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Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011




Syabu gloss Customs at KLIA foil another attempt to smuggle in syabu packed in lip gloss sticks from the Middle East

No Swiss cheese Manchester United’s Darren Fletcher cautious over Champions League clash against FC Basel tomorrow

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Following the ‘revolt’ by 16 school prefects, it has been revealed the headmaster or principal has the power to appoint the head boy

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No more bets PETALING JAYA

Gamblers caught in cybercafes face six-month jail term

TAKING a leaf out of their Penang counterparts’ book, Selangor police are adopting a hardline stance on gamblers in internet cafes. They are now ready to arrest those caught patronising such outlets, with a potential six-month jail-term awaiting those found guilty. Previously, patrons found in the outlets during raids only had their statements recorded, with the cybercafe operators being the only ones charged. Now, they can be investigated under Section 7 (2) of the Common Gaming House Act 1953 which carries a fine up to RM5,000, a maximum six-month jail term or both. Errant or repeated gambling operators can be charged under the Restricted Resident Act 1933. Selangor police chief Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah viewed this move as the first step towards eradicating gambling in the State. He said the gambling menace had been a nuisance for years, forcing police to review how they tackle the issue. Tun Hisan said the move made sense, as gamblers themselves were major contributors to the cybercafe operators’ income. “Without gamblers, the operators won’t have any business. As such, action against the operators only won’t solve the issue; both must be tackled at the same time,”

By AIZAT SHARIF he told The Malay Mail. He said action was all the more imperative as some of the gamblers were minors.

On when the move would take place, Tun Hisan said the crackdown on gamblers would come into effect “very soon”. It was reported that syndicates involved in cybercafe-based online gambling raked in around RM5 million a month. Illegal gambling

outlets such as these also continued to be a thorn in the side, with Selangor police having conducted 3,876 raids at illegal gambling premises throughout the State in the first six months of this year.

Uptown mess Motorists are parking as they like in Damansara Uptown, prompting people to ask why the PJ City Council is not doing anything about it

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LIFESTYLE IT seems the force wasn’t strong enough for this Jedi groom to stop Darth Vader and his Stormtrooper subordinates from crashing his Shah Alam marriage ceremony. Luckily for Azfar Muhamad and Nur Sharifah Azlin Hasmi, they came in peace. For more on the happy couple’s Star Wars 501st Legion-themed nuptials, go to page 7

What’s cooking?

Star wedding

The much-awaited TV show MasterChef Malaysia will begin its run on Oct 22

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If you put MAS's and AirAsia's training academies together, that will be one of the biggest training academies — AirAsia Group chief executive officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes

Cybercafes violate conditions of licences


Easy to get started Five minutes are all you need to begin placing your bets

● From pg1 The mushrooming of these outlets has also frustrated the Kuala Lumpur authorities. In 2009, Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan (pic) claimed that as many as 90 per cent of the cybercafes in Kuala Lumpur were involved in illegitimate online gambling by adding gambling software in their computers. He said Kuala Lumpur City Hall had issued cybercafe licences in the hope that people would be computereducated, but from surprise checks, the licences of a number of of c y b e rc afe operators were found to have been violated. The methods used to avoid detection made it difficult to shut down the premises . It was not known whether Kuala Lumpur police plan to follow suit. Penang police chief Datuk Ayub Yaakob announced on Sunday they would charge patrons caught gambling in cybercafes. He cited a growing trend of gamblers flocking to such cybercafes as the main reason behind the move.

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The Malay Mail Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011

ON the outside, it looks like any other cybercafe. Once you go in, you realise it is a gambling hub. For one to start gambling in these so-called cybercafes is easy: Just spend five minutes watching someone play and you will know everything that's needed to start you gambling with the user-friendly computers. Cybercafes offering gambling games charged a minimum of RM5 or sometimes RM10, depending on the rates to start

gambling or taking bets. Once money is paid, the gambler gets a certain amount of points to start playing. For instance, for RM10, they may get 500 points. If they lose, points get deducted. If they win, they get more points. The bets differ, based on the type of games played. At the end of each gaming session, the players can redeem their cash based on points gained or go back empty-handed if they lose their bets.


The games available in the computers include the classic 'Jackpot' where you earn points if the picture array, usually depicted by fruits, gets a match of three to five. Other casino games such as 'Blackjack', 'Roulette' and 'Three Pictures' are also available. Most illegal cybercafes also have state-of-the-art security systems where, if there

are raids, the caretaker could switch off the games on all the monitors by pushing a button on his computer. There are also cybercafes where only regular customers are allowed in. These are usually cybercafes that have been raided before but are back in business through a different operator. For such cybercafes, the main entrance would be locked and one would have to ring the door bell to enter. The caretaker would decide whether to



Remains of newborn found in river

A FLOWER garland shop owner was shocked when alerted by a passer-by that the body of a boy believed to be newborn was stuck in a litter trap at the Sg Kroh river behind his shop in Jalan Ipoh yesterday morning. “I was opening my shop and suddenly a man came and told me it could be a baby’s body floating on the river,” said P. Kaneswaran, 44, who went to check with a worker. "It was a newborn boy and his body was decomposed. I just can't imagine someone could be this heartlessly to dump a baby like this." Kaneswaran said the passerby also contacted the police and left. Sentul police chief ACP Zakaria Pagan said they despatched a forensic unit. “We believe the baby boy was dumped elsewhere and the remains floated here before getting stuck in a litter trap,." He said it had yet to be

Fire scare at Tun H.S. Lee police station

GRUESOME FIND: Forensic unit personnel checking the remains of the baby boy yesterday evening — Pic: SHAHIR OMAR

ascertained if the baby died before or after it was dumped. Initial investigations also found the baby was born prematurely with the umbili-

cal cord still intact, but his ethnicity could not be determined because of his high decomposed state. The body, measuring 35cm, was has been sent to Kuala

let you in or not. They also have closed-circuit television cameras at the entrance and at other strategic locations — mainly to keep an eye on the authorities. On July 20 last year, Sentul police raided a cybercafe in Taman Mas Tiara, Jalan Ipoh, where bets of up to RM15,000 were being taken when it was raided. In the raid, police seized 16 jackpot machines and 23 computers, worth a total of aboutRM45,000.

Lumpur Hospital for a postmortem. Those with information are asked contact the nearest police station or the Rakan Cop Hotline at 03-21159999.

PROMPT action by the Fire and Rescue Department prevented a fire at the Tun H.S. Lee police station here yesterday from engulfing the building. The fire, which started at an investigating officer's room, was spotted by a constable about noon. Hang Tuah Fire station chief of operations Sarani Aros said they were able to contain the fire within 15 minutes and prevent it from spreading to other rooms. “The constable tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher but it could not be done,” he said. It took five fire engines — three from the Hang Tuah station and two from the Pudu station — with a total of 25 firemen to bring the fire under control. The fire destroyed the furniture in the room, along with several computers and files.

Five-year-old dies from hornet stings

DPP's close encounter with gunman

A FIVE-year-old boy died after he was stung by hornets while riding pillion on his mother's motorcycle in Kampung Pengkalan Nyireh, Besut, Terengganu, on Sunday. Rakiah Ismail, 31, said she had fetched Tengku Hafizul Hafiq Tengku Anuar from the Tanjung Demong kindergarten nearby at 1pm and ridden past a hornet's nest hanging from a tree branch. "Suddenly, hundreds of hornets attacked us," she said. Rakiah said Hafizul was repeatedly stung on his head and body as he ran towards a neighbour's house. Her daughter, who wore a tudung, was stung by about 10 hornets while she herself was stung by at least three. Tengku Hafizul died at about 5pm at the Besut Hospital with about 50 hornet sting marks on him. He was buried at the Kampung Air Tawar Muslim cemetery yesterday.

WHEN she heard a tap on her car at the Jalan Sultan Ismail traffic intersection in Kuala Terengganu yesterday, Deputy Public Prosecutor Zalina Awang instinctively rolled down the car window only to stare straight into the nozzle of a hand gun. There stood a motorcyclist, believed to be in his 50s, pointing a Walther pistol at her. Shocked, Zalina, 39, sped off once the traffic lights turned green and drove towards Jalan Syed Husin with the gunman in hot pursuit. When she stopped the car in front of the Kuala Terengganu City Council bus station, the man disappeared. She then drove to her office before lodging a police report at 2pm. Terengganu police chief Datuk Jamshah Mustapa said police believed the threat could be work-related as Zalina handled many criminal and high-profile cases. Jamshah appealed to witnesses to contact the Kuala Terengganu police to assist in the investigations.

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Rest and recreation areas will be developed along rural roads throughout the country as additional tourist attractions — Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen

The Malay Mail Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011




Nigerian 'students' caught for drug dealing

THEY claimed to be students of a local private college. But those claims were hard to believe, especially as they had RM250,000 worth of syabu on them.

This came to pass after a police raid on an entertainment outlet at a four-star hotel on Sept 21. Selangor deputy police chief Datuk A. Thaiveegan

said the trio, aged between 24 and 29, were detained following a tip-off about drug dealings at the premises. "The trio claimed they were private college students who

were at the hotel to relax. They said they had nothing to do with the drugs which were found on them," he said. However, police did not


It's not lip gloss

buy their story and arrested them. " I n i t i a l i nv e s t i g a t i o n showed the 995 grammes of syabu were for sale and they were waiting for buyers to

show up at that time," said Thaiveegan. The trio have been remanded until tomorrow. They face the mandatory death penalty upon conviction.


Customs foil new bid to smuggle syabu from Middle East


IF at first you don't succeed, then try and try again — that seems to be the goal of 'syabuflavoured' lip gloss smugglers from the Middle East. On Sept 15, an 'overaged' male student, 34, from Nigeria who flew in from Doha, Qatar, with 12 cartons of 'Romantic Bird Lip Gloss' was detained at the KL International Airport (KLIA) for trying to smuggle in 1.5kg of methamphetamine (syabu) powder ingeniously packed inside 300 lip gloss sticks, worth RM375,000. It has now come to light that on Sept 17, a Nigerian woman, 29, flew in, also from Doha, with 600 sticks of lip gloss in 25 cartons, with a different brand name of 'Super Lip Gloss', this time with 3kg of hidden syabu

POOR TASTE: The 600 lip gloss sticks containing syabu from Doha seized at KLIA

worth RM750,000. "Like the earlier find, detected by Royal Customs Department officers, it took us five hours to detect the tiny packets of syabu inside modified lip gloss sticks, including some in the lip gloss caps," Selangor deputy police chief,

Datuk A. Thaiveegan told a Press conference at the state police headquarters in Shah Alam yesterday. "We believe the suspects in both cases are from the same syndicate in Doha, using Nigerians as mules. As in the earlier case, the woman

claimed the lip gloss cartons were gifts for friends." Thaiveegan said initial investigations showed it was the first time the woman came to Malaysia. In the case of the student, he has been in Malaysia for a year and a half, pursuing information technology at a private college here. In his case, Customs took eight hours to uncover this sophisticated new ploy which required the syndicate to pack the sealed bags of syabu in the lip gloss sticks in a factory-type setting using proper machinery. The woman has been remanded until Thursday and is being investigated under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drug Act 1952 which carries a mandatory death sentence upon conviction — the same section as for the student.


Drugs in sweets cans and breath-mint canisters PATRONS at a nightclub in Wisma YCL at Taman Sungai Besi apparently have a different kind of "sweet tooth" as drugs were found in sweets tins and breath-mint canisters. This was uncovered during a police raid there last Saturday night when a haul of 202.21 grammes of drugs, including 260 Eramin 5 pills and 427 ecstasy pills, worth RM20,880 were seized. Four local men and a woman were arrested in two rooms at the nightclub on suspicion of being drug pushers who went from table-to-table peddling drugs to the mainly young crowd. "We believe the suspects moved from one nightclub to another in search of customers," said Cheras police chief ACP Mohan Singh yesterday. The woman was found with

ON DISPLAY: Mohan and his raiding team showing the assortment of illegal items seized

eight ecstasy pills in her hands. Also seized were RM10,626 in cash and six handphones. The five suspects, aged 17

to 51, tested positive for drug use and have been remanded until Friday to facilitate investigations under Section 39B

of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 which carries a mandatory death sentence upon conviction.

STASHED: The messy placement of clothes that gave away the drugs hidden inside

Syabu smuggling — the old school way

HALF a million ringgit worth of syabu in a simple luggage bag — that was the jackpot police struck following a check on a passenger at the KL International Airport recently. The drugs, weighing 2kg, were discovered in a modified compartment of a female Nigerian student's travel bag. Selangor deputy police chief Datuk A. Thaiveegan said the suspect, 23, arrived from Dubai. As she approached the arrival hall, police found the woman behaving suspiciously. "She stayed calm but at the same time she tried to evade police inspection," he said. Police approached her and asked her to open her luggage. As expected, their initial checks proved negative as they did not find anything inside the bag. "However, the way clothes

placed inside was messy. That prompted police to check behind the luggage where they found a package hidden inside a secret modified compartment," said Thaiveegan. Upon opening the tightly-wrapped package, police found a sizeable amount of syabu worth a street value of RM500,000. "The woman, in Malaysia for the first time, claimed to be studying at a private college." She has been remanded until Saturday. Thaiveegan said f rom Januar y until August, a total of 601 foreigners were arrested for 419 drug-related offences. "The majority of them are drug mules from West African syndicates, particularly Nigeria. From statistics, more than RM30 million worth of drugs were seized."



