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Hr tEcHnology Staffing software provider Bullhorn acquires searchand-match platform SourceBreaker

Staffing software provider Bullhorn has announced that it has acquired Al-driven search-andmatch platform SourceBreaker, media sources reported. SourceBreaker is based out of London, UK, is already a partner in Bullhorn Marketplace. As part of the deal, members of SourceBreaker’s senior executive team will remain with the company. This includes chief revenue officer Adam Dale and founder and CEO Steve Beckitt. SourceBreaker will also continue to serve those customers that use customer relationship management and application tracking solutions that are different to Bullhorn.

Gloat raises $90 million Series D led by Generation

Gloat, the leading provider of workforce agility software and pioneers of the AI-powered talent marketplace, announced its $90 million Series D round led by Generation Investment Management, with participation from Accel, Eight Roads Ventures, Intel Capital and Lumir Ventures. The funding positions Gloat to rapidly accelerate the evolution of a rich, dynamic talent ecosystem that can ride waves of economic growth or adapt to market disruptions, the HR tech startup said in a statement.

Upskilling platform Degreed acquires Learn In

Upskilling platform Degreed has announced the acquisition of talent academy platform Learn In and the return of co-founder David Blake as chief executive office (CEO). Blake was previously the co-founder and CEO of Learn In. Degreed plus Learn In will unify the broader range of development options people use, spanning daily learning to long-term upskilling for individual career growth and innovation within organisations, it added.

rEcruitMEnt AI startup GEO IQ to expand workforce by 100% in FY’23

Indian hyperlocal location AI startup GeoIQ has announced that it plans to double its existing employee strength by FY’ 23. This is in line with GeoIQ’s expansion plans, both for India and overseas. The company will hire across leadership & mid-level positions to lead their data teams in the financial and e-commerce sector. Currently the company looks forward to hiring majorly for tech roles which are data scientist, frontend/Backend engineer, data engineer, product manager, business development manager, and inside sales.

HR Tech platform Personio raises US$200 million in Greenoaks led funding round

Germany-based HR Tech platform Personio has announced that they have secured US$200 million in a Series E funding round led by Greenoaks Capital Management. Previous backers of the company include Altimeter Capital, Alkeon, Index Ventures, Accel, Meritech, Lightspeed, Northzone and Global Founders Capital.

The latest funding has pushed the value of the human-resources software maker to US$8.5 billion. It marks an increase in $2.2 billion in the company’ valuation, which stood at US$6.3 billion last year.

rEcruitMEnt Tech unemployment rate falls by 1.8% in the US: Report

As workforce management becomes increasingly challenges in an era of talent shortage, organisations are focusing on boosting hiring activities, especially for tech roles. According to a study conducted by CompTIA, the unemployment rate for tech occupations fell to 1.8%, compared to the overall national unemployment rate of 3.6%. CompTIA's Tech Jobs Report reveals that the employment rate for the tech workers grew the most in the month of June 2022. The highest rate of hiring was observed in the IT and software industry with a rise of 10,000+ new hires by the end of June followed by data processing, (3,700+), other info services (3,600+), semiconductor manufacturing (2,300+) and telecommunications (700+).

EMPloyEE ExPEriEncE Women are more at risk for mental health issues than men, reveals new study

Modern Health, a leading workplace mental health platform, shared that employees across the globe are struggling with burnout, resulting in losses in productivity, engagement and retention across organisations. The findings from its Global Insights Playbook also highlighted that women are more at risk than men for mental health issues, with the highest risk in Pakistan and India. Overall, men reported feeling higher levels of well-being. Globally, on average more men (22%) than women (17%) appear to be in the lowrisk category. Women's increased rate of mental health concerns is likely to be related to a variety of disparities like gender-based violence or socioeconomic disadvantage.

EMPloyEE ManagEMEnt Is New Zealand losing workers to brain drain?

