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By Cheryl Smith Publisher

Feed just ONE In classes that I teach at El Centro College, the students have an opportunity to gain extra credit. For the past three to four years, I have presented Minnie’s Food Pantry as an option. I tell them that they can make dona-

What is FAIR, Dallas?

Texas Metro News is launching an extensive series looking at housing in Dallas. It’s 50 years since the Fair Housing Act became law. We’ll take a look at then and now.

In today’s issue, U.S. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson and economist Dr. Julianne Malveaux discuss the Fair Housing Act. Future stories will look at work done by Community Housing De-

velopment Organizations like: City Wide Community Development Corporation, East Dallas Community Organization and Innercity Development Corporation. See FAIR, page 4

By Dorothy J Gentry

Angela Rye

100 ex-offenders walked the stage at the Potter’s House to

applause, standing ovations, tears of joy and shouts of hope. “This is what the Gospel is all about: The Word made flesh,� said Bishop Jakes. “To reach out and to care for those who have been left behind or left out of the system. The sociological impact is huge because it suggests that we cannot really lift people in the community without a concerted effort. “Faith-based entities should

See TRUTH, page 9

Story and picture By Dorothy J Gentry Sports Editor

He walked into a packed press conference at American Airlines Center on crutches and wearing a large boot – a reminder of the ankle surgery he had just last week that ended his season with three games left – and uttered five words: “I’m planning on coming back.� And with that, Dirk Nowitzki – the face of the Dallas Mavericks franchise for the past 20 years – confirmed his plans to

Dirk Nowitzki

Judge Lynn Toler

return to the only team he has ever known. “That’s why I went ahead and got the surgery to kind of get the whole process started, get the rehab process started early, and I plan on coming back,� Nowitzki said “I didn’t really miss a lot of games this year and I felt fine most of the time.� Nowitzki underwent left ankle surgery last Thursday with, he said at the time, the sole purpose of being ready to play again with no problems

Judge Lynn Toler will keynote the 55th Annual V. Alyce Foster Trailblazer Awards Luncheon on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at Noon at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas. South Dallas Business & Professional Women’s Club, Inc. will host The Emerald Anniversary of the annual Trailblazer Awards Luncheon and recognize 12 outstanding Trailblazers and Honorees in the Dallas community. The Club will award scholarships to eight deserving graduating seniors. A judge, an actress and producer of the nationally syndicated and Emmy-nominated hit television show, Divorce Court; she has netted immense popularity on the program where she has achieved fame as one of television’s sternest and most intransigent celebrity litigators. People listen to Judge Toler for her sage advice and take away lessons on life. Judge Toler excels at certain behavioral tools, including “reading�

See MAVS, page 12

See TOLER, page 12

See REENTRY, page 12

Dirk plans return for 21st season with Mavs tions, or volunteer their services. I explain to them what happens at Minnie’s and also I share a little history about Plano, Texas because I know most folks think of Plano as affluent. When people think of hunger, they don’t think of Plano, Texas; where Minnie’s is located. Just look at the home page of it’s website - A man and young female child appear to be walking a dog, outside of a big, nice home with a neatly manicured front lawn.

Toler to keynote annual luncheon

Reentry Program graduates 2018 Class

T.O.R. I. has done it again. The Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (T.O.R.I.), created in 2005 by Bishop T.D. Jakes, senior pastor of The Potter’s House, recently held their annual graduation commencement ceremony for the formerly incarcerated men and women who have successfully completed the program. Complete with caps, gowns and diplomas; more than

Dr. Cheryl “Action� Jackson



APRIL 11, 2018



Jarvis Christian College to host Social Justice Conference

Hawkins, TX – Three human rights leaders will gather on Jarvis Christian College’s campus for “Mission, Vocation and the Call to Social Justice: Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Dr. John D. Mangram,” on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. Dr. Robert Franklin, Candler School of Theology, Emory College; Dr. Charles Steele Jr., Southern C h r i st i an Dr. Robert Franklin Leadership Conference (SCLC) President; and Dr. Bernard Lafayette Jr., co-founder of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) will lead the Social Justice Conference sessions. Beginning at 11 a.m., Dr. Franklin will lead a session on “Discerning Your Mission in Life” in the Charles A. Meyer Auditorium. Dr. Franklin is the James T. and Berta R. Laney Professor of Moral Leadership at Emory University (Atlanta) and is Senior Advisor to the President of Emory University. He served as Director of the Religion Department of the Chautauqua Institution from 2014 to 2017. In 2014, he served as Senior Advisor for Community and Diversity, Emory University (Atlanta). In 2013, he was a Visiting Scholar in Residence at Stanford University’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute. He is president emeritus of Morehouse College where he served as the 10th president of the nation’s

largest private, four-year liberal arts college for men from 2007 through 2012. Dr. Franklin was the Presidential Distinguished Professor of Social Ethics at Emory University (20042007), where he provided leadership for a university-wide initiative titled “Confronting the Human Condition and the Human Experience” and was a senior fellow at the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at the law school. He also has served as program officer in Human Rights and Social Justice at the Ford Foundation and as an advisor to the foundation’s president on future funding for religion and public life initiatives. Also at 11 a.m. in the Smith-Howard Chapel, Dr. Steele and Dr. Lafayette will speak on “Social Jus- Dr. Charles Steele, Jr. tice and the 21st Century.” Dr. Steele, a Civil Rights leader, was elected to the Tuscaloosa City Council in 1985, where he served two terms. During his tenure as City Councilman, he organized the Unity Day Scholarship Fund, the Tuscaloosa Police Athletic League and secured funds to build the Bernice Washington Insight Center, a drug treatment center. He also organized the Tuscaloosa Drug Task Force and the Partners for a Drug Free Tuscaloosa County (formerly Tuscaloosa Drug Task Force). In 1994, Dr. Steele was elected to the Alabama State Senate. The Senator played key roles in recruiting not one, but several new plants in his district. He also sponsored a non-tra-

ditional educational program with Robert Townsend of Hollywood, California, for the youth of his district. Additionally, he recruited the Dr. Bernard Lafayette Jr. Rosa Parks movie to Alabama, where he served as a consultant to the production of the $7 million CBS movie project. Dr. Lafayette is a co-founder of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, a leader in the Nashville lunch counter sit-ins, a Freedom Rider, an associate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the national coordinator of the Poor People’s Campaign. At the age of 22, Dr. Lafayette assumed the directorship of the Alabama Voter Registration Project in Selma, a city that had previously been removed from the organization’s list due to the dangers of operating there. Dr. LaFayette is Distinguished Senior Scholar-in-Residence at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Chair of the National Board of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He is the 2018 Breeden Scholar in Residence at Auburn University’s Caroline Marshall Draughon Center for the Arts & Humanities. Following the two sessions, a “Social Justice Legends” Town Hall Meeting will take place at 1:30 p.m. in the E.W. Rand Center. The Conference is free and open to the public.

DISD District 9 Candidate Forum held at El Centro College

El Centro College Teacher Preparation Program and Faith in Texas Present DISD District 9 Candidate Forum on Wednesday, April 18. It will be held from 6-8 p.m. in the El Centro Performance Hall (Building C, Room 131). This event is free and open to the general public. For more information, contact William Smith at 214-860-2497 or or Wes Helm at 254-291-3178.

