儲袋、鏟子和其他工具,你可將垃圾放入吸臭味的垃圾箱。

Pet Links Purrfect Order Litter Accessory Organizer and Vapor Vault

Two separate modules work together to give owners a hassle-and

mess-free scooping experience. Store bags, scoops and other items in the organizer and deposit the waste in the stink-catching vapour vault.




購買請參看此網站 寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月


SuperCat 貓貓薄荷皺紙

Trixie 貓遊戲板






SuperCat Catnip Crumples

Trixie Fantasy Board

releases thousands of catnip particles offering a good

heighten your cat's skills in smell, taste, sight, physi-

Each time your kitty scratches or rubs at it, the paper time every time he plays with it.




The five different modules present various tasks to cal exercise and mental stimulation. MOP



Wacky Paws 貓籠

當你有風度地漫步城鎮時,這些時髦和多功能的貓籠將令你的貓 舒服。每當你的貓在路上需要喝水時,內置的水瓶可以滿足它。

Wacky Paws Cat Carrier

These funky and functional cat carriers will keep your cat comfort-

able while you strut around town in style. A built-in water bottle gives your cat access to a drink on the road whenever he needs it.




Imperial Cat貓鬍鬚抓癢玩具

此抓癢玩具可以讓你的貓咪隨心所欲地抓癢或用爪 挖。貓也可以用它來玩耍,然後捲曲起來小睡一下。

Imperial Cat Moustache Scratcher

This scratcher lets your kitty scratch and claw to his

heart's content. Cats can also play with it and then curl up for a nap.



購買請參看此網站 Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013


小 狗 Shu Mai 和 Janet Tracy

愛意 無限 PUPPY Shu Mai and Janet Tracy

A love meant to be

來澳門,對兩人 來說,注 定 是一種冒險, 但僅5個月後,一 個小寶貝的出現,從此 改變了一切 Coming to Macau was an adventure designed for two, but it only took five months

for a little baby to show up and change that forever

Janet Tracy 與她的丈夫

Edward來到澳門。那時 "二"是 個幸運數字,但“三”聽起來更

好。家中多了Shu Mai,每個清 晨一聲歡快的犬吠,猶如幸福 喚醒了他們。

Janet Tracy came to Macau

with her husband, Edward.

Two was then a lucky number, but three sounded even better. With Shu Mai in the family, hap-

piness wakes them up every morning with a joyful bark.

⦿ 你是怎麼遇見 Shu Mai 的? 差不多三年前,2010年10月,我丈夫擔任 金沙中國總裁及行政總裁,因此,我移居 澳門。次年2月,我領養了她。 ⦿ How did you meet Shu Mai?

I moved to Macau nearly three years ago, in October 2010, when my husband became CEO/President of Sands China. I adopted her the next February.

⦿ 通過 Anima(澳門愛護動物協會) ? 是的。有些朋友告訴我,Anima在救護動 物方面成績出色,他們正在募捐,並招 募遛狗者和志願者。我拜訪了Anima,跟 那裡的職員見了面,看到了所有的狗。我 做的第一件事,是為金沙中國職工網站 的内容,拍些照片。我一口氣為六隻狗拍 了照,撰寫牠們的個性和年齡等等。Shu Mai 正好就在其中。 ⦿ Through Anima?

Yes. Some friends told me that Anima was an

animal rescue who did great work, looking for donations, dog walkers and volunteers. I went over there, met some of the staff and saw all the

dogs. The first thing I did was take pictures for

the employee website of Sands China. I took pictures of six dogs at a time and wrote about their personalities and how old they were. Shu Mai happened to be one of those dogs.


⦿ 之後呢? 金沙中國舉辦了一個 "與狗同行" 的活動, 我們有一群志願者參與。他們不但捐贈 食品,還捐贈毛巾、內襯、床上用品等,我

想這些東西可以讓狗更舒服。步行的路線 在路環,這是一個漂亮的小山,有很多可 以觀賞和遊玩的地方,這是我最喜歡的散 步地點。當時, Shu Mai 只有六個月大,她 之前從未走出過犬舍,於是,我帶她進行 首次 "遠征"。當我們走上路環的山崗時, 我頓時覺得:她是最可愛的精靈。 ⦿ And after that ?

Sands China organised a dog walk and we had a bunch of volunteers come. They do-

nated not only food, but also towels, linings, bedding, things that I thought could make

the dogs more comfortable. The walk was

in Coloane. It’s a great hill, there is plenty up there to see and do. It is my favourite spot for walking. At that time, Shu Mai was only six

months old. She had never walked out of the

kennel, so I took her for her first walk. As we went up the Coloane hill, I just thought she was the cutest thing.

⦿ 你與Shu Mai是一見鍾情嗎? 是啊!她非常可愛。我回到家,告訴丈夫 這隻狗的事,說她有最甜美、最傳神的臉 和眼睛。我只是想帶她回家。我真的這麼 做了! Ed 總是說,不是我選擇了 Shu Mai, 是她選擇了我因為她是一條非常聰明的 狗 (笑)! ⦿ Was it love at first sight ?

It was! She was so cute. I came home and told

my husband about this dog, with the sweetest,

most expressive face and eyes. I just wanted to bring her home. And I did! Ed always says that I

didn’t choose Shu Mai, she chose me. Because she is a very smart dog (laughs)!

⦿ 你在 Anima 收容所看過很多狗。 你為什麼挑選 Shu Mai?

如果你正在考慮領養狗,有幾件事情非 常重要。首先,你需要弄清楚,你是否有 時間。因為寵物完全依賴你:提供食物、 看獸醫、梳洗等等。然後,當你準備擔負 起領養狗的責任時,你應該做一些研究: 狗的品種、牠們的性格;什麼環境適合 牠;牠可能有什麼樣的健康問題,等等。 我做了所有的功課—包括當我回美國時 該怎麼做,因為我也不會將 Shu Mai 留在 這裡,她將會成為我家庭的一員。 ⦿ In the Anima shelter, you saw

manydogs. Why did you pick Shu Mai ?

