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完美 家庭


Annie and Jersey


“make our family complete” 百人匯集燭光守夜 Hundreds gathered in vigil

領養 拯救寵物


Save a pet now

美容 太漂亮了

Breanna’s BFF pythons Makeover

That’s the look


寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月



歡迎閱讀第二期《寶貝寵物》! 2013年9月號 September 2013 edition 編輯委員會 Editorial Council Albano Martins, Janet Tracy, Mércia César de Sá, Luis Pereira 出版人 Publisher 澳門出版有限公司 People Press 主任編輯 Editorial Director Monica Leong 主編 Editor-In-Chief Nuno G. Pereira 中文編輯 Chinese editors Frank Xie (謝 陳) 英文編輯 English editor Tanja Wessels 設計 Design 澳門出版有限公司 People Press 攝影 Photographers Forbes Conrad (cover story) Carmo Correia Eric Tam 翻譯 Translators Frank Xie (謝 陳) 編輯 Copy editors Kirsty Ridge Louise do Rosario Sandra Laranjeiro 地址 ADdress Av. Infante D. Henrique, 43-53A, The Macau Square, 10th Floor – I, Macau 中國 澳門殷皇子大馬路43-53A 澳門廣場10樓I (853) 28355315/6 (853) 28355466 機構合作夥伴 Institutional partner Anima - 澳門愛護動物協會

首先,非常感謝你們對我們第一期雜誌的支持。第一 期雜誌反映出奇的好,這鼓勵我們用更多澳門本地 故事,編輯另一期出色的雜誌——因為我們都喜歡 分享我們的寵物經驗,閱讀有關動物為我們的生活 帶來的精彩故事。 在我們的封面故事中,我們看到令Mecca家完美的 兩隻狗與狗主人的親密關係。故事講述Meccas夫 婦如何應對失去第一批狗狗的痛苦,及他們多麼珍 視現有的狗狗。 一般作為好的寵物主人,當他們因工作需要搬遷,或 因任何原因搬到另一個國家時,不願意將寵物留下。正因為如此,兩隻貓獲得多過 你我的飛行里數,在世界各地飛行,並始終與牠們的主人Corinne Janssen同行。 這一期雜誌的另一大特點是你將讀到將蛇作為寵物飼養的樂趣。 我有機會見到Breanna的蛇,看到她可以隨便地與牠們玩,我就開始想摸摸牠們, 證明牠們不是像人們說的“粘糊糊”的東西。其實牠們是乾燥、粗糙的。看到牠們 在拍照時是多麼的“無惡意”,把牠們抱在懷裡並不像我相像的可怕,因此我開始 喜歡上牠們。 在另外一個悲哀的故事中,我們安排了一篇文章——講述一隻狗在一個管理員手中 遭受殘酷虐待命運後,動物關愛者和他們的寵物在玫瑰聖母堂外舉行燭光守夜活 動。在澳門本地和香港的有關協會支持下,該活動希望提醒人們澳門缺少動物保護 法,及提醒人們這起事件後果:此案無法定罪......這起令人悲痛的事件提醒所有人, 聯合起來確保澳門實施動物保護法是至關重要的。

Welcome to the second issue of Pets&Hugs! Thank you very much for your support in our first issue. The feedback has been amazing and it has

encouraged us to put together another great issue, packed with more local stories - because we all

like to share our pet experiences and to read about what wonderful things an animal can bring to our lives. In our cover story we see a strong bond between two dogs and their owners, which complete the Mecca family.

Good pet-owners usually don’t like to leave their animals behind when they need to relocate for their job or move to another country for whatever reason. Because of this, two cats have earned

more air miles than you and I, having flown around the world to always be by the side of their owner

Printed in Macau 印刷地:澳門

Corinne Janssen. Another great feature in this issue is that you’ll be reading about the joy of keeping

發行量 Circulation 5,000

arms and neck, tells us just how “cute” her snakes are, which provides great pedagogical content in

ISSN 2309 5520

I had the opportunity to meet Breanna’s snakes, and having seen how casually she could play with

snakes as pets. Yes, snakes. Eight-year-old Breanna, who loves to let her pet snakes slither around her

a lighter tone.

them, I started to want to touch them just to prove that they are not the “slimy” things that people say they are. They are, in fact, dry and rough. After seeing how “harmless” the snakes are during the


photo-shoot, holding them in my arms was not as scary as I’d thought it would be, and I grew to like


On a sadder note we include the candlelight vigil by carers and their pets held outside São Domingos

版人概不負責。引用本刊任何內容前,請先與出版 Disclaimer: The publishers accept no

responsibility for loss or damage to any

materials submitted for publication. If you

would like to use any content, please contact the publishers. The views expressed in the

them very much.

church, following the vile and cruel fate a dog suffered at the hands of a caretaker. This sad incident

serves to remind us all of the importance of working together to ensure laws that protect the animals of Macau are put into action.

magazine are not necessarily those of the publishers.

Pets & Hugs




寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月



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DOGS 主題故事 STORY 狗種 Breed 健康與護理 Health and Care


寵物訪談 Pet Interview

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CATS 主題故事 STORY 貓種 Breed 健康與護理 Health and Care


諮詢獸醫 Ask the Vet


關愛寵物者 Pet Lovers


封面故事 Cover Story

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蛇的故事 Snake Tale


兔子護理 Bunny care

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KIDS 動物趣事 Animal Facts 寵物繪畫 Kids Games


寵物美容 Pet Makeover


商店與診所 Shops and Clinics


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白內障是澳門常見疾病 Eye Surgery

Cataracts are common in Macau

獸醫眼科專家每年 兩次訪澳令狗狗視 力進步 A veterinary specialist in ophthalmology comes to the territory twice a year to help dogs in Macau see better.


寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月


所周知,狗是盲人主人的 無價寶。反過來說呢?如 果狗有眼疾,主人該怎麼辦? 眼疾對犬類來說相當常見,特 別是白內障。澳門也不例外。出 於這個原因,“澳門綠十字獸醫 診所”投資一個特定服務約兩 年,治療寵物的眼部問題。 一名 眼科 專 科 獸 醫 每 年兩 次 訪 問 澳 門,治 療 這 些 特 殊 患 者— —牠們一旦康復,會用滿 意的舔來表達感激之情。診斷 涵蓋所有的眼部問題(例如短 頭 顱品種,如八哥犬、北京犬 和西施易患因眼睛接觸引起的 眼疾及眼瞼方面的疾病),白 內障手術是就診的主要原因。 據負責“綠十字”的獸醫之一 Henrique Galvão稱,他們的 診所是澳門唯一一家進行動物 白內障手術的診所。該手術是 昂貴的,因為除了需要專家進 行手術外,眼科專科意味著巨 大的設備投資。 最近在澳門的這位醫生,遇到 越來越多白內障病例,他將其 歸因於該病真正增加,也因為 有更多的人知道眼科的專門服 務。數字仍然很低— —“我們 對八條狗進行了手術”— —但 這種趨勢正在大幅度擴大。另 一個原因是該手術速度快,恢 復期也短。 “在一個小時到一 小時半內,任何白內障可被摘 除。手術後恢復期是容易應付 的。”

狗的白內障有幾個起因:遺傳( 某些品種);糖尿病;退化問題 和因中毒引起。雖然與人類的 起因不同,但治療是一樣的。 “在特定階段建議進行白內障 手術。眼藥水不能解決問題。 對人來說,當你有嚴重視覺障 礙——如當你不能夠再閱讀報 紙時,醫生會建議進行手術。狗 無需讀報,所以60%到70%的 視力障礙手術是合理的。” 通過顯微鏡進行的手術與人類 的手術一樣。不同的是麻醉。 “人類使用局部麻醉,而狗必須 用全身麻醉——我們告訴人'現 在別動',但對動物沒有用。 ” Pets & Hugs


t is a known fact that dogs are an invaluable aid for visually

impaired owners. And vice versa? What should an

owner do when their dog has eye problems? This is quite a

common situation among canines, particularly cataracts. Macau is no exception. For the

past two years, the Green Cross Vet Clinic Macau

has invested in a specific service to treat eye problems in pets. Twice a year, a veterinary ophthalmologist

visits Macau to treat these special patients who, once recovered, look at their owners

through clear eyes and

express their gratitude in licks of

happiness. Consultations cover all eye problems (eg. brachycephalic breeds like Pugs, Pekingese

and Shih Tzus are susceptible to diseases relating to eyes

and eyelids), but cataract surgery

is the most predominant problem. According to Henrique Galvão,

one of the veterinarians heading

Green Cross, this is the only clinic in Macau performing cataract

surgery on animals. The operations are expensive; because focusing

on ophthalmology implies a heavy

equipment investment, in addition to the need for a specialist or an expert to perform the surgery. During the doctor’s recent

visit to Macau, he noticed an




increase in cataract cases which he attributes to a real increase,


通常情況下,只有當狗狗撞到東西時,狗主才會注意 到他們的狗視力有問題。為了預防眼疾,狗主應為他 們忠實的朋友安排定期檢查,特別是當他們的寵物 年老的時候。對一些品種(如金毛尋回犬),建議從 年輕時開始進行眼睛檢查。

Prevention Usually the owner only notices that their dog has poor vision when the animal walks into objects. To prevent eye diseases, they should schedule regular check-ups for their faithful friend, especially if their pet is at an advanced age. There are certain breeds (Golden Retrievers, for example) in which an eye exam is recommended from an early age.

but also because there are more people aware of this specialised service. The numbers are still

(in some breeds), diabetes,

Dogs don’t need to read the

eight dogs” - but the trend is

causes. Although the origins

70% of visual impairment

low - “we have operated on

growing sharply. Also due to the fact that the operation is fast,

as is the recovery period. "Within an hour to an hour and a half any cataract is resolved. The post-

operative period is also easy. "

Dogs do not read newspapers In the case of dogs, cataracts

have several origins: hereditary

degenerative problems and toxic are different from human cases, the treatment is the same. "At a certain stage, cataract surgery is advised. There are no eye

drops to solve the problem. In

people, the recommendation

for surgery is when there is an important visual deterrent -

when you can no longer read the newspaper, for example.

newspaper, so from 60% to surgery is justified." The operation, done

through a microscope, is

the exact same procedure done

on people. The difference is the anaesthetic. "While humans use local anaesthesia, in dogs it has to be general - we tell people 'do not move now,' but in

animals that does not work."




DOG breed

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月

德國 牧羊犬

英 雄 German Shepherd

The Hero 智商高、膽量大令德國牧 羊犬與眾不同 High levels of intelligence and courage make the German Shepherd a unique dog

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寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月


DOG breed

體型 大型 Size Large 訓練 非常容易 Training Very easy 脫毛 很多 Shedding Lots 與孩子的關係 很好 Relationship with children Great

德國牧羊犬忠誠、大膽且非常 聰明。因其可訓練性高、膽量 大,他成為世界上第一警犬和 軍犬。這種真正的狗英雄可以 用來追罪犯,巡邏災區,傳遞 信息,拯 救 遇險人員,他甚至 可以從飛機上跳傘!他是需要 嗅覺的工作(如搜索屍體 和 毒品)中最常使用的狗 種。從 他 的名 字你 可 以想到,你也可 以依

賴他出色完成牧羊工作。 德國牧羊犬中等長度的被毛僅 需偶爾梳理,但因他掉毛過多 你可能需要每天為他梳理,清 理脫落的毛髮。他擅長看家護 院,是一種出色的看護犬。然 而你需要讓他知道你是主人, 不然他會當自己是主人。他非 常喜 歡 與他一 起長 大的 孩子。德國牧羊犬體格健 壯、行動敏捷,是一種非 常活躍的狗種,他幾乎每 天需要活動和 精神刺激以 免 變 得 無 聊。當他 感 到 無 聊時,他往往會破壞周圍的一 切,所以訣竅是讓他奔跑和思 考 — — 他 真的很喜 歡 這些活 動。

時刻保持警覺 他擅長看家護院,是一種出色 的看護犬。

The German Shepherd is loyal, bold

because they shed excessively

their high trainability and courage,

them daily to remove loose hair.

and very intelligent. Because of they are the world’s number

one police and military dog. This true canine hero can be used

for tracking criminals, patrolling

troubled areas, taking messages,

rescuing people in danger and even parachuting from aircraft! They

are one of the most widely used

breeds in scent-work roles, such as survivor searching and narcotics

detection. You can also count on them to be great in shepherding

duties, as you can imagine by their name. The medium-length coat of the German Shepherd only

requires occasional brushing, but

you may find yourself brushing

They are protective of their home and family, making an excellent

guard dog. However, you need to

make sure that they know you are in charge, otherwise they will act

like the boss. They are very fond of children that are raised together

with them. Incredibly strong and athletic, the German Shepherd

is a highly active dog who needs exercise and mental stimulation

almost every day to avoid getting bored. When bored, they tend to

destroy everything around them, so the best trick is to make them run and think – they really like it.

