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Talent Analytics: Driving Organizational Impact (02 May to 03 June); HR Business Partner in the New World of Work (16 May to 17 June); Wellbeing: the Road to Resilience (23 May to 24 June). You can reach out to for more information and to enroll. People Matters BeNext has shown us all, over the past year, how interconnected community and learning are. Now that we have extended our virtual learning programmes to leaders in Spanish-speaking countries, we anticipate even greater levels of diversity, inclusion, and community development upon the platform. As always, we welcome your views, comments, and suggestions regarding our stories. Happy Reading!

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the deep characteristics of organisational culture that power the shift in retention strategies and make companies more competitive in the war for talent. Our most recent event revolved around employee experience, a fundamental part of the employee value proposition. The India edition of our annual EX Conference kicked off on 26 April, the first hybrid event of the year whose success signals a much-anticipated return to normal. The ANZ edition, also a hybrid conference, will follow on 18 May. And keep a space on your calendars for our flagship TechHR conference (India: 4 August; SEA: 25 August), where we invite the HR community to look at how to enable people in the world of work with #FreshEyes. People Matters BeNext, our cohort-based certification programme, launches three new courses in the coming months.

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