Several things are important if you are con-

sidering adopting a dog. First of all, you need to figure out if you have the time. Because a

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月



took her for a walk, I could tell she could listen to

當時,Shu Mai只有六個月大,她之前從未走出過 犬舍,於是,我帶她進行首次“遠征”。當我們走上 路環的山崗時,我頓時覺得:她是最可愛的精靈 At that time, Shu Mai was only six months old. She had never walked out of the kennel, so I took her for her first walk. As we went up the Coloane hill, I just thought she was the cutest thing

pet relies on you for everything: food, going to the vet, grooming needs. Then, when you are ready to take the responsibility of adopt-

ing a dog, you should do some research about breeds, their personality, what is a good cli-

mate for them, what health issues there might be. I did all my homework – how it would be when I went back to the United States, as I

would not leave Shu Mai here, she was going to be part of my family.

⦿ Shu Mai 是當然選擇嗎? 我看著 Shu Mai,她有我一直在尋找的個 性。她是一隻安靜的狗...而我在酒店住 ( 笑 )。她也是一隻很溫柔的狗。當我帶著

她散步時,我看得出來她聽我的話,按照 我的指令行動。其實,這是一個有趣的故 事,因為我以為她是個聾子。我第一次遛 她時,她跟一群狗在一起,因為我在同時 遛幾條狗。我不停地說,"過 來 Shu Mai, 過來",但她一直不理我。但是,我們一對 一時,她馬上開始聽我的話,她聽到指令 也明白我在說什麼。我知道需要做一些 工作,令她的個性得以發揮,但她值得我 這樣做。 ⦿ Was Shu Mai an obvious choice ?

I looked at Shu Mai and she had the personality

I was looking for. She’s a quiet dog... and I live in a hotel (smiles). She’s a very gentle dog. When I

me and follow my orders. Actually, this is a fun-

ny story, as I thought she was deaf. The very first

time I walked her, she was with a pack, because I was walking several dogs at the same time. And I kept saying, “come here Shu Mai, come

here”, but she never paid attention to me. But then, one on one, she immediately listened to me, she heard the commands and she under-

stood what I was saying. I knew it was going to take some work to get her personality to where it is now, but she was worth it.

⦿ 你認為這次偶遇是命中註定的嗎? 確實命中註定的!我們搬來時,住在 38 樓,我對丈夫說,我一定要領養這隻狗。 他完全同意。38 樓沒有室外空間,於是我 們再搬到這裡位於一層,有大花園和游 泳池。我們這麼做是因為我們疼愛她。 ⦿ Do you believe that this

encounter was meant to be ?

It was meant to be! We were on the 38th floor

when we moved here, and I said to my husband that I was going to get this dog. And he was all

for it. We moved from that floor, which has no

outdoor area, to down here [a ground floor with a big garden and swimming pool]. We made this choice because we love her.


⦿ 你有孩子嗎? 我有一個繼子,他 22 歲了。我兄弟姊妹有 很多孩子,都比他大。 ⦿ Do you have children?

I have a stepson. He is 22 years old. I have lots of nieces and nephews. They are all older.

⦿ 因此,你認為ShuMai是你的寶寶嗎? 當然,她是我的寶貝女兒! ⦿ So, Shu Mai is your baby?

She is my baby girl!

⦿ 她如何使你的生活更美好? Ed和我過著非常繁忙的生活。她為我們 減壓,支持我們,她令我們的生活充滿喜 悅。她是我們的寶貝女兒,而我們像笨手 笨腳的父母,我們為她唱歌,做當你有一 隻狗時會做的所有尷尬事。每天,當我們 醒來,我們會看到她幸福的模樣...這是一 種無條件的愛。 ⦿ How does she make your life better?

Ed and I, we have a very busy life. She de-stress-

es us, she fills us with joy. She is our baby girl, so

we are like goofy parents, we sing songs to her

and do all the embarrassing things you do when you have a dog. Every day, when we wake up and see her happiness... it’s unconditional love.

⦿ 你離開美國的朋友和家人。Shu

Mai 是否幫你填補了這一感情缺口?

她對我消除寂寞大有幫助。在日常生活 中,很多時候我們在一起,她是我的伴侶。 ⦿ You left your friends and family in

the USA. Does Shu Mai help fill that gap?

She has helped greatly in filling that loneliness. We are together a lot, she is my companion.

博彩公司可以扮演良好 社會企業的角色

A good role for the casinos


⦿ 澳門如何改善動物的生活條件? 澳門政府的工作做得很好。當我領養Shu Mai時,我不知道這裡的流程。寵物必須注 射狂犬病疫苗,並領取牌照。當你完成首 次領證後,您會收到一封電郵,真棒!我 也很欣賞澳門當局強制規定清理寵物的 排泄物。另一方面,Anima在宣傳動物權益 方面工作十分出色,在動物領養和培育方 面也是如此,我認為這兩點非常重要。

⦿ How can Macau improve the lives

of its animals?

tribution is awesome and also raises awareness.

But people have to realise that his contribution

Macau Government does a very good job.

can’t be the only thing, we need more.

cess here. Pets must have rabies shots and be

⦿ 這樣更好,因為它建立了一個高標準? 是的,它提高了標準。但真的有更多工作 要做,這是一種持續不懈的工作。我的意 思不僅僅是經濟問題。捐錢是非常重要 的,但對於那些沒能力捐錢的人,他們可 以捐贈食品或付出時間。當然,他們也可 以領養動物。我真的很希望看到更多人領 養負責任的領養。

When I got Shu Mai, I didn’t know the pro-

licensed. After you have the initial licensing,

you receive an e-mail, it’s awesome. I also like that the authorities enforce cleaning up after your pet. On the other hand, Anima does an

excellent job in creating more awareness for animal rights, as well as for adoption and nurturing, which I think are big issues.