Parkland expands universal suicide screening to kids age 10 and up Suicide among children in the U.S. is on the rise. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), suicide is the second leading cause of death for adolescents and is a growing

threat, occurring more frequently than ever before in children 13 and under. The CDC reports that from 1999 through 2015, more than 1,300 children ages 5 to 12 took their own lives and for the first time, suicide rates exceeded those for homicide and motor vehicle crashes as a cause of death in 2014 for kids between the ages of 10 and 14. In 2015, more than 7,000 children ages 10 to 12 attempted suicide. Predicting and preventing suicide attempts is crucial – and possible, say experts at Parkland Health & Hospital System, a nationally-recognized innovator in the effort. In 2015, Parkland became the first health system in the nation to administer a universal suicide screening program to identify persons at risk and help save lives through early intervention. The program was designed to screen not only adults but also youth, ages 12 to 17, regardless of their reason for seeking care. Since initiating the program, more than 2 million suicide risk screenings have been completed. Now, Parkland has expanded the screenings to include patients age 10 and older in the Emergency Department, Urgent Care Center, in-

Thank you for voting for me. I am committed to creating a brighter future for all of us


patient units and Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) health centers. Parkland expects to complete more than 11,000 screenings for children ages 10 to 12 annually. “Research shows that today’s youth are exposed to more stresses and pressures than ever before. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, one in five kids experiences a mental health condition, but only 20 percent receive services. We think this is an opportunity to both identify early risk factors and open the conversation for pediatric patients and their caregivers about mental health issues,” said Celeste Johnson, DNP, APRN, PMH CNS, Parkland’s Vice President of Behavioral Health. “We recognize that we have the opportunity to identify children and young adults coming to Parkland for other health services who may also need mental health services. By asking a few questions of every patient, regardless of why they come in for medical care, we can determine if there are reasons for concern and take steps to help,” said Kimberly Roaten, PhD, Director of Quality for Safety, Education and Implementation, Department of Psychiatry at Parkland and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Roaten said studies show that suicide screening does not lead to increased distress or create sui- cidal thoughts. Instead, children in distress and

TEXAS METRO NEWS APRIL 11, 2018 their caregivers are more likely to feel relieved and grateful that someone has expressed concern. In fact, many kids and their caregivers believe that suicide risk screening is an important part of general healthcare. Parkland uses the clinical practice screener version of the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) with adults 18 and over and the ASQ (Ask Suicide-Screening Questions) with 10- to17-yearolds, both validated screening tools. The Parkland Algorithm for Suicide Screening (PASS) stratifies patients into three suicide risk categories based on their answers to the screening questions: no risk identified, moderate risk identified and high risk identified. Those at high risk are immediately placed under one-to-one supervision, suicide precautions are implemented and an evaluation by a behavioral health clinician is initiated. Patients at moderate risk are automatically referred to a provider with competency in suicide risk assessment and usually are seen during the same visit. If a patient chooses not to speak with a psychiatric social worker during the visit, they receive a follow-up phone call to provide additional support and resources. All patients who screen positive receive information about outpatient mental health resources, including crisis hotlines. The process is the same for children ages 10-12, except that parents or guardians are involved in the conversation about safety.


Lisa Horowitz, PhD, MPH, a clinical psychologist at the National Institutes of Health who specializes in suicide prevention and detection, developed the pediatric suicide screening instrument (ASQ) used nationally. According to Horowitz, “There’s a myth that younger children do not kill themselves, but it’s not true. The suicide rate is rising fastest in younger children.” “When I first started practicing pediatrics, depression or suicide in a patient as young as 10 was never a clinical consideration. But now, we must be vigilant about suicide for every patient this age who comes to our clinics,” said Cesar Termulo, MD, senior lead staff physician at Parkland’s Hatcher Station Health Center. And because younger children act impulsively, early detection and prevention through screening is critical. “They are old enough to understand death, but too young to have developed necessary coping strategies,” Horowitz stated. “Nurses or physicians may be the only adult in that young child’s life who will ask them directly about suicide and respond with getting them help. It sends the message, ‘I care, I’m not afraid to ask about difficult things, I’m going to help you.’ I applaud Parkland for being a trailblazer in providing routinized screening for suicide risk in younger kids.” For more information on Parkland services, visit

Political advertisement paid for by Eddie Bernice Johnson for Congress, Randy Whitaker, Treasurer


wlett lett quite uite dson son allas llas


APRIL 11, 2018


Texas METRO NEWS Formerly Kuumba Heritage News Founded by Theresa Thrash in 1994 to the Glory & Honor of Jesus Christ

Martin - The King of Christians

Quit Playin’


By Vincent L. Hall

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QUIT PLAYIN’: 50 Years a Martyr‌A Tribute series to Dr. King!

MAILING ADDRESS 320 S. R.L. Thornton Freeway Suite 220 Dallas, TX 75203



“If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.â€? Mt. 16:24 My mother, a PK (Preacher’s Kid), asserts that a Gospel preacher hasn’t performed due diligence unless his sermon ends at the cross. That cross refers to the lynching Jesus suffered for the sake of the disinherited. So let me finish this tribute to Dr. King the right way. Michael King Jr., whose father was so inspired by his revelations during a trip to Germany, changed his name to honor the great Protestant Reformation Leader; Martin Luther‌That Martin Luther King was above all attributes a Christian. Dr. King’s Christianity was not based on fantasy or a fetish‌It was not fanatical or fan-based. Dr. King did not fight for civil rights because he was a Christian. King’s interpretation of the Christian ethos left him with no other alternative than to fight injustice. The fault line in American history as it pertains to the memory and martyrdom of Dr. King is that it never places proper emphasis on him as a “Christianâ€? leader. King is lauded with sanguine and flattering conversations. The revisionists

canonization would have you believe King majored in stirring oratory and strategic mastery; which were merely his minor subjects. No one can rightly complete nor close a discussion on King’s life without wading through the weight of his spirituality. Martin was driven and burdened by his Christianity. The dominant rubric in the life, legacy, labor and largesse of Dr. King can’t be arrested in the 66 books that make up the

tred that Dr. King, would roundly criticize. A Conservative St. Louis radio host, Jamie Allman, inferred via tweet that he was getting ready to sodomize Parkland survivor David Hogg with a “hot poker.� Dr. King knew well that hateful dialogue is the harbinger of harmful deeds. “Doc� was not original in his call to Christian activism. King mirrored the tradition of the Black Church. The Black Church was

Holy Bible. Martin Luther King mimicked Jesus’ public life example. Jesus would never be caught in Donald Trump’s cabinet meeting, save to scold them for pandering to the rich while plundering the poor. Jesus would coalesce with the #MeToo, #BLM and #ParklandStrong movements. King too. Just this week, a Rush Limbaugh wannabee, hurled a heap of ha-

borne in response to racial hatred and the subrogation of human rights. Any form of Christianity that denies the poor, defames the widow and dehumanizes the sick is heretical. King got that. King also understood that Christianity demanded tolerance and he walked it like he talked it. On January 30, 1956, King and the Montgomery Improvement Association filed a federal suit challenging the

Dallas. If Dallas is going to progress, the entire city must be taken into consideration. Some say that in a battle between the north and south (Dallas), the south is definitely at a disadvantage. If that is the case, we’ll find

out why. What is the plan for key areas of the city where low-to-moderate families reside? We’ll answer questions about “white flight�, gentrification, and other buzz words that cause some alarm.

segregation of Montgomery buses. Later that evening, as King addressed a meeting of 2000-plus at First Baptist Church, his home was bombed. He rushed home to find his wife, Coretta, and their daughter, Yolanda, physically unharmed. King absorbed the personal predicament and disarmed a crowd at his house by reiterating the principles of nonviolence. The following Sunday, King preached one of his best and least-referenced sermons: “The One-Sided Approach of the Good Samaritan.� In that ecumenical press release, King faults the Good Samaritan who supported the victim he found on the road to Jericho. Even though he was better than the priests who wouldn’t stop to help, the Good Samaritan failed to make the Jericho road safer for the next traveler; vis a vis changing public policy.  King concluded: “Taking up the cross is the voluntary or deliberate choice of putting ourselves without reservation at the service of Christ and his kingdom; it is putting our whole being in the struggle against evil, whatever the cost.� Many have faulted King for his approach, but the exculpatory evidence that “Trumps� all other defenses is that Dr. King was a Christian. He took us to the cross and that’s how he died. #QuitPlayin #StayWoke Vincent L. Hall is an author, activist and award-winning journalist.

