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Alyssa Adler

Letter from the Editor

Spring break served as my time to unwind and reflect on the semester so far. After some thinking, I realized that unnecessary stress is ruling my life. It is seemingly impossible to escape the underlying pressure from everyone and their mother to get a job, an internship or straight A’s. I am done with it all. I am tired of being attached to the temporary things in life. 10 years from now, will it really matter that you stressed over a test or a bickering session with a friend? I vote no. Take steps to remove things in your life that cause stress and no longer serve you. It is important to do something that is just for you and is not about anyone else. I decided to spend my alone time with yoga practice. It is the one thing a day that I do that is completely selfish and fuels me. If you feel inclined to join me in the #30daysOfYoga challenge, I am using the Yoga With Adriene program on YouTube. It feels amazing to feed the mind, body and soul. As we begin this semester's descent, keep in mind what is important and what is temporary. Always put energy into the things you love and know when it is time to let go and take care of yourself. Namaste and enjoy the April edition of The Edge Magazine.

Brooke Lowrey @bablinbrooklynn

Editor in Chief


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Caroline Brehman Flower: Lily Song: Doesn’t have one! Fashion Piece: Class Ring

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Fashion Editor

Flower: Peony Song: Welcome Home, by Radical Face (at least for today!) Fashion Piece: “I love my White House Black Market Black Strap Mules. They are so comfy because they are slip-ons, but also so spikey and edgy.”

Kayla Hoey

Assistant Style Editor

Flower: Red Rose Song: Mother & Father, by Broods Fashion Piece: “I absolutely could not live without in my wardrobe is my white fur coat from Free People. It instantly adds a Screem Queens esque, yet sophisticated vibe to any outfit.”

Flower: “Hydrangeas are my favorite flower because they always bloom on Cape Cod and it reminds me of summer” Song: Hey Mami Sylvan Esso Big Wild Remix Fashion Piece: Rompers

Brooke Lowrey Editor in Chief of The Edge

Flower: White Rose Song: Girl Form Ipanema, by Stan Getz. “I like the song because reminds me of summer and it just makes me instantly happy.” Fashion Piece: Prada 2013 Winter/Fall Sunglasses STYLE | 5

Detox Tea

The nutritional trend taking the world by storm.

What are they?

Celebrities are always sponsoring tea detox cleanses like Fit Tea and Bootea that are supposed to boost your energy, immunity, metabolism and burn fat. These teas are sold online only and are sold for $25 at the least.

Cheap alternative

A less intense version of this cleanse is Yogi Tea DeTox. It can be found at Harris Teeter for $3.99. The tea promotes the same healthy lifestyle other teas do while being more accesable and less expensive. Yogi DeTox health cleansing formula brings a “healthy balance to your body” and is known for calming cramps, reducing bloating and kick starting your metabolism. Who wouldn’t love that?

Does it really work? Yogi Tea has a great flavor without having to add any sugar or cream. I found that it gave me a boost of energy and flushed my system within the hour I drank it. You can find it at local super markets or grocery stores such as Wal-Mart, Target and Harris Teeter. If you are You can also find it on birth control, online at shop. take it 5-6 hours after you drink the teatox



tip :

so that it does not flush the pill out of your system.


How To:

Thrift Shop Flip.



Supplies: • Old furniture • Paint • Paint brushes • Rag to clean


2 8 | STYLE


Pick a piece of old run-down furniture to refurbish. You can find these at any thrift store such as Goodwill or local antique shops like Granddaddy’s Antiques and Sherry’s On Main.

Coat the piece with one layer of a paint color of your choice that will cover the color of choice. Chalkboard paint is the best option for full coverage.

Clean the pieces of furniture off to get rid of any dust or residue.


Let the paint dry and then, apply a second coat to the piece.


Use a second contrasting color to add detail to the furniture.


Add some of your favorite accessories and knickknacks to decorate the piece and make it your own.