⦿ 博彩業方面呢? 除了團隊成員花自己的工餘時間遛狗外, 金沙中國捐款捐物,我注意到捐贈在增 加。 Steve Wynn 已經做出了出色成績。他 的貢獻是令人驚嘆的,他捐贈了很多,也喚 醒了公眾意識。但人們必須認識到,他的 貢獻不應是唯一的方式,我們需要更多。 ⦿ And the casinos?

In addition to team members spending their time to walk the dogs, Sands China gives mon-

ey and donations and I can see that expanding. Steve Wynn has done an excellent job. His con-

家庭至上 Edward Tracy最近進行了一個 眼部小手術,正在恢復中,但 這並不影響他照一張全家福。 Jenny, Ed, Shu Mai...笑一笑! Family comes first Edward Tracy joined in for a family picture. Janet, Edward, Shu Mai... say cheese!

⦿ Is THIS even better

because it establishes

a high standard?

Yes, it raises the bar. But there

is really more to be done, it’s a continuous work. And I don’t

mean only economically. Donations of money are hugely

important, but for those people that can’t give money, they

can give food and time. And, of

course, they can adopt. I really want to see more adoptions, in a responsible way.

⦿ 這是澳門的跨國博彩 公司貢獻本地社區的一 個好辦法嗎? 絕對同意。我們團隊很多成員 都養寵物。 ⦿ Is this a good way

for the international

casino companies

in Macau to help

the local community?

It’s great. And a lot of the team members have pets.


“We rely on pets” ⦿ 在你的孩提時代, 你養寵物嗎?

寵物伴隨我成長。我爸爸是 那種會拯救寵物,然後為牠 們找到家的人。我們曾養了很 多狗 (沒有貓,因為家裡每個 人對貓都過敏 )、一些兔子和 烏龜。所以,不論是暫時寄養 還是終身收養的寵物,我們家 都有很多。 ⦿ As a child, did you have pets?

I grew up with lots of pets. My dad was one of those guys that

would rescue pets and then find

homes for them. We had lots of dogs (no cats because everyone was allergic), some rabbits and

⦿ 你是怎樣面對失去


這是最叫人難受的 (沉默 )。當 你熱愛一個生命而那個生命 離去時...是很痛 苦的。我的 大塊頭哥哥有一條小約克夏 犬,名叫 Jake。他一直是我們 家的一員—直到他12 歲去世。 讓他结束生命是痛苦的。但 後 來,我哥哥領養了另一隻 狗— Jake Junior,一隻可愛、漂 亮的小約克夏犬。他就像一 個小寶貝,你可以從新生命中 找到喜悅。 ⦿ How did you deal

with the loss of a pet?

turtles. So, whether they were

That is the hardest part (silence).

had lots of them.

life goes... it hurts. My brother –

temporary or lifelong pets, we

Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013

When you love a life and that

who is a big man – had a little

Yorkie, named Jake, who was in our family until he passed away,

at the age of 12 years. It was very hard for all of us to let him go.

But then my brother adopted another dog, Jake Junior, a cute,

beautiful little Yorkie. It’s just like a baby, you can find joy in the new one.

⦿ 像人類家庭的新生 成員一樣?

當然,我認為很多寵物主人會 這麼做。 ⦿ In the same way as with a human family member?

Definitely, I think a lot of people take it like that.

⦿ 寵物如何幫助一個人 度過人生的不同階段?

人們越來越了解寵物對人類 有多好。他們能幫助孩子增強 免疫力、令老人免於孤獨。有 了寵物,人們學會了無私。在 日常生活中,主人要以寵物為 念,因為寵物依賴人類。而其 實,我們人類也依賴寵物 ⦿ How does a pet help a human through life?

We are learning more about how good pets are. They help children

gain immunities and help the elderly ones not to be alone. With

pets, people learn to be unselfish. They have someone else to think

about and pets do rely on them. But we rely on pets too




草原犬鼠 轟動全球

戲劇 女王 The most famous Prairie dog

Drama queen

你看過 "戲劇性花栗鼠" 的視 頻 嗎?超 過 75 萬的人已 經看 了。這是 一 個很 短的視 頻片 段描寫一隻眼尖的、具有獨特 外 觀 的草原犬 鼠。自從其 視 頻2007年 6月通過 YouTube上傳 後,這只草原犬鼠在互聯網引 起轟動,僅用 6秒聞名全球。 草原犬鼠在日本節目《你好, 早上好!》第七集中 "Mini Moni Chicca" 一段第一次亮相。該節

目中一群 J-POP偶像展示了一 些可愛的寵物,其中有兔子和 烏龜等。 20 07年 6月 6日,YouTub e 用戶 magnets99上傳了一個標題為 "戲劇性的外觀"的片段展示了 上述節目中草原犬鼠的鏡頭, 配以採自1974 年的電影《新科 學怪人》中的音樂。 6月19日, 同一片段由另一個名為 cregets 的用戶再次上傳。總之,該片 段已被觀看超過 7,500 萬次。 20 07 年以 來,多 個採 用相同 的鏡頭的片段在 眾多網站及 YouTube 被重新轉發,引發一 場與戲劇性花栗鼠相關的視 頻風暴。這些視頻經幾十次重 複上傳,並被混合製作

Have you ever seen the “Dramatic

On June 6th, 2007, YouTube user

million people already have. It is

“Dramatic Look” featuring the

Chipmunk” video? More than 75

a very short video clip featuring a sharp-eyed prairie dog with a unique look. Since its upload via

YouTube in June 2007, the animal

has become an Internet sensation, needing only six seconds to achieve global fame.