We see Malaysia as a success story, from which many countries could study and learn — Former security adviser to US President Barack Obama, Jeffrey Bader KLANG

The Malay Mail Tuesday 27 september, 2011

Authority to select Ministry circular: Principal has the power to appoint head prefect

Ministry verifying kidney trade allegation THE Health Ministry will be liaising with the Federal police to verity a kidney trade allegation made by a Bangladesh authority recently. Health director-general Datuk Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman (pic) told Bernama the ministry was taking the matter seriously. As a member of the World Health Organisation and signatory to the Declaration of Istanbul on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism, Malaysia is committed to ensuring illegal organ trade did not occur in the country, said Dr Hasan. He said kidney transplantation in Malaysia was currently performed specifically at Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Selayang Hospital, University Malaya Medical Centre and a few private hospitals in the Klang Valley and added it seemed far-fetched for such an illegal activity, especially involving foreigners, to have been conducted in any of the said hospitals. "However, if there is evidence, the ministry will take serious action against them."

AN Education Ministry circular released last year gives the headmaster or principal the authority to appoint a school head prefect, like on a silver platter. This came to light yesterday as The Malay Mail tried to get responses from Klang High School headmistress Huzaimah Bahari and the Education Ministry about a "revolt" by 16 prefects over what the latter claim was the unmerited appointment of new prefects, including the head prefect. The circular, dated Feb


12, 2010 and signed by then Education Ministry directorgeneral Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom, was in response to the practice of some schools which chose its head prefects through elections. "The post-Cabinet meeting which was chaired by the Education Minister had on Feb 19, 2010 decided that the practice of holding student elections for head prefects be stopped. "The Ministry feels that

holding such elections is unsuitable for schoolchildren. Hence, principals and headmasters are given the power to appoint head prefects," the circular added. Yesterday, The Paper That Cares front-paged the resignation of the 16 Klang High School prefects over what they claim was a breach of protocol and bias in the appointment of new prefects. The appointment of a

newly-appointed Form Four prefect as head boy and other newbies for deputy head prefect and assistant secretary, triggered the group of senior prefects to step down on Sept 19 — just before the appointment ceremony. Parents of these students claim favouritism and breach of procedures in the appointment of new prefects as unlike their predecessors, they did not undergo a 14-day probationary period. The school has a total of 64 prefects. Meanwhile, Deputy

Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said a report on the issue had already been done. "After being alerted by The Malay Mail, I immediately got my officers to probe the allegations. "They submitted a preliminary report which I'll be looking at for further action," said Wee, when contacted yesterday. He said the issue does give rise to concerns but said he would refrain from commenting until he read the report and made his own inquiries.

Parents rebuked for involving the Press PARENTS should take up the matter with the school if they want the issue of unmerited appointment of prefects in Klang High School to be resolved. A clerk at the office of headmistress Huzaimah Bahari told The Malay Mail, which visited the school again yesterday to get Huzaimah's side of the story, said parents should not involve the media.

"This is an internal issue which involves the parents and their children studying in the school. "If they have complaints or are unhappy with the present situation, they should bring the issue to the headmistress. "They should not go to the media as you all are third parties in this matter," said the clerk who removed her name-tag and refused to give

her name. However, she said this message can be regarded as the "official statement" of Huzaimah. Further attempts to enter the office of the headmistress was stopped by several teachers who said that Press could not see the headmistress without an appointment, and was ushered out. Just like previous visits to

the school last week, The Malay Mail was again told yesterday the headmistress was “very busy”. The same clerk claimed she was away in Putrajaya to attend an important meeting. The school's senior assistant (student affairs) Sahrudin Kasman, who was met again yesterday, declined to comment, saying the matter must

be referred to the headmistress. Klang High School Parent Teacher Association chairman Dr Desmond Lee said a meeting scheduled with Huzaimah yesterday was postponed to today. "I have contacted the office of the headmistress for an appointment. "We must discuss this issue and find a solution," he said.

TWITTER YOUR S@Y Tweets to The Malay Mail about the school prefects problem MatUMNO Mat UMNO: HM needs 2 go! Keep the tradition! jasonbhlee Jason Lee: Yup... our kids no more taking everything fed to them!

SamZzNg SamZz NG: Am an alumni. Not surprised this happened. The ones put up there without going thru' probationary period expect things to be served to them.

KerrySin Dato' Kerry Sin: Sad day for old boys like me, and many, many more. Problem lies with the governance of school. Sets a very bad example with disregard for tradition 'n process.

tristupe stupe: So young yet politics already? Drama lah. On another note, maybe "who" the parents are to the school played a part? I've seen it happen.

ariefsaid Arief: Invites bad influence... such cases PTA can play their role.

hwabeng Lee Hwa Beng Openness has reached schools. All beware!

Farewell for Zecha (From left) TBWA-ISC founding president and chief executive officer Austen Zecha, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry and former ISC chairman Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, ISC present chairman Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz and Mukhriz's wife Datin

Norzietah Zakaria pose at Zecha's farewell party in Damansara, KL, last night. Zecha has left TBWA-ISC after 40 years in the advertising industry. However, he is far from retired as he is taking ISC back from TBWA and the ad agency will reopen for business next month.

Zecha was in the news over his allegations of questionable tender processes in the Tourism Ministry, prompting its minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen to sue him for defamation. The suit was withdrawn two weeks ago when Zecha apologised to Ng.


the malay mail





Housing and Local Government Ministry will table motion to amend Housing Development Act in December to tackle issue of abandoned housing projects — Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung

The Malay Mail Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011

Takaful's RM112,000 zakat for needy homes

SYARIKAT Takaful Malaysia Berhad (Takaful Malaysia) recently extended zakat cont r ibut ions amount ing to RM112,000 to the less fortunate at the company’s Hari Raya celebrations at its Dataran Kewangan Darul Takaful head office at Jalan Sultan Sulaiman. The cheques were presented

by the company's group managing director Datuk Mohamed Hassan Kamil to representatives from 13 societies and care centres. The recipients were Rumah Amal Nur El Amin, Rumah Amal S emarak Kasih Al Hashimi and Wisma Amal Budi Bestari which each received RM20,000, Pus at Jagaan

Lambaian Kasih (RM15,000), Persatuan Kebajikan Rumah Perlindungan Teratak Nur Insan (RM10,000). Eight other homes received donations of from RM2,000 to RM5,000 each. Mohamed Hassan said: “In celebrating the Muslim month of Syawal, Takaful Malaysia always remembers the less fortunate. With this in mind,

Takaful Malaysia is happy to extend this contribution to foster humanitarian values. This is also in line with our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, namely, Takaful myJalinan. It is our hope that this contribution will help minimise their burden and help the respective societies achieve their objectives.”


Name change woes

S e vera l repres ent at ives expressed gratitude for the contributions which will help provide education for the underprivileged. Under the Takaful myJalinan programme, the two subbrands introduced to represent categories of CSR activities were Takaful myJalinan Kasih and Takaful myJalinan Ilmu.

Takaful myJalinan Kasih provides monetary assistance to the needy, including orphans, single mothers and other underprivileged groups. Takaful myJalinan Ilmu complements the work of school teachers by helping students excel in their studies with emphasis on improving English proficiency.


National Art Gallery's new description deflects historical roots

THE National Art Gallery was against renaming the 53-yearold art centre after Parliament passed the National Visual Arts Development Board Act 2011. Its chairman Datuk Mohd Rozali Isohak, said the name 'National Art Gallery' carries historical value as the name has remained so since its inception on Aug 27, 1958. The gallery had been renamed 'National Visual Arts Gallery' after the new Act replaced the National Art Gallery Act 1959 in August. Mohd Rozali explained the term "Balai Seni Lukis" or National Art Gallery was changed because the word lukis was no longer applicable. "We wanted it to remain "Balai Seni Lukis" but when we brought the issue to the Information, Communication and Culture Ministry, we were told the term seni lukis was restricted and limited to paintings. So if we continued to use "Balai Seni Lukis" then the scope would be limited," he told The Malay Mail. Mohd R oz a l i s ai d t he Education Ministry had clari-


ART SHOW: UITM Fine Art student Mohd Haafi Shahimi, demonstrates how he body paints by performing 'Silat'

fied the word "visual" would better encompass various platforms of art including multimedia and sculpture, among others. "The Education Ministry had begun using the word 'visual' so we followed them. They also brought the issue to the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and the latter agreed with the word. They are the authorities on Bahasa Malaysia so we did not want to

fight them. "We actually like seni lukis to be there but because the word 'visual' reflects current times, we followed their advice. We followed them even though in our hearts, we really did not like it," he said. Mohd Rozali said the gallery's renaming would not cost much, only some RM300,000, as it would not involve a logo change but only seni lukis to 'visual'.

Yesterday, Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim launched the National Visual Arts Development Board Act 2011 at National Visual Arts Gallery and said it would help the country strive in the art world. "Back then only paintings were recognised as art forms but now photography, sculpture, engraving and multimedia can be included. With the new Act, we are able to set higher standards," said Rais. He also announced a RM1 million Visual Arts Heritage Fund to boost the visual arts industry and encourage youths to develop their art form. Rais added the ministry is currently discussing with Kuala Lumpur City Hall to establish a "Jalan Seni" or Art Alley to allow artists to promote and sell their artwork. "The ministry is studying three options for Jalan Seni; around Jalan Raja Abdullah, along the river banks near the old court building and surrounding areas of Sultan Abdul Samad Building complex.

UGLY: The unsightly pile of rubbish near SKJ (T) Thamboosamy Pillai

School's stagnant water worries

A POOL of stagnant water near the school field at SKJ (T) Thamboosamy Pillai in Sentul has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. "The pool lies outside the school's compound and while cleaning an area near the school wall recently, our gardener noticed part of the wall was damp. On closer inspection, he saw that it was caused by water that had seeped from the pool of stagnant water," the school's headmistress, A.S. Vanaja told The Malay Mail. "The water comes from nearby squatter houses and there is also a huge pile of rubbish nearby, causing an unbearable stench. On top of that, there's a tree outside the wall, with overgrown branches hanging over the school com-

pound." Vanaja said the school lodged a complaint with Kuala Lumpur City Hall. "They came here and conducted a fogging exercise but nothing was done about the pool of stagnant water, the rubbish or the tree," she said, adding she sought the assistance of Federal Territories and Urban Well-being Deputy Minister, Datuk M. Saravanan. On a working visit to the school yesterday, Saravanan agreed the surroundings looked like a slum. "We will undertake a cleanup exercise after City Hall checks the land status," he said. Saravanan urged business and land owners in the area to keep their places clean.


Applicants outnumber available people's housing units

VACANT People's Housing Project (PPR) units in Kuala Lumpur number less than two thousand, while the number of applicants on the waiting list is 10 times that, at a staggering 20,000. These figures pose a massive challenge to Kuala Lumpur City Hall and the Federal Territories and Urban Well-being (FTUW) ministry's efforts to relocate squatters into public housing. FTUW Deputy Minister Datuk M. Saravanan said yesterday, vacant units are only

By T.K. Letchumy Tamboo

available at PPR Muhibbah in Puchong. "We are in the process of developing a number of areas to make KL more conducive for citizens. As the demand for PPR houses is higher than what we can offer, City Hall is facing difficulty allocating such units to every applicant. However, priority will be given to squatters affected by development, especially squatters on govern-

ment land," he said. Saravanan said squatters on private-owned land are the responsibility of the land owners. "Those land owners are responsible for solving squatter housing issues in their areas. On our part, we will temporarily relocate squatters to long houses or readily available PPR units." The issue of a limited num-

ber of available PPR units arose after a front-page report in a local Tamil daily which cited a 60-year-old woman who was unhappy although offered a PPR unit at PPR Muhibbah. Saravanan said the woman wanted a house at PPR Seri Alam instead and threatened to commit suicide if her wish was not fulfilled. "Do not ever threaten the government in such a manner as we won't oblige. Imagine if we gave in to this woman's demands, more people would

do the same to get their way," he said. Saravanan stressed City Hall can make an exception in special cases. "For example, if a resident's legs have been amputated due to diabetes and he seeks a lower level unit, we can accommodate this depending on availability of units or at the discretion of the minister. This could also be discussed at City Hall's branch offices every Thursday." In July, The Malay Mail reported that out of 52,914

families renting PPR units, 41,029 were defaulters but only 20 per cent could be catergorised as hardcore poor. City Hall's housing management director Sukiman Surahman said earlier the council had identified 2,000 PPR units in the hands of the hardcore poor as of April and there were plans to group these families for transfer into one separate PPR area. Such a move would make it easier for the government to monitor this group.

