People Matters PM April 2022

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• The freedom to dream big and developing one’s career within or across functions • Emphasis on work-life balance: Respect for a full and fulfilling life, and not just a full and fulfilling career • Focus on nurturing highly ethical and inspiring leaders • Diverse and inclusive work environment • Commitment to community and the environment • Collaborative and flexible environment, where team members can pick and choose where, when, and how they want to work – an environment where we help our employees grow both professionally and personally Our ‘Employee Value Proposition’ focuses on three of these aspects in particular: the freedom to dream big, the opportunities for career development, and the collaborative and flexible environment. These empower us not only to recruit new team members, but to retain the ones we already have.

For many organisations, EVP emerges as an afterthought to rising attrition rate. What are your thoughts on this? At Dell Technologies, we have always put our people at the centre of our strategies and decision making. 52

| April 2022

Our people philosophy is our commitment to providing them with limitless opportunities, flexibility, and an inclusive culture, where employees can be their true selves at work. Organisations who invest in employer branding and take the time to define their EVP can really differentiate themselves from the rest. The EVP strategy needs to be holistic; it must be embedded throughout the employee lifecycle of attraction, experience, development, growth, culture, and leadership. The three top factors that a company considers for its employer branding today must include: 1. Work Culture 2. Work-life balance 3. Career progression opportunities

Flexibility, wellness and Diversity, Equity, and Inclu-

sion (DEI) are top-of-mind for organisations across the globe as they enhance experience for their remote/ hybrid workforce. What is your approach to these elements? Flexibility, wellness, and DEI are our top priority at Dell Technologies, when we introduce any new initiatives. We have championed the remote work culture for many years, and we call it ‘Connected Workplace’. The recent pandemic has shown that proximity to a specific location doesn’t have to be a priority for everyone, and many of our team members are fully productive with home as their primary workplace. Dell has been constantly communicating its ‘Connected Workplace’ program and is focused on improving the same, every step of the way: People Philosophy: Dell continues to help our team