Don’t forget to post your super chic furniture to Instagram (and tag us!) @TheEdgeMag. STYLE | 9


Behind the Swatch

A look behind the infamous color of the year process. Prepare to become Pantone obsessed.





his year the Pantone Color Institute graced humanity with not only one, but two colors of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. These delicate pink and blue hues will revamp your life by lifting your spirit, enhancing your confidence and getting you totally prepared for spring. Pantone Incorporated is known across the world as the standard language for color communication. Because everyone views colors differently, Pantone acts as the “universal language” for color, and is used across a variety of industries from fashion designers to manufacturers. The idolized color of the year is certainly not selected on a whim. With each exhilarating new color selection comes a psychological reason behind the decision. Executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, vouched for Rose Quartz and Serenity as this year’s colors because of the soothing aura given off by these shades. “The fact that technology has gotten so overwhelming has really created a great part of the need for these comforting, softer colors,” Eiseman said in Women’s Wear Daily. “Technology plays a huge part in people feeling like they want to stop the world and get off.”

Are you ready to incorporate the hottest craze of 2016 into your life? Elon students Shelby Marsh, Kendal Couch, Emily Morency and Gabrielle Micco created simple ways to rock the elegant rose quartz and serenity shades in two everyday makeup looks. If you are looking for an elegant yet edgy makeup style for a night out, our first look is the perfect choice. This fierce makeup creation incorporates the 2016 Pantone color, Serenity. Paired with a fresh face, this pop of color will command attention in a room full of people. We’re looking forward to the new spring season thanks to this beautiful Rose Quartz lipstick shade, as seen in our second look. This sweet spring color can give your natural look a pop of color, for a lovely lightlip glow. fin.



No Time for the Gym? no excuses. Tyler grimsley SENIOR REPORTER

As college students, we are constantly busy. It is hard to find time to go to the gym for an hour every day when we have hours of homework and multiple meetings every night, on top of the classes we have during the day. But there is no longer an excuse to not get your daily workout in. Here are four easy exercises that give you a full body workout without ever having to leave your room.

Directions: All four of these exercises make up one circuit. Do not take a break between each exercise but do take a one minute break after each circuit before starting over. Do three complete circuits.

Mountain Climbers (20 Repetitions)

Start off by positioning your body in pushup position. Bend your right knee up in the direction of your right hand. Return your right leg to its original position and do the same movement with your left leg. Do this exercise as quickly as possible to keep your heart rate up. This exercise serves as the cardio portion of the circuit.


(15-20 RepS)

(10-12 Reps)

Start off with your palms on the edge of a chair and your legs straight out in front of you with your body weight resting on your arms. Slowly bend your arms and lower your body until your upper arms are parallel to the ground. Hold this position for a second before straightening your arms back into starting position. Before starting this exercise, make sure the chair you’re using is sturdy to avoid injury. This exercise serves as the upper body portion of the circuit and works several muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, and upper back.


(15-20 Reps)



Start by lying on your back with your hands stretched out behind your head. Use your core to slowly bring your body up into a sitting position. Inhale as you bring your body up, and exhale as you lower your body back down to the starting position. This exercise serves to work your core muscles.

Start by standing straight up with your feet placed shoulder width apart. Bend your legs at the knee and slowly lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor, hold for a second before returning to the starting position. In order to maintain good form throughout the exercise, keep your eyes focused on something in front of you, keep your hands straight out in front of you, and don’t allow your knees to bend out past your toes. This exercise serves as the lower body portion of the circuit and works your glutes and quads, as well as muscles in your lower back and calves.


Most of the one hundred varieties of avocados stay in season until November, unlike Hass avocado (this variety) which is available year round.