Are Dallas citizens treated FAIRly? continued from front page

We will get answers from the City housing officials, elected officials, HUD, citizens, the Citizens Council, contractors, realtors, bankers, title companies, educators and more as we attempt to understand and help our readers understand what is happening in the City of

Does that Master Plan benefit one key segment and disenfranchise others? From the walls of Dallas City Hall, to the citizens whose only wall is an invisible one because they have no home; we’re going to dig and dig and dig some more.



Support the fair housing act


By Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson In addition to the Civhoods were created by il Rights Act of 1964 and official acts of local and the Voting Rights Act state governments. The of 1965, a courageous federal governments President Lyndon Baines was complicit in many Johnson signed into law instances as well. Segthe Fair Housing Act of regation in housing was 1968. commonplace. The legEnacted on April 11th, islation was an attempt just seven days after to make our country Congresswoman the assassination of Dr. Eddie Bernice Johnson more welcoming for Martin Luther King Jr., racial minorities. it was designed to end segregated In our government, the Dehousing in American cities and partment of Housing and Urban suburban areas, which resulted Development is responsible for in draconian social and econom- the creation of equitable housic marginalization for people of ing. Among its responsibilities color. is to see that federal fair housing Until the Fair Housing Act laws are followed, and that fedwas implemented 50 years ago, eral monies are not allocated for acutely segregated neighbor- housing plans and projects that

are discriminatory in nature. It was most troubling recently when Dr. Ben Carson, who was appointed by the president to guide national housing policies, proposed that the words “free from discrimination” be deleted from the mission statement of the entity that he directs. Certainly Dr. Carson, a highly-trained physician and neurosurgeon, must be aware of the history of housing discrimination. Having grown up in inner-city Detroit, it is unfathomable that he might have avoided the restricted housing realities faced by families like his own whose residential choices were limited by restrictive covenants, and racial steering practices.

There was a time in America when people of color were not allowed to purchase homes beyond the boundaries of those areas which were designated for them. They were denied access to neighborhoods that were near higher-paying places of employment, quality libraries and recreational facilities. The fight for fair housing continues in our country. I was among those in Congress that supported policies established during President Obama’s administration that mandated that local and state governments requesting federal funding for housing projects address how housing discrimination had historically precluded African Americans, in

particular, from many neighborhoods as renters and homeowners. The Obama policies have been resisted by some of those seeking federal funding, but fair-minded members of Congress have been resolute in not opposing them, realizing the unseemly results of housing discrimination and segregation in America. Fifty years ago, a president and a Congress embraced the idea of fair housing. It would be shamefully irresponsible for government officials today to deny the wisdom of those who came before them. Eddie Bernice Johnson represents the state’s 30th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives.

Will HUD Secretary enforce Fair Housing Act? THE LAST WORD By DR. JULIANNE MALVEAUX

The Fair Housing Act was passed a week after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. President Lyndon Johnson encouraged Congress to pass the legislation as a tribute to the slain civil rights ladder, who, along with several civil rights organizations (including the NAACP), strongly supported the act. African American veteran’s organizations (including the American GI Forum) were especially passionate about the legislation, especially since Vietnam veterans were among those experiencing severe housing discrimination. Senator Ed Brooke (R-MA), the only African American in the Senate at the time, along with his Massachusetts colleague, Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) was especially

focused on the legislation. The Fair Housing Act is also known as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (which was later amended in 1988) prevents discrimination in the sale, rental, financing, and advertising of housing because of race, color, religion, disability, family status, and national origin. But with the severe wealth inequality in our nation, there are still major gaps between homeownership by race, and African American households were more heavily impacted by the Great Recession than any other race group. Between 2004 and 2016, every group experienced a decline in homeownership, but while whites experienced a 4.1 percent decline, African Amer-

ican households experienced a 7 percent decline, dropping from nearly half (49 percent) of Black households owning homes to just

41.9 percent. Meanwhile, white homeownership remained over 70 percent. As much as a third of African American wealth was wiped out by the Great Recession, and this is partly due to discrimination in banking, including the

ways that some banks aggressively pushed subprime loans on African Americans, even those who qualified for traditional loans. HUD is the federal agency that is responsible for enforcing the Fair Housing Act, as well as providing rental assistance, public housing, and housing vouchers for those who cannot afford housing on their incomes. Our 45th President had proposed deep cuts in the HUD budget, but the budget that was passed on March 23, 2018, just hours before the government was scheduled to shut down, actually adds money to the HUD budget, especially in the rental assistance and public housing capital funds program (

default/files/NLIHC_HUD-USDA_Budget-Chart.pdf). Still, cuts are scheduled for the next fiscal year, and the issue of non-discriminatory and affordable housing remains a pressing one. But will HUD Secretary Ben Carson enforce the Fair Housing Act and effectively administer an agency that can make a difference in the quality of life for low-income people? One has to raise the question, especially as Dr. Carson seems to want to spend more time looking for a $30,000 dining table than administering his agency. 45’s pick of Carson to administer the agency was a strange one, given that Carson’s only qualification for running one of the government’s largest agencies seems to be that his mom avoided public housing because of its “dangers”. 45 does not seem to be high on finding qualified people to run HUD. The New York HUD administrator, Lynn Patton, was Eric See FAIR HOUSING, page 16


