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Monday 24 october, 2011


Death mars Sepang MotoGP The Malaysian MotoGP at Sepang was cancelled yesterday after Italian rider Marco Simoncelli died following a horror crash

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Loans review CHERAS

Ministry to look into new PTPTN repayment scheme following uproar among borrowers

THE Higher Education Ministry will review the clauses governing the payment of National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loans following an uproar over alleged unfairness of the mechanism. The newly-revamped Ujrah repayment scheme for education loans, which contains 29 clauses, has come under fire for several controversial clauses, one of which requires the next-of-kin to bear the cost of the loan, which is not covered by insurance, in the event the loan recipient dies. Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled

By IKRAM ISMAIL Nordin said they were willing to look at the mechanism again following the feedback. “We will go through the clauses again and examine the causes for unhappiness among the borrowers who may have been confused,” he said after opening a cultural and entrepreneurship development programme for graduates of Community College and Entrepreneurs Centre of Excellence here yesterday. Under the previous scheme, the loans were fully covered by an

insurance scheme borne by the students during their course of study, and would be written off as bad debt if a death occurred. But Clause Four under the Ujrah scheme states that if a borrower dies, the next-of-kin is required to continue paying the loan “for whatever amount that is not insured”. While the previous scheme allowed a fixed monthly penalty charge for late payment, Clause Eight of the new scheme states that on top of the amount owed, borrowers also need to pay an additional one per cent based on the owed amount for ta’wid

(compensation). Under the Ujrah scheme, borrowers also have to sign three validity letters, with one permitting PTPTN to engage the Employees Provident Fund, financial institutions, the Inland Revenue Board and other agencies to obtain borrowers’ information if they fail to pay the loan. These new moves have sparked uproar among students and borrowers, the majority of whom have refused to sign up with the new Ujrah scheme. • Continued on pg2

Free at last


Quake levels Turkish town

Up to 1,000 feared dead after powerful 7.2 temblor


University to decide The Ministry of Higher Education will leave it to the International Islamic University Malaysia to decide the fate of suspended Prof Abdul Aziz Bari

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Moderates win the day The low turnout at the ‘Himpun’ rally on Saturday is a victory for moderates and shows a majority of the Muslims in the Malaysia reject religious extremism.

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Woman duped by ‘pen pal’ LIBYANS rejoice after their new leaders declared the country ‘liberated’ yesterday, three days after former dictator Muammar Gaddafi was captured and killed, paving the way for the formation of an interim government. “Declaration of Liberation. Raise your head high. You are a free Libyan,” National Transitional Committee chairman Abdel Hafiz Ghoga told a massive rally in the eastern city of Benghazi. Tens of thousands of voices echoed him chanting, “You are a free Libyan.” >> pg 9

A 26-year-old woman looking for friendship ends up losing her savings, is forced into marriage and is nearly turned into a drug mule

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MB adopts three poor siblings THREE poor siblings, abandoned by their mother, have been adopted by Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir to ensure their well-being and education. Dr Zambry said Ooi Seng Wai, 14, Seng Foong, 12, and Seng Loong, eight, would be given school necessities and allowances, festive aid and tuition. "The eldest has shown high moral standard and has scored well in examinations even though he only started school at Year Six. Before this, he was traumatised and couldn't communicate well with people. I'm adopting all of them," he told reporters when visiting the family in Bercham, Ipoh, yesterday.

Selangor BN ready to win back State THE Selangor BN election machinery is ready to wrest back the State from the Opposition in the coming general election, State BN deputy chairman Datuk Seri Noh Omar said. He said the BN machinery had been mobilised to disseminate information and conduct briefings in their respective areas to help voters choose. "We are only waiting for the whistle from the leadership. The people in Selangor also seem to be ready for change as indicated in several programmes that have been organised," he told reporters at Ban Canal, a homestay in Kampung Sungai Sireh, Tanjung Karang, yesterday. Noh said the Selangor people should not be blamed for BN's loss in the State in the last elections.

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Institutions of higher learning (IPT) and industries should foster close ties and cooperate to produce more creative and innovative entrepreneurs -- Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin

Unfair, say borrowers

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Too many clauses in PTPTN repayment cause confusion By IKRAM ISMAIL

I wanted to go on a business trip overseas that Immigration stopped me at the airport. I had been blacklisted and could not leave Malaysia. "On the spot, I was made to pay RM3,000 out of my total RM18,000 PTPTN loan before I could take my flight. Now, I'm repaying the loan at RM100 monthly," he said. Zahid Ahmad, 26, said there would be no difference if he converted to the new scheme. He said the new scheme was only good for new borrowers who had graduated in the last six months because they were not charged with administration costs as interest payments would only begin six months after a student graduates. "Under the new scheme, my monthly payment would be re-calculated based not just

on the initial amount I borrowed but inclusive of interest and penalties incurred throughout the time that I didn't pay. "This is unfair as the monthly payment should be based on my original loan amount," said the government servant. Zahid said he preferred to stick with his original scheme as the Ujrah scheme would make automatic deductions from his salary. "It's better for me to pay from my bank account as I have other commitments." While he did acknowledge the Ujrah scheme would instill better discipline among errant debtors, Zahid said there were some clauses that would make borrowers think twice before converting. "I, for one, do not want my next-of-kin to bear any burden of the loan if anything was to happen to me," he said.