Best known for its breakout role role in guacamole, avocados have taken the food world by storm. Avocados can be used as a healthy substitute for butter in baked goods, a new twist to a salad and as a moisturizing component for your skin or hair. They are high in monounsaturated fats, which can help lower cholesterol and improve overall heart health. With 4 grams of protein, avocados have a higher percentage than almost all other varieties of fruit, are high in vitamins and minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, and even contain double the amount of potassium as a banana. Whether you enjoy them plain or smothered on a hefty Chipotle burrito, avocados can add a creamy, nutritious spin on any meal. If you’re into toast, here are some new ways to jazz up your morning meal with this exotic fruit.

n g i z A a v m o c A a d e hT o

1. Toast bread until golden brown 2. Remove pit from avocado and remove outer flesh 3. In a separate bowl, mash avocado with a fork 4. Spread mashed avocado on toasted bread 5. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and red chili flakes


1. Make “Classic Toast” (see left) 2. In a skillet, heat 1 Tbsp. of butter 3. Crack egg into skillet, cover, and cook to your liking 4. Place on top of your already prepared toast 5. Break the yolk and enjoy


1. Make “Classic Toast” (see left) 2. Thinly slice strawberries and layer on top of toast 3. Sprinkle with goat cheese 4. Heat balsamic vingear with 1 Tbsp. of honey in a small saucepan until bubbling 5. Drizzle on toast as desired


Getting Real About Your Lady Parts The importance of understanding birth control options and talking to your healthcare provider.




o many girls get uncomfortable when it comes to talking about their sexual health. As cringe worth as it can seem, it is an important conversation worth having. We spoke to Vicki Wood, Family Nurse Practitioner from Elon Student Health Services to get more information on the importance of speaking with your doctor. She said that it is important to meet with your prescribing provider annually to discuss your birth control method, side effects, to check your blood pressure and to renew your prescription. “It is helpful to discuss safe sex practices as well as offer testing for sexually transmitted infections,” Wood said. “This provider does not have to be a gynecologist. This can be someone at the [Elon] Health Center, your primary care provider or a specialist such as a gynecologist.” If you don’t have a doctor at home to go to, start the conversation at Elon Student Health services. It is important to take control of your health and understand what is happening with your body.

Types of Female Birth Control The Pill

>> different types of hormone combination types that you take once a day


>> few types: Must be implanted in your uterus by a doctor

NUVARING >> Ring you insert into your vagina monthly

Implant >> Small rod implanted in arm by a doctor

Emergency Contraception >>Plan b, unlike the other birth control methods, is taken after the fact. Make sure to take it within 3 days of sex. The sooner you take it, the higher the chane of it being successful.

HELPFUL TIPS: • Visit your doctor/gynecologist even if you are not sexually active • Doctors performs pap smears at age 21 (a form of testing that screens for cancerous cells on the cervix) • Track your menstral cycle to learn what is normal for your body • Conduct self breast exams once a month. Make sure it is the same time each month and preferably during the middle of your cycle


GROWING WITH THE GARDEN Loy Farm’s manager brings awareness and produce to Elon Courtney Campbell STYLE EDITOR


itting inside the greenhouse next to McMichael, Alyssa Adler flips though her textbook, doing homework and warming up from the cold February day outside. Looking around, she sees the kale, carrots and broccoli slowing reaching their peak. The space is distressing, peaceful. Going to the greenhouse and Loy Farm is a daily occurrence for Adler — spending much of her time watering, weeding and gathering produce. As garden manager, it is her job to make sure everything goes smoothly. “It’s hard work, but it’s very rewarding,”Adlersaid.“Everydayyou learn something new.”

The garden never sleeps As garden manager, Adler’s main role is to delegate the tasks to garden interns that need to be done at Loy Farm and the Community Garden. She decides what plants need to be bought, where they will be planted throughout the year and performs general upkeep. 20 | COVER STORY

She usually begins each day at 10 a.m., heading to the greenhouse to check up on things, then going to Loy Farm go do the same thing. “It’s a never ending job because the garden never sleeps,” Adler said. “You have to deal with different situations that come up and different questions that everyone has.” With the help of interns and volunteers, Adler gets most of her tending done on workdays Friday noon–3 p.m. and Sundays 1–4 p.m. Currently, the garden is in full swing with the beginning of the growing season and lettuce, onions and cucumbers are being planted. The garden is also growing a few exotic plants that can’t be found locally, such as the Syrian Goat Horn Pepper and the Chinese Five Color Pepper — the hottest pepper in the world. Loy Farm has a connection with Campus Kitchen and each week food is harvested, cooked and delivered to Allied Churches and to different families in the area. This gives Adler a greater sense of