APRIL 11, 2018


Generation Z takes it to the street! By Dr. Felicia Shepherd

We continue our series on the growing concern of gun violence in America. According to Gun Violence Archives, (http:// there has been 27 mass shootings in America resulting in 19 deaths and 60 injured since Dr. Felicia Shepherd the tragic shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14th. The disrespect of life continues, and many are weary that no gun control law will ever be passed in the United States. Well look out America because Generation Z is mad as hell and they are not taking it anymore! Those troublesome teenagers have said enough is enough! Teenagers across this country have banned together to send a unified message that it is not OK to be gunned down in their schools and neighborhoods. They should feel safe in a place of academia as well as in a place of worship. Now whether they are paying attention and not on their cellular phones is irrelevant. They should feel safe in the knowledge they can ignore the teacher or preacher while playing their favorite game and not having to worry if someone is going to burst through the door and open fire. Generation Z took it to the streets! No breakdancing battles for this group. This compulsive texting, Tide pod eating challenge, renegade teenagers scheduled school walkouts and marches? What! To see the transformation of this generation, unfold, the onlooking adults should feel a sense of pride with this group who is known for being reckless when it comes to human life. Unfortunately, Generation Z is being criticized and berated by adults. The kids’ message is very simple. They are simply saying they are done with accepting that it is okay for an individual to come into their school with an automatic weapon killing and injuring them and their friends as a means of retaliation. Do not get me wrong, bullying is not okay. Everyone has the right to go to school and not be harassed based on their gender, sexual orientation, appearance, etc. We can agree, bullying is bad but who's the bully now? Grown adults have lashed out at these teenagers for using their hormonal super powers for the greater good. Instead of praising these children, narrow minded adults decided to insult their intelligence by saying there is no way this generation could pull off organizing a protest march. They go

one to say other adults are brainwashing these kids to come out in support of gun policy legislation. Really? When I think of my teenage nephew, if I had the power to brainwash him to do anything I would send a message to his brain to clean his messy room or take the trash out on Fridays without an adult nagging him. Many things I would like to use my “Doc Shep powers” on with this generation but gun control legislation is not on the top of my list. So how did these disorderly, rambunctious teenagers pull this off? Hmm. Two words “SOCIAL MEDIA “people! This is not rocket science America. Generation Z will send you a text message before talking to you and they are sitting in the same house with you. I have witnessed college students plan a party in less than 10 minutes. You must give them credit. When they put their minds to something, positive or insane, it's a done deal. Using their itching fingertips, Generation Z organized walk outs and protest marches using texting, Snapchat, Instagram, and even the archaic Facebook (Facebook is for “old folks” according to this group). On March 24, 2018, March for Our Lives rallies were held across the United States. Adults did not feel left out of this rally. Remember they are teenagers. They are broke! Mom and Dad did have to contribute to the cause to get the child to Washington D. C. Kudus Parents! Don’t worry, I am sure your son, daughter, or both paid you back by doing the laundry, cooking dinner, washing your car, and being an overall nice kid for a minimum of 24 hours post-rally. It has been over 45 days since the massacre in Florida and our children are still demanding action for gun control policy. Adults, instead of criticizing this generation, how about we congratulate them on continuing to talk, scream, and of course text to ensure their message is not being lost because of their age. This will be a long process but as this generation continues to fight to be heard there are more adults listening. For those who still do not understand why Generation Z is taking it to the streets. I shall leave you with this. While many teenagers are getting ready for prom and graduation, let us not forget the chairs that will be empty at graduation, the dinner table, family functions, because someone decided to take a gun into a school, church, or event and cut their lives short. ~Doc Shep Speaks Dr. Felicia N. Shepherd Twitter @getfinessed

Texas Metro News extends Happy Birthday wishes to

Lisa Davis

April 11 1881 Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. opened, the 1st institution of higher learning for Black women.


DFW Black Business Expo, From 11 am - 7 pm. Dallas For Vendor call: Lydia 469-740-1501 Booths Available

April 12

Womens Leadership Summit State Rep. Helen Giddings & UNT Dallas at Renaissance Dallas Hotel 9am-7pm. contact Erin Ragsdale at

Lisa Davis, Team member of I Messenger Media LLC Happy Birthday! We Love you.

2015 Percy Sledge, R & B singer died.

GAFHA Political Forum at Garland Womens Activies Bldg. 713 Austin St. 7pm-8pm.

1990 Civil rights leader Ralph D. Albernathy died.

April 17-21

1983 Alice Walker received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for the Color Purple

One Shining Moment Luther Vandross Tribute Feat. Danny Clay at TBAAL 1309 Canton St. Dallas at 9pm.

April 18-22 Smooth R&B 105.7 Keith Sweat ft. SWV, Tank, Stokley, Vivian Green at The Pavilion at Toyota Factory, 300W. Las Colinas Blvd. Irving at 6:45 pm

Grand Prairie Main Street Fest at 200 W. Main St. Grand Prairie Fri. thru Sun. 8 pm–11pm

April 21

Free Movie “The Stranger” at Plaza Theatre, 521 W. State Street, Garland at 4 pm

April 15 It Ain’t Nothin But The Blues at Jubilee Theatre 506 Main St. Ft. Worth Times vary.

St. Luke UMC 85th Church Anniversary 5710 RL Thornton Fwy. Dallas 4-18-25. 4-22 services are at 8am & 11am. Info on activities call 214-821-2970.

April 19 In 1972 Major General Frederic E. Davidson became the 1st Black to Lead an Army Division.

Free Movie “DOA” Plaza Theatre, 521 W. State Street, Garland at 2 pm Free Movie “The Big Sleep” at Plaza Theatre, 521 W. State Street, Garland at 4 pm

Black Business Club Business Brunch & Barbat Dallas Black Dance Academy 2700 Ann Williams Way Dallas 12 noon- 2pm Dallas Assoc. of Realtists local Chapter of the National Assoc. of Real Estate Brokers. At Friendship West Baptist Church 2020 Wheatland Rd. 10:45am In 1997 Jackie Robinson’s jersey # 42 is permanently retired on all MLB teams.

April 16

The “Vision of the Arts” Sculpture Installation and Dedication 300 N. 5th St. Garland 972-205-2780 At 1:30 pm

1856 Granville T. Woods. Inventor with 50 patents. Born in Columbus, OH. Died 1/30/1910.

Earth Fest: An Earth & Arbor Day Celebration Cedar Hill Government Center , 285 Uptown Blvd., Cedar Hill. “FREE EVENT” on Mon. 5-7:30 pm

April 24 1944 UNCF The United Negro College Fund was established.

April 25 Ella Fitzgerald-”First Lady of Song” Born in 1918. Jazz singer Nat’l Medal of Arts recipient in 1987.

April 20

Wilson Street COGIC 84 year Church Anniversary Spring Gospel Fest at 901 S. Wilson St. Kaufman at 5pm

April 22

April 23

Fabulos Motown Revue Live! at Austin Event Center 1125 E. Berry St. Ft Worth Tickets 817-923-9305 Hats off to Garland Heritage Celebration Live Music Downtown Garland Square from 5pm-9pm lots of activities

2018 Jazz w/ Marion Meadows & Paul Brown at Bishop Arts Theatre Center 215 S. Tyler St, Dallas from 7pm-9:45pm

DFW Premier Apperance of Susa y Epifanio at Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub 425 Commerce St. Ft. Worth 6pm-8pm. Tickets:

7th annual Frisco StrEATS Historic Downtown 4th & Main St. at 12pm -7pm

HBCU Alumni Game Night at Young Black Entrepreneurs Networking 4300 W. Northgate Dr. Dallas Call Antoine White 314-630-4465

Prince died in 2016. He was born 6-7-1958.

Janeane Garofalo @ Texas Theatre 231 W. Jefferson Blvd. Dallas at 7 pm

The 5K Foam Fest Dallas 2018 at TexPlex Park 881 Miller Rd. Midlothian from 8 am- 5pm

“You Can’t Raise A Man” at Friendship-West Baptist Church, 2020 W. Wheatland Rd., Dallas 972-228-5200 7:30 pm Ticket Info:

1908 Jazz musician and band leader Lionel Hampton was born. Died 8-31-2002.

Black Women Appreciation – Ft. Worth Edition at Young Black Entrepreneurs 2525 E. Rosedale St. from 5pm–10pm Call Antoine White 314-630-4465

April 18

April 12-13

April 14

April 17

T.D. Jakes Pastors & Leadership Conference 2018 E2i 5 day event Register:

1975 Josephine Baker famed entertainer and cabaret dancer of the 1920’s Paris, died at age 68.

Free Movie “Detour” at Plaza Theatre, 521 W. State Street, Garland, at 6 pm

In 1973 Lelia Smith Foley Became the 1st Black woman Mayor in U.S. Taft, OK.