The Malay Mail Tuesday 27 september, 2011


A SEX syndicate is offering prostitutes at lunch time to busy individuals through SMS purportedly selling food items — Guang Ming Daily



The 'force' be with them Elite stormtroopers form guard of honour at couple's wedding

THE groom was dressed in black as Luke Skywalker complete with lightsaber, and the bride in white as Luke's wife Mara Jade, at their wedding reception at Shah Alam City Hall's banquet hall last Sunday. They were greeted by a guard of honour comprising Darth Vader and five members of the 501st Legion of stormtroopers. Such was the Star Warsthemed nuptials of freelance graphic designers Azfar Muhamad, 28, and Nur Sharifah Azlin Hasmi, 25, after having solemnised their marriage earlier this month at Nur Sharifah's hometown in Kota Baru. "I have been a fan of George Lucas' Star Wars since age six and during a family trip to Disneyland, California, I asked my father to buy me a Darth Vader mask," said Azfar, adding in return, his father challenged him to ride the scary Space


Mountain roller coaster, which he bravely did. "Of course, I have seen the six Star Wars movies many times and I also collect toy figurines of Star Wars characters, both the heroes and the villains." In May this year when he and Nur Sharifah decided to tie the knot, Azfar proposed the Star Wars-themed wedding. "My parents were taken aback at first but they soon agreed as they knew of my fondness for the Star Wars phenomenon," said Azhar who resides in Shah Alam. "The idea came to me because I plan to be a member of the Malaysia-Brunei 'outpost' of the Star Wars' 501st Legion which has chapters all over the world." Nur Sharifah, whose nick-

name is Olin, said: "My first reaction was 'idea gila' (crazy idea), but after Azfar explained the concept to me, I was sold and got excited too. He told me in Star Wars lore, the hero Luke Skywalker would eventually marry a fellow Jedi master named Mara Jade, so here I am as Mara Jade Skywalker." The 501st Legion, which is Darth Vader's elite corps of stormtroopers, also known as Vader's Fist, inspired fans to voluntarily initiate in 1997, a similarly-named organisation described as "the world's definitive imperial costuming organisation" in which members get their kicks dressing up as Star Wars characters. "I emailed the 501st Legion headquarters in the United States to let them know of my interest in having a Star Wars-themed wedding and they referred me to the Malaysia-Brunei chapter

for assistance," said Azfar who, with Nur Sharifah, did their own wedding planning. Malaysia-Brunei outpost 501st Legion 'commanding officer' Zulkarnain P.S. Muhammad said: "Upon being alerted by our US headquarters of Azfar's interest, we swung into action and six of our members agreed to dress up as Star Wars characters for a guard of honour." So, on Sunday, 'welcoming' Azfar and Nur Sharifah were local 501st Legion members attired as the black-cloaked Darth Vader, two red-robed Imperial Officers, two whitearmoured stormtroopers and one jump-suited All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) fighter pilot. Azfar and Nur Sharifah then jointly sliced their wedding cake with a lightsaber. Even the cake was shaped like an AT-AT Snowwalker!

UNIQUE: Azfar and Nur Sharifah cut their AT-AT Snowwalker cake with a lightsaber —­ Kudegraphy photo


The Malay Mail Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011

tel:03-7495 1000/1001/1002 tel:019-261 4948 (after 9pm)

your right to be heard ● ● ● ●

Complainants have to submit their personal particulars and provide a detailed account of their complaint. Complainants have to first file their complaints with the respective parties before contacting Hotline. Complaints referred by Hotline to the relevant parties would be published if there is no response in seven days. After a complaint has been resolved, the complainant cannot demand non-publication of the matter.


Where’s the action?

Council claims cars being towed or issued summonses but duo say no sign of officers K.L. LEE and K. SHANMUGAM want to know when the Petaling Jaya City Council will take strict action against those found parking illegally along Jalan SS 21/35 in Damansara Uptown. LEE says cars park along the yellow lines daily although there are 'No Parking' and 'Tow Away Zone' signs. He feels parking boxes still visible on the road add to the confusion among motorists. “These parking boxes had been painted over with black paint but the paint has come off,” he says. LEE says he lodged a complaint with the council on Aug 24 but no action has been taken. He says he was assured by the engineering department the matter will be forwarded

to the enforcement department and was promised swift action will be taken. “I received a reply two days later saying the issue was resolved. However, no explanation was given as to how it was was resolved.” He says he has yet to come across any enforcement officers being stationed along Jalan SS 21/35 nor has he spotted any cars that have been issued summonses. "People are still doubleparking. In fact, the situation is getting worse, especially opposite the bank facing the Damansara police station.'' LEE says that because of the indiscriminate parking, other vehicles have to drive slowly to avoid scratching any of the parked cars. SHANMUGAM, who echoes LEE’s frustrations,

TIGHT SQUEEZE: Cars parked along the yellow line make it difficult for other vehicles to pass. —Pic: SHARUL HAFIZ ZAM

says he has also lodged a complaint with the council, at about the same time as LEE. "I was assured immediate action would be taken, either

through regular summonses or by towing the cars away but I have yet to come across any tow truck," he says. SHANMUGAM is tired of waiting and wants speedy ac-

tion by the council's enforcement officers. ● THE Petaling Jaya City Council says its enforcement officers are com-

pounding and towing vehicles on a daily basis. "At least five cars are being towed daily, usually around peak hours and sometimes off-peak hours, while we frequently issue on-the-spot summonses," says a spokesman. He acknowledges many refuse to use the parking meters and choose to double-park or park on the yellow line. The spokesman also says cars are not often towed away as the tow centre is located in Kelana Jaya, which is far from Damansara Uptown. When contacted, SHANMUGAM says he hopes the council is sincere in taking action against those who park indiscriminately in Damansara Uptown.

Internet speed slowed down by cable fault CHEW PUI LENG of Petaling Jaya, says she was only informed Streamyx would be experiencing slow Internet speed when she called the Telekom Malaysia (TM) hotline to complain about the speed. She says she had upgraded her Internet speed from 1mpbs to 4mbps in July but found it deteriorated from Aug 1 to 7.

So CHEW called the TM hotline and was greeted by a recorded message which said customers will experience slow connection speed for websites based in the US, Hong Kong and a few other countries. "I had to wait for 20 minutes and hung up in the end as it seemed the TM operators were too busy to pick up my call," she says.

TAKE NOTE 1. Operators are prohibited from dumping solid waste within Kuala Lumpur. City Hall only permits dumping outside the city. 2. The Subang Jaya Municipal Council will not entertain compound appeals if the offence was committed on main roads and if the appeal is made more than 60 days from the compound issue date. 3. The City Hall Traders and Stalls Licence states that every trader is required to first place any liquid or solid waste, that could drip, in a plastic bag before throwing it into a rubbish bin.

CHEW, who pays RM140 monthly for the service, says customers should have been informed either by email or public announcement. "Instead, I had to find out after making a call to the TM hotline. It is unfair that customers have to suffer the inconvenience for seven days and yet have to pay the full monthly charge."

● TELEKOM MALAYSIA Berhad (TM) says its consortium partners in the Asia America Gateway (AAG) submarine cable network, which links Malaysia to the United States and North Asia, had detected a fault in the cable. "The consortium members took immediate action to carry out restoration work from Aug 1 to 7. The work might

have affected the customer’s surfing experience when accessing content hosted in the US, Europe and North Asia," says a spokesman. He says TM took proactive steps to minimise service degradation by diverting traffic to other networks. The spokesman says TM had taken steps to inform customers of the possible outage

by posting announcements online via its website, interactive voice recording (IVR) and via updates on TM's Twitter account. He also says repair work on the AAG has been completed and Internet services are back to normal. When contacted, CHEW confirms her Streamyx connection speed has improved.

Online comments River remains clogged (Sept 22) ● GO and see the rivers in Japan, Australia, UK and the rest of Europe, where competent and civilised humans live. — Dr A. Thiru ● DON’T underestimate government servants. Please come over to Sungai Klang log boom section 24 and you will see how much rubbish is inside the river. I see the Drainage and Irrigation Department collecting rubbish at the log boom every month. I believe they are doing

their best for the people. — Kawemee M i s s i n g d r a i n c o ve r s (Sept 23) ● THERE are a number of big potholes caused by underground leakages in Jalan 3, Mont'Kiara. We had to wait two weeks for them to repair the potholes on what is arguably the busiest street in the suburb. The repairs lasted less than an hour before the potholes started showing again -- and that was a week ago. Now I watch the traffic build up for several hundred

metres while cars and buses slow down to avoid the potholes. Soon I will need a 4WD just to get down my own street in what is supposed to be a showcase neighbourhood for the Klang Valley. — Eina No-show by firemen (Sept 26) ● WHAT kind of excuse is that? Come on, don't tell me the 999 dispatcher gave a blank call-out to look out for smoke? That is crazy! Definitely, the system allows for the phone number and perhaps address of the caller

to be automatically flashed as soon as the 999 centre picks up the call or is it not the procedure to get information from callers by the 999 dispatcher? It seems either the 999 emergency service is outdated and failed miserably or the fire department failed in its job that could have resulted in serious consequences. Moreover, the tidak apa attitude in following up after the incident is too serious to ignore. — scubdog ● THE system must be improved. The fire department

has been quite proactive in maintaining fire hydrants and it has gone to great efforts to make the public aware of the hydrants. Maybe it must have a more active roving team to make the drivers more familiar with their areas. Using smoke for guidance is only viable in an open fire situation. — Nawawi ● IF they are nearby, people would be able to hear the siren. This shows that perhaps the firemen were nowhere near the vicinity of the reported incident. — abugaga

The Malay Mail Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011

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PJ: Ambulance in 15 minutes (Sept 23)

Dangerous driving habits prevail

THE other day, I was heading towards the city centre using the road not far away from Templer’s Park in Rawang. Suddenly, I heard the siren of an ambulance from behind. When the ambulance passed by, I noticed it was following very closely behind a car, less than a metre away.

The car, with the left indicator on, was trying frantically to get into the left lane to allow the ambulance to pass. The ambulance was travelling at a very high speed. If the driver of the car were to apply his brakes suddenly and the ambulance driver were to do the same, the drivers would surely

lose control of their vehicles, leading to a nasty accident. True, the ambulance's mission is to ferry the patient to the medical centre or hospital as quickly as possible, and time can make a difference between life and death. But, doing so in such haste is really unnecessary.

The ambulance driver seemed to have failed to realise he was putting the lives of the patient and medical personnel in his ambulance at risk. Accidents involving ambulances in recent days have not seemed to have any effect on these reckless drivers. What the driver should have

KL: Health Ministry to develop standard for swiftlet nest (Aug 5)

KL: Nationhood

MAJOR CONCERN: There is a need to include swiftlets into the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna because of the import of edible bird's nests by consumer countries

and heritage sites for reasons best known. Heritage sites have become a housing boom for birds through the conversion of the heritage buildings for the valued nests. This has brought about irreparable damage as original doors, plasterwood and features are removed, and sprinklers set up to keep the house humid. This causes dampness and rot to the adjacent properties. The increasing dense networks of a swiftlet house could create virtual disease flight paths for

avian flu, threatening both local bird population and humans as well. SAM strongly believes this lucrative business is best suited to areas where the birds naturally feed, over agricultural or forest areas, or in combination with agriculture, in areas of low population. Breeding activities in specifically zoned agricultural areas would address the problem of noise and other nuisance problems caused to residents in urban areas. However, care must be

taken to ensure the progressive shutdown of sections of farms can only take place after the breeding period. Another issue of major concern is an urgent need for the inclusion of swiftlets into the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES), particularly when considering the bulk of edible swiftlet nests transported across international boundaries. Consumer nations will continue to import the nests irrespective of the source. It is imperative that information on illegal trade within the region be encouraged by all means, especially to identify illegal trade routes and the movements of the individuals concerned. It is important to review the legislation for all range states and consumer countries so as to enable all countries in the region to understand and address the issue of illegal trade. Lastly, the authority for administering legislation controlling the harvest and export of edible-nest swiftlet materials should be vested in the wildlife conservation agency due to their considerable amount of knowledge and research pertaining to the management of swiftlets. SM Mohd Idris President, SAM

All Malaysians share common destiny

RACIAL harmony is not only imperative but essential in plural Malaysia. Without it, we will be in much trouble. At the same time, harmony must be enhanced and nurtured all the time. We must also work together to achieve success, prosperity, fair-

ness and justice for everyone in this beloved nation. We can start by living in the spirit of the Rukunegara and upholding the Constitution. Right now, we are very much united than we were a few decades ago. But we can be more, by learning and getting to know how

others work and play. Unity, regardless of race and religion, also needs to be nurtured and reinforced towards the spirit of Bangsa Malaysia. Be patriotic and, at the same time, be civil in how we address and live with one another. Like it or not, we share a common destiny.

his own life and the lives of the patient and others in the ambulance, not to mention other road users. Are all ambulance drivers like that? I was appalled by his driving behaviour and feel he should be grounded. Mohd Faizal Abdullah

KL: Push for Palestine (Sept 13)

More details on Bill needed IN response to the Swiftlet Bill to be tabled next year to regulate the profitable bird’s nest industry, Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) urges the Veterinary Services Department (VSD) to disclose more details of the Bill. The proposed Bill should be open to public debate and consultation. What is important is VSD should involve the farm owners, non-swiftlet farm owners who reside near the swiftlet farms, and members of the council comprising representatives from the government, Maritime, Customs and NGOs at the pre-Bill stage to listen to their feedback. Once all parties involved have reached an understanding and all loopholes plugged, only then should the Bill be tabled in Parliament. The drafting of the new law should be an open and transparent process before any guidelines for swiftlet breeding can be passed. In this case, it is crucial to know whether the proposed Bill will be effective in fixing the problem of illegal operators, especially those who set up swiftlet farms in shophouses. Then, again, many ignorant and errant breeders may not conform to good farming practices to ensure the birds are not subjected to cruelty or abuse and mishandling. Owing to the many public complaints, there is a strong case for the bird nest industry to be shifted out from urban areas

done was to drive a safe distance from the car. At the same time, he could have flashed the high beam to alert the car driver. What happened here was not the lack of defensive driving on the part of the ambulance driver but his driving attitude. He was driving without safety on his mind, thereby risking

Love and trust each other, and let our national unity be a priority. Only by doing so can we really achieve success for this nation. Keep our country united and great. Stay with it no matter in good or bad times. Bulbir Singh

In defence of Palestinian Statehood

I AM writing to express my sincerest sympathy and extreme solidarity to the ardent quest of the Palestinian people requesting the international community of nations through the legal agency of the United Nations to be recognised as an independent State. It is time for the global community to extend their recognition of Palestine as a free and independent State. This is the right thing to do and the international community must do the right thing. The Palestinian question has been with us since the formation of Israel in 1948. Since then, numerous wars have been waged (and they are still being waged as of the moment), countless lives lost (the death list is still counting) and unimaginable destruction has engulfed the whole Middle East region almost every day. Is this what we want? Now that the Palestinian Authority has chosen the path of peace, specifically the international process of achieving their historical objective of Statehood, which I certainly believe is their very right, it is but right and just for the whole world to listen and put into consideration this plea. A few days ago, I completely lost all trust, respect and confidence in US President Barack Obama. I welcomed his winning the presidency in 2008. I thought that by his victory, he would renounce his country’s aggression and imperialism. I was wrong. He was already eaten by the American system. That was why, when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly to speak about the Palestinian question, although he did not utter the word veto, it is clear from his statement the Palestinian people would not get his support for their cause. Before his address to the General Assembly, he made a statement to condemn Syria for its action against its own people and demanded an economic embargo against the country.