Meanwhile, one borrower who wished to remain anonymous, said he did not pay his PTPTN loan which he took up in 1999 even after he graduated in 2004. "I borrowed RM64,000 to study at a local private university. It was during the recession and I was not offered a scholarship," said the accounting degree holder. He said his PTPTN loan required he pay at least RM300 for 20 years. "I only started paying in 2005 but not consistently and never the required amount." The 30-year-old, who is now a telecommunications company executive, said he stopped paying his loan two years ago because he had other important commitments. "I've tried re-calculating my loan payment under the Ujrah scheme but it didn't seem to make any difference," he said.

Court action planned against 104,000 defaulters FOR the last 14 years, a total of RM5.6 billion was supposed to have been collected as repayment for study loans. However, to date, the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) has only received RM2.7 billion from 725,000 borrowers. For too long, too many

students on PTPTN loans have failed to live up to their responsibilities and obligations. Over a four-year period, more than 100,000 errant borrowers have still not paid their loans. Last Saturday, PTPTN director Datuk Tajul Urus Md Zain said the corporation would take court action

against 104,083 students who had defaulted on their payment from 2007 to Sept 30. He said about 69,573 stubborn loan defaulters had been issued court summonses by the corporation. Also until Sept 30, PTPTN has approved RM4.16bil to 172,134 eligible recipients. PTPTN was established under the National Higher

Education Act 1997 (Act 566) in 1999 to provide study loans to eligible students in public and private higher learning institutions. The loans were mainly given to those who had gained admission to local universities but were unable to go for further studies because of financial constraints.

From the 1.8 million students who qualify for the Ujrah scheme, it is estimated that as of August, a mere 55,546 have signed up. To this, Khaled responded that it could be a case of former students not being aware of the existence of the new scheme. "It is their right to convert to the Ujrah system. "If they don't do so, it could be that they're simply uninterested. "We will investigate the reasons for their reluctance to do so," he said. The ministry had earlier allocated 90 days for borrowers, upon receiving the offer, to convert to the Ujrah system, which will end on Dec 31. He maintained that the extension of the conversion period was to give time for more borrowers to switch over. On Oct 17, the minister had said PTPTN would give another chance to its debtors to convert their study loans into the Islamic loan system starting in January. In June 2008, PTPTN had reduced its administration fee from three per cent to one per cent. Despite that, 800,000 PTPTN debtors claimed they were still paying three per cent administration fees until today. Borrowers were given the option to change the scheme since early this year, with applications made through the PTPTN website. If they qualifed, the borrowers would be given a new agreement via email.


Let university decide professor's fate, says ministry

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Only 55,546 sign up for new scheme


DEBTORS of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) have spoken up against alleged unfairness of the Ujrah scheme. Badhrul Hisham Abdul Rahim, 32 from Seremban said he prefered not to convert to the new scheme. "Too many clauses in the new agreement are unfair to borrowers such as clause four and eight, and they can charge us without prior notice. "It is better for me to stick to the three per cent administration cost, as that is a fixed charge and I don't have to pay compensation if payment is made after the due date," he told The Malay Mail. Badhrul Hisham, who is a freelance salesman, admitted he was one of those who had failed to pay up after completing his studies in 2008. Even when PTPTN issued him a notice in 2009, he ignored it. "It was only this year when

The Malay Mail Monday 24 OCTOBER, 2011

THE Ministr y of Higher Education will leave it to the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) to decide the fate of Prof Abdul Aziz Bari who was suspended by the university over his comments on the Sultan of Selangor's decree regarding the Aug 3 Selangor

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Religious Affairs Department (Jais) raid on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) here. Its minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, when approached by the Press yesterday, said: "At the moment the ministry does not want to interfere and will

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leave it to IIUM to decide." Aziz Bari was suspended on Oct 19 and is being investigated under Article 15 (1) of IIUM's staff disciplinary rules for tarnishing the university’s image. Meanwhile, Khaled said action will not be taken against university students

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who participated in the anti-proselytising Himpunan Sejuta Umat: Selamatkan Aqidah (Gathering of One Million Muslims: Save our Faith) last Saturday at Shah Alam Stadium. "The gathering was legal and had received a police permit," he said.

"Under the Universities and University Colleges Act 1979 (Amended 1995), students will only be guilty if they are involved with an illegal rally or found to have joined any political party." The stadium could seat 88,000, but only 5,000 people were at the gathering.

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MONday 24 OCTOBER, 2011

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If the system needs to be improved, we will do so — Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. ubramaniam on the issue of alleged abuse and ill-treatment of foreign maids

The Malay Mail Monday 24 October, 2011


'A victory for moderates' Low turnout at Himpun rally shows majority reject religious extremism

THE low turnout at the Himpunan Sujuta Umat (Himpun) rally in Shah Alam on Saturday showed a majority of Muslims in the country rejected religious extremism. Fewer than 5,000 turned up at Stadium Melawati in a rally, supported by 3,000 NGOs, aimed to gather a million Muslims against alleged Christian proselytising. UiTM legal professor Prof Emeritus Datuk Shad Saleem Faruqi said Himpun's poor turnout was a "tremendous victory" for moderates. He said the Malay electorate could no longer be baited

through fear and violence for political ends. "The Malay electorate have matured enough to understand when someone is trying to exploit Islam for political gain. They now don't believe everything that is told to them," he told The Malay Mail. "It's a fantastic victory for moderates and a moment of pride for Malaysians, Malays in particular. Malays no longer make judgment on rumours but on information. They no longer accept the bait of violence and fear. I think this is a tremendous indication of


where we are heading." Lawyer and blogger Azhar Azizan Harun said the poor turnout showed majority of Muslims did not believe the allegations that Christians were trying to convert Muslims. Azhar said the rally's failure was a clear sign that only a minority of Muslims were extreme while the silent majority remained moderate. "Muslims also saw the rally as a political move by Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali, Bandar Baru Kulim MP