where food comes from. “I would go there and help them cook it,” she said. “So I would grow the food and see where it went, which was the best part of it too.” Adler is also in charge of Elon’s two major gardening events in the Community Garden: the Pumpkin Festival in the fall and Strawberry Festival, which will be held the first Friday of May and is currently being planned. The festival is more of a celebration of the end of the year and will feature free food, live music, face painting and an exotic plant sale. Adler and her garden gang will go to Iseley Farm pick 10 to 20 pounds of strawberries to have the festival and bake strawberry themed baked goods. Additionally, the festival will mark the 10-year anniversary, so there will be a special birthday celebration.

Falling in love with the garden Both of Adler’s parents worked a farm growing up, though, she originally though she would end up doing business or law. But,


after a class trip to a farm her sophomore year of high school, Adler fell in love. “When everyone else was freaking out about the dirt, I was like, ‘This is what I want to do,’” Adler said. After that moment, she realized she wanted to pursue a track in environmental science. Adler’s love of gardening only grew when she took Lecturer in English and Environmental Science Michael Strickland’s Garden Studio class and immediately applied to be a gardening intern for her junior year. While working in the garden, Adler looked up to Allison Hren, the previous garden manager. She watched as Hren guided the garden group and treated the role as much more than a job. “She had so much fun with it and was so smart and knowledge and I was like, ‘That’s what I want to be, I want to know everything she knows and have those experiences and connections.’ She really shaped my view.” Little did Adler know, she was being watched as well. The garden manager role is a chosen position — passed down from the previous holder. Hren approached Adler at the end of last year, explaining that she saw Adler’s passion, loved the work she was doing and offered her a position. Adler immediately accepted — unknowing what the job entailed, with the biggest requirement was staying over the summer to work the farm, for the most part by herself. “It was a lot of work but it was amazing,” Adler said. “You’re the one who decides where everything is planted. You weed everything constantly. You hold workshops for kids from Elon Academy.” Sometimes waking up at 6 a.m. to do more than five hours of work during the major growing season, Adler helped Steve Moore, lecturer in environmental science, and learned more about the farm and herself than she could have imagined. 22 | COVER STORY


Finding a connection to nature Adler’s most important job is to bring awareness to the garden and the farm. “I like to bring the community together — bring students who have never heard of it or never done it before,” Adler said. “It’s getting people from all different majors out there, I think that’s the best thing you can do.” To recruit volunteers, Adler and her team created Garden Club and received over 150 signatures at the Org Fair this past fall. Additionally, there is a Facebook group that alerts members of the workdays. Most of the returning volunteers come from word of mouth. “Just finding two or three people, they’re like, ‘Wow. I actually enjoyed that,’ so they’ll come each week and bring friends,” Adler said. “It’s just a cycle.” Her greatest reward is seeing the looks on students faces when the work on the garden for the first time. “Just getting everyo ne to come together from different majors, it’s like a safe space a place from Elon to destress,” Adler said. “Its interesting to see everyone’s reaction — falling in love with the garden, falling in love with nature again.” fin.



hrift and vintage shopping is an art form in all its glory. There is something mesmerizingly cathartic about sifting through racks of t-shirts and oversized sweaters. The moment a true gem is found really makes the whole process worthwhile. To ensure that each trip to Goodwill never ends empty handed, here are some outfits created solely with thrifted items to inspire you.



Looking for somewhere to shop? Burlington: Goodwill, Treasure House, U-Save, Salvation Army

Greensboro: Design Archives Emporium, Value Village, Nosilla Vintage, Wild-N-Crazy Vintage

Durham: Pennies for Change Thrift, Durham Rescue Mission, Refinements Resale Boutique, Habitat for Humanity Restore

Chapel Hill: PTA Thrift, Rumors, Clothes Mentor, Oddities & Such

High Point: Uptown Thrift and Consignment

28 |



April Concerts Thursday Night With Whit: Live Acoustic Set with Connor Whitaker April 2, 9pm The Oak House