I am wondering why it took him six months to finally issue the condemnation. Further, while he condemned Syria for its brutality, he is not condemning the Israeli government for its brutalities being committed against the Palestinian people. Is this a case of selective justice or, perhaps, double standards of the highest order? Other guilty parties in this issue are those so-called “brothers and sister countries” of Palestine. Who are they? They are the socalled Arab nations and Muslim countries. Yes, they are helping Palestine in its struggle. No question about it. So much economic aid has been given and countless humanitarian missions have been sent. However, if I may I ask, how many of these countries and nations have recognised Palestine as an independent State? All they do is condemn Israel’s barbarism and militarism, the US interference and UK inutility. The most substantive and important thing to do is to recognise Palestine as a State and not merely as it is, a mere governing body. My suggestion to the Palestinian leadership is to proceed with their aim for recognition by invoking the collective power of the General Assembly. Though the Palestinians might lose the votes at the Security Council due to some countries there who would exercise their arbitrary power to veto, it is my belief that at the General Assembly, a great majority of the community of nations will unhesitatingly support and vote for the formation and recognition of the Palestinian State. The world must come together now to stand as one in assisting the Palestinian people’s quest for justice. The world, through the General Assembly of the United Nations, must do the right thing. Jose Mario Dolor De Vega



Mum runs over son in driveway TRAGEDY struck a family after a mother ran over her son and pinned her father to the front of her Mornington Peninsula home in Victoria, Australia. The twoyear-old boy and grandfather, 63, were sitting on a bench on the front porch when the woman accidentally accelerated while parking on the front lawn at about 6pm last night, the Herald Sun reported. Paramedic Russell Calley said the boy suffered a large cut to the head and internal injuries. “The two-yearold boy was initially unconscious after the accident. He was treated by paramedics for more than an hour but tragically, died at the scene,” Calley said.

At least 30 people, most of them school students, were killed when a bus crashed on the motorway southeast of Pakistan's capital Islamabad yesterday, police said — AFP LA PAZ

Highway to hell Anger spreads over Bolivia crackdown on protesters

Sarkozy's flower power won Bruni FRENCH President Nicolas Sarkozy bewitched future wife Carla Bruni with his "incredible" knowledge of flowers and the pair now enjoy a "very quiet life", the first lady told BBC World Service. "He knows all the Latin names for flowers,"' Bruni told Newshour radio show presenter Christine Ockrent in an interview to air tomorrow. "I was really impressed. Walking around the garden in the Palais of the Elysee, he was giving me all these details about tulips and roses and I said to myself: 'My God, I must marry this man; he's the president and he knows everything about flowers as well. This is incredible!'."

Enough water for food production THERE is enough fresh water in the world to double food production in the next decades — the problem is its inefficient use, according to a study released yesterday at the World Water Congress meeting in Brazil. "There is clearly sufficient water to sustain food, energy, industrial and environmental needs during the 21st century," read the report, published in a special edition of the journal Water International. The world's most pressing problem is doubling food production to feed a growing population "expected to expand from seven to 9.5 billion people by 2050," the report read. — AFP

Jones won't name baby's daddy ACTRESS January Jones (pic) is adamant on keeping the identity of her child's father a secret. The Mad Men actress has refused to state his name on the infant's birth certificate. Jones gave birth to Xander Dane Jones on Sept 11. On the birth certificate, filed at Los Angeles' County Department of Public Health, the 33-year-old has left a blank space in the section asking for the father's name, reports TMZ.

The Malay Mail Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011

RAGE: A protesters venting his anger in front of riot guards in La Paz yesterday — AFPpic


not believe what was happening." Protesters reacted yesterday by setting barricades ablaze on the airport runway in the town of Rurrenabaque in an attempt to free some 300 marchers, Mayor Yerko Nunez told local media. Defense Minister Cecilia Chacon announced she was resigning in protest over the crackdown. "I do not agree with the intervention in the march and I cannot justify the measure when other alternatives existed," she said in a letter to Morales. The planned road would run through a nature preserve home to some 50,000 natives from three Amazon Indian groups. The government says that it would be too costly to build the highway around the nature preserve. — AFP


Unsafe sex? Poll shows where people do it most THE number of young people having unprotected sex in the West has risen sharply over the past two years, a survey said yesterday, with health professionals concerned the safe sex message is falling on deaf ears. The study by the Parenthood Foundation showed particularly sharp increases among sexually active teenagers in the United States and in European countries such as France who were failing to use contraception with a new partner. In the United States, the percentage rose from 38 per cent in 2009 to 53 per cent now, while France saw an increase from 19 per cent to 40 per cent. The survey to mark World Contraception Day also discovered Thailand is a particular cause for concern because as many of 62 per cent of young Thais have had unprotected sex with a new partner. But the figure was above 50 per cent in countries as diverse as China, South

PROTESTS spread in Bolivia yesterday over a violent crackdown on Indian marchers demonstrating against a highway planned to be built through an Amazon rainforest preserve. A Cabinet minister resigned in protest, students marched in major cities and the Organisation of American States (OAS) weighed sending a monitoring team to look into Sunday's clashes in a major crisis for the leftist government of President Evo Morales. Riot police had fired tear gas to disperse a march on La Paz by Amazon Indians opposed to government plans for the highway. Police rounded up hundreds of marchers and forced them onto buses in an operation that left several people injured. Police surged into the demonstrators' camp with "extreme violence," veteran rights activist Maria Carvajal said. "I could

Korea, Norway and Estonia. The study highlights that across Europe, the AsiaPacific region, Latin America and the United States, the most common reason for not using contraception is a lack of preparedness for sexual activity. It said that worldwide, approximately 41 per cent of the 208 million pregnancies each year are unintended. In countries like Australia, Chile, Colombia, Britain, Indonesia, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Sweden and Turkey, nearly 40 per cent of people have had unprotected sex with a new partner. This figure rises to over 5 0 p e r c e nt i n C h i n a , Estonia, Kenya, Norway and Thailand. Asked why they had had unprotected s ex with a new partner, 15 per cent of respondents across Asia Pacific and 14 per cent in Europe said they did not like contraception.It was funded by German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer. — AFP

West seeking to 'dismember' Syria, says minister WESTERN nations are trying to unleash "total chaos" in Syria that will lead to the break-up of the country, Syria's foreign minister told the UN yesterday. With Europ e and the United States pressing for UN Security Council sanctions against Syria, Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said the protests in which at least 2,700 people have been killed have become a "pretext for

foreign interventions". Giving Syria's speech to the annual UN General Assembly, Muallem said foreign governments sought to undermine the co-existence between Syria's different religious groups. "How can we otherwise explain media provocations, financing and arming religious extremism?" he said. "What purpose could this serve other than total chaos

that would dismember Syria — and consequently adversely affect its neighbours. "By targeting the Syrian economy with sanctions, the United States and European Union jeopardise the interests and the basic daily subsistence needs of the Syrian people," Muallem adding the Syrian people "are determined to reject all forms of foreign intervention". — AFP


Gomez to host MTV Europe Music Awards TEEN actress and singer Selena Gomez (pic) will host this year's MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast on Nov 6, the music channel said yesterday. The 19-year-old, who is dating 17-year-old Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, will aim to find time to tweet and provide commentary for website as well as her regular hosting duties. Gomez follows the likes of Justin Timberlake, Eva

Longoria, Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg in hosting one of pop music's biggest nights outside the United States. Although held in a different European city each year, the MTV EMAs tend to be dominated by US acts. This year, Lady Gaga leads the list of nominations with six, followed by two other US acts — Katy Perry and Bruno Mars. Bieber has been shortlisted in three categories. — Reuters

Tuesday 27 september, 2011

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12 lifestyle

Cooking up a storm Preparations for ‘MasterChef Malaysia’ whet viewing appetite

By CHE'AZ THE promo for the programme has been running on TV for months, and auditions for the right participants concluded a while ago. Really, the appetite for MasterChef Malaysia has been growing and recently, it was announced that the show will begin its run on Oct 22. Before the announcement was made, there were speculations about the three chefs who were supposed to helm the show as the host, the “master” and the judge. Many thought the most obvious choices would be the big names in the culinary world like Chef Wan, Chef Ismail and Chef Zam. Well, none of them was picked although there might be possibilities they would be guests on the show. Instead, five names, said to possess the “package” needed to be the face of MasterChef Malaysia, were announced and they are Mohd Nadzri Redzuawan (Chef Riz), Mohd Johari Edrus (Chef Jo), Zubir Md Zain (Chef Zubir), and Yahaya Hassan (Chef Yahaya). The only female jury selected was Priya Menon (Chef Priya), who was believed to bring about a maternal feel to the competition. Besides hosting the programme, the chosen five will also be the mentor, father, brother and mother figures to the selected 40 participants who were picked from among thousands who came for the audition held at major cities from last April. “The ensemble of popular professional chefs as judges to helm MasterChef Malaysia is renowned for their vast experiences in the culinary world. Their presence will be a positive impact for the show. Participants should take this opportunity to acquire knowledge and techniques from them.

“It is not just about excelling in the show, but participants must also improve their overall cooking skills to a level on par with MasterChef,” Astro Malay Business vice president Khairul Anwar Salleh said. Of the five, Chef Jo is the most senior. He was among the pioneers who made it in the culinary field in Malaysia during his time. Currently the deputy director of food and beverage (F&B) at Tradewinds Corporation Bhd today, he has held many other positions before that. He is also the president of the Malaysia Chef Association, as well as being attached to the department of skills development at the Ministry of Human Resources. Chef Jo has also been involved in the corporate management and planning division at the Ministry of Works.

HERE TO WOK THE TALK: (From left) Chef Priya, Chef Riz, Chef Yahaya, Chef Jo and Chef Zubir will be mentoring, hosting and judging on the show — Pix: SAMSUL SAID

Not only does he have the upperhand when it comes to experience that has spanned at least 37 years, the knowledgeable chef was also one of the panel who chose the participants during the audition and selection process. “We are at least half way through the shooting process now and all I can say is, it is such a joyful experience for me. As one of the pioneers in the Malaysian culinary arts, I can say that we do have a great amount of talent who only need that extra boost and platform to polish their skills in becoming the right representative of MasterChef Malaysia,” Chef Jo said. As for Chef Zubir, who is an executive sous chef at the Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur, he might stand out as the more familiar face among the lot as he has been on several cooking shows on different channels, either as a host or a guest. Chef Zubir also found

recognition as a team captain and coach for Malaysian contestants at the Worldskill Cooking Competition and he was a lecturer for culinary students at University Teknologi Mara (UiTM). Chef Zubir The youngest in the team would be Chef Riz, (yes, he is Chef Wan’s son) and he said, the MasterChef experience would be an “announcement” of sorts that he is not just living in his father’s shadow. Being young in age but mature enough in terms of experience, the youthful chef has spent quite a bit of time abroad by holding a few positions as a sous chef at three-Michelin-star restaurant Le Bernadin in New York, a culinary director at Real Food Corporation Meatworks Steakhouse and also as group executive chef at MXM International, Marcos Italian restaurant, Titanium International Bistro and Thai King Crab Seafood Restaurant. Needless to say, Chef Riz is

rather excited about being part of a huge production that just might elevate Malaysian cuisine another notch. Some might look at Chef Riz as the show’s eye-candy, but worry not, he is more than that. His international credentials prove he is pretty solid. “I am looking forward to work with my fellow professional senior chefs in this programme. My role is not only to teach the contestants but also to guide them as a big brother,” said Chef Riz. Chef Yahaya, who is currently teaching at KDU University College, is also no stranger to the culinary industry as he has been making several appearances in cooking programmes such as,

Kuali and Gempak Chef. Meanwhile, Chef Priya, who is knowledgeable in Asian spices and Indian cooking, is the president of special events at the Malaysia Chef Association. Priya is also an author for several books such as Health Travel Malaysia, Medical Travel Malaysia, Fun With Food, My Kitchen To Yours, Time Permitting a Book of My Poems and Messages of The Soul. She was awarded the 1Malaysia Chef of The Year Award 2010 by the Malaysia Chef Association. Her presence in MasterChef Malaysia is expected to add variety to the show. MasterChef Malaysia is supported by Panasonic as the main sponsor. It’s new range of

products under the ‘Cooking Magic’ line will be used by the participants through out the season.