Zulkifli Noordin and Senator Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor. They don't want to be trapped in their game," he said. "Moderate Muslims do not want to be involved in a confrontation. I see this as a positive sign." Universiti Malaya Academic Staff Union president Azmi Sharom said he was not surprised with the low turnout because Malaysians always rejected rallies by right-wing groups. "Events by right-wing groups

never received much support. In Terengganu last year, Perkasa planned a mammoth rally with Tun Dr Mahathir Mahathir, but fewer than 1,000 attended," he said. "Malaysians always rejected extremism but it is the Press that gave them too much face." The law lecturer also claimed the reason why right-wing groups such as Perkasa were given a free reign was because they are supported by the governing Malay political party. "These groups serve a purpose to Umno because Umno can no longer go around with

racial rhetoric and have to look 'friendly', especially after 2008," he said. However, Universiti Utara Malaysia political science lecturer Mohd Azizudin Sani disagreed saying the low turnout was because of several factors such as the lack of support from political parties and civil groups. He said the rally was important because it allowed the freedom to express fears over proselytisation of Muslims. "Threats from Christian missionary movements do exist and this must be handled by the government," he said.



Taman Nirwana high-rise issue to be resolved at State level

THE Selangor government will resolve the woes of Taman Nirwana residents concerning a high-rise development in the Ampang area. State executive councillor for housing, buildings and squatter management Iskandar Abdul Samad said yesterday the issue would be discussed during the weekly Selangor Economic Council Meeting (MTES). However, the date it would be brought up had yet to be finalised. "The residents have valid concerns, especially those regarding traffic problems," he told The Malay Mail. He said it would be difficult for the developer, Sri Seltra

Sdn Bhd, to upgrade and widen the narrow roads in the neighbourhoods of Jalan Nirwana 38 and 39 to alleviate traffic congestion. "I do not know whether the road improvements are possible," he said. "There is only so much improvement one can do to the existing roads because there are houses on the side." Iskandar said another limitation to road improvements was the scale of the project. "The area population is going to increase dramatically," he said. Sri Seltra plans to construct two blocks of service apartments, each with 17 floors and four blocks of shophouses on

Verify info from blogs, says US lecturer

a 1ha plot of land. Residents from five neighbourhoods are opposing the project, approved last November, for fear of an exacerbation of traffic congestion, flooding and indiscriminate parking. Jalan Nirwana 38 would serve as entry and exit points for the development, but the road is already congested as it is the main outlet to the Middle Ring Road II (MRRII), the Duke highway and Ampang Point. The project would also utilise a monsoon drain at Jalan Nirwana 46 that has a bottleneck incapable of accommodating a large amount of water from the development.

SCEPTICISM makes for responsible journalism. Journalists should verify facts from new media technology like social networking sites and blogs despite their perceived credibility when pursuing news stories, said Prof Jane Kirtley, who teaches Media Ethics and Law at the University of Minnesota in the United States. She said although the Press should not hesitate to use of blogs or social media as sources of information, they should do so with caution. "It is not the job of journalists to pass unverified information to the public," said the former journalist after a dialogue on media law and ethics at the National Press Club on Thursday.

By Meena Lakshana

"Journalists need to keep their scepticism when using unconventional sources of information." Kirtley said the advent of blogs created the opportunity for laymen to become journalists, which creates new challenges for policymakers. “But then, can everyone be deemed a journalist or a member of the Press?” On social media, Kirtley, who was also executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press in Washington D.C., said the strength of social media in facilitating instantaneous communication was also its weakness.


Plea for aerobridges at KLIA2

ABOUT 200 people, comprising both able-bodied and the disabled, yesterday protested against the lack of aerobridges at KL International Airport 2 (KLIA2), which will replace the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal. The protest, a joint effort by organisations related to the disabled community, was held in Taman Jaya Park as a chance for the disabled to voice their opinions. Holding up placards and banners, participants chanted "We want aerobridge" and "KLIA2 is for all".


Those disabled said they had the chance to be heard at their protest in Bangsar last month, so the megaphone was passed on to ablebodied speakers to voice their concerns. Adam Nicholls, 37, an English tourist visiting Malaysia for the fifth time, said the lack of plans for aerobridges at KLIA2 surprised him. Gun Chin Yong, 29, said Malaysia could not declare

itself a "friendly country" if it lacked facilities not just for locals, but for oversea visitors, especially for those with special requirements such as the disabled, pregnant and elderly. He said as a volunteer, his experience is for such groups, climbing stairs to board airplanes instead of using an aerobridge is not just inconvenient but dangerous too. Astivaram Foundation Selangor secretary-general Annaduraimuthusamy, 39, said Malaysia Airport

Holdings Berhad (MAHB) should not just think about profit. Malaysia Tamilan Helping Hands president A. Muraly said said his group was present to request the aerobridge be built. It is understood the Cabinet has deferred the request for aerobridges after it was tabled on Sept 7. KLIA2, the replacement to the current Low Cost Carrier Terminal, is expected to be completed in a year and located 1.5km from KLIA.

FOR good of ALL: Disabled protesters demanding for aerobridges at KLIA2 — Pic: Ashraf Shamsul Azlan

She said the lack of regulation on new media technologies should serve as a leverage to abolish laws governing the mainstream media. The Malaysian media is subjected to Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984, Official Secrets Act 1972, Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) and Sedition Act 1948. On Malaysia Day, on Sept 15, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak announced the ISA would be replaced with two laws to counter terrorism, and the government would comprehensively review the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 to promote greater Press freedom while the annual printing and publishing permits would be abolished.

