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Our apps and tools give you real-time information to help you make decisions and run your business more efficiently.



Real-time visibility delivered to you, how you want to see it The best tools are the kind that save you time and money. That’s why we created technology solutions that help improve vehicle uptime, enhance safety and compliance, and provide visibility into your fleet. Penske’s apps and tools will make your job easier by saving you time and providing added visibility and control.

FLEET INSIGHT Fleet Insight™ is a free, secure website that provides a detailed, customizable view of your fleet’s overall efficiency, costs and scheduled maintenance. It lets you see real-time updates and generate automated reports. And it’s designed to help you make better business decisions about your fleet operations.

FLEET INSIGHT APP All registered Fleet Insight users can download the Fleet Insight mobile app. The Fleet Insight app is designed to make your job easier by providing real-time visibility into your fleet. This includes key areas such as roadside assistance, scheduled maintenance status and fuel prices.

PENSKE DRIVER APP Penske Driver™ is a free app that allows drivers to log hours of service (HOS) in Penske rental vehicles, submit roadside assistance requests, submit fuel receipts, find Penske fuel locations and more.


We’ve invested in people, processes and equipment to make sure your business stays ahead of the curve. 4


Leveraging telematics data to improve fleet operations Today’s trucks are smart. They’re packed with information – like giant, mobile computers. They’re equipped with onboard technology that generates lots of data, and you have the ability to activate it, or add additional devices, to enhance functionality. Simple? Not really. The accelerating complexity and constant change with onboard technology often creates confusion, and we’re here to help.

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OUR TECH-NEUTRAL APPROACH We believe all fleets should be connected. Our data platform is robust and not limited to certain technology providers. Whatever solution you decide to use, we can help you make the most of it by connecting your vehicles with our advanced systems. We combine your telematics data with our intelligent maintenance solutions and know-how to make better business decisions and keep your trucks on the road.

REAL-TIME DATA MEANS REAL-TIME RESULTS Sharing your onboard technology data with Penske helps us help you. Penske uses the data to streamline functionality and keep vehicles healthy. This information can expedite roadside assistance, enhance preventive maintenance schedules, provide accurate data for fuel tax reporting and simplify repair requests for defects found during driver vehicle inspections.

THE POWER OF PENSKE BUILT AROUND YOU Everything we do at Penske is geared toward improving the customer’s experience, and that’s why we have a dedicated team to help you choose the best devices for your vehicles and your business. Once we understand what you’re looking to achieve, our fleet technology experts will help you choose an onboard technology solution tailored to your needs, and guide you through the process of putting your data to use.


Our practical innovations, built on decades of experience, are grounded in rigorous process, historical data and industry-leading technology.


INTELLIGENT MAINTENANCE Combining process, data and technology to maximize uptime At Penske, we believe today’s fleets require intelligent maintenance. And we’ve invested heavily in creating a portfolio of solutions. Our practical innovations, built on decades of experience, are grounded in rigorous process, rich data and industry-leading technology.


This is Penske’s unique data-driven preventive maintenance service that analyzes specifications and trends unique to your fleet, and it delivers the right preventive maintenance at the right time for your fleet and its application.


When a Penske technician is completing a Dynamic PM, they use speech recognition technology to guide and record specific inspection steps. It’s 100 percent paperless, and allows for increased visibility by maintenance supervisors. This means technicians can complete a PM specific to the vehicle with a focus on accuracy, safety and quality.


We’ve built proprietary tools for our technicians that leverage years of maintenance data from across our entire fleet to make accurate repair recommendations. When a fault-code-driven diagnostic repair is needed, guided repair suggests the most probable repairs that will get your trucks back on the road.


This capability enables your vehicles to communicate to our 24/7 Roadside Assistance team. With remote diagnostics, our roadside assistance experts are equipped with the real-time information to allow for fast, accurate location identification and ability to triage potential issues based on live fault-code data.


We’re analyzing huge amounts of data, including remote diagnostics, to understand when specific components may fail on each vehicle type. This allows us to be proactive and schedule a repair before there’s a problem. It’s like monitoring vehicle health with a crystal ball, and we’re continually fine-tuning our process.


We believe in practical innovation. Smart technology that works to help your business today, not years from now.


ADVANCED SAFETY TECH Adoption of active safety systems on the rise

At Penske we put a premium on safety – both for the fleets we operate and our customers’ fleets. So when it comes to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), we want to make sure you’re aware of what’s out there. We can help you determine, spec, install and deploy the best options for your business. Industry experts and OEMs are seeing adoption rates for ADAS increasing. Many fleets, by analyzing their data, are seeing an advantage and spec’ing safety technology at an increasing rate. Potential benefits like lower insurance costs, reduced collision rates and significant return on investment are factoring into the decision-making process. The following safety technologies are currently available in Penske trucks and tractors.*



Cruise control that also assists with acceleration and/or braking to maintain a driver-selected gap to the vehicle in front. Some systems can come to a stop and continue while others cannot.