The prairie dog was first introduced in Episode 7 of the Japa-

nese show “Hello Morning!”, in a segment known as “Mini Moni Chicca”, in which a group of J-Pop

idols presented a number of cute pets like bunnies and turtles, among others.

magnets99 uploaded a clip titled footage of prairie dog from the

show, set to a sample audio taken from the score of the 1974 film “Young Frankenstein”. On June

19th, the same clip was re-uploaded by another user named cregets. Together, they have now re-

ceived more than 75 million views. Since 2007, multiple instances

of the same footage were re-

blogged all over the Web and

YouTube saw an explosion of Dramatic Chipmunk-related videos,

with dozens of duplicate uploads as well as remix contributions



If you want to see the original video from the Japanese show and the famous “Dramatic Chipmunk” clip, check our Facebook page at

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月




水中 鬥士 Take good care of your Bet ta

Water fighter

泰國鬥魚,也被稱為鬥魚 或暹羅鬥魚,是受歡迎的 寵物魚— 牠們以其攻擊 性、互動性及相對較低的 飼養成本著稱。牠們色彩 各異,但藍色和紅色(通常 是暗色調)是最常見的。 鬥魚不能與其他魚類養在 一起,因為牠們對領地有極 為強烈的佔有欲。牠們需 要的空間不多,會享受牠 們的棲息地中的真植物。 為了你的鬥鱼能有最佳的 健康和壽命,你應該將牠 們養在一個至少 2.5到5加侖

大的魚缸內;缸裡須有一個 非常小的加熱器,將水溫保 持在華氏78度至80度左右。 你每週應該換水至少 50% ,並確保測試水中的氨、亞 硝酸鹽和硝酸鹽含量 (三者 含量應該分別為 0、0和小 於10)。此外,你應該在水缸 中安裝低流動過濾器,因鬥 魚不喜歡太快的水流;你也 要放置一塊汽石,以調節水 流。你可以購買鬥魚飼料顆 粒,每天餵飼不超過約2至3 粒 (在特殊情況下餵冰凍鹽 水蝦或紅蚯蚓)

Betta Splendens, also known as Bettas

with a small heater that will maintain a

pets known for their aggressiveness

do a weekly water change of at least

and Siamese Fighting Fish, are popular and low cost of care and maintenance.

They come in a variety of colours, but blues and reds – dark colours in general – are the most common.

Betta fish should not be placed with other fish because of their extreme territorial behaviour. They do not

need a lot of space and enjoy real plants in their habitats.

For the best health and longest life, you should keep them in a tank that

has at least 2.5 to five gallons of water,

temperature of 78F to 80F. You should

50% and make sure you test the water for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates,

which should be zero, zero and less than 10 respectively. In addition, you

should have a low flowing filter in the tank, as Bettas do not like a lot of wa-

ter movement: and a small air stone for this water movement.

You can buy Betta pellets and should feed no more than two to three pellets

per day: for special occasions, feed frozen brine shrimp or blood worms

精彩的表演 請勿反复敲打魚缸,因為這樣會令鬥魚不安;也不要在斗魚前晃動你的手指。不要怕買看起來 有點溫順的鬥魚——通常牠們在白天多次接觸人後,可能只是因疲勞而在休息 Nice play Do not repeatedly tap the container, as it agitates them, and try moving your finger in front of the Betta instead. Do not be afraid to buy a docile Betta though – they usually have many encounters with people during their day and may simply be resting

Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013


靈魂精神 生活合一

動物 與我 A connection of soul, spirit and life

The animals and us


人道對待動物,是更廣泛環 保問題的一部分。這個議題 越來越多地 受 到全 球的關注。在 全 球 經濟增長的背景下,人類利 用動物,或干擾牠們的棲息 地;一個負責任的社會應該 以同情和柔情,賦予動物一 定程度的關愛,以動物的本 性來說,這是牠們應得的。 在澳門,越 來 越多動 物 被 遺棄、被虐待,以及人們缺 乏正確對待動物方式的信 息等情況,促使我們創立了 ANIMA。本協會成立時,我們 有美夢成真的感覺,一群朋 友覺得有一個空白要填補, 於是他們推動了本協會的成 立。現在,這些被遺棄的動 物,尤其是寵物,不會在政

府的狗場裡被人道毀滅,而 是有了第二次生存機會。 在 Anima,如果不獲收養, 所有的動物都有地方住,直 到他們離世,因為我們是一 個"不殺生" 的協會。 尚有一個主要問題:澳門根 本沒有規管與寵物有關的 法律,故沒有法律手段防止 虐待動物,因而也不存在懲 罰施虐者這回事。 Anima旨在鼓勵政府和社區 就 防止 虐 待動 物,進行立 法,並予落實。 在最終有一部這樣的法律 前,收養、絕育和教育是我 們的武器;我們運用這些武 器令澳門被遺棄動物、流浪 動物的數量減少;我們始終 倡導負責任的终身收養

The humane treatment of animals

dog pound, these animals, especially

mental protection. This is a growing

In ANIMA, if not adopted, all the an-

is part of the wider issue of environconcern worldwide. In the context of global growth, where man makes use of animals or interferes with their habitat, a responsible community

should bestow a level of care, merited by the nature of the animal, with compassion and tenderness.

The increasing number of aban-

doned animals in Macau, cruelty against them and the lack of information about the correct way to

treat animals, led us to form Anima. An association that began as a

dream became a reality, promoted by a group of friends who felt there was a void to fill. Now, rather than

being put to sleep in a government

pets, have a second chance in life.

imals can have a house until their death, as we are a "No-kill" association. One of the major problems still re-

mains. In Macau, there are no laws that

prevent cruelty to animals or punish

those who commit such cruelty. There is no law at all regulating pets. Anima





Government and the community to create and enforce laws that prevent cruelty towards animals.