MONday 24 OCTOBER, 2011

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Telekom Malaysia (TM) is setting up a volunteer team in Terengganu to address cable theft activities in the State — Terengganu TM general manager Badrul Hisham Bahari

The Malay Mail •Monday 24 October, 2011



Duped by 'pen pal'

Murder suspect rearrested

'Slow-learner' loses savings, forced to marry and nearly made drug mule


IT all started when a lonely woman reached out for friendship in a personal advertisement. Little did she know that in less than two years, she would lose her savings, forced to marry a foreigner and narrowly escape being turned into a drug mule. Ng Seet Kim, 26, works as a cleaner at a

hardware shop in Batu Caves and is described as a slowlearner. Her mother, who only wanted to be known as Madam Tai, said that in

September last year, Ng placed a personal ad in a Chineselanguage magazine seeking pen pals. “She was lonely and wanted to make friends,” she said. A 27-year-old man responded by calling her. Ng apparently told the "pen pal" she was a slow-learner but he did not mind. Two weeks later, he asked her out and picked her up at her workplace. T h e m an then took her to the National Registration Department in Putrajaya, where he allegedly asked for Ng ' s My Ka d and changed the address. “ L a s t D e c e mb e r, the man asked her out again and

forced her to sign several documents to register a company at The Mall Shopping Complex," said Tai She said Ng was brought to a bank in Selayang to open an account and forced to sign 15 cheques for several thousand ringgit. Tai said he asked for money every month until her daughter had nothing but her salary to give him. The man then dropped out of sight for several months until September this year when he brought Ng to a bridal shop in Jalan Ipoh where he introduced her to a Chinese national. Tai said Ng was forced to marry the 37-year-old man at the National Registration Department in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 19, witnessed by two witnesses, including the "pen pal", who arranged the "wedding". On Oct 13, the man called Ng again and demanded RM6,800, but she told him she did not have the money. “My daughter did not owe him anything but he threatened her by claiming she owed

him money,” said Tai. He gave her two choices ­—borrow from loan sharks or go to China to pick up some luggage to bring back to Malaysia. “She was distressed and even tried to commit suicide," said Tai, who became suspicious when Ng did not give her her salary to keep as usual. Ng later told her what happened and they lodged a report with Selayang police. Tai said Ng was the third of five siblings and had been a slow-learner since she was a child. Her plight was brought to MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau head Datuk Michael Chong's attention. “There is a syndicate preying on slow-learners and these women would be forced to marry older men from China," said Chong He said the bureau had received nine such complaints. “Their purpose is to gain permanent residence in Malaysia and victims who fall prey to these syndicates could be forced to become drug mules.”

TARGETED: Ng (right) claims she was duped by a pen pal and forced to marry a Chinese national. Tai is beside her. — Pic: Ashraf Shamsul Azlan



Police create phototfit of suspect in boy's attempted abduction POLICE have made a photofit of one of the men who tried to abduct a nine-year-old boy from an Islamic religious school at Kampung Melayu Ampang on Oct 14. Ampang Jaya police chief ACP Amiruddin Jamaluddin said yesterday they received a description from the boy and investigations were under way to identify the suspect. However, police have yet to release the photofit to the public. The attempt raised a poser on whether the kidnappers-murderers of then eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin in 2007 had resurfaced, four years after the tragedy shocked the nation. This was because like the Nurin Jazlin case, the boy's would-be abductors used a white van. Amiruddin advised parents and

A FUGITIVE caught in connection with the murder of an 18-year-old girl seven years ago was re-arrested by the police after his remand ordered ended on Wednesday. Kuala Langat district police chief Supt Nordin Manan said the 37-year-old man had been arrested for resisting arrest after escaping from Tanjung Sepat police station lock-up in 2004. “The suspect's remand order ended at noon on Wednesday and after he was released, we rearrested him to investigate a 2004 murder case,” said Nordin. The man had been on the run from police since the murder of See Sheau Fang, whose body was found buried in a hole in front of a house in Taman Perwira, Sijangkang, in 2004. On Oct 5, the 37-year-old suspect and his 33-year-old accomplice who are on the police wanted list for rape and murder cases committed seven and 12 years ago, were arrested after failing to return a car belonging to a friend. The duo had borrowed the woman’s car under the pretext of using it to send a friend to a clinic on Oct 5. The woman, the managing director of a hotel, lodged a police report when her calls to one of the men went unanswered. Police later traced the vehicle to Masai, Johor.


teachers to be on the lookout for a white Nissan van with a blue stripe around it. In the latest incident, the boy, who was loitering outside the school at about 5pm, was lured by two men in a white van who offered him cash of RM100 to RM200. As the boy approached the van, the men tried to drag him into the vehicle. However, he fbroke free and ran.In August 2007, Nurin Jazlin was abducted by kidnappers using a white van, near her house at Section 1 in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur. Her body was found a month later, inside a gym bag left in front of a shop at PJS 1/48, Petaling Jaya.

