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When Kate Walker launched KWD four years ago, she was a sole operator building a small business and working from the dining table in her home. It was the perfect option for a single mum with two young children. The business could have coasted along, but with entrepreneurial skills in her DNA, Kate naturally grew the business – seeing opportunities and seizing them with both hands. The KWD Studio that Kate soon established at her property worked beautifully, with an office to seat four staff and a small showroom where client’s met for briefings to view KWD’s hard finish samples. Then the team grew, and outgrew this space, and necessity rather than planning called for larger premises. “It was important that our branding reflect our diversity. While our Studio is definitely skewed toward Hamptonsstyle, we wanted our clients to see that we are not one dimensional. We love working with a wide variety of styles, from mid-century modern, minimal and industrial to classic, contemporary, coastal and traditional styles as well. It was essential that our new headquarters reflect this, and the result is a more masculine feel that will appeal to our rather large male client base.” Kate engaged Carlo Romanin of Romanin Design to direct the design for KWD HQ. Kate and Carlo have worked together on a number of projects – KWD designed all of the hard finishes in Carlo’s new home which has a Hamptonsstyle feel, and Carlo designed the KWD branding direction and website design. The black and white colour scheme was deliberately chosen as they aren’t really considered colours, and they provide the ideal canvas for showcasing our hard finish samples. Everything in KWD HQ is based on black, white

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