Until such laws are implemented, adoption, sterilisation and education

are our weapons to reduce the number of abandoned and stray animals

in Macau; we always advocate a responsible adoption for life

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月



為 什麼 殺 害 動 物 從 來不是 一項 選 擇

Why killing is never an option


Anima 總裁 • Anima´s president

殺害動物是一種態度,意味著當局沒有 盡責做好他們的工作。今天動物所以被 殺害,是因為當局完全失去了對局勢的控 制。這裡 "自由市場"是一種荒謬的政策, 實際上"自由市場"是一個沒有任何監管的 市場! 澳門民政總署不去限制寵物店裡動物的 數量,卻寧可殺掉動物。這使生活在我們 這樣的現代社會中的寵物像生活在地獄 中。被遺棄的動物越來越多,因為沒有機 制制止這種殘酷行為。從 2003 年到 2012 年,民政總署平均每天殺掉約 1.4 隻動物! Anima ( 澳門愛護動物協會 )是一個“不殺 生”的協會。作為會員,我們知道這個任務 的難度。我們以增加收養率的替代方案, 盡量解決這個問題。然而,如果沒有任何 法規,阻止不負責任的寵物主人將動物遺 棄街頭,我們也將無能為力。 請支持我們幫助動物吧!

Killing animals means the authorities are not doing their job properly. Animals are killed today because the authorities have totally lost control of the situa-

tion. This is a nonsense policy of a “free market”, a market without any regulation at all!

Instead of restricting the number of animals in pet shops, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) prefers to kill them. This makes the life of our pets a hell – despite the modern society that we are living

in. More animals are being abandoned and there

is no way to stop such cruelty. Between 2003 and 2012, IACM killed around 1.4 animals per day!

Anima is a "no-kill" association. We, the members, know the difficulty of that mission. Our alternative is

to increase the adoption rate. However, without any regulation that stops animals from being dumped

in the streets by irresponsible owners, it is impossible for us to do more.

Help us to help them!

永利商討給予新支援 Wynn discusses new support

你到過我們這裡參觀嗎? Have you visited us too?

4月30日,ANIMA (澳門愛護動物協會) 迎來

三位永利澳門高管人力資源副總裁 Zuleika Mok、傳訊總監 Katharin Liu 和人力資源總監 Thomas Lau,他們前來討論永利澳門可能 給予支援的地方。

每天 ANIMA 接待個人、家庭、朋友和公司團 體,來到我們設在路環的總部參觀,並與我 們的動物一起玩耍。 2013 年第一季度,我 們已接待 1,838 名訪客,同比增長 216.2%。 2012 年總訪客人數為 2,972。

On April 30th, Anima had a visit from three Wynn

Every day Anima receives individuals, families,

Macau executives – Zuleika Mok, Vice-President for Human Resources, Katharine Liu, Director of

Communications and Thomas Lau, Director of

Human Resources– to discuss areas of possible support from Wynn Macau.

更多救助和收養 More rescues and adoptions 2013 年第一季度,ANIMA 救出 39 隻狗和 31隻

貓。同期,23 隻狗和21隻貓已被收養。出/入 的比率分別為 0.7 和1。這些數字表明收養和 救援皆有增加。然而,此比率仍遠離 Anima 的目標 2。

friends and company groups who come to our

headquarters in Coloane to visit us and play with our animals. In the first quarter of 2013, we

received 1,838 visitors, a year-on-year increase of 216.2%. In all of 2012, the number of visitors totalled 2,972.

In the first quarter of 2013, Anima rescued 39 dogs and 31 cats. In the same period, 23 dogs

and 21 cats were adopted. The out/in ratio was

0.7 and 1 respectively. These figures show an

improvement in adoptions and an increase in rescues. However, the ratios are still far from Anima's goal of 2. Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013


領養 寵物 IAGO


編號 1033 • 性別 雄性 • 年齡 1歲 Code 1033 • Sex M • Age 1 month

他們希望得到你的關愛。你 準備好關愛他們了嗎? They want to love you.

Are you ready to love them?


編號 C486 • 性別 雄性 • 年齡 1歲 Code C486 • Sex M • Age 1 year


編號 C450 • 性別 雌性 • 年齡 1個月 Code C450 • Sex F • Age 5 months

Estrada do Altinho de Ka-Ho 路環九澳高頂馬路

(直升機維修廠附近) Coloane, Macau


(853) 2871 5732


編號 1034 • 性別 雄性 • 年齡 1個月 Code 1034 • Sex M • Age 1 month

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月




編號 C482 • 性別 雌性 • 年齡 1歲 Code C482 • Sex F • Age 1 year


編號 974 • 性別 雄性 • 年齡 10歲 Code 974 • Sex M • Age 10 years


編號 1036 • 性別 雌性 • 年齡 1個月 Code 1036 • Sex F • Age 1 month

OHARA 編號 C485 • 性別 雌性 • 年齡 1歲 Code 1033 • Sex F • Age 1 year


編號 C478 • 性別 雌性 • 年齡 1個月 Code 1028 • Sex F • Age 2 months

Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013


編號 1030 • 性別 雄性 • 年齡 1個月 Code 1030 • Sex M • Age 1 month


編號 C470 • 性別 雄性 • 年齡 6 個月 Code C470 • Sex M • Age 6 months


何厚鏵 史蒂 夫•永 利

愛護動物 名譽嘉許

中國人民政治協商會議 (CPPCC) 副主席、前行政長官何厚鏵和博 彩業大亨史蒂夫•永利因多年 來支持 Anima (澳門愛護動物協 會)致力保護動物,被 Anima 授 予"終身名譽主席" 稱號。 在 永利澳門舉 行的慈善晚宴 上,該動物保護組織 (Anima)總 裁 Albano Martins 將上述獎項頒 發給何厚鏵和史蒂夫•永利。 金沙中國的首席執行官Edward Tracy和銀河娛樂集團總裁及首 席營運官 Michael Mecca,因定

期向 Anima 捐款,也與其他約 200名嘉賓應邀出席了該晚宴。 中國人民政治協商會議 (CPPCC) 副主席、前行政長官何厚鏵和博 彩業大亨史蒂夫•永利因多年來 支持 Anima (澳門愛護動物協會) 致力保護動物,被Anima授予"終 身名譽主席" 稱號。 在 永利澳門舉 行的慈善晚宴 上,該動物保護組織 (Anima)總 裁 Albano Martins 將上述獎項頒 發給何厚鏵和史蒂夫•永利。 金沙中國的首席執行官Edward

Edmund Ho Hau Wah, Vice-Chair-

Entertainment Group’s President


In his speech, Martins said that Ho

man of the Chinese People's PoConsultative


and former Chief Executive and gaming mogul Steve Wynn were awarded “Life Honorary Presiden-

cies” by Anima for supporting the

Edmund Ho and Steve Wynn

Love for animals gets recognition

organisation in its efforts to protect animals over the years.

