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Essential Oil Diffuser Creativity. Motivation. Concentration. Positivity. Relaxation. Wouldn’t it be something if you could simply switch them on? Actually, you can. The Petalwell diffuser brings together innovative technology and cool, contemporary design to release the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils into any space. At home, in the office, even on the road, you can unlock your body’s own healing power, enhance well-being and influence mood. “At the start, we just wanted to create a product we we’d love to use ourselves when travelling. Then, I started to use it at home to unwind in the evenings and even brought it to the office to give myself a boost. At first, the Petalwell was a luxury. Now I consider it essential”.

Make any space

your own

photo by Barry McCall

Rachel & Jacqueline grew up watching their inventor father tinkering with products for his manufacturing company at the kitchen table. Now, they have joined the family business, and are both working mothers juggling challenging roles. In searching for a way to balance their busy lives, the sisters caught the scent of an idea for a clever new product: The Petalwell. Beautifully designed, this desirable little object diffuses natural, healing essential aromatherapy oils into any room. Together with an aromatherapy expert, the sisters have also developed an exclusive range of six pure essential oil blends to complement the Petalwell. Each deliciously soothing fragrance evokes a particular frame of mind – from the stimulating ‘Livewell’ to the restorative ‘Sleepwell’ blend. It’s also completely portable. So you can bring this wonderfully uplifting natural experience with you, wherever you go.

Imagined, designed and made in Ireland, the Petalwell Essential Oil Diffuser presents a smart new way to capture the holistic benefits of aromatherapy. Peter Oglesby, Founder Jacqueline Oglesby, Director Rachel Purcell, Global Sales

always at your Underneath our busy modern exteriors, there is a natural version of ourselves inside each of us. A ‘best’ self. This natural self holds the keys to our instincts, inspiration, ideas and intuition. Often, due to our demanding everyday lives, we can lose touch with our natural self and feel disconnected, stressed and distracted. Amazingly, aroma can restore this crucial natural connection. How? Well, have you ever noticed that a hint of a certain perfume or the smell of freshly cut grass can bring you right back to a particular place, person or point in time? In that instant, you can see and feel the memory in vivid technicolour.

natural best Essentially, this is because the olfactory ‘smelling’ nerve is located close to amygdala – the area of the brain that processes & stores your emotions. Scientifically, there’s no denying the powerful connection between fragrance, mood and emotion. And throughout time, many cultures have used aromatic oils to lift mood, relieve tension and support the body’s natural well-being. Now, the Petalwell has harnessed years of ancient wisdom and simplified the science, bringing you a selection of gorgeous, scented oils, carefully tailored to relax, revitalize and restore your best self. You just have to turn it on.

our oil blends

just the essentials

At Petalwell, we have two guiding principles: Luxury & Simplicity. So it is no surprise that our essential oil blends are all completely natural, made from only the purest organic or wild harvested ingredients. Developed with the expertise of our highly skilled scent specialist, each of our bespoke blends is designed to stimulate one of the six key modes of wellness – from vital energy to restful sleep. Just add 6 – 8 drops of your chosen blend to the Petalwell. Our chic little device warms the oil to gently diffuse the healing fragrance into the room. It smells wonderful. And it works fast. Aromatherapy through inhalation is the quickest way to access the therapeutic benefits of the oils and rebalance your system. Which will be your favourite?

A Premium Blend for vitality LiveWell

Hello Sunshine! This energizing blend was created to uplift, rejuvenate and revitalize. Breathe in the zingy blend of Pink Grapefruit & Black Spruce and prepare to positively sparkle.

of Precious Oils

for rare moments

for comfort relaxWell

A hug in a bottle. Feel your muscles release and tensions ebb away thanks to the warm, reassuring notes of Jasmine, Frankincense and Cedarwood.

invigorating breathWell



Brrr! Like a brisk walk in the forest on a frosty day, this blend of Scots Pine, Cypress & Black Spruce clears the lungs and imbues you with fresh energy and strength. Perfect for fighting off a head cold or tackling hayfever.

for calm Arrive & revive. Sometimes, travel can leave you feeling more crumpled than a suitcase full of linen trousers. Smooth things over with the calm, inspiring scent of Bergamot & Geranium.

for restful sleep Sweet dreams are made of this. Relax, unwind, and drift into blissful sleep with this tranquil combination of Lavender and Marjoram. Zzzzzzz.


for romance Exquisite. Decadent. Luxurious. Lovewell is a true indulgence. The precious elements of Sandalwood, Jasmine and Rosewood intermingle to create an intoxicatingly sensual fragrance. Clear your mind and open your heart. Who knows where it will lead you?

THe perfect

travel companion

As you’ll discover, this little luxury soon becomes indispensible. In fact, you may want to take it with you everywhere you go. Happily, the Petalwell is eminently portable, having originally been designed to combat the effects of travel fatigue and smoky hotel rooms. About the size of a smartphone, the Petalwell will pack easily into your luggage, handbag or briefcase. And, due to its clever design, there’s no need for wax or water cartridges. There are no fiddly bits to forget, and nothing to leak or spill when it’s time to pack up and go. In short, the Petalwell is the perfect travel companion: it’s neat and tidy, lifts your spirits, helps you sleep and doesn’t talk too much.


in a perfect package

The Petalwell has found its spiritual home in some of the world’s most prestigious spa resorts. Its sleek, sophisticated design makes the Petalwell chic enough to hold its own in an exclusive reception area, whilst our sensual oil blends create a luxurious first impression to welcome and relax discerning spa clientele. Naturally, the Petalwell is the perfect accompaniment to relaxation, massage and mindfulness therapies. Quickly diffusing heavenly, healing fragrance into top treatment rooms, the Petalwell takes the spa experience to another level. Spa professionals love it!

Fully rechargeable (USB charger & plug provided) Operates for up to 5 hours once charged Packs neatly into stylish zipped case No need for wax or water


into your home

Bring the Petalwell into your home, and treat yourself to the luxurious healing benefits of aromatherapy everyday. Use it in the sitting room to relax and unwind after a long day. Bring it to the bedroom to ensure a good night’s restful sleep. Or start the day with a spring in your step from a deliciously invigorating boost of aromatic oils - in the bathroom, the kitchen, or even in your car. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of your Petalwell at home, you’ll be tempted to take it to work too. On those days when it’s hard to focus, or deadlines mean you’re working through lunch, just turn it on to give yourself an instant lift. After all, our LIVEWELL blend is as refreshing as a walk in the park on a sunny day – the perfect remedy for mid-afternoon slump. And a lot better for you than the coffee machine!

gift set includes: Petalwell diffuser 2ml sample of the LIVEWELL essential oil blend Attractive zipped travel case USB charger & plug


healing fragrance Stunningly designed and elegantly presented, the Petalwell Gift Set makes a beautiful, original gift whether you choose it for a loved one, or just treat yourself. Inspiring desire and anticipation, our natural essential oil diffuser combines the cachet of must-have technology with the glamour and luxury of personal indulgence. Add to this the restorative effects of our exquisite, fragranced oil blends, and you have a gift that cannot fail to delight! And, because the Petalwell gives the same generous results every time, you can open and enjoy it anew whenever you wish.

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The Petalwell diffuser brings together innovative technology and cool, contemporary design to release the therapeutic benefits of pure essen...

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