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Satish Kannan, MediBuddy


Satish Kannan, Co-founder & CEO, MediBuddy discusses how companies can create exponential employee experience with a focus on employee wellness By Drishti Pant


t is the era of employees. This big shift is moving the world of work from a world of push to a world of pull. One of the key consequences of this great power shift has been an increased focus on employee wellness. Employees are prioritising their health and wellness above all. As a Microsoft report revealed, 53% of employees are more likely to prioritise health and wellbeing overwork than before the pandemic. The organisations that don’t respond to this great shift with personalised and flexible wellness plans could be at risk of losing their top talent. | April 2022

“The COVID-19 outbreak has pushed employers to focus on employee health and many organisations are enabling services that go beyond hospitalisation and insurance benefits and include solutions like telemedicine,” said Satish Kannan, Cofounder & CEO, MediBuddy. With a singular focus to bring a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry, Satish is helping organisations make high-quality healthcare accessible to everyone across the nation through MediBuddy.

He takes us through MediBuddy’s journey and shares how it is helping organisations address the diverse needs of their dispersed workforce with an on-demand, full-stack digital healthcare platform.

What unseen opportunities did you see that inspired you to create Medibuddy? MediBuddy was founded when we (Enbasekar & I) began working on the concept, we realised that almost 70 percent of health issues can be handled by remote doctor