Albano Martins, the organisation’s

president, presented the awards

to Ho and Wynn during a charity dinner at Wynn Macau attended

by about 200 people, including


regular Sands







Officer and Michael Mecca, Galaxy

and Chief Operating Officer.

had not only assisted the organisation with obtaining its own prem-

ises in Coloane to house its animal

shelter, but also with funds to pay

the expenses. He also pointed out that Ho was responsible for passing

a regulation that reduces animal li-

cence fees by 75% and for granting the organisation the status of an administrative public utility.

“He is a kind of last resort when we face problems”, Martins was quoted as saying by The Macau Post Daily.

He also said he was happy to see a 寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月



Tracy 和銀河娛樂集團總裁及首席營運官 Michael

Mecca,因定期向 Anima 捐款,也與其他約 200名 嘉賓應邀出席了該晚宴。 Martins在發言時說,何厚鏵積極支持Anima,他 不但協助我們將路環的房屋變成動物收容所, 而且提供資金支付相關費用。Martins還指出,何 先生曾負責通過一項規定,將動物牌照費減少 75%;並且授予該組織行政公用事業的地位。 《澳門郵報》引述Martins的話報導:"當我們面 臨問題時,何先生總是我們最後求助的人。" 他還提到,他很高興看到一個像Anima這樣一個 小組織能夠獲得博彩業的支持,希望何厚鏵和 史蒂夫•永利的支持可以作為一個典範,令其他 博彩運營商加入保護動物的行列。 Martins說,多虧去年永利200萬澳門元的捐贈, 令我們 "終於能夠清償所有未償還債務,及為我 們2012年的財政預算提供部分資金。" 有妻子陪伴在側的史蒂夫•永利在接受頒獎時 提到,動物收容所的工作對澳門社區 "至關重 要"。"這證明澳門有愛心,關心動物;Andrea和 我認為,動物與我們一樣,有充分的權利在這 個星球上生存。" 他補充說,得悉動物被虐待和 遺棄是一種 "可怕" 的感覺。"因此,Andrea和我 已經親自承諾,今年捐贈100萬澳門元支持動物 收容所的工作。" 阿爾巴諾 •馬丁斯和史蒂夫 • 永利 • Albano Martins with Steve Wynn

在慈善晚宴上,Anima 總裁

Albano Martins將上述獎項頒 發給何厚鏵和史蒂夫•永利

Albano Martins, the Anima´s president, presented the awards to Ho and Wynn during a charity dinner

small organisation like Anima able to get the gaming

industry to join their event and that Ho and Wynn’s

support would serve as an example for other gaming operators to help in protecting animals.

Martins said that, thanks to Wynn’s Patacas 2 million-donation last year, the organisation was “finally

able to pay all our outstanding debts and finance part of our 2012 budget”.

In receiving the award, Wynn, his wife by his side, said

that the work of the shelter was “critically important”

to the community. “It proves that Macau has a heart

and cares about animals, which, as far as Andrea and I are concerned, have every right to be on this planet as much as we do.” He added that it was a “terrible” feeling to know that animals were being abused and 何厚鏵和 Anima 總裁 • Edmund Ho with Anima´s president

Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013

abandoned. “We have pledged personally to support the animal shelter for 1 million Patacas this year.”



護法 大遊行 AAPAM demands animal protection law

Pet lovers march



最近大約 1000 名愛護寵物者聯同 幾十隻狗和貓參加遊行,要求拖 延已久的動物福利和保護法盡快 頒布。 澳門保護遺棄動物協會 (AAPAM) 組織了這次遊行。遊行的起點是 塔石廣場,終點是澳門政府總部。 在政府總部AAPAM創辦人蔡詠子 和劉佩珍向行政長官崔世安辦公 室代表遞交了一份請願書。這是該 協會第五次組織此類抗議活動。 劉佩珍說,除了要求保護動物—杜 絕虐待動物和遺棄動物 (在嚴重的 情況下控以刑事罪) 外,該協會還 敦促政府規管獸醫手術和寵物商 店;增強寵物主人的責任意 識及 處罰疏忽照顧行為

1000名愛護寵物者 參加遊行

1,000 pet lovers joined the protest

Several dozen dogs and cats were

amongst the roughly 1,000 pet lovers who joined a recent protest march to demand that a long-delayed animal

welfare and protection law finally be enacted. The march, organised by

the Abandoned Animals Protection Association of Macau (AAPAM), started

from Praça do Tap Seac and ended at Government House, where the

group’s founders Yoko Choi and Josephine Lau handed in a petition to a representative of the Office of Chief Executive Chui Sai On.

It was the fifth time that the associa-

tion had organised the protest. Lau said that besides demanding animal

protection to put an end to animal cruelty and abandonment by mak-

ing them a criminal offence in serious cases, the association was also urging

the government to regulate veterinary

surgeries and pet shops as well as pet owners’ responsibilities and penalties for negligence Josephine Lau 劉佩珍 (AAPAM - Vice-Chairman 副主席) • Yoko Choi 蔡詠子 (AAPAM - Chairman 主席)






Life Animal Clinic 荷蘭園二馬路 7-II

Rua do Abreu Nunes, 7-II (853) 28353811

Rex Lo

如果你養寵物,你一定想給它最好的照顧。然而,有時候你就是不知道如何做到。不要擔心, 這是人類本性的一部分。有疑問?請相信專家—他有您需要的所有答案。

If you have a pet, you want to give him the best care. Sometimes, however, you just don’t know how.