North Carolina Symphony April 6, 7:30pm 1028 Georgia Rd - Franklin, NC

NC Azalea Festival

April 9, 7pm Miller Lite Main Stage, Cape Fear Community College, 411 North Front Street Wilmington, NC

Elle King

April 7, 8pm Lincoln Theatre - Raleigh, NC

Gavin DeGraw

April 8, 8pm Red Hat Amphitheater - Raleigh, NC

Kris Allen

April 2, 8pm Neighborhood Theatre - Charlotte, NC

Magic Man and the griswolds April 8, 7pm Cat’s Cradle - carrboro, NC

Mumford and Sons

April 14, 7:30pm Time Warner Cable Arena - Charlotte, NC

Elon’s TV Guide The Must-Sees of the Season KAYLA HOEY


Elon Student Television shows bring something to the screen for every interest, whether you’re looking for comedy (Elon Tonight), pop culture news (ETalk) or late night entertainment (Elon After Hours). Elon students are behind the production, talent and writing of all ESTV shows, which vary from weekly episodes to semester-long projects.

ETALK EXEC Abbey Maloney Executive Producer Joe Del Vecchio Executive Producer Courtney Campbell SHow producer

ETalk Who are your inspirations? The View, Entertainment Tonight, and Ellen. Active members? 25. Favorite segment?

Our only repeated segment is our A-block, which is when our hosts sit and talk about the celebrity gossip of the week. Our hosts always are passionate about the topics they bring to talk about, I think it’s very fun to listen to what they think.

Goals for the future?

We want to be able to stream more live shows. We have done three this year for award show red carpets, but I want to extend beyond red carpets when it comes to live streaming. We also want to improve the overall look of the show, which will happen with the new studio next semester. Lastly, it’s definitely a goal to become more known on campus, we have a few events in mind that we want to host to get our name out there more, our PR team has been doing a great job. 32 | ENTERTAINMENT

Melissa Douglas Show Producer Casey Santarpia Talent Coordinator and Assistant Show Producer Shannon Brits PR Director

Elon After Hours


ELon After Hours in one word? Creative. Number of active members? 10. Favorite segment? We love the Valentine’s Day sketch that we have made the past two years.


We hope to produce a live show show with a large audience.


Jimmy Fallon and other late night shows.


Elon Tonight Most fun set of this episode? • Tommy: Clue - Recreating one of my favorite board

games was a blast. We had an amazing cast and crew on set that day. Plus we filmed in a giant mansion. •Coreena:Non-Believers- Oneclassroom.Onegiantinflatable raptor costume. A lot of blooper footage from that day. • Bob: Can You Hang - The energy was high that day and the street level was low. We were able to make jokes and just have fun. Number of active members? Approximately 50 members.

Comedic inspiration?

We have a really large variety of voices so it’s hard to pin down one specific comedic inspiration, but we’re probably most like Key and Peele in terms of format.

Goals for the future?

We would really like to make Elon Tonight well known around campus and get as many viewers as possible. Elon Tonight is all about having fun while creating content that is funny and looks good. We’re a family and we maintain a balance between professionalism and being just a bunch of funny people who like to make videos.

When auditioning new actors you look for?

One big thing is flexibility- we shoot every weekend and we really like to have as many people as possible. But mostly we’re looking for funny people who want to make cool stuff with friends. ENTERTAINMENT | 33


MEET ELON’S CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVES Students work with the brands they love to represent their favorite companies on campus to make them more popular at Elon.



plastic flamingo was seen in a bush on Elon University’s campus. In pink chalk, “Flamingo is on...” was written on the pavement nearby. This unique marketing tool is being used by students representing the photo-sharing app, Flamingo. The app allows users to stream photos in real-time simply by tapping the “Start” button. From there, any photos taken with your camera will appear on the app, which can easily be shared with friends. Flamingo, like other small companies, has begun utilizing the popular campus representative strategy for marketing itself. According to HerCampus, campus reps, otherwise known as “brand reps” or “brand ambassadors” allow a company to easily spread the word

THE PERIWINKLE CO. The Periwinkle Co., which no longer exists, sold hair bows and bow ties and was run by two college guys from Minnesota.