Always alert He is protective of his home and family, making an excellent guard dog

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能再說 一遍嗎? Ears

Can you repeat that? 耳部感染是狗主人看獸醫的主要原因 之一。徹底和定期清洗狗耳朵可以幫助 你的狗避免出現問題。

喜 歡自己的耳朵 被 清 洗,這使 得 做 好這個工 作變得非常困難。如果你在開 始清洗理狗耳朵前,學習如何 讓你的狗喜歡這種梳理,這將 會對你有幫助。 練習輕輕地擺弄狗的耳朵。輕 輕地按摩耳朵的外側,最後按 摩耳朵內部。重複按摩直到你 的狗真的很喜歡你擺弄他的耳 朵。一旦你的狗接受你的雙手 對耳朵的各種擺弄,用一塊布 重複該過程,然後用棉球重複。 一般耳朵重而軟的狗比尖耳朵 (直立、有更好的空氣流通)狗 需要更頻繁地清潔耳朵。耳朵 內多毛的狗品種,可能需要額 外的打理(增加清潔,一些狗需 要拔掉耳朵裡面的毛髮)。 如 果 你 的 狗 的 耳 朵 很 癢,或 不 斷 搖 頭,最 好 帶 牠 看 獸 醫 因這些可能是耳病的跡象。同 樣的,如果狗耳朵有怪味或發 炎,也應帶牠看獸醫。


經常清潔狗耳朵(每週)可以 清除耳朵的耳屎和污垢。這也 將讓你了解狗耳朵健康時是什 麼樣子——如果耳朵出現任何 12

異常,你將能夠更加輕鬆地識 別。 關 於 狗 耳 的 清 潔 產 品,請 諮 詢 你 的 獸 醫。要清 理 好 狗 的 耳朵,你需要適當的耳朵清潔 劑,一些棉花球;如果可能的 話,你需要一個幫手——在清 潔過程中幫助餵一些狗零食, 讓牠保持平靜。 洗耳前後要洗手。將少量洗耳 液注入耳道。不要強行將瓶子 的噴嘴塞進耳朵,這樣可能對 耳朵造成重大損害——只可將 噴嘴頂端插入。一旦洗耳液進 入耳朵,在按摩耳朵底部,讓 洗耳液充滿整個耳道。在註入 洗耳液後,要準備你的狗會甩 頭。 以棉花球擦耳朵的內側,清除 任何流出的液體或耳屎。您可 以使用棉條放入耳朵底部的縫 隙,但不要將棉條插入耳道。 當耳朵底部乾淨後,你可以用 浸 濕 的 棉 球 或 布 向外清 潔 耳 瓣。 耳朵,或者如果你不十分清楚如 何清洗狗耳朵,你可能需要諮 詢您的獸醫。如果你有一個有 經驗的人實際指導你,學習這 種新技能將是非常容易的。

問題的跡象 如果你的狗的耳 朵很癢,或不斷 搖頭,最好帶牠看 獸醫。

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月



Ear infections are one of the main reasons dog owners seek veterinary care. Thorough and regular cleaning can help your dog avoid problems




do not like

having their ears

cleaned, which

makes doing a good

job very difficult. It is

helpful, before you even

begin cleaning your dog's

ears, that you learn how to

make this grooming experience pleasurable for your dog.

Practice handling your dog's ears gently. Give treats while you massage the outside, and eventually the inside,

of the ear. Repeat this until

your dog really enjoys having his ears handled. Once your dog accepts all types of ear

Problem signs If your dog is scratching his ears a lot or constantly shaking his head, it is best to visit your veterinarian

manipulation with your hands, repeat the procedure using a cloth and then cotton balls.

Dogs with heavy, floppy ears generally need to have their

ears cleaned more frequently than dogs with pricked ears

(which stand upright and allow for better air circulation). The breeds that have a lot of hair

on the inside of their ears may

require additional maintenance (increased cleaning and for

some, the plucking of inside hair). If your dog is scratching his

ears a lot or constantly shaking his head, it is best to visit your veterinarian, as these may be indications of an existing ear problem. The same advice applies if the ears smell

strange or are inflamed.

How to clean the ears

Frequent ear cleaning (weekly)

will keep them free of wax and debris. It will also allow you to

Pets & Hugs


understand what your dog's ears

look like when they are healthy. This enables you to easily recognize any abnormalities, should they arise. Consult your veterinarian about

recommended dog ear cleaning

products. To clean your dog's ears well, you will need an appropriate

dog ear cleaner, a handful of cotton balls, and if possible, someone

to help you. Someone who can feed the dog treats and keep

him calm during the process. Wash your hands thoroughly

before and after ear cleaning. Squirt a small amount of ear cleaning

solution into the ear canal. Do not force the nozzle of the bottle into

the ear as you can cause significant damage this way – only the tip

of the bottle should be inserted.

Once you have the solution in the

ear, massage the base of the ear to

encourage distribution throughout the canal. Be prepared for

your dog to shake his head

after you apply the solution.

Take a cotton ball and rub the

inside of the ear to remove any discharge or any accumulated

wax. You may use a Q-tip to get

into the crevices at the base of the ear, but do not insert the Q-tip into the ear canal itself. When

the base of the ear is clean, you can use soaked cotton balls or

a soaked wet cloth to clean the

earflap outwards toward the tip. If your dog will not tolerate ear cleaning or if you are

unsure of how to go about

cleaning your dog's ears, you may want to consult your

veterinarian. It’s always easiest to learn a new skill if you have an experienced professional to coach and guide you.


貓 貓日記

M o o n先生的 沉 思 Dia ry of a cat

Mr. Moon’s muse 家 好!我 的 名 字 叫 M o o n,欢 迎 来 到《 宝 贝宠物》第二期,希望你们我 们出版的第一期杂志。当我受 邀撰写这篇日记时我感到非常 兴奋,希望你喜欢分享我的思 考。 首先,让我恰当地介绍一下我 自己,我是Moon先生— —只 是当主人觉得我做了一些我不 应 该做 的 事情 时 才 这么称 呼 我。他们知道什么?! 通常他们只是叫我“Moon”, 或“麻烦泡沫”或是“大声公” ,但你们应该只叫我“Moon” 。哦,我只有三岁。 在2010年中秋节一个寒冷、潮 湿早上,我发现了我的妈妈, 我只知道当场就认定她、接纳 了她。起初我还以为我犯了一 个大错误,因为她带我到了这 个可怕的地方,他们对我又戳 又捅,把东西塞入我的臀部、 我的嘴和耳朵。 其实当时我快死了,我的胡须 和眉毛已被切断,我的尾巴断 了,我仅剩一点软毛。我的体重 仅有3 0 0克,妈妈的手掌可以 容下我。每人认为我会挺得到 第二天早上,除了我的妈妈和 爸爸。他们让我温暖和拥抱着 我一整夜。


不管怎样,在这之后,我的生 活向好的方向发生了巨大的转 机,我现在是街上最英俊的男 孩了。每个人都这样告诉我!因



iya everyone, my name is

Mr. Moon, welcome to the

second issue of Pets&Hugs,

I hope you enjoyed our first

one. I was very excited to have been asked to write this diary and hope that you will enjoy sharing my contemplations. First I shall introduce myself

properly, I am Mr. Moon, only called by my full name when

my humans think I have done

something I shouldn’t have. WHAT DO THEY KNOW??!! Usually I am

called Moon, or trouble bubble or shoutylouty, but we shall stick to Moon. Oh and I am only three.

I found my Mum on a cold, wet,

Mid-Autumn Festival morning in

2010. I just knew that she was the

one and I adopted her on the spot. Initially I thought I had made a

big mistake as she took me to this

horrible place where they prodded and poked me, stuck things up my

bottom and in my mouth and ears. Actually I was close to dying, my

whiskers and eyebrows had been

cut off, my tail was broken and my fur was barely there. I weighed 300 grams and fit in the palm

of my Mum’s hand. I don’t think

anyone thought I would make it until the next morning, except

my Mum and Dad. They kept me warm and cuddled me all night.

Secret cuddle

Anyway, my life took a huge turn for the better after that and I am

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月


此这是千真万确的! 你知道你们人类有时做一些 很奇怪的事情吗?有很多次, 我必须控制我的人类朋友,确 保他们知道谁是主人!就拿我 妈妈来说,当上午和下午要去 淋浴是我要喊 她、抓咬 她的 腿,因她的举动意味着她要出 去,要离开我......我不允许这 样的事发生!她不理我,照样 行动,所以我坐在前门后面, 当她出去或回来 时,对 她 大 喊。晚上则相安无事,因为我 们上床玩一会儿,然后拥抱。 关于拥抱的事千万别告诉其 他人......现在我是一个大男孩 了,我要考虑我的形象! 大滑行

当我爸 爸 进了卫 生间,关了 门,我不 得 不 喊 他,让 我 进 去,坐在他的膝盖上,这是一 个美 妙的 时刻。我不知 道为 什么他对我笑,或为此事关上

门......你怎么能对我关门! 为什么人类总在早上四处奔 忙........在给我早餐后,我忙 不迭要多一些,但他们可以与 我说话、抚摸我,但不能陪我 玩?我 把 玩 具 拿 给 他们,要 跟他们 玩,但他们 并 不总是 愿意 跟我 玩 游戏。难 道你不 知道,过了这么久,我已变得 非常重要而不能被忽略了,而 且我已经 整夜 睡觉了?是 时 候来玩了。所以,我不得不生 闷气,行我的早晨净身礼,直 到Rose到来。Rose来这太好 了,我们可以玩拖行和滑行游 戏了。我不得不承认,拖行游 戏 最 好 玩,因为沿潮 湿的地 板滑行是如此令人兴奋,尤其 是当我尝试拐弯时。我 认为 这是我所有上午游戏中最好 玩的。我还有更多事情告诉 你,但现在我必须离开,去玩 打印机游戏中的纸张了,现在 再见了!


now the most handsome boy on

talk to me and stroke me but can’t

telling me! But then it is sooo true!

to play with but they don’t always

really odd things? There are many

know after all this time that I am

to make sure that they know who

and I have been asleep ALL

the street. Well so everyone keeps

play? I bring them the toys I want

You know you humans do some

concede to a game. Don’t you

times I have to control my humans

far too important to be ignored

is boss! Take my Mum, for example. night? It is time to play. So I have I have to shout at her and grab and to have a sulk and perform my bite her legs when she wants to

morning wash until Rose comes.

and afternoon as that means

we play the mopping and sliding

leave me… I cannot allow that!

mopping game is one of the best

so I have sit behind the front door

floor is so exciting, especially when

out and when she gets home. It is

is my best morning game of all.

bed for a play and a cuddle then.

you, but I have to go and

about the cuddle part though...

game, so bye, for now!

get in the shower in the morning

It is great when Rose gets here as

that she is going to go out and

game. I have to confess that the

She ignores me and does it anyway because sliding all over the wet and shout at her when she goes

I try to turn the corner. I think that

alright at night ‘cos we are going to I have so much more to tell Don’t you dare tell anyone

play the paper in the printer

I am a big boy now and have my image to think about!

