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Young sailor’s solo voyage for mental health

FREYA TERRY, a 21-year-old yachting instructor from Pembrokeshire, is embarking on a solo sailing adventure around Great Britain and Ireland, covering an impressive 2,300 nautical miles. If successful, she will become the youngest and first female sailor to achieve this feat. However, Terry insists that her voyage is far more than just a recordsetting challenge; it is a profound journey intertwined with her personal battle with mental health.

Having started sailing at the tender age of 11, the same period her mental health challenges began, Terry has found solace and identity on the water, away from her struggles with isolation and trust during her formative years. “Sailing has given me a personality

outside of my mental health struggles,” Terry believes. This journey represents not just a physical challenge but also a culmination of a decade-long battle with her mental health. Throughout her adolescence, Terry experienced significant difficulties during her transition to secondary school, which were compounded by issues in forming friendships. “It was lots of little things, and then I struggled with the transition into secondary school as well as making friendships,” she recounted. The challenges escalated to more severe problems, leading her to isolate herself and retreat from conversations with family and health professionals. Now, as she prepares her boat at Neyland Marina, Terry reflects on the darker times,

including nights she ran away from home, self-harmed, and struggled in silence. Her turning point came with the support from the Amethyst Project in Cardigan, Ceredigion, which helped her realize she was not alone in her struggles. “It showed me that I wasn’t on my own in this and that it kind of was a real thing, that other people were struggling with as well and that it wasn’t my fault that this was happening, which was huge for me,” she explained.

The support has not only helped her but also stunned those close to her, including her mother, Julie Campbell. The 60-year-old expressed both pride and apprehension about her daughter’s daring venture. “I mean, I do have confidence in her as a sailor, but as a mum, I am just terrified,” Campbell admitted. Despite the fears, she

acknowledged the growth and unexpected confidence in her daughter, who was once overwhelmed by day-today survival.

For Terry, the challenge ahead is daunting not just because of the physical demands of the journey, but also because it involves opening up about her mental health struggles—a topic she finds particularly tough to discuss. “The bit I’m most scared of or most nervous about is talking to people and talking about mental health because it’s really difficult and I think that’s okay to say but I’m doing it anyway,” she courageously stated.

As Terry sets sail, her story is not just about setting records but also about breaking the stigma surrounding mental health, showing that personal challenges can transform into powerful narratives of hope and resilience.

Mother-of-two drove on cocaine

A MOTHER-of-two who ‘took a chance’ by driving on cocaine despite being disqualified for a previous drug-drive conviction has been ordered off the roads for four years.

Appearing before Haverfordwest magistrates this week was 42-yearold Donna Jones who pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle when she was over the specified drug limit on cocaine and the cocaine derivative, benzoylecgonine.

She admitted additional charges of driving whilst disqualified and of using a vehicle without third party insurance.

Police officers saw Jones driving a Renault Clio through Narberth just before 11pm on November 10, 2023. When they stopped the vehicle, they noticed a strong smell of cannabis emanating from the interior of the car.

“Checks carried out by the officers showed that the defendant had been disqualified from driving until April 2025,” said

Crown Prosecutor Linda Baker.

“Her previous convictions took place in 2018 and 2022.”

Meanwhile probation officer Julie Norman told the magistrates that on November 10, Jones had travelled to Pembrokeshire from her home in Belvedere Avenue, Carmarthen, to attend her god-daughter’s funeral.

“After the funeral she went back to the family home in Preseli and although she wasn’t drinking alcohol, she took some cocaine,” she said.

“She then drove back from Preseli to Carmarthen but she got lost and ended up in Narberth. That’s where the police found her. That day, she just took a chance.”

Jones was sentenced to 20 weeks in custody, suspended for 12 months. She must also carry out 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days, She was banned from driving for a total of 48 months and must pay a £154 surcharge and £85 costs.

Sentenced for urinating in police cell

A PEMBROKE man has been sentenced for spitting repeatedly inside a police van and urinating inside a police cell.

Rowan Clark was arrested by officers at around 11pm on April 24 following reports that he was drunk and disorderly in Main Street, Pembroke.

Seeing that he had sustained cuts to his right hand, the officers decided to transport him to Withybush Hospital for treatment.

“When they reached the hospital, he spat multiple times in the police van and as a result, was arrested for criminal damage,” Crown Prosecutor Linda Baker told Haverfordwest magistrates this week.

Clark, 23, of Main Street, Pembroke pleaded guilty to being drunk ad disorderly and two additional charges of causing criminal damage to the police van and police cell. He was legally represented in court by solicitor Tom Lloyd.

“My client had been consuming alcohol heavily at the time, but had abstained for two weeks,” he said. “That day, he’d drunk for the first time and he went completely overboard, drinking shots.”

Clark was fined £80 and ordered to pay £250 compensation to Dyfed Powys Police. He must also pay £85 costs and a £32 surcharge.

“He was taken to Haverfordwest police station where he urinated in the police cell.”

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Tom Sinclair

Topless man sentenced for violent home invasion

KANE WATSON, 24, was sentenced to a total of 14 months in prison for assaulting a woman in her own home in the middle of the night, which put him in breach of a suspended sentence order.

Swansea Crown Court heard last week that Watson had taken “a cocktail of drugs” when he broke into a woman’s home and punched her in the face, before later being restrained whilst topless and frothing at the mouth outside a pub.

“You started drinking heavily,” Judge Huw Rees said. “You took steroids to start bulking up. You hadn’t slept in three days and you took LSD for the first time. You do not remember what happened, save for your last memory of fighting with the police, thinking the police were trying to kill you. It’s deplorable violence in the complainant’s own home. That sums up how much of a coward you are. Or how much drugs can make you a coward.”

Prosecutor Harry Dickens recounted the terrifying ordeal, stating that the victim was in bed with her husband at around 12.20am on 30th March when they heard banging at their door and someone asking if anyone was there. They got out of bed and saw the defendant standing about four foot away outside their bedroom.

“He said he was afraid and said ‘They’re going to get me’,” Mr Dickens said. When she asked him what he was afraid of, he replied ‘Death. I’m afraid of death’. Watson then stepped forward as if to head back downstairs, but instead punched the woman in the face.

Her husband chased Watson out of the house, and she called the police. When officers arrived, the victim was described as “visibly shaken,” Mr Dickens said. The victim later stated that she now felt “vulnerable” after the incident and that it had left her “a bit of a mess.” She mentioned that she had previously

felt safe leaving her door unlocked, but now checks multiple times that it is locked.

Watson was detained by the public outside a pub whilst topless and “frothing at the mouth,” and he was taken to Withybush Hospital after being arrested.

Watson, of Long Mains in Monkton, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm. This put him in breach of a suspended sentence order.

In mitigation, Stuart John said: “The best place for him to

start dealing with the problems which caused him to offend is in a custodial environment. He was under the influence of a cocktail of drugs and had various other issues. The defendant, at the time, really wasn’t himself.” Mr John explained that Watson had been in a drug-induced psychosis when he committed the offence and had not specifically targeted the house or the victim.

As well as jailing Watson, Judge Rees granted the victim a fiveyear restraining order.

Sian Batchelor: Police issue new appeal for information

Dyfed-Powys Police is continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a woman.

Sian Batchelor, aged 32, was found on a beach near Pennar, Pembroke Dock on Tuesday evening, April 30th, 2024.

Police told this newspaper today that rumours circulating in Pembroke Dock that an arrest has been made in connection with Sian’s death are false.

A spokesperson said: “Sian’s death is being treated as unexplained

and no arrests have been made at this time.

“Police would like to hear from anyone with information, sightings of Sian or contact from Sian between Thursday 25th to Tuesday 30th of April.

Dyfed-Powys Police can be contacted either online at: DPPContactOnline, by emailing , or by calling 101. If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired text the nonemergency number on 07811 311 908.

Quote reference: DP20240430-284

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New County Council leader’s Cabinet chosen

NEW LEADER of Pembrokeshire County Council Jon Harvey has picked his Cabinet, with some notable changes, including the face of the council’s finance stepping down.

At the May 10 annual meeting of Pembrokeshire County Council, Pembroke St Mary North member Cllr Harvey beat fellow leadership hopeful Conservative group leader Di Clements by 30 votes to 27, following former leader David Simpson announcing he was to step down after seven years in the top job.

Cllr Harvey said the responsibility of taking the role of leader was “not one I take lightly,” saying he would bring “compassion, transparency, and integrity”.

He said there was a need for the political groups to work together for the good of Pembrokeshire.

He added: “If we work together for a common purpose and common goals, we can make a real difference for the residents we serve.

“Let’s work together; neither I nor the Cabinet have a monopoly on good ideas, speak to us. To this end I look forward to meeting with all the political groups on a regular basis.”

At that meeting he said Deputy Leader Cllr Paul Miller would continue in his role, the other Cabinet positions being decided this week.

Cllr Harvey, yesterday, May 14, announced his new Cabinet, with two councillors Joshua Beynon and Jacob Williams joining the Cabinet for the first time.

It also sees the face of council finances and budgets, Cllr Alec Cormack stepping down from Cabinet duties.

Cllr Beynon will be responsible for the Corporate Finance and Efficiencies portfolio while Cllr Williams will be responsible for Planning and Regulatory Services.

The rest of the Cabinet will see many familiar faces remaining.

Leader Cllr Harvey said: “I am delighted to announce my Cabinet which retains a strong mix of experienced Members who know and understand their portfolios, but also adds new ideas and new ways of thinking through Cllrs Beynon and Williams.

“I thank Cllr Cormack for all his work as Member for Corporate Finance over the last few years during

a testing economic period and I now look forward to getting to work with my Cabinet colleagues and delivering on the council’s priority of working together, improving lives.”

Cllr Beynon, who has an economics degree and previously worked in budgeting for Hywel Dda University Health board in Ceredigion, said: “What I bring to the role is a willingness to listen and will also ensure we get value for money in public services and what matters to people.”

The Pembroke Dock Central councillor, first

elected seven years ago, added: “I’m looking forward to the role, it builds on my educational and professional experience, I’m really looking forward to listening to all sides of the chamber.”

Cabinet meets for the first time on Monday, May 20, at 10am.

The full Cabinet is:

• Cllr Jon Harvey, Leader of Council.

• Cllr Paul Miller – Deputy Leader of Council and Cabinet Member for Place, the Region and Climate Change.

• Cllr Tessa Hodgson – Cabinet Member for Social Care and Safeguarding.

• Cllr Michelle Bateman – Cabinet Member for Housing.

• Cllr Neil Prior –Cabinet Member for Communities, Corporate Improvement and the Well-being of Future Generations.

• Cllr Jacob Williams –Cabinet Member for Planning & Regulatory Services.

• Cllr Joshua Beynon –Cabinet Member for Corporate Finance and Efficiencies.

• Cllr Rhys Sinnett –Cabinet Member for Residents Services.

• Cllr Guy Woodham –Cabinet Member for Education and Welsh Language.

Labour cabinet appointment attacked

THE APPOINTMENT of another Labour member to the County Council’s Cabinet has sparked criticism from opposition councillors.

As set out in Bruce Sinclair’s article, Pembroke Dock councillor Joshua Beynon replaces outgoing Cabinet Member for Finance Alec Cormack, a Liberal Democrat.

Joshua Beynon joins fellow Labour councillors Paul Miller and Guy Woodham in the Cllr Cormack, who piloted the Council’s controversial Council Tax package through this year’s budget-setting process, had the unenviable job of trying to fill former councillor Bob Kilmister’s shoes in a portfolio that is often a lightning rod for disgruntled members.

Cllr Jacob Williams, the unaffiliated former Chair of the Planning Committee, also joins the Cabinet as the member for Planning and Regulation.

Conservative councillor Rhys Jordan said:

Jon Coles

“Increasing the number of Labour Cabinet members shows already that the Leader was not serious about working cross-party and is more interested in keeping the Deputy Leader [Cllr Paul Miller] happy.”

Cllr Aled Thomas, one of the authority’s member champions for the Welsh language, described the Cabinet as “yet another kick in the face for Welsh speakers across the county as well as a lack of representation for residents in the north of the county.

“Cllr Jon Harvey is showing his utter contempt for the Welsh Language by not appointing any Welshspeaking Cabinet Members.”

New Independent Group leader, Cllr Huw Murphy, said the new Cabinet was “now more South Pembrokeshire-centric than of his predecessor, with no Welsh speakers and only two Cabinet members north

Fined for missing probation

REECE BatesonFennick, a 30-year-old resident, was fined £120 and ordered to pay £60 in costs after admitting to failing to comply with his community order. The court noted that Bateson-Fennick missed two probation appointments in April, violating terms set earlier by the same court.

Jailed for eight weeks

JASON Wayne Pearce, 47, from Penmaesglas Road, Aberystwyth, received an eight-week prison sentence for flagrantly disregarding court orders. Pearce admitted to breaching a domestic violence protection order by contacting a restricted individual and entering a prohibited location.



of East Williamston”.

“It’s regrettable that before forming his Cabinet, the newly-elected Leader did not reach out to the largest political group, but entirely expected.

“Cllr Harvey failed to gain the support of the majority of members on May 10, which is an inauspicious start, and he will have severe challenges passing policies at full Council if genuine collaboration is not made.

“Cllr Harvey needs to understand that collaboration is not a one-way street, and his new Cabinet continues the divide of his predecessor.”

Council leader Jon Harvey directly addressed Cllr Murphy’s claims when the Herald raised them with him.

Cllr Harvey told us: “I had already invited the leaders of the Independent Political Group and Conservative Group to meet with me before these statements came out and I look forward to working constructively with all Councillors.”

faces several charges relating to the supply of non-compliant electronic cigarettes. His cases have been adjourned to May 20, 2024, for pleas.

Warrant for man’s arrest issued

ASHLEE Rees, 22, from Flemish Court, Lamphey, Pembroke, faces a warrant for arrest after failing to comply with the terms of his community order, which has been deemed unworkable due to the unpaid work component.

Defendant’s ill health delays case


withdrawn THE COURT withdrew proceedings against Kane Watson, 24, currently at Swansea Prison, Oystermouth Road, regarding his failure to comply with a suspended sentence order due to his current imprisonment for unrelated charges.

Senior Citizen fined for Speeding

ALAN Keith France, 72, from Erw Lon, Pen y Cwm, Haverfordwest, made a statutory declaration regarding a prior conviction and pleaded guilty to speeding over the limit on a restricted road. He was fined £100, and his driving record was endorsed with three penalty points.

E-Cigarettes were ‘non compliant’

SALAR Jaff, owner of High St Vape Zone Ltd, based on High Street, Haverfordwest,

ADAM Taylor, 36, from Heol Yr Ysgol, Hilltop, Ebbw Vale, had his community order revocation and resentencing adjourned to June 3, 2024. The court requires further time to serve the summons due to Taylor’s ill health.


secures multiple liability orders IN a significant administrative action, Pembrokeshire County Council was granted 10 liability orders related to non-domestic rates and 196 for council tax non-payment. Several other orders were either withdrawn or settled by payment.

Pembroke woman fined for animal cruelty

NATALIE Jane Morris, 40, from Axton Hill, Pembroke was fined £1,350 and had her community order revoked due to repeated failures in attending mandated sessions and not maintaining contact with her responsible officer. Morris was initially convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a horse.

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Bruce Sinclair Local Democracy Reporter

Pembrokeshire artist ‘lost £61k in motorhome scam’


artist Claire Howell of Eglwyswrw is one of up to 50 potential victims of an alleged fraud. It concerns Steve Mann Caravans, a dealership based in North Yorkshire.

Clare, 59, who also works as a consultant, dreamt doing art full time in retirement. After selling her house, she bought her first motorhome in 2022 and began travelling around Europe with her two French Bulldogs, Olive and Sybil.

Speaking to The Herald on Wednesday, Claire explained that she finds ‘inspiration’ for her artwork while travelling. “It is a life I

chelcie Allford


have worked hard towards for many years, and it makes me so happy,” she said. She says that she lost £61,500 in the alleged scam. Despite an ongoing police investigation, she has been advised there is ‘little chance’ of recovering her money. In response, Clare set up a ‘GoFundMe’ page to raise funds for a class action lawsuit against the company. When initially alerted to the investigation, there were 30 victims, but that number has since risen to 50 and is ‘steadily growing.’

In January 2022, Clare put down a deposit for a new motorhome, expecting delivery by June 2022. She chose Steve Mann Caravans as they were an approved ‘Etrusco’ dealership, a popular motorhome manufacturer.

“June came and went,” Clare recounted, yet her motorhome never arrived. When questioned, Steve Mann, the dealership owner, cited delays in transporting the motorhome to Italy for collection.

Clare sought assistance from the Facebook group ‘Motorhome Happiness,’ where she found an exdisplay motorhome within her budget, which she purchased.

Returning to the UK at the end of 2022, Clare planned another trip in May and booked her motorhome for the journey.

During this period, she maintained consistent contact with Mann.

Mann later informed Clare that her new motorhome was ready for collection and requested the remaining balance of £61,101, which she paid. Clare then faced a “massive dilemma” about transferring paperwork and insurance from one motorhome to another.

Mann suggested he could sell the new motorhome for Clare, charging a £2,000 brokerage fee. He confirmed the sale in June 2022 for £76,500, with a £5,000 deposit from third-party buyers. Clare requested Mann send her £3,000, allowing him to keep the brokerage fee.

However, Mann still owed Clare £74,500. “I was chasing him regularly, asking when are you going to complete the sale?” Clare said.

In October 2023, Mann claimed the sale was completed and the funds were forthcoming, but Clare received no money despite “almost daily phone calls and texts” with Mann.

“I was never led to believe that anything dodgy was going on,” Clare said. Mann blamed his bank, claiming the money was in a ‘suspense account’ and inaccessible.

Mann suggested sending cheques for the full amount, but the first cheque bounced, and the second was cancelled by Mann himself.

Mrs Howell told the Herald that Mann, feeling ‘embarrassed,’ arranged a £10,000 bank transfer from his personal investments. However, it became “more apparent that there was a cashflow issue.”

In December, Mann sent a screenshot of a £25,000 transfer confirmation, but no money arrived in Clare’s account.

“There were hundreds and hundreds of texts sent back and forth,” Clare said.

In January 2024, Clare suggested Mann repay her in instalments of £5,000 a week, which Mann agreed to, but no payments were made.

Realising “something proper dodgy was going on,” Clare received an unexpected email from ‘’ representing Drivalia Lease UK Ltd. They informed her the financing agreement for the motorhome had ended without payment.

Mrs Howell responded that she neither had the motorhome nor had been paid for its sale. The company advised her to contact North Yorkshire Police following an internal investigation.

Clare feels ‘desperate’ and ‘utterly powerless.’ She sold all her investments to buy and convert a house into a café and community hub for Eglwyswrw, but can no longer afford to continue.

“I’m desperate now, and if I don’t retrieve the money, I’ll have to sell my motorhome. It’s a luxury item, but it means the world to me. I’m a single mum who’s worked hard for my dream.”

When Clare first experienced repayment issues, she contacted the Erwin Hymer Group, manufacturers of Etrusco motorhomes. They subsequently withdrew their dealership from Steve Mann Caravans.

“They haven’t helped me in any way; they were only worried about their brand,” Clare said.

Mrs Howell now faces selling the property next door and her motorhome.

“At 59, I have no chance of earning that money back. I’m in debt for the first time in years. It’s a horrible situation.”

“There is no real support for anyone in my situation,” Clare said, explaining the impact on her mental health and life. “It’s all-consuming. I wake up questioning why me? It’s had an impact on everything.”

Clare doubts she will raise the full £61,500 on her ‘GoFundMe’ page

but hopes to fund a class action lawsuit, her father’s cataract surgery, and a holiday for her son, who recently lost his best friend.

She is aware of other similar cases involving Steve Mann but knows of no other victims in her case.

“Steve Mann has had a direct impact on the community and myself,” Clare said.

The Herald understands that North Yorkshire Police are also probing alleged money laundering at Steve Mann Caravans, which was founded as a mobile repair business in 1991 and is run by Mr Mann, his wife Alison and son James.

A workshop opened in Ilkley in 2007, before the company moved to larger premises in Harrogate in 2017 and expanded into second-hand sales.

The business is now believed to be closed with a number of vehicles remaining on the forecourt. North Yorkshire Police told this newspaper: “Three people have been arrested on suspicion of fraud and money laundering in connection with a caravan business in North Yorkshire.

“The arrests are part of a complex investigation by North Yorkshire Police into the company. Officers are investigating fraud offences involving around 50 victims.

“A 38-year-old man, a 62-year-old woman and a 65-year-old man were arrested on suspicion of fraud and money laundering on Tuesday 30 April 2024. They have since been released and remain under investigation.

“As is usual with complex investigations of this nature, it is anticipated that enquiries will take a long time to complete.

“If anyone believes they may be affected by the investigation, please call North Yorkshire Police on 101 and pass information for reference number 12240018133.”

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Last year: A lucky customer who received their caravan Closed: Steve Mann’s business is now shuttered Unlikely to be reimbursed: Claire Howell

Immigration, war, voting and changing the cracked record

WAR and immigration seem the preferred election themes for the current government, as its easier to get people to vote against, out of fear of a threat than to vote for. A bright plan for improvement is missing.

There is a passion among people for solutions, extinguished by the dead hand of power. Take immigration - if there was a positive alternative, a safe route, who would be tempted to risk drowning and deportation? Not so many.

Pembs and Ceredigion have led the UK in showing the right way to do immigration. In a year or two the families we welcomed under community sponsorship of refugees have become part of the economic fabric of our society, not refugees, just locals. A researcher preparing a new policy to offer to government for immigration came to see for herself how it had worked out. She had two days and raced around meeting representatives of families sponsored by our communities. One was interviewed in his busy barbers shop while he cut hair to the amusement of his customers, another had worked til 3am, and called in to a breakfast meeting after 4 hours sleep. With others we met the family while Dad could only say hello over the counter while working. The kids had great local accents. They are builders, caterers, engineers. They all expressed their appreciation for Wales and their warm community. For years we have tried to tell successive immigration ministers to use this fool-proof scheme for safe passage. If immigrants had this option, most would use their time and money to develop needed skills and find a community that would like to welcome and integrate them. It’s an approach that appeals to the right and left equally because its common sense. So it is ignored. Maybe a new government will have more nouce.

The worst thing happening in the world right now, other than the wholescale destruction of nature and climate, is the mass killing, the wipe out of a nation

in the middle east. As reported previously our local group Cwtch Pals is offering scintillas of solutions – tiny but solid . I went to London seeking ways to do more. I joined in some ground breaking strides forward, only lacking the political ground to step onto. In parliament a debate on visas for Palestinians similar to homes for Ukranians happened when most MPs go home. Unusually it was packed. Furthermore it was unique in memory that MPs from across the political spectrum, every main and many small parties all agreed. All spoke from the heart, in the lee of a deluge of letters and visits from constituents, begging that we help by rescuing at least some of the victims of this Genocide in our time, which the UK initiated and is arming, funding and protecting from international interference.

The MPs asked for a scheme,

a pre-arranged speech which he delivered like a clockwork toy when you let go of its key, complete with programmed arm gestures. Its content was Israel’s public statements. Hearing the mechanical minister reminded me exactly of what my Aunt wrote of the Nazis who arrested her when she was locked up for being Jewish. She observed their aggresive words were parroted, they were not acting for themselves but out of devotion to their master.

the minimum request was that UK families could bring orphaned children related to them to their homes to belong again. The numbers would be small, the cost negligeable, supported by their UK tax paying family. I was with big name MPs – Caroline Lucas, George Galloway, Jeremy Corbyn, and friends from home, Liz Saville Roberts and Ben Lake.

Hearing the speakers, unveiling history and current events, and sharing the desperation of constituents and their unbearable shame at UK failure and complicity in this crime of our time, I felt, this is democracy. A rare sense of pride in the UK took me back to my post war childhood, like waking up from a bad dream and hearing the birds. But this moment passed when the Minister responded. He did not respond to what others had said, he had

Afterwards I thanked MPs, some restraining tears. Who else could help release the stranglehold choking our reputation and humanity? As a justification for siding with Israel is protection of the jewish faith, I joined a meeting of the non zionist British Jews in Na’amod. It was the day it launched a challenge to the Board of Deputies who say they speak for all Jews in the UK. Evidently they don’t: Na’amod alone has over 400 members and recently doubled its numbers. More Jews who feel the same, do not join. The BOD conflate the honourable justice loving religion of Judaism with the actions of one nation which has a majority Jewish population. They go after any party or influential organisation which has a member critical of that nation. I know, I was one of its victims, I didn’t mind it was predictable. This criticism is defined as antisemitism –an offence. The BOD too are serving this master no matter what.

Cwtch Pals can no longer rescue families from Gaza, the borders are closed, the food trucks burn, people are driven like animals from place to place with the bombs and tanks following. We are working with a mothers group like ours only in Egypt helping families now safe including those we rescued. They need shelter and succour but they also need cultural healing. We aim to fund a place for children to play and parents, especially Mums to meet, a cultural centre. When bigger acts are possible we can do more. Come to the fundraising gig, or to donate get in touch.