'Wrongful arrest' Chinese woman detained in July, say cops

POLICE have lambasted a Chinese national who claimed she was arrested without a valid reason near a restaurant in Jalan Loke Yew here on Oct 15. KL Crime Investigation Department chief Datuk Ku Chin Wah said checks showed the 34-yearold woman had been arrested in the same location, which is near a karaoke club, in July for soliciting. He said the area was reputed to be a place where prostitutes from China solicited clients. “On Oct 15, we arrested her for soliciting. As for her injuries, they were sustained during the arrest as she had tried to flee,” said Ku. In the July incident, police referred her case to the Deputy Public Prosecutor but the case had been dropped because of insufficient evidence. Ku also hit out at claims police

did not bring her for medical treatment. “The investigating officer (IO) had brought her to KL Hospital for treatment but because of a long queue, she had requested to be sent to a private clinic nearby and the IO consented,” he said. How e v e r, h e s a i d , p o l i c e are looking into allegations made by the woman's husband, a 37-year-

CK: FLASHBA o p Our re rt on 20 Oct

old Malaysian. “We are investigating the husband's allegations that he had to pay 'middlemen' to secure his wife's release,” said Ku. On Thursday, it was reported the Chinese national claimed she was unjustly arrested and sustained injury on her leg as a result.


The Malay Mail Monday 24 October, 2011



Business buzz from Germany

Cream of Cologne's businessmen seek potential investments AS testament to Malaysia being placed 18th in the World Bank’s "Doing Business 2012 Report" ranking, a group of German businessmen from Cologne was here recently for a leisurely business introduction trip. Members of Club 99, a four-year-old body comprising the top 99 movers and shakers of the German industrial city, told The Malay Mail they believed there were many “opportunities” and Malaysia had “a lot of business potential”. Said its president, Ernst Vleer: “We are not here in an official capacity. We are on vacation but, at the same time, we want to view the country’s economic situation. We are impressed with what we have seen, especially in

By Azril Annuar

terms of development. “It is a beautiful country. Today, we visited the Petronas Twin Towers. We are looking forward to potential investments. It is unfortunate we are unable to meet with any government officials yet, unlike our previous trips to Colombo, Madras and Delhi.” Vleer and 55 club members visited Malaysia and Singapore as part of their annual holiday to meet local businessmen and government officials. Club member and banker Marc Kurtenbach, said they were unable to meet with any officials due to a hectic schedule and

last-minute arrangements. Cologne's former mayor and club patron, Fritz Schramma, said several members were interested in returning to Malaysia to explore business opportunities. “It is a beautiful country, and the people are polite and it is a very good experience. Seeing the development and where the country is headed, I am positively surprised. I was hoping to meet someone from Tourism Malaysia but, alas, it could not be arranged in time.” Club 99 members include some of Cologne's top industrialists, hoteliers, bankers, politicians and sportsmen. They arrived last Wednesday and returned home on Saturday.

IT's A DEAL: Maxis' chief technology officer Mark Dioguardi, Sandip, Kaizad and U Mobile's chief technology officer Too Tian Jen after the signing ceremony


Maxis, U Mobile share 3G radio access networks INTERGRATED communications service provider Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd entered into a multi-million ringgit deal on Friday, for an initial period of 10 years, to share its 3G radio access networks with U Mobile Sdn Bhd, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Maxis chief executive officer Sandip Das said the collaboration reflected the company's commitment to promote non-duplication of infrastructure. "Active sharing results in greater cost savings which in turn translates to increased direct revenue for both companies," he said. "More importantly, it allows us to focus on providing innovative services and giving more value to customers, while having the benefit of doing

all these in a more environmentally friendly manner." Sandip said the agreement also encompassed LTE (Long Term Evolution) sharing which would deliver better benefits to customers. The agreement was equally beneficial to U Mobile as it enables the company to accelerate the speed of its 3G network rollout by four to five times, while achieving significant cost-savings through network sharing with Maxis. The shared locations would exclude urban market centres, such as the Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh and Johor Baru, where U Mobile is committed to providing high-speed mobile broadband services.

U Mobile chief executive officer Dr Kaizad Heerjee said the partnership would accelerate the expansion of their current 3G footprint to more than 4,000 3G sites in Malaysia by early 2013. "The extensive savings generated from this agreement enables U Mobile to bring even more product and service innovation for our customers," he said. The RAN partnership also responds to the government's call for telcos to reduce duplicating network assets, enabling operators to deliver better services. Additionally, the agreement promotes increased competition at the service level rather than at the infrastructure level.


The Malay Mail Monday 24 october, 2011

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Complainants have to submit their personal particulars and provide a detailed account of their complaint. Complainants have to first file their complaints with the respective parties before contacting Hotline. Complaints referred by Hotline to the relevant parties would be published if there is no response in seven days. After a complaint has been resolved, the complainant cannot demand non-publication of the matter.


'Delayed' deal

No fixed feature slot on contract as Groupon picks best offer day BEAUTY product merchant CALLEY TAN is unhappy that online deal-of-the-day website Groupon Malaysia has yet to allocate a slot for her firm's offer. "When I signed a contract with them on Sept 15, I was told the deal would be up on their site on Oct 12. But later, they went back on their promise and I have not been given a new date until now." She claims Groupon had stated in the contract that her deal would be published on Oct 12, but the company had been telling her it could only allocate her slot on the website when it deemed fit. CALLEY is also unhappy with Groupon's input into the promotional materials, which she claims can mislead customers, and later cause irate ones to voice their discontent with the merchants and not the website. "The contract terms also mean that we (merchants) are locked by the terms and

conditions with Groupon, whereby, we cannot go ahead and publish our promotions with other parties." CALLEY wants Groupon to honour their contract, and be more transparent with the terms and conditions. ● GROUPON MALAYSIA CEO Joel Neoh says there are no fixed feature dates on the contract when it is signed, as the feature dates on Groupon are determined later, based on producing a good mix of offers that are aligned towards the best interest of both customers and merchants. "The fact is we did not start Groupon to cheat our merchants and leave them unhappy. To date, we have successfully partnered with over a thousand businesses with clear objectives to help them succeed. "Therefore, whenever a merchant faces issues, we have assigned a dedicated

