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Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers

Technologies will not replace teachers, but teachers who use technologies well will replace those who don’t. Kyle Peck often refers to this foretelling statement. As associate dean for outreach, technology, and international programs, he recognizes that educators need to master innovative technologies in order to meet new classroom standards. “Technologies are playing an increasingly important role in the transformation of education,” he says. “A teacher who uses technology well can create compelling, interesting, motivating activities that engage students and require twenty-first-century skills like creativity, problem solving, teamwork, and global awareness.” Paper-based instruction simply doesn’t reach today’s learning audience. For the millennials—the generation of persons born in the past twenty-five years— technology encompasses virtually every niche of their lives, and they expect technology to be central in their classroom experiences.


Penn State College of Education Report on Technology and its Application to Teaching and Learning  

2007 report featuring research from Penn State College of Education faculty