MPs vote for visas Na’amod non zio British Jews

Teenager disqualified from driving after taking cannabis

A 19-YEAR-OLD motorist has been ordered off the roads after being caught driving after consuming cannabis.

Police officers stopped Robbie Ralph at around 6.15pm on November 15 as he drove his black Volkswagen Polo on the A40 between Slebech and Canaston Bridge.

“Officers stopped the vehicle because its rear number plate was unclear as a result of dirt,” Crown Prosecutor Linda Baker told Haverfordwest magistrates this week.

When officers spoke to the defendant, they noticed a strong smell of cannabis emanating from inside the vehicle. A roadside drugs wipe proved positive and Ralph was conveyed to a police custody suite where further blood tests to be carried out. These gave a Delta-9

tetrahydrocannabinol reading of 4.6; the legal limit is 2.

Ralph, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to a charge of drugdriving. He was legally represented in court by Mr Michael Kelleher who informed magistrates his client had consumed the drug the previous evening.

“This was a dreadful mistake for him, however it’s not recognised by many people that when you take drugs, they hang around in your system for a lot longer than you’d expect,” he said.

“This has been a complete disaster and the future for my client looks very bleak.”

Ralph, of Cardigan Road, Haverfordwest, was disqualified from driving for a total of 12 months. He was fined £120 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £48 surcharge.

Drunken motorist sentenced for being in charge of Audi A4

A 54-YEAR-OLD motorist has appeared before magistrates after staggering drunkenly into his Audi A4 before placing the keys in the ignition and turning on music.

The motorist was observed by police officers just before 1am on April 27 as he approached his Audion the B4585 at Manorbier.

“The man was seen staggering towards the officers before getting into the Audi,” Crown Prosecutor Linda Baker told Haverfordwest magistrates this week.

“They then heard music coming from inside the vehicle. As they approached, they saw Shaun Lees sitting in the driver’s seat with the key in the ignition. When they spoke to him his speech was slurred.”

A roadside breath test was carried out which proved positive, giving a reading of 80 mcg. The legal limit is 35.

Four arrested on suspicion of rape


looking into a serious allegation of rape and sexual assault that took place in Saundersfoot on Saturday (May 11) have made arrests, The Herald can confirm.

Four males, aged 22, 21, 20 and 19 were arrested on suspicion

of rape. They have now been released pending further enquiries.

Lees, of Dewing Avenue, Manorbier, pleaded guilty to being in charge of a motor vehicle when he was above the legal alcohol limit.

He was represented in court by Mr Michael Kelleher.

“My client’s intention was to get something out of the car and then walk home, as he only lives around half a mile away,” he said.

“He didn’t start the car, and he wasn’t aware that a policeman was watching him.”

Mr Kelleher told the court that the defendant has been employed as a civil servant for the past 21 years.

“This offence was a big mistake, but my client never intended to drive the vehicle that night,” he said.

Lees was fined £266 and ordered to pay a £106 surcharge and £85 costs. His licence was endorsed with ten penalty points.

A police spokesperson told The Pembrokeshire Herald on Thursday (May 16): “Dyfed Powys is investigating an allegation of rape and sexual assault that took place in Saundersfoot on May 11. The victim is being supported by specialist officers.

“Four men, aged 22, 21, 20 and 19 have been arrested on suspicion of rape. All four have been released on conditional bail pending further police enquiries.

Police attended Mount following reports of man’s death


SERVICES were called to the Mount Estate in Milford Haven on Friday (May 10) following reports that a man had sadly died. Police remained at the property whilst

investigations were carried out.

A spokesperson for Dyfed-Powys Police told The Herald on Thursday: “We received a report of a sudden death of a man, at a property in The

Mount, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire shortly before 9am Friday.

“Officers attended, and sadly confirmed the man had died at the property.

“His next of kin have been informed.”

Pembrokeshire firefighter admits drink-driving

A COURT has told how a Pembrokeshire firefighter volunteer made ‘the biggest mistake of his life’ after driving at Canaston Bridge when he was more than four-anda-half times over the drink-drive limit.

When police arrived at the scene, they discovered David Thomas in the driver’s seat of a Vauxhall Combo van.

“Police officers had received a report of a single vehicle road traffic collision, after a van had gone into a ditch at Cross Hands, in Canaston Bridge,” Crown Prosecutor Linda Baker told Haverfordwest magistrates this week.

“There they found the

defendant sitting in the vehicle; he was extremely intoxicated.”

The incident took place at around 3.30pm on the afternoon of April 24.

A roadside breath test proved positive and Thomas, 66, of Haven Road, Haverfordwest, was taken to a police custody suite where he gave two further breath tests. These gave a lower reading of 159 mcg, The legal limit is 35.

“This is a very hard-working and valued member of the community, but that day, he made the biggest mistake of his life,” said solicitor, Tom Lloyd, after Thomas pleaded guilty to the charge of drinkdriving.

Mr Lloyd said that Thomas is a selfemployed builder who has worked on construction projects throughout Pembrokeshire since the age of 16. He has also served as a voluntary firefighter for a number of years.

“It’s very sad that he finds himself in this situation,” continued Mr Loyd. “He’s extremely embarrassed as he is a hard-working person who has never, ever, done anything wrong in his life. This has been a true wakeup call.”

Mr Lloyd’s comments were endorsed by probation officer Julie Norman.

“He is very aware of the seriousness of the offence,” she said.

“Other road users would have been at risk as this was a busy time of day, with people picking up children from school.

“Mr Thomas had drunk alcohol the day before and the following morning he got up, went to work and had more alcohol. He was on his way home from work at the time of the offence, and he lost control of the van.”

Ms Norman went on to say that since his arrest, Thomas has engaged with the Dyfed Drugs and Alcohol Service.

“It’s encouraging that he acknowledges that he has an alcohol issue,” she said.

After considering mitigation, magistrates agreed that Thomas’s offence crossed the custody threshold. He was sentenced to eight weeks in custody suspended for 12 months and was disqualified from driving for 36 months.

He must also carry out ten rehabilitation activity requirement days with the probation service and was ordered to pay a £154 court surcharge and £85 costs.

“The figure [of 159mcg] is frankly off the scale,” commented the presiding magistrate when passing sentence.

“But we feel that you have the will to sort yourself out. You now need to work with probation to address the issue.”

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Milford woman ’caused significant life-changing injuries to motorcyclist’

A MILFORD HAVEN woman has appeared before magistrates charged with causing what the Crown has described as ‘significant, life changing injuries’ to a motorcyclist.

Charlotte Harding, 38, is accused of causing serious injury

by careless and inconsiderate driving following a road traffic accident in Steynton on January 29.

The Crown alleges that just after 5pm, Harding was driving through the Green Close road, Steynton, when she collided with a Honda motorbike that

was being driven by Mr Sean Luby.

“This was a very serious accident,” Crown Prosecutor Llinda Baker told Haverfordwest magistrates this week.

“Mr Luby was riding his bike back along the major A4076 at Steynton Road, which is subject

to a 40 mph speed limit. As he entered the junction, Charlotte Harding turned right but failed to give way, resulting in her collision with Mr Luby.”

Ms Baker went on to say that as a result of the collision, Mr Luby sustained rib fractures, a collapsed lung, facial fractures and a bleed to the brain.

She requested that magistrates decline jurisdiction in the matter.

“Your powers are not sufficient,” she said.

Magistrates granted the Crown’s request and the matter will now proceed at Swansea Crown Court on June 14. No pleas were entered by the defendant.

Barcelona trip results in court sentence for Dock man

A TRIP to Barcelona ended in disaster for Pembroke Dock resident Lee Taylor after returning to Bristol airport to discover that his EE mobile phone connection had failed.

As a result, Taylor was forced to spend the night in the city’s central bus station.

“This was an extremely frightening experience,” his solicitor, David James, told Haverfordwest magistrates this week.

“He didn’t have the means by which he could pay for a hotel because everything was done on his phone, so he had to spend the night sleeping in the central bus station.

“There were a lot of very scary people around him and it was all very unsettling.”

When Taylor eventually returned to his home in Stranraer Road, Pembroke Dock, he heard his neighbours creating a disturbance outside his property.

Drink-driver ‘in blind panic’ to escape Haverfordwest pub

A CONSTRUCTION supervisor was so desperate to flee an alleged attacker who had accosted him inside a Haverfordwest pub that he drove his car from the pub car park despite being over the drink-drive limit.

This week Haverfordwest court heard how Gary Newell drove his black Kia Ceed out of The Bull Inn car park in Prendergast with the passenger door open. As he proceeded to drive down Church Lane, he was seen to collide with several vehicles, including a Nisson, a Vauxhall Insignia and a Ford transit van.

“He then abandoned the scene and fled,” Crown Prosecutor Linda Baker told Haverfordwest magistrates this week.

Newell, of Linnet Close, Bristol, pleaded guilty to a charge.

“There was an incident inside the pub and a person followed the defendant out and tried to get into his car,” said his solicitor, Michael Kelleher. “He’d already received cuts and bruises and was in a blind panic to get away from the situation.”

Mr Kelleher said that Newell was subsequently taken by officers to Withybush Hospital where he received treatment for his injuries

“He remained on a drip and was put on temazepam,” added Mr Kelleher.

“After this incident he moved away to Bristol to get away from the problems here.”

“Police received multiple calls in relation to his driving and to the fact that he’d collided with other vehicles.”

Officers eventually tracked Newell, 35, down to St David’s Church where he was arrested and charged with drink-driving.

Mr Kelleher said that Newell is currently employed as a supervisor for a construction firm. Newell was disqualified from driving for a total of 14 months. He was fined £800 and ordered to pay a £320 surcharge and £85 costs.

Crown Prosecutor Linda Baker informed the court that the shouting commenced just before midday on April 24.

“He was sleep deprived, as a result of the previous 48 hours, and when he heard the noise, he went outside and started shouting.”

“Members of the public had contacted the police, reporting that the defendant had been making threats of violence towards them. It was also thought that he had a knife in his pocket, although this was never found.”

Taylor pleaded guilty to a charge of using

“The defendant was talking aggressively and making threats of violence,” she said.

threatening, abusive or insulting words and behaviour likely to cause harassment alarm and distress.

After considering the facts, magistrates granted him a conditional discharge for nine months. Taylor was ordered to pay a £26 court surcharge and £85 costs.

Charlotte Harding, of Murray Road, Milford Haven, was released on unconditional bail. 01834

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As pressure builds, RML closes Withyhedge to fresh rubbish

THE WITHYHEDGE landfill site will be closed to all waste inputs, except engineering material, starting Wednesday, May 15.

The company behind the controversial and stinking landfill site, RML, announced the move ahead of the end of an enforcement notice from Natural Resources Wales.

RML’s announcement followed Pembrokeshire County Council’s decision to seek an injunction against the company to curtail their activities on site.

The Council’s letter of claim states the local authority has received 62 complaints about the stench from Withyhedge and notes, and NRW has received 2400.

It also addresses how the scandal has unfolded.

“In March 2022, ownership of RML passed to Dauson Environmental

Group from Potter Group. It is noteworthy that Mr David John Neal is your director and the director at Dauson.

“He has been twice prosecuted for environmental offences in south Wales. Around November 2023, the Council began receiving complaints about a malodour escaping from the landfill and adversely affecting residents.

“Initially, our pollution control team directed complaints to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) because of its role as the environmental regulator. However, the sudden volume of complaints prompted the Council to contact NRW itself in early December.”

“The Council’s case is straightforward. In causing or permitting noxious and offensive gases to escape

the landfill... you are committing the tort of public nuisance.”

In light of “overtipping”, acknowledged by David Neal at a Council scrutiny committee meeting in March, the Council also asked RML to disclose its records of waste brought in or removed from the landfill.

The Council also asked for the disclosure of documents relevant to the proceedings, including records of waste brought in or removed from the landfill.

In April, NRW issued an enforcement notice to compel RML to address problems at the Rudbaxton site.

NRW officers will conduct a series of assessments this week to determine whether RML has completed specified actions to address the ongoing odour issues.

RML’s announcement that they intend to voluntarily cease waste

acceptance temporarily at the landfill from May 14 does not affect the deadline in the Notice.

Tests and assessments will continue on-site and offsite to establish progress against the need to reduce emissions.

Officers will also conduct a full-site inspection to assess RML’s compliance with their permit.

Once those assessments have been completed, NRW will then be in a position to establish whether the operator has complied with all elements of the Regulation 36 Enforcement Notice.

If the Notice has not been fully complied with or further issues are identified, NRW will consider its enforcement response.

Huwel Manley, Head of South West Operations for NRW, said: “The May 14 deadline is the final date for RML Ltd to have completed all the actions they have identified to control the odour issues at Withyhedge Landfill.

“Determining if the operator has addressed all the steps set out in our Notice and, crucially, if they have reduced odour and landfill gas emissions from the site will take some time.

“We fully understand the strength of feeling and growing impatience amongst people living and

working in the surrounding communities.

“We want to reassure them that our officers will focus their efforts on inspecting the work carried out by RML and undertaking assessments on and off-site over the days following the deadline, including a full site inspection next week.

“Only when those assessments have been completed, and data analysed will we be in a clearer position to determine if the Regulation 36 Notice has been complied with and whether the action taken by the operator has improved the odour issue.

“If the steps required in the Notice are not complied with, we will consider the appropriate further enforcement action, looking at all options available under the regulations.

“While the pressing work required by the operator progresses over the coming days, the site remains under investigation, and we will continue our regulatory efforts.”

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Former Pembroke Dock mayor admits child abuse image charges

AT Swansea Crown Court on Friday (May 10), former Pembroke Dock Mayor Terry Judkins has pleaded guilty to possessing indecent images of children.

Judkins, who held office as mayor from May 2021 until his resignation in November 2021, faced multiple charges related to child abuse images.

The court heard that Judkins was charged with creating two Category C indecent images of children and possessing a prohibited image of a child during a period spanning from September 27, 2018, to August 5, 2021.

The 55-year-old admitted to these offences in a hearing that has drawn considerable attention.

However, Judkins denied charges related to possessing extreme

Tom Sinclair

pornographic images that depicted bestiality, covering a timeline from January 2010 to August 2021.

Prosecutor Helen Randall indicated that the Crown would pursue a trial on these allegations given Judkins’ not guilty plea.

Additional charges against Judkins include making 52 Category A indecent images of children within the same dates as his earlier admissions.

The former mayor has been granted extra time to consider his plea on this charge, with a future court appearance scheduled for a later date.

This case has cast a shadow over Judkins’ brief tenure as mayor. He resigned last year citing personal reasons and extra work commitments.

Re-elected Crime Commissioner embarks on new term in office

RE-ELECTED DyfedPowys Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Dafydd Llywelyn begun his new term in office this week with a series of key meetings aimed at shaping his strategic vision for the region’s policing priorities over the next four years.

The Commissioner’s first official day was Thursday 9th of May, and saw key discussions taking place, beginning with a meeting with the Chief Constable to gain an update from Dyfed-Powys Police on operational matters, and also to outline his vision and priorities for the new term in Office.

In addition, the Commissioner met with staff from his Office for discussions on the development of a new Police and Crime Plan for Dyfed-Powys for 2025-2029. The Police and Crime Plan will be the strategic blueprint that will represent the Commissioner’s vision and priorities, further reinforcing his dedication to delivering effective and efficient policing services tailored to the needs

Tom Sinclair

and expectations of our diverse communities.

In coming weeks, the Commissioner’s Office will launch a public consultation on the new Police and Crime Plan, whereby the public will have an opportunity to have their say on policing and crime matters in their area. Online questionnaires and focus groups will form part of the consultation, to ensure that the Office provides plenty of opportunities for communities to have their say.

Reflecting on his ambitions for the upcoming term, Mr Llywelyn expressed that his focus will be on improving public confidence and trust in policing: “I am honoured to be re-elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner for DyfedPowys for my third successive term.

“As I start this new term in Office, I am committed to build on the achievements to date and address the challenges that lie ahead.

My vision is clear: to develop safer communities for all through proactive crime prevention and ensuring a justice system that is

both fair and efficient.

“I will work in collaboration with the Force and other criminal agency partners to ensure transparency

and accountability, to ensure that we can we work collectively to improve public trust and confidence in policing.

“Your safety will

continue to be my top priority. I want to ensure that the Dyfed Powys Police area remains one of the safest places to live in Wales and England”.

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WG Ministers “economical with the truth” over Withyhedge

THE FIRST MINISTER couldn’t have been clearer.

There was no room for misinterpreting his words.

Andrew RT Davies, the leader of the Welsh Conservatives asked him whether the Welsh Government would take the lead in resolving the ongoing scandal at Withyhedge.

Vaughan Gething tried slipping the question, but finally volunteered: “NRW, as the regulator, need to take the required action. I’m not aware that a single member of the Government has attempted to influence the action of NRW ; it is for them to undertake the required action to ensure that improvement is delivered, and that’s the very clear position of the whole Government.”

That was the Welsh Government position at around ten-to-two on Tuesday afternoon, May 14.

The following day, Paul Davies asked a series of questions about Withyhedge.

Answering the Preseli Pembs MS, Huw Irranca-Davies, the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Climate Change, said: “ “NRW are very clear what our steer is and what our priority is: that the enforcement orders that have been put in place to do the work on the ground and to resolve the problem need to be done for the benefit of local residents.”

On Tuesday, the Welsh Government had not been in touch with NRW about Withyhedge, or at least the First Minister was “not aware” of any such contact.

On Wednesday, NRW not only knew the Welsh Government’s position but had also received “a steer” from it.

The two statements are mutually exclusive.

Jon Coles

The answers cannot be reconciled by semantics or wordplay.

Mr Irranca-Davies was being asked directly about Withyhedge. He was not speaking generally about any nebulous influence the Welsh Government might exert. He was not speaking about what he expected NRW to do in all circumstances, including Withyhedge. He referred directly to Withyhedge in each of the answers he gave Paul Davies.

There can be no doubt he meant the Welsh Government had influence over and had influenced NRW’s actions (or lack thereof) at Withyhedge.

One of the Welsh Cabinet misspoke, at the very least.

You cannot go from no contact on Tuesday to “providing a steer” on Wednesday and understand both to mean the same thing.

We put our questions to the Welsh Government.

We asked if no member of the

Welsh Government attempted to influence NRW’s actions over Withyhedge, how NRW could be clear about its steer.

We asked what contact the Welsh Government has had with NRW regarding Withyhedge, when it took place, and who from the Welsh Governmentminister or civil servant - delivered a steer to NRW.

While we did not get a direct answer,

a Welsh Government spokesperson confirmed: “The response from the Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change and Rural Affairs speaks for itself, of course we expect NRW to carry out its regulatory functions to resolve these issues.”

That doesn’t wash.

The context of Mr Irranca-Davies’s could not be clearer.

“From my perspective as the Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change and

Rural Affairs, NRW are very clear what our steer is and what our priority is: that the enforcement orders that have been put in place to do the work on the ground and to resolve the problem need to be done for the benefit of local residents.”

If he is not speaking specifically about Withyhedge, what is he speaking about?

And it’s noticeable that when he was asked point blank by

Joyce Watson what conversations the Welsh Government was having with NRW and Pembrokeshire County Council, Huw Irranca-Davies did not say “none”. In fairness, he also didn’t say any. But if the totality of his words speak for themselves, it’s clear the WG is involved in what is happening at Withyhedge at closer than arm’s length.

We raised the contradictory answers with Paul Davies MS.

Paul Davies told us:

“This whole situation stinks and it’s clear that the Welsh Government has been engaging with Natural Resources Wales and giving them a steer.

“Whatever that steer is clearly isn’t working – as residents are continuing to live with potentially toxic emissions.

“The only appropriate action now is to close the site immediately and hold an independent public inquiry to get to the bottom of all of this.”

Andrew RT Davies added: “Vaughan Gething’s Welsh Government is developing a reputation for being economical with the truth.”

Paul Davies Calls for Withyhedge Independent Public Inquiry

A call for an independent public inquiry into the ongoing situation at Withyhedge landfill site has been made by local Senedd Member Paul Davies. Mr Davies made the call in the Senedd Chamber, whilst asking the Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change and Rural Affairs just how bad the situation had to get before the local community could receive some support from the Welsh Government. Resource Management Ltd (RML), which operates the Withyhedge site has

already been issued several Enforcement Notices by Natural Resources Wales and yet local residents are still living with potentially toxic odours and emissions.

Mr Davies said, “Week after week I have stood up in the Senedd Chamber and asked for the Welsh Government to intervene to support the local community. People have complained of coughs, nausea and swollen eyes and yet despite the sympathetic words of Government Cabinet Secretaries, there has been no support forthcoming.”

“The people of Pembrokeshire deserve better and so I’m calling for an independent public inquiry to fully understand why this situation has been so poorly handled and why my constituents have been so badly let down.”

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Manorbier school fire legal discussions ongoing

LEGAL discussions are ongoing about Pembrokeshire County Council potentially recouping a £200,000 insurance excess paid by it following the 2022 fire at Manorbier school.

Manorbier Church in Wales VC School and its adjoining schoolhouse was severely damaged by a fire on October 11 of 2022, which broke out in the school roof space.

Pupils and staff were successfully evacuated with no injuries, and a ‘school from school’ was set up in Jameston Village Hall, after a brief period of sanctuary at the nearby Buttyland caravan site.

Pembrokeshire County Council’s insurers have previously said the fire was accidentally started while ‘hot works’ were being carried out by contractors to renew an adjacent flat roof, but, as has previously been

stressed, no liability has been accepted to date.

Councillors have previously heard the majority of costs were likely to be met from the council’s insurers, with the caveat of the unknown issue of liability and its effect on a £200,000 insurance excess.

A submitted question, by Councillor Aled Thomas, heard at the full council meeting of Pembrokeshire County Council on May 9, asked Cabinet Member for Education and Welsh Language Cllr Guy Woodham “to update the chamber on what progress the Cabinet have made in recouping the £200,000 insurance excess paid following the devastating non-fault fire at Manorbier school”.

Councillors have previously been told by Cllr Woodham: “The legal issues are not straightforward but will be robustly taken forward.

will be covered by a fund the council holds for insurance excess.”

“At this stage it’s still subject to legal discussion. The excess

He said that, if liability was found or accepted, the council would “pursue for the full maximum claim of the costs associated with the fire”.

Responding to Cllr Thomas’s question at full council, Cllr Woodham said there was a limited amount of information he could make public due to ongoing active proceedings.

Tenby charity shop manager stole funds and fled to Turkey

LORRAINE Kucuk, the former manager of a Cancer Research UK shop in Tenby, was handed a 12-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to stealing over £5,000 intended for charity.

Swansea Crown Court heard this week that Kucuk misappropriated the funds to cover personal debts and finance social outings. Her actions came to light when discrepancies were detected in the shop’s financial records in early May 2017, revealing no bank deposits had been made for 22 consecutive days.

The prosecutor, Dean Pulling, explained that during this period, the shop had accrued £5,238.41 in takings, which Kucuk failed to deposit. When initially questioned, she claimed the deposits were made late. However, the subsequent day, she reported being sick and abruptly ceased coming to work.

Further investigation revealed a fabricated story about a flatmate

Tom Sinclair

who allegedly ran off with the money. Despite her pleas for time to repay the stolen funds and requests not to involve the police, she was arrested on May 15, 2017.

During her police interview, Kucuk admitted to taking the money, describing her actions as “borrowing” to manage her financial obligations and afford occasional leisure activities.

Among the debts were several parking fines. Initially indicating a guilty plea, she later fled to Turkey, avoiding her scheduled plea and sentencing hearing. Her absence extended over five years, attributed partly to an accident and expired passport, complicating her return.

Stuart John, defending, described Kucuk’s extended stay in Turkey as “somewhat of a purgatory.” He noted that she returned to the UK this year with assistance from

friends and the British Embassy, expressing her genuine remorse and readiness to rectify her wrongs.

During the sentencing, Judge Huw Rees denounced the theft as particularly heinous given its impact on a charity. He stated, “There cannot be an example of more mean offending against a charity.” Despite her eventual return and admission of guilt, Judge Paul Thomas KC had previously sentenced her to 10 weeks in jail for breaching bail conditions, highlighting her deliberate escape to avoid facing the consequences of her actions.

In addition to her suspended sentence, Kucuk is required to complete 200 hours of unpaid work and participate in 25 days of rehabilitation activities. Her case stands as a severe breach of trust and a stark reminder of the consequences of such actions, particularly when charitable organisations are the victims.

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Stop funding Bute, Carmarthenshire residents tell County Council


Residents Action Group (CRAiG Sir Gâr) has challenged Carmarthenshire County Council leader Cllr Darren Price to stop funding Bute Energy through the council’s pension fund investment at today’s Cabinet meeting at County Hall.

