People Matters PM April 2022

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Designing Employee Experience in the New World of Work


People Matters BeNext 18 April – 20 May 2022 Online This programme is for HR leaders and employers looking to design an impactful, outstanding employee experience for their teams in the new hybrid working environment.

Digital Transformation & Leading Change (English & Spanish) People Matters

BeNext 21 March - 22 April 2022 Online This programme is specially designed for women leaders who are interested in accelerating their career growth within their organisation and learning critical skills for women heading a team.

| April 2022

Talent Magnet: Aligning Recruitment, Employer Branding & Business Requirements People Matters BeNext 11 April – 13 May 2022 Online This programme is for any HR or TA professionals wishing to establish a more effective understanding of the new business context and hone their employer branding to attract top talent.

Talent Acquisition Conference SEA People Matters 24 March 2022 Online How can we tackle the era of the ‘Great Resignation’, the ‘Great Attrition’, and the ‘Great Disconnect’? This conference brought together CHROs, TA Heads, Senior HR & Recruitment leaders to discuss a concrete action plan for improving recruiting processes.

EX India Conference 2022 Futurist Forum People Matters 08 March 2022 (India), 09 March 2022 (ANZ), 10 March 2022 (SEA) Online This invitationonly, closed door event brings top functional experts and CHROs from their respective regions together to find ways for larger business transformations and chart the path for the future of work and talent.

People Matters 26 April 2022 Hybrid People Matters EX Conference brings you a riveting, insightful clash of cutting-edge ideas aimed at exponentially furthering employee value proposition, and advancing a corporate agenda that is profit-seeking, yet people-centric and ecologically sustainable.