The big slide

When my Dad goes into the

bathroom and closes the door

I have to shout at him to let me in as this is the perfect time to sit in his lap. I don’t know why he laughs at me or closes the

door for that matter… How can you close the door on ME?

Why is it that when the humans are rushing around in the morning… after I have been given my

breakfast, I hasten to add, they can

Pets & Hugs



牠們的 旅行比你多

飛行的貓 They travel more than you

The flying cats 斐濟、大溪地、夏威夷、曼谷。如果以上的地點是您的夢想假 期,那麼你要跟Puppy和Skit談談。牠們雖住在澳門,但對 於上述地點牠們全都認識。 “ 我 的 貓 貓 未 必 是 世 界上 旅 行 最 多 的 貓,但 在 澳 門 可能算得上。” Corinne Janssen說。“我和丈夫在 酒 店 工 作,每 隔 幾 年 我 們 都會 搬家一次,即使我們有 了Puppy和Skit 後也沒停 止。對 我 們 來 說,一旦養了 16

寵物,無論如何都要照顧牠 們 一生一世。所以當我們在 斐濟領養牠們後,牠們 隨著 我們搬到大溪地,然後到夏 威夷、香港、澳門、曼谷,後 來又回到澳門。我們 總是開 玩笑說,貓貓的飛行哩數比 我們 還多呢!”其實牠們 是

Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, Bangkok. If this is your dream vacation, talk to Puppy and Skit. They live in Macau and know all about it “My cats maybe aren’t the most

life, no matter what. So after we

Macau probably yes”, says Corinne

with us to Tahiti, then to Hawaii,

travelled in the world, but in

Janssen. “Working in hospitality, my husband and I move around every few years and this did not stop after we had Puppy and

Skit. To us, once you have pets

they are yours to take care of for

adopted them in Fiji they moved Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok and then back to Macau. We

always joke that the cats have

more frequent flyer points than

we do!” And did they like all that

travelling around? “The beauty of 寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月


否喜 歡 所有旅行?“貓貓的 可愛之處是牠們適應力非常 強,所以牠們 對於適應 新家 從來沒有問題。牠們 討厭 旅 行,但幸好 牠們很快就忘記 了。” 狗的另一面

C o r i n n e 科 琳 娜 在 不同 時 間遇到了她的貓。“Pu ppy 是我 丈 夫(當年 的男友 )送 給我的禮物。一隻懷孕的流 浪 貓 經 常 在 他 工作 的 酒 店 ( 斐 濟 ) 探 望 他。B r e t t 當 時 對貓沒有太 大興趣,還開玩 Pets & Hugs


笑給這隻貓貓取名為Pu ppy — — 一 隻狗 來探 訪比一 隻 貓 來 得 更 男 性 化,不 是 嗎?母 貓生了一窩小 貓,當 牠們 6 週 時,適 逢 近 聖 誕節。B ret t 知 道 我 是 一 個 貓 癡,覺 得 以小 貓 做 聖 誕 禮 物 會 很 完 美。事 實上,這是最好的聖誕禮物! 當 然,我不 得 不 把 小 貓 命 名 為Puppy ,她沒有辜負這 個 名 字,因 為 牠 拿 東 西 很了 得。” 燒烤先生

S k i t 這個 名 字 來自 一 種 性 格


cats is that they are extremely

her “Dog” – much more masculine

never had any problems settling

no? She had a litter and when the

adaptable and so they have

into a new home. They hate

the travel itself, but fortunately soon forget that part.”

A dog side

Corinne met her cats at different times. “Puppy was a gift from

my husband (then boyfriend). A stray and pregnant female used to visit him at the hotel in Fiji

where he was working. At the time, Brett was not much of a

cat lover and as a joke he named

to have a dog visiting than a cat,

kittens were six weeks old it was

almost Christmas. Knowing I was a huge cat lover, Brett thought one of the kittens made the perfect Christmas present. In fact, the

best Christmas present ever! Of course I had to name the kitten

“Puppy”, a name which she lived up to for quite a while, because she was great at fetching.”


Skit’s name comes from a


特 質。“ 我 們 第一次 見 到 這 隻年 輕 流 浪 雄 貓 时,他‘容 易受 驚’。當 時 我 們 在 斐 濟 的家燒 烤,他在 屋後面的灌 木中徘徊,很緊張但明顯很 饑餓,並無法抗拒在 烤架上 燒得哧哧響的香腸和牛排 的 氣 味。當 然,我 們 分了一 些 食 物 給 他,之後,每當 他 餓了就不停地返回屋裏索取 食物殘渣,或吃Puppy 食


盆里的殘羹剩飯。” 當Skit 認識和信任新相 識 的朋 友後,他 變 得 不緊張, 甚 至 開 始 留 下 來 過 夜。“ 最 終,他 搬 進 來 住!起 初 Puppy 不高興要與一個年 幼 的‘弟 弟’分 薄 自己 的 食 物 和 我 們 的 感 情,但 很 快 她就明白,Skit 確實要留下 來,Puppy唯有勉強接受了 他。”

personality trait. “He was very

leftovers in Puppy’s food bowl

young stray male. We happened to

Once he got to know and trust

‘skittish’ when we first met him as a have a BBQ at our house in Fiji and he wandered over from behind

the bushes, very nervously but also very obviously hungry and unable to resist the smell of the sausages

and steaks sizzling on the grill. Of course we shared some with him and after that he kept returning

to the house for food scraps – or

– whenever he was hungry.” the new friends, he became

less nervous and even started

sleeping over. “Eventually he just moved in! Puppy was initially

not happy having to share her food and our affection with

a younger ‘brother’, but soon

understood he was there to stay and grudgingly accepted him.”

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月



“Puppy 今年14歲,有時 冷 漠,有 時 需 要人關注。她 仍然非常頑 皮,喜 歡 刷 毛, 當睡覺時間一到她非常興 奮。她沿著走廊一直在我們 面 前蹦 跳,就 像一 隻小兔, 並在我們 之前上了床。她自 恃 嬌 小、柔 弱 和 熱 情。但不 要激怒她,因為當她不高興 的 時候,她可以變 得 很凶。 她靜靜地佔領屋裏的主導地 位,即使Skit 的體型比她大 50%左右。”

Pets & Hugs


Don’t cross her

“Puppy, 14 years, is alternately

aloof or demanding attention. She is still incredibly playful, loves a

good brush and gets very excited when it is time to go to bed. She ‘hops’ along the hallway ahead

of us, almost like a bunny rabbit, and is in bed before we are. She

is small, soft and affectionate on

her own terms. But don’t cross her as she can become fierce when she is not pleased. She quietly

dominates the house, even if Skit is about 50% bigger than her.


“Skit 13歲,是個溫柔的膽 小鬼,總 是需 要人 注 意他。 他 也是 最 喋 喋 不休 的 話 匣 子,說 話多多,尤其 是 幾個 小時沒有看到我們其中一人 时。他收集了大量的動物 玩 具,當他哭叫時他喜 歡在屋 裏周圍拖拉 這些玩 具。S k it 有 趣、頑 皮,也是 一 個 大 軟 蛋。有時我們叫他‘Dyson’ ,因為當遇到廚房地板上的 食物殘渣,他那像吸塵機的 能力令人難以置信。”


Big softie

“Skit, 13 years, is the gentle sook

who always needs attention. He is also the biggest chatter box and talks a lot, especially after not seeing one of us for a few

hours. He has a large collection of stuffed animals that he likes

to drag around the house while crying. Skit is fun, naughty, and

a big softie. We also sometimes call him ‘Dyson’ because of his incredible vacuum cleaning

ability when it comes to food scraps on the kitchen floor.”



永不滿足的好奇心 Abyssinian

Insatiable curiosity

最活躍、好奇的貓科動 物之一,阿比西尼亞貓 生来是為了發現世界 One of the most active and curious felines, the Abyssinian lives to discover the world


寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月



需要關注程度 很高 Attention needs Lots 主動性 非常高 Activeness Very high 親熱度 高於平均水準 Affection Above average 與孩子的關係 低於平均水準 Relationship with children Below average 外形酷似埃及古代繪畫和雕 塑中所 看 到 的 貓,阿比西尼 亞貓保留著家貓祖先— —非 洲野貓野 性的外貌。作为一 頭中至長度身型的貓,阿比西 尼亞貓顯示的肌肉優美發達 而不粗大。修長的腿,纖細的 骨骼,加上細小、結構緊湊、 橢圓形的爪子,讓阿比西尼亞 貓看來是用腳 趾 站著。阿比 西尼亞貓頭部像是改良後的 楔,眼睛呈杏仁形,大而警覺 性強的耳朵彷彿在聆聽。 該品種 的貓有四種 顏色:紅 潤色配鮮橙淺間紋和暗棕褐 色間紋;紅色配紅黑巧克力間 紋;藍色帶米色 和石板 藍色 間紋;淺黃褐色帶玫瑰 米 色 和深褐色。被毛 雖然濃密及 有彈性,卻是細 緻柔軟而有 光澤。 阿比西尼亞貓是很好奇和活 躍的貓科動物。雖然熱情,牠

們不喜 歡被抱住,寧願做一 個活躍的夥伴。牠們有一個 永不滿足的好 奇心,這會驅 使牠們從最高的架子推倒一 些東西只為聽到被打破東西 的聲音。 阿比西尼亞貓是世界上最古 老的貓品種 之一,雖然牠們 不是源自與其名稱一樣的地 方。當第一批 阿比西尼亞貓 被英國軍人妻 子帶離 阿 比 西尼亞(今埃塞俄 比 亞 )進 口 到 英 國 後,獲 得 了現在的名 稱。然而,最 近 基 因 研 究,將此 貓 的基因追 蹤至東南 亞貓身上。

Resembling ancient paintings and

bands, and a fawn basecoat with

regal Egyptian cats of centuries ago,

although dense and resilient, is fine

sculptures of the mysterious and the Abyssinian has retained the

wild look of this domestic feline ancestor, felis silvestris lybica. A

cat of medium to long length, he displays the grace of his well-

developed musculature without

being coarse. This breed’s legs are slim and fine boned, ending in

small, compact and oval shaped

paws that enable the cat to appear standing on its toes. The head

of the Abyssinian is a modified

wedge shape, with almond shaped eyes and large pointy ears that

appear alert, as though listening.

The breed comes in four colours: a ruddy basecoat with bright orange light and dark sepia

bands; a red basecoat with red

and dark chocolate bands, a blue

basecoat with beige and slate blue

rose, beige and cocoa. The coat, and silky with a lustrous sheen.

Abyssinians are very curious and

active felines. While affectionate, they do not like to be held,

preferring instead to be an active partner. They have an insatiable curiosity that will encourage

them to push something off the highest shelf, just to hear what

sort of crashing sound it makes.

The Abyssinian is one of the world's oldest breeds of cat, although they have not originated from the land whose name they carry. The first

Abyssinians were so named when

they were brought from Abyssinia

(now known as Ethiopia) by British military wives, and imported into England. Recent genetic studies

have however traced their genes to cats from Southeast Asia.


