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How to Create Backlinks. Mykola Karai, Internet Marketer.

Introduction. The question how to create backlinks is of great importance if you plan to achieve high ranking for your web pages. When other people put a link to your web site on their website, you get promotion for your website. As a result, you get a better search engine ranking for your web pages. All of the big three search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) use backlinks (inbound links) as an important part of the formula that determines a web page’s rank. Quality of backlinks is of great importance also. You should focus your reciprocal linking efforts on relevant quality links. The standard procedure is to search for and identify relevant websites that you would like to have link to your website, and then send each webmaster an email requesting a link on their site, offering a link. Many SEO experts consider link building (also knowing as “off page optimization”) following in importance after web page original content importance. So, after you’ve finished the works for the On Page SEO stage it will be a good idea to implement some effort to make link building works for your web pages. Below the list of the most effective ways and affordable link building methods to achieve this goal is presented. In many cases you can create backlinks for free.

1. Importance of Backlinks Building. Creating original content and links to the pages on your website – is the foundation of your online business success. It can provide a significant stream of visitors, and thus increase the overall sales and guarantee you a profit, thus more potential customers the more profit you get. So, you as the owner of the website should seriously take care of the creation and strengthening of the foundation. What are backlinks? Simply put – “backlinks” are links directed to your website. Why are they so important for SEO? Because the number and quality of backlinks are used by search engine’s algorithms (especially Google) to calculate the relevance of a website content to keywords. At drawing up the request queue by search engine the preference is given to the website with more qualitative backlinks under any other equal conditions. You do not need to be an expert on link building to optimize your web site for better search engine rankings. After all, it is not something very difficult. You just need to clearly understand the importance of these works and to know how to create backlinks. Below a list of methods for backlinks building is presented. Read it carefully and try to use these methods as much as possible. If you’ll work hard, then in a short time you become an expert on the subject of how to create backlinks.

2. Highly Effective Link Building Approaches (Ways) List. The list of methods for backlinks building presented below does not intend to be absolutely complete, but it includes the basic and most effective approaches. If you use these techniques on a regular basis the affordable link building will be achieved by you, and the success of your online business will increase significantly. 1. Getting Listed in Directories.

Getting listed in Web Directories (like DMOZ and Yahoo) is a must. It is good not only because you can get a lot of quality and free backlinks, but also because search engines scan web directory on a regular basis and if they find your website there they assign the higher PR to your site. You can use catalog.iwebtool –good list of web directories.

2. Writing An Interesting Content.

If your website pages contain interesting content people will start linking to them. As the backlinks are the part of the web page rank algorithm – the more backlinks the web page has, the better PR you get. So, if your content is good and relevant you can get many of backlinks of good quality, including from the websites with similar business topics. Know more about good article writing.

3. Writing and Submitting Articles.

This is the most old and proven way to create free backlinks. Its easy to learn. You write an article and place some links to your website pages (or in the article text body, or in the resource box in accordance with the requirements of the publisher). This method is still the fact that in addition to links, it still brings the additional stream of visitors to your website. Read more about good article writing and how to submit your article.

4. Blog and Forum Commenting.

Be active on blogs and forums on the topic of your business niche. To do this, first make a list of the most authoritative sources and make posts comments on a regular basis. It is very affordable and effective method of backlins building. The main thing is to do it regularly and you will feel the result very fast. In addition, this approach will give you an additional influx of targeted traffic to your website.

5. News Announcements and Press Releases.

On the Internet there are many websites that publish news and press releases (mainly for free). For example, a well-written press release about an important event can attract attention and bring you not only a backlink to your website, but also visitors. It is only necessary to remember that this method should be used when there is the novelty of the event, your news announcements and press releases should include the effect of novelty. It’s not hard to do. For example, you can write short comments about the new developments in your business niche.

6. Social Bookmarks.

This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to create free backlinks and significantly increase the number and quality of backlinks to your website. It is known that search engines pay increased attention to such type of links and this is an important factor that search engines consider while ranking a page. You can use OnlyWire to submit your URL to different Social Bookmarking websites in just one click (more than 300).

7. Create a Facebook Page for Your Site.

Creating a Facebook Page (also known as “Fan” page or as “Like” page) you can get some backlinks and increase traffic at the same time. If you regularly publish attractive content and update it, this page many people may “Like” and your page goes viral. You can use Like Page Builder to create free backlinks by use of Facebook Fun Page.

8. PDF Submissions.

This method allows get a sizeable number of high-quality backlinks. The idea is very simple. You take your website post (article) and save it in a PDF format. Make sure that within the text included some clickable links to the pages on your website. Submit it to the different PDF submission directories. Find the list for PDF sharing sites.

9. RSS Submissions.

This is a simple and very affordable method. However, we must say that search engines do not estimate very high the links obtained in this way, but you, as optional benefits, can get an increase in targeted traffic. Of course, you can manually submit to top RSS Submission websites, but better to submit your URL by use of free RSS Submission software, for example, dummysoftware.

10. Internal Linking.

Many people forget about this method, and it is in vain. For example, when you make a new page (or post) of your website just include a link to your home page with a keyword in the anchor text, search engines account this as a link. Constantly improve the relevancy of you links: your links (outbound and inbound) have to be highly relevant to the web pages content to which they indicate. Also, make sure the links are relevant to your business niche.

3. Avoid These Mistakes at Links Building Process.

At carrying out works on links building to your website you should follow some general important rules to get the affordable link building: (1) Do not create a big number of outbound (outgoing) links from your website pages. Better keep it in the interval of 4-5 links for a web page. The greater number of outgoing links the web page has, the lower PR (Page Rank) level this page will get. (2) Links from high quality websites. Create links with high quality websites with a high PR. This will allow you to significantly increase your level of PR. (3) Use the widest possible variety of websites of your business niche. Do not create links of only one bottleneck. Search engines take this into account when assigning PR. (4) Do not forget to put your anchor text correctly and to input your principal keyword inside the anchor text. You need many backlinks that contain the keyword in the anchor text, if you want to get high rankings for a particular keyword. You can use some SEO tools (like which will show you which web pages are willing to link to other websites using your keywords. (5) Do not use any Free or Paid services for link building. Search engines (particularly Google) can seriously reduce the PR of your web pages if they feel your links are not created in a natural way. Search engines constantly and carefully study your website links, especially in terms of their relevance. For the artificial creation of a large number of links your website may be penalized and excluded from the rankings. Carefully use link exchange, or better not to use at all. Remember that your partner may be link farms and you could even be banned from search engines ratings. Other thing, take care about the ratio between outbound and inbound links. If your website receives a much higher PR links, it becomes suspicious.

4. Some Helpful Advices. 1. To make your web pages on the first page of Google and to steady keep their positions, you must provide the constantly updated content and constantly and widely use the methodology for building backlinks. Yes, it is a lot of work and not always pleasant work, but it will allow you to get the most valuable and targeted traffic of the Internet – traffic from search engines. A nice fact is that you can create backlinks for free. 2. Creating links should be entirely gradual (without shock) and in a natural way. The algorithms of search engines are very sensitive and constantly improving, they can significantly lower the PR of your web pages for violations, as happened with many websites at the last Google Penguin upgrade. For very many websites PR was reduced for the creation of artificial backlinks. 3. Do not skimp on buying quality SEO tools, including tools for link building. Buy good SEO optimization tools to optimize your works on each stage, it will let you to get good results and will save your time. The arguments on theme how to create backlinks are based on our experience. We hope that they will be useful for you. Regards. Mykola Karai.

How to Create Backlinks  

The question how to create backlinks is of great importance if you plan to achieve high ranking for your web pages. When other people put a...

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