account manager that is just a phone call away to work hand-in-hand to produce immediate solutions. "We believe that working together with our merchants is a two-way process and involves a lot of open communication (this in-

cludes agreeing on the feature dates) to find the best solutions. "So when our merchants are happy with the results and invite our team for free lunches, dinners and even deliver free mooncakes to us, it really reminds us of

why we started Groupon in the first place. "In addition, for customers who face any issues with merchants, we have a customer support team standby 365 days/year to assist in any issues they may face. "It is our Groupon Prom-

ise to provide full refunds to customers whenever they are not happy with any Groupon experience." Neoh says with regards to producing the deal writeups, they take full responsibility for them as they strongly believe against overselling the deals. "We only publish information that are proven facts as we want to be as transparent as possible to our customers. We believe in working exclusively with our merchants as we look to them as long-term partners of Groupon. "This enables us to collaborate with them to build a likeable brand to consumers and protect them against brand devaluation." When contacted, CALLEY reiterates her belief Groupon's explanation is invalid. "Most of the merchants might be quiet about this, but I don't think it is fair to us generally."

Technical 'failures' NG WEI SIANG of Kuala Lumpur is fed up of Telekom Malaysia's (TM) repeated failure to rectify problems with the UniFi service after it went dead several months ago. "I have complained to TM many times but they responded by sending one technician after another to inspect the problem without any result," says 20-year-old student.

NG claims the first technician, in May, said it was a tower problem, the second, in June, said he could not fix it as he did not set up the line, while the third, in July, also cited tower problem. All told him they would send a technical report to headquarters. On Aug 19, NG says he called TM Point Titiwangsa only to be told not a single technical report was


received. "So, what have the technicians been doing all this while?" NG claims he was told to pay RM500 if he wanted to cancel his subscription as he was still under contract. "Eventually, I agreed to wait another 24 hours for yet another technician to come." The next day, he contacted TM about 3pm and was assured the technician would be sent within a few hours.

a team would be dispatched to his home two days later. He says no one has shown up and neither has he heard from TM since. ● A TELEKOM Malaysia Berhad (TM) spokesman apologises for the inconvenience caused. "Upon investigating NG’s case further, our technical specialists discovered the problem stemmed from

faulty TM equipment outside his premises, which affected his UniFi connectivity." The technicians have since repaired the equipment and reconfigured his connection accordingly. NG confirms his UniFi service is now working as normal, but says TM has not informed him what the problem is and only proceeds to solve the problem.

Online comments

2. Litterbugs beware! The Petaling Jaya City Council will slap a RM50 compound on those who discard cigarette butts on the ground and RM100 on those leaving garbage bags on the roadside.

Overpaid loan refund holdup (Oct 21) ● IF you owe the bank and you delay payment, they charge you. But if they owe you and delay payment, it is OK. The government should introduce something that would protect investors, too. — Ben Yap

3. Those involved in water theft can be fined up to RM100,000 or jailed two years, or both, under the Water Service Industry Act 2006.

● WHY is it always at the intervention of The Malay Mail that they seem to

1. Residential homes in Shah Alam can be fined RM100 for every mosquito larva found while a fine of RM500 per larva will be imposed on construction sites. The fine can go up to RM1,000 for repeat offenders.

"I subsequently received three missed calls and messages from the UniFi centre, asking me to call back, but I could not do so as I was having an exam at the time." They called him about 2.30pm the following day to say they wanted to send a technician but he could not be reached. NG says a technician finally came and, after investigating the problem, assured him

resolve the issue with the customers? — Ethnic Malaysian Unused card blacklist bother (Oct 14) ● HOW can interest be imposed on a credit card that has never being used? The problem is there are many banks these days that will call you up to inform your credit card is ready for col-

lection, but you have never even signed up for one in the first place. It happened to me before. This is not a wise way to market credit cards. I hope Bank Negara will look into the matter. — Asha Busted baggage blues (Oct 12) ● NOT surprised at all by the way bags are being handled at airports. I once received a box of Christmas

goodies from my relative abroad by the national carrier. Unfortunately, some of the goodies were either opened or even missing. — Angry Girl Killing off a 'dead' service (Oct 11) ● YOUR country's Internet services are not up to global standards. Look at Singapore and South Korea. Buck up or boot out! — Anonymous

The Malay Mail Monday 24 octoBER, 2011

Saudi Arabia mourned yesterday the death of Crown Prince Sultan, as King Abdullah prepared to nominate his new heir and choose a new occupant of the key defence minister's job — Reuters



Poverty drives teen to kill family

DOING WHAT THEY CAN: Residents of the quake-hit Tabanli village in the eastern province of Van attempt to dig through the rubble of a collapsed building for survivors — AFPpic

A TEENAGER in Pakistan has shot dead his parents and six siblings because his father could not feed the family, police say. Mohammad Afzal, 19, is believed to have drugged his parents, two sisters, and four brothers, before tying them up and killing them, senior police officer Syed Mehmood Gilani said. Afzal, the eldest of the children, confessed to the murders, saying he killed all of them because he could not break the cycle of poverty that had engulfed the family. "His father was a poor donkey cart owner and he told us that the father had been unable to feed the family twice a day," police said. — AFP

First-ever kill order for shark


1,000 feared dead

Footage shows residents digging people out from under collapsed buildings after quake AN earthquake of 7.3 magnitude rocked eastern Turkey yesterday, with a seimological institute saying up to 1,000 people could lie dead under the rubble of dozens of collapsed buildings. Turkey's strongest earthquake in years struck Van, a large eastern city populated mainly by Kurds. "Five hundred to 1,000 people are estimated to have been killed in the quake," Mustafa Erdik, director of the Kandilli seismological institute

in Istanbul, told a news conference. Earlier reports did not mention casualties but many were feared trapped in collapsed buildings and officials warned they were struggling to assess the extent of the damage. At least 50 people were taken to hospital in Van, Anatolia news agency said. "There is serious human and material loss," said a brief statement from the national disaster body, which is based in the prime minister's office.


have collapsed. We cannot reach anybody," Van Mayor Bekir Kaya told the NTV television in an initial assessment. The government is due to send satellite phones to the region, according to media reports. The army will also send search and rescue teams to the area. Six helicopters, including four ambulance helicopters, as well as C-130 military cargo planes were sent to the area carrying tents, food and medicine.