about its products, attempting to appeal to the college demographic. Campus reps are an alternative to a typical internship, as it is less of a time commitment, but still looks great on a resume and can be an impressive talking point for interviews. Large companies like Victoria’s Secret PINK, Apple and Spotify have hired campus reps to market their products, but it is an even more effective strategy for start-up businesses such as Flamingo, where college students may not have otherwise heard about the company if it weren’t for campus reps. Campus reps are also an enticing tool for companies because college students are more likely to listen to their friends and peers about the hottest, latest

FLAMINGO The photo-sharing app, Flamingo allows users to stream photos in real-time simply by tapping the “Start” button. From there, any photos taken with your camera will appear on the app, which can easily be shared with friends.

Download now! ONFLAMINGO.COM

trends in pop culture, entertainment and technology. The millennial generation is always looking for the newest, fastest and trendiest products, and they will listen to other millennials before a press release or a TV advertisement persuades them to buy a product. Different types of campus reps exist — some advertising discount codes, while others attracting audiences through social media. Junior Katie Condon repped The Periwinkle Company, a bow company run by two college guys from Minnesota, her sophomore year. The company, which no longer exists, sold hair bows and bow ties, and their campus reps were responsible for bringing in revenue for the company. “If you promoted them and their Facebook page and they got a certain number of likes, that equaled a certain percentage off for a discount code,” Condon said. Condon learned of the company through word of mouth, and said it was appealing to Greek

organizations, as the company had access to specific prints that other companies could not produce. Sophomore Celina Barone heard about Flamingo through one of her friends, who was looking for a campus representative for Barone’s Greek organization. Barone said that Flamingo is especially appealing to college students because if you are at an event with friends, such as a sorority function, instead of sending dozens of photos to each other, it will appear in real-time on Flamingo, similar to a Facebook news feed, but specifically for photos. She mainly spreads awareness of the app through social media and word of mouth and checks in with the founders of Flamingo every Friday via Skype to discuss how the app is doing. “It’s helpful for them because they can get direct reviews of what college students are thinking of the app, any struggles that we have encountered and



Serengetee was started in 2012 by two college students and sells pocket tees—each pocket has a unique fabric from one of 25 different countries. 10 percent of Serengetee’s profit is donated to a variety of causes throughout the world, including Africa, Asia, and Central and South America.

generally how they can make it better,” Barone said. Barone recruited her friend, sophomore Katherine Wolter, to download the app and Wolter decided that it would be a great fit for her to become a campus rep, too. “I am a marketing major, so I really enjoy the idea of advertising for a new app,” Wolter said. “The app has


become very useful for me, so it is easy to promote a product that I truly enjoy using.” Junior Kristin Watkins was a representative for Serengetee, which was started in 2012 by two college students. The company’s main product is pocket tees—each pocket has a unique fabric from one of 25 different countries. 10 percent of Serengetee’s profit is donated to a variety of causes throughout

“with such a small campus like Elon, things are easily able to be mass promoted through word of mouth and social media.” - Celina Barone the world, including Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. As a campus rep, Watkins shared photos sent to her by Serengetee on social media. She advertised the shirts with a unique discount code with her name attached — if people used her discount, Watkins received money to use at Serengetee’s online store. Though each company is unique in its campus rep marketing strategies, it is generally successful in targeting the college demographic. “Not many students would know about Flamingo if we weren’t promoting it as hard as we are,” Barone said. “Especially with such a small campus like Elon, things are easily able to be mass promoted through word of mouth and social media.” Wolter agreed that representing a company is an effective tool, especially in a college setting. With a variety of representatives in organizations throughout campus, each will tell their friends, who will pass along information to others that they know, eventually becoming one big web. “It’s good that there are people like us to push others to download the app,” Wolter said. “I don’t think I would have heard about Flamingo if it weren’t for campus reps.” For bigger companies, Watkins said that she doesn’t think reps are at all beneficial since their