Ancient genes


The Abyssinian is one of the world’s oldest breeds of cat

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人類啊,聽我講 Ears

Listen to me human

耳朵清潔是貓美容及整體保健的重 要部分。通過學習如何清理貓耳朵, 你能避免一些嚴重問題。 定的,你的貓大概不會 期待清洗耳朵的環節。 照 幾個簡單步驟去做,你和 你的寵物將更快更容易完成 清潔過程。你不需要經常替 你的貓清理耳朵,但你應該 每隔一個月替牠檢查,留意 可能顯示貓耳朵健康問題的 症狀。 貓最常見的問題是耳導致 的寄生蟲感染。如果你發 現你的貓過度搔抓耳朵 或是搖頭,這可能是耳或 其他類型感染的一個跡 象,必需去找獸醫看看。


在清洗潔貓耳朵前,你要有 一些必需品:洗耳液、棉球或 棉籤、暖水、一個塑料滴管和 一條大毛巾(用來包裹緊張、 侷促不安的貓)。 此外,當你自己嘗試為你的貓 清洗耳朵之前,一定要讓你 的獸醫先替牠檢查。開始時, 用耳垢溶解(除蠟)劑清潔耳 朵。任何寵物店都有貓洗耳 液。然後,把貓放在你的大腿 上,用毛巾包裹,將牠的耳朵 22

向後反,以便接觸到耳道。下 一步是用洗耳液注入耳朵並 輕柔按摩。約五分鐘後放下 你的貓,給牠時間去搖頭。 洗耳液可軟化任 何耳垢,讓 你更容易清除它。你可能要 把所有房門關上,因為一旦你 開放你的貓,牠的第一反應 是逃脫。最後,用紗布或棉籤 抹貓耳朵的內部。 不良症狀

如果你從來沒有為你貓的清 洗耳朵,你應該細心 觀察耳 感染或其他感染的症狀。 注意事項包括發紅、分泌物、 像咖啡渣的黑色小斑 點、異 味、搔抓或搖頭。正常耳垢是 淺棕色。如果貓耳朵分泌任 何液體表示問題 嚴重,你應 該立即聯絡你的獸醫。


波 斯 貓比其他任 何品 種 的 貓 更容易患 耳朵 感染

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月


Ear cleaning is an important part of your cat’s grooming and overall healthcare. You can avoid serious problems by learning how to clean your cat’s ears


t's safe to assume that your


The most common problem for

solution, cotton balls or swabs,

ear mites. If you notice your cat

and a large towel (for swaddling

or shaking his head, this may be

Also, always have your veterinarian

type of infection. A trip to the

before you attempt to clean them

cats is a parasitic infestation from

warm water, a plastic eyedropper

scratching his ears excessively

the nervous, squirming cat).

a sign of ear mites or another

examine your cat's ears first

veterinarian will be necessary.

yourself. To do it yourself, first

check them every other month

Supplies and actions

(de-waxing) agent. Ear cleaning

that might indicate problems

some essentials: a veterinarian

cat is probably not going to

look forward to his ear cleaning experience. Following a few simple steps can make the

process quicker and easier for

both you and your pet. You do not need to clean your cat's

ears constantly, but you should and be aware of symptoms with your cat's ear health.

clean the ear with a ceruminolytic

Before the cleaning you need

solutions for cats can be found

recommended cat ear cleaning

cat on your lap, swaddled in a

at any pet store. Then hold the towel, and fold his ear back, so that the ear canal is accessible. The next step is to fill the ear

with de-waxing solution and

to massage the base of the ear

gently to ensure the liquid goes into the ear canal. Release your

cat for about five minutes, giving him time to shake his head.

The solution will help loosen any wax, so you can remove it more easily. It is a good idea to have

the room doors closed to avoid

your cat escaping as soon as you release him to shake his head.

Finally, wipe the inside of your

cat’s ear, but not the ear canal, with cotton balls or a swab.

Bad symptoms

If you have never cleaned your cat's ears before, you should be observant of symptoms

that may indicate an ear mite

infestation or other infection.

Some things to look for include: redness, discharge, small black spots that resemble coffee

grounds, odour, scratching or

head shaking. Normal ear wax will be light brown in colour. Any kind of liquid discharge

from your cat's ears is serious and you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

Vulnerable breed Persian cats are more prone to ear infections than any other breed

Pets & Hugs




答案 Expert advice

Your questions answered

我的幼貓早前吞下了一條線, 這對牠有害嗎?

My kitten swallowed some string. Is this bad?

主人們必須注視上述的問題,因 為貓貓誤吞線性異物能導致腸道 的異物性阻塞,其症狀有嘔吐食 物、沒有精神,個別動物會表現為 厭食。 若錯過治療的最佳時間,則可導 致貓貓死亡。 如貓貓有上述症狀,建議主人帶 貓 貓 到 獸 醫 診所 接 受 影 像學 檢 查,如超聲波檢查、X光檢測等。 根據檢查結果以確定貓貓實際情 況。

Cat owners must pay attention

to the above problem, because if a cat swallows foreign matter, it

may lead to intestinal obstruction. The symptoms include vomiting, listlessness, and some cats will show symptoms of anorexia.

If the cat is not treated in time, it may lead to death. If the cat has any of

the above-mentioned symptoms,

it is recommended that the owners

take the cat to the veterinarian for an

imaging exam, such as an ultrasound or x-ray. The veterinarian can make the most accurate diagnosis after observing the exam results.

請問有甚麼事會對貓咪造成壓力?又有甚麼方法減少 對貓咪造成壓力呢?

What causes stress in cats? And what can be done to reduce it?

對貓貓造成壓力的原因眾多:常見有噪音、環境的改變、貓 糧的轉換或新寵物的加入等等, 都能對貓貓造成壓力。 幫助貓貓減壓的方法如下:如轉換環境時,可多陪伴貓貓, 減少貓貓對新環境的應激;轉換貓糧時,不要一次性轉換 新糧,要以混糧的方式,避免貓貓因轉糧過快而導致胃腸不 適;對於新寵物的加入,盡量不要對新寵物過於熱情,避免 貓貓感覺被冷落,而造成壓力或引致情緒問題。另外,讓貓 貓在安靜舒適的環境生活,能有效減少壓力的產生。

Many factors cause stress in cats. The most

common reasons why your cat would be stressed out are; noise, change of environment, change of cat food, in short, cats do not like change!

Here are some tips to help reduce your cat’s stress levels: if their environment has changed, provide

plentiful attention and spend more time with them. If you need to change their cat food, don’t change

it all at once. Mix the old and the new food to avoid

stomach upsets and to gently phase out the old food. If you have a new pet in the house, be sure to divide

your attention and cuddles with your new pet and your

existing cat to avoid them feeling abandoned and jealous. A quiet and comfortable environment will keep your cat happy and stress-free.


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我的狗玩完拔河遊戲後,有牙 齒出現點鬆動,請問牠的牙齒 會回復收緊的狀態嗎? 如果狗狗因玩拔河時出現牙齒鬆 動情況,若狗狗的口腔狀況良好, 一般可以自行恢復的;但如果狗 狗有牙齦炎、牙石或蛀牙等口腔 問題時,牙肉可能處於 發炎而影 響牙肉組織的修復,牙齒鬆動的 情況就不能確定能否恢復。因此, 建議主人帶狗狗到寵物診所進行 全面的口腔檢查,以確定口腔狀 況。

My dog's teeth are loose from a game of tug o' war – will they tighten again? If your dog has enjoyed a fun

game which resulted in loose

teeth, but their oral condition

is good, no need to worry; their

teeth will recover by themselves.

However, if your dog has problems like gingivitis, tartar

or tooth decay, the loose teeth may not recover. In this case, you

should bring your dog to the vet for a thorough oral

examination to confirm

the condition of your dog’s teeth.

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數百人匯集 Vigil for killed dog

Hundreds gathered

缺 乏 動 物 保 護 法不 能進行任何起訴 No charges could be brought in the case due to the lack of animal protection laws

門保護遺棄動物協會 (AAPAM)組織的燭光 守夜活動,是為了喚醒人們對 澳門虐待動物以及缺乏動物保 護法的意識。為了參加動物的安 全,該守夜活動使用電子蠟燭, 並獲得“香港非牟利獸醫服務 協會”和臨時組成的“全港18 區動物保護委員會”的支持。 該燭光守夜活動在這兩個組織 成員的加入下,於玫瑰堂前地 舉行。 該事件發生在氹仔政府經營的 玻璃回收中心,住​​在 該中心對 面的一名當地居民用照相機拍 下屠殺鏡頭。隨後該居民通知


警方,警方趕到現場後質詢該 中心管理員。該管理員承認將 狗掛在樹上,燒掉皮毛,將狗隻 切成碎片準備煮熟了吃。 AAPAM主席蔡詠子說,由於缺 乏動物保護法,此案不能進行 任何起訴。據媒體報導,治安 警察局稱,該管理員只能以“在 公共場所傾倒動物屍體”被處 以最高2500澳門元的罰款。 AAPAM副主席劉佩珍指責政 府允許這樣的虐待動物案件發 生。她說,政府已用了超過5年 時間起草一項保護動物法案, 但沒有下文,該法案也未提交 予立法會。

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he candlelight vigil was

organised by the Abandoned

Animals Protection Association of

Macau (AAPAM) to raise awareness

of animal cruelty in Macau and

the consequences from the lack of animal protection laws. The vigil,

which used electric candles for

the safety of attending animals,

also earned the support of Hong

Kong Non-Profit Making Veterinary Service Society and the ad hoc

Hong Kong 18 Districts Animals

Protection Commissioners, with members of the two groups

joining the event, held outside São Domingos Church.

The killing was caught on camera by a local resident who lives opposite a government-run

glass recycling centre in Taipa,

fur and cutting the animal into

the Public Security Police said

the government for allowing

The resident notified the police,

AAPAM President Yoko Choi

be fined a maximum 2,500

She said the government has

where the incident took place. who arrived at the scene and

questioned the centre caretaker, who admitted to hanging the

dog from a tree, singeing off the

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pieces to be cooked and eaten. Wing Chi said that no charges

could be brought in the case due to the lack of animal protection

laws. According to media reports,

that the caretaker could only

patacas for dumping an animal carcass in a public place.

The association's vice-president,

Josephine Lau Pui Chan, blamed

such animal cruelty to happen. taken over five years to draft a bill to protect animals with nothing completed or

submitted to legislators yet.


自豪 “ 家 長”介 紹 小 狗 A n n i e 和 J e r s e y

“她們使我們的家庭完美” Proud “parents” introduce their puppies Annie and Jersey

“They make our family complete”

Sandy和Michael M e c c a 近 五年來 一 直 住在澳門。他們來自美 國,對他們兩隻美妙的 英國史賓格犬狗無比喜 愛。 “除非帶著Annie 和Jersey,否則我們不 會去任何地方。” Sandy and Michael Mecca have lived in Macau for nearly five years. They came from the USA with the unconditional love of their two wonderful English Springer Spaniel dogs. “We would never consider going anywhere unless we could bring Annie and Jersey” 28

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們如何描述Ann ie和 Je rsey 對你們生活 的影響? “幸福,”Sandy M e cca 迅 速回答 說,“只 要 看 看 她 們 的 眼 睛,就 會 看 到 所有的愛與忠誠. . . . . .狗 會 為 主 人 做 任 何 事 情。哪 怕 再 累 再困,她們都會取悅我們。你 怎能對此無動於衷呢?”對於 Michael Mecca,那反應更 是無法阻擋的。 “不管你工 作了多少個小時,當你跨過家 門,她們兩個就來迎接你,一 切煩惱頓失,那一刻成為你一 天最美好的部分。” 11歲 的 A n n i e 和 5 歲 的 J e r s e y( 年 輕 但 更 大 )在 M e c c a 家 — — 一 個 位 於氹 仔的美麗公寓裡自由漫步。這 兩個“女孩”不僅為主人帶來 喜悅,而且她們本身是多麼的 幸福。事實上,沒有比這更強 的 家 庭 關 係了。如 S a n d y 和 Michael 所解釋,“Mecca



ow would you describe the

influence of Annie and Jersey

in your lives? “Happiness”, Sandy

Mecca quickly replies. “Just looking into those eyes, seeing all that love

and loyalty… There’s nothing a dog won’t do for an owner. Never too tired or too sleepy, they are there

just to please us. How can you not react to that?” For Michael Mecca, that reaction is overwhelming.

“No matter how many hours you worked, when you walk through the door and these two come to greet you everything fades

away and that moment becomes the best part of your day.”

Annie, 11 years, and Jersey, 5 (younger, but bigger), roam

freely in the Mecca’s family home, a beautiful apartment in Taipa.