Provides steering support to assist the driver in preventing the vehicle from departing the lane. Some systems also assist to keep the vehicle centered within the lane.

 BLIND SPOT WARNING  ACTIVE DRIVING ASSISTANCE Provides steering and brake/acceleration support to the driver at the same time. The driver must constantly supervise this support feature and maintain responsibility for driving.

 AUTOMATIC EMERGENCY BRAKING Detects potential collisions with a vehicle ahead, provides forward collision warning, and automatically brakes to avoid a collision or lessen the severity of impact. Some systems also detect pedestrians or other objects.

Detects vehicles in the blind spot while driving and notifies the driver to their presence. Some systems provide an additional warning if the driver activates the turn signal.

 FORWARD COLLISION WARNING Detects a potential collision with a vehicle ahead and alerts the driver. Some systems also provide alerts for pedestrians or other objects.

 LANE DEPARTURE WARNING Monitors vehicle’s position within the driving lane and alerts driver as the vehicle approaches or crosses lane markers.

*Source: AAA, Consumer Reports, J.D. Power, National Safety Council, PAVE, SAE International, 2020


With our effort and industry know-how, you can feel confident that you’re partnering with the best in the industry.



Committed to the growth of commercial EVs While electric vehicles (EVs) are not new, they are gaining popularity in our industry. Penske is at the forefront of the commercial EV movement. And it’s not lip service. Our focus has been on furthering the EV market for the past decade, and we’ve been supporting the use of alternative fueled vehicles for nearly 30 years. We’ve been busy working with OEMs, investing in battery electric trucks and charging stations, as well as training our technicians. And we are testing everything in real-world applications with our customers.

VEHICLES New commercial vehicles are being designed and developed at a rapid pace. Here’s what’s out there now:



(Class 7-8 tractor trailers)

(Class 2-6 straight trucks)

Gross vehicle weight (GVW) ratings up to 80,000 lbs. Ideally suited for yard moves, regional distribution and drayage. High-powered charging infrastructure needed. Several OEMs heavily focused on engineering and testing. Industry charging standards under development.


We have prepared for the future by building a network of heavy-duty electric highspeed charging stations across California. And there’s more to come.

Great for final-mile delivery/pickup and delivery in urban settings. High-powered charging ideal, but not required depending on application. New vehicles are becoming available and adoption is growing.


Taking the first step with commercial EVs might feel daunting and expensive. We can help you navigate through the steps and manage some of the risk.


It’s one thing to start operating commercial EVs. But what about maintenance and safety? We work with the OEMs to understand what’s needed now and in the future. We continuously implement new processes and train our technicians on maintaining EVs.


Penske EV Fleet

Ford E-Transit cargo van

Freightliner eCascadia tractor

» Class 2

» Class 8

Volvo VNR tractor

Orange EX e-Triever terminal tractor

» Class 8

» Class 8

Sustainability is front of mind in the world today. Often, a company will first look at their vehicles running down the road as an opportunity improve sustainability, and work towards reducing their emissions. Today, Penske offers four electric vehicles to help companies work towards their sustainability goals: Ford E-Transit cargo van, Freightliner eCascadia tractor, Volvo VNR Electric tractor, and the Orange EV e-Triever terminal tractor. Additionally, Penske is testing the International eMV (Class 6-7), Freightliner eM2 (Class 6-7), and Kalmar Ottawa electric terminal tractor (Class 8).


Penske Network of Charging Stations West Sacramento


Stockton San Francisco Hayward San Francisco Golden Gate San Jose

Modesto Ceres


CALIFORNIA Bakersfield

Fontana North Sun Valley Fontana Olympic Blvd Ontario Montebello Chino Vernon City of Industry Riverside La Mirada Mira Loma Carson Corona Anaheim Santa Ana Temecula San Marcos Mission Valley San Diego

Existing – DCFC and Level 2 Charging Station

In Progress – DCFC Only Charging Station

Existing – Level 2 Only Charging Station

In Progress – DCFC and Level 2 Charging Station 13

We believe in practical innovation. Smart technology that works to help your business today, not years from now. We’ve invested in people, processes and equipment to make sure your business stays ahead of the curve. With our effort and industry know-how, you can feel confident that you’re partnering with the best in the industry.

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