products are already popular. “It’s great for companies who want to get their name out there and increase their profits,” Watkins said. Condon said for the most part, reps are an effective tool for companies, and that some use a more aggressive style to reach audiences. “My roommate was a rep for Serengetee and she had to do a lot of publicity for them,” Condon said. “I had never heard of the company before, so their aggressive style definitely worked.” Condon warned that though most campus rep programs are great, some do take advantage of students who work for them. “I have heard of some campus rep experiences where they want money from you or they ask for too much personal information,” Condon said. “There are also some companies that are very reliable, so obviously use your discretion.” Barone has found success recruiting her friends on Elon’s campus to download Flamingo and she only sees more growth for the company in the future. “The founders of Flamingo told us that they have started the campus rep program with over 30 colleges,” Barone said. “As it spreads to each college, it begins to intermingle and eventually will be used by college students nationwide.” fin.



isclaimer: I have never been a runner. The last distance race I ran was in fourth grade. My photo made it into the newspaper – but only because it was a staged shot before the race began. I crossed the finish line somewhere around tenth from last. That’s how all my distance running has gone from then to now. Public school gym class meant running the mile for a state assessment. I usually walked at least half of it. I made sure to say it was because I didn’t want to sweat out my hair or because I didn’t care enough. The truth was, my flexibility and sit-up scores soared above my distance running numbers because I couldn’t run distances. When I tried, my throat would start feeling like sandpaper, my chest would tighten and my head would start hurting. But at 21 years old, nearly six years after I run-walked my last state assessment mile, I am 40 | FEATURES

training for a 5k. In all of those years, I stayed in shape by dancing – a high intensity, short duration workout that toned my muscles and sustained my flexibility. Used to doing my workouts in front of a mirror, I have always been selfconscious about my running form. Concerned about a burning throat and tightening chest, I felt the need to be on a treadmill. Certain I wouldn’t stay on track if I wasn’t held accountable, so I sought the help of a gym buddy: my roommate, Morgan, the person who suggested we run a 5k before we graduate. I first thought about getting into running almost a year before Morgan’s proposition. There were multiple people in my life who made it look so easy – and made it seem so fun. Neither of those adjectives quite fit my experience of running, but a similar word comes to mind: freeing. Also note the root word: free. In thinking about

TAKING SETBACKS IN STRIDe. Renewing my determination to keep running Danielle Deavens SENIOR REPORTER

how to stay healthy and fit after graduation, I realized that real gyms in the real world will not accept a university ID to get into a gym. Memberships cost money, but running does not. So when Morgan put forth the challenge, I eagerly accepted, certain that I would remain determined. Over winter break, I downloaded the Couch to 5k app on my phone, got a new workout wardrobe for Christmas, and bought fresh packs of sweat-resistant socks in preparation. Throughout, I hit the Station at Mill Point gym hard, making it through four weeks of the eight-week program. Then senior spring hit. I said I would run to get my beach body ready for spring break. Instead, I picked out

high-waist bikini bottoms and a patterned one-piece to make up for falling off the wagon. I made excuses for skipping a workout – that I had too much homework or was coming down with a cold. That is, until I met Haley Ghelfi. She’s a runner through and through. She runs every day outside, with no music, just her own thoughts and the scenery around her. She inspired me to get back in the gym and finish what I started. I may not be running half-marathons anytime soon, but I know I can make it to the end of my program. Maybe I’ll even take a page out of Haley’s book and leave the technology at home – I’ve been running for the sake of the 5k, when I really should be running just for me.

“She inspired me to get back in the gym and finish what i started”



Run, Baby Run. Elon student Haley Ghelfi shares her experiences with long distance running, including over 15 half-marathons


lon junior Haley Ghelfi settles into the gray Moseley student center couch, wearing yoga pants, a dri-fit tank and sneakers – the perfect outfit to transition from class to an afternoon run. Ghelfi has run over 15 half-marathons – she lost count a few years ago – as well as full marathons in seven states, and a marathon through the mountains of Spain during her semester abroad. She runs five to seven days a week, totaling up to 45 miles a week during peak training, and buys a new pair of running shoes every three to five months. Ghelfi is my aspirant spirit animal. And she was gracious enough to lend me some of her lifelong runner wisdom.