New Zealand is now facing an exodus of workers seeking employment abroad after the country relaxed its stringent border restrictions. New government data show more than 10,600 people have left the country in the past 12 months to May, in what many fear has become a ‘brain drain’ out of the country. The drain is expected to last until new immigrants arrive in the country in 2023. The departure of workers exacerbates an already tightening labour market in New Zealand. The country is grappling with a talent shortage, with a number of migrant workers still lacking.

coMPEnSation and bEnEfitS C-suite leaders earning almost 324 times to average pay of median workers: Report

According to a top American labor union, S&P 500 (.SPX) chief executives made $18.3 million on average in 2021, which is 324 times the pay of their median workers and higher than the ratio in 2020. Corporate leaders' raises far outpaced wage gains that failed to keep up with inflation, said the AFL-CIO, in an annual report that has become widely cited as a measure of U.S. inequality trends. Reuters reported that The 2021 CEO-to-worker ratio in the S&P 500 was the widest since 2018, when the federation was first able to track the figure based on new disclosures. The ratio was 299-to-1 in 2020.

Newsmaker oF the moNth

A legal right to work from home?

k reads C qui Last month, the Dutch parliament approved legislation to establish work from home as a legal right. Once implemented, the new law forces employers to consider work from home requests from employees as long as their profession allows it. It follows a tax exemption introduced in January, where employers can reimburse their employees for home office costs tax-free.

The Netherlands is just the latest in a string of countries that have introduced legislation either supporting remote work or making it an employee right, and it is in a small but growing group that has further extended this legislation beyond the end of the pandemic. Last year, for example, Ireland announced the introduction of similar legislation that allows employees to request remote work. The Irish law, set to come into effect this year, also allows employees to disconnect from work, and it covers phone calls, emails, and switch-off times from office hours.

The Netherlands’ new law comes at a time when many companies are still figuring out what the future of hybrid work may mean for their businesses. Research by employment site Indeed showed that global job listings that mention remote work have nearly tripled since the onset of the pandemic. Ladders, a career site in America, estimates that 25 percent of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022.

While some leaders like Tesla’s Elon Musk have fiercely defended the need to work from the office, still others have had a mixed reaction. Over the past year, multiple studies have weighed in on the question. According to Microsoft’s New Future of Work Report 2022, more employers are embracing hybrid work, but not to the extent that employees want. The same study reports that work-life relationships have evolved over time. But one thing is clear: Workplace flexibility and remote work have clearly become one of the key factors influencing an individual’s decision to join a company. It is also a key pillar in employer branding efforts to attract top talent. And now, it has become the subject of workplace legislation delineating and enforcing employee rights.

As the conversations around wellness at work continue to influence workplace policies, it remains to be seen what impact such legislation will have on businesses as well as employees in the long term. From the right to disconnect to remote work options, the new norms of the workplace are redefining how businesses, governments and individuals think about worklife in the future.

clorox aPPointS SHaniquE bonElli-MoorE aS cHiEf divErSity and Social iMPact officEr Household brand Clorox has appointed Shanique BonelliMoore as Chief Diversity and Social Impact Officer as of July 2022, reporting directly to CEO Linda Rendle. In this role, she is responsible for driving all the inclusion, diversity, equity and allyship initiatives already underway in the organisation, as well as engaging internal stakeholders including existing task forces, employee resource groups, and international committees. Bonelli-Moore is also responsible for the strategy and execution of Clorox's community engagement and social impact programmes.

adEcco india HirES Jayita roy aS dirEctor – Hr Global workforce solutions provider Adecco has appointed Jayita Roy as Director – HR, India. She will support the company's objectives and be responsible for talent optimisation and organisational culture. Roy has 18 years of experience in international markets. She originally joined Adecco India in January this year with the mandate of HR transformation for the APAC region, before taking on the leadership role for India. Prior to Adecco, she headed her own consulting and coaching firm in Bangalore.