It's rainin IF you love fine dining, Malaysia is THE place to be this October as the Malaysian International Gourmet Festival 2011 (MIGF 2011) will be held for the whole month of October, from the 1st to the 31st! It will showcase 28 of the country’s best restaurants and you’ll be sure to have your taste buds tantalised as you experience the international standard of cuisine available whipped up by the expertise of the country’s top resident chefs. Don’t think that fine dining is only for the creme de la creme of society as its aim is to make fine dining more affordable, less intimidating and fun. After all, fine dining should be accessible to all and not just for the exclusive few. Throughout the month, you’ll see participating restaurants serve up their



The cooking programme will not only be shown in Malaysia (on Astro Ria - channel 104), but will also get a slot on Star World (channel 711) which will broadcast Kuliah Master (MasterClass) featuring celebrities and celebrity chefs while the other programmes will be aired on Astro Ria. Viewers can watch up to six programmes a week including challenges like Peti Saji Misteri (Mystery Box) and Ujian Ciptarasa (Invention Test) (on Saturdays), Ujian Sajian Pantas (Pressure Test) and Penyingkiran (Elimination Test) (on Sundays). Cabaran Chef Selebriti (Celebrity Chef Challenge) will be on Mondays, while Cabaran Sajian Luar (Outdoor Challenge) will be on Tuesdays), followed by another Penyingkiran (Elimination Test) on Wednesdays. Kuliah Master (Master Class) will be held every Friday. MasterChef Malaysia will debut with episodes of Peti Saji Misteri and Ujian Cipta Rasa on Astro Ria (channel 104) starting Oct 22. Kuliah Master will be on Star World (channel 711) starting Oct 27 and will be also be shown on Astro Ria (channel 104) starting Nov 4.

The Malay Mail Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011


'Love Ballad Prince' sweeps fans off feet HE did it again! Taiwanese “Prince of Love Ballads”, Jeff Chang, once again wowed fans at his Jeff Chang, I Saw Live in Genting 2011 concert, held at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands with his energetic performance throughout the night. “If I were to dance to every song, would you mind at all? Would you think that I would be going overboard with my performance?” Chang teased, and his fans responded with a resounding “NO!” They kept on egging him to show them what he had. And dancing was not all he did... Chang’s shining moment came during the rendition of his ballads, all of which he did perfectly well. However, as grand as the entire setup was, Chang’s concert was also criticised by his detractors. For instance, while the entire music arrangement was top notch, Chang had to constantly refer to the LCD monitors for lyrics. His “embarrassing” moment came when he forgot the lyrics to Hypochondria — which he laughed off. He even had to stop the show and get his entire band to start anew but didn’t seem too bothered with the slip-up. Yup, he definitely took it all

CHANG: Melted hearts in cold Genting

in his stride. “Sorry, I have not been singing this song for quite a while already,” was all he had to say. Still, one had to admit that the concert itself was unique and filled with Chang’s personal interpretation of his music. He was able to engage the audience and brought them to another level. Vocal-wise, the singer obviously had no problem, except for the occasional technical glitch caused by the microphone. The show was divided into five parts, with subsequent segments hotter than the previous sets. The night was kept lively with plenty of interactive sessions where Chang shared quite a bit of his life and work with his fans. The concert also marked the

talented singer’s second visit to Malaysia after last year’s similar sold-out concert which was held at the same venue in Genting

Highlands. Friday night’s performance was fresher in terms of approach and Chang swept his fans off their feet. At the “sharing session”, Chang talked a bit about his new album and gave fans a preview of a new track, Kang Wei. “I think dancing is not my forte and it would be more realistic for me to stick to singing,” he said. “And oh, I just realised there are two oxygen tanks near the stage. Hopefully, I won’t have to use either one of them.” All in all, the “Prince of Love Ballads” truly captured the hearts of his fans with his great personality and his long list of memorable songs. Besides singing in Mandarin, he also belted out a few hits in Cantonese, making the two-anda-half hour show a real treat. — By LOONG WAI TING


ng chefs! HOW TO PLAY Sudoku X is a simple variation of Sudoku with the only difference being the squares in white (which make up the numeral X) need to tally from 1 to 9 along with the remaining coloured squares.

READY TO SERVE: For a gastronomical experience like no other, count on these guys and MIGF

from Renaissance KL hotel, The Emperor from Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel, Imperial Rama and The Olive from Genting Malaysia, Kofuku Japanese Restaurant from Seri Pacific Hotel KL, Lafite from ShangriLa Hotel KL, Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant from Grand

Millennium KL, Mandarin Grill and Lai Po Heen from Mandarin Oriental KL, THE POMELO at the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, The Restaurant from The Club Saujana Resort, Samplings On The Fourteenth from Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL, Senja from The Saujana Hotel KL,

Tatsu Japanese Restaurant from InterContinental KL and West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant from Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. More information about MIGF 2011 can be found at — By KARINA FOO


own individually-crafted festival menus. The special prices are also to encourage diners to taste as many of these fantastic creations as they can. So come and taste this spectacularly scrumptious event as master chefs representing their restaurants and hotels try to out-do each other to create their own special fares for the occasion. Of course, with food, there must be other leisurely affairs, and so each restaurant and hotel will present deals on everything from cigars and wines to accommodation and breakfast packages, with most offering a special gift on arrival and even a birthday cake if it’s your special day during month. The participating restaurants are Bunga Emas and L’Heritage from the Royale Chulan KL, Chalet from Hotel Equatorial KL, Chynna and Iketeru from Hilton KL, Dynasty and Sagano


the malay mail



the malay mail




the malay mail

Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011

Readers can also look out for classified ads ONLINE as early as 9.00a.m at


Houses for sale


Car for sale


Car for sale


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Fashion/health & beauty

CHERAS TAMAN BUKIT ANGGERIK. D/S. 16x35. L/A 1805sf. Corner 2R+1B. Bumi Lot RM 265K ONO. 012-330 7579. Cheong.


Houses wanted

‘0’ DEPOSIT ALL PROTON Models, no license can buy, Less doc can help. 100% loan for gov. & private staff, int from 3.0%, loan fast approval, high trade in. Meet at your place. Free smart tag, touch n go, full fuel, steering lock, tinted. Open everyday.Mr Lim 012-214 0207

MITSUBISHI ALL new models. Fast loan & fast delivery, (Call to believed), Grandis, Pajero, Lancer, ASX, Sport back. Good trade in, Attractive promotion, good deal in town. All models stock available. 24 hrs in call. Oscar Tan 012-388 5897

GOOD PRICES OFFERED for land / houses and Apt in Shah Alam, PJ & KL. Quick sale. Owners TEL / SMS 019-228 6666


Houses to let

AN EXTRA Trade in Value,low d/p,, free tint, f/ tank, Ste. lock, T & Go, Many Gifts. 016-321 4958, 010-539 4958

NISSAN ALL NEW Models Promotion. Full loan. Debit cash RM3k - 10K. 100% ready stock with impuls earo kit. Leader seats, tinted. Guarantee 1 week delivery. High trade in. 24 hrs approval. Door to door service. Call: Junson 016-6666 132


House for sale/to let JLN IPOH Freehold, double sty terrace link hse (near Bank) 4R3B for RM590K negotiable. Call: Ash-012-550-3025

Commercial vehicles for sale


GREAT PROMOTION 1 Malaysia. Proton & Perodua all models full loan. For Gov, Private & New working Graduate. Many stock, low int. Many gifts and easy approval.Myvi 1.5 ready for booking. Call: Sham 0166966 659, Jefri 016-387 5838

Office/office building for sale

BRAND NEW EXECUTIVE Taxis for hire! Complete with meter, gas cylinders etc. Call Mr.Felix: 012-298 0066 / Mr.John: 012-209 0563.

AKS BEAUTY CENTRE Body mssg + scrub (1 1/2 hrs) RM70. Facial + bck mssg (1 1/2 hrs) RM65. Hot stone oil massage (2hrs) RM130. Call:037984 3077 / 016-622 4066 AROMA ASIAN Massage. For outdoor only. With Promotion price. Interested please Call Julie: 016-293 1051

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ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES AGENT Smoker Haven required Private, food/ retail shop & Kiosk. Easy, good income. Low capital. Cash/ Credit card. Interested call: 03-8023 4626 (10am 5pm) KEMENTERIAN KEWANGAN MOF Registration, Bumi status. Call: 03-40434000 / 019-3840000. www. Ready LEARN HOW TO make fast $$$ from your credit cards!! Reply SCC/Name/Age/Location for a 20 min FREE presentation. 100% legal + proven method! T&C apply. Call 013-277 8625


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SPECIALIST IN REPAIR cushion sofa, curtains, car seat & new sofa, in Jalan Kuchai Lama. Tel: 012313 0778 / 03- 7981 1898


SAUNA D’ HOME BEAUTY and Health care. Agent required. 019-735 5295 www.saunaku. com 2011 Great Promotion!

CUSTOMIZE HAIRPIECE / Toupee / Wig - RM1,700 only. More info : www. Call: 0193118916 , 03- 9274 7857

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VIDEO to DVD Conversion. Video filming & Photography Svs. 03-4041 6850 / 6277 4991 / HP 012-235 5190. w w w. s h e e l v i s i o n . c o m

CO FORMATION RM1,400. Work permit, shelf co., rep. of office, MOF, close down, secretarial & audit. Call: 012-696 3631. MUSLIM COMPANY Secretary New & Shelf Co. ROC, MOF Bumi Kem. Kewangan Call: 03-40410000 / 0162860000



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0 A-1 MASSAGE Services (1606620-V) by Female. Outcall only. Private & cosy. Call: +6012-393 0136

A DAILY, WEEKLY, MTLY. RM50-RM300. All types of cars. MPV, Van & 4 x 4. Call: ARI 016683 2111 / BEN 016-901 2276

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PROVEN & TESTED: Over 9,215 people won 4D in a week! Last 2 days for those who want to take the 1 hour 4D Training Prediction Course, to win this week coaching by the Professional Author and Physics Maths Expert at our Training Center at Pusat Kajian Fizik Sains, Sunway. Call: 019329 4728 Mr. Yap or 012-239 2775 Mr. Goh to book now. Get this new 4D Formula book title: Rahsia Menang Lottery 4D Akhirnya Terbongkar. Click to see UNLEASH THE MUSIC INSIDE YOU. Classes for-guitars, drums, saxophones, keyboards, Piano, violin.Call 03- 7873 6388.

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Office to let INSPIRA D/p 0, 9 yrs RM850. Saga d/p 0 9yrs RM398 Pesona , d/p 0 9 yrs RM498 Exora , d/p 0. 9 yrs RM 638 . Goverment loan 140%.Government black list can apply. High Trade in accpt. Road tax free 2 years. face book: rejalfaaisproton 013-679 9967

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TMN SETIAWANGSA KL available office space 1st flr. rental RM700 per month. F/f. & free parking, available immediately. Call: Baharin 019-279 2060


Business opportunities

BLUE ROSE AROMAS 24A, Lrg Ara Kiri 2, Lucky Gdn Bangsar.Therapist local Indian g i r l s . P r i v a t e & c o s y. 1 1 a m 11pm. Ms Meera 0320945542/ 016-2056003

Fashion/health & beauty One South Street Mall office suites: Promotion Hari Malaysia ~16-18 September 2011 ~10am - 6pm ~Buyer get buyer cash voucher ~Buyer special rebate ~Please visit our show unit ~serve with light refreshment. Tel: 03-8945 8878 (Hp) 0129536189 / 016-7783386. AYG Property Solutions E(3) 1168

REPAIR ON THE SPOT., Air cond, fridge, water heater, & w/machine. 24hrs & 7 days operation. Call: Syed 017-388 3154


M434 AROMA MASSAGE RM39 at Serdang, Judy, Alice, Jenny, Ari, Mira,Jean. 012-678 0220/ 012-3281 449 Batavia /Darlina Beauty House.

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CENTURY ROLLER SHUTTER specialist. Installation, service & repairing all kind of door roller shutter. Call Lee 012-649 9238

Home repairs/maintenance

Properties for sale TASMANIAN (Australia) property for sale at very competitive prices. Ring Freddie Forstner on +61409886698 or E mail magyar@trump. or visit www.

Home services/renovations


TRADE-IN VALUE. ENJOY brand new 5-seater SUV (manual), 7-seater MPV (auto), 14-seater VAN (manual) with 100,000km / 3 year warranty. Lowest d/p. Good Interest rates. Call James 019-281 1163



AAAAA QUEENS SPA Male and female masseurs, out call service available. Private & Cosy. Call: 03-9057 1336/ 016-646 9891

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Services ACCOUNTS, AUDIT ,TAX, Secretarial, MOF & Register co..Door steps service. Lembah Klang.03-5511 5922 / 03-4107 8457 Sainy. Visit


Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011 M398


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Articles for sale

DRYER FOR CLOTHING’S. Easy, fast and effective. RM390. For happy family. Interested call: 019-7355 295









ACCOUNTS ASSISTANT required by authorised Honda dealer in Subang Jaya (near Goodyear Court). Min SPM/ above. Computer literate. To assist exec in accounting & admin functions. Able to start immediately is an advantage. Chinese female preferred. E-mail to stbt@ or contact Mr. Steven 03-56358988.

ADMIN EXEC, CLERK. Min SPM / Diploma, With or no exp, Willing to learn, honest, hardworking, SALES EXEC. Own transport, service dealers. Positive attitude, work independently. Speak/ write English, located: Bdr Sri Dâ ™sara Tel:03-6272 9316 /

ADMIN/ GENERAL Clerk Wanted. SPM or equivalent Age < 25yrs. Malaysian Citizens. Fluent in English & BM. Salary + Allowance +RM1200++. Despatch, Minimum SPM, Possesses driving license, motorcycle & hand phone . Interested? Call: 016-308 4747

TOMAZSHOES! Leather Shoes! RM69 - RM89! High Quality and Comfortable! Come to USJ9 Mall, Puchong 017-707 8383


Articles wanted

BUY / SELL / PAWN Note book, hand phone new/ old 70% digital camera.0342517755 / 012-3388688 Peter. 208 Plaza Ampang City, KL

Full color, 260gsm, art card with matt. Lamination. Other printing services are also available. Call Mr. Rahman H/P 016-3275477 or email / a d c l a s s i c 6 5 @ ya h o o. c o m


Jobs A ESTABLISHED INTERNATIONAL Newspaper /Magazines distribution company wants a DESPATCH RIDER , with motorcycle license , preferably staying around Putra Jaya area . To deliver newspaper/ magazines to Putra Jaya area . Working hours from 0600 to 1400. Salary negotiable. If interested please come personally to the following address: NEWSPAPER & MAGAZINE SERVICES (M) SDN BHD. 16 JALAN SM 10, TAMAN SRI MANJA OFF JALAN KLANG LAMA. 46000 PETALING JAYA TEL: 7783 7797 / 7783 0895 / 96 - Puan ROSE.