Survivor Speaks Out at Dallas public Library J. Erik Jonsson 7th fl. 1515 Young St. Dallas 11am-3pm.

Whiter Goest Thou America A Festival of play readings at Undermain Theatre 3200 Main St. Dallas 7:30 pm tickets 214-747-5515

The UNCF was founded by Dr. Frederick D. Patterson, Pres. of Tuskege Institute on 4-13-1944.


Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III 35th Pastoral Anniversary 7:35pm at W. Dallas Victory Hotel 2440 Victory Park Ln.

2018 Congressional Art Competition Presented By Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson. Participants will be Honored at Mort H. Meyerson Symphony Center 10am5pm. info:

April 26 John James Audubon, arist, ornithologist born in 1785. Died 1/27/1851

April 27 2000- Singer/Actress Vicki Sue Robinson died at the age of 45. She sang the 1976 disco hit “Turn the Beast Around.”

Jack Johnson at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory, 300 W. Las Colinas Blvd., Irving at 7:30 pm

April 28

Garland Symphony Orchestra features Richard Strauss 300 N. Fifth Street, Garland at 8 pm 972-205-2780

1828- Mifflin Wister Gibbs was born. First Black man to be elected judge in U.S.

“Rumors” By CORP at Plaza Theatre, 521 W. State Street, Garland 4/20 at 8 pm, 04/21 at 2 pm & 8 pm, 4/22 at 2 pm

Justice & Brunch w/Freddy Haynes at 1011 Ten Eleven Grill 1011 Corinth St. Dallas from 11:30am-1;30pm


APRIL 11, 2018


Spiritual and Crystal Adviser


A Family Divided

by Veronica Perez

FEATURED STAR: ARIES - The RAM 03/21 - 04/19 Monitor your financial spending. May need to miss a few outings with friends. Inspiration/Influence – There is more power in you than you allow yourself to realize Your Chosen Healing Crystal - CITRINE – Personal power, emotional control. Targets your physical center. Solar Plexus chakra Lucky Numbers – TAURUS – THE BULL – 04/20 - 05/20 As the cycle is finishing, reflect on the lesson that it has taught you. what were you meant to learn? GEMINI – The Twins - 05/21 – 06/20 This is a time for recuperation. Try and clear your mind, wrap up all loose ends, and prepare for the next cycle. CANCER – The Crab – 06/21 – 07/22 If the problem didn’t exist, would you still be in suffering? Dissect what the root is, look hard within for answers it starts with you. LEO – The Lion – 07/23 – 08/22 Have all the details before you go into any debates. Now is not a good time to “dance” without armor. VIRGO – The Virgin – 08/23 – 09/22 T Big changes, hear Virgo. Brace yourself, set out your intentions. Look for all positivity in them.

LIBRA – The Scales – 09/23 – 10/22 Judging others is not just to your cause, yet you are wise to remain balanced. Continue to keep it all clean with facts. SCORPIO – The Scorpion – 10/23 – 11/21 Sometimes it is okay to ask for help. Feel those that have your best in heart. Seek them. SAGITARIUS – The Archer – 11/22 – 12/21 You’re daring now. Breezing through your obstacles like a champ. Reach out to help your fellow neighbor. CAPRICORN – The Goat – 12/22 – 01/19 Maintain your roots of truth. You are solid, you are not fluid. Remain so regardless of surroundings. It will payoff. AQUARIUS – The Water Carrier – 01/20 – 02/18 Relaxation and rest are essential at this time for you. Let your mind be free. PISCES – The Fish – 02/19 – 03/20 Things can be heated for a short while, remember it is only temporary. Embrace changes. Daily Oracle Reading: Ask and it is given Reach out and offer help to your brothers and sisters in need. Give thanks daily to wake and rise. You have been given a new day to forgive yesterday’s wrongs. Blessings to all! You are loved! ^_^

Guide Your Light Right Mother Earth is going through transformations, frequency changes, an “Upgrade” a “Makeover”, causing human energies to shift into higher consciousness awareness, this can be intense, and at times, a hurtful experience to the unprepared humanity. Let’s work as ONE! Seek within, to win! “V” is calling on you to challenge inner-self and reach higher to shine brighter!! Call on “V”, your Starseed Lightworker for Spiritual advice and Crystal readings. Pleiades Renegade Member Family of Light, system buster on call! Text Starseed Lightworker: 214-710-0418 Email: vperez311.

Ask ALMA Dear Alma,

decided to take my brother to court and force him to sell the land. Only the one brother says we shouldn’t sell. And I don’t care either way. We’re all in our 60s, distinguished folks with profitable careers. We’re active in our respected churches and ready to retire if not already retired. I love my family, and if you met us, you’d never believe what’s going on behind closed doors. I don’t understand why we can’t talk to each other and just get along. I want us to settle this before one of us dies and we never get to resolve the issue. What can I do?

I said trifling – are fighting each other like you’re on an episode of Judge Judy. That is ridiculous and just plain sad. Your mama and daddy gave all they had, and what are ya’ll doing? Trying to give it away for some coins that will be spent in a month’s time. Your brother didn’t take the bus up to the city and try to tell you and your siblings what to do with your space, time and dimes, so don’t try to regulate his life now. Give him the house, period. Take the rest of the land and divide it evenly. Each person can do what he or she wants with his or her portion. It’s just that simple. You might not like it, but when your brother sacrificed, stayed home and properly maintained and cared for the house, your parents and the land, he earned extra. Your brothers and sisters are so focused on a few grains of sand that they are missing the beach in all its magnificence. There are other ways to make money. Taking your brother to court is not one of them. Grow up and act like mama and daddy are still watching, chest pressed, full of pride. Alma

I need advice about a terrible family situation that involves me and all of my siblings, and it’s breaking us apart. I am one of nine children. We were all born and raised in the South. My parents farmed their land and taught us how to do it, too. We never liked it and couldn’t wait to leave, go up North and go to college. We all attended various J.C., Houston, Texas colleges and universities and never returned home…all but one of my Hey J.C., brothers. He stayed in North Carolina and helped my parents until Close your eyes, think back to they died. After they died he moved the time when your daddy was into the house on the property and farming his land, mama at the has been living there ever since. He window, both watching their chilhas kept up the property and paid dren grow – chests pressed, full of the taxes on it. pride. Your father worked hard to Now my brothers and sisters tend the land and leave something want to sell the farmland and split to his children. Now everything he the money. My brother who stayed worked for is about to be jeoparsays the house should be his and he dized, and for what? You and your doesn’t want to sell it. We are total- trifling brothers and sisters – yes, ly divided. Six of my siblings have Alma Gill’s newsroom experience spans more than 25 years, including various roles at USA Today, Newsday and the Washington Post. Email questions to: Follow her on Facebook at “Ask Alma” and twitter @almaaskalma.

Feed Just One Gala

brought out the stars!



