People Matters PM April 2022

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Employee engagement

Emotional Intelligence:

Why business leaders must have it in the post-pandemic world If leaders don’t create a safe environment for people to express their views unhesitatingly, then employees will always feel unheard and left out, which, in turn, will impact their morale and motivation, eventually impacting their productivity and performance By Mamta Sharma

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motional intelligence (EI) has always been relevant to effective leadership. In the post-pandemic world, where work still continues to be remote and the challenge to engage and build trust remains, it is, all the more, a vital ability to | April 2022

enhance and practice. People Matters spoke to leadership experts on how a lack of emotional intelligence in business leaders can be devastating for the workforce, the top characteristics of emotional intelligence that leaders need to build on and how emotionally intel-

ligent leaders can act as a retention lever for people in the ongoing talent war.

What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is deeply rooted in self-awareness. It starts with the ability to understand (in real