ADMIN/ RECEPTIONIST in Bdr Tun Razak, Cheras KL. Candidates must posses SPM @ at least 1 year working experience. Female - able to speak English is added advantage. Hardworking, honest, initiative. Interested candidates please call: 03-9173 7822 or Fax to 03-9173 2366 An established Company at Jalan Ipoh seeks LORRY DRIVER Requirements:Familiar with Klang Valley. With experience at least 1 year. Capable to carry heavy goods. Willing to work long hours. Interested candidates kindly call 03-6257 7860

ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANTS needed. Candidate must posses a Degree in Accounting, at least 3 years working experience. Mandarin & English spoken. Chinese lady preferred. Please write in to us either by mail, fax or e-mail detailed resume together with a recent photograph to Prima Interchem Sdn Bhd. No. 4, Jalan Sungai Kayu Ara 32/38, Taman Berjaya Industrial Park, Seksyen 32, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor. Tel: 03-5740 6060 Fax: 035740 6050 Email: katherine@ BRANCH MANAGER / Sales & Marketing Exec. Selling International & local Project, gd income.Fresh graduates. Based in Kajang, KL, PJ & USJ Tel: 77276121 usj@or

BUS DRIVERS WITH E License & Van Drivers (male/female) needed for international school based in KL. Call: 03-4044 8081 / 012-234 8081 (10am-5pm) C&S consulting engineers looking for junior drafts person. Contact 012-3236682

ACCOUNT/AR CLERK & Personal Driver. Interested candidates please call Mrs Yap H/P 012-3900 738/ 016-3230 738

CELCOM PROMOTER urgently needed. Basic salary + comm. (RM 2k-4k) Training provided. School leaver are encourage to apply. Opportunity to get a higher post. Mr.Jimmy Lim (HP) 013-399 9388

CRAFT BAKERS, AN European style community bakery for organic breads & sandwiches located at Solaris Dutamas urgently requires 2 cafe staff to prepare & serve sanwiches & coffee. Training will be provided for sandwich & food preparation & barista skills. Previous experience will be an advantage. Working hour btwn 9am & 5pm. Hourly rate between RM7 to RM9 depending on experience & performance. Must be able to speak English. School leavers are encouraged to apply if you would like to learn & develop skills in bakery industry. Contact Gandhi at: 012-290 054 / Email to






QC with Forman experience/ Salesman related to car insurance / morning & night shift telephone operator positions available. Possess relevant qualification & experiences in automotive industry. Must have own transport ( preferably live in close proximity. Immediate vacancy. Office location at Jalan Kapar, Klang. Pls call Bob @ 012-393 9389 or Ah Soon @ 012-393 9398

CREDIT RECOVERY OFFICERS wanted at Klana Jaya. School leavers or fresh graduate or retires encourage to apply. Interested call: 016-207 0228 Lee, 012-296 0625 John DOCTOR WANTED in Shah Alam. Full/Part time. 5 day week. Salary 8-10k. Email resume shihchoon@ or call 012-229 3395

RUNNERS WANTED IMMEDIATELY. Attractive Commission. Possess own motorbike. Call: 032694 9901 / 2693 4142

IMMEDIATE VACANIES FOR Credi recovery Officers / Field visit Officer & despatch. Age below 37. Min SPM. Male / female. Indoor / outdoor. With / Without experience. Urgently required in Tmn Shamelin, Cheras. Good basic salary + high commission. Please call Ms.Yatie 03-9285 0500.


PRECISION MACHINIST/ TOOL & DIE MAKERS needed. Min. 3 yrs exp. in High Precision Steel or Carbide Grinding, CNC Milling/Wire-Cut, EDM for Semicon tooling spares fabrication. Preferred Malaysian or foreigners with work permits may apply. Call 03-5636 8122 or send resume at roswati@ or

RECOVERY OFFICERS Supervisors/ Managers/ Clerical needed. Attractive basic salary, commission and performance bonus provided. Loc: near the Pudu LRT station. (walking distance) Call: 03-9195 5551 @ 5552 or E-mail

DRIVER: 3-4 Yrs experience with good road knowledge, interested. TECHNICIAN IT: Min SPM, Exp IT / Electronic, valid driving license. ENGINEER IT: Dip IT / Electronic, 2 Yrs. Exp, HW, SW. Contact: 03-5513 1114 /

the malay mail

SALES DEVELOPMENT Executive/ Van Salesman / Lorry Driver & Lorry Attendant needed with or without exp. Call 03-8062 2007 SECURITY ELITE GUARDS CISCO Urgently needed at 5 Star Hotel in KL, Ex Uniformed personnel’s are encouraged. Salary RM 1800.00+++. EPF, SOCSO, medical, insurance, meals and hostel provided. Contact: Chandran 012-376 0640, Jeya 016-222 3213, Jefri 019-348 4646, Office 03-2282 7055, 2282 7044 Superb Wealth Management an outsource representing Hong Leong Bank Berhad, based in Damansara Uptown have immediate vacancies for mortgage loan executives. Basic Salary + Commission. Contact 012-699 5051 or send your resume and application to

LORRY DRIVER WANTED. 5 1/2 week days. Able to work under pressure & long hours. Chinese/Malay/Indian welcomed. Call: 03-7845 4476 MEMBERSHIP CONSULTANT (Basic+Comm+Free gym m’ship) Good communication skills, sales experience is an advantage, training provided. High commission. CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICER (Basic+Incentive+Free gym m’ship) Experience in handling customers, pleasant and friendly.Both positions are based in Sri Petaling. Start immediately. Call Ms Adeline 012-609 9969 / Ms Lily 012366 5998 for an interview.

OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR with experience urgently required at PJ (beside PJ Hilton) preferably Malay lady. PC literate, English speaking, 5 days week, training given. Call Norsiah: 03-7958 3006.

ONLINE EDUCATION BUSINESS. We are looking for business partners to expand our market share. The only e-learning portal endorsed by the Ministry of Education. Huge market potential (Std 1 to Form 5). Pioneer & leader in e-learning. Low start-up capital. High income return. SMS your particulars <NAME> SPACE <AGE> SPACE <OCCUPATION> SPACE <AREA> to 012-3776739

VACANCY AT a Spare Parts Company 1) Lorry Driver 2) Motor Driver 3) General Worker Salary is negotiable. Staff refreshment is included. Company is opposite of Petronas Segambut. Please call: Michelle 016-975 3681 / 03-6259 9666 Vacancy. 1) Store Hand. Prefer stay in Klang area & with motorbike license. 2) Technician / Sales Executive. Prefer with electrical background & with car license. Training provided. Please contact 033324 3362 or 03-3324 5111 email: Well established, fast growing kindergarten at Sek.4 Kota Damansara P.J. seeks Montessori/equivalent teachers. 5 days work, top-of-the-market benefits, excellent environment, training provided. Optional full-day work opportunities available. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. Contact 012-200 2862 or send your resume to

03-7495 1273




the malay mail











Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011 M580






03-7495 1273


Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011 M580










the malay mail M580







To advertise : Call 03-7495 1273



The gold medal target of the Malaysian contingent to the Sea Games will only be known early next month as the host country has not finalised the final events — Bernama


Kuala Lumpur: Football/ Malaysia Cup

Derby day!

KL aim to spoil revitalised Selangor's party IT is the final match of the group stage and KL coach Razip Ismail (pic) will not be taking it lightly. The much anticipated derby between Selangor and KL scheduled at the Shah Alam Stadium tonight (8.45pm) will determine which of the two teams will make it to the quarterfinals. Both teams settled for a goalless draw in their f i r s t e n c o u nt e r o f t h e Malaysia Cup at the Selayang Stadium. KL now need to secure a point while it is a do-or-die mission for Selangor. They need all three points tonight or their mission of capturing their 33rd Malaysia Cup title will fizzle.

By Haresh Deol

T-Team lead Group D with 10 points while KL trail behind a point shy. Selangor are third with seven points. "We only need to draw to make it through but it is not going to be as easy as that," admitted Razip. "Every point is important to us at this juncture. We have to focus on our game and ensure we achieve the end objective and qualify for the quarterfinals." Selangor, however, are raring for a change of fortune. With the sudden resignation of K. Devan last week, P. Maniam’s touch has resulted in Selangor earning a morale boosting 4-1 win


Boost for State BAs

THE BA of Malaysia (BAM) insist their programme of funding grassroots is merely to compliment the "Pelapis" programme conducted by the National Sports Council (NSC). BAM development committee chairman David Wee Toh Kiong explained the money channeled to the State BAs is merely to facilitate the running of the programme to ensure more people will be involved in the sport. "We are in no way challenging the 'Pelapis' programme. We are working together with it and hope the additional funding will assist the States to run their respective programmes," said David. David added the response from the State BAs was "promising" and now hoped the respective parties work together for a common goal. A grant amounting to RM1,643,600 was allocated to the 13 State BAs. The funds will be used to finance a full time coach under the payroll of BAM, the participation of junior and national tournaments, organising two State age-group tournaments, courses for technical officers and other expenses including rental of courts and purchase of shuttlecocks. The amount was revealed during a two-day State development programme seminar which started on Friday at Bukit Kiara. Some State BAs are forced to rent courts as they do not

own a training hall. NSC, meanwhile, allocates some grants for State BAs to buy shuttlecocks but the money is usually channeled at the end of the year. "There will be strict monitoring of the money channeled to the State BAs as we want them to use the money for the right reasons. "We have requests by certain State BAs claiming they lack training equipment, especially for their elite players. We cannot accommodate such requests for now but what we do hope is to help them get the fundamentals in order." The seminar also saw several decisions made including BAM assisting State BAs in hiring foreign coaches especially from Indonesia and China. Other decisions going the way of the State BAs will see their coaches being given opportunities for attachment programmes at the national training centre as well as a BAM-formulated training module to standardise training programmes. David did not discount the possibility of an increase of allocation for the following year. The money is part of a sponsorship deal between the national body and banking giants Maybank. "We, the States, will get the money by November. As Maybank has pledged more money for the coming years, we hope more allocation will be made for development," he added.

over bottom side Police on Saturday. Amri Yahyah and Safiq Rahim were among the goal scorers for the match and they are expected to be on the rampage again when facing the city lads. "Ever y coach wants to

prove his worth and it is no different with Maniam. Selangor seem to be in better spirits and they will want to win the match at all costs. "But they can't be playing overly defensive or attacking without disrupting the balance of the team. This is where we hope to capitalise and make the best of the game." KL players Farouk Hashim and Azwan Malek did not feature in the last match against T-Team and are doubtful starters for the match. However, Razip is banking on Ahmad Hazwan Bakri for some magic up front. The striker returned from national duty with the squad who played Japan in

The Malay Mail Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011

the Olympic qualifiers last week. Ahmad Hazwan featured in the match against T-Team and made an impression by scoring the equaliser for KL to cancel out T-Team's advantage, courtesy of a first-half strike from Indra Putra Mahayuddin. "Ahmad Hazwan is back so that's a relief. I hope he will be able to provide some punch up front," added Razip. " I d on ' t c a re i f t h e y (Selangor) are called the Klang Valley giants or the best team... we treat them and all our opponents with respect. "But we are no pushovers at the same time. We will give our best."

TONIGHT Kedah v Perak (Darulaman Stadium) Johor v Sabah (Tan Sri Datuk Haji Hassan Yunos Stadium) Terengganu v Negri Sembilan (Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah Stadium) Sime Darby v PKNS (Selayang Stadium) Kelantan v Felda United (Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium) Selangor v KL (Shah Alam Stadium) Johor FC v Sarawak (JCorp Stadium) Police v T-Team (Paroi Stadium) *All matches at 8.45pm

STANDINGS Group A Perak Sabah Kedah Johor Group B N. Sembilan Terengganu PKNS Sime Darby Group C Kelantan Felda United Johor FC Sarawak Group D T-Team KL Selangor Police

P W D L F A Pts 5 5 5 5

4 2 2 0

1 1 1 1

0 2 2 4

8 4 13 6 4 7 7 7 7 6 12 1

5 5 5 5

4 4 2 0

0 0 0 0

1 1 3 5

10 4 12 8 3 12 6 6 6 1 12 0

5 5 5 5

3 3 1 1

1 2 2 0

1 1 2 4

9 6 4 1

5 5 5 5

3 2 2 0

1 3 1 1

1 0 2 4

9 4 10 6 2 9 7 4 7 1 13 1

4 10 3 10 6 5 7 3


American counting on Malaysian link for home support

By VIJHAY VICK FOUR TOWERS: (From left) Bernard Tomic, Harrison, Viktor Troicki and Nicolas Almagro pose in front of KLCC — Pic: Razak Ghazali

UNITED STATES wonderkid Ryan Harrison hopes to have the Malaysian crowd behind him when he takes on Russian Nikolay Davydenko in the first round at Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil today. "I'm partnering national No 1 Si Yew Ming in the doubles. I hope this means I have the backing of the locals in the singles," said Harrison, 19. "It is going to b e a tough match tomorrow (today). Davydenko is an experienced player and is capable of beating anyone." Davydenko, despite his consistent performances in recent times, is an outside bet to win his second Malaysian Open title. The world No 36 won the inaugural edition in 2009. Harrison is notable for being the third youngest player since 1990, after R i c h ard G a s qu e t an d Rafael Nadal, to have won an ATP level match. He achieved that feat at the 2008 US Men's Clay Court Championships. He was only the tenth player in the history of the ATP Tour to have

RESULTS FIRST ROUND David Goffin bt Matthew Ebden 6-4, 7-6 (7-4); Marcos Baghdatis bt Alex Bogomolov 7-6 (7-3), 6-4; Dmitr y Tursunov bt Paul Capdeville 6-2, 2-6, 6-1 won a match before turning 16. Harrison, who grew up idolising his compatriot Pete Sampras, began playing tennis at two-yearsold. The world No 66 is an alumnus of the world renowned Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy and is c u r re nt ly c o a ch e d by Martin Damm. As for his partnership with Yew Ming, Harrison is confident the duo can get on well despite only meeting each other for the first time on Saturday. "I saw him play in the qualifiers. He has a big ser ve and is confident taking on volleys as well. We have tough matches lined up for us but I'm confident we can put on a good show and make it into the next round," added Harrison. The duo take on second seeds Eric Butorac and Jean-Julien Roger in the first round.