Don’t worry, that is part of being human. Any doubts? Trust the expert – he has all the answers you need.


我們剛剛將我們心愛的狗狗“人道毀滅”,我為他離 去的方式,感到悲痛萬分。我們清楚大概是時候“ 送走”他了他在忍受痛苦,後腿部分長滿蛆;我們 將他清洗乾淨,送去獸醫處。我感覺在他最需要我 的時候,我將他“送走”,我不應該這麼做。我不禁 懷疑他所承受的痛苦,是因為蛆還是因為癌症。 我感到特別內疚,不知如何是好。你能幫助我嗎? 請把內疚的情緒轉化成幫助寵物們的動力吧。例 如以義工身份,參加各種保護動物的活動。將那段 痛苦的回憶,當成一種經驗,避免日常照顧寵物上 的疏忽;並將這些經驗與其他寵物主分享,避免你 愛犬悲劇再次降臨到其他寵物身上

We just had to put our much-loved dog to sleep, and I am having tremendous guilt about the way he died. We knew it was time to put him down, because he

was in pain. While we were cleaning him up to take him to the vet, we discovered

that his hind section was infested with maggots. I feel that I let him down when he needed me the most, and I should not have let this happen to him. I can't help but wonder if the pain he was in was caused by the maggots or by

the cancer. I just feel so guilty I do not know what to do. Can you help me?

Please turn your guilty feeling into an initiative to help pets. For example, join animal

protection activities as a volunteer. Let your past heart-breaking experiences become valuable in preventing carelessness in the daily care of pets. Also, share your experience with other pet owners, so that the tragedy that happened to your pet won't happen to any other

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月


⦿ 我的寵物需要看獸醫,但他害怕汽車。我該怎麼辦? 1 對小型犬隻或貓而言。首先可建議用手提式寵物袋並加上透氣度良好 的物料覆蓋寵物袋,減少環境的噪聲,使寵物安靜。再使用手提式寵物袋 把寵物帶到獸醫診所。 2 對大型犬隻可通過在家中訓練其服從性及自信心,經過反復訓練及實 踐,使寵物情緒較穏定後,再把訓練場由家轉至室外,讓寵物對外界刺激 的反應減小。如均無效,可找狗隻訓練師。若真的無法外出,建議找提供 外診的獸醫到家中診症 ⦿ My pet needs to be seen by a vet but is afraid of the car. What should I do?

1 For small dogs and cats, we recommend the use of a portable pet bag covered

by materials with good air permeability, so that the noise can be reduced. Use this type of bag to carry your pet to the vet.

2 For big dogs, you first need to make the dog obedient and confident at home.

After repeated training, when the dog is emotionally stable, try to train him

outdoors. This way, the dog's response to outside stimulus will be reduced. If this

still does not work, you can find a dog trainer. If your dog really cannot travel, we recommend that you request a vet who provides house calls to come and see your dog at home

Want to send your questions to the vet? Check page 6

Pets & Hugs

⦿ 小狗和小貓何時開始掉乳牙? 每隻貓或狗更換牙齒的時間略有不同,但一般來說,2~4 月齡更換第一隻乳齒門牙。 5~6月齡換第二、三隻乳齒門 牙及乳犬齒,8月齡以後全部換上恒齒。此外,貓狗約 20日 齡左右開始長牙,4~6周齡乳齒門牙長齊,將近兩個月齡 時,乳齒全部長齊。[此帖來自狗民網 ( 狗民網 - 狗與愛的世界] ⦿ When do puppies and kittens lose their baby teeth?

In terms of when they replace their teeth, each cat or dog is

slightly different. Generally speaking, they replace the first incisor of the milk teeth at the age of 2-4 months; they replace the second and third incisor and the canine tooth at the age of

5-6 months; at the age of 8 months or above, all of their milk teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth. In addition, cats and

dogs start to grow teeth at the age of 20 days; the incisors of

their milk teeth will be fully grown when they are 4-6 weeks old; at the age of 2 months, their milk teeth will be fully grown.

Note: the above information is from posts published on the Goumin website (

想要將您的問題發給獸醫? 請看第6頁

• JUNE 2013


你知道嗎. . . Did you know that...

三角恐龍頭板的作用相當 於散熱器,幫助調節體溫。 The head plate of a triceratops works as a radiator, helping to regulate body temperature.

有毒的甘蔗蟾蜍於1935年被引入 澳大利亞控制甘蔗甲蟲,但最終 成為失控的害蟲。 The venomous cane toad was introduced in Australia in 1935 to control sugarcane beetles, but has instead become an incontrollable pest.




土豚舌頭可以長達30.5厘 米,有粘性,幫助他舔到 蟻丘里的白蟻。 An aardvark's tongue can be up to 30.5 centimetres long and is sticky in order to extract termites from earthen mounds.

有史以來最大的淡水魚是 2005年在泰國北部捕獲的 湄公河巨鯰,它有近2.7米 長,重293公斤。 The largest freshwater fish ever recorded was a Mekong giant catfish caught in northern Thailand in 2005; it was nearly 2.7 metres long and weighted 293 kilograms.

螞蟻可以舉起並搬動比他 們自身重量重2倍東西。 Ants can lift and carry more than three times their own weight.




繪寵物 出名畫 My pet is a masterpiece

Cat Cat Breanna Bella Milne

狗、貓、兔、蛇或任 何其它動物往往 给繪畫新手帶來靈感. 你總是將它們 畫得遠遠好過任何照片。畢竟,你是 用愛來繪畫的。 Dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes or any other

animal can inspire the young painter. And you always paint them so much better than any photo. After all, you always draw with love in your heart.

你想在這裡顯示你孩子的天賦嗎? 請看第6 頁


Do you want to show your kid’s talent here? Check page 6 Wong Sio Wong Angela Wong Sam In

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月


彩塗 寵物


這些寵物失去了它們的顏色! 你準備好為它們塗上顏色,令 它們 恢 復 所有閃 亮多 彩 的 美 麗了嗎?那就開始吧!

