People Matters Magazine May 2022: A New Take on Employee Empowerment

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have pledged to accelerate staff and student capabilities in these emerging technologies, by partnering with Qlik to set up a social media and data analytics lab. In addition, ITE and Qlik are also jointly exploring industry project opportunities that would complement the learning of data analytics for its students.

Highlighting the EQ

The work will not only include data literacy but also take a closer look at the EQ of those who apply. Researchers at Cornell University and the University of Toronto have shown a link between EQ and decision-making. Emotionally intelligent people are also better at enduring stress and making smart decisions. Given the importance of EQ, organisations have learned that technical experts without a growth mindset are less likely to excel. The same can be said for data architects who do not actively listen or analysts who do not collaborate well with others. 24

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Collaboration and communication are essential and are continuing to increase in importance. To democratise data and analytics, ivory towers of expert data scientists must be transformed into diverse decision-making communities. EQ aspects are beginning to stand out as businesses refine their hiring strategies and better define what they are looking for in a candidate. Yes, we are in the midst of the “Great Reshuffle,” but top talent is still at a premium, and organisations will continue to be diligent in their search for the right type of toptier talent.

Hiring the right talent for years of success

Businesses need every advantage they can get to thrive in APAC’s highly competitive marketplace. Data does not simply level the playing field; it is the difference between companies that thrive and those that merely survive, which is why data and analytics skills will be essential for many jobs. Schools and universities must do their part and help prepare the next generation for the future of work. However, smart organisations are not waiting around and have already started to deploy their own programs to ensure their staff is ready to use data. When data skills are paired with high EQ, employers acquire the rare talent they need to succeed for years to come. ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Paul Barth is the Global Head of Data Literacy at Qlik.