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Photos by Eva D. Coleman

Or check out Despite the city’s diverse population, with a Black mayor; the at-a-glance images that promote the city focus on one area and don’t do a good job of spreading the love I look for when looking for a place to live or visit. With well more than a 1/4 of a million residents, and home to many corporate headquarters, Plano is the ninth most populous city in Texas. There are huge, gorgeous homes, beautiful sites and plenty to do. But guess what? There are also homeless and hungry men, women and children. The poverty rate is 7.5 percent according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and some would turn their nose up, especially when you travel south of Plano to Dallas and you find a city in crisis with a poverty rate of 22.9 percent, according to the U.S. Census.

According to the Dallas Poverty Task Force 90 percent of jobs are north of I-30. Now do you disregard that 7.5 percent living in poverty in Plano? Do you discount those who fall on hard times and need a hand up, not a handout? Do you realize that until we take care of the least of us? After questioning my class, I give them my tombstone speech, where I tell them that for many the only proof that they lived will be the headstone that some will stumble over on their way to another’s resting place. What you do for others or to make this world a better place will be your legacy. What you do for yourself will fade away along with the memories of you, especially if what you did only benefited you.

Now Minnie’s Food Pantry holds a special place in my heart because it is a special place and Minnie Hawthorne-Ewing was a very special woman with a beautiful heart, who personally ministered to me. Additionally when I visit Minnie’s it is so heartwarming because the staff and volunteers really care. Too often, let’s face it and be real, folks who are in positions where they provide social services are often lacking social skills. They act like they are doing you a favor while failing to realize that they are one or two paychecks from the same situation. Not the case at Minnie’s. There are folks showing up who need help and they are treated like family. No one at Minnie’s treat you like you are dysfunctional family members who never have anything positive to say,

always looking for a hustle or have a bad odor. Instead everyone is greeted with a smile and respect. They even roll out the red carpet for people who come for support. Minnie’s Food Pantry deserves praise and support. While some look for a problem to solve that will impact their bottom line, Minnie’s, led by Cheryl “Action” Jackson, identified a problem and worked to solve it by helping whole families maintain their dignity during turbulent times. Minnie’s Food Pantry does not receive government support. You, the community, and those who have the spirit of giving, are the sole source of support. Even before Minnie’s Food Pantry was founded a decade ago, on April 1, 2008, Dr. Jackson was a source of in-

spiration and support for many. Even when she had little to give, she gave what she could and more importantly, she gave love! So when I saw her receiving pledge after pledge until the dollar amount went well over a million dollars, at her annual gala featuring the Oprah Winfrey; I was just as happy as she was. You see, while misery loves company; happiness does also! I’m happy when I see anyone being successful while living their purpose. Straight up - I ain’t got time for misery! Life is too short. If you’re looking to make a difference, support a charity that is definitely making a difference. Support a visionary leader who is making a difference. Log on to and help make a difference, even if you just feed one!

10 APRIL 11, 2018


Hollywood Hernandez Live

By Hollywood Hernandez

BLOCKERS Blockers is a raunchy new comedy starring Leslie Mann (from the movies This Is 40 and Knocked Up), and John Cena, former WWE pro-wrestler. It’s directed by Kay Cannon, who was the screenwriter for the Pitch Perfect series of movies. Cannon knows a thing or two about making bawdy comedy movies and as a first-time director


Tyler Perry's ACRIMONY is the best Tyler Perry movie to date. Much like the movie GET OUT Perry's latest film has an interesting twist that is well concealed until he drops the bomb on you in the movie. The perspective of the movie deals with the definition of the truth. Perry shows that there are three sides to every story; her version, his version and the "real truth" which lies somewhere in the middle. Along with other members of the I Messenger Media team, I viewed ACRIMONY, along with the family and friends of Ptosha Storey, at a private screening at Alamo Draft House in Dallas. I was determined not to be influenced in my opinion of the movie by the charm of the lovely Dallas actress. Her performance in the movie as Taraji P. Henson's big sister, along with the other actors, was stellar. Henson, who's starred in several of Perry's feature films, has a chemistry with Perry that is immediately identified. She plays an angry black

she packs this movie with plenty of side-splitting laughter that will also make you blush. The story is pretty basic. Three teenage girls, who have been friends since kindergarten, make a pact to lose their virginity on prom night and when their parents find out about the plan (through a left open laptop), they spring into action to prevent the three girls from carrying out their mission. The end result is two hours of

non-stop laughter that will appeal to both teenagers and to parents. Ike Barinholtz joins the other two parents, but not to stop the

plan, but rather as the absentee father, Hunter, who wants his daughter to have the night of her life. The comedy comes from the point of view of the parents who have to figure out their kid’s world of emojis and social media slang to track down clues to track down their kids. It was also refreshing (while uncomfortable for a parent with two daughters) to see a sexual “coming of age” movie from the teenage girls perspective for a change. There are some obligatory “heart tug” moments in the film from a mom who is afraid to be alone once her daughter heads off to college and from a dad who

realizes maybe he didn’t do such a bad job after all of raising his daughter with the right values.

There are also some way over the top vulgar moments in the film but, unapologetically, I laughed at them while being shocked at the same time. This movie is hilarious! Blockers is rated “R” for some very crude sexual content, drug use and language and it runs for 1 hour and 42 minutes. On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale” I rate it a LARGE.

Hollywood Hernandez is LIVE all the time, and we’re bringing him where you are!

Whether he is with the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha and Demetria Obilor, or celebrating the Radio Diva Lynne Haze’s birthday, Hollywood is LIVE! an who is hellbent on revenge after her former college sweetheart and partner of 18 years leaves her for another woman (or at least that's the way she sees it). The movie could draw comparisons to FATAL ATTRACTION and A THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE but Perry brings a sense of awareness to the story that make it different from other movies that may seem similar. While she does play an "over the top mad black woman," Taraji P. Henson goes so far with her depiction of her character that she seems more

like the mother in MOMMY DEAREST than simply a scorned black woman. Describing the movie further would give away too many spoilers so let me simply say Perry has directed a really creative drama that will leave you with your mouth wide open in shock. Again, I believe this to be Perry's best work (and our Dallas home town girl Ptosha Storey is outstanding in a supporting role). On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate ACRIMONY a LARGE.

Read more and win tickets at

Celebrating a Decade of Sisterhood Scholarship and Service

CCAC Charter Members – Toni King, Angela Anglea Woods, Cynthia M.A. Butler McIntyre, AnWoods, Tawn King drea Dennis, Seraphia Price - CCAC Charter Members and Dignitaries

By Cheryl Brandon Wells

It was an evening of elegance, inspiration, and fun as the Collin County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc celebbrated a decade of service on Saturday, March 31, 2018. Approximately 260 people joined members for the celebration, including the majority of the 59 charter members. Musical entertainment was provided by the Natural Change Band. The special guest for the evening was none other than the bril-

liant and inspiring Cynthia M. A. Butler-McIntyre, 24th National President of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Noted internationally for being an excellent speaker who enlightens and entertains, she reminded members that there is still a great need for the services provided in Collin County, and encouraged members to continually renew their decision to serve. The Collin County Chapter was chartered on March 30, 2008 at the Stonebridge Ranch Country Club in McKinney, TX. The chapter began from the

Gwendolyn Grant (South-west Regional Director 2005-2009), Regional Representative. MacKenzie Jenkins (2016 to present), Essie Hennie

efforts of three visionary sorors, Angela Woods, Sonya Turner, and Karen Jefferson. These sorors began meeting in 2007 to organize community service activities and explore the viability of chartering a chapter in Collin County. They reached out to Soror Gwendolyn Grant, Southwest Regional Director, to understand the logistics involved in the chartering process. Under the guidance of Soror Grant and with the assistance of Soror Pamela Rogers, Scholarship and Standards Chair, the Collin County Chapter was established.