Green Gen / Bute Energy is proposing to run at least two pylon chains through Carmarthenshire’s countryside’s decimating the historic landscape of the Tywi Valley and villages and along the A485. Councillors including Plaid Cymru Council Leader Darren Price have voiced their opposition. Yet Carmarthenshire is one of seven Welsh local authorities to invest its pension fund in Bute Energy. In contrast, neighbouring Powys County Council has declined to invest in the controversial firm.

Havard Hughes,

local resident and spokesperson for the Carmarthenshire Residents’ Action Group commented: “We’ve challenged the County Council on their funding of Bute Energy because both Cllr Darren Price and Cllr Ann Davies have been vocal in their words

about the firm’s pylon schemes. However it is utterly ludicrous that the Council they run as the Cabinet has not just been slow to act but is actively funding Bute Energy.

“Carmarthenshire County Council holds the key to killing off Bute Energy’s schemes as they are the consenting authority for the substations which will connect them to the national grid.

This is why residents are so concerned about a conflict of interest. Moreover, we believe that the withdrawal of Carmarthenshire’s investment would have a domino effect on Bute Energy’s funding.

“Cllr Price and Cllr Davies have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership on this issue by pulling Carmarthenshire’s funds out of Bute Energy.

Instead we have the town hall farce whereby they claim, on the one hand there is nothing they can do; but state that their representative on the pension board, which Carmarthenshire itself runs, will have some “stern words”. If Carmarthenshire is serious about making Bute Energy listen to residents then they should immediately follow Powys’s lead and disinvest.

“The elephant in the room is that Powys County Council, which is also affected by Bute Energy, have managed exclude their pension fund investment. Darren Price and Ann Davies cannot claim ignorance as Carmarthenshire has one of the largest Wind-industrial zones designated in the whole of Wales in the Welsh Government’s Future Wales 2040 plan. If it was obvious to Powys this would be a problem then why not to Carmarthenshire’s

representatives on the fund?

“This investment generates a direct conflict of interest between the interests of the Council in maximising its return and that of residents in minimising harm. Bute Energy is already arguing that burying cables will be more expensive. Lower profits might mean happier residents; but it will also mean lower investment returns to Dyfed Pension funds members many of whom are elected to or are employed by Carmarthenshire County Council.

It is time for Cllr Price and Cllr Ann Davies to end the excuses and take action that Bute Energy will understand. So far the most decisive action we’ve seen from Plaid Cymru on Bute has been to give Bute Energy’s Public Affairs Adviser a well-paid job for life in the House of Lords. Residents deserve deeds not empty words form our Plaid Cymru politicians in County Hall.”

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Friday May 17th 2024

Gething sacks minister for allegedly leaking to media

IN A government accused of being economical with the truth, Vaughan Gething has sacked one of his Cabinet members for allegedly telling the truth.

Hannah Blythyn, the Cabinet Secretary for Social Partnership, was dismissed by Mr Gething on Thursday Morning (May 16).

The First Minister accused her of leaking the contents of a ministerial messaging group chat to Martin Shipton of Nation Cymru.

The leak showed that contrary to Mr Gething’s claims to the UK Covid Inquiry, Welsh ministers conducted ministerial business via electronic messaging and that he had deleted the evidence.

Veteran reporter Martin Shipton revealed Mr Gething’s casual approach to truth in an article for Nation Cymru.

In a text message posted to the ministerial group chat on Monday, August 17 2020, when he was Health Minister, Mr Gething wrote: “I’m deleting the messages in this group. They can be captured in an FOI [Freedom of Information request] and I think we are all in the right place on the choice being made.”

Mr Gething’s laughable claim that the messages deleted related only to internal Labour Party business does not stand the most basic scrutiny.

The deleted messages referred to ministerial discussions about grading Welsh students’ exam results during the Covid pandemic.

It appears that the price for being a member of Mr Gething’s government is sparing the First Minister’s blushes instead of adhering to the standards of public

life and ensuring the public knows what decisions the Welsh Government makes and how it makes them.

As qualifications for being a Cabinet Secretary go, sacking one for alleged complicity in telling the truth sets the appropriate tone for Vaughan Gething’s ministry.

For her part, Ms Blythyn says: “I am deeply shocked and saddened by what has happened today.

“I am clear and have been clear that I did not, nor have I ever leaked anything. Integrity is all in politics, and I retain mine.

“For a kid from Connah’s Quay, it is an immense privilege to serve the community that shaped me, let alone serve in my country’s government.

“I will say no more at present.”

The First Minister might hope it stamps his authority over a divided Labour group in the Senedd. However, it raises questions over the integrity of the remaining Cabinet members who also participated in ministerial discussions deleted during the Covid pandemic.

If Mr Gething had proof that Ms Blythyn was behind the leaks, he had little choice but to sack her. Without collective responsibility, Cabinet government is impossible.

However, the underlying issue boils down to a simple proposition: the beleaguered First Minister sacked a minister, accusing her of putting information in the public domain that should have been in the public domain anyway.

The First Minister claimed his decision was based on the “recent disclosure of

communication to the media”.

Mr Gething said: “[After reviewing] the evidence available to me regarding the recent disclosure of communication to the media, I have regrettably reached the conclusion I have no alternative but to ask Hannah Blythyn to leave the government.

“I’d like to record my gratitude for the work the Member has done to date, including her leadership through the fire and rescue services review, outstanding work leading the LGBTQ+ Action Plan for Wales and invaluable work on the Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Act.

“It is vital that we maintain confidence amongst government colleagues so that we can work as one to focus on improving the lives of the people in Wales.

“Given Hannah’s talents and experience, I have been clear there is a route back for her to take up a Government position again in future. The government has offered ongoing support to the Member.”

Andrew RT Davies MS, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, said: “Vaughan Gething’s decisions during the Labour

leadership campaign are catching up with him.

“Just weeks into his time as First Minister, Vaughan Gething has had to sack somebody from his Cabinet, which is almost unprecedented in recent memory in Wales.

“Vaughan Gething needs to prove quickly that he is capable of governing Wales, because as it stands his government is being stretched to breaking point by internal divisions.”

Rhun ap Iorwerth MS, Leader of Plaid Cymru, said: “In his first two months since his election, Vaughan Gething has undermined the office of First Minister and lost the trust of his party and the nation.

“Rather than seizing on the opportunity to put Wales on a fairer and more ambitious path, his tenure has been marred by controversy, a lack of transparency and serious questions about judgement.

“The sacking of one of his Ministers and the allegations and counterallegations surrounding it demonstrate again that the First Minister’s priority is self-preservation rather than the public interest. If anyone should be considering their position, it is the First Minister himself.”

St Davids RNLI rescue crew after yacht runs out of fuel

VOLUNTEERS from St Davids RNLI were tasked to assist a 4m yacht that had run out of fuel six nautical miles southwest of St Justinians on Sunday (May 12).

The lifeboat launched in calm conditions at 11.08am. The yacht, with one person on board and sailing from New Haven to Swansea, did not have

enough wind to sail to safety.

Without fuel or wind to sail, the yacht was unable to return to shore unaided, so the RNLI Coxswain took the decision to tow the stricken vessel back to the mooring at the lifeboat station. This rescue was the first for Reuben Palin in his role as volunteer mechanic.


MY DARLING leaned over and poked me in the side after reading last week’s Pembrokeshire Herald.

She usually pokes me in the head with a frying pan after reading my weekly voyage into prose. This time, however, she used an elbow to the solar plexus to attract my undivided attention.

After I clambered up from the floor, red-faced with watery eyes, I asked her what was up.

“Mike Edwards,” she sweetly bellowed about six inches from my face. “I don’t mind you lying about me fancying snooker players and their firm, taut, pasty bodies. But when you tell people what happened, you have to tell them the best bit.”

As I reached for a relieving glass of water, I paused.

The “best bit”? I wondered.

What “best bit”?

We were in a static caravan in Ceredigion. Such best bits as there were tended to merge into a soup of less dreadfulness than usual.

Are those “best” bits?

Enlightenment slowly dawned as my beloved reached for the rolling pin.


The best bit.

Outside Aberystwyth and near our usual holiday haunts is a village called Bow Street.

It’s a typical Welsh village.

Except for its Chinese Takeaway.

It’s a great Chinese Takeaway. The food comes piping hot, tasty, and in huge quantities.

We always order the set meal for two. It’s enough for at least four meals, which suits the wife’s Cardi tendencies.

As you’d expect, especially near so many caravan sites, it gets mighty busy in Bow Street’s Chinese.

We rang ahead and

ordered our usualMeal for Two and a side order of Distention of the Gut.

When I arrived to collect our food, there was a long queue. I waited my turn, paid for our order and began the wait. I was okay with the wait. It was the Bank Holiday weekend, and I wanted to catch up with the newspapers.

After about fifteen minutes, the door slammed open and in strode a chap in a red-coloured chinos and checked shirt combination that screamed, “dressed by wife who hates me.”

He stomped up the counter, past the queue of people ahead of him, and demanded to know where his food was.

His tone and rudeness were breathtaking.

The middle-aged Chinese woman behind the counter bustled off to the kitchen and soon returned.

“You do not have an order.” She said.

“What do you mean? A young boy took our order. It was due at 7:30.”

“I am not a young boy.” The server observed. “We don’t have a young boy working here.”

She gently twisted the knife.

“Do I look like a young boy?”

The other waiting customers started to laugh.

The ill-mannered oaf looked at his phone, cursed his wife for sending him to the wrong place - the nearest alternative is in Aberystwyth - and stormed out the door, slamming it behind him.

When I returned with our food, I told my darlingest one what had happened. “Good,” she said. “We don’t want that sort using our takeaway. By the way, are you wearing those nice chinos I got you for when we go out tomorrow?”

Jeans and a tee shirt it was, then.

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Council Chairman in Haverfordwest Fire Station visit

IN one of his final duties as Chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council, Thomas Baden Tudor visited Haverfordwest Fire Station yesterday, accompanied by Fire Authority Member Councillor John Davies. The visit included a comprehensive briefing on the services provided by the Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

During their visit, the Council Chairman and Councillor Davies were presented with an indepth demonstration of the station’s firefighting

equipment, focusing on the capabilities of the turntable ladder callsign 31A1. “It was a privilege to see our dedicated firefighters in action and to learn about the sophisticated equipment they use to keep our community safe,”

Mr. Tudor remarked.

The engagement highlights the ongoing commitment of Pembrokeshire County Council to support the vital services provided by the fire and rescue

teams across the region. This visit also served as an opportunity for council members to see firsthand the challenges and advancements in local firefighting efforts.

Mr. Tudor’s term as Chairman has been marked by his active involvement in community safety and support for emergency services. As he prepares to step down from his role, this visit stands as a testament to his dedication and the strong collaboration between the council and the fire services.

Cyclist dies during annual charity ride to Tenby

A TRAGIC incident occurred during the annual CARTEN100 charity bike ride when a 51-year-old cyclist died of a suspected cardiac arrest. The event, which took place on Saturday, saw Michael Gronow collapse shortly after passing through Johnstown in Carmarthenshire during the 100-mile journey from Cardiff to Tenby. Despite the swift response of emergency services, Mr. Gronow could not be revived.

Organisers of the event, which attracts over 1,800 participants and marks its 20th anniversary this year, expressed their sorrow and extended their condolences to Mr. Gronow’s family.

Starting from Cardiff City Hall and ending at Tenby Harbour, the CARTEN 100 is a challenging endurance event that spans approximately 10 hours, drawing cyclists from across the region to raise money for various charities.

Puffin protection laws at centre of post Brexit row

The puffin, a beloved seabird and symbol of Pembrokeshire, is caught in a heated dispute over the UK’s post-Brexit fishing rules. Recently, the UK banned fishing for sandeels in the North Sea, the puffin’s main food source. But the European Union (EU) wants this ban lifted, saying it breaks the terms of the UK’s postBrexit agreement. Both the UK and EU need to find a solution by Thursday to avoid further problems, like potential sanctions against Britain. Conservationists argue that this is about the UK’s right to decide how to protect wildlife in its own waters.

This is the first time the EU has used its dispute resolution process in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement since Brexit. Wildlife groups across Europe strongly oppose the EU’s demand. Thirtyeight conservation organisations, including the RSPB, ClientEarth, Oceana UK, Birdlife International, and the Marine Conservation Society, support the UK’s ban.

Brexit supporters also back the ban, saying it would have been hard to achieve while the UK was in the EU due to bureaucracy and opposition from other EU

countries. David Davis, a former UK Brexit minister, told the BBC that the policy serves both national and global interests, and Brexit allows the UK to make these decisions independently.

Sandeels are small, silvery fish found in large

numbers in the North Sea. They are crucial for endangered seabirds, as well as seals, whales, and dolphins. Danish fishing boats are most affected by the ban, catching around 250,000 tonnes of sandeels in UK waters each year for

fish oil and animal feed, especially for pigs and farmed salmon.

The RSPB has been calling for a ban on sandeel fishing for over 25 years, warning that sandeels are under pressure due to climate change. Kirsten Carter, RSPB’s head of marine policy, expressed shock at the EU’s challenge, stressing the importance of sandeels for seabird survival.

On the other side, the EU argues that the UK’s ban doesn’t consider the needs of fishing communities or marine ecosystems enough. They say the ban prevents EU fishing vessels from accessing important fishing grounds and goes against the UK’s

commitments under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

A spokesperson for the European fishing industry defended their practices, mentioning existing quotas and protected areas. Espen SverdrupJensen, president of the EU Association of Fish Producers, disputed the UK’s ban, saying there’s no scientific evidence linking it to seabird breeding success.

If the UK and EU don’t settle the issue by Thursday, it will go to an arbitration panel. If the panel rules against the UK and the government refuses to comply, Brussels could respond with tariffs or other actions

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St Davids Cathedral Music Festival promises a spectacular line-up

AFTER a pause last year, the beloved St Davids Cathedral Music Festival is set to make a grand return this May, bringing a vibrant mix of international talent to Pembrokeshire. The festival, a staple in the cultural calendar, will coincide with the May half-term week, offering six days of musical excellence.

The 2024 festival will open with a dazzling performance by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales on May 25. The orchestra will treat audiences to Mathias’s Festival Overture and Brahms’ Second Symphony. Adding to the splendour, awardwinning violinist Inmo Yang will grace the stage with his rendition of Sibelius’ Violin Concerto.

This year’s festival will also introduce several new performers. The Choir of Royal Holloway is set to debut on May 27, enchanting attendees with choral arrangements of orchestral classics. Local talent is also in the spotlight, with Pembrokeshire-born horn player Simon Lewis performing alongside Trio Preseli on May 26, showcasing works by Welsh composer Anthony Randall. Adding a touch of environmental consciousness to the festival, clarinet virtuoso Emma Johnson returns on May 28 with her Orchestra for the Environment. Their repertoire will include pieces by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Johnson’s own composition, ‘The Tree of Life’.

The festival will kick off with the 150-strong Children’s Festival Chorus on May 24, captivating audiences with their youthful energy and a live band. Throughout the week, the cathedral musicians will feature prominently in several concerts, with the highlight being the full Cathedral choir performing Choral

Evensong live on BBC Radio 3. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased online, over the phone, or at the box office. Entry for under-18s is free with an accompanying adult, with other tickets starting at £8. Early booking is encouraged to secure seats, although lastminute tickets may be available at the door.

Simon Pearce, the artistic director, expressed his enthusiasm for the festival’s return, hoping that it will draw a large crowd to celebrate the rich musical heritage and the serene setting of the cathedral. All cathedral services, including festival ceremonies, will be open to the public free of charge, making it a perfect family-friendly event.


Friday 24th May

6.00pm: Festival Launch Concert with Children’s Chorus

The 2024 Festival kicks off with a performance by the Festival Children’s

Chorus, led by Mathew Wright MBE, Artistic Director of the Barnsley Youth Choir. Matthew is a member of the international jury representing the World Choir Games and in 2023 was appointed as a representative for Great Britain on the World Choir Council.

8.30pm: Vox Angelica and Vicars Choral by Candlelight

Join Vox Angelica and the Vicars Choral of St Davids Cathedral Choir for their annual latenight concert. Expect light-hearted songs and anthems, perfect for a late spring evening.

Saturday 25th May

11.00am: Coffee Concert – Choristers Unplugged!

The Cathedral Choristers ditch the cassocks and present a programme of their favourite popular and musical theatre songs. One not to be missed!

7.00pm: BBC National Orchestra of Wales

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales return for their annual performance at the Festival. Conductor Dinis Sousa leads the orchestra in William Mathias’ ‘Festival

Overture’, in the composer’s 90th anniversary year. Violinist Inmo Yang joins the orchestra for Sibelius’ popular Violin Concerto in D minor. The programme concludes with a staple of the classical repertoire, Brahms’ 2nd Symphony in D Major. This annual performance is one of the highlights of every Festival programme, and this year’s promises to be no different.

Sunday 26th May

Choral Services: 11am Choral Eucharist, 4pm Choral Evensong

St Davids Cathedral Choir sing the services for Trinity Sunday.

7.00pm: Preseli Trio

The dynamic Preseli Trio join us from Santiago de Compostela in Spain, with strong links to Pembrokeshire. The trio, consisting of Soprano, Horn and Piano, are champions of contemporary composers and the work of Welsh composer Anthony Randall. Simon Lewis, the horn player, hails from Pembrokeshire, and named the trio after the rolling hills of our beautiful county. Join them for their debut UK performance, including

‘Pavane une infante defunte’, and a new mass setting based on Peter Warlock’s ‘Capriol Suite’ by George Arthur. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear this wonderful choir in Britain’s smallest city!

Tuesday 28th May

11.00am: Coffee Concert – Young Musician of Dyfed

the UK premiere of a new work by Galician composer Fernando Buide.

Monday 27th May

11.00am: Coffee Concert – St Davids Cathedral Choral Scholars

Join our fabulous choral scholars, Lucy Dunn, Alto, George Webb, Bass and Nathanael Laidlaw, Bass, in a recital of arias, art songs and lieder.

Choral Service: 5pm

Choral Evensong sung by the Cathedral Singers

7.00pm: Orchestral Classics for Choir with The Choir of Royal Holloway

The Choir of Royal Holloway is now wellestablished as one of the leading collegiate choirs in the UK. This crack team of 24 choral scholars and director, Rupert Gough are known internationally for their highly engaging performances and vast catalogue of stunning recordings, particularly in collaboration with Norwegian composer Ola Gjeilo. In their Festival debut, they present a programme of popular orchestral music arranged for chorus, including Vaughan Williams’ ‘Variations on a Theme of Thomas Tallis’, Ravel’s

We’re delighted to announce that pianist Raphael James, winner of the 2024 Young Musician of Dyfed, will be performing in this morning recital. Full programme details to be announced soon, including music by Rachmaninov, Schubert and Chopin. The Recital will also include the first public performance of ‘Barbarica’ for harp by promising young composer Gerard Coutain – performed by the young professional harpist Nia Evans.

7.00pm: Emma Johnson with the Orchestra for the Environment

Join clarinettist Emma Johnson, winner of the 1984 BBC Young Musician of the Year, and her orchestra in a programme of music celebrating the beauty of our natural world. Expect classics in the repertoire such as Mozart’s Ein Kleine Nachtmusik, and Paul Reade’s ‘Suite from the Victorian Kitchen Garden’ complimented by Emma’s own composition ‘Tree of Life’, inspired by a wish to say something about the climate emergency.

Wednesday 29th May

4.00pm: Choral Evensong live on BBC Radio 3

St Davids Cathedral Choir sing the office of Choral Evensong live on BBC Radio 3, on the eve of Corpus Christi. Please be seated by 3.45pm.

8.00pm: Alaw

To round off the 2024 Festival in style, dynamic folk trio Alaw treat us to a concert full of soulful folk songs and toe-tapping melodies and dances. A joyful concert not to be missed!

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20 th 2024

Cllr Ann Mortenson takes office as Mayor of Pembroke

IN a ceremonious event on Thursday evening, Councillor Ann Mortenson was officially appointed as the Mayor of Pembroke. The appointment was marked by a grand Civic Parade and Service held on Sunday, May 12th.

The event, a significant moment in Pembroke’s civic calendar, was led by the renowned 948 Squadron Air Training Corps (ATC) Band. The band’s performance added a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere to the parade, which drew numerous residents and dignitaries.

Councillor Mortenson, who has served the community in various capacities over the years, expressed her gratitude and commitment to serving Pembroke as its Mayor. The ceremony underscored the town’s rich traditions and the community’s spirit of togetherness.

The service that followed was a reflective moment, highlighting the responsibilities and expectations that come with the mayoral office.

The Civic Parade, a highlight of the event, showcased the town’s pride and unity, with the 948 Squadron ATC Band’s music resonating through the streets of Pembroke.

Mayor Mortenson’s inauguration is seen as a new chapter for Pembroke, with many looking forward to her leadership and the positive changes she aims to bring to the town.

JOBCENTRE staff have continued to work with the Hywel Dda UHB NHS staff who have delivered information sessions for claimants about employment within the Hywel Dda UHB NHS sites in the county. These sites include hospitals, some pharmacies and some of the GP surgeries. NHS staff delivered a bespoke presentation with information on how to structure applications to stand a better chance of achieving an interview, information on the different of roles currently available within the NHS, and the benefits of working for the NHS. Also discussed were volunteering opportunities, and work experience within different departments. These latter methods of entering into the NHS, even though not paid at first, give the volunteer excellent experience to add to the CV, and also opportunities to discuss with the trained staff, how the unpaid experience can very easily become a successful application into a paid and long term career. Another large and prestigious employer in Pembrokeshire, Bluestone Resorts continues to offer interviews in our Jobcentres at regular intervals throughout the year. However, it is incumbent on all jobseekers, with aspirations about working in any sector, to carry out their homework on how to be successful in getting a job. For those who are benefit claimants, expert knowledge is available through your Work Coach; for those who are not benefit claimants, the recommended first step is to research the Careers Wale website which is full of very useful information; furthermore, an interview with a Careers Wales advisor can very often be arranged.

While the number of national vacancies has fallen this month, there are still more advertised jobs vacancies than

before the pandemic which need filling across the UK. Jobcentre work coaches and employer engagement staff are working hard to help employers fill their vacancies and support people, whatever their situation, into their jobs. With nearly 900,000 job vacancies available, helping people achieve financial security through work as the economy grows, helps people build a better life for themselves. Jobcentre staff are supporting businesses fill their vacancies; the recent Pembrokeshire Social Care Jobsfair is an example of how far Jobcentre staff can go to bring jobs directly to those seeking work. Jobseekers can search our DWP ‘FindaJob’ website, to check out the thousands of jobs on offer. Fred Hatton of the DWP Employer and Partnership team said, “Our Work Coaches say the best part of their job is seeing someone succeed in their employment goals. Giving people extra time and tailored support so they get the extra help needed to overcome barriers can make a huge difference to someone’s life.”



The number of people employed is at 1.424 million, down 13,000 on the quarter and up 12,000 on the year.

The employment rate (16-64) is at 69.6%, down 1.6%pts on the quarter and down 1.7%pts on the year.

The number of people unemployed is at 49,000 – down 3,000 on the quarter and down 18,000 on the year.

The unemployment rate is at 3.3%, down 0.1%pts on the quarter and down 1.2%pts on the year.

The number of people in workless households has fallen since April to June 2010 by 133,000.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Mel Stride MP said:

“We are leaving no stone unturned to get people back to work, rolling out the most radical changes to welfare in a generation including reforming how we assess someone’s capability to work, overhauling the fit note process and helping over a million people through our £2.5bn Back to Work Plan.

“We’ll always be on the side of hardworking families and with real wages still rising, alongside tax cuts and the huge boost to the National Living Wage, we are incentivising work over welfare as we build a strong economy where everyone has a brighter future.”


• There are nearly 4m more people in work since 2010, with the unemployment rate down 40%.

• This slight rise in unemployment was forecast, and is expected to continue, in part due to the Bank of England’s decision to keep interest rates high as we bring inflation back to target. This trend is mirrored in other countries with high interest rates.

• We have a lower inactivity rate than many other economic heavyweights including the US, Italy, and France – and below the G7, EU and OECD averages.

• The ONS themselves have said caution should be taken when using these figures and advise people to look at alternative sources for employment trends.

• These sources tell us the number of people on payrolls is at a near record high, up by 1.2m since before the pandemic.

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Dolly Parton to explore Welsh roots near Tenby in upcoming TV special

COUNTRY legend

Dolly Parton, who has discovered her Welsh heritage, is set to explore her roots in an upcoming TV special. Although the 78-yearold 9 to 5 star was born in Tennessee, she recently learned that her ancestors hailed from near Tenby.

Dolly, accompanied by her family, will visit Wales, known for its rich singing tradition, as part of a four-part docuseries to be released next year. Her niece, singer Jada Star, shared that they traced their DNA back to Wales.