Not only is the joy they bring to their owners obvious, but also

how happy these two girls are. In fact, it’s hard to think of stronger

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The Thanksgiving Dogs

家庭裡與狗相處的經歷中總有很多難忘的 時刻。有些經歷在最初的震驚後,甚至成為 有趣的回憶。 Michael講的這個故事就是這 樣。 “在感恩節,美國家庭共享火雞晚餐。 當時我們與最初的兩隻狗——Chap和Yogi 一起,而我們正在開發底特律的一個賭場。 我們已經購買火雞,Sandy正為第二天的感 恩節下廚。我們感到非常興奮,因我們的家 人將會到來,這將是一個美妙的家庭晚餐。 然後,我們意識到需要一些其他東西。於 是我們把火雞放在水盆內解凍後去了 商店。當我們回來的時候,Chap和 Yogi已經跳入水盆,把火雞拉 出來,拆開包裝......” Sandy笑著 打斷說,“家裡到處是火雞。”

The family’s experience with dogs has always had plenty of unforgettable moments. Some, after the initial shock, even become funny memories. Like this story told by Michael Mecca. “On Thanksgiving Day, American families share a turkey dinner. At that time we were with our first two, Chap and Yogi, and we were developing one of the casinos in Detroit. We had purchased the turkey and Sandy was doing all the cooking for Thanksgiving the next day. We were very excited about it, we had family coming over, it was going to be a great family dinner. Then we realised that we needed a couple of other things. So the turkey was defrosting inside the sink and we went out to the store. When we got back, Chap and Yogi had reached into the sink, pulled the turkey out, took the wrapping off …” Sandy interrupts with a smile. “There was turkey everywhere!”

的澳門冒險之旅”因為狗狗相 伴才能成行。 M i c h a e l( 銀 河娛 樂集團 總 裁兼首席營運官)說,定居澳 門的轉變是輕鬆的。在新澤西 州出生 和 長 大 的 他仍 然保 持 著西西里島人的傳統。那些意 大利 的 根 基 令 他 成 為一 個 忠 於家庭價值觀的人。 “就像 那 些 我在中國 的 這 塊 土 地 上 發現的人一樣。”所以對他 來 說很容易適應。 Sandy是一 位前職業網球選手,在聖巴巴 拉(加利福尼亞州)長 大。她 有不同的背景,但她的家庭觀 念也一樣很強。 他 們 最 近 剛 剛 慶 祝了他 們 第 2 5 個 結 婚 紀 念日。這 是 一 個 充滿美好家庭回憶的慶祝,其 中每個 成員,人或狗,都應 該 得到完全相同的東西:支持、 尊重和愛。 街區裡的新孩子

Annie和Je rsey的故事在 她 們還沒有出生前的幾年就開始 了。 Sandy想要一隻熱情、 活 躍 的 狗。當 她 看 到 一 隻 英 國 史 賓 格 犬 時,她 知 道 她 的 尋 覓 已 經 結 束。不久 他 們 的 家庭來了兩位新成員:Chap 和Yogi兄弟。 然而,時間偷

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family ties. As Sandy and Michael explain, the “Meccas in Macau”

adventure only took off because the dogs could come along.

Michael, President and Chief

Operating Officer at Galaxy En-

tertainment Group, says it was an easy transition settling in Macau.

Born and raised in New Jersey, he remains strongly attached to his

Sicilian heritage. Those Italian roots

made him a man devoted to family values. “Just like those I found here in China.” So the adaptation was easy. Sandy, a former pro tennis

player, grew up in Santa Barbara (California). She had a different

background, but her commitment to family is just as strong.

They recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. A celebration full of fond family memories,

where each member, human

or canine, deserves exactly the

same: support, respect and love.

New kids on the block

The story of Annie and Jersey starts years before they were even born. Sandy wanted an affectionate

and active dog. When she saw an

English Springer Spaniel, she knew her search was over. Soon the

family gained two new members:


像對任何家庭 成員一樣,你 付出的愛令自 己脆弱。 Like with any family member, you give your love and make yourself vulnerable

走了 Yo g i,他 因 癲 癇 而 故。 S a n d y 回 憶 說,忘卻 痛 苦 需 要一些時間,但Chap感到孤 獨。 “我們想為他找一個合 適的玩伴,因為他年紀越來越 大。”一個馬薩諸塞州的品種 帶來了答案:兩隻小狗— —姐 姐和弟弟,他們與Chap血統 接近。 “Michael飛到馬薩 諸 塞 州,並 將 他 們 帶 回 拉 斯 維 加 斯,在 那 裡 我 們 開 始了 與Annie和Archie的漫長旅 途。” 這件 事發生在M i ch a e l 的一 個非常嚴峻的時刻,但他沒有 猶豫。 “這是一個非常重要 的 時刻 — — 我在 拉 斯 維加 斯 開 發 的 一 個 度假 村開幕 前 的 一周。我深夜離開前往馬薩諸 塞州,在機場與飼養者碰面, 抱起小狗,把他們放入一個搬 運器,他們就可以與我一起上 飛機了。我立刻搭上另一架前 往達拉斯的飛機。當我下了飛 32

機,我為小狗攤開紙張讓他們 物 的 自 然 規 律,老 C h a p 安 方便,並搭上另一架從達拉斯 詳 離 去。但 往 往 禍 不 單 行。 飛 往 拉 斯 維 加 斯 的 飛 機。我 “我們養了Archie 7年,但 碰 上一 位非常 他 也 因 癲 癇 而 善良的空姐,所 亡。”Sandy解釋 以我能夠 把兩 時 花了點 時間抑 我敢肯定, 隻小狗放出搬 制她湧起的感情 大多數家庭 運 器 — — 這一 波濤。 “一位朋 中發生的事 般是不允許的。 友看 到 我 們 沉 浸 巧合的是,坐在 在 失去A rc h i e 的 情是,小狗 我旁邊的紳士 痛苦中,於是對我 在家的第一 是美國一家最 們 說:‘我 將會 有 天所有規矩 重要狗食品公 一窩小狗,我想給 被打破 司的負責人。我 你們一隻'。” 們 拿 了一 些 水 看 來 為 時 過 給小狗,幾乎全程抱著他們。 早,Sa n dy和 M i ch a e l還沒 當我在機場見到Sandy時,我 有 準 備 好 養 另 一 隻 狗。隨 後 一打開搬運器,兩個小臉冒出 小 狗 出 生,一 窩 狗 變 成 只有 來。 Sandy清楚地記得那一 一隻小狗。 “這就是Jersey 天。“這是一個美妙的時刻。 了。她 出 生 當 天 我 就 去 看 看 ” 她,然後每週去看她,直到她 四 周 大。”早 已 經 被 征 服 的 製鞋生意 Sa n d y將J e r s ey 帶回家,把 未 來幾 年發 生 的 事 遵 循 著 事 她介紹給Michael。 Jersey

在 家 的 第一 個 早晨 已 融 化了 M i c h a e l 所 有 抵 觸 情 緒。 “ M i c h a e l 準 備 上 班,我 說:‘哦,看 看 她,她 太 迷 人 了!’我 把 她 放在 地 上。她不 能走路,但 她爬過去,躺在他 的鞋上。這是一段美麗關係的 開始。” 一隻小狗輕​​鬆 贏得M ichael 的 心 已 不 是 第 一 次 了。 Michael與他的太太不同,他 成長時沒有寵物相伴。 “當 Sandy建議養狗後,第一隻, 然 後 兩 隻,起 先 我 們 跟 每 個 人一樣設了些規矩,尤其是跟 那些從沒有養過狗的人一樣。 我敢肯定,大多數家庭中發生 的 事 情 是,小 狗 在 家 的 第 一 天 所有 規 矩被 打 破 並被 扔到 窗外。” 這個令人心醉的“投 降”讓Michael發現,他已全 心擁抱了一種純粹的愛。 ” “Sandy說得好:‘這些小狗 不是我們整個的生活,但他們 寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月



the brothers Chap and Yogi.

going to have a litter of puppies

won Michael’s heart over with ease.

hood and knows only too well how

epilepsy. It took some time to over-

It was too soon, Sandy and Michael

pets around him. “When Sandy

heart breaks. Like with any family

Time, however, stole Yogi, lost to

come the pain, but Chap was lone-

ly, Sandy recalls. “We thought about finding a suitable playmate for

him as he was getting older.” The

answer was found in a breed from

and I want to give you one’.”

weren’t ready for another dog.

Then came the birth, and the litter resulted in only one puppy. “It was

Jersey. I went to see her on the day

Unlike his wife, he grew up without suggested having puppies, first

one, then two, we had those rules

in place that everyone has, especially people who never had puppies

Massachusetts: two puppies, a sis-

ter and brother, with a genealogical link to Chap. “Michael flew to Mas-

sachusetts and brought them down to Las Vegas, where we started our odyssey with Annie and Archie.”

As I’m sure happens in most households, the first day the puppies arrived all the rules were broken

because we accepted what they

I immediately caught another flight,

had and took care of them. If you

which stopped in Dallas. When I got

have a family member, you deal

off the plane I spread papers out for

with whatever comes.” Family is

the puppies so they could do their

protection and that feeling goes

business, and caught yet another

both ways – Annie and Jersey are

plane from Dallas to Las Vegas. I had

always there for their beloved

a very kind flight attendant, so I took

owners. “Dogs are very intuitive”,

the two puppies out of the carrier,

Michael points out. “If we are

something you are not allowed to

comfortable in a situation, they’re

do. Coincidently, the gentleman

comfortable. If they sense in any

next to me was the head of one of

way that we aren’t, then they show

the most important dog food com-

a different side of their personal-

panies in America. We got some wa-

ity.” This connection goes much

ter for the puppies and held them

further, says Sandy. “They know

most of the way. When I met Sandy

when you are not having a good

at the airport, as soon as I opened

day or when you’re happy. We got

the case, two little faces popped

some unhappy news a few weeks

that day. “It was a great moment.”

she was born and went every week

before. As I’m sure happens in most

Shoe business

Sandy, already conquered, brought

pies were there all the rules were

her. “A friend saw we were in pain over losing Archie and said ‘I’m

Pets & Hugs


much more difficult, because you

very happy that they were with us,

they could be with me on the plane.

herself as emotion overwhelms

a little bit stronger. For a child it is

puppies to epilepsy... We were

puppies and put them in a carrier, so

taking a moment to recompose

and every day you try to become

easier. “As we lost two of the

breeder at the airport, picked up the

also got epilepsy”, Sandy explains,

and what you shared with them

adult, but that didn’t make things

night to Massachusetts, met the

had Archie for seven years, but he

memories of what they gave you

Michael has only had pets as an

important moment. I left late at

returned in a repeat manner. “We

a parent, which we both have

you and to help you through.”

had developed in Las Vegas, a very

Chap. But sad news unfortunately

is not so different from losing

parent to put their arms around

before the opening of a resort I

peaceful disappearance of old

a long time; the grieving process

gone from your life. It takes a loving

he didn’t hesitate. “It was the week

natural path of things, with the

make yourself vulnerable. It takes

don’t understand why they are

demanding time for Michael, but

The next years followed the

member, you give your love and

experienced. You embrace the

This happened during a very

out.” Sandy clearly remembers

excruciating that can be. “Your

until she was about four weeks old.” Jersey home to introduce her to Mi-

chael. All his resistance melted away during one of those first mornings

with Jersey in the house. “Mike was getting ready for work and I said

‘oh, look at her, she’s gorgeous!’ and I put her on the floor. She couldn’t

walk, but she crawled over and lay

households, the first day the pup-

broken and went out the window.”

This sweet surrender made Michael discover a pure form of love that he totally embraced. “A great

phrase is one Sandy uses: ‘these

puppies are not our whole life but they make our family whole’.”

on his shoe. It was the beginning

Cycle of life

It wasn’t the first time that a puppy

Sandy has had pets since child-

of this beautiful relationship.”

Every pet owner deals with loss.

ago and it was quiet in the house. The girls sensed it and they were quiet too. They sit near you, put their head on your lap and just

wait for you to be happy again.”

After all these years shared with amazing dogs, what do Mr. and

Mrs. Mecca believe a family can

learn from having pets? “It’s life”, says Sandy. “You learn emotion,

love, patience…” “Responsibility”, adds Michael, before his wife

sums it all up. “You learn kind-

ness. They teach you everything and they ask of you nothing.”