Let the Black Panther into your home BURBANK, Calif. — Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther,” the highly celebrated story of T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), a young African prince who takes on the mantle of King and Super Hero, has thrilled and inspired generations of moviegoers around the globe. Now, fans can bring home the phenomenon, packed with light-hearted fun, pulse-pounding action and a powerful message, and watch it over and over again, Digitally in HD and 4K Ultra HD™ and Movies Anywhere on May 8 and on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™, DVD and On-Demand on May 15. With both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos immersive sound, 4k Ultra HD offers consumers a transformative viewing experience. Through the 4K Cinematic Universe Edition of “Black Panther,” fans will experience the exhilarating adventure in stunning 4K Ultra HD with next-generation high dynamic range (HDR) visuals and Dolby Atmos immersive audio. Never-before-seen extras feature commentary from director Ryan Coogler; deleted scenes; outtakes; and several making-of featurettes, which detail the Black Panther’s evolution, the remarkable women of Wakanda, the history of T’Challa’s proud nation, and the cosmic origin and technological applications of vibranium. Also included are a roundtable discussion with “Black Panther” filmmakers and writers; a featurette tracing the countless connections between heroes, characters and storylines within the Marvel Cinematic Universe; and an exclusive sneak peek at “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” The global cultural phenomenon of “Black Panther” has dominated the box office charts emerging as the third biggest movie of all time domestically with over $665 million – the first film in

eight years to spend five weeks at No. 1 – and rising to the global top 10 of all time with over $1.3 billion. In the acclaimed film, T’Challa returns home to the hidden high-tech African nation of Wakanda to succeed to the throne and take his rightful place as king, following the death of his father. But when a man named Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) appears, T’Challa’s mettle as king—and Black Panther—is tested when he’s drawn into a formidable conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. Pitted against his own family, the king must rally his allies and release the full power of Black Panther to defeat his foes and embrace his future as an Avenger. The film features a fierce group of Wakandan women, including Nakia (Academy Award® winner Lupita Nyong’o), a War Dog and Wakandan spy; Shuri (Letitia Wright), T’Challa’s little sister and tech wizard; and the Dora Milaje, the all-female Wakandan Special Forces led by Okoye (Danai Gurira). They team up with reluctant ally CIA agent Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman) to help T’Challa defend Wakanda against the forces threatening to destroy it. The extraordinary ensemble cast of “Black Panther” also includes veteran actors such as Academy Award® nominee Angela Bassett as Ramonda, T’Challa and Shuri’s mother; Academy Award® winner Forest Whitaker as Zuri, the spiritual leader of Wakanda; and Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue, an illegal arms dealer; and standout performances by Academy Award® nominee Daniel Kaluuya as W’Kabi, Royal Counsel to T’Challa; Winston Duke as M’Baku, the formidable leader of the Jabari tribe; and Emmy® Award-winner Sterling K. Brown as N’Jobu, a Wakandan War Dog.

12 APRIL 11, 2018


Toler to speak

continued from front page

other people’s feelings, assessing their faults and reframing situations to lead to an emotional resolution. Judge Toler was born in Columbus, Ohio, attended Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She segued from a career as an impassioned litigator to an elected Administrative Judge on the Cleveland Heights Municipal Court. She won her first election to that post at the early age of 33. Her unusual and innovative sentencing on the bench, such as granting shorter incarceration terms to convicts who completed book reports drew the attention of a local television station, which in turn recommended Judge Toler to Fox TV. Since 2006, Toler has netted immense popularity with her common-sense approach to resolving relationship problems. While on the bench, Judge Toler headed the Cleveland Heights Coordinated Community Response to Violence Against Women, a countywide initiative for the coordination of community resources to assist women who are victims of violence. While off screen, her work includes serving on the Board of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Cuyahoga County Criminal Justice Services Supervisory Board, Goodwill’s Starting Over Program and preventing domestic violence through her current passion, She has been married to “Big E” for 29 years. They have two sons and she also has four stepsons. She is the author of “Making Marriage Work: New Rules for an Old Institutions” and “My Mother’s Rules: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Emotional Genius.” She has an older sister, Kathy Toler, who is a practicing neurologist in Dallas, Texas. For more information about the event, contact a member of South Dallas Business & Professional Women’s Club or send an email requesting tickets to

Reentry program graduates,

Bishop T.D. Jakes

Tina Naidoo

not be left out of the discussion when it comes to rehabilitation but we cannot do it alone,” Bishop Jakes continued. “I think that Jesus would reach out to the least of those, to those who have been rejected or ostracized or made mistakes,” he said. “Our whole message of redemption and forgiveness really is epitomized in what we are doing here today.” According to organizers, T.O.R.I. grew out of need from The Potter’s House Prison Ministry. After the ministry left an impact on prisoners visited, former inmates came to the church looking for help upon release, organizers say. Bishop Jakes recognized the need for the re-entry assistance for inmates who were returning home to their communities. T.O.R.I. began offering services in January 2005, and has since served over 10,000 formerly incarcerated male and female adults across the state of Texas.

Angela Rye, former Executive Director and General Counsel to the Congressional Black Caucus for the 112th Congress and current CNN political commentator and NPR political analyst, gave the commencement address at the recent graduation and stressed the importance of changing our mindsets when it comes to rehabilitating past offenders. “This is a reset opportunity for them, that’s my message for these folks today,” Ms. Rye said. “And I know that they’re going to go out and make it better for everyone who’s similarly situated, for everyone who’s having a similar experience that they had while they were incarcerated.” “T.O.R.I. is just one example of a possibility of an idea that I think can change our country,” she continued. “If we bring faith-based entities together with CEOs and elected officials and community activists, we form an ability to lift issues that could not be lifted independently.”

continued from front page

She encouraged the graduates with a message of redemption, new beginnings and second chances, but also stressed it won’t be easy, but will be worth it. “A hard reset is not always immediate. It takes a little longer. As humans, sometimes we have to hit rock bottom, some of us have to be given no other options, all distractions removed, stranded, tragic loss or trauma to occur for us to realize we need a hard reset,” she said. “Some of us have to be reminded of our foundation and brought back home. And then some of us have to be knocked down and talked to directly by God Himself. Whatever the case, it’s okay. “When we go through a hard reset, we go from captivity to a breakthrough. There is a process that has to occur. Another phrase for a hard reset Is a new beginning. And that’s what this is for you.” At its most basic mission statement,T.O.R.I. provides those who have just left the prison system with reintegration education, from financial help to teaching technical skills to help catch former prisoners up on technological advancements since they’ve been locked up. The results are clear, too. In the US 52% of prisoners will be reincarcerated within three years of their release. That number plummets to 11% for the TORI program, according to its executive director Tina Naidoo. “There really is promise in reha-

bilitation, in changing our criminal justice system and here in Texas we are all about reform,” she said. Three hundred and forty-four individuals from five different prisons were served pre-release in 2017 by T.O.R.I. With the help of the city of Dallas Employment Initiative, T.O.R.I. assisted in securing employment for over 50 clients, enrolled more than 30 students into GED classes, 200 completed financial literacy training, and assisted clients with starting college courses in Dallas’ community college district program. Over the past 13 years, they have served nearly 17,000 formerly incarcerated individuals across the state of Texas. “We as a T.O.R.I. program have seen the tide change, the pendulum shift, so there really is promise in rehabilitation, in changing our criminal justice system and here in Texas we are all about reform,” said Ms. Naidoo, who received the White House Champions of Change award from Pres. Barack Obama in 2016 for her work with the T.O.R.I program. “It takes our taxpayers $50 a day to incarcerate but it takes T.O.R.I. less than $4 a day to rehabilitate. It makes common sense to do rehabilitation here in Texas.” For more information on the T.O.R. I. program, visit medc-tori. org.