How did you get into running? All of my family runs. My mom’s been running sinceshe was 13 – she ran five miles a day starting when she was 13. She ran her first marathon when she was 18 or 19. It kind of just came with the territory.

Have you always been an avid runner? There was a time that I didn’t like to – early junior high, sixth, seventh grade, I swore off running. I thought I hated it. And then my sister signed us up for a half marathon when I was in 8th grade so I was running it when I was in 9th grade. And then I started running more regularly again.

Treadmill or sidewalk? I only really run outside, I can’t run indoors. On the treadmill I feel so confined, and like I’m running only 42 | FEATURES

for the purpose of running, but when you’re outside you get to see stuff. You get to actually go to a place and run somewhere. Even if it’s just a lake here on campus, at least I’m mobile. Fresh air just feels a lot better to me. If you ever go from running only indoors to only outdoors, it’s a drastic change. I last like two miles on the treadmill and then I’m done. If you’re outside, you’re just running wherever you feel like going.

How do you find the time to run so often? It’s kind of just something that I’ve been so used to. I’ve run five to seven days a week since I was 14. I used to run only in the mornings because it was when it fit in my schedule, especially with high school. But now it’s like whenever I feel like fitting it into my day. I’m a lot more relaxed about running now than I used to be. I used to be, every morning I ran at 6am, no matter what. And then when I got to college it was more of like when I fit it in.

Do you have a running ritual? For races I do. Before a race, like a half marathon or a marathon, I usually eat the night before at like 5, and then the day of I’ll wake up probably three hours before the race or so and eat something more, like a bagel and peanut butter or a bagel and cream cheese, just something easy on your stomach.

What is i t like to run different distances? “I don’t usually run very many races that aren’t as long. Most races I don’t take too seriously. It’s just fun. I always try to tell my friends, “talk to people,” because everybody that’s running it, they’re usually pretty happy and they usually want to talk. At the end, it’s the best feeling of exhaustion you’ll feel. You’re so tired but you know that your body worked so hard for it. Everything just feels good even if you’re exhausted and you can’t move for the rest of the day. It’s a good kind of tired.

Do you have any post-race tips? Just enjoying it – embrace the finish line because it’s just so fun. Some races have food and snacks at the end. Just hanging out at the finish line is my best thing for right after the race. It feels good; everybody just did what you just did, so they all know how you feel.

Everybody’s usually pretty friendly. That’s how you feel really good at the end – everybody else is happy too.

Do you have a music playlist for your long runs? I usually don’t run with much music. When I run with other people, they do have music, so I just have them do it out loud. Otherwise, I don’t really bring any with me. A lot of people ask me, “wouldn’t you just get bored if you run for that long?” I’ve never gotten bored. You can entertain yourself; you can look at what’s going on around you. I think it’s the best time to just be calm and with your own thoughts. That’s one of the most enjoyable parts of it, is the calm and not having any distractions.

What has been your favorite race? For half-marathons, there’s one in Monterey, California called Big Sur. It was the first half-marathon I ever ran and then I did it three more years after that. It’s one of my favorites because you run at least ten miles of it you can see the ocean. My favorite full marathon was probably in St. George, Utah. [Before the race] they bus you out to the middle of nowhere and set up these huge bonfires because it’s so cold at like 6 in the morning. They had ice cream at the finish and a huge party at the finish line.

What is it like being in a family of runners? My brothers run pretty competitively. Both of them ran in college. Now they’re running farther races than marathons. There’s a distance that’s ultra-marathon, which is anything farther than a marathon. My oldest brother is six years older than me started probably six years ago, and has run 31-mile races, 50-mile races, 62-mile races and hundred-mile races. It amazes me. I don’t do that, but I watch. It’s a whole new distance and a new racing game. It’s unreal what they do.

How do you make sure you don’t push too hard and pass out or get sick? I have this goal in every race that I have to be able to smile. If I can’t smile, then I have to slow down. I can smile for every camera on the course. That’s usually my goal. fin.


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THE EDGE April 2016  

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THE EDGE April 2016  

Volume 7, Edition 3 of The Edge, Magazine of the Pendulum

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