你學到仁慈。他 們教你所有一切 而別無所求。

You learn kindness. Your dogs teach you everything and they ask of you nothing.


寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月


使我們的家庭完美'。 ” 每 一 個 寵物主 人都 要 面 對失 犬之痛。 Sandy童年時已經 有寵物,所以她太清楚那是多 麼的撕心裂肺。 “你的心碎 了。與任 何家庭成員一樣,你 付出的愛令自己脆弱。這會持 續很長的時間,悲傷的過程與 我們失去父母沒有什麼不同。 你每天沉浸在他們留給你的、 與他們在一起的回憶,你每天 嘗 試 變 得更 堅 強 些。對 於孩 子來說,這是更加困難的,因 為 孩 子不 明白為什麼 他們 從 生活中消失了。這需要有愛心 的父母,把他們的雙臂攬住孩 子,幫助他們度過難關。” 生命週期

M i ch a e l成年後才開始 養寵 物,但是這並沒有使事情變得 更容易。“我們的兩隻小狗因 癲 癇 離開我們 ......他們 與 我 們 一 起 的 時 候 我 們 很 高 興, 因 為 我 們 接 受 他 們、照 顧 他 們。如 果 你 當 他 們 是 家 庭 成 員,你就能完全接納他們的任

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何事情。 ”家庭是一把保護 傘,而那種感覺是雙向的— — A n n i e和 J e r s ey 為了自己心 愛的主人總在那裡。 “狗是 非 常 直 觀 的,”M i c h a e l 指 出。 “如果我們處於舒適的 狀態,他們也感覺舒適。如果 他們感覺到我們不舒服,那麼 他 們 會 表 現 出自己個 性 的另 一面。”這種聯繫遠非到此為 止,Sa ndy 說:“你感覺不好 或 感 到 快 樂 時,他 們 是 知 道 的。幾個星期前我們收到一些 不愉快的消息,家裡很安靜。 狗女孩們感覺到了,她們​​也 變 得很安靜。她們坐近你,把自 己的頭放在你的腿上,等待你 再次快樂起來。” 經 過 這 些年 與 這 些可 愛的狗 相處,Mecca先生和太太認 為 有 寵物 的 家 庭 可以學到 什 麼? “這是生活,”Sandy 說。 “你學到情感、愛心和耐 心......”“責任” Michael邁 克爾補充說,他太太總結說: “你學到仁慈。他們教你所有 一切而別無所求。”



Animal rights supporters

毫不奇怪,這對夫婦非常 積極地致力維護澳門的動 物權利。 Sandy說,Anima(澳門愛護動物協會) 給他們留下特別深刻的印 象。 “我們去Anima,帶 兩隻美麗的小狗走走。如 果你不能擁有一隻寵物, 你可以為動物做些好事: 去那裡,遛遛狗,也許帶 去幾罐狗糧,以這種方式 互動。當我與Michael去 Anima時,他們令人驚嘆 的工作給我們留下非常深 刻的印象。” Michael也參 與了銀河娛樂集團提供的 機構支援。 “重要的是所 有澳門主要企業來共同推 進Anima的偉大事業,讓 所有這些企業的團隊成員 都明白,他們都可以幫助 和領養被遺棄的動物。”

It’s no surprise that the couple is very active in the defense of animal rights in Macau. Sandy says they were particularly impressed with Anima. “We go to Anima and walk these two gorgeous little dogs. And if you can´t have a pet, you can do something good for an animal: go there, walk a dog, perhaps bring a couple of cans of dog food, interact in that way. When I went to Anima with Mike, we were very impressed with the amazing job they do.” Michael is also involved in the institutional support done by the Galaxy Entertainment Group. “It’s important that all of the major businesses in Macau come together to promote the great work that Anima is doing, and let all their team members know they can help and adopt abandoned animals.”



路上的幫助 A mobile clinic for animals in need

Help is on the road


he number of animals

abandoned in Macau is so

equip an old ambulance, to be


醫和診所,以更合理的價格服 務社區。

supplied by the Macau Red Cross,


of them a vet, will control all

2014年Anima將有約27名員 工,其預算將達到6 8 0萬澳門 元,比2013年預算增加40%。現 在Anima的動物庇護所住著約 320隻狗和130隻貓,分佈在81 個圍欄裡。 Anima幾乎爆滿, 現在所有用於診所的空間被轉 作圍欄。Anima已向澳門行政 長官提交一項建議——簽署一 項行政 規 定— — 禁止虐待 行 為——即遺棄動物——直到政 府為業界準備好一套適當的法 律為止。重點是澳門需要一套 綜合性法律,保護動物和規範 診所、寵物商店、專業獸醫、寵 物繁殖者和傳染性疾病,這可 能需要大量時間制訂及批准。

clinic to serve the community with more acceptable prices.

Set of laws

high that Anima has decided to

門被遺棄動物數量巨 大,An i ma(澳門愛護 動物協會)決定裝備一輛舊救 護車(由澳門紅十字會提供), 為街頭的動物絕育。 三名督察(其中一名是獸醫) 組成的小組將防止所有的居民 區沒有殺害動物的情況。他們 也將支援在街頭幫助動物的志 願者網絡。每年數百動物被民 政總署殺害,這將是澳門繼續 面臨的問題,因為保護動物法 不會 這 麼 快 在我 們 的立法會 通過,而民政總署也就不會改 變其態度。 被 遺 棄 的動 物 是 澳門街 頭 動 物大量繁殖的原因。殺害牠們 不 是 一 種 選 擇,民 政 總 署 每 年殺死數百動物,但不解決問 題。 An i m a每年年底用自己的獸

will have its own vet and its own

to neuter animals on the streets.

A group of three inspectors, one the colonies without killing the animals. They will also support

the network of volunteers that help animals on the streets.

Hundreds of animals are killed by IACM every year, a problem that

Macau will continue to face, as the laws for the protection of animals will not pass in our Legislative

Assembly very soon, and IACM will not change its stance.

The abandonment of animals is

responsible for the huge numbers being reproduced on the streets

of Macau and killing them is not an option, as IACM kills hundreds per

year without solving the problem. At the end of the year Anima

In 2014 around 27 staff will work for Anima and its budget will reach 6.8 million patacas, an

increase of 40 per cent compared with the budget for 2013.

At the moment the number of

animals in Anima’s shelter is around 320 dogs and 130 cats, distributed

throughout 81 pens. Anima is so full

that all the space for the clinic is now transformed into pens for animals. Anima has presented a proposal

to the Chief Executive to endorse an administrative regulation that could stop the cruelty – and the

abandonment of animals – until the government can prepare a

proper set of laws for the sector. The point is Macau needs an

integrated set of laws to protect

animals and to regulate clinics, pet shops, vet professionals, breeders and the spread of contagious

diseases, which seems to be a

very distant solution as not much seems to be happening at the government level right now.

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月



尊重 生命 Respecting life


Anima 總裁 •

Anima´s president

在現代社會,我們從一開始就被教導尊 重生命。澳門逸園賽狗會(Canidrome) 根本不尊重這些價值。該會每年殺害約 360只灰狗,幾乎與它進口的數量相同。 如果這些動物在賽道上競爭力不足,即使 牠們還很年輕,也會被殺害! Anima(澳門愛護動物協會)為幫助這 些灰狗而妥協,提出實施一項領養計劃 的協議。到目前為止,在博彩監察協調局 (DICJ)推動的第一次會議後,我們還 沒有看到任何希望。這些人是一個充滿 死亡行業的一部分。在澳門​​,他們的故事 是一個悲劇。他們產生的收入對澳門特 別行政區政府的庫房來說微不足道。 我們都覺得不安。這些人在破壞澳門特 區 政 府 試圖向國 際 社 會展示 的 現代 形 象。減少灰狗 進口,減少每天比賽的數 量,在2015年年底特許經營權到期時關 閉跑狗賽道勢在必行。

In modern societies we are taught from the very beginning to respect life. Canidrome

does not respect these values at all, it is killing around 360 greyhounds per year, almost the

same number it imports. Animals that are not competitive enough in the tracks are simply killed when they are still very young!

Anima has promised to help the greyhounds by proposing an agreement that could implement an adoption program. After our first meeting, facilitated by DICJ, we didn’t see a light at the

end of the tunnel. These people are part of an

industry that is dying everywhere, and in Macau theirs is a sad story. The income they generate is peanuts for the Macau government coffers. We are all embarrassed. These people are

hurting the image of modernity the Macau

government is trying to show the international community. The reduction in the number of imports of greyhounds, the number of daily races and the closing of the track at the end of the concession in 2015, is a must.

全球活動增加 2013年上半年,Anima已救出96隻狗和 98隻貓。同一時期47隻狗和42隻貓已被 領養。如果我們考慮那些被迫放棄和那 些不幸在此期間去世的寵物,出/入的比 例分別為0.6和0.7。這個比率遠Anima 2 的目標。

Global activity increased



多虧A R TM(澳門戒毒康復協會)主席 Augusto Nogueira的支持,Anima( 澳門愛護動物協會)已經啟用第二個貓 庇護所。啟用該庇護所的主要原因是約 40隻貓被我們從一個倉庫中救援出來。 那些貓的前主人被迫從倉庫搬出。

截 至2 013 年7月底,A n i m a 的 訪客 數 量已經 達 到了3 ,167人 次。與去年同期 (1,321人次)相比,這是一個巨大的增 長。這些數字甚至大於2012年(2,972人 次)的訪客總數。學校、公司團體、朋友 和家庭團體訪問我們,在小徑上與動物 玩耍,為我們帶來食物和捐款。

A second shelter for cats has been opened Anima has opened a second shelter for cats, thanks to the support of Augusto

Nogueira, President of ARTM Association of

Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers of Macau. The

main reason for this was the rescue of around 40 cats from a warehouse when the former

owner was forced to move out of her space.

Organised visits keep growing Every day Anima receives individuals,

families, friends and corporate groups who come to our headquarters in Coloane to visit us and play with our animals. In the first quarter of 2013, we received 1,838

visitors, a year-on-year increase of 216.2%. The total visitors for 2012 was 2,972.

In the first semester of 2013 Anima rescued

96 dogs and 98 cats. During the same period 47 dogs and 42 cats have been adopted.

The ratio out/in was 0.6 and 0.7 respectively, if we include those that were adopted and

later returned, and those that unfortunately died during that period. The target for the

ratios is still far away from Anima’s goal of 2.

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BOBO 編號 1033 • 性別 雄性 年齡 1個月 Code 1033 • Sex M Age 1 month



我是Bobo,你也許知道我作為 國際巨星的輝煌歲月——賣 百威淡啤酒廣告的Spuds MacKenzie。那些好萊塢的日子 已經過去了,我現在在澳門退 休了,想找一個可愛的伙伴,過 安靜的生活。雖然我的派對日 子已經一去不復返了,但我喜歡 社交,每當你和家人回家,我將 以我興奮的吻和熱情舞動的尾 巴在門口迎接你。我將永遠忠 誠,並永遠不會離開你的身邊。 請帶我回家吧!

Retired movie star seeks companionship I’m Bobo, you may know me from my glory days as international star, Spuds MacKenzie, advertising Bud Light Beer. Those Hollywood days are over and I’m now retired in Macau, looking for a quiet life with a loving companion. Although my party days are over, I love to socialize and will greet you and your family at the door whenever you come home, with an excited lick and an enthusiastic swish of my tail. I am forever loyal and will never leave your side. Please take me home with you!

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寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月



Estrada do Altinho de Ka-Ho 路環九澳高頂馬路

(直升機維修廠附近) Coloane, Macau

(853) 2871 5732

領養 寵物 Adopt a pet

他們希望得到你的關愛。 你準備好關愛他們了嗎?

They want to love you. Are you ready to love them?

領養動物是幫助牠們的最好方法。這 是一種愛的表現,但亦表現了責任。 除非你確信你會信守承諾,否則不要 冒然行事。領養一隻動物即假定牠會 是家庭的一員。牠會是非常特殊的家 庭成員,因為牠對你的愛永遠是無條 件的。

Adopting an animal is the best way to help them. A gesture of love, but also of responsibility. Please do not undertake this unless you’re sure you want this commitment. To adopt an animal is to assume that they will be a member of the family. And a very special member, because they will always have unconditional love for you.