These pets have lost their colours! Are you ready to paint them and

Rainbow pets

restore all their glowing and colourful beauty? Go ahead!


Pets & Hugs

• JUNE 2013

寵物店 與 診所 Pet shops and clinics in Macau 寵物商店 PET SHOPS Animals Club


Estrada Coelho Amaral 24 R/C (853) 28813388

Bambino Dog Town

Dog One Life Macau

Ngai Lam Animal

Green Gross Veterinary Clinic

Rua de Tai Lin No.389,

Rua do Padre António Roliz 25-27CD

Mei Keng Garden, Block 5, Taipa

Pet Pet Chong Mak May Iong

American Elwood Petshome


Pou Long Garden, Taipa (853) 2883 9898


Dou Bin Pet Shop Ltd

Ka Ieng Gdn R/C

Kun Iam Tong 12 R/C

Avenida Concórdia (853) 28222376

觀音堂街12號地下 (853) 28517717

Bebe Pet Pet

Endless Love Pet Shop

Escola Náutica Fong Son

Nova-Guia 250 R/C

航海學校街豐順新邨第5座地下 San Chun Bl 5 R/C

(853) 28968309

Centro Beleza Animais Hoi Hun Tin Tei


Estrada Gov. Albano Oliveira Nam San Gdn Bl 3 R/C, Taipa (853) 28821144

Chan Man Chong


Avenida do Conselheiro

Ferreira de Almeida 122 R/C (853) 28528320

Chong Hang Lei Pet Shop



東望洋新街250號地下 (853) 28353785

House Pet - Animais Estimação


Rua Sacadura Cabral 81 R/C (853) 28352421

羅神父街25-27號cd (853) 28525391


Rua 1 de Maio 342 R/C (853) 28949494

Petotel Company Ltd (氹仔) 大連街389號地下

Tai Lin 389 R/C

(853) 28839898

Pig Pet Shop Beauty Center 賈伯樂提督街6號e地下 Rua do Almirante

Costa Cabral 6E R/C (853) 28550768

Leong Hang I


Rua do Almirante Sérgio 42A R/C

Rua Martinho Montenegro 27 R/C

河邊新街42號a地下 (853) 28937980


(853) 28357717

Love Dog Family

Puppyland Ltd

Rua S. Lourenço 4 R/C

Rua Sacadura Cabral 29E R/C


(853) 28968187

沙嘉都喇賈罷麗街29號e地下 (853) 28522715


Mau Pang Kao Iao

St Louis Pet Shop

489 R/C

Estrada Coelho Amaral 17A R/C


Avenida Conselheiro Borja (853) 28220108


(853) 28563771

Rua Coelho Amaral 26 R/C (853) 28351853

氹仔美景花園第五座 (853) 28837050

Animal Medical Center

(氹仔) 孫逸仙博士大馬路115號地下

Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen 115 R/C, Taipa

(853) 28836791

Charming Pet Hospital 荷蘭園大馬路122號地下

Avenida do Conselheiro

Ferreira de Almeida 122 R/C (853) 28527898

Dr. Ho Xiu Dong Mut Yee Mou Soc

賈伯樂提督街84號e地下 Rua do Almirante

Costa Cabral 84 R/C (853) 28523678

Flora Veterinary Clinic Ltd


Avenida Sidónio Pais 43 R/C (853) 28524916

Home-Vet Veterinary Centre

(氹仔) 廣東大馬路南新花園第1座地下 Avenida Kwong Tung Nam San Gdn Bl 1 R/C, Taipa (853) 28821016

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月

歡迎閱讀《寶貝寵物》 TO PETS&H E M O C L U E GS W

這是一本雜誌,裡面有澳門寵物主人需要知道的一 切:寵物故事;最好的產品和服務;專家意見等等, 樂趣紛呈。這是澳門第一本寵物雜誌̶展現寵物及 寵愛他們的人之間的特殊關係。

It is a magazine with everything a pet owner in Macau needs to know. Stories, best products and services, expert advices and lots of fun.It is the first magazine in Macau featuring the special relationship between pets and those who love them. 出版週期





在哪裡可以找到 《寶貝寵物》 ?




想在《寶貝寵物》登廣告? WANT TO ADVERTISE IN PETS&HUGS? (853) 28355315/6 (853) 28355466 Your local pet shops, veterinarian clinics, animal rights associations and distribution partners. If you like to subscribe, contact:




— 情 事

洗個澡,去 好好 除

污 垢



clo s

變 會

他有 時

癢 • H e s o me tim 點怕 有 es

klish it tic


Lucky gets a happy trim



n si n g b a


我們最好的朋友需要不時做美 容,就像我們需要理髮一樣。來

for t



h lip al c fin ping



o th t


– y now ready





Luck y喜歡

! ave sh

d ea St


r id

Luck y likes a


快樂 美容


剃 得



s fi

dir t

Fi r s t t h i n g

an d f l e as


要 的


們決 定給Luck y從頭到腳做一 次美容。

Our best friend needs a trim from time to time, just as much

as we need a haircut. Meet

Lucky the poodle. It has been a few weeks since he last had a proper clean; so we have decided to give Lucky a pampering from head to toe.

Pet Pet Group

海富總店 Hoi Fu Main Branch Avenida de Sidónio Pais 32-A 澳門士多鈕拜斯大馬路 龍鷹大廈地下32-A


(853) 2855 5552


寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 6月

Pets & Hugs - June 2013  

Everything a pet owner in Macau needs to know is in Pets&Hugs. 由今年六月開始,一切寵物所需,都可以在 「寶貝寵物」 雙月刊找到

Pets & Hugs - June 2013  

Everything a pet owner in Macau needs to know is in Pets&Hugs. 由今年六月開始,一切寵物所需,都可以在 「寶貝寵物」 雙月刊找到