People Matters PM April 2022

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We need to do a little more to be conscious about unconscious biases and assumptions to embrace a culture that accepts and respects people of all identities and orientations


for LGBTQ+ employees. Support towards the group should be highlighted in the entire employee life cycle to give the required assurance and comfort. Mainstreaming of sexual minorities has found a concrete place in organisations' top strategies. react, but we must show how everybody is part of this We need to do a little more people react. game; it's a win-win. Influencto be conscious about unconOwned: Have an inclusivers, promoters, ambassadors, scious biases and assumpity specialist, share and talk policymakers, and commutions to embrace a culture nicators must come from all about your D&I initiatives, that accepts and respects departments. Communicate have a task force, and run people of all identities and a lot and seek feedback to this initiative like any other orientations. complete the cycle. critical business initiative. Just because we are still Break the perception: Ownership is a must; when not there doesn't mean we people know that our leaders Unfortunately, culturally, won't reach there. Everyactively drive and observe it, we have all been told to look thing, including perspecthey also consider it unique. at LGQT+ differently, and tive, approach, people, time, it's essential to break that Neutral: Replace genderexpectations, scenarios, will perception by being authencoded terms with neutral keep changing; the organisaterms. Organisations should tic, ethical, and empathetic. tion will have to match up to guarantee that all their poli- People follow what they see, the speed by staying AWARE, cies and processes provide at least till the time they are ACCEPTING uniqueness, inclusive benefits, including part of the same system. ACCOMMODATING diversi"sexual orientation" as a part Depict and showcase it well! fied workforce, and continuof their non-discrimination Live your words: Workously ADAPTING to remain policy. force diversity has become APT. more critical than ever; it is a Safe: Yes, a place has to When we all love rainbows, fact known to all. When leadbe a secure place for all, but why not add more color to knowing that we have unique ers are talking about it, so is make our own? Just be the individuals who have already the team. When leaders and light and support it to shine! gone through enough, organ- organisations start acting on Remember that story of a isations must support indiit, so will the team. Balloon seller? He said, "The viduals a little more to make Enable: Enable every indicolor of the balloon does not their workplace psychologvidual to be proud of who determine the height it will ically a safe one for all by they are, enable them to do achieve; it's the stuff inside having relevant policies and what they are capable of that matters." Relatable in so special groups. doing, allow a system that many ways, right? Involved: This can't be identifies people as unique In the end, it's up to all of an HR initiative; leaders, people, not different ones, us. too, alone can't drive it. This and promotes a culture that is a story where everybody values individuality. ABOUT THE AUTHOR reading or writing has to Additional efforts are Dr Ankita Singh is the Senior Vice contribute. There is no ONLY needed to make organisations President and Global Head of HR at CIGNEX Datamatics. audience category. Only if a safe and happy workplace | April 2022