The US Geological Survey measured the quake at 7.3 magnitude and said an aftershock of 5.6 magnitude had also been registered. The epicentre of the aftershock was 19km northeast of Van. The depth of the initial quake was 7.2km, according to the US seismologists. The depth of the aftershock was 20km, they added. The epicentre of the quake was at Tabanli in Van province, the Kandilli institute said. — AFP


Huge turnout in Tunisia's Arab Spring election Tunisian voters poured into polling stations to vote yesterday in their country's first free election, 10 months after vegetable seller Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in an act of protest that started the Arab Spring uprisings. Bouazizi's dramatic suicide, prompted by despair over poverty and government repression, provoked mass protests which forced President Zine al-Abidine

Around 50 buildings have collapsed including a dormitory, officials said. The most serious damage occurred in Ercis, a district of around 100,000 people, they added. Television footage showed panicked residents using shovels and other digging tools trying to rescue people trapped under a collapsed eight-storey building in the city centre as nightfall approached. "People are panicked. The telecommunication services

to flee Tunisia. Across Tunisia, queues stretching hundreds of metres formed outside polling stations from early in the morning. Yesterday's vote is for an assembly that will draft a new constitution to replace the one Ben Ali manipulated to entrench his power. It will also appoint an interim government and set elections for a new president and parliament. — Reuters

Libya's leaders declare liberation

A ceremony to declare Libya fully liberated began in the eastern city of Benghazi yesterday with thousands of people in Kish Square singing of the national anthem and waving flags, even as questions mounted over the death of Muammar Gaddafi. "Declaration of Liberation. Raise your head high. You are a free Libyan," declared NTC vicechairman Abdel Hafiz Ghoga, as the crowd of tens of thousands echoed his words in unison. "The Libyan people confirm their respect for international

law ... (their respect for) mutual interests and cooperation with all countries, particularly Libya's neighbours," Ghoga said. Yesterday, Libyans queued to see Gaddafi's battered body in the commercial freezer of a supermarket in the city of Misratah, as confusion remained over whether he died in crossfire, on the way to hospital or at the hands of a vengeful rebel following his capture outside his hometown Sirte last Thursday. The gruesome images of Gaddafi's last moments have

triggered an international backlash. The NTC and the rebels who form their army have said Gaddafi was killed "in crossfire", but it appeared more likely someone in the frenzied mob killed him. Human Rights Watch said in a statement that evidence relating to Gaddafi and his son indicated "that they might have been executed after being detained" — which is a possible war crime under international law. — Agencies

THE first kill order ever issued against a shark in Western Australia sparked an unsuccessful 24-hour hunt for the animal that mauled an American man in the third suspected fatal shark attack in Western Australia in less than two months, reports The Australian. Fishery authorities established bait lines in waters off Rottnest Island near where the shark attacked 32-year-old George Thomas Wainwright, after Fisheries Minister Norman Moore ordered the shark be captured and killed because of a threat to public safety.

24 hours to evacuate Bangkok A GRIM-FACED Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has warned Bangkok's 12 million residents they have until tomorrow to move their belongings to high ground before huge floodwaters hit the capital. Several of Bangkok's northern suburbs have already been inundated as Thailand's army sent troops to protect industrial estates on the city's outskirts. Bangkok officials are worried that up to 40 per cent of the city could be inundated with next weekend's peak tides, reports the Brisbane Times.

Star's brother homeless WHILE Madonna (pic) is living it up in her New York City townhouse and her homes in London, her brother is reportedly homeless, living under a bridge on the streets of Michigan. The star's second eldest brother, Anthony Ciccone, told the Michigan Messenger he lost his job at the family's Ciccone Vineyard in Suttons Bay, Michigan, more than a year ago and has been destitute ever since. The 55-yearold says he now collects cans and bottles and does odd jobs for income, reports

10 lifestyle


The Malay Mail Monday 24 october, 2011

Powder painting Sacred art of 'Kolam' drawn to bring prosperity

By Karina Foo

pressive and elaborate designs in a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns. While we may only see Kolam during Deepavali, it is an everyday sacred art ritual for the people of India as it is believed to bring prosperity to homes. Drawn by women in front of their houses at dawn to ceremonially represent beauty and sacrifice, even when the designs are blown off by wind or washed away by rain, a new Kolam

will be made the very next day. Sometimes, cowdung is used to wax the floors to allow a more stable grip for the rice and to give a contrast to the white powder used. In Malaysia, you’ll see Kolam in many shopping centres and homes during Deepavali, but one special Kolam that literally stands out is the 3DKolam named “Unconventional Greetings” at Pavilion KL. Truly remarkable, this structure of artistry took three days, 100kg of rice in nine different hues, other embellishments and 30 talented stu-

