People Matters PM April 2022

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As per Zippa's 2022 report, 25% of LGBTQ+ people report encountering discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in the past year, and 46% of LGBTQ+ workers have undergone unfair treatment at work at one point in their lives standing how much of what will be right when dealing with our people is essential. Empathy should in no way be attacking their self-respect; no one would want to compromise on that. Actions speak louder than intent. Support: They should have a fundamental support system; they are unique people and may need something extra to handle routine tasks. They may need a go-to person to discuss a few things which can't be addressed candidly or with the manager. There is a possibility that they may

want to stay out of a few initiatives. That's ok; organisations should be able to enable that support system. Proactive: Train your people on acceptance and inclusion. It's wrong to assume that people should comprehend on their own; if that happens, everybody will perceive and respond according to their understanding, not defined norms. The purpose and the plan should be discussed with people. They should all be part of these initiatives to accept and appreciate. We all know how people will April 2022 |

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extra for our special people? Maybe yes, but if not, we are being unfair to the talent that stands right outside our door, asking for essential consideration to become a part of us and add immense value to the system. I agree that's it's not as easy as introducing a policy, but somewhere we will have to start and start strong; only then will others grab oars and start rowing. People automatically are motivated to become a part and contribute when they witness the change happening, not just the talking. How gender responsible are we as an organisation? In my view, if we become RESPONSIBLE for all that we do, we will have a better place to work for all. I am using an acronym to elaborate more on this: RESPONSIBLE: Respect |Empathy | Support | Proactive | Owned |Neutral |Safe | Involved | Break the Perception | Live your words |Enabler. Respect: Ask, listen, understand, and include preferences defined and demanded by individuals. They are all unique with unique requirements; it's essential to respect individuality rather than categorising them. Empathy: Sometimes, we end up embarrassing our people while trying to be empathetic. The definition may be the same, but applicability may differ. Under-