“Dolly is releasing a four-part docuseries about our roots and where we come from. There’ll be lots of footage from over there,” Jada revealed. She added that Dolly is just as glamorous in private as she appears in public. “I have never seen her unglammed in my life. She never wears slippers. Even when she’s lounging around her own house in PJ’s, she still wears Frederick’s fluffy

Marabou high heel slipons. She has them in every colour to slip on when she’s relaxing at home.”

Following in her aunt’s footsteps, Jada will perform at Glastonbury next month. “Dolly is so excited for me,” she said. “Her main advice was, ‘Make sure to bring your rain boots’.”

Reflecting on Dolly’s memorable performance at Glastonbury in 2014, Jada noted that it gave her aunt “a new lease of life”. Jada’s new single, Keeper of My Heart, is out now.

Ascona Group announces rebranding of two west Wales sites


BASED Ascona Group has announced the rebranding of two of its Pembrokeshire service stations to the Valero brand. The rebranding process is set to commence next week, starting on 20 May 2024.

The two sites undergoing transformation are the Ascona – Pelcomb Service Station located at Pelcomb Cross and

the Ascona – Ivy Service Station in St Clears. The company has assured that the rebranding work will be completed by the end of the week.

Ascona Group expressed their excitement about the upcoming changes and look forward

to unveiling the newly branded sites to their loyal customers. In a statement, the company said, “We can’t wait to share these rebranded sites with our loyal customers. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your continued support.”

Customers with queries regarding the continued use of loyalty cards or fuel cards under the new Valero banner are encouraged to visit the respective stores, where options will be available to ensure a seamless transition.

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Tributes pour in for West Wales DJ legend Kai Liu

FRIENDS of a popular nightclub owner and ‘legend’ of Swansea’s DJ scene have described him as a “one in a million” person who would go out of his way to help others. Father-of-four Kai Liu passed away on Wednesday, May 8, at the age of 45.

Mr Liu first immersed himself in the city’s music scene after purchasing a set of DJ decks, which were kept at his friend Greg Pickin’s flat in Morriston. Their passion for music quickly grew from playing vinyl at parties to DJing at iconic Swansea city centre venues such as Quids Inn, The Palace, Escape, and Bar Seven.

He eventually took over the running of PlanB nightclub in Northampton Lane, Swansea, which had previously been known as Crobar and Club Oxygen. Over the years, Mr Liu, who was from Skewen but brought up in Bonymaen, gave opportunities to generations of young and

upcoming DJs and was instrumental in bringing some of the biggest names in dance music to the city.

Mr Pickin, 42, who now runs Heaven in Wind Street, Swansea, shared heartfelt memories of his late friend. “We were the best of mates; he was my daughter’s godfather, and we’d speak every other day. We were so

close all the way through. We would talk about everything – business, family, holidays, Ibiza. Kai loved Ibiza. We had so much in common. There has been quite a lot of change in the music scene over the last 25 years, and we’d often discuss where we think it’s going. It ran a lot deeper than just being turntable brothers; we were close, but Kai was best friends to everybody.

“The amount of people who would class

Kai as one of their best friends – he was just that kind of person, always happy, always smiling, always had time for people. He was very driven, very motivated, very passionate. He was a great dad, a great husband – just a great man. Kai was always there if I needed him.

For the last 25 years, we’ve been through everything together, high times, amazing times, low times, just basically what a friendship is. Friends like that mean everything to you. He was a legend within the scene, and I don’t think anyone could deny him that status. If anyone deserved it, it would have been Kai.

“Kai brought through so many people over the years. A lot of DJs around owe their careers to Kai. He was an allround good guy who was one in a million. He has probably brought through about two or three generations of DJs through the years. He was constantly evolving

his team, and the team that he has left now in PlanB are a good bunch of lads, all in their twenties. His role within the Swansea scene has been pivotal. He has consistently been delivering the biggest acts to Swansea for ten to 12 years. He has pretty much held it together over time. There’s a lot Swansea needs to thank Kai for.”

Another of Mr Liu’s friends, CN Williams, described his talent as a DJ as “unparalleled”. He said, “I’ve been struggling to find the words. Kai was more than a friend; he was a true gentleman, an exemplary husband and father, and a pillar of strength for his family. His passion for music was infectious, and his talent as a DJ was unparalleled. Yet, amidst his professional success, he remained grounded, always ready to embrace life’s joys and celebrate with those around him.

“Together, we shared

countless memories of late nights at Escape Nightclub, Bar 7, Eden, Moloko, and his own ventures like Warehouse, Oxygen, PlanB, and many more. I’ll forever cherish the memories we created, especially our last meeting at my stag do in Swansea, where Kai insisted on keeping the drinks flowing, as he always did.”

James ‘Slim’ Davies, former resident DJ at the old Rasputins, Wales’ first vodka bar and Swansea’s ‘smallest nightclub’, added, “I have many fond memories of Kai, starting from the days when he used to DJ in Quids Inn. His love of music, his infectious smile. Kai always had a lot of time for everyone. He will be greatly missed in the clubbing scene and beyond.”

Kai Liu’s legacy in the Swansea music scene will be remembered by the many lives he touched and the vibrant musical community he helped build.

Local MP gets hands on to help with War Graves Week

This week marks War Graves Week running from the 11th to the 19th of May. This is an annual celebration of the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Carmarthenshire MP

Jonathan Edwards met with Ryan Jones, who undertakes the role of an Eyes on Hands On (EOHO) volunteer across the County.

The Eyes On Hands On (EOHO) project ensures that scattered headstones are inspected at least twice a year by volunteers, and the condition of the headstones, together with an image is reported and recorded. Where issues are reported, such as legibility of the inscription or damage, these will then be reviewed for action. In addition, volunteers are trained to perform basic cleaning and clearing of the headstones.

Mr Edwards joined Ryan at Llandingat

Jon Coles

Church, Llandovery to help with the cleaning and clearing of the graves.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“It was an honour to meet with Ryan and to discuss the fantastic work carried out by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. I had no idea that these commonwealth graves were at St Dingad Church and that the commission is responsible for their upkeep. It is vital that we ensure that we honour and remember those who died in the First and Second World Wards and ensure that they will never be forgotten. Ryan is a real asset to the commission and clearly takes a lot of pride in his work. It was a really insightful morning, and I would like to thank Ryan and all other volunteers for their time

and commitment to this cause.”

Ryan Jones said:

“It was great to have Jonathan join me to discuss the work of the

Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the work I undertake on the ground. It is a privilege to look after these graves and ensure that they are

kept in good condition. It is crucial that we remember the sacrifices made and I believe we should all be more aware of the graves in our local areas. I would

like to thank Jonathan for his time and hope that he will be able to draw further attention to the good work undertaken by the Commission.”

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Tom Sinclair
26 Friday May 17th 2024 For up to date news please check our social network channels 24 - 29 May 2024 Six Days of Extraordinary Music Tickets start at just £8 (U18s go free) For tickets: scan the QR Code, Call 01437 722002, Or visit 20% discount available for all St Davids Ward residentsEmail with proof of residence Artists include: BBC National Orchestra of Wales The Choir of Royal Holloway Emma Johnson & Orchestra St Davids Cathedral Choir Children’s Festival Chorus Young Musician of Dyfed Vox Angelica Trío Preseli Alaw GŴ yl Gerdd Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi St Davids Cathedral Music Festival Scan for Tickets!

The 1915 Milford Haven maritime massacre: A tale of valour and loss

TODAY is the inaugural National Fishing Remembrance Day, buy many residents of Milford Haven may not know about the tragic events of 1915, when piracy on the high seas by ‘the enemy’ led to the loss of local fishermen and several trawlers.

In 1915, amidst the backdrop of World War I, Milford Haven’s fishing fleet became the target of ruthless ‘pirate attacks’ as they were reported, which claimed the lives of 47 men and saw the sinking of several trawlers.

These were not isolated incidents but part of a terrifying pattern that emerged during this tumultuous period, carried out by German boats, and submarines, against all British shipping.

The first incident was a brutal attack on the Hirseo.

As the ‘pirates’ opened fire, chaos ensued onboard. The trawler, filled with fishermen, was ill-equipped to handle such an assault. Many crew members were killed instantly, while others, injured and desperate, struggled to survive as the vessel began to sink.

The nearby Victoria, in a bid to assist, maneuvered closer but was quickly overwhelmed by gunfire

and met the same fate as the Hirseo.

Among those who lost their lives was the chief engineer of the Victoria, Albert Cole, whose earlier premonitions of doom became a grim reality as the ship went down. His final acts, attempting to keep the engine room operational even as the vessel succumbed to the sea, highlighted the bravery

and professionalism that defined these men.

The response from Milford Haven to these tragic events was swift and heartfelt. The community rallied to support the grieving families, providing financial aid and organising memorial services. The impact of the losses was felt deeply throughout the community, uniting them in their sorrow and their resolve to prevent future tragedies.

The incidents involving

other trawlers, like the Ebor, further underscored the widespread nature of the piracy threat at the time. The Ebor, targeted shortly after the initial attacks, managed to survive the encounter but not without enduring its own harrowing tale of gunfire and evasion.

In the aftermath, additional stories emerged of other nationalities involved, such as Russians, Spaniards, and Norwegians, each sharing their own harrowing

escape stories. One poignant testimony came from a Spanish survivor, who detailed his traumatic ordeal in broken English, reflecting not only his personal suffering but also the shared human experience of facing death at sea.

Today, as we reflect on these tragic events, our community not only commemorates those who were lost but also looks to learn from the past. The horrors of the 1915 pirate attacks have instilled

a collective resolve to enhance safety and security for all maritime workers, ensuring that such a tragedy is never repeated.

This National Fishing Remembrance Day, let us remember the bravery and sacrifice of those who went before us, and let their legacy guide our efforts towards a safer and more secure future for the fishing community of Milford Haven and beyond.

More than 2,600 Pembrokeshire council tenants in arrears

A QUESTION over concerns that Pembrokeshire County Council has “serious rental areas of more than £2m” saw members of the council hear that one person had a backlog of more than £18,000.

Merlin’s Bridge councillor John Cole, in a submitted question heard at the May 9 meeting of Pembrokeshire County Council, asked: “In the budget seminars. It was reported that the council has serious rental arrears that are over £2 million.”

In a three-pronged question to Cabinet Member for Housing Operations & Regulatory

Services Cllr Michelle Bateman, he asked: “What amount of arrears are attributed to housing benefit not being passed on to the council by tenants?

“What is the highest, lowest and average amount of arrears owed and number of tenants in arrears?

“Would it not be prudent to have a clause in tenancy agreements that tenants agree that housing benefit rents are made directly to the council, thereby negating

the arrears occurring in the first instance.”

Responding at the May meeting, Cllr Bateman said tenants did not receive housing benefit directly, unless transferred to universal credit, adding that, as of March 31, there were 2,618 tenants in arrears, the lowest owing one pence, the average £959.10, and the highest £18,058.16.

She told members the highest, which had skewed the average figures, was “a complex case involving a vulnerable individual”.

Members heard that 60 per cent of the rental arrears figures were under £500 owing.

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Pembroke youth secures celebrated double victory

THE sporting community of Pembrokeshire witnessed an exceptional display of youth rugby talent on Thursday evening (May 9) at Narberth RFC.

The grounds were buzzing with excitement as they hosted the finals for both the Youth Cup and Youth Plate competitions, attracting large crowds and garnering considerable acclaim for the quality and intensity of the matches played.

The evening kicked off with the Youth Plate final, where Tenby United, known affectionately as ‘The Young Seasiders,’ triumphed over Narberth’s own ‘Young Otters’ with a score of 39-22. The Seasiders showcased a robust performance, and their captain Kyle Rossiter had the honor of receiving the trophy from Delyth Summons, a representative from

District H of the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU), marking a memorable moment for the team.

As the anticipation

built, the spotlight then shifted to the main event of the evening: the Pembrokeshire Youth Cup Final. Pembroke Youth faced their closest league rivals, Aberystwyth Youth, in what was

set to be a thrilling showdown. Pembroke, led by their captain and second row Max Boswell, demonstrated tactical superiority and a relentless drive that saw them overpower

Aberystwyth with a comfortable 33-13 victory. This win not only gave Pembroke the cup but also secured them the prestigious league and cup double for the 2023/24 season.

The match was meticulously overseen by referee Andrew ‘Twts’ Thomas, along with assistant referees Dave Byrne and Carwyn Evans, who together ensured a fair and competitive match environment.

Pembroke’s strategy unfolded brilliantly on the field with notable performances by centre Kobi Bratcher, outside half Bowyn Clarke, and No. 8 Zac Shaw, whose contributions were pivotal in the team’s decisive surge in the second half. This trio helped expand Pembroke’s lead with three additional scores, pushing the final tally to 32-13.

Despite the widening gap, Aberystwyth Youth displayed commendable spirit and tenacity. The team, which had finished second in the league, managed to claw back into the game briefly in the final quarter.

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Tom Sinclair

Work to begin on Pembrokeshire’s ‘treacherous’ stretch of road

EFFORTS to improve road safety on a perilous stretch of road in Pembrokeshire are set to commence this month, with plans to install traffic lights at the infamous Nash Fingerpost Junction. This initiative follows persistent demands for safety enhancements by campaigners concerned about the junction’s hazardous conditions.

The Nash Fingerpost Junction, a notorious ‘black spot’ located at the intersection of the A477 and A4075 between Milton and Pembroke Dock, has been the site of numerous accidents over the years. The most tragic of these occurred in May last year, claiming the life of 29-year-old motorcyclist Ashley Rogers from Kilgetty.


Senedd Member Samuel Kurtz for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire has been a prominent advocate in pressing the Welsh Government to follow through on its commitments to these crucial safety upgrades.

Cllr Tessa Hodgson, representing the Lamphey ward, recently revealed details about the upcoming works.

Scheduled to start on Sunday, May 19, and expected to conclude by mid-September, the project will involve the installation of new traffic light systems and enhancements to kerb alignments. Additionally, upgrades will be made to the existing active travel

In response to these incidents, local residents have intensified their campaign for significant modifications at the junction. Their efforts have included petitions urging both the Senedd and Highways Authorities to re-evaluate and redesign this busy juncture.

route. To facilitate these changes, contractors will work up to 12 hours a day from Sunday to Friday, between 7am and 7pm.

During the entire duration of the improvements, temporary traffic signals will be operational to ensure the safety of both motorists and workers on site.

These measures are being overseen by the South Wales Trunk Road Agent (SWTRA).

The work will be briefly suspended during the summer embargo period from August 22 to 27, resuming thereafter until the project’s completion in mid-September. A spokesperson for the

principal contractor has expressed apologies in advance for any potential traffic disruptions, although assurances have been given that efforts will be maximized to minimize inconvenience during the peak summer holiday period. Furthermore, there will be no traffic management activities

during the Summer Bank Holiday weekend to ease travel disruptions. This development comes as a significant relief to many in the community who have long voiced concerns about the safety of the junction, emphasizing the necessity of these enhancements to prevent future tragedies.

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Putin’s Power Play: Kremlin Shake-Up Tightens Grip on Russia’s War Machine

AH, me hearties, gather round for the latest squawkings from your favourite feathered friend, Stephen Seagull, from the cliffs of the Pembrokeshire Herald!

This week, we be lookin’ at the shakeup in the Russian nest, with Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu gettin’ booted from his perch and landin’ in the security council’s coop. Now, what’s got everyone flappin’ their wings is two big questions: What’s the new bird, Andrei Belousov, bringin’ to the defence perch, and what’s happenin’ to the old bird, Nikolai Patrushev, who’s been seen as a possible

successor to the big rooster himself, Vladimir Putin?

Well, mateys, it looks like Patrushev’s feathers have been ruffled good and proper. The Kremlin’s mouthpiece, Dmitry Peskov, squawked that Patrushev’s got a new title - presidential aide for shipbuilding. Aye, sounds grand, but it’s a mighty step down from bein’ one of the most powerful birds in the Russian roost. Now, as for Shoigu’s ousting, it seems Putin’s keen to trim any wings that might be spreadin’ too wide. Some say it’s an anti-corruption cleanup – what with Shoigu’s ally, Timur Ivanov, gettin’

pinched last month and Yuri Kuznetsov this week.

But the wise owl, Mikhail Savva, squawks it’s more about keepin’ military spendin’ in check and squashin’ any threats to Putin’s nest.

Enter Belousov, a bureaucrat through and through, dubbed “President Putin’s Albert Speer”. The pro-war crows are cawing his praises, sayin’ he’ll tidy up military spendin’ and leave the fightin’ to the generals. Putin’s showin’ the world he’s turnin’ Russia into a lean, mean war machine, diggin’ in for the long haul. Belousov’s got no flock of his own, no power base,

just loyalty to the top bird, Putin.

After last June’s rebellious ruckus led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, Putin’s keen to keep any potential challengers under his talon. So, movin’ Shoigu out while the front lines are lookin’ good makes sense. Ivan Preobrazhensky, another wise head, reckons Putin was too scared to shuffle the deck while the front was unstable.

Putin’s jugglin’ more than just the defence ministry. He’s placed Patrushev in charge of shipbuilding, while Patrushev’s son, Dmitry, gets a bump up to deputy prime minister in charge

of agriculture. Then there’s Boris Kovalchuk, son of Putin’s close mate Yuri Kovalchuk, who’s now head of Russia’s audit chamber. Aye, it’s a dynastic dance, with Putin makin’ sure his loyal chicks are all in place.

Mark Galeotti, a sharpeyed watcher of Russia, reckons Shoigu won’t wield much power in his new nest. Patrushev’s influence came from his personality and past ties to Putin, but Shoigu might find the new role less cushy.

By placin’ Shoigu and Patrushev in positions controllin’ the military industrial complex,

Putin’s got his claws on the whole war economy. This boosts his power, but also ties his fortunes to the continuin’ conflict. In the short term, he looks unassailable, but if the war takes a nosedive, his perch might get shaky. For those hopin’ for a quick end to the war over a bit of Ukraine, remember this: Putin needs the war to keep his nest safe. So don’t be expectin’ peace talks to come easy.

Until next time, keep your beaks sharp and your eyes on the horizon!

Stephen Seagull, squawkin’ out from the Pembrokeshire Herald!

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Badger and the Eurovision Beans Contest

LET’s get it straight: Eurovision is about as important to the fate of humankind as farting in a colander or widdling in the sea.

In a year’s time, the only people who will know who won will be the saddest members of Pembrokeshire’s saddest pub quiz teams and people with even less social life than them.

That’s the whole point of Eurovision. It’s disposable pap dressed up as an annual event of wider significance. It’s been like this since Katie Boyle presented it in a ball gown. People pretend it matters, but Eurovision is a slice of stunt broadcasting of zero wider relevance.

The last Eurovision song Badger remembers is Father Ted and Father Dougal’s “My Little Horse”.

It’s no longer performed, of course. Father Ted’s creator, Graham Linehan, is now treated much the same way as Voldemort in the Harry Potter books, whose author we must also never mention for the same reasons for not referring to Graham Linehan.

As far as Badger is concerned, people can refer to themselves as they like, and it’s basic social politeness to treat their choices respectfully. Equally, if you want to ensure you are

not mislabelled, it’s reciprocal good manners not to label others based on your preferences and prejudices.

Badger thinks too much time and effort is spent worrying about labels.

It’s like flags, readers. The historical purpose of a flag is as a banner of war. When soldiers fought at close quarters with swords and battleaxes, you rallied around flags to take direction for the coming slaughter.

The way some flags are used nowadays has more to do with that purpose than the expression of community or commonality.

There were many flags at Malmo before and after last week’s Eurovision song contest.

Thousands protested because Israel participated in the song contest. As a member of the European Broadcasting Union, Israel is entitled to participate.

The protests showed that any event can be hijacked for publicity by terrorists, their apologists, and their sympathisers.

And not one thing more than that.

On Newsnight, a drag artist appeared to say they’d cancelled their Eurovision event out of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Swedish doom goblin Greta Thunberg was arrested.

Someone called Bambie Thug asked to be moved from their hotel room because they were upset at the prospect of spending a night near a Jew.

Olly Alexander’s performance simulated sex in a bog. How very.


Readers, the world has not only gone mad, but the accelerator is buried to the floor on the handcart, taking us all to Hell.

It’s at times like this that Badger feels most inclined to retreat to his sett’s vault and launch thermonuclear devastation on humanity.

Put it this way, readers, it’s a good job Badger doesn’t have access to instant atomic doom. If he had it last weekend, this week would not be happening.

Without the ability to rid the Earth of humans, Badger can do little more than climb to the top of

a big hill, whip out his megaphone, and shout, “Grow up!”

The worst thing about the modern world is how infantilised political and social discourse has become.

The idea that there are goodies and baddies in every situation is nonsense. History teaches us that truth because human nature is not binary. A million shades of good intentions lead to an infernal destination.

If you cannot accept that, you are beyond rationality.

There are more points of view than atoms in the cosmos, and not all beliefs are logical or coherent.

If you think there is only one point of view or one set of valid beliefs, you are - by definition - an extremist.

If you imagine yours is the only view that counts, you’re among those who think the universe

revolves around the hole in their pine end.

Generally, humans are on solid ground when they realise the universe’s infinite variety matches their complexity.

There is no underlying order, no definitive good, and no definitive evil.

Extreme actions come close to those outer limits, but most human conduct clusters around a crowded middle ground.

The atomisation of politics into single issues is a pernicious example of how infantilising tribalism is a dead end.

And it’s nothing new, readers.

When thinking about this article, Badger did some reading and found this nugget: “One in four voters is now willing to drum a politician out of office for his position on a single issue.”

One in four? On a single issue?


Imagine how much that proportion has grown since those words first appeared in 1981.

The author of the article in which those words appeared, Robert L. Spaeth, carefully delineated what he regarded as the “pernicious” nature of single-issue politics in a nation’s politics, particularly at institutions of higher education.

Forty-three years after that paper’s

publication, Badger thinks about last weekend in Malmo and what’s happening on university campuses and thinks Prof Spaeth’s use of the word “pernicious” is spot on and yet not strong enough.

Single-issue politics is pernicious in the same way as an aggressive tumour or debilitating tropical disease. The main difference is that the disease-causing bug or cancerous cell is unaware of the damage it causes to its unlucky hosts. All single-issue political causes damage their hosts by reducing their ability to adapt to a changing political environment and leaving them vulnerable to opportunistic secondary infections, like the Socialist Workers’ Party or Tommy Robinson. By all means, have your core beliefs, but remember they belong to you and not others. Respect others’ views, lifestyles, ways of living, and rights (however you define them).

But most of all, remember that sometimes a song contest is just a song contest.

You’d have to be some kind of stupid to put more moral and political weight on Eurovision than you would on the choice between tins of baked beans.

32 Friday May 17th 2024

Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival returns

Street Food Warehouse is delighted to announce the triumphant return of their FREE Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival to Tenby this summer.

From Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June, join us at the new location of Salterns Pay & Display for three days of fantastic food, entertainment, and family fun! Over 25 top street food traders will converge in the heart of Tenby, serving up cuisines from around the world, offering a delightful array of dishes for you to savor.

This year’s festival promises to be bigger, better, and tastier than ever with an enhanced location, more traders, market stalls, and activities for all ages! With a larger space, we’ve packed the schedule with a fantastic lineup

of live entertainment on our brand-new stage. Expect live bands, DJs, and surprises—so bring your dancing shoes along with your appetite!

Street Food Warehouse is renowned for organizing outstanding street food festivals along the Welsh and South West coasts. Now, we’re bringing our #SummerOfStreetFood tour back to the beautiful coast of Pembrokeshire for three days of foodie heaven! Here’s what we have to say about the festival:

“The Pembrokeshire

Street Food Festival is a highlight in the Street Food Warehouse calendar! After a successful year, we’re thrilled to return to a larger, brand-new location. This allows us to ramp things up with more top-class traders, extended bars, and plenty of space for

Tenby’s food enthusiasts to enjoy delicious meals! The festival is a fantastic opportunity to sample new cuisines, indulge in old favorites, and support emerging talents in the food scene. The people of Pembrokeshire have a great appetite for quality food, and we’re excited to return for another three days of fun. We’re also thrilled to offer a new selection of live entertainment, so you can enjoy fantastic food alongside live music and surprises! The Pembrokeshire

Street Food Festival is the perfect place to spend a weekend with friends and family, enjoying delicious food and good vibes all around. Get ready for full bellies and great memories!”

What makes the Pembrokeshire

Street Food Festival unique is that no two

traders offer the same cuisine, allowing them to showcase their individuality while treating customers to a wide range of dishes from near and far. You could feast on anything from Indian to Vietnamese, Thai to Moroccan, Mexican to Afghan, Caribbean to Uzbek— there’s something to suit every palate and dietary requirement, not to mention satisfy your sweet tooth!

Street Food Warehouse has teased a few of the traders lined up, including some fantastic local talent. South Wales-born Mwg will showcase the best seasonal Welsh produce cooked over fire, while Burger Boyz will serve up delicious smash patties. For dessert lovers, Pembrokeshire locals Romy’s will satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh-to-order crepes!