FANINI 編號 C476 • 性別 雄性 年齡 6個月

Code C476 • Sex M Age 6 months


Nobility seeks new castle

我是著名白色西伯利亞虎的直系後裔,我​​的名字是 Fanini第一。我與一個欣賞我的獨特性和異國情調血 統的伙伴逃出俄羅斯馬戲團,在澳門尋求平靜的生 活。我期待著與你吃最好的飯菜,如果食物是我喜歡 的,飯後我會讓你輕撫一下。請救救我吧!

I am a direct descendant of the famous white Siberian tiger and my name is Fanini the first. I’ve escaped the Russian circus in search of a quiet life in Macau, with a partner who appreciates my uniqueness and exotic lineage. I look forward to eating the finest meals with you side by side and I shall allow you to stroke me afterwards if the food is to my liking. Please save me!

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攀岩愛好者尋求安全網 我是Pina Preta,我愛登山及 在上面窺視世界。我可能前世 是一隻鳥。哦,真諷刺。然而, 在山頂是寂寞的,所以我在尋 找一個長期的伴侶。我發誓要 提高警惕,留神提防賊和闖入 的昆蟲。當我巡視時,他們不 會有機會。難道你不希望,每 天早上當你醒來時,看到我美 麗的綠色眼睛深情地看著你?

Rock climbing enthusiast seeks safety net


別 雌性 編號 C335 • 性 年齡 4歲 x F Code C335 • Se s ar ye Age 4


Small but full of spirit!

我是一位品位高雅的女士,名 叫Esther。當我們坐在一起看 肥皂劇,而你用我的粉紅色梳 子幫我梳毛時,我喜歡說說閒 話。當你在外面與女孩吃午飯 時,我變得小巧和安靜,可以 很容易地放進你最時髦的設計 師手提包。讓我們一起去購物 吧!

I am a dainty lady with refined taste named Esther. I love a good gossip while we sit watching our soap operas together as you brush my fur with my pink diamanté brush. I am compact and quiet, and can easily fit into your most fashionable designer tote bag while you’re out lunching with the girls. Let’s go shopping together!

I’m Pina Preta and I adore climbing and peering down on the world from up above. I may have been a bird in a past life. Oh, the irony. However, it’s lonesome at the top and I am seeking a long-term companion. I promise to be vigilant and to look out for thieves and interloping insects. They won’t have a chance while I’m on the prowl. Don’t you want to see my beautiful green eyes look lovingly into yours every morning when you wake up?

ESTHER 編號 958 • 性 別 年齡 2歲


x F Code 958 • Se Age 2 years


寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月


LUA 雌性 編號 988 • 性 別 年齡 9個月 x F Code 988 • Se Age 9 months

緊急尋求永久夥伴 我是一個悠閒的人,喜歡把一 切放在一邊。我特別喜歡在沙 發上“衝浪”,一有機會我喜 歡小睡一會。他們叫我胖子, 這是因為我喜 歡他們按摩我 的肚子。每當你回家,我會拜 倒在你的腳下讓你按摩我的 肚子。作為回報,我答應躺在 你的腿上,用我的咕嚕聲撫慰 你。讓 我 成 為你舒 適的 毯子 吧。請帶我回家!

年青深褐色頭髮女子尋 找生活伴侶

Young brunette seeking life partner

看看我深情的眼睛,看我 多麼 渴 望 成 為 你 忠 誠 的 玩伴和搭檔,直到永永遠 遠。我的名字是Lua,我是 長途散步的好夥伴,也是 樂於用餐的伙伴——我很 樂意吃剩菜,所以食物不 會浪費。我願意學習各種 把戲,令你的朋友和家人 驚訝,並在每一天的開始 給你深深一吻。讓我們一 起成長......

Look into my soulful eyes and see how I yearn to be your loyal sidekick and playmate forever and ever. My name is Lua and I am great company on long walks and an eager dining companion, who will gladly eat all leftovers so no food goes wasted. I’m willing to learn all kinds of tricks to dazzle your friends and family and give you a big lick of love at the start of each day. Let’s grow old together…

別 雌性 編號 C311 • 性 年齡 6歲 x F Code C311 • Se Age 6 years


Urgently seeking permanent lap to sit on

編號 C320 • 性別 雄性 年齡 6歲

I’m a laid back kind of guy who likes to let it all hang out. An avid couch surfer, I enjoy napping whenever I get a chance. They call me Fat Boy but that’s only because my little tummy loves to be rubbed! I will throw myself at your feet for a tummy rub whenever you come home. In return, I promise to lie on your lap and soothe you with my purring. Let me be your comfort blanket. Please take me home!




我豪華和迷人的被毛令我 所有的朋友羨慕。然而,潮 濕的天氣讓我熱 得發暈。 我渴望一個有空調的家,在 那 裡我可以在你身邊舒服 地伸展。這會帶來我臉上的 笑容。我是Fl o ra,請幫助 我保持涼爽...

Code C320 • Sex M Age 4 years

Hot and bothered in Macau My lush and glamorous fur coat is the envy of all my friends. However it makes me hot and cranky in this humid weather. I long for a home with air conditioning, where I can stretch out luxuriously and comfortably by your side. And it may put a smile on my face. I’m Flora, please help me stay cool…

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Breanna 最好的朋友

永遠的 球蟒 Breanna's best friends

Ball pythons forever 也許養一條蛇作為寵物是難以想像 的事情,但Breanna接觸了一條三歲的 紅尾蟒後,這成為一件最美妙的事情 大多數孩子會要一隻倉鼠或 兔子作為寵物,但Breanna Bella Milne要一條蛇。家 裡養了兩條球 蟒 後,他們 現 在已經是永遠的最好朋友。 “我小時候看到我父親養 蛇,於是我問他是否能碰碰 牠,” 8歲大的Breanna面 帶微笑地說, “當我碰了牠 後,我 就 愛 上了牠。有人 說 蛇是粘糊 糊 的,但不是的, 牠們 的皮膚是粗糙的,因為 牠們有鱗。” 因從小 與 她父 親的蟒蛇和 王蛇一起長大,蛇是 她最想 要的東西— —這並不令人吃 驚。 “牠們真的很酷,與其 牠動物不同,因為牠們沒有 手臂和 腿。我想要沒有手臂 和腿的寵物。” 所以她五歲的時候,在一家 叫“動 物 俱 樂部”的本 地寵 物店挑了一條兩歲的球 蟒。 牠被叫作Coco Pops,因為 牠的皮膚是奶油色加巧克力 42

Perhaps getting a snake as a pet is the last thing on your mind, but since touching a boa constrictor at the age of three, Breanna thinks it’s the coolest thing ever

褐色斑點,就像Breanna早 餐時吃的麥片。

While most children would ask

Animal Club. He was named


Breanna Bella Milne asked for a

snake. With her two ball pythons

with chocolate brown spots on

現在五歲的Coco Pops已 長 到 四 英 尺 長。牠 喜 歡 在 Breanna的手臂和脖子周圍 滑行,然後 爬到居民區公園 裡的一棵小 樹。而她的另一 條蛇,大黃蜂球 蟒O rang e Te a,喜 歡在 她的籠子中探 索和玩耍。現在 她還只是個 孩子。當Orange Tea被放 到公園裡的一塊石頭上準 備拍 照,並作出之字形動 作 時,Breanna“哦!”的一聲 叫了出來。 “這是一個'S'形, 她在罷工!”她是很害怕,或 許只是不喜歡拍照? 這條 還是小孩的球 蟒 被稱 為Orange Tea(橙茶),因 為她的身體上的圖案類似茶 包。雖然是黃色,但“橙色” 加上“茶”顯然比“黃色”更 好聽。

for a hamster or a rabbit as a pet,

at home, they are now simply BFF (Best Friends Forever). “When I

Coco Pops because he is cream his skin, and looks just like the

cereal Breanna has for breakfast.

was little my father had a snake,

Camera shy

says the eight-year-old Breanna

grown to be four feet long. He likes

so I asked him if I could touch it,” with a smile. “When I touched it, I fell in love with it. Some

people say snakes are slimy, but they're not, their skin is rough because they have scales.” Having grown up with her

dad's boa constrictor and king

snake, it probably comes as no surprise that snakes are at the top of her wish list. “It's really

cool, they're different from other

Now five years old, Coco Pops has to slither around Breanna's arms and neck, and to climb on the

small tree in the residence's park.

And her other ball python Orange Tea loves to explore and play

around in her cage. For now that is, because she is just a baby. “Oooh!,” Breanna utters as Orange Tea goes into a zigzag position as she’s

placed on a rock in the park for the photo-shoot. “That was an ‘S’, she

animals because they have no

was in a strike position!” Was she

a pet without arms and legs.”

The baby ball python is called

arms and no legs. And I wanted And so, when she was five,

she picked a two-year-old ball

python from the local pet shop

scared, or maybe just camera shy? Orange Tea because of the patterns on her body that

resemble tea bags. Although

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月

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寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月



“這也是為什麼我那麼喜歡蛇,你需要尊 重他們,向他們學習,了解他們能做什麼 和不能做什麼。”

“I like snakes so much, you need to respect them, learn from them and understand what they can do and not do” Orange Tea和Coco Po p s 分開 住 在自己的 籠子 裡。雖然 牠們 是 近鄰,牠們 互相相處得不好。作為孤獨 的 動 物,如 B r e a n n a 所 解 釋,如果牠們被 放在同一個 籠子裡,實際上牠們 會咬掉 對方的頭。 不 過,牠 們 以 前 有 沒 有咬過人? “從來沒 有。”B reanna的媽媽說。 然 而,她 的 女 兒 更 清 楚 情 況。 “還沒有咬過!所有 的蛇都會咬,就像狗和貓一 樣,但 我不 害 怕,因為 牠們 只有非常小的牙齒,而且球 蟒和紅尾蟒蛇無毒。這也是 為什麼我那麼喜 歡 蛇,你需 要尊重他們,向他們學習,了 解他們能做什麼和不能做什 麼。” 這是Breanna把Coco Po p s 帶到學校 表演 時對 她 的同學所說的。雖然大多數 她 學 校 的 朋 友 第 一次 見 到 Coco Pops時都嚇壞了,但 通過Breanna的經驗,知道 了更多關於蛇的事情后,他 們意識到蛇並不像看上去那 麼可怕。漸漸地他們開始喜 歡撫摸Coco Pops了。 媽咪的驚喜

就像跟家裡的四隻貓玩耍和 交 談 一 樣,每 天 B r e a n n a 也照看著Coco Pops和 Orange Tea。她告訴牠 們 說 牠們 是 如 此“ 可 愛”, 牠 們 將 永 遠 是 她 的 寵 物。

Pets & Hugs


yellow in colour, ‘orange’

apparently sounded better with ‘tea’ than ‘yellow’.

School attraction

Orange Tea and Coco Pops live separately in their own cages.

Although they are close neighbours, they do not get along very well.

Being solitary animals, as Brianna

explains, if they were put together in the same cage they would

literally bite each other's head off.

But have they bitten anyone before? “Never” Breanna's mum says. Her

daughter, however, knows better.

“Not yet! All snakes can bite, just like dogs and cats, but I'm not scared

as they only have very small teeth and pythons and boas have no

poison. This is also why I like snakes

so much, you need to respect them, learn from them and understand what they can do and not do.” That is what Breanna told her

classmates when she took Coco

Pops to school for Show and Tell. While most of her school friends

freaked out when meeting Coco

Pops for the first time, as they got to know more about snakes, with

Breanna's experience, they realised that snakes are not as scary as they seem. Gradually they have come to enjoy petting Coco Pops.

