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Letters of the month

The world will be a chaoTic place if we only have leaders like sTeve Jobs and elon Musk This is such a wonderful and pointed commentary on the quality of leadership today. Too many leaders continue to ride upon achievements that have become outdated in a greatly changed world, but do not have the capability to update themselves and hence cause their own company to be stuck in the mud. At the same time we idolise the flashy and noisy crowd but completely forget about the steady hands on the rein without whom a company collapses from within. We should overhaul our own view of leadership and greatness.


The algorithm that powers your employee value proposition

Love this equation and how simply it illustrates the important things about employment. It clearly shows that hiring and retaining talent is just like Price, Quality, Time, where you will get what you pay for. We cannot have our cake and eat it too.


Serious about being inclusive? Choose language wisely

Cannot believe that in this day and age we still need to be told to treat each other in a respectful and accepting manner. Great that companies like Capgemini have taken the lead not just to have paper policies but also training employees in being accepting and supportive.

- maNGalESH DaBRal JuNe 2022 issue

Changemaker: Bringing the workplace culture forward

To the Boards of Directors out there, please have the courage to name more such CEOs and C-suites who can progress the organisation even in the face of resistance and adversity. Many businesses and companies need such strength of leadership. But labour along without it because the fear of change keeps decision makers from bringing in much needed new blood.


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We cannot overlook the digital adoption gap

More of such articles please. Anyone can buy and install technology today but to do so in line with business needs, and make full use of it, and to make sure it is well received and properly taken up by the people in the company, that is difficult. It is very helpful when leaders share their experience in doing so.

- kRC PIllaI

Coping with organisational cybersecurity challenges today

Seems that HR people have to be everything to everyone now! It's said in these challenges of cybersecurity that the employees are the biggest weakness and so they must be educated. Somehow that's falling into HR's arms as well, but I am not so sure we are the right people for it. Can't the Technology teams help with this education?

Will technology replace HR?

A very painful question, and indeed, we have seen the low-value HR tasks taken away by automation and jobs challenged just as happens in other departments that digitalise. There is this ongoing struggle to stay up to date and find ways to improve, such that the whole definition of HR is changing constantly.

- BHUmIka PaNWaR

You need a 'CPO' to face the future

This is a great reminder that although technology is the future, humanity is always a constant. We must have people who know not only STEM but also the philosophy, history, literature, psychology, all these things that characterise humanity. It is not just about leadership but about the entire social structure and social compact inside and outside the organisation, also the relationships and the organisation's very place in the wider society.

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