HavaS grouP auStralia

ProMotES vicki bainbridgE to dirEctor of HuMan rESourcES

Havas Group Australia has promoted Vicki Bainbridge as the new Director of Human Resources, succeeding former Havas chief people officer/HR and talent director, Thierry Lalchere who has resigned to take up a new role. Bainbridge was previously Talent & HR Manager for One Green Bean/Red Havas. Alongside her promotion, Havas Australia has also added a series of new hires to its HR team.

PriMEdia grouP ElEvatES tSHolofElo MaiManE aS nEW grouP cHiEf talEnt officEr South Africa media giant Primedia Group has announced the elevation of Tsholofelo Maimane as the new group chief talent officer of the company. Maimane has been associated with the media brand since 2010 in various capacities, including various managerial positions in the group. She was most recently human capital executive for Primedia Outdoor and Primedia Retail both in South Africa as well as the rest of Africa, a position she will still retain along with her new duties.

arrival naMES MandEEP baJWa aS nEW cHiEf HuMan rESourcE officEr Equitable electric vehicles manufacturer Arrival has announced the appointment of Mandeep Bajwa as the Chief Human Resources Officer of the company. She brings almost twenty years of global experience across all facets of human resources strategy and development on a global scale. Previously, she served as the Chief People Officer at Gett, and has also worked in various leadership capacities at CloudKitchens and WeWork. In her new role, Bajwa

is responsible for the London-headquartered company's strategy in managing all employees globally, overseeing global recruitment, people management and operations, diversity, equality and inclusion, and organisational effectiveness.

niyo aPPointS JagadiSH b aS HEad of HuMan rESourcES Consumer neo-banking platform Niyo has appointed Jagadish B as its new Head of Human Resources. Jagadish brings with him over 25 years of leadership experience in people processes. Prior to joining Niyo, he was associated with Thinksynq Solutions as a partner. In the past, he has held HR leadership positions for India’s two leading telecom companies - Vodafone and Bharti Airtel. In his new role, he will be responsible for spearheading employee engagement, talent management and development, stakeholder engagement, internal communication, compliance, and health and safety environment.

dEutScHE baHn india naMES MuukESH guPta nEW HEad of HuMan rESourcES Deutsche Bahn India, subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG, has appointed Muukesh Gupta as new Head- Human Resources of the company. Previously, he was the Head of Human Resource at CRRC India Private Limited. Gupta brings more than a decade's worth of experience in executing the people strategy for building a deliveryfocused high-performance organisation. He counts CRRC, Alstom, Bombardier as his previous employers, where he has worked in various leadership capacities. WEllS fargo naMES klEbEr SantoS aS cHiEf ExEcutivE officEr of conSuMEr lEnding Wells Fargo announced the appointment of Kleber Santos as the company’s CEO of Consumer Lending, effective immediately. In his new role, Santos will lead all aspects of Wells Fargo’s Consumer Lending business which includes Home Lending, Auto, Credit Cards and Merchant Services, and Personal Lending. He would continue to report to CEO Charlie Scharf.

infocEPtS HirES MaJid ali kHan aS nEW global HEad of talEnt acquiSition Data and analytics solutions firm InfoCepts has appointed hired Majid Ali Khan as global talent acquisition head, responsible for talent acquisition globally for all the six business markets of InfoCepts and other corporate functions. Prior to joining InfoCepts, Majid worked with Mphasis Limited – the Indian technology services and consulting firm based in Bangalore, as talent acquisition head for India & Poland.

brigHtcovE aPPointS triSHa StilES aS cHiEf PEoPlE officEr Streaming technology company Brightcove Inc. has appointed Trisha Stiles as Chief People Officer, effective August 29. Stiles will report to Brightcove CEO Marc DeBevoise, and will focus on strengthening and amplifying Brightcove’s organisational structure, talent development, and culture building. She brings over 20 years of experience leading human resources for Fortune 500 companies, including Tableau, CBS Interactive, and NBC Universal.