Mummy’s surprise

Just like playing with and talking to

the four cats at home, Breanna also

looks at Coco Pops and Orange Tea

every day. She tells them how ‘cute’



她通常在 放學後與兩 條 蛇 玩 耍。週 末 的 時 候,B r e a n n a 帶 牠 們 去公園並與這些蛇朋友 一 起 玩。有時,她喜 歡 給媽咪一個驚喜。 “ 我 會 抓住 蛇 悄 悄 走 近 媽 咪,”B r e a n n a 笑 著 說,“ 當 她 轉身看 到 他們 時,她 會 ' 啊 ' 的叫 一 聲。”除了生 來嚇 唬 人外,Coco Pops 和 Orange Tea的游泳 技術還不錯,每當洗澡 時 牠 們 喜 歡 游 一下。 B r e a n n a 說,看 牠 們 一年四次左右的蛻皮 時,你也可以學到很多 東西。 至於每8到10天進行一 次 的 餵 飼,B r e a n n a 負責從寵物商店為她 的 蛇 挑 選 食 品。顯 然 大老鼠是牠們最愛的 食物。通常她爸爸在夜 間,當蛇醒著的時候餵 蛇 — —非常小 心地將 食 物 放 進籠子 — — 以 免蛇覺得他的手 是食 物! 雖然蛇是 她 最好的朋 友,B r e a n n a — — 戴 著小 貓 帽 子拍 照 的 她 也對毛茸茸的動物情 有獨鍾。每年她與家人 去 長 隆野 生 動 物 世界 訪問那裡的貓鼬。 “ 牠們都非常可愛。牠們 成群地站起來,在同一 時間上下左右地看。我 喜歡!”

路環噬咬 如果你在仔或路環的步行道看到任何一條蛇,不要去碰牠 或捅牠,Breanna的爸爸建議說: “走另一條路,離開牠,雖 然也有一些是沒有毒的蟒蛇,但有些生活在那裡的蛇是有 毒的。如果你在澳門被野生蛇咬傷,請記住這條蛇是什麼樣 子,如果可以的話對牠拍一張照片,並立即去醫院。”



they are and that they will be

her pets forever. Playtime with

the snakes is usually after school. On weekends Breanna takes

them out to the park and plays with her friends. Sometimes,

she likes to surprise mummy.

“I hold them and sneak up on mummy,” Breanna giggles.

“When she turns around, she sees them and she goes ‘arghhh!!!’” Besides being naturally adept at scaring people, Coco Pops

and Orange Tea are also pretty good swimmers and love it

whenever they get to have a

bath. Breanna says you can learn a lot just from watching them

shed their skin, which happens around four times a year.

When it comes to feeding, which takes place once every eight

to ten days, Breanna is the one

who picks the food up from the pet shop for her snakes. Rats,

apparently, are their favourite. It's usually her dad who feeds the

snakes at night, when they are

awake, by placing the food into

the cage very carefully – in case

the snakes think his hand is food! Although snakes are her best friends, Breanna – wearing a

kitten top for the photo shoot – also has a soft spot for furry

animals. She goes to Chimelong with her family every year to

visit the meerkats there. “They

are very cute. They stand up in a group at the same time and they look left, right, up and down. I love that!”

Coloane bites If you see a snake on walking trails in Taipa or Coloane, do not touch or poke it with a stick, Breanna's dad advises. “Just walk the other way and leave it be, as some that live around there are poisonous species, although some are pythons that are not poisonous. If you do get bitten by a wild snake in Macau, please remember what it looks like or take a photo of it if you can, and go to the hospital immediately.”

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月


bunny CARE


不要怕,兔子 New friends

Don’t be afraid, bunny 你有一隻兔子,又想 為家中增添一隻貓 或狗 嗎?那麼 在 這 故事中尋找愉快的 結局吧 首先,評估你的兔子的性格和 行為。如果牠是膽怯的,你可能 引發貓、狗掠奪地盤先後次序 的大風險。如果你的兔子性格 冷靜,牠將較容易與新夥伴相 處。 理 想 的 情 況下是 你 的 新 貓 或 狗 曾 經 有與 兔子或 其他 小 動 物相處的經歷。可能的話,考 慮在 家中增 添 一 隻小 貓 或 小 狗。這 可 讓 你 在 牠 們 的 初 期 社交階段,把新寵物介紹給你 的兔子認識。早點讓牠們互相 認識是必要的,因為在初期社 交階段,貓、狗知道哪些動物 是牠們 的“朋 友”,就可以 避 免 以後 把 牠們 當作 獵 物 的 機 會。

Do you have a rabbit and want to add a cat or dog to the family? Find a happy ending to this story Begin by assessing your bunny's

personality and behaviour. If he is fearful, you run a greater risk that

當你 的 兔子與 其他 動 物 一 起 時,經常監察你的兔子。貓和狗 是天生的掠奪性動物。小貓和 小狗的掠奪行為是通過遊戲發 揮出來,如互相追逐、撲擊、咬 或撕破玩具。 同類(小貓或小狗) 一起玩耍可 讓你的小貓或小狗將這些掠奪 慾望,發洩到兔子以外的其他 地方。即使貓或狗只是在玩耍, 牠的行為可以無意中對一隻脆 弱 小兔子 的身心 造 成 嚴 重傷 害。 Pets & Hugs


Never alone

rabbit with a calm disposition will

when he’s around other animals.

have the best chance of getting


along with his new mates.

你的獸醫可以向你推 薦更適合你兔子的 寵物

should have experience with

Still have doubts? Your veterinarian can recommend a pet selection that best fits your bunny

these species as prey later on.

a predatory sequence could be

initiated by the dog or the cat. A


making them less likely to look at

Ideally, your new dog or cat

bunnies or other small animals. If

possible, consider adding a kitten or a puppy to your family. This

will allow you to introduce your new pet to the bunny during

the prime socialization period. Early introduction is essential

because during their socialization period cats and dogs learn what other animals are their ‘friends,’

Always supervise your bunny Dogs and cats are naturally

predatory animals. Puppy and kitten predatory behaviour

comes out through play, such as chasing, pouncing on, biting or dissecting toys.

Same-species playtime allows your kitten or puppy to direct these

urges somewhere other than at

the rabbit. Even if a dog or cat is

merely playing, his behaviour can

unintentionally cause serious harm, both physical and psychological, to a fragile bunny.


你知道嗎. . . Did you know that...

與流行的看法相反,鴕鳥不能把 頭埋在沙裡。

Contrary to popular belief, ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand.

蹼足的壁虎已經改變了它 們的腳,幫助他們待在高 處及隱藏在納米布沙漠的 沙丘之下。

The web-footed geckos have adapted their feet to help them stay atop and to bury beneath the dunes of the Namib Desert.


寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月




Each zebra’s stripes are as unique as fingerprints.


The top of a Pachycephalosaurus skull could be 23 centimeters thick.

東北虎,又稱西伯利亞虎,是所有貓科 動物中最大的。

Amur tigers, also known as Siberian tigers, are the largest of all of cats.

Pets & Hugs



兒童天地 Kid’s Zone

摺紙工藝 Origami


寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月


KID’S zone

尋找差異 / Find the differences 魔幻迷宮 Labyrinth

Pets & Hugs



跳跳勇對洗澡 Tio Tio braves the bath 貓會清潔自己,但牠們不時需要專家的 梳理,從而清除跳蚤、蜱和耳。在這一 期雜誌裡,我們請來一隻3歲的英國短 毛貓,向牠的貓朋友示範洗澡並不像聽 起來那麼可怕。

Cats clean themselves, but they do need grooming from the experts once in a while to keep the fleas and ticks off and the ear mites out. Tio Tio, a three year old British short-hair, is our brave volunteer this issue to show his feline friends that taking a bath is not so bad.

所有貓不喜歡被弄濕,跳 跳 也一樣,但牠知道這是保持 乾淨和健康的最好方法。 All cats hate getting wet and Tio Tio is no exception, but

he knows it’s the best way to keep him clean and healthy


寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月



跳跳盡力享受按摩。 Tio Tio tries to relax from the massage

沒什麼!看起來有點緊張, 但跳跳洗澡的表現非常好。 No big deal! Looking a little


the shower pretty well

Steady does it: time to

tense but Tio Tio handled

get the mites out

最後看看有沒有跳蚤...... Just one last check for fleas...

“謝天謝地,終於結束了! 現在我們可以回家嗎?” “Thank goodness for that! Can we go home now?”

Pets & Hugs



寵物 店與 診所 Pet shops and clinics in Macau 寵物商店 PET SHOPS Animals Club

Dog One Life Macau

Ngai Lam Animal

Green Gross Veterinary Clinic

Estrada Coelho Amaral 24 R/C

Rua de Tai Lin No.389,

Rua do Padre António Roliz 25-27CD

Mei Keng Garden, Block 5, Taipa

Pet Pet Chong Mak May Iong

American Elwood Petshome


(853) 28813388

Bambino Dog Town

澳門氹仔大連街389號寶龍花園地下B舖 Pou Long Garden, Taipa (853) 2883 9898


Dou Bin Pet Shop Ltd

Ka Ieng Gdn R/C

Kun Iam Tong 12 R/C

Avenida Concórdia (853) 28222376

觀音堂街12號地下 (853) 28517717

Bebe Pet Pet

Endless Love Pet Shop

Escola Náutica Fong Son

Nova-Guia 250 R/C

航海學校街豐順新邨第5座地下 San Chun Bl 5 R/C

(853) 28968309

Centro Beleza Animais

Hoi Hun Tin Tei


Estrada Gov. Albano Oliveira Nam San Gdn Bl 3 R/C, Taipa (853) 28821144

Chan Man Chong


Avenida do Conselheiro

Ferreira de Almeida 122 R/C (853) 28528320

Chong Hang Lei Pet Shop

東望洋新街250號地下 (853) 28353785

House Pet - Animais Estimação


Rua Sacadura Cabral 81 R/C (853) 28352421

羅神父街25-27號cd (853) 28525391


Rua 1 de Maio 342 R/C (853) 28949494

Petotel Company Ltd (氹仔) 大連街389號地下

Tai Lin 389 R/C

(853) 28839898

Pig Pet Shop Beauty Center 賈伯樂提督街6號e地下 Rua do Almirante

Costa Cabral 6E R/C (853) 28550768

Leong Hang I


Rua do Almirante Sérgio 42A R/C

Rua Martinho Montenegro 27 R/C

河邊新街42號a地下 (853) 28937980


(853) 28357717

Love Dog Family

Puppyland Ltd

Rua S. Lourenço 4 R/C

Rua Sacadura Cabral 29E R/C


(853) 28968187

沙嘉都喇賈罷麗街29號e地下 (853) 28522715


Mau Pang Kao Iao

St Louis Pet Shop

489 R/C

Estrada Coelho Amaral 17A R/C


Avenida Conselheiro Borja (853) 28220108




(853) 28563771

Rua Coelho Amaral 26 R/C (853) 28351853

氹仔美景花園第五座 (853) 28837050

Animal Medical Center

(氹仔) 孫逸仙博士大馬路115號地下

Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen 115 R/C, Taipa

(853) 28836791

Charming Pet Hospital 荷蘭園大馬路122號地下

Avenida do Conselheiro

Ferreira de Almeida 122 R/C (853) 28527898

Dr. Ho Xiu Dong Mut Yee Mou Soc

賈伯樂提督街84號e地下 Rua do Almirante

Costa Cabral 84 R/C (853) 28523678

Flora Veterinary Clinic Ltd


Avenida Sidónio Pais 43 R/C (853) 28524916

Home-Vet Veterinary Centre

(氹仔) 廣東大馬路南新花園第1座地下 Avenida Kwong Tung Nam San Gdn Bl 1 R/C, Taipa (853) 28821016

寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月

Pets & Hugs




寶貝寵物 • 2013 年 9月

Pets & Hugs, September 2013  

Everything a pet owner in Macau needs to know is in Pets&Hugs. 一切寵物所需,都可以在 「寶貝寵物」 雙月刊找到

Pets & Hugs, September 2013  

Everything a pet owner in Macau needs to know is in Pets&Hugs. 一切寵物所需,都可以在 「寶貝寵物」 雙月刊找到