People Matters PM April 2022

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in response? What areas are being emphasised more? Traditionally, an EVP is about defining the company to an employee – how it is unique and what it stands for. Today, EVPs ought to be directed to employees. From employee satisfaction to workplace culture, EVPs should address concerns from employees, making them feel more included, heard, developed and cared for. This could be achieved through offering flexibility – hybrid work arrangements; creating platforms for personal growth opportunities; enhancing

From employee satisfaction to workplace culture, EVPs should address concerns from employees, making them feel more included, heard, developed and cared for fairness and sustainable business practices. This is also why many global companies, including Juniper, have made sustainability pledges to reaffirm our role in building a sustainable future in which our actions today will impact every employee, customer, and partner's future experience.

A company's employee value proposition would generally be able to articulate how it's meeting all the above expectations. How do you see the EVP evolving


Can you tell us more about the expectations around the mega socio-cultural trends? What do companies need to do to keep up? The world is changing rapidly, from the future of work to geopolitical shifts, we are now at an oppor-

tune point of business where inflection points are abundant. Employees are expecting organisations to take over conversations on such matters – diversity and sustainability, for example – and for organisations to face these issues head-on. This also means business leaders need to show up and speak out. Millennials and Gen Z employees are purposedriven generations, and they hold organisations accountable – they will opt to work for companies with clear value systems and corresponding actions around inclusion,


emotional, financial, social, and mental well-being as well. Organisations today are continuously put on the pedestal to establish initiatives that offer the best possible environment for employees. We have rolled out several wellness programs and initiatives including Global Wellness days where we encourage our people to take the time off to unplug, recharge and do the things that they enjoy. Above all that, employees today want to be part of organisations that tackle mega cultural trends such as inclusion, diversity, and sustainability. Studies have shown that organisations with advanced inclusion and diversity strategies produce more loyal employees who are engaged in their work and dedicated to top performance. Also, nearly 40% of Millennials have reported taking a job because of a company’s environmental endeavours. Sustainability is also now a major part of corporate agendas and has evolved from a contributor to an indicator of business performance.

collaboration and inclusion through collaboration tools or workplace and affinity communities; building trust between managers and employees through scheduled deeper and regular conversations; building holistic employee caring systems through competitive compensation and evolving employee benefits. Over the past couple of years, the emphasis on employee benefits has evolved tremendously. It has been always reviewed, refreshed and even redesigned to support and lead April 2022 |