People Matters PM April 2022

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firmly believe that ‘Diversity’ makes companies more successful, and ‘Inclusion’ is the skill that makes diversity work.

What is your advice for organisations seeking to reimagine their EVP? What should they be mindful of? The Employee Value Proposition needs to be reflective of reality and should encompass an authentic message based on what the employees are actually experiencing. Organisations need to be grounded in reality. One of the biggest challenges in cultivating an effective EVP is making it stand out when everyone is emphasising the same values, promises and opportunities. A company can overcome those commonalities by striving for authenticity in the way it communicates its EVP, both internally and externally. A key parameter to a successful EVP is incorporating feedback from employees and team members acquired through surveys, particularly if it’s related to what people seemed to be most happy about and what they valued the most. Employee feedback can also be helpful in identifying gaps between what management perceives to be the organisation’s value proposition and the reality of what employees live every day. April 2022 |


oping New Ways of Working – tools and resources made available to our team members whether they are working virtually, some coming onsite from time to time, and others being in the office five days a week, helping them adapt as we move into a more flexible reality In addition to this, diversity continues to be our focus even in a remote environment. Diversity & Inclusion is in our DNA. It’s more than what we do, it’s who we are. We not only hire a good and diverse mix of team members but also encourage them to leverage our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs enable our team members to drive initiatives to support gender diversity, generational diversity and cultivate a more comfortable environment. We


members find the right balance between their work and life. We have provided our team members with a range of resources that helps them strike just the right balance in terms of: Body – Ensuring our team members have opportunity and choice to maintain and improve their overall wellness Mind – Taking care of their mental and emotional health, which is essential for true and holistic wellness Wealth – Helping them manage their financial wellness to feel secure for today and their future Flexibility – Empowering them with flexibility around when, how, and where they get their work done, as well as paid time-away programs. This enables them to do their best work and lead a fulfilling life. Over the last year, we have been devel-