Nowitzki gears up for 21st season with MAVS continued from front page by the time training camp starts in October. The 39-year-old Nowitzki, affectionately known as “The Tall Baller From the G,” is currently in the middle of a two-year, $10 million contract signed last offseason that will carry over into 2018-19, when he’ll become the 28th player to play in the NBA at age 40. He turns 40 in June. “I always said all year that I want to fulfill that two-year contract if possible. I saw nothing this year

that was going to stop it, so as of now I’ll see how the rehab goes in the next few weeks and how the ankle responds, but obviously I’m going to work toward another season.” Nowitzki’s announcement came prior to Tuesday night’s Phoenix Suns-Mavs game, the team’s last game of the year. They lost 124-97 and finished the season with a 24-58 record, and likely will be tied with both the Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Hawks for the No. 3 spot in the NBA Draft

Lottery this summer. Dirk’s decision eased the mind of Head Coach Rick Carlisle. “I couldn’t imagine being here and Dirk not being here, so I feel very relieved that its looking like he’ll be back,” Coach said. “It’s great news. The timing of everything makes perfect sense to him and to all of us.” Nowitzki started all 77 games he played in this season but his 20-years in the NBA showed as his production dropped significantly.

He averaged 12.0 points and 5.7 rebounds per game, both of which were his lowest averages since his rookie season in 1998-99. The German big man is as sure of a first -ballot Hall-of-Famer if there ever was one. He’s already the alltime leading foreign-born scorer in the league, as well as a 13-time AllStar and sixth on the all-time scoring list with 31,187 career points, only 232 points behind Wilt Chamberlain for No. 5 on the list.

Prayer Is My Daily Weapon of Choice

Spiritually Speaking By James A. Washington

Recently, I’ve had reason to refocus on that sometimes habitual thing that I do known as prayer. Be it morning prayer, evening at church or, on behalf of a friend or seeking guidance in and out of a difficult situation, I have come to realize my prayer life could and should be much better. I am reading an old fashioned good vs. evil novel, where the good is actually all about angels and the bad about demons. Their battle is all about controlling us for the victory where their allegiances lay, ultimately God or Satan. The revelation about my prayer life comes with an enlightenment of where our focus should be. “For we are not contending against

flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the world rulers of this present darkness…” (Ephesians 6:12.) Now this is not a doom and gloom column making a statement about today’s politics. It is merely a commentary about the things I pray about. I usually don’t pray about governments, world leaders, the coming of a new age and so forth. My prayer life tends to be a little more close to home and more about the people I love. To make my point, let me use the term “prayer cover.” In the book that I’m reading, the angels are constantly asking each other if can they win the next battle and the answer is always not unless they get more prayer cover. They need more people praying in order to achieve victory. And the specifics of the needed prayer revolve around folks calling upon the name of Jesus. You see everything changes, the tide gets turned, and the odds get

stacked up against the pro-Christ gang. Now, I know for a fact that many a friend, family member, church acquaintance and others have provided me with plenty of prayer cover. I also know it was and has been my intent to provide cover for those closest to me. You just pray for people you love and all they are going through.

to be slowing down at all. Now back to my prayer point. If I look at prayer as a weapon in the eternal life and death struggle, then I am arming myself and others who are caught up in the eternal challenges of the day. I am providing cover. It’s a military term. Scripture says it’s not always about flesh and blood, but things some of

I usually don’t pray about governments, world leaders, the coming of a new age and so forth. My prayer life tends to be a little more close to home and more about the people I love. We hear the phrase “our thoughts and prayers go out to…” too many times these days for people caught up in nonsensical violence, terror, war and my favorite, man’s inhumanity to man. And it doesn’t appear

Black & Clark Funeral “Excellence is our tradition... Service is our legacy”

2517 E Illinois Ave, Dallas, TX 75216 (214) 376-8297



us don’t pay too much attention to. Principalities, local, state, national and world leaders might need some prayer cover. Others just need prayer. The way I’m thinking now is that prayer just

might be my daily weapon of choice. It’s kind of a new perspective to think your prayers are ammunition for the work God wants done by you. Prayer makes you stronger and the enemy weaker as a result. The interesting thing about the book is that it forces you to look at the enemy in a different way. The enemy is doubt, fear, crimes against your person, complacency, fear of success, spiritual poverty, and apprehension about the world and its direction. So, for me, tomorrow I’m arming myself for the battles of the day and the days after with a good dose of prayer and will happily share a few bullets for you. The victory is ours and Jesus has already won this thing. He provided all the prayer cover we need. All He has ever asked you to do is take that knowledge with you and share it with the world. May God bless and keep you always.

Butterfly I emerge from this darkness changed. Leaving behind so much of what was me; whole but with missing parts. Pushing myself through a realization that does not include you, physically. Your transformation complete. Mine ... only beginning. La Juana and Patricia Barton

authors of Faithful Remembrances - Volume I

14 APRIL 11, 2018






Women Working in the Community





April 28, 2018 Hilton Anatole Hotel - Imperial Ballroom 2201 Stemmons Freeway - Dallas, Texas

“55 Years of Trailblazing...’Shun Not the Struggle”




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16 APRIL 11, 2018


Fair Housing, continued from page 5

Trump’s wedding planner! It may seem snarky to point out things that some would call “minor”, and both Patton and Carson will, perhaps, grow into their roles. But the work to do (or not do) make a difference in the quality of life, and the quality of housing, for millions of Americans. And, there is no evidence that Carson has spearheaded innovative programs (wait – did I write Carson and “innovative programs” in the same sentence?) to close the homeownership gap or to help African American families recover from the ravages of the Great Recession. Furthermore, while this has little to do with Carson, the effort to roll back Dodd-Frank reforms and the evisceration of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau disempowers consumers, especially those of low and moderate incomes. By making it more difficult to file class action lawsuits, individuals who experience banking discrimination are handicapped in their ability to fight back. Carson, singing from the 45 playbook, when he opens up his mouth at all, is not likely to be an effective advocate for the people he has frequently disdained. Indeed, though he has thrown his wife, Candy, under the bus on the matter of the dining table, he is no different from other Cabinet officials who have a “let them eat cake” attitude toward those they serve. First class travel, high-end furniture, and chicanery are the name of the 45 Cabinet game. Fifty years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act as a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., it is not clear that the current HUD Secretary will be a warrior in the fight against housing discrimination. Julianne Malveaux is an author and economist. Her latest book “Are We Better Off? Race, Obama and Public Policy” is available via for booking, wholesale inquiries or for more info visit www.

2018 texas metro news 4 11 18 final  
2018 texas metro news 4 11 18 final