The Malay Mail Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011

Last time we got ahead of ourselves we shot ourselves in the foot — All Blacks' lock Ali Williams

ROTORUA: rugby/ world cup


Irish's stout secret ... but 'choke tackle' not our only weapon, warns defence coach Kiss

IRELAND defence coach Les Kiss insists the ''choke tackle'' which they used to strangle the life out of Australia is not the only secret weapon that they have in their arsenal. The Irish caused the biggest upset of the tournament so far when they defeated the Wallabies 13-9 in a Pool C match in Auckland nine days ago. Their victory was founded on complete domination in the set-piece and it has already been noted that Declan Kidney's men earned themselves a number of scrums by the way in which they went about tackling the


Lobbe blow for Pumas ARGENTINA suffered a massive blow when vice-captain Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe was ruled out of the rest the tournament with a knee injury. The influential number eight limped off in the first-half of his side's dramatic 13-12 victory over Scotland in a Pool B match on Sunday and it was later confirmed that he had torn his cruciate ligament in his left knee. The injury will keep the Toulon player on the sidelines for six months. Coach Santiago Phelan has yet to announce a replacement for Lobbe. The Pumas, who departed for Palmerston North yesterday for their final pool clash with Georgia, have already lost Gonzalo Tiesi to a sprained ankle. However, Rodrigo Roncero, who pulled a muscle in his left thigh, is expected to recover in the next few days. Juan Manuel Leguizamon sprained his ankle and suffered a blow to an eye against Scotland but neither injury is thought to be serious while Felipe Contepomi will rest his sore ribs over the next week.

Wallabies at chest height and then wrapping them up so as to make it difficult for the player in possession to ground the ball. "Other teams have already started copying it," Kiss, who devised the technique, told ESPN. "England took it on and were speaking to me about it after the Six Nations. "Some things you can't keep under cover for too long. Certainly some teams are starting to look at the technique in a certain way. Fortunately, referees are looking at it in the context of the law and how it

Pocock back for Wallabies

HIGH SPIRITS: Pocock fit to face Russia — AFP photo bold attack: Kiss questions Wallabies' big-gun reputation

can be applied. "We have a lot of tools in our box to use and we don't just rely on the choke tackle. That's the beauty of this side, we can put pressure on in different ways," said the former Rugby League player. Ireland had the best defensive record in the tournament after the second round of pool games but they slipped down the standings after surprisingly coughing up two tries to the Russians in Rotorua on Sunday. However, Kiss is happy with the team's defensive showings to date. "We were in the position to have the best defence

after round three. That isn't the case now, but it's still a good effort by the boys," said Kiss. "The United States' try was an intercept and then there were the two against Russia. There are things to work on and this will make us hungry to improve, which is important. "We're concerned when a point goes against us, particularly at set-piece. We are usually good at defending set-pieces. But I'm not going to hang myself on it, you have to take your hat off to them. They had fast backs with Sevens experience."


Warburton satisfied with Wales' performance

job well done: Warburton (right) is tackled by Theuns Kotze during the match against Namibia — AFP photo



WALES captain Sam Warburton hailed a job well done as they bashed Namibia 81-7 in a Pool D match yesterday to continue their march towards the quarterfinals. The Welsh ran in 12 tries as their winning margin overtook their previous tournament best of 72-18 against Japan four years ago. Centre Scott Williams led the massacre by executing three tries, followed by substitute wing George North (two) with Aled Brew, Gethin Jenkins, Toby Faletau, Jonathan Davies, Lee Byrne, Lloyd Williams and Alun-Wyn Jones one each. Flyhalf Stephen Jones marked his record 101st cap by kicking 15 points. "We got the bonus point, which is what we wanted," Warburton told ITV. "Namibia made it tough for us, particularly in the contact area which was a bit of a disappointment from our point of view. But credit to

the boys, we got 12 tries and the all-important bonus point. "The game broke up in the second-half and the boys showed their skills and we got 12 tries which will be important to our points difference." Wales coach Warren Gatland said they started off with 22 points in the first 15 minutes and then his players felt the game was all over, they went to sleep and stopped being aggressive. "They got a bit of a rollicking at half-time and came out in the second-half and did the job. The impact off the bench was really good and overall, with the number of changes we made for the game, 11, I'm really pleased," he said. "The disappointing thing of the night was the scrums were messy, there were a lot of penalties, but we'll have a look at the tape and sit down over the next couple of days and look at the side for the Fiji match."

AUSTRALIA and their fans finally received some good news with flanker David Pocock declaring himself ready to return to action this week. The Wallabies have been counting the cost of their win over the United States last Friday, with several players suffering injuries which could threaten their participation in the rest of the tournament. "I am available for full training and selection this week, which is exciting," said Pocock. "I did a running session yesterday morning and it was great to be doing a bit of fitness and moving freer. I was getting cold though — my hands were freezing." Pocock, 23, suffered a recurrence of a back injury a day before Australia's defeat by Ireland on Sept 17. "My lower back went tight and started spasming and they just couldn't get it to release, so on Friday I saw the physio seven or eight times," he said. "I woke up on Saturday morning and it was still no good so the decision was made for me. "I had copped a knock against New Zealand in Brisbane (in the Tri Nations match on Aug 27) and I had been managing it since then but it just flared up overnight. "The hot springs here have been good for it." The defeat by Ireland consigned the Australians to a likely quarterfinal against champions South Africa. It also brought into focus the Australians' decision to include only one specialist openside flanker in their 30-man squad, with number eight Ben McCalman having to deputise for Pocock against Ireland and the United States. "There's been a fair bit of talk about not having a back-up number seven but

I think Ben did pretty good. If you look at his stats in the Ireland game he wasn't bad — the fact that Ireland's Sean O'Brien had such a good game got everyone talking about our lack of a specialist seven," said Pocock. "But that's the way the coaches wanted to go and Ben has done well in the two games so far." Pocock aims to make up for lost time when the Wallabies take on Russia in their final Pool C match on Saturday.

results YESTERDAY POOL D Wales 81 Namibia 7

Fixtures TODAY POOL A Canada v Japan (1pm) POOL C Italy v USA (3.30pm) (Live on Astro's CH 816 and CH 831)

TABLES POOL A New Zealand France Tonga Canada Japan POOL B England Argentina Scotland Georgia Romania POOL C Ireland Australia Italy USA Russia POOL D South Africa Wales Samoa Fiji Namibia

P W 3 3 3 2 3 1 2 1 3 0

D 0 0 0 0 0

L PD BP Pts 0 +127 3 15 1 +33 2 10 2 -23 1 5 1 -22 0 4 3 -115 0 0

P W 3 3 3 2 3 2 2 0 3 0

D 0 0 0 0 0

L 0 1 1 2 3

P W 3 3 3 2 2 1 3 1 3 0

D 0 0 0 0 0

L PD 0 +71 1 +79 1 +10 2 -67 3 -93

P W 3 3 3 2 3 2 3 1 4 0

D 0 0 0 0 0

L PD BP Pts 0 +134 2 14 1 +83 2 10 1 +50 2 10 2 -42 1 5 4 -222 0 0

PD BP Pts +99 2 14 +32 2 10 +18 2 10 -40 0 0 -109 0 0 BP Pts 1 13 2 10 1 5 0 4 1 1



Maria Sharapova said Anna Chakvetadze's decision to run for the Russian parliament would make it 'tough' on her career in the sport — AFP



Mirza might go under the knife, again


Reunion of old friends at Anzhi MARCO MATERAZZI is the latest target for Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala, who want the Italian World Cup winner and former Everton and Inter defender to become a director. The Dagestan team have already signed Samuel Eto'o from Inter and 38-year-old Materazzi, a free agent since leaving the San Siro in the summer, has recently been a guest of his friend Eto'o and the club. Russian league rules states teams must have at least five home players. But Sporting director German Tkachenko said: "Unfortunately he can't play for us but I want him to be part of our project. I will do everything I can to have him at Anzhi because he is a great person."


Internet star killed in accident AWANA DIAB, the footballer who became an Internet sensation with a backheeled penalty, has been killed in a car crash. The UAE midfielder, 21, shot to fame in July thanks to a cheeky spot-kick in his country's 7-2 win over Lebanon. Considered a promising talent, Awana was tragically involved in an accident when travelling back from training yesterday. Khalfan Al Rumaithi, president of the UAE FA, said: "Awana was very honest, keen and committed to his duties. It's a great loss for us, it is very painful news."


Gunners take Laporta Jr on trial ARSENAL have taken 14-yearold Guillem Laporta, the son of former Barcelona president Joan Laporta, on trial after he quit the Catalan club and moved to London with his mother Constanza Echevarria. Laporta was previously part of Barcelona's world famous La Masia Academy system, having joined while father Joan enjoyed a trophy-laden second term as president, after appointing "Pep" Guardiola as manager in 2008. The Gunners were on to rightback Guillem weeks after he moved to London with Laporta's ex-wife Constanza Echevarria, following their divorce in 2008. Should he sufficiently impress, the youngster will be offered a contract to join former Barcelona prospects Ignasi Miquel, Jon Toral and Hector Bellerin, all of whom are currently in the ranks.

The Malay Mail Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011

IT has been revealed that Indian tennis star Sania Mirza (pic) will undergo surgery on her injured knee if her current treatment does not respond well. Sania's father Imran Mirza told The Times of India that she was presently undergoing a course of injections with the hope that she responds to the treatment and does not need surgery.

"We will know in a week's time whether the injections has worked. If they don't work than Sania has to have another surgery and we will fly back to India for that," Imran said. Sania and her family are presently in the city on a private visit as her husband Shoaib Malik is playing in the National T20 Championship at the National Stadium.

Imran said that Sania had had two previous surgeries for her knee problem and it had affected her career graph. "We are praying this time the knee treatment is successful and she does not have to go through all the pain again," he said. Meanwhile, Maria Sharapova shrugged off last year's disappointing first-


Juan big praise

Garrido lauds Napoli as best team in Italy VILLARREAL coach Juan Carlos Garrido described Napoli as the best team in Italy ahead of the pair's clash in the Champions League here tomorrow (2.45am). Napoli have failed to win or even score in either of their last two league games while Villarreal have won only one out of five Primera Liga encounters this season. But Garrido believes both teams have the capability to do much better than that this term. And he is not going to take Napoli lightly. "Already last year they showed what a great team they are," he said. "At times this year they could have done better or worse but for me they're the most in form team at the moment. "AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus and Napoli are the

best teams in Italy but I think at this time Napoli are in the best form. "They have fast players, they play with intensity. "But in the Champions League, it's fundamental that you get points to qualify for the next round. "We will try to take some points tomorrow, we'll give our best and we'll try to play in the best way possible." Garrido agreed that Bayern Munich are the best team in Group A but claimed all three of the Germans' opponents, including Manchester City, are capable of beating them. "It's a very interesting group, perhaps the most interesting in the Champions League," he said. "There are four very good teams who are at the top European level. "It's true that Bayern are one of the best teams in Europe

and they're in very good form but we're three very good teams and we could all cause a surprise." The coach admitted he didn't know if Italy international forward and former Napoli target Giuseppe Rossi would be fit for the game. And he denied that either his side or Napoli were in crisis at the moment, despite both recording some unimpressive results recently. "Crises pass very quickly, as quickly as they can arrive, they can end immediately too," he said. "It's the beginning of the season, we've just started going in search of our objectives. "Last season we both did very well in the league and got good results in Europe. "Neither of us are in crisis. In two or three months you'll see the true worth of both of these teams." — AFP

Mazzarri exasperated by crisis talk COACH Walter Mazzarri is exasperated at the suggestion Napoli are in crisis, one week after they were labelled as the Serie A team to beat. Italy's famously volatile media were waxing lyrical about Napoli after they won their first two Serie A matches of the season, including a 3-1 victory over last season's winners AC Milan, and drew at Manchester City in the Champions League. However, the tune changed completely after a 1-0 defeat

at Chievo Verona was followed by a goalless draw at home to Fiorentina in the space of four days. "I've heard people talking about Napoli in crisis," Mazzarri told reporters on the eve of the Champions League match at home to Spain's Villarreal. "After two wins in the championship they talked about us as the side to beat and now it's a crisis. It goes from one extreme to the other and that's bad." — Reuters

FIXTURES (Tomorrow) GROUP A Bayern Munich v Man City Napoli v Villarreal GROUP B CSKA Moscow v Inter Milan (12am) Trabzonspor v Lille GROUP C Man United v FC Basel Otelul Galati v Benfica GROUP D Lyon v D. Zagreb Real Madrid v Ajax

*Matches at 2.45am unless stated

round exit as she got off to a confident start in beating Tamarine Tanasugarn in the Pan Pacific Open yesterday in Tokyo. The Russian world No 2, who crashed to a surprise defeat to Japan's Kimiko Date-Krumm last year, was in full swing as she defeated the veteran Thai 6-1, 7-5 to stride into the third round after a first-round bye. — Agencies

SINGAPORE: MOTORSPORT/ FORMULA 1 Sebastian Vettel is on the verge of becoming F1’s youngest-ever double champion, with McLaren’s Jenson Button the only mathematical challenger to the Red Bull driver’s second title. Even if Button wins all five remaining races, a single point will clinch the championship for Vettel Sebastian Vettel Jenson Button

Current points: 309pts

Fernando 184 Alonso Mark Webber


25pts per win, total of 125 available


Mansell 1992

9 16

Vettel 2011

9 19


Malaysia 1




Schumacher 9 17 1995, 2000, 2001 Monaco 5 Turkey

Italy Belgium

11 17

Schumacher 2002



Singapore 9


13 18 races

Schumacher 2004


Max 310


CHAMPIONSHIP CHARGE With five races still to go, Vettel could beat Michael Schumacher’s record number of wins in a single season


Abu Dhabi

Japan Korea India



Europe 6 Germany Britain


Canada 1



2 Hungary






Sources: FIA, FORIX





'Hamilton needs new manager'

TROUBLED Lewis Hamilton's father Anthony suggested his son needed a change of management to help him break free of the problems that have beset him this year. Hamilton finished a brilliant fifth at Sunday's Singapore Grand Prix after racing through the field from 19th, but came under fire afterwards from Brazilian rival Felipe Massa for causing a needless collision. That cost the Ferrari driver a puncture and wrecked his race while Hamilton, of McLaren, had to pit for a broken nose and take a drive-through penalty that ruined his challenge for victory. Massa pushed and insulted Hamilton in a confrontation in front of television cameras after the race as the Briton was once again in the spotlight for the wrong reasons despite a

brilliant drive. His father Anthony said his son was missing the presence of a manager with him at races. Hamilton sacked his father, who guided him from karting to F1, from the job early this year. Hamilton Sr said: "Unfortunately, that issue in this race was an aggressive Lewis issue. It was a misjudgement. He didn't go diving down the inside and wipe someone out. He just got it wrong. What can you say? "You look up and down the pit-lane and every driver, except for Lewis, has a drivermanager in his life — not people from a company." Hamilton has won two races and been involved in a spate of accidents and controversies. — AFP

England and Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has undergone a successful operation on his right ankle but could be out for up to five months — AFP

The Malay Mail Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER, 2011

MANCHESTER: football/ champions league

Leaders Betis suffer first defeat

Do not underestimate Basel, warns Fletcher 2

Day Tomorrow Bayern Napoli

Previous meetings No previous W0-D1-L1


Man City Villarreal

Leading scorer: 4 players have scored 1 goal Shots on target: Petersen Bayern 3

CSKA Moscow W0-D0-L4 Trabzonspor No previous

Internazionale Lille

Leading scorer: Doumbia CSKA 2 Shots on target: Pedretti Lille, Zarate Inter 3

Man Utd Otelul Galati

W1-D1-L0 No previous

Basel Benfica

Leading scorer: 5 players with 1 goal Shots on target: 5 players with 2 shots

Lyon Real Madrid

No previous Dinamo Zagreb W3-D1-L4 Ajax

Leading scorer: Di Maria Real 1 Shots on target: Ronaldo Real 4

Bayern Napoli Man City Villarreal

1-0-0 0-1-0 0-1-0 0-0-1

2-0 1-1 1-1 0-2

3 1 1 0

Trabz’spor CSKA Lille Inter

1-0-0 0-1-0 0-1-0 0-0-1

1-0 2-2 2-2 0-1

3 1 1 0

Basel Man Utd Benfica Otelul

1-0-0 0-1-0 0-1-0 0-0-1

2-1 1-1 1-1 1-2

3 1 1 0

Real Lyon Ajax Zagreb

1-0-0 0-1-0 0-1-0 0-0-1

1-0 0-0 0-0 0-1

3 1 1 0

PERENNIAL TEAMS: Appearances in Champions League group stages 16 Manchester United Barcelona




Real Madrid


AC Milan


Bayern Munich


NEW BLOOD: Manchester City, Napoli, Trabzonspor, Otelul Galati and Viktoria Plzen make their Champions League debuts this season Progress of debutants in 2010/11 Champions League Quarterfinal Tottenham Europa League Runners-up Braga EL Quarterfinal Twente CL Group Stage Bursaspor Sources: Uefa, Hapoel Tel-Aviv CL Group Stage Infostrada Sports CL Group Stage Zilina © GRAPHIC NEWS winning team. Asked if the Champions League had dealt him a rough hand, he said: "In terms of not managing to play in a final, definitely. I'm desperate to play in one and win one too.

"It is a goal for all the lads to get back into the final. We are desperate to do so." Fletcher recognises United's biggest test is likely to come if they again cross paths with



Cautious Devil

DA R R E N F L ETC H E R warned his Manchester Un it e d t e am m at e s n ot to take Basel lightly in their Group C match at Old Trafford tomorrow (2.45am). A f t e r a n aw ay d r aw against strongest group rivals Benfica in their opening match a fortnight ago, the Red Devils already look well placed to claim their customary last-16 spot. Romanian debutants Otelul Galati have to be faced in back-to-back meetings next month, so if Basel are dismissed at Old Trafford, it is hard to imagine United being stopped. But Fletcher, 27, is aware life is never quite so easy. It is only two seasons ago that United lost to Besiktas on home soil. And the Scotland skipper is determined to avoid a similar setback. "You've got to be cautious about unknown quantities. We went to Benfica and got a draw, but the two we face in our next two games are a little bit unknown. Some people expect you to just walk over teams like that and win comfortably," said Fletcher. "It's never as easy as that though. We are playing in the Champions League and we know from past experience how difficult it is. We must have the right attitude and make sure we perform because the three points would set us up nicely." Given their form so far this season, United can approach their task with confidence. Fletcher also commented on his determination to play in a Champions League final. He was an unused substitute against Chelsea in the 2008 showdown, missed out the following year due to suspension and was kept on the sidelines by a virus as United lost to Barcelona last season. In fact, Fletcher not only hopes to help his team to the final yet again, he also dreams of playing in a


Sergio Aguero Manchester City

Picture: Getty Images

champions Barca. "The manager (Alex Ferguson) has mentioned Barca are the challenge that lies ahead for everyone in Europe. If we want to win it, it is up to us to rise to the challenge."

PROMOTED Real Betis lost the only remaining 100 per cent record in the Primera Liga when they were beaten 1-0 at lowly Getafe this morning, though they remained at the top of the standings for another week. Getafe had started the day in 19th place with only one point from their first four games, but new coach Luis Garcia earned his first win when Diego Castro fired into the roof of the net in the 31st minute. Home custodian Miguel Angel Moya kept Getafe in the game after the break as Betis rediscovered some of the verve that had seen them

Results This morning Getafe 1 Real Betis


race into first place on their return to the top flight, but they stayed on 12 points from five games. The Andalucians are a point ahead of champions Barcelona, Levante and their city rivals Sevilla, who are tied on 11 points. — Reuters


Canaries on song in win

NORWICH showed they are settling down in the Premier League here this morning after recording their second successive win in beating Sunderland 2-1. Goals by Leon Barnett and Steve Morison gave the hosts a 2-0 lead before Black Cats midfielder Kieran Richardson scored late on to give the home fans some nervy moments. However, the Canaries held on to move to ninth in the table while defeat meant further misery for Norwich's former captain Steve Bruce as the Sunderland handler sees his side lying just a point above the bottom three. Both the Norwich goals were helped by poor Sunderland defending, an unmarked Barnett striking from six yards out in the first-half and then Morison rose above a static Wes Brown to head home early in the second-half. Norwich manager Paul Lambert — who has worked a miracle with the team in his two years at the club gaining them successive promotions — was delighted with their first home win of the campaign. "Winning last week at Bolton was important and a first win at home is a big step too," said the 42-year-old Scot, who won the Champions League as a player with Borussia Dortmund in 1997. "We're new to this league but we are learning and playing well." Bruce, who drastically revamped the squad during the close season but lost key players such as Jordan Henderson and Asamoah Gyan, was underwhelmed with his players' performance.

Results This morning Norwich 2 Sunderland


STANDINGS Man Utd Man City Chelsea Newcastle Liverpool Tottenham Stoke Aston Villa Norwich QPR Everton Wolves Arsenal Sunderland Wigan Swansea Fulham Blackburn West Brom Bolton

P 6 6 6 6 6 5 6 6 6 6 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

W D L 5 1 0 5 1 0 4 1 1 3 3 0 3 1 2 3 0 2 2 3 1 1 5 0 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 1 3 2 1 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 0 4 2 1 1 4 1 1 4 1 0 5

F A Pts 22 5 16 19 5 16 12 7 13 7 3 12 8 8 10 9 9 9 4 6 9 7 5 8 7 8 8 5 7 8 6 6 7 5 8 7 9 14 7 7 6 5 5 9 5 4 9 5 4 7 4 8 13 4 3 8 4 8 16 3

LEADING SCORERS 9 goals: Rooney (Man United) 8 goals: Aguero (Man City) 6 goals: Dzeko (Man City) 3 goals: Adebayor (Tottenham), Agbonlahor (Aston Villa), Ba (Newcastle), Best (Newcastle), Di Santo (Wigan), Klasnic (Bolton), Nani (Man United), Suarez (Liverpool), van Persie (Arsenal)

"Overall I'm disappointed with them (the players)," he said. "It was always going to be difficult tonight, a night when we needed to play well to get something. But we didn't. "The performance of a lot of players was under-par." — AFP

Operation Mirza

Ryan ‘boleh’

INDIA’S Sania Mirza may undergo surgery on her injured knee

UNITED STATES Ryan Harrison counting on home support in Malaysian Open

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Tuesday 27 September, 2011

Attack Bayern munich: Football/ champions league


Men on fire

KL fired-up to spoil Selangor’s Malaysia Cup title chase

>> pg20


Bye bye Lobbe

Playing offensive can stun German giants, says City ace Silva

ARGENTINA vice-captain Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe ends World Cup campaign with knee injury

>> pg21


Sheriff wanted in Russia

RUSSIAN side Anzhi Makhachkala wants Marco Materazzi as club director

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MANCHESTER CITY’S star midfielder David Silva insists they can register an away win over in-form Bayern Munich when they clash in a Group A match at Allianz Arena tomorrow (2.45am) by sticking to their attacking principles. Although Roberto Mancini’s early days at City were characterised by a defensive approach, which led many to conclude they were incapable of being bold enough to win a major trophy, that image has now been shed. Against Everton in the Premier League last Saturday, Mancini included Silva, Samir Nasri and Yaya Toure in his starting line-up, in addition to strikers Edin Dzeko and Sergio Aguero, who have scored 15 goals between them this season. When that lot drew a blank, Mancini turned to controversial Mario Balotelli and could afford to leave Argentine Carlos Tevez on the bench. It is a bewildering array of options, which lends itself to an attacking approach which Silva feels City should not abandon against Bayern. “I think we can attack

Betis beaten

them like we do at home. We can stick to our footballing principles. We don’t have to change our style against other teams home or away,” said the Spanish playmaker. “We believe in what we are doing and have confidence in each other so we will keep doing the same things. “The truth is Napoli played well against us (in City’s opening match at home). They are a strong team. But against Bayern, we will try to keep the ball, play with the same style and get a positive result.” Bayern are expected to pay close attention to Silva, who will pose a threat to the German outfit if he maintains his superb form. Mancini has other options should Silva find himself shackled in a game that could shape City’s entire group stage quest. Although some fans were disappointed by the draw against Napoli a fortnight ago, providing City avoid defeat this week, their debut in the competition will have got off to a solid start. Defeat would give them a problem though, especially if

we are ready: Silva (left) with Adam Johnson during a training session at the Carrington complex in Manchester — AFP photo

there was a positive result in Napoli’s encounter with Villarreal. It is not quite what was expected at the start of the

competition, when City were tipped by some as potential semifinalists or even better. Not that Silva is being drawn into such talk.

“We have to focus on Bayern Munich. We need to try to get a good result and then improve step-by-step and see how far we can go.”


Ferguson: Clubs lost control of sport to TV

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anyone listening? Ferguson claims football has sold soul to TV ‘devil’ — AFP photo

TELEVISION and not the clubs control English football, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson told the BBC this morning. The 69-year-old said that United and their rivals were paying the price for the big money that television was paying for having the rights to show English Premier League matches live. The present deal struck for the period of 2010-2013 allows BSkyB and ESPN (who took over Setanta’s part of the deal when they ran out of funds) to show 138 games a season at a combined cost of £1.782 billion (RM8.8b).

Under the deal, United earned more than £60 million from television last season — a combination of fees for having their matches shown live, and prize money based upon league position. Ferguson said he found the schedule demanding especially on weeks when they were involved in European action. “When you shake hands with the devil you have to pay the price,” said Ferguson. “Television is God at the moment. “It shows itself quite clearly because when you see the fixture lists, they can

pick and choose whenever they want the top teams on television. “You get some ridiculous situations when you’re playing on Wednesday night in Europe and then at lunchtime the following Saturday. You ask any manager if they would pick that themselves and there’d be no chance.” Ferguson believes that the clubs are not reaping the financial benefits they deserve given the global reach of the sport. “When you think of that (the Premier League selling their product to 200 countries) I don’t think we get enough money,” he said. — AFP

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27 September 2011  

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