WITH Deepavali just around the corner, Hindus around the world are preparing to celebrate this beautiful festival of colour and lights. While some areas will be bustling with shopping and Indian temples light up to exhibit their magnificent splendour at night, one thing that will stand out in this festivity is the enigmatic Kolam. This South Indian style of painting that uses TRAD white and coloured I One A TION MEE rice powders, always TS cadem y's 3D CONtEM boasts the most im'Kolam PORAR Y ART ' : Pavi lion K L


how to play

Friday'S solution

Sudoku X is a simple variation of Sudoku with the only difference being the squares in white (which make up the numeral X) need to tally from 1 to 9 along with the remaining coloured squares.

and T he

CELEBRATIONS GALORE: Be enthralled by classical Indian dancing at the Bukit Bintang entrance dents from The One Academy to create. The outcome is a mindblowing avant-garde design that measures 20ft (6m) in diameter with a dignified peacock that is believed to attract the Goddess of Wealth. An oil lamp surrounds the ostentatious peacock and this 3D piece symbolises the triumph of good against evil. The water and flowers depict the importance and value of nature while signifying the

balance of the mind, body and soul. With all these traditional symbols together in an innovative but unconventional style of Kolam, it brings to life the true essence of the Festival of Lights. “Uncoventional Greetings” is located at Level 6 of Pavilion KL and is part of the shopping centre's “Art of Deepavali” celebrations where shoppers will enjoy plenty of exciting festive events and activities from now until Deepavali on Wednes-

day. Classical Indian dancers will also be performing at the Bukit Bintang entrance at 5pm on that day. The Pavilion Junior Club will be giving henna art drawing for its members, aged between four to 12 years of age at Level 6 from 10am to 10pm daily until Wednesday. For more information, call Pavilion KL’s concierge at 03-2118-8833 or for real time updates, go to Pavilion KL’s Facebook page and Twitter at @ Pavilion_KL.

Why Indians exclaim, 'OH MY GOLD!'

OMG! Oh My... G o l d ! It’s raining jewellery this Deepavali in a new five-part series, OH MY GOLD! that explores India’s love for everything bling. The series delves into India’s rich cultural fabric to showcase the country’s jewellery, traditions and the art of jewellery making. Actress and model, Lisa Ray will take you on this unforgettable journey throughout the Indian cities of Jaipur, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kochi and Chennai to discover the distinct and diverse jewellery styles that are inherent to each place. Get to know everything about buying, wearing and flaunting gold and precious gems — and why the rest of the world is crazy about jewellery. The vivacious Ray finds herself in the company of some of India’s finest jewellers and their amazing handiwork. She is immediately infatuated with gold, making her quite a gold expert and a true GOLD-den girl at the end of the series! Ray goes on a jewellery hunt in the Pink City of Jaipur where it’s the ulti-

mate jewellery destination and home to the jewellery traditions of Jadau and Meenakari. In Hyderabad, the wonderful world of pearls are discovered and it seems that they are everywhere in this pearly city! When they say, “Diamonds are

a girl’s best friend”, then you’ll find your BFFs (Best Friends Forever) in Delhi as it’s the divine city of diamonds. The beautiful stone is used for nail art, hairdos and trousseaus and will start your new long-term fling with the bling. The cities that hold palaces of gold — Kochi and Chennai, are where Ray immerses herself into a population that embraces and uses this precious metal for life and the after life. From ornate necklaces and earrings embel-

lished with colourful gemstones to ostentatious and grandiose gold masterpieces, Ray unabashedly tries on everything! You’ll be surprised by the ubiquity of gold in India and other unexpected discoveries each episode will uncover. Think you love gold as much as the Indians do? Only if you use it to adorn palaces, clothes, mobile phones and even food! • OH MY GOLD! Premieres on Thursday Oct 27 at 10pm with encores every Saturdays at 4pm and Sundays at 12pm.

ALL THAT GLITTERS: Vivacious Ray as seen in the programme

lifestyle 11

The Malay Mail Monday 24 october, 2011

More than an ordinary spa Story and pix by Karina Foo DOES your neck ache? Are your fingernails looking more like eagle claws? And, can your eyebags land you a role as the second Master Po in Kung Fu Panda? If you answered “Yes” to any one of these, then you’re long overdue for some heavenly pampering at Ozmosis Health & Day Spa, an all-in-one beauty and massage spa that offers everything to eliminate those Monday blues. The moment you enter Ozmosis, you immediately forget about those deadlines and that toxic colleague because you already feel like Royalty. Everyone is welcoming and hospitable, (and not because they know you’re a VIP), but you can tell that they genuinely care about your needs as they ask you about any bodily aches and pains as well as any specific requests you may have. More than just a spa But don’t think this is just

your regular spa with only massages, foot reflexology and the odd facial thrown in for the sake of beauty treatments, Ozmosis has fully-trained therapists and masseuses and each of them specialise in a range of services to help rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. From aromatic massages, body scrubs and thermal wraps, body sculpting, mud wraps, aromatherapy and salt baths, steam treatments, stress relief packages, body and bikini line waxing, paraffin wax therapy for the hands and feet, manicures and pedicures, and much more — where else can you go to escape the daily grind and get your feet and nails done, followed by maybe a facial and finishing if off with a massage? Speaking about the latter, this writer opted for a basic Shiatsu pressure point massage, where my masseuse, Ratna, "de-knotted” all the tight muscles or something I like to refer to as “digging to fix it.” She applied just the right amount of pressure on the tight areas to

loosen them up and instantly made me feel lighter and more energetic. Hot Lava Shell Therapy While Ozmosis has all kinds of massages ranging from pregnancy massages to the warm stone body massage, I was told about its new Lava shell therapy. Don