We haven’t forgotten about quenching your thirst! This summer, the event is sponsored by award-winning brewery Lost and Grounded. Picture a stunning summer’s day, live music, delicious street food, and a crisp pint of their Helles lager—the perfect combination. This festival is familyfriendly, welcoming children of all ages and well-behaved dogs! Entry is free, and this year we’re introducing reusable cups at the bar to reduce single-use plastic. Pay a one-off fee of £2 with your first drink order to receive your branded cup, which you can take home as a souvenir.

Residents of Pembrokeshire and beyond, get ready for a weekend of top-notch street food, refreshing drinks, entertainment, and family fun!

Torch Theatre to host ‘The Elton John Show 2024’

GET ready to rock your socks off as the Torch Theatre presents The Elton John Show on Saturday, 13th July 2024. Tickets are priced at £25.00. This electrifying tribute extravaganza, brought to you by Soul Street Productions, promises to be a rocketing success!

Known as The Rocket

Man, Sir Elton John has sold over 300 million records, making him the ultimate music sensation of his era. His flamboyant style and endless list of chart-toppers have firmly secured his place as a music legend. Prepare to sing along to classics like “Tiny Dancer” and “Your Song” as The Elton John Show transports you back to

the heyday of this iconic performer. With dazzling costumes and highenergy performances, this event is sure to leave you feeling like you’re standing in the spotlight with Elton himself!

Don’t miss out on this dazzling night of music magic—it’s going to be a candle in the wind of entertainment!

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H a
waTcH THe TraIler Here!

Garfield: The Movie

“GARFIELD: THE MOVIE” has undeniably taken many on a nostalgic journey, stirring fond memories among audiences.

For those who grew up reading Jim Davis’s iconic comic strips featuring the lasagne-loving cat, the transition to the big screen has brought an unexpected rush of emotions. The film’s faithfulness to the source material, from the characters’ distinctive personalities to the recreation of iconic Garfield moments, has been instrumental in evoking this sense of nostalgia.

The film’s ability to transport viewers back to the humour and simplicity of the original

comic strips is a testament to its success. It taps into a shared reservoir of experiences, reminding audiences of the joy they once found in Garfield’s sarcastic quips, Odie’s exuberance, and Jon Arbuckle’s endearing cluelessness. The familiar dynamic between the characters, paired with the timeless humour that defined the comic strips, creates a nostalgic bridge connecting viewers to their past.

Moreover, “Garfield: The Movie” has become a cultural touchstone, evoking memories of shared laughter with friends and family. For those who watched the film during its initial release or later rediscovered it, the mention of Garfield and

his misadventures can evoke a warm and comforting sense of familiarity. The film’s enduring popularity has fostered a sense of community among fans, as they reminisce about the joy it brought into their lives.

In an age where media consumption is increasingly diverse, “Garfield: The Movie” stands out as a nostalgic anchor, reminding audiences of a simpler time when the misadventures of a lasagne-loving cat could bring genuine laughter and joy. It has become more than just a film; it is a vessel for cherished memories, a portal to the past, and a source of enduring affection for the timeless appeal of Garfield and his delightful world.

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Kings of leon can we Please Have Fun

IT has been a while since Kings Of Leon genuinely enjoyed recording an album together. Since ‘Only By The Night’ catapulted them to fame in 2008, the pressure for hits dictated their next four albums.

This changed with their 2021 release, ‘When You See Yourself,’ which ended their long-term RCA contract and freed them from relentless pressure.

Their ninth album, ‘Can We Please Have Fun,’ started as a “frustrated request” from frontman Caleb Followill to make music that “made us happy.” In an NME interview, the band revealed that offers for anniversary tours – not their style – pushed them to focus on creating something great. This mindset guided their sessions at Nashville’s Dark Horse Studio with producer Kid Harpoon.

Fans might wonder if this album sees KOL returning to their rock‘n’roll roots. The answer is mixed. The comeback single

‘Mustang’ features Caleb’s howling vocals over rollicking guitar riffs, reminiscent of their 2007 album ‘Because Of The Times,’ and stands out as their best track since ‘Sex On Fire.’

The energetic ‘Nothing To Do’ resembles a Pixies track with squalling riffs, while ‘Hesitation Generation’ channels a fiery energy with a nod to The Velvet Underground. However, the album’s rock‘n’roll edge is limited to these tracks. The rest ventures into familiar anthemic territory, working well on tracks like ‘Ballerina Radio’ and ‘Rainbow Ball,’ but faltering on ballads like ‘Ease Me On’ and ‘Don’t Stop The Bleeding.’ The excellent ‘Split Screen’ somewhat restores the balance with its textured guitars.

Overall, this is Kings Of Leon’s most promising and liberated record in over a decade, though it remains surprisingly restrained in places. Can they have fun? Yes, but they could have embraced it more fully.



I am Jordan

“I’VE learnt to use my voice more in the last couple of months,” I. Jordan shared on Instagram last August, marking six months of taking testosterone and noting its impact on their vocals.

Growing up queer in Doncaster, Jordan’s open discussion of their transition underscores their commitment to supporting working-class LGBTQIA+ individuals.

As a house DJ and producer, Jordan crafts dynamic music with a message. Their 2020 EP, ‘For You’, seamlessly blended French touch and innovative club beats, earning a five-star review from NME. The follow-up, ‘Watch Out!’, continued this experimental trend with even more energy. Now, Jordan reconnects with fans on the dancefloor.

‘I Am Jordan’ opens with bursts of euphoria. The lead single, ‘Real Hot n Naughty’, featuring Scouse

rapper and Sex Education star Felix Mufti, is described by Jordan as “a real queer Northern dance anthem”. It’s a playful, cheeky track with Mufti humorously criticising a friend’s poor romantic choices: “You’re still not over him / Girl, we’ve told you he’s a Tory”. Jordan shifts the pace with ‘The Countdown’ (featuring DJ TAAHLIAH), marked by a rapid beat drop and nostalgic production flourishes reminiscent of an old-school Nokia 3320. Each song on ‘I Am Jordan’ feels like a fresh introduction, showcasing a unique blend of club music and queer expression.

‘People Want Nice Things’ emerges as a soaring tune, perfect for a sweaty, overcrowded east London queer club. The song celebrates the joy and liberation found in nightlife. ‘Round n Round’ pays tribute to the expansive sounds of the North with its sleek groove and stuttering beats.

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The next ‘Squid Game’?

Speculation has been mounting about a new series reminiscent of ‘Squid Game’ on Netflix. Now, after much anticipation, the show has been officially announced. Titled ‘The 8 Show,’ this upcoming thriller will debut on the streaming platform on 17th May. To build excitement, the official trailer was released on 2nd May.

The two-minute trailer introduces the eight contestants: Ryu Jun-yeol, Chun Won-hee, Park Jeong-min, Lee Yeul-eum, Park Hae-joon, Lee Joo-young, Moon Jung-hee, and Bae Sungwoo. It begins with Ryu Junyeol, who invites viewers into the story from his room, setting the stage for what lies ahead. As the diverse cast is introduced,

we learn that the contestants will face various challenges without needing special skills, all while being isolated from the outside world. Each floor of the game represents a different level, where contestants endure tragic comedies as time passes indefinitely. As the competition intensifies and becomes deadlier, contestants resort to increasingly dangerous methods to secure the substantial cash prize. The stakes grow higher until the final victor is revealed. Only time will tell who will triumph in this ‘irresistible yet brutal’ game.

South Korean thrillers are known for being consistently gripping, and ‘The 8 Show’ promises to be no exception. While it shares similarities with ‘Squid Game,’ it also offers a

unique storyline. The series delves into the personal journeys of the characters as they strive to win the cash prize, giving viewers a compelling look at their motivations and struggles. Alongside the contestants, viewers embark on a journey to see who will ultimately prevail. With its vibrant colours and dreamy aesthetics, the series is set to reveal the true nature of its characters as they navigate this brutal, cut-throat environment.

Based on the webtoons ‘Money Game’ and ‘Pie Game’ by Bae Jin-soo, the series is directed by Han Jae-rim, known for ‘Emergency Declaration,’ who has also written the script. ‘The 8 Show’ will be available to stream on Netflix starting 17th May.

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waTcH THe TraIler Here!
July18-31Gorffennaf2024 WelshNationalOperaOrchestraPeterDonohoe MarmenQuartetNationalYouthOrchestraofWales CatrinFinch&AoifeNíBhriainCadiGlwys ClaireBooth&JâmsColemanJenniferPike&JâmsColeman WelshNationalOperaChamberEnsemble ButeWindQuintetNationalYouthChoirofWales SethBye&AlexHenshawVRï NationalYouthBrassBandofWales "Awonderfullyvariedanduniformlyimpressiveseriesofconcerts" Programme&tickets: 07941510889

Alright, so check it, mates. The Nintendo Switch is already packed with these cute, laid-back puzzlers, and here comes Please Fix The Road, sliding into the Switch eShop on May 16th like a chilled-out cat on a sunny windowsill.

Developed by ARIELEK and rolled out by Silesia Games, Please Fix the Road is all about getting your traveler—whether it’s a car, boat, train, or yep, even a cat (believe it or not)—from point A to point B. But here’s the twist: the roads are a mess, the paths are all over the place, and the water systems are, well, not so watertight. Your mission? Lay down some fresh lanes to ensure your passengers reach their destination in one piece.

Now, this ain’t exactly uncharted territory. We’ve seen this kind of gameplay vibe with titles like Mini Metro or Railbound, but what caught my eye is the slick, minimalistic art style this game brings to the table. It’s just oozing sweetness, you know? Originally dropping on Steam back in 2022, it’s been racking up those ‘Very Positive’ reviews like they’re going out of style. Definitely one to keep your third eye on. Please Fix The Road is like a cool, casual puzzle dream where you’re tasked with— surprise, surprise—fixing roads!

You’ve got a specific toolkit for each level to guide cars, boats, trains, or even adorable animals from A to B. And let me tell you, these animals aren’t your usual

suspects; we’re talking kittens, dogs, and pink llamas! Who would’ve thought?

You’ve got the power to tweak multiple tiles at once—insert, destroy, rotate, copy, swap, raise, lower, push, move— whatever it takes to smooth the path for your passengers. This game’s like a mixtape of all the best logic games wrapped up in a neat, minimalist package.

No need for fancy roadwork here; it’s all about getting the job done. So let’s get fixing and have a blast! Even your mum might dig this one!

And guess what? You can snag this gem on the Switch eShop for a mere £7.99. Talk about a steal! Keep your eyes peeled for this beauty hitting your screens real soon.


ARIES Today, take any opportunity you can to watch other people dealing with a conflict. Being observant about how people handle their disagreements will help you get a better handle on any future conflicts you might have with them, and definitely give you the upper hand. Today is not the time for major action or big decisions, however. It’s a more introspective time in which your mind needs to work, but your body should stay relaxed. But that doesn’t mean a lot can’t get accomplished.


Sometimes connecting with others can be more of a drain than a pleasure, but you need to suck it up and put on a cheerful smile today. Too many people are counting on you to show up and shine your bright charm on the scene, and you can’t let them down! The wonderful thing is once you act energetic and social, you will start to feel energetic and social. Your nature is still genuine even when it needs a little bit of a kick-start.


Something will happen this morning that will force you call upon your hidden strength for tolerating things you don’t totally understand. You’ll be asked to do something that isn’t your style, yet you should be a good sport about it and give it the good old college try. After a while you should be able to get comfortable with it, or at least tolerate it enough not to go nuts. You have to deal with the baggage that other people bring into your life.


In any close relationship, open communications is critical. If you think that someone you love is holding back their true feelings, don’t wait another day to get to the bottom of it. They have been sending mixed signals your way, and it’s been understandably frustrating for you. But you don’t have to put up with it. The two of you have a solid foundation, which means you can cut to the chase and ask them directly what is really going on.

LEO Today, you will have a good time doing just about anything: chores, exercising, sitting in meetings. You’re in a phase of life where your expectations are low. You don’t want much more than a good night’s sleep and a good friend to laugh with. This isn’t a great time to set any goals, though. You want to wait for a better time when you’re more hungry for challenges and eager for a life change.

VIRGO Upcoming travel plans will go smoothly, though one small snag could leave you feeling rushed. If you are hoping to get upgraded, you should feel good about asking. Your optimism is still your best asset, so when you approach this uncertain situation, expect the best possible outcome. Things will go in your favor more times than not. It’s time you started asking for what you want more often. If you do, you might start getting what you want more often.


Anyone who tells you to get more discipline and structure in your life is someone you should ignore. You’re doing just fine! This person is just projecting their own worries and guilt on you, so feel free to ignore it. Do not let their status or powerful position intimidate you either. When it comes to your life, only you know how to run it properly. All that matters is that it works for you, and they have to just deal with it.

SCORPIO Be the first person to speak up when something unfair or unjust happens today. You have to make it known that you don’t agree, or else you can’t be surprised if people assume that you do. It takes action to stand firm sometimes. People who use tricks or lies to get what they want have a way of contaminating everything and everyone around them, so don’t think twice about getting as much distance between yourself and them as possible. Waste no time doing that today.


You can get lots done and have fun doing it today, because your enthusiasm is gigantic. Don’t worry if you don’t have every little wrinkle of a situation ironed out. What matters is that the overall goal has been met, and you enjoyed the effort of meeting it. You can talk your way through any tricky spots today and use your bright smile to blind any skeptics. And if you can keep people talking about themselves, it won’t occur to them to ask anything about you.


You want to live large today, but you may not necessarily feel in charge afterward. Any overindulgence now might leave you with a lingering sense of regret, as well as a bank account and credit cards that are almost completely exhausted. Maxing yourself out spiritually, energetically, or financially isn’t a great idea for you no matter how tempting it seems. Find another way to direct this energy.


Your eye for detail could get you into an interesting situation today when you notice something strange about how someone is behaving. They’ll be flattered by your attention and perhaps open up to you about what is going on, and you’re going to like what you hear. If this information falls into the category of gossip, feel free to spread it around. But if it’s more like a trusted secret, don’t let them down by spilling it all over town. Show them they can trust you.


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Today it will be easy for you to see the best in everything and everyone, which means you will automatically see the best in yourself. You’ll be in a positive mood today, and people are going to notice you lots more and probably find you very attractive. The fact that you are feeling more beauty in your life will serve as an invitation for even more beauty to enter your life, which is something you deserve now more than ever.
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Modern Take on Hamlet SHINES

S HAKESPEARE ’ S Hamlet. Probably the world’s most famous play. A powerful story of revenge, treachery and madness. Not for the faint-hearted. And definitely not one regularly selected for the amateur circuit.

But Vision Theatre Company is nothing if not unafraid of a challenge - and, without doubt, its production of the Bard’s classic, was a triumph.

VTC’s metier is to examine closely each character’s motivations and personality, before ever embarking on rehearsing the actual linesthis approach pays dividends, with each and every character totally inhabiting their roles.

The play was beautifully performed with inspired direction, set in modern times, but losing none of its traditional values - with the eponymous protagonist particularly commanding the stage and driving the narrative forward at a rapiersharp pace.

Gethin Morris drew every ounce of anger and rage out of the despair the Danish prince experiences at the untimely death of his father - directing it squarely at his uncle Claudius (Roger Leese) who then takes the throne - and equally so at his marvellously Machiavellian mother Gertrude (Michaela Walters). His descent into madness was truly distressing. At turns furious, confused and just plain nasty, his performance was a genuine tour-de-force.

Director Arron Evans, who also played the unfortunate, but sneaky, Polonius, conceived a fresh take on this standardintroducing technology to bring a Dystopian edge to the production. Not only was the audience fully immersed in the production but the claustrophobic atmosphere created by a Big-Brother-isWatching-You vibe meant even the auditorium felt part of the plot.

Credit must go to Assistant Director Ethan

Clancy and Tech Wizard Rhys Williams, both alumni of Vision Youth Theatre, for their part in the design and execution of the audio-visual additions to the production.

Thankfully, Evans also avoided the fourhour marathon that Hamlet audiences can be subjected to (I’m thinking of you, Kenneth Branagh) showing some brutal - but wholly effectiveediting skills, that distilled the action to include only its vital components - while losing none of its impact or drama.

The cuts were severe, but enhanced, rather than watered-down the narrative, driving the show forward like an action movie.

The casting was pretty traditional - Hamlet was young enough to be a credible student, the King and Queen looked the part, although Ophelia (Sarah Hancock) displayed a nativity and other-worldliness that meant she avoided the usual sappy, soppy portrayals of the character, and instead presented a genuinely tragic figure.

It’s a little unfair to single out cast members for praise, as - and it is always the way with VTC productions - the whole was only so good because of the sum of its parts, but adding a truly comedic counterpart to the angst and drama going on around themKate Ashley and Erin Thomas - have to be commended for their tiny vignette around the graveside - which proved the perfect foil for the subsequent Alas, Poor Yorik scene.

Horatio, too, (Tracy Rimell) provided a calm, levelheaded antithesis to Hamlet’s rage - becoming the kind of sidekick who allows the action to move forward by being the receptacle for explanations of plot and character motivation; while Adam Edgerley as Leaertes, was an inspired piece of casting, He morphs from lounge lizard to avenging angel in a heartbeat; adding some genuine, credible emotional heft to the show

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New head of top independent school left school at 16

A former aircraft engineer and banker who switched careers to become a teacher has been appointed as the new headmaster of Wales’s newest and fastest growing independent school.

Ian Lloyd, 51, originally from Wallasey where he attended The Mosslands School, will take over the reins at Myddelton College, in Denbigh, in September.

After leaving school aged 16, he joined British Aerospace at Broughton and worked on the BAe 125 executive jet and completed his apprenticeship but later worked for the NatWest bank before moving into the world of education.

He worked with Conwy Local Education Authority on data services for schools before joining Denbighshire Council at Prestatyn High School and then retraining as a Maths teacher at Bangor University and taking a postgraduate certificate in Educational Practice with Cardiff University before teaching at secondary schools in Prestatyn, Abergele and Holywell.

He joined Myddelton seven years ago as assistant headmaster, at the same time as current headmaster Andrew Allman, who leaves at the end of August, and has worked closely with him as the school has gone from just 75 pupils to currently over 360, from prep school to sixth form.

Parents and prospective parents will get the chance to meet the headmasterelect, who will take over in September, at Myddelton College’s Open Day on Saturday, May 18, from 10am, book places at admissions@

Ian, who lives in Dyserth, said: “I have that experience of being in the world of work from the age of 16 and of being in the public and private sector, both before and after moving into education.

“Working in multiple schools I have seen a lot of changes in the educational landscape and it’s been really exciting to be involved here at Myddelton as the school has grown and developed and won awards along the way as well as having a number of sporting achievements.

school band, and has a background in musical theatre and met his wife, Bethan, after he had starred at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

He said: “I had been performing there as the leading man in Me and My Girl for a company from Birkenhead.

“I was introduced to the Rhyl and District Amateur Operatic Society when their leading man for the same show had laryngitis and I sang his part for him from the orchestra pit.

“But we are not just a sporty school – we have many students who go on to great things at A-level and go to top universities. Just last year we had two students go on to Oxford University.

“Myddelton has a reputation for its outdoor learning and range of activities but we are more than just that –we have a really strong academic record as well and a commitment to helping our students fulfil their potential.”

Ian, who teaches Maths and Computer Science, has been heavily involved in the school’s impressive track record in Information Technology and he runs the Microsoft Showcase School programme at Myddelton, one of only three in Wales and the only one in North Wales.

Myddelton made use of that expertise in ensuring that students were able to keep up with the curriculum during Covid lockdown when it delivered a full programme of subjects for remote learning.

He takes over as the school embarks on a £1.7 million upgrade of facilities including a new sixth form centre and a refurbishment of the accommodation for its boarders who come from Europe, Africa, North and South America, China and India.

He also plays bass guitar with the Myddeltones, the

“In their next show, I met Bethan who was their leading lady in Guys and Dolls.”

The couple have three children, daughters Ffion, now at Lancaster University, and Aderyn, in Upper Sixth Form at Myddelton, and stepson Alex, 27, who has gained a Masters in Philosophy at the University of Liverpool.

Ian is also a proud Liverpool supporter –his father was a steward at Anfield, in charge of the Main Stand for 25 years during the glory days of the Seventies and Eighties when the club won four European Cups.

Myddelton College, an award winning Independent co-educational day and boarding school, was the UK’s newest independent school when it opened in the autumn of 2016 and is the only school in North Wales with a 5G network.

The school currently has over 360 pupils and 70 staff, 35 of them teachers and Mr Lloyd added: “We want to provide a well-rounded education and give all our pupils a breadth of opportunities including the chance to work and form bonds with students from all over the world.”

For more information about Myddelton College, including about the Open Day on Saturday, May 18, go to https://www.

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Early summer temperatures can cause heat stroke, Dogs Trust warns

WITH sunshine finally arriving in many parts of the UK, Dogs Trust, the nation’s largest dog welfare charity with rehoming centres in Cardiff and Bridgend, is warning dog owners that too much exercise in warm weather – even as mild as those forecast for this weekend - can cause severe health problems for our canine companions.

While most dog lovers will be aware that extreme weather and heatwaves can be dangerous for dogs - sometimes even deadly - many will be unaware that exercising dogs in early summer temperatures can cause heatstroke in dogs. In some cases, heatstroke can prove fatal.

A recent study1 showed that nearly 75% of cases of heat-related illness in UK dogs were because of exertion, and over two thirds were just from walking only.

Brachycephalic, or “flat-faced”, breeds such as English Bulldogs, Pugs and French Bulldogs, are especially vulnerable in hot weather. Recent research from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University found that English Bulldogs are fourteen times more likely to suffer heatrelated illness compared to Labrador Retrievers.

Over a third of owners of flat-faced dogs reported that heat regulation is a problem for their pet. 2

The symptoms of heatstroke can include panting heavily, drooling excessively, appearing lethargic, drowsy or uncoordinated, vomiting, diarrhoea, and collapsing.

Dogs Trust has shared

the following advice to owners if they suspect their dog is experiencing heatstroke:

Act immediately to prevent your dog’s condition getting worse.

Cool first, transport second.

Stop them from playing, walking or whatever activity they’re doing and move the dog to a shaded and cool area

Start cooling them down urgently. For young, conscious, healthy dogs, this means immersing them in cold water, for example in a paddling pool if possible, keeping their head above water. Use any water available, provided it is cooler than your dog. If immersion is not possible, continuous dousing with cold water is an alternative.

For older dogs or dogs with health conditions,

spray them with room temperature water, avoiding their face, and combine with air movement from a breeze, fan or air conditioning. Place ice, wrapped in a tea towel to prevent ice burns, in their groin and armpits.

Always closely monitor cooling and stop if you notice signs of shivering

Don’t place a wet towel over them as this can raise their temperature.

Call your vet urgently for further advice and transport them there as quickly as is safely possible. Keep the air conditioning on in the car or the windows open.

If your dog has collapsed or is struggling to breathe, call your nearest vet immediately.

Dogs Trust also advises that dogs should

never be left alone in cars as even just a few minutes in a hot car can prove fatal. As dogs can’t cool down the same way as humans, the heat can quickly become dangerous for them.

If you see a dog in a car in distress, the charity advises that members of the public call 999 immediately.

Paula Boyden, Veterinary Director of Dogs Trust, says:

“After weeks of rain, it’s great to see the sun shining, and many of us will be taking advantage of it to enjoy the great outdoors. And with over a third of households now shared with a dog, we have no doubt that people will be keen to take their dogs along to join in the fun.

“But, while most of us know not to walk or

exercise dogs in extreme weathers, even these lovely early summer temperatures can cause problems, especially for those dogs with flat-faces or underlying health conditions.

“As owners, we need to know the signs that our dogs are getting too hot and help them take a rest and cool down when they need to. Some dogs aren’t good at self-regulating and may continue to run and play even though they’re hot and tired, which increases their risk of heatstroke.

“If you do spot the signs of heatstroke in your dog, take steps to cool them down and contact your vet immediately.”

To find out more about how to keep your dog safe this summer, visit hotweather

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HCC announces new funding for beef finishing pilot project

A new pilot project, which aims to boost the profitability and sustainability of the Welsh beef sector, has been awarded a grant of £100,000, Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) has announced.

The project –Decarbonising PGI Welsh Beef – will appraise the impact of varying the age of finishing beef cattle on both economic return and greenhouse gas emissions.

HCC is leading this work and is currently recruiting a total of 50 farmers – 25 from Ceredigion and 25 from Carmarthenshire – to participate in the project which is funded by the ARFOR Challenge Fund. Benefits for those involved include free carbon audits and free financial analysis which could lead to increased profits for farm businesses.

The ARFOR Challenge Fund aims to strengthen the relationship between the economy and the Welsh language in north and west Wales. It is a financial

fund which awards grants for pioneering solutions to community challenges in the areas of Anglesey, Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

HCC’s Policy Development Lead, Russ Thomas said: “We were pleased that our bid for this grant was successful and very much look forward to working with beef farmers to develop the efficiency of their businesses whilst also measuring the potential impact on the environment.

“As the red meat sector comes under growing pressure to reduce carbon and methane emissions, it is important that the sector in Wales considers how its farmers are operating and managing their farming practices, both economically and environmentally.

“This project will use historic and current market intelligence, along with individual farm performance data. It will focus on the factors that influence behavioural change to promote and encourage beef finishing

within a reduced rearing period, through evidencing economic efficiency whilst mitigating methane emissions.”

By working with a group of 50 farmers, the work will generate information and results to inform and benefit the wider industry across Wales. These include increased Welsh prime beef output with reduced stocking density and emissions, brand improvement for PGI Welsh Beef with evidenced sustainability, and improved confidence in the beef sector for consumers.

The work will support the Welsh language and the farming sector – two important elements that are intrinsically linked and are the backbone of rural Wales.

Sara Davies, Innovation and Business Growth Projects Manager at Menter a Busnes said: “The aim of the ARFOR Challenge Fund is to secure innovative solutions to the challenges that exist across ARFOR, focusing on strengthening the

relationship between the economy and the Welsh language.

“The fund encourages organizations to collaborate trans-border and to use the Welsh language to stimulate economic growth, which in turn will lead to benefits for the wider community.

“We look forward to seeing how the wide range of schemes across the four counties develop over the coming months.”

Russ added: “The PGI Welsh Beef sector continues to make a sustainable, positive and

responsible contribution to the challenge of worldwide food security. Initiatives such as this highlight the commitment of the industry to do all it can to mitigate climate change in every way it can.

“If you would like to work with HCC to maximise Wales’ natural advantage in producing red meat in a sustainable manner, and taking action to reduce emissions further, contact us on 01970 625050 or for more information about the project.”

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Delay to Sustainable Farm Scheme ‘is bad news for farmers’ says Trust

THIS week the Welsh Government announced that Sustainable Farming Scheme has been delayed by a year. Wildlife Trusts Wales believe this is bad news for farmers, nature and climate. The post-Brexit farm payment scheme offers a once-in-alifetime opportunity to put farming in Wales on a sound sustainable footing to address the interlinked climate and nature crises and ensure a viable future for Welsh farming.

The decision to delay the scheme comes at a time when Welsh farmers are suffering from the effects of months of heavy rain. This is placing farm businesses under increasing strain, which will only get worse as our climate changes. The UK Government’s 2021 Food Security Report found that, “The biggest medium to long term risk to the UK’s domestic production comes from

climate change and other environmental pressures like soil degradation, water quality and biodiversity.”

Rachel Sharp, Director of Wildlife Trusts Wales says: “The decision to delay the scheme simply prolongs the uncertainty at a time when farmers need to be rewarded for switching to sustainable farming methods

which will benefit their businesses in the future.

Delaying measures to help farms adapt to our changing climate now only increases costs tomorrow and so is bad news for farm incomes. The scheme offers a great opportunity for farmers to be on the front foot to address the changing weather – to plant trees for shelter for livestock,

to switch to herb-rich grasses which are less prone to drought, and to store water in ponds on farms.

“It’s clear that the current food system isn’t working for farmers, nature, climate and even consumers. We see nature in rapid decline on some farmland, rivers polluted from agricultural run-off and many farmers

struggling to make their businesses viable. Although the extra year will give further time for farmers’ concerns to be heard, it is vital to be lead by science.”

Most Welsh farms already have 6% tree cover and so do not have far to go to meet the proposals to reach 10% under the new scheme – trees benefit the farm through providing shelter for livestock, protect soil and to soak up flood waters. These areas do not have to come out of production because grazing beneath the trees is allowed.

Rachel Sharp continues: “It is a critical time for farming in Wales and it’s important that the new scheme is adequately funded. We need to see the whole scheme rolled out in 2026 as farmers need clarity on all tiers of the scheme including the ‘Options’ and ‘Collaborative’ tiers. Farmers need to know what payment rates

will be available to plan for their business. This year will be critical and piloting new approaches is needed so that farmers can see what the new scheme looks and feels like. As 90% of Wales is farmland there is huge potential to harness nature to help store carbon and to hold back flood waters in revitalised natural habitats and to mitigate the impacts of climate change for the people of Wales. This would then demonstrate the value of giving taxpayers’ money to farmers for public benefits that, in turn, support rural communities.”

Nature is continuing to decline at an alarming rate across Wales, which is already one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. 18% (one in six) of species are at risk of extinction from Wales. The abundance of land and freshwater species has on average fallen by 20% across Wales since 1994.

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Another concern as the weather warms up

At last, we see some weather that is more akin to the time of year. And what a welcome sight it is as we all rush out to sow, roll, and begin the task of harvesting. It has been a long winter so the warmer weather and bright evenings is a huge comforting hug. I wonder if the thunderstorm on Sunday hit all of Wales? Answers on a postcard please!

One thing that is not so welcome as our UK atmosphere dries and warms up, is the arrival of insects. Not just a bane to our kitchens and bedrooms, but a real threat to our stock. Bluetongue (BTV3) the insectborne, viral disease that affects sheep and cattle is now a higher threat, say the Welsh Government.

One important fact I should share with you is that thankfully this disease does not affect people or the safety of the food that we eat.

In livestock, we know that cases were confirmed for the first time last November at a location in Kent, with further cases then found in Kent, Norfolk, and Suffolk. Several types of BTV are circulating widely throughout Europe with the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy identifying BTV3 in their livestock. Clinical symptoms in

Europe have been profuse with reports of considerable increased mortality in sheep and cattle with sizable milk yield reduction in dairy herds.

These warmer months increase midge activity with BTV3 transmitted to livestock through biting midges, active between April and November. BTV3 is a notifiable exotic disease that infects sheep and cattle and can have serious animal health, welfare and commercial implications for farm businesses.

How can we try and minimise the risk, here in Wales? Farmers are being asked to pay particular attention when sourcing new livestock practising good biosecurity remaining vigilant

There are several variations of BTV, but this strain, BTV3, poses the highest threat to the UK livestock industry. Unfortunately, there is currently no vaccine against BTV3. Existing vaccines for BTV8 serotype will not provide protection for this new strain.

We will, of course, continue to monitor the situation and update members as the situation progresses. Enjoy the weather this week, and try and dodge the showers as much as possible!

HCC highlight the importance of balanced diets


Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) are highlighting the role of red meat in a healthy diet and lifestyle as thousands of school pupils and students across Wales prepare to sit exams this summer.

HCC’s Consumer Executive, Elwen Roberts, explained: “Diet and lifestyle are important factors for

parents and students to consider when preparing to undertake exams. Having nutritious and balanced meals including nutrient dense proteins such as Welsh red meat can be a key way for parents to support learners throughout stressful exam and revision periods.”

Welsh red meat can play an important role

in a balanced diet and offers many nutrients including natural protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B12. The complete protein found in PGI Welsh Lamb and PGI Welsh Beef can help individuals feel satiated and help avoid the temptation of sugary or salty snacks whilst the iron found in red meat can be easily absorbed and prevents

tiredness and fatigue.

Elwen commented: “We know that PGI Welsh Lamb and PGI Welsh Beef offer a wealth of benefits to human health, many of which particularly helpful during exam season. Vitamin B12, for example, can help with energy release whilst zinc aid immune system health, both of which are key for students undertaking exams.”

“We have a wide array of quick, nutritious and family-friendly Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef recipes which would be perfect for parents, students and families. I would recommend dishes such as Welsh Beef Bolognese or Welsh Lamb tikka wraps which have an ideal balance of protein, carbohydrate and vegetables for the whole family to enjoy.”

Rural expert urges communities to help bolster mental wellbeing

A RURAL insurance expert is calling on Welsh residents to step up their support for local farmers, amid growing concerns over their mental health.

Freddie HamiltonRussell of rural insurance broker Lycetts has issued his appeal during Mental Health Awareness Week, when the spotlight turns to the pressures faced by different sectors of the community.

For farmers, the combination of economic instability, market volatility, red tape, a changing subsidy regime and climate change not only threatens their livelihoods but also risks impacting their mental wellbeing.

“Farming is not just a business, it’s a way of life that demands resilience in the face of the myriad of evolving challenges,” said Hamilton-Russell.

“But even the most mentally resilient can struggle under the weight of financial and economic uncertainty. It’s important that residents support the local agricultural sector

to help keep their rural communities alive.”

A RURAL insurance expert is calling on Welsh residents to step up their support for local farmers, amid growing concerns over their mental health.

Freddie HamiltonRussell of rural insurance broker Lycetts has issued his appeal during Mental Health Awareness Week, when the spotlight turns to the pressures faced by different sectors of the community.

For farmers, the combination of economic instability, market volatility, red tape, a changing subsidy regime and climate change not only threatens their livelihoods but also risks impacting their mental wellbeing.

“Farming is not just a business, it’s a way of life that demands resilience in the face of the myriad of evolving challenges,” said Hamilton-Russell.

“But even the most mentally resilient can struggle under the weight of financial and economic uncertainty. It’s important that residents support the local agricultural sector to help keep their rural

communities alive.”

Hamilton-Russell highlighted several ways in which people can make a difference.

“Minor changes in shopping habits can make a big difference,” he said.

“From buying local farm produce to help ensure farmers have a steady income to patronising local restaurants that champion local fare.”

In recent years, many farmers have been thrust into diversified enterprises in a bid to survive – from farm shops, cafes and glamping sites to B&Bs, wedding venues and petting farms.

“Residents can help support these new ventures, not only by visiting them, but also by promoting them to friends, family, colleagues and on their social media channels,” HamiltonRussell added.

“In addition, our Welsh farmers also need access to mental health resources that address the unique pressures of the farming sector and wider agricultural communities.

“Organisations such as RABI (The Royal

Agricultural Benevolent Institution) provide an invaluable service to UK farmers, helping them become more resilient and better able to cope with future challenges.

“By fostering awareness and advocating for such dedicated services, we can help safeguard the mental health of our farming community.

“Every individual can contribute to this cause. Whether it’s choosing to buy local, spreading the word about rural enterprises or supporting mental health initiatives, your actions can make a profound difference.”

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All-new Nissan Interstar opens for pre-orders

Pre-orders are now open for the diesel variant of Nissan’s allnew Interstar, the latest and most advanced iteration of the brand’s largest LCV. In addition to a wide range of new safety technologies and convenience features, the brand’s newest model offers increased size and versatility compared to its predecessor, so it can be tailored to be as unique as the customers it serves.

Your van, your way

The all-new Interstar diesel van is available in Acenta and Tekna trim levels. Acenta is designed to meet customers’ everyday needs and includes manual air-conditioning, while Tekna adds a raft of useful upgrades for a nominal price uplift of £1,200 + VAT, including:

• Automatic air conditioning

• Heated windscreen

• Rear-view camera

• Front parking sensors and flank protection

• 270-degree opening rear doors

• 12V plug in loading area

• Additional 10 anchorage fixing rings on C & D pillars

• Full wheel covers

• Lumbar adjustment on driver seat

Every Nissan LCV includes an industryleading five-year or 100,000-mile warranty, demonstrating Nissan’s continued commitment to quality.

Francesco Russiello, Nissan GB’s LCV Category Manager said “A new era for Nissan commercial vehicles starts today as we open UK pre-orders for our allnew Interstar. Our newest and largest van offering joins our award-winning small van, the Townstar, launched in 2023, and our established and successful mid-sized van, the Primastar, recently updated for 2024.”

The perfect companion for the everyday hero Tailored to meet the diverse and specific needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes, the all-new Nissan Interstar prioritises efficiency, maximum capability and customer well-being. With an exterior design

that exudes the feeling of a full-size truck, its assertive front grille enhances the Interstar’s commanding presence. And with a focus on delivering practicality and power, Nissan’s newest LCV stands as the epitome of reliability and strength for everyday businesses on the move.

All-new Interstar enters the market with a wide range of factorybuilt conversions, including tipper, dropside and box van options, as well as multiple panel van variants –so whether customers need maximum cargo volume, long distance driving capability, extra passenger room or heavy-duty hauling, allnew Interstar has them covered with L2H2, L3H2 and L3H3 variants.

Nissan’s newest LCV is available with a 2.0l single variable turbo engine in a range of tunes offering power outputs from 105PS to 170PS, torque outputs from 330Nm to 380Nm, and a WLTP fuel consumption figure of up to 37.8mpg (and as high as 41.5mpg for N2 versions). It also offers serious payload

competitiveness of up to almost two tonnes for the diesel variant, and –like the upcoming electric version – a maximum towing capacity of 2500kg, making it ideal for businesses that need to carry or tow heavy duty cargo.

The vehicle’s revamped interior also sets it apart from previous generations. Designed to offer car-like comfort and convenience, the steering wheel is more vertical than its predecessor and the sculpted dashboard features a 10.1in touchscreen angled towards the driver to make it easier to read

and use. There are two large cup holders, large overhead shelves and 10 open storage areas, plus another three closed areas that together offer nearly 80 litres of stowage space, including a multipurpose central seat-back workspace unit and a large under-seat storage box.

Manoeuvrability is also greatly improved, with a turning circle that is a full 1.5 metres smaller compared to previous versions, making navigating narrow urban streets simpler and without compromising load carrying ability.

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Škoda Octavia: Refreshing the brand’s best-seller

ŠKODA Auto has updated the hatchback and estate versions of its iconic Octavia. With more than 7 million units sold, it is by far the brand’s best-selling model. Its fourth modern generation has now been given a freshened look that includes a revised Škoda grille and new secondgeneration LED Matrix beam headlights. Furthermore, the share of sustainable materials in the interior has increased. For an even more advanced in-car experience, the AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT will be integrated into the Laura voice assistant later in 2024. Additional safety and assistance systems enhance active and passive safety and a new range structure provides additional individualisation options.

Klaus Zellmer, Chairman of the Board of Škoda Auto, says: “Our customers rightly expect a lot from the Octavia and this refresh takes our best-selling model to the next level. Innovations such as a fully redesigned infotainment system, new safety assistance systems, increased use of sustainable materials and more powerful headlights make it an even better fit for everyday explorers. I’m confident our latest Octavia will surprise and delight its drivers and passengers, confirming its place as our most popular car.”

Martin Jahn, Škoda Auto Board Member for Sales and Marketing, says: “The Octavia is the backbone of the Škoda brand. After four modern generations and over 7.15 million units sold, the upgraded

Octavia will continue this success story. With a refined front view, new assistance systems and state of the art infotainment, including a 13-inch central display for the first time, our updated bestseller is set to maintain its position as one of the most successful models in Europe. I am convinced it will continue to impress everyday explorers – with its versatility, attractive design and excellent value for money.”

New momentum for the brand’s iconic model

The refresh of the fourth modern Octavia generation includes a new, upgraded design with revamped front and rear bumpers and an updated Škoda grille. Also new are the secondgeneration LED Matrix beam headlights, revised LED rear lights with animated indicators and new alloy wheel designs. The new range structure

comprises four trim levels – SE Technology, SE L, Sportline and vRS – and offers seven Design Selections for the interior.

In addition to new and sustainable materials for the seats, dashboard and door panels, a 13-inch Digital Display will come as standard on selected model variants.

The familiar 10.25-inch Virtual Cockpit with enhanced functionality will be standard from the entry model and can be complimented by the optional head-up display.

The digital instrument cluster features reworked graphics, as does the infotainment display.

A 13-inch infotainment display is available for the first time on the Octavia.

The updated Octavia now also features wireless charging with more powerful 15-watt charging and ventilation and four fast-charging USB-C ports with a

power output of 45 watts. The popular 15watt USB-C port on the back of the interior mirror is standard from the SE Technology trim level upwards. The AIbased ChatGPT chatbot will later be integrated into the Laura voice assistant as standard, introducing a variety of new capabilities that go far beyond the previous voice commands. Intelligent Park Assist and Remote Park Assist will also make their Octavia debuts at a later date. The engine lineup consists of two 1.5 TSI petrol engines, each also available with mildhybrid technology, one power-boosted 2.0 TSI petrol engine and two 2.0 TDI diesels. Outputs range from 116 PS (85 kW) to 265 PS (195 kW). Moreover, Škoda Auto has further extended its comprehensive portfolio of active and passive safety features:

a new Attention and Drowsiness Assist now uses a wide range of data and parameters to assess driver behaviour. In addition, the updated Octavia comes with up to 10 airbags.

Škoda’s best-seller and its success story

The modern Škoda Octavia has been the Czech car maker’s mainstay ever since production began 28 years ago in 1996. Its four generations to date have attracted more than seven million customers across more than 60 markets with their spaciousness, stateof-the-art technology, outstanding level of safety and excellent value for money. The Octavia estate is the customer favourite, accounting for 67.1% of total sales since 2020. The most popular colours are Magic Black, Brilliant Silver and Graphite Grey.

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51 Friday May 17 2022 72 TOYOTA AYGO 1.0 X PURE AUTOMATIC, 5dr, white, 1 owner, 5k £15,500.00 2022 22 PEUGEOT 208 GT EV 18K, blue 18k ....................................................................... £18,000.00 2021 21 PEUGEOT 208 GT EV PREMIUM, 27k, yellow, £15,000.00 2021 21 FORD FIESTA 1.0 ST LINE EDITION, 5dr, black, 1 owner, fsh, £15,495.00 2020 70 MINI COOPER S ELECTRIC. 3dr, grey. 19k, 1 owner £13,995.00 2020 20 FORD FIESTA 1.0 TREND, 5dr, blue, 15k ............................................................... £12,995.00 2019 69 TOYOTA C-HR DYNAMIQUE 1,8 HYBRID, 5dr, silver, fsh, 1 owner £13,995.00 2019 19 FORD KUGA 2.0 ZETEC TDCI 4X4, red, 1 owner £8,995.00 2019 19 PEUGEOT METROPOLIS 399cc 3 wheeler trike 2000 miles £6,450.00 2019 19 CITROEN C3 AIRCROSS 1.5 BLUE Hdi Flair, 19k, ............................................... £11,995.00 2019 19 FORD FOCUS 1.5 TDCI ZETEC, grey, 5dr, 1 owner, service history £7,995.00 2019 19 VAUXHALL INSIGNIA DESIGN 1.6 TD, 5dr, service history, blue £7,995.00 2018 18 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2.0 GT TDI 5dr, B/motion, white,1 owner £11,995.00 2018 18 CITROEN C3 1.5 HDI black, 5dr ............................................................................... £6,450.00 2018 18 VAUXHALL ASTRA 1.6 CDTi DESIGN ESTATE, silver, £7,995.00 2018 18 PEUGEOT 108 1.2 ALLURE, purple, 46k, £7,495.00 2018 18 CITROEN C3 1.5 HDI black, 5dr £5,995.00 2018 18 PEUGEOT 208 1.6 HDI, 5dr, grey £5,695.00 2017 67 HYUNDAI TUCSON 1.7 CRDi 2wd, grey, 1 owner, 76k, fsh £10,995.00 2017 67 FIAT ABARTH 1.4 AUTOMATIC, blue, 2000 miles, 1 owner, fsh £14,750.00 2017 67 CITROEN C1 1.2 FEEL 5dr, white, £5,595.00 2017 17 PEUGEOT 208 1.5 HDI, 5dr, black £6,750.00 2017 17 TOYOTA AYGO 1.0 EXCITE, yellow, service history ............................................... £6,995.00 2017 17 FIAT 500 1.2 POP, white, 33k £6,995.00 2016 66 FORD FIESTA 1.4 EDGE Tdci 5dr, silver £5,495.00 2015 15 RANGE ROVER SPORT 3.0 AUTOBIOGRAPHY HYBRID, red, £23,500.00 2015 15 VOLKSWAGEN POLO 1.2 TSI SE, 4dr, black, 61k, .................................................. £8,495.00 2015 15 VAUXHALL CORSA 1.2 CDTI, 5dr, silver, choice of 2 £3,995.00 2015 15 CITROEN C1 1.0 AIRSPACE, orange, 5dr, 59k £5,495.00 2013 63 FORD FIESTA 1.2 ZETEC 5dr, yellow, £5,495.00 2013 63 CITROEN C1 1.0 VTR+ white, 5dr, £4,995.00 2013 13 AUDI A1 1.6 SPORT Tdi, black, 3dr .......................................................................... £5,000.00 2013 13 VAUXHALL CORSA 1.2 CDTI LTD EDITION, 3dr, red, service history £4,995.00 2011 11 AUDI A1 1.6 TDI S LINE, 3dr, white, 71k £6,495.00 2011 11 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1.6 TDI PLUS, silver, 5dr, £3,995.00 2010 60 FORD FIESTA 1.2 EDGE, 3dr, silver, service history................................................ £3,995.00 2004 53 PORSCHE BOXSTER S 3.2 CONVERTIBLE, blue, 54k, s/history £7,995.00 1999 S BMW Z3 2.8 SPORT CONVERTIBLE, 2dr, silver, genuine low mileage £7,995.00 COMMERCIALS Prices inclusive of 20% VAT 2022 22 HARDLIFE XN 2.3 LWB MINI EXCAVATOR (KUBOTA DIESEL ENGINE) £8,000.00 2019 69 MERCEDES SPRINTER CAR TRANSPORTER 2.1 Cdi, 1 owner, 70k ................... £29,995.00 2019 19 FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM 2.0 Tdi, yellow, 1 owner £12,495.00 2019 19 MERCEDES SPRINTER DROPSIDE Lorry, 2.1 Cdi, 1 owner, £15,000.00 2019 19 VAUXHALL COMBO 1.6 CDTI SPORTIVE white, service history £8,995.00 2019 19 PEUGEOT PARTNER 1.6 BLUE HDI, white, service history, 71k ........................... £9,500.00 2019 19 PEUGEOT PARTNER 1.6 HDI, white £8,350.00 2018 68 FORD TRANSIT 2.0 CUSTOM Tdi, yellow, 74k, 1 owner, £13,500.00 2018 68 FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM 2.0 Tdi, white, 1 owner £12,500.00 2018 18 PEUGEOT PARTNER 1.6 HDI, white ....................................................................... £7,995.00 2017 67 VAUXHALL COMBO 1.3 CDTI CREW CAB, white, 74K £8,495.00 2017 17 CITROEN RELAY 2.0 HDI, white, 6 rear seats £8,495.00 2017 17 FORD TRANSIT DROPSIDE LORRY LWB, £10,000.00 2016 16 MERCEDES SPRINTER 2.1 Cdi FRIDGE VAN ....................................................... £6,250.00 2014 64 FIAT FIORINO 1.2 DIESEL, blue £3,995.00 2014 64 FIAT DOBLO 1.2 TURBO DIESEL, white £4,500.00 2013 63 RENAULT TRAFFIC 2.0 DCI HIGH TOP, white £5,995.00 2013 13 ISUZU TRUCK 5.2 TURBO DIESEL TWIN CAR TRANSPORTER ...................... £14,400.00 2012 62 FORD TRANSIT TIPPER 2.0 TDI, white (no vat) £5,000.00 2017/17 JAGUAR F-TYPE 5.0 V8R SUPERCHARGED CONVERTIBLE AUTOMATIC ONLY 7000 MILES, WHITE WITH BLACK ROOF

Calls for Welsh Govt to improve both maternity and neonatal safety

LEADING pregnancy

charities have urged the Welsh Government to take stronger measures to enhance maternity and neonatal services, in order to realise the substantial changes necessary to reduce infant mortality. The Sands and Tommy’s Joint Policy Unit released a revealing report today, stating that initiatives in Wales are inadequate to instigate the vital transformation required to prevent baby deaths.

The report, titled “Saving Babies’ Lives 2024: Progress Report,” notes that strides toward diminishing stillbirths and neonatal deaths

have halted in Wales, mirroring a stagnant situation across the UK. The findings suggest that with improved care, as many as 800 infant lives could have been saved throughout the UK last year. The document emphasises the urgent need for meaningful action to tackle the severe and enduring disparities in baby loss and pregnancy complications across different demographic groups.

Particularly alarming is the continuing disparity in outcomes for infants from varied ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses. The report underscores

that the stillbirth rate in Wales has exceeded that of any other UK nation since 2014, with minimal improvement in neonatal mortality rates over the past decade. Unlike England, which aims to halve the rates of stillbirth, neonatal death, preterm birth, maternal death, and brain injury by 2025 relative to 2010, Wales has set no similar goals.

Moreover, the report criticises the Welsh Government for the insufficient number of reviews conducted following infant deaths, which are crucial for understanding potential lessons and providing grieving parents with

needed explanations.

Robert Wilson, head of the Sands and Tommy’s Joint Policy Unit, commented, “Our report unequivocally shows that the Welsh Government must establish clear targets for reducing pregnancy loss and baby deaths, and for eliminating inequalities. These targets should catalyse a thorough suite of policy measures, adequately supported by necessary funding and resources.”

The report provides specific recommendations to enhance maternity safety in Wales, including the consistent involvement of staff

and patients, especially bereaved parents, in assessing the quality of maternity and neonatal services. It also calls for transparent and independently overseen reviews of individual services, and improvements in the completion rate of reviews following a baby’s death.

The Joint Policy Unit is advocating for a unified commitment across all four UK nations to eradicate inequalities in pregnancy and baby loss. Disturbingly, the 2021 data revealed that the rate of stillbirths and neonatal deaths among Black babies was almost double that of White babies, and significantly higher than the overall UK rate. This disparity was similarly stark between the most and least deprived areas in the UK.

The report also highlights that only about 2% of public and charity health research funding has been allocated to reproductive health and childbirth over the last two decades, signalling a need for increased investment in these crucial areas.

Staff and patients have their say on future of health care


University Health Board staff, including clinicians, are working with patient representatives and stakeholders to consider potential support and change for services that are under the most pressure.

The health board is developing a Clinical Services Plan for nine healthcare services in need of supportcritical care, emergency general surgery, stroke, endoscopy, radiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics and urology.

To achieve this, the health board is speaking to staff, patients and partner organisations and carrying out different types of workshops to

find out what the issues are, to discuss new ideas, and to test them against measures and requirements that are important to communities in the Hywel Dda area.

In Autumn 2023, patients who had used the services included in the Plan during the past five years and staff, were invited to fill out surveys to share their views about the nine healthcare services. This has already enabled the health board to write a paper to describe to its Board the issues affecting these services.

The issues paper was presented to the Health Board’s Public Board meeting on 28 March 2024. Hywel Dda then invited people who had expressed an interest

into a clinically led group with representation from staff, service users and stakeholders to develop ideas further.

The health board held a workshop – a deliberative event - in April 2024 so members of the group could share their different skills and experiences further and discuss potential options for services in the future.

More than 80 people attended.

Mark Henwood, Interim Medical Director said: “As part of the Clinical Services Programme, we want to ensure our patient’s voice is represented. We are fortunate that patient representatives, as well as our staff, clinical staff, and other stakeholders, have been willing to

commit their time to provide this input.

“We are engaging with patient representatives from across the three counties, who were invited to take part in these workshops based on a random selection process to ensure fairness and transparency. More workshops are planned between now and the summer.”

Lee Davies, Executive Director of Strategy and Planning said: “Our clinicians and services will be considering everything we have heard and are working to develop service options for consideration by the Health Board in its September 2024 meeting. We will keep the public and our staff and stakeholders

involved and informed. If we develop potential options, we will engage with our communities to understand what the impact of any changes would be.’”

Members of the public can keep up to date with the health board’s work on the Clinical Services Plan here: hduhb. healthier-mid-and-westwales/clinical-servicesplan/. Anyone wishing to take part in future engagement or would like to be kept up-to-date on developments within Hywel Dda University Health Board can join our engagement scheme: healthcare/services-andteams/siarad-iechydtalking-health/.

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Charitable donations fund heart monitors for Withybush

Thanks to generous donations, Hywel Dda Health Charities – the official charity of Hywel Dda Health Board – has funded 10 ambulatory heart monitors worth over £13,000 for Withybush Hospital’s Cardio-Respiratory Department.

The monitors are compact devices which are used to assess a patient’s heart rate and rhythm for a sustained amount of time.

The state-of-the-art monitors will help the Cardio-Respiratory Department provide the best possible service, with accurate, efficient and timely arrhythmia recognition provided on site or at home.

Rhys Bowen, Advanced Cardiac Physiologist, said: “We are so grateful that charitable donations from the local community have enabled us to buy the new monitors.

“The monitors are more adaptable to each patient’s presenting symptoms which will enhance the quality of the data gathered.

“They are more patient-friendly and easier to wear for the duration of the test, so there will

be less need for repeat monitoring. They will also support quicker in-patient discharge due to an increase in the number of available monitors and the fact they can be worn by the patient at home and provide remote monitoring.”

University Health Board, said: “The support of our local communities enables us to provide services over and above what the NHS can provide in

for every donation we receive.”

For more details about the charity and how you can help support local NHS patients and staff, go to

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Nicola Llewelyn, Head of Hywel Dda Health Charities, the official charity of Hywel Dda the three counties of Hywel Dda and we are extremely grateful


Pembroke Port Welcomes First Vessel to New Workboat Pontoons

PEMBROKE Port, which is owned and operated by the Port of Milford Haven, has welcomed the first customer to its new workboat pontoons. Installed as part of the Pembroke Dock Marine project to modernise the Port’s infrastructure, the pontoons are available for use by a range of vessels including workboats, barges and other small vessels.

CRC Sentinel, a dive support vessel owned by Commercial Rib Charter which is undertaking work on the Milford Haven Waterway, was the first to use the new pontoons.

Sharon Adams, Commercial Manager for Pembroke Port commented: “It’s great to see these new assets being utilised. Pembroke Port is perfectly

positioned within the Port of Milford Haven to act as a hub for operations associated with marine activity taking place within the Port and the Celtic Sea. The pontoons are available for short and long term berthing and have secure access, as well as electricity and water hook ups.

The workboat pontoons compliment the other infrastructure upgrades we made as part of the Pembroke Dock Marine project including new laydown space and an expanded slipway.

We look forward to working with our existing customers, and welcoming new ones, to use the new facilities at Pembroke Port.”

The new infrastructure at Pembroke Port forms part of the Pembroke Dock Marine project to

create a world-class energy and engineering centre of excellence and act as a focal point for capturing the economic value from wind, wave, and tidal renewable energy projects.

Alongside the Port’s own investment, Pembroke Dock Marine –a Swansea Bay City Deal project - is part funded

by the UK Government and the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government as well as other private sector partners.

During construction, the project supported over 50 jobs including 6 apprenticeships.

Contractors BAM, Walters Group and R&M Williams undertook

community activity during the project, with the local community benefiting from over £11m local spend. For further details on the facilities at Pembroke Port, and how the Pembroke Dock Marine investments have readied Pembroke Port for future energy, please visit www.pembrokeport. com.

Sun shines on leading Welsh haulier on a mission to cut its carbon footprint

A North Wales road haulage company has taken a major step on its journey towards net zero with the installation of a 1400-panel solar array at its headquarters.

Farrall’s Group’s new system on the roof of its offices and warehouse on the giant Deeside Industrial Estate will supply almost half its electricity and takes it completely off-grid when the sun is shining.

The work has been carried out by Wrexhambased solar energy specialists Rawson Solar on time and on budget and is expected to pay for itself in four and a half years.

The new system will generate half a million kilowatt hours of power a year, 48 per cent of Farrall’s annual energy usage and with the days lengthening the system is already providing all the business’s energy needs.

Rawson Solar, part of the Rawson Group, is headed by Gregg White who oversaw the installation which was completed ahead of schedule despite a winter of heavy rain and high winds.

He said: “It was a lengthy job to deliver but

it was carefully planned with the different teams involved and we actually finished a couple of days early despite the weather.

“The way energy prices have rocketed for businesses which don’t get the protection of the domestic energy cap, it’s going to be extremely beneficial for Farrall’s and makes sense for them with the massive roof area at their base.

“It’s a sunny day today and they’re fully off-grid with the system kicking out 150 kilowatts at the moment.”

Farrall’s have since had Rawson install a small 100-panel system at their premises at Ashton Hayes near Chester where they are also planting trees for carbon offsetting.

They also have major sites at Newport in South Wales, Telford in Shropshire and a second Flintshire site in Sandycroft.

Managing Director Matt Farrall, the third generation of the family to head the firm which was founded in 1956, said: “Going green is quite a challenge for us as the main thing we do is drive trucks and pump out carbon but we’re pushing as hard as we can to become net zero.

“We have looked at electric lorries but the issue is the range although we do have a smaller delivery vehicle on order for local use.

“We use a lot of electric forklift trucks in the warehouse which

obviously require power to charge and we are looking at a second phase here at our headquarters of the same size as Rawson have installed.

“Our industry is getting there. The biggest barriers are the cost and the lack of infrastructure but we’re working with other hauliers to share charging networks.

“We have a sustainability project and we offset our carbon usage. As well as the solar array we have rainwater harvesting which is used to wash the trucks and for the toilets.

“We have electric vehicle chargers installed for cars and are getting more and we’re encouraging staff to at least go to hybrid vehicles while from this year company cars will be all electric.

“We’re really trying our hardest and the biggest challenge is being financially sustainable to allow us to be energy positive but doing it is a no brainer and we should and will be doing more.

“We’re not going to change the picture nationally but if we can have an impact locally with improving air quality and getting to net zero

that’s enough for me.

“I’ve got a young family growing up in Chester and I want to improve the quality of life for future generations.

“Rawson have done a fantastic job for us. From the point of signing the order they just took over and showed us what they would be doing and the system worked from day one.

“Right now we’re running purely on solar and this is just the first little step for us in our sustainability plan. Rawson will be doing phase two here at Deeside and I’d recommend them to anyone. They do a fantastic job.”

Rawson Solar are specialists in renewable energy installation including solar panels and electric vehicle charging points and are part of the Wrexham-based Rawson Group.

The Rawson Group, based at The Bridge Business Centre, in the heart of the giant Wrexham Industrial Estate, has since grown to employ over 30 staff and are sponsors of Wrexham Football Club.

For more information go to https://rawsondigital.

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Wales becomes first UK nation to launch metaverse experience

WALES has become the first UK nation to launch in the metaverse, giving virtual visitors from across the world a taste of what they can discover there for real.

The immersive experience has been created by Visit Wales to inspire future tourists by showcasing the range of experiences, places and attractions available to explore across Wales in real life.

Visitors can navigate the Welsh-inspired landscape as a virtual version of themselves, whilst seeing a snapshot of the country’s culture and heritage through a range of features.

These include:

A historic castle with a hidden map of Wales to be found

A cable car ride - similar to that in Llandudno - for visitors to travel from one side of the metaverse to the other

An amphitheatre, like that which stood in Roman-era Caerleon, with screens showcasing highlights of Wales’ vibrant music and culture.

Global visitors to the metaverse number 600 million annually across a number of metaverse platforms, with Wales’ one being hosted on the platform Spatial. This digital space adds to the ever-expanding ways Wales is advertising itself to would-be visitors.

As well as being the first UK nation to be in the metaverse, it is thought that Wales is also the first European nation to take this innovative approach to advertising

itself to visitors through such a ‘world’.

Anyone entering the Wales metaverse can take on quests too, including collecting dragons hidden across the ‘island’, and building a virtual interactive itinerary which showcases real-life places to stay, attractions and events.

Steffan Powell, BBC News’ first ever gaming and culture correspondent, hosted a virtual launch event last week [Thursday 9 May].

Steffan said:

“Nothing prepares you for that feeling when you’re stood at the top of Pen y Fan for the first time drinking in the views or wandering the sand dunes of Three Cliffs Bay as the tide gently washes away. Through leveraging technology, this Wales metaverse

experience will give potential visitors a flavour of all the exciting things you can see and do on a holiday in Wales.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to promote Wales to the world and an innovative way to potentially open millions of sets of eyes to the beauty of Cymru.”

In addition to this Wales Metaverse, Welsh Government’s Visit Wales is using billboard ads in the virtual world of Roblox. Much like in the real-world, these ads reach people in highly populated and visible locations, around one of the biggest metaverse communities in the world.

Minister for Tourism, Hannah Blythyn, said:

“The Wales Metaverse has been created to reach new audiences - wherever they may be in the world

- and inspire them to visit our awesome nation for real. By showcasing some of the best Wales has to offer visitors in this incredibly innovative way, we’re putting Wales in an online sphere were millions of people already meet every day.”

The Welsh world has been created in partnership with Swansea-based Meta architects, iCreate.

The Minister continued:

“Wales’ launch into the metaverse has also created a great opportunity to show-off the vast range of skills and businesses proudly working in Wales, such as iCreate. It’s a wonderful showcase of digital expertise working seamlessly to promote our vibrant tourism industry.”

iCreate founder Dawn

Lyle, said:

“Our aim is to bring the endless possibilities of Wales to life in an immersive experience of exploration, helping audiences plan their dream itinerary in Wales while they complete mini quests in the metaverse experience.

“Wales punches above its weight when it comes to innovation and technology. We’re excited to be a part of this initiative, with the virtual space opening up new worlds of possibility to reach new audiences.”

The Visit Wales Metaverse is open to the public, and is accessible via smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, and via Meta Quest headset. To explore Wales in the Metaverse, visit metaverse

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cSWithyhedge Landfill

Site have had to endure months of foul and toxic emissions from the site as lorries have transported landfill waste to it from Cardiff and further afield. The campaign group, Stop The Stink, has relentlessly pressed the authorities for action and it looks as if matters will finally come to a head.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) issued a site enforcement notice earlier in the year which the site operators, Resources Management UK Ltd (RML), failed to comply with. NRW have now issued a second notice requiring RML to complete a series of actions by 14 May including capping areas of the site and installing the correct infrastructure to contain and collect the gases. If this is not complied with, NRW have stated they will take further action which may include suspending RML’s permit to operate.

However, NRW have also stated they will take some time in assessing whether RML have carried out the necessary measures. This could lead to further delays when action is


County Council wrote to RML issuing a claim under common law for public nuisance for causing or permitting noxious and offensive gases to escape the landfill. The nuisance included preventing residents from using their gardens and opening windows, causing or will cause physical harm as the malodour sometimes induces nausea, psychological harm (as the malodour causes worry, stress, anxiety, anger, annoyance and depression), financial harm to residents (particularly in hospitality) and discourages tourism and investment.

The council has required a response by 14 May and (depending on the response) this may lead to court proceedings. At its meeting on 9 May, every councillor supported these legal steps to ensure RML desists from the public nuisance it has caused.

By 26 April the council had received 62 complaints of a malodour escaping from the landfill and NRW had received 2400 complaints, with a daily average of 30 and a range of 100.

Many are concerned that, in spite of these actions, there will be even further delays whilst the air pollution continues to affect people’s health. This can only get worse as the weather gets hotter.

We need to quickly stop the air pollution from Withyhedge. We also need to increase the powers of regulatory bodies (such as NRW) so that they take swift action when similar future cases arise.

If you wish to discuss these issues, please contact me at Facebook: AlistairCameronPembs Twitter: AlistairPembs Email:

Preserving banking services in our communities

ONE of the big issues facing our communities is the loss of banking services, writes Jonathan Edwards MP.

I am left with only one bank, Lloyds in Ammanford, in my constituency.

Nowadays, most everyday banking is done digitally, and it’s not difficult to understand how old banking models are now being challenged.

I am as guilty as most people. My bank’s app enables me to undertake most tasks at my leisure.

For some people, however, physical banking is the only option, and their requirements must be catered to.

Also, even for the digitally advanced amongst us, face-to-face contact is the only way to deal with some of the major financial issues we will encounter during our lives, such as dealing with a will or securing a mortgage.

According to Which, nearly 6,000 branches have closed since 2015, indicating the scale of our problem.

The alternative is banking hubs for communities that lose all

their High Street Banks.

Nine of the main banks have come together to create a vehicle called Cash Access UK, which is tasked with setting up hubs. Where they have been located, they have been successful.

Cash Access UK estimates they will set up around 300-350 hubs.

If successful, this will help reverse the loss of community banking services over recent years.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the criteria for setting up the Hubs are difficult.

As I mentioned, all the market towns in my constituency, Newcastle Emlyn, Llandovery and Llandeilo, have lost all their Banks. Ammanford is down to one.

Carmarthen, outside my current constituency, is set to lose TSB.

When making the case for banking hubs in Carmarthenshire, I was told that our rural towns are too small to host a hub.

During this week’s debate in Parliament, I argued that the criteria should include a wider catchment area. For instance, in the case of Llandeilo and Llandovery,

there is a clear case for a joint bid for a hub.

Rural communities must not be left behind. Banking is essential for all, not just those living in large towns and cities. As the Financial Conduct Authority develops the future policy framework for community banking hubs, I will endeavour to ensure that Carmarthenshire is not left behind.


Jon Coles writes: A banking hub is a shared banking space that is available to everyone, like a traditional bank branch.

The hubs have a counter service where customers can withdraw and deposit cash, make bill payments and carry out regular banking transactions.

They have private spaces where customers can speak to someone from their bank about more complex issues. If strategically positioned, these hubs can address accessibility issues, financial inclusion and small business growth. Post offices also clearly have a critical role

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to play here in supporting their long-term viability. They provide cash and banking services for customers and businesses, allowing them to withdraw and deposit cash, deposit cheques, and check their current account balance.

It all sounds good, but the problem is that the criteria for establishing them are too restrictive. Baldly put, if you live in rural Wales and your local banks are closing, a banking hub is unlikely to be provided as a replacement for inperson services.


On average, rural constituencies have just 0.1 bank branches per 10 sq km and 1.1 ATMs, compared with 2.6 branches per 10 sq km in urban areas and 31.3 ATMs.

Data from the British Banking Association (BBA) from 1986 to 2012 and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) from 2012 to 2023 revealed that the number of bank branches in operation in the UK fell from 14,689 in 1986 to 5,745 in 2023.

Over the same period, the number of Building Society branches in operation fell from 6,954 in 1986 to 1,925 in 2023.

In June 2023, surveyed 2,700 banking

customers with disabilities or impairments. 52% of respondents said they had been negatively impacted by bank closures.

The survey also highlighted several challenges faced by people with disabilities when using both inperson and digital banking services:

35% of those surveyed found it fairly or very difficult to speak to their bank over the phone, and 21% struggled with security features, such as card readers or remembering passwords.

39% had issues with customer authentication checks for online card payments, with some

respondents attributing this to poor mobile signals or time constraints.

Responding to the survey’s findings, the deputy editor of Which? Money, Sam Richardson, stated that bank closures could have “significant impacts on local communities”, particularly those living with disabilities, who were “among the most likely people in society to rely on both cash and in-person banking services”.

The charity Age UK has warned of the negative impacts of bank closures on older people.

In May 2023, Age UK published the findings of a survey of 2,632 people

aged 65 years and above, which revealed that 39% of respondents (equivalent to 4.09 million people if extrapolated to the whole UK population) with a bank account in Britain were not managing their money online and could be at “high risk of financial exclusion”.

The survey also found that 75% of respondents (equivalent to 7.86 million people) wanted to undertake at least one banking task in person at a bank branch, building society or post office.

In response to the findings, Caroline Abrahams, the charity director at Age UK, said they demonstrated “the

huge and continuing demand for face-to-face banking services among our older population” and that it was “crucial” that banks respond.

The Rural Services Network (RSN), a special interest group of the Local Government Association, has warned that the closure of bank branches has also negatively impacted rural communities.

In an article from April 2023, the RSN argued that reducing bank branches made it more difficult for those in rural areas with poor broadband or mobile telephone signals to access banking services.

Rural Affairs Secretary shares new timeframe for the Sustainable Farming Scheme

A new timeframe for introducing the Sustainable Farming Scheme has been confirmed today by Climate Change and Rural Affairs Secretary Huw Irranca-Davies.

Speaking at a press conference at Sealands Farm in Bridgend, the Cabinet Secretary said that the change of timings was part of his ‘commitment to meaningful engagement with the farming sector’.

He said: “Since the first day of taking up this role I have been out and about meeting and listening to our farmers, hearing their views and taking on board what they have to say.

“My commitment to meaningful engagement with the farming sector, Plaid Cymru colleagues under the Cooperation Agreement and other stakeholders on the changes needed will necessitate a change in the implementation timetable.

“We have always said the Scheme would not be introduced until it is ready and I stand by that.”

He then confirmed that the Basic Payment Scheme would continue to be available in 2025, with the proposed SFS transition period starting from 2026, with an announcement to follow on the BPS ceiling.

Existing rural investment schemes, such as the small grants schemes, will continue to support infrastructure changes.

The Welsh Government will also work on a new

landscape scale scheme which will build on the experience of previous collaboration schemes.

This new timeframe will give the opportunity to work through a number of important aspects.

The Cabinet Secretary concluded by saying: “Together we can create a future

where our farmers produce the very best of Welsh food to the highest standards, while safeguarding our precious environment.

“We are listening and will continue to listen

“We must continue to work in partnership to finalise a scheme that works long-term.

“This is the next step in making that happen.”

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Welsh Conservatives look west

I’M delighted to be serving as the Shadow Minister for West Wales, a role created by the Welsh Conservatives. This role is a statement of priorities from the Welsh Conservatives. It’s a statement that we feel West Wales has not been given sufficient attention by the Welsh Labour Government. But it’s more than just a statement. It’s a commitment to West Wales.

Under Labour, the Welsh Government has been a government primarily of and for South Wales. Every First Minister of Wales has represented a South Wales constituency, and four of them have represented Cardiff constituencies.

In fact, the furthest from Cardiff Bay a First Minister has ever come is Bridgend, so Labour has managed to get one from just 22 miles outside of Cardiff.

But the Welsh Conservatives want to be a government for all of Wales. We have MSs from South Wales, but we also have a strong presence in West Wales, North Wales and Mid Wales. We have a track record of delivering for those communities and standing up for them against a Labour Government that too often forgets that Wales exists outside of the M4 corridor.

One example is farming. Many people in our rural communities feel like they aren’t being listened to by a Labour Welsh Government that is going to force farmers to give up 20% of their land for tree planting and rewilding. Those plans fall within the so-called Sustainable Farming Scheme, a Labour policy that could cost up to 5,500 jobs in the Welsh farming sector.

As we know, West Wales will be disproportionately impacted by those job losses. So much of our economy and culture here depend on the world-class farming our communities practice every day.

Our farmers are the guardians of the countryside, and they shouldn’t have their livelihoods threatened by legislation drawn up by people who don’t understand the industry.

And it’s not just farming. In West Wales, access to vital health services is a huge problem. When the Welsh Government announced the closure of the Special Care Baby Unit at Withybush Hospital in 2014, I warned that we were on a slippery slope that would lead to further closures in the future.

The Health Minister at the time told me it wouldn’t be the case, but we know

now that it was.

At the end of last year, families in Pembrokeshire were dealt a fresh blow when Hywel Dda University Health Board decided to close the Paediatric Ambulatory Care Unit at Withybush Hospital, which was another of a series of devastating cuts to the hospital’s services in recent years.

Yet again, people in Pembrokeshire are forced to travel for crucial health services.

But in my new role, I want to commit to addressing not just the problems we face but also the opportunities.

The Celtic Freeport at Milford Haven and Port Talbot will allow firms to benefit from duty relief while also exploiting renewable energy opportunities. This will be a game changer for our local economy, giving our young people the chance to stay in West Wales

rather than having to look east for employment opportunities.

So in my role as Shadow Minister for West Wales, I will take a keen interest in how the project develops and how governments in Cardiff Bay and in Westminster can ensure that the opportunities presented by the Celtic Freeport are seized and benefit the people of West Wales. The freeport has been a success story

of how governments on both sides of the M4 can work together, and it’s an exciting time for the local economy.

Without a government in Cardiff Bay that can relate to the lives of people in West Wales, we will continue to be an afterthought.

The Welsh Conservatives are prepared to be a government for all of Wales.

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Gething’s left-over lolly goes to Labour

THE AMOUNT of money Vaughan Gething spent on his campaign to succeed Mark Drakeford has been revealed by the Electoral Commission.

To become First Minister, Mr Gething raised an astonishing £254,600, spending all but £31,636.

£200,000 of Mr Gething’s funding came from two donations made by companies connected to a convicted criminal. The same person, David Neal, is a director of the company responsible for the Withyhedge landfill scandal.

His rival, Jeremy Miles, raised £58,600 and spent every penny.

Even the optics of the spending look bad for Mr Gething.

He spent almost four times more than Jeremy Miles, yet his margin of victory was tiny. That suggests the most important thing dividing the candidates was not popularity or fitness for office but money.

It is almost certainly the case that without a fat bankroll behind him,

Vaughan Gething would have lost.

While that’s something for his colleagues in the Senedd’s Labour group to chew on, the money remaining after Vaughan Gething’s campaign gives the Labour Party food for thought.

Under Electoral Commission rules, the unspent balance should now go to the Labour Party.

Attempts to claim the money would go to “Welsh Labour” fell to bits. Such an organisation neither exists nor holds a bank account.

That means Kier Starmer’s NEC now faces a sticky problem.

If it accepts the money, it will be accused of turning a blind eye to its source from a convicted environmental offender, still mired in court proceedings and subject to ongoing enforcement for breaches of site licences.

If it rejects the money, it calls into question the judgement exercised by Mr Gething in accepting

it. Rejection would harm Mr Gething even more than he’s managed to harm himself by his words, actions, and attitude to scrutiny.

There is no single right answer or easy path out.

Andrew RT Davies MS, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, seized on Labour’s dilemma: “These donations are now a question for the whole Labour Party.

“Labour campaigning may now be funded by cash from somebody convicted of environmental offences.

“Now we will learn if Labour have the courage of their convictions.”

While brickbats from the Conservatives about donations from dubious sources might be regarded as a bit rich, Labour’s junior partner in government, Plaid Cymru, is not as constrained.

Heledd Fychan MS said: “This sorry episode has marred the First Minister’s first few months in office when Wales’s schools and hospitals face huge challenges and need a


THE Stink Continues for the Community Around Withyhedge Landfill Site.

For months and months now, people living around the Withyhedge landfill site near Haverfordwest have had to suffer because of the terrible stench coming from the site. Residents have contacted me to tell me just how bad it’s been for them – for some people, it’s meant that they can’t open the windows in their homes and for others it has resulted in serious health consequences such as skin irritation and coughs. It’s unacceptable that residents have had to live in this awful situation, and it’s been heartbreaking to hear their day to day experiences.

further action and use all the regulatory tools available, including issuing a Section 37 suspension notice if improvements aren’t forthcoming. However, I don’t think this goes far enough.

Leader focused on the job.

“Unless Vaughan Gething does the right thing today and commits to returning the donation in full, serious and justified questions about his judgement won’t go away any time soon.

“The UK Labour Party must also show some moral leadership and return the money. Failure to do so will mean that every General Election candidate in Wales will be funded by questionable money and it also means that Keir Starmer’s big announcement today about Labour being the party of change will be nothing but hollow words.”

In all likelihood, Labour will park the issue pending the outcome of an internal review by former First Minister Carwyn Jones.

In doing so, it will hope the stink surrounding David Neal’s remarkable largesse dissipates. Local experience shows that it’s hard to eliminate a stink once one starts.

The first reports of a problem came in October 2023, and over time those reports have grown in number. In response to the reports of the terrible stench at the site, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has issued Enforcement Notices to try and encourage the operator, Resources Management Ltd, or RML as it’s known, to make serious improvements so that the community doesn’t have to suffer any more.

At the time of writing this article, the stench continues despite the operator having a deadline of the 14th May to comply with the latest Enforcement Notice and deliver a series of improvements at the site. In my meeting with Natural Resources Wales their officers made it clear that they will not hesitate to take

The operator has a history of noncompliance and the fact that residents are still having to suffer this foul polluted air is not good enough. Nobody can tell me just how toxic the air actually is, which is deeply worrying because Public Health Wales has issued advice saying that odours and emissions from the site may be harmful to health! In the meantime, I’ve been asking questions about the number of spot checks that have taken place, the number of odour assessments and just how many discussions have taken place between NRW and the Welsh Government – which is important because NRW is funded by the Welsh Government and the Dauson Environmental Group (connected to RML) donated £200,000 to the First Minister’s recent leadership campaign. And the saga doesn’t stop there, the operator also received a loan from the Development Bank of Wales during the time the First Minister was the Economy Minister. It’s clear to me now that the only plausible option is for the site to be closed. The operator’s non-compliance has gone on and on and my constituents have had to suffer the consequences for far too long. I will now be pushing this matter at the Senedd and doing what I can to see this matter resolved once and for all so that the people living around the site are able to finally draw a line under this awful matter. The only way now to stop the stink is to close the site and boot the operator out of Pembrokeshire!

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death notices


DUGGAN William Alun

Pembroke Dock The death occurred peacefully at home surrounded by his loving family on Sunday 5th May 2024 of Mr. William Alun Duggan affectionately known as ‘Alun’ aged 91 years of High Street, Pembroke Dock. Dearly loved Alun will be sadly missed by all his family and friends. The funeral service will take place on Thursday 23rd May 2024 at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth at 11:30am. There will be family flowers only with donations in lieu if desired for The Paul Sartori Foundation c/o E.C.Thomas & Son Funeral Directors, 21, Main Street, Pembroke SA71 4JS (01646) 682680 & Zoar Chapel Funeral Home, Llanteg, Narberth SA67 8QH (01834) 831876 or via www.ecthomasandson.



WARR Pamela May

Haverfordwest formerly of Milford Haven The death occurred peacefully at Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest on Saturday 4th May of Mrs. Pamela May Warr, aged 94 years of Haverfordwest and formerly of Milford Haven. Devoted wife of the late Trevor, dearly loved mother & mother-in-law to Linda & Alan and Robert & Barbara and an adored grandmother and great grandmother to Samantha, Michael,

Lindsay, Samuel, Ronnie Seren & Rae. The funeral service will take place on Wednesday 22nd May at 1.15pm at St. Katharine & St. Peter’s Church, Milford Haven. Family flowers only, donations if desired may be sent to The Paul Sartori Foundation, Paul Sartori House, Winch Lane, Haverfordwest, SA61 1RP. All enquiries to Tom Newing & Sons Ltd., Funeral Directors, Milford Haven. Telephone 01646 693180


BERRIGAN Sandra Peacefully at her home in Simpson Cross on 9th May. Sandra, beloved wife of the late Lionel. Dearly loved mother of Jane, David, Lisa and Paul. A much loved Nanny. Funeral service Friday 24th May at 4.00pm at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth. Family flowers but donations, if desired, for the Paul Sartori Foundation c/o W.G.Bernard Mathias & Daughter, 64 New Street, St.Davids, SA62 6SU


ROOBOL John Haverfordwest formerly of Sandy Haven. The death occurred peacefully at Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest on Sunday 5th May of Mr. John Roobol, aged 80 years of Haverfordwest and formerly of Sandy Haven. John was loved dearly by his devoted family and many friends. The funeral service will take place on Friday 17th May at 10am at

Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth. Family flowers only, donations if desired may be sent to The Kidney Dialysis Unit, Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest, SA61 2PZ. All enquiries to Tom Newing & Sons Ltd., Funeral Directors, Milford Haven. Telephone 01646 693180




Hannah Dale Passed away peacefully at Hollyland Lodge Care Home, Pembroke on Thursday 9th May 2024 aged 87 years. Beloved wife of the late Harry, dearly loved mum to Colin and Ann, cherished nan to Samantha, Ben, Reece and great grandson Harry, much loved mother in law to Gillian and the late Stephen. The funeral service will take place on Tuesday 4th June, 1:45pm at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth. Family flowers only. Donations in lieu, if desired, made payable to Hollyland Lodge Care Home may be sent c/o Mrs G Llewellyn, Hill Cottage, Dale, Haverfordwest, SA62 3QZ . Further enquiries to F. G. Rees & Sons, Haverfordwest. Tel: 01437 764418.


GREEN Jean of Haverfordwest Jean passed away peacefully at Montrose Residential Home, Haverfordwest on the 3rd May, 2024, aged 96 years. Dearly loved, she will be sadly missed by all who

knew her. Funeral service, Tuesday 21st May, 11.30am at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth. Family flowers only. Donations in memory of Jean can be forwarded to the British Heart Foundation. All enquiries to Roy Folland & Son Funeral Directors (01437) 763821.


REES Christine Mary Pembroke The death occurred peacefully on Wednesday 1st May 2024 at Park House Court, Tenby of Mrs. Christine Mary Rees, aged 96 years of Cooks Close, Pembroke. Devoted Wife of the late David Rees. Cherished Mum to Sarah and Elizabeth. Much loved Mother-in-law to Mike and Andrew. Dearly loved ‘Nan’ to Jen. The funeral service will take place on Wednesday 22nd May 2024 at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth at 12:15pm. There will be family flowers only. Should you wish to make a donation in memory of Christine please kindly forward to Alzheimer’s Society. The funeral arrangements will be carried out by E.C. Thomas & Son Funeral Directors, 21, Main Street, Pembroke SA71 4JS (01646) 682680 & Zoar Chapel Funeral Home, Llanteg, Narberth SA67 8QH (01834) 831876 or via www.ecthomasandson.


Peacefully on Saturday 4th May at her home, Eileen of Fishguard. Beloved friend of Margaret, she will be sadly missed by her many friends. Funeral service on Tuesday 21st May at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth at 12:15pm. Family flowers only. Donations in lieu if desired, made payable to ‘Pembrokeshire Counselling Service’ c/o Paul Jenkins & Sons Funeral Directors, Feidr Castell, Fishguard, SA65 9BB. Tel: 01348 873250.


BOWSKILL Keith John Pembroke Keith John Bowskill died peacefully at his home on Monday 29th. April at the age of 91. Beloved husband of Muriel for over 60 years, loving father of Emma and Jane and sons-in-law, Peter and Laurence. Much loved grandfather of Hannah, Amy, Abi, James and Toby and great-grandfather of Boden and Marnie. The funeral service will be held at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth on Tuesday 21st. May at 1pm. There will be family flowers only with donations if desired, to The British Heart Foundation c/o John Roberts & Son, Funeral Directors, 51, Bush Street, Pembroke Dock, SA72 6AN.




HADLEY Julie Ann Newgale Julie passed away peacefully at home

on 10th May aged 88. She will be sadly missed by her husband John, family and friends. A celebration of her life will be held in June.


PHILLIPS Mary Elvira Peacefully on Saturday 4th May at Withybush Hospital, Mary of Queensway, Haverfordwest. She will be sadly missed by her family and friends. Private funeral service with family flowers only. Donations in memory of Mary may to be made to a charity of your own choice. Further enquiries to Paul Jenkins & Sons Funeral Directors, Fishguard. Tel: 01348 873250.


SCOTT John Thomas Pembroke Dock The death occurred at Withybush Hospital on Tuesday 23rd April of Mr John Thomas Scott of High Street Close, Pembroke Dock. John will be sadly missed by his family and friends. The funeral service will take place on Friday 24th May at Llanion Cemetery at 10.00am. There will be family flowers only. Donations in memory of John may be sent direct to the R.S.P.C.A. The funeral arrangements are being conducted by E.C. Thomas & Son Funeral Directors, 21, Main Street, Pembroke (01646) 682680 & Zoar Chapel Funeral Home, Llanteg, Narberth (01834) 831876.

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We know that some of your older readers may have difficulties coping with everyday issues such as accessing GP services, dealing with energy suppliers, or simply taking part in community events.

le TT

However, anyone in Wales aged over 50, or caring for an older person, can now access free support from our HOPE (Helping others participate and engage) service.

It’s a partnership project delivered by Age Cymru and Age Connects Wales, together with their local partners, and is available in communities across Wales. HOPE uses trained volunteers to help people access vital

services, and to obtain the information they need to make informed choices.

It tries to help people have their voices heard when important decisions affecting their lives are being made.

If any of your readers would like more information about the HOPE service call 029 2043 1555, email advocacy@agecymru. or visit www. advocacy.

Louise Hughes



It’s well known in north Wales that Bute Energy, RWE Renewables and Wind 2 want to build several

wind farms across our beautiful landscape. What is less well known is how these will get their power to the grid

They will all connect to a new substation to be built at Gwyddelwern, north of Corwen, on the 400 kV transmission line which runs from Trawsfynydd to Wrexham. And once a substation is planned, these attract battery storage and solar farms like wasps at a picnic

Bute Energy has a 500 MW battery park planned, no doubt immediately adjacent to the new substation. There don’t seem to be any solar parks yet, but I’m sure they will come. Good news if you own land near the transmission line, but bad news for industrialisation of our countryside

The tech savvy amongst your readers might like to browse the Electricity System

Only Conservatives, in both Houses, voted for Black Slavery, 200 years ago, when every baby born to the body of a slave mother, immediately became the legal property of the slave owner, like a dog, a political policy morally disgusting and offensive to every adult for the previous thousand years. Wilberforce alone defied his Party.

The Whig Party bribed Conservatives and slave owners with £20 million of public money, when they eventually outlawed Slavery as soon as they could, in 1833.

But the most single relevant fact now, is that present Conservative politicians and commentators, are still telling deliberate lies about those historical facts, 200 years later. They have learnt nothing since, such as the value of Truth, to the human race. Conservative use of lies, remains what it always was.

Operator’s TEC Register, which lists all generators with grid connection agreements, some not until the late 2030’s. It’s the easiest way of finding out what new electricity infrastructure will be arriving in your area

Dr Jonathan F Dean Llanerchymedd LL718AB



The explanation why the UK Conservative Party is the longest-lived Political Party in Europe, is the deliberate, gross, dishonesty of powerful oligarchs over two centuries, most obviously Press and TV Moguls, and the complete lack of Ethical Principles in voters who believed them, over generations.

Listen to the flagrant bigotry of the Hard Right today, on your TV, against vulnerable families, that they shall receive coupons instead of money, they shall not eat, if they do not work, so extremely repugnant that one might expect it be counter-productive in its effect on any reasonable adult, as virulent hatred.

Today, the Conservative Party, claiming to be ‘compassionate’, shows similar enmity to helpless child and adult refugees, fleeing from countries and economies which we destroyed, by bombing civilian populations, in the West’s justifiable wars to remove Saddam Hussein and other tyrants, from power.

Do you believe that prejudiced disapproval of the West, against nations making different choices than our own, justified those fatal consequences?

Name and address supplied

62 Friday May 17th 2024
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PIc Ture oF THe weeK! MILFORD HAVEN BY JASON DAVIES Friday May 17th 2024 For up to date news please check our social network channels 63 leTTerS























482022 ServIceS


To adverTISe In THe local ServIceS SecTIon email SaleS@Herald.eMaIl

SP or T

Welsh rally star eyeing second British championship

OSAIN PRYCE is eyeing his second British Rally Championship (BRC) title after a recording a superb victory in the Severn Valley Stages.

The Welsh star and co-driver Rhodri Evans finished 20 seconds ahead of Irish driver William Creighton, with championship leader Chris Ingram claiming third place.

The result left Pryce 15 points adrift of Ingram after two rounds and boosted his chances of adding to his 2022 British title


Pryce was excellent in his Ford Fiesta Rally2, wowing the sizeable crowds who lined iconic stages such as Hafren Sweet Lamb and Myherin.

The Welshman established an early lead over Ingram before withstanding a charge by Creighton to claim his first BRC victory since Rally Yorkshire in 2022.

“It’s a big relief – I’m so happy to get the win,” Pryce said. “We had a dodgy couple of stages at the end, and to be honest, it was so slippy, but I drove

at a pace where I was comfortable.

“I did lose some time, which in the end wasn’t too bad, but we certainly had some hairy moments just trying to keep it on the road. Credit to everyone who’s got me here. Top job from Rhodri too – that’s his first-ever win!

While Ingram currently leads the standings by four points from Creighton, the Irishman could be the biggest threat to Pryce’s title hopes.

He is still getting to grips with his new Ford Fiesta Rally2 car, but has

recorded back-to-back second place finishes to force his way into contention.

Bettors in Creighton’s homeland have backed their compatriot to emerge victorious this season, forcing bookmakers to cut his odds to win the title.

Several of the best Irish betting sites also make him the favourite to win the upcoming Jim Clark Rally in Scotland later this month.

However, Pryce will fancy his chances of claiming another victory as he strives to follow up

his impressive 2022 British title success.

The Welshman won four of the seven events that season to clinch top spot by an emphatic 19-point margin from Keith Cronin.

With two of the final four rallies of the season set to be staged in Wales, Pryce could be a good bet to upset the odds over the next few months.

He has previously won Rali Ceredigion and the Cambrian Rally, which should give him the confidence he needs to secure another British title.

Charity football match scores big!

IN an inspiring display of community spirit and sportsmanship on Friday (May 10), the Ogi Bridge Meadow stadium hosted a charity football match that saw local mental health charity, Give The Boys

A Lift (GTBAL), triumph over 2Wish, with a final score of 5-1.

The event drew a large crowd, who gathered to support both organizations dedicated to mental health and well-being.

GTBAL, a renowned Pembrokeshire charity known for its efforts in mental health advocacy, put on a strong performance,

leading to a decisive victory that was met with enthusiastic applause and cheers from the spectators. The match not only provided an evening of thrilling sports action but also raised significant awareness and funds for the causes represented by the two teams.

Maria Elena Smith, a spectator and supporter, praised the event, commenting, “Amazing effort from everyone involved. As always, the charities that support so many families and individuals have come out in force. Well done all and thank you for all the support.”

Adrian Smith, another attendee, highlighted the importance of the charities’ work, stating, “Don’t underestimate what both these charities do. It was a fantastic evening raising awareness.”

The event served as a reminder of the vital role these organizations play in the community, offering support and resources to those facing mental health challenges. Congratulations to all involved for a successful event that went beyond just a game, fostering community unity and support for pivotal causes.

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Triumphant victory in mixed ability rugby

IT was a splendid afternoon of Mixed Ability Rugby played in the true spirit of the game.

Coaches were immensely proud of all the players for their performance and unwavering commitment. Securing a victory against a formidable Worcester team was indeed a remarkable feat, clinching the match 29-12.

The game was hardfought, and breaking down the Worcester defence by spreading the ball wide proved decisive. Veteran No. 8, Gethin Bateman, once again demonstrated his prowess with a powerful run resulting in a score. Rob Sweeny shone brightly, scoring two tries and earning the title of Man of the Match. Sean Mackenzie Hughes powered over from close range, while Peter Pritchard made an

impactful contribution with his very first touch of the ball.

Both Marcus Greenish and Callum Power successfully converted, adding to the team’s success. The post-match celebrations continued in the clubhouse with the traditional touring team games and the lively kangaroo court, ensuring a fantastic and memorable experience for all involved.

Following the thrilling victory on the pitch, the atmosphere in the clubhouse was buzzing with camaraderie and jubilation. Laughter filled the air as players and supporters relished in the triumph, sharing anecdotes and toasting to the team’s achievement.

Traditional touring team games added an extra layer of enjoyment, fostering a sense of community among players

Who came out top of the league?

and visitors alike.

The festivities culminated in the kangaroo court, a lighthearted tradition where light-hearted mock trials and playful punishments were meted out, further cementing the bonds forged through the sport. It was a joyous occasion, underscoring the essence of rugby beyond the game itself—a celebration of teamwork, resilience, and shared passion.

The coaches reflected on the match with immense pride, highlighting the players’ dedication and sportsmanship. The win against a strong opponent like Worcester served as a testament to the team’s hard work and determination. As the day drew to a close, everyone departed with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the next exhilarating fixture on the horizon.

THE local football season has drawn to a close with the conclusion of the Pembrokeshire Football League, featuring thrilling competitions, notable achievements, and exciting promotions and relegations across its divisions. Let’s recap the highlights of this season’s outcomes:

Division One: Goodwick United Clinch Title

In Division One, Goodwick United emerged as the dominant force, securing the championship with an unbeaten record throughout the season. Managed by O’Sullivan, Goodwick finished a remarkable 17 points clear of second-placed Hakin, showcasing their superiority in every match.

Unfortunately, Neyland and Fishguard Sports faced relegation from Division One, marking the end of their campaign in the top flight for this season.

Division Two: Monkton Swifts Reserves Dominate

Monkton Swifts Reserves showcased their prowess in Division

Two, claiming the title with an impressive 14-point lead over their nearest rivals. However, due to their reserve team status, they cannot be promoted to Division One.

St Ishmaels and Herbrandston capitalized on promotion opportunities, finishing second and third respectively, to secure a place in Division One for the next season. On the downside, St Clears and Cosheston faced relegation from Division Two.

Division Three: Lawrenny Edge Out Competition

Lawrenny clinched the Division Three title in a closely contested battle with Solva, finishing three points ahead to secure promotion to Division Two. Solva also earned promotion by finishing in a strong second place.

Meanwhile, Letterston and Pennar Robins II experienced relegation from Division Three.

Division Four: Camrose Reserves and Tenby Reserves Promoted

Camrose Reserves emerged as champions in Division Four, with

Tenby Reserves closely following in second place. Despite falling short of the title, Tenby’s performance earned them a well-deserved promotion to Division Three, fending off competition from New Hedges Saundersfoot. Regrettably, Milford Athletic and Carew III faced relegation from Division Four.

Division Five: Hundleton Triumphs, Johnston Reserves Promoted

Hundleton made a triumphant return to the league by claiming the Division Five title with an impressive goal difference of +98. Meanwhile, Johnston Reserves secured promotion after a successful campaign. The conclusion of this season brings excitement and anticipation for the upcoming league fixtures and challenges. Congratulations to all the teams on their achievements, and commiserations to those facing relegation. Football enthusiasts eagerly await the next chapter of the Pembrokeshire Football League as teams gear up for another competitive season.

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Thomas carroll Pembrokeshire league


The Pembrokeshire cricket season has finally begun, and we’ve been visiting the grounds, gathering reports and action photographs throughout the day, a practice we will continue all season. It was an eventful day, and here we take a

look at the results and key points from the top division.

Haverfordwest made a triumphant return to the division, delivering a crushing defeat to Llangwm, who may be facing a challenging season ahead. Cresselly also made a strong start with a significant win

over their neighbours, Lawrenny. Jon ‘Yogi’ Rogers had an outstanding debut for Carew, earning the man of the match title for his performance with both bat and ball, which led his team to victory. The champions demonstrated their dominance by thrashing newly

promoted Whitland, although the Neyland eleven appeared weaker than in previous seasons. The match of the day was between Narberth and Tish, where the Mice clinched a thrilling victory by just four runs in a closely contested game.

70 Friday May 17th 2024 For up to date news please check our social network channels DIVISION 1 P W D L T AB Pts Cresselly 1 1 0 0 0 0 20 Neyland 1 1 0 0 0 0 20 St Ishmaels 1 1 0 0 0 0 19 Carew 1 1 0 0 0 0 17 Haverfordwest 1 1 0 0 0 0 16 Saundersfoot 1 0 0 1 0 0 8 Lawrenny 1 0 0 1 0 0 8 Narberth 1 0 0 1 0 0 6 Whitland 1 0 0 1 0 0 5 Llangwm 1 0 0 1 0 0 1
DIVISION 2 P W D L T AB Pts Carew II 1 1 0 0 0 0 20 Pembroke 1 1 0 0 0 0 20 Burton 1 1 0 0 0 0 20 Johnston 1 1 0 0 0 0 19 Herbrandston 1 1 0 0 0 0 18 Lamphey 1 0 0 1 0 0 6 Pembroke Dock 1 0 0 1 0 0 5 Llanrhian 1 0 0 1 0 0 5 Llechryd 1 0 0 1 0 0 4 Hook 1 0 0 1 0 0 3 DIVISION 3 P W D L T AB Pts Burton II 1 1 0 0 0 0 20 Cresselly II 1 1 0 0 0 0 20 Neyland II 1 1 0 0 0 0 20 Stackpole 1 1 0 0 0 0 18 Hook II 1 1 0 0 0 0 17 Kilgetty 1 0 0 1 0 0 6 Fishguard 1 0 0 1 0 0 6 Haverfordwest II 1 0 0 1 0 0 5 Narberth II 1 0 0 1 0 0 3 St Ishmaels II 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 DIVISION 4 16 11 0 1 0 4 223 Laugharne 1 1 0 0 0 0 19 Hundleton 1 1 0 0 0 0 18 Saundersfoot II 1 1 0 0 0 0 17 Pembroke II 1 1 0 0 0 0 17 Carew III 1 0 0 1 0 0 4 Llanrhian II 1 0 0 1 0 0 4 Lawrenny II 1 0 0 1 0 0 2 Llangwm II 1 0 0 1 0 0 2 Pembroke D II 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 Llechryd II 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 DIVISION 5 P W D L T AB Pts Whitland II 1 1 0 0 0 0 20 Herbrandston II 1 1 0 0 0 0 20 Neyland III 1 1 0 0 0 0 20 Crymych 1 1 0 0 0 0 17 Haverfordwest III 1 0 0 1 0 0 9 Cresselly III 1 0 0 1 0 0 3 DIVISION 6 P W D L T AB Pts Whitland III 1 1 0 0 0 0 19 Lamphey II 1 0 0 1 0 0 5 Hundleton II 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 Llechryd III 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 Haverfordwest IV 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 Pembroke III 1 0 0 0 0 1 0- - - - -

Goodwick United U13’s Cup Victory

GOODWICK United U13’s have won the league cup this season.

Sion’Osullivan their coach said I still can’t get over the performance these boys put in on Saturday and the whole season. They’re deserved champions and have worked so hard all season and they’ve been rewarded for it.

In 2 seasons they’ve managed to go a league undefeated & beat a team who haven’t lost a game to win the cup yesterday.

This is a great group of boys and this is only the start, if we all stick together there is plenty more that can come I assure you.

It wasn’t just about the 10 players that played on Saturday, this squad all together have achieved this and we couldn’t have won this season without the whole team.

I just want to thank EVERYONE for the whole process of that final on Saturday, we couldn’t have done it without the help and support from you all. Me and the boys are so grateful to you all.

I love this group of boys, and I’m so proud to be part of it all!

A statement from FRIO their sponsors

“We are proud to sponsor the team kit for Goodwick United U13’s. One young lad on the team who has Type 1 Diabetes has also recently been diagnosed with Coeliac. He is an inspiration to all young people living with these medical conditions. Giving light to those who have just been diagnosed. It goes to show you that your athletic hobbies or career do not need to be halted by these conditions. Mikey is incredible dealing with his medical needs whilst taking it all in his stride and not dropping a match or training session. He also receives a great deal of support from his team on and off the pitch. Congratulations Goodwick United U13’s on your cup victory.”

They are a fantastic bunch of Children and we at FRIO as so proud to support and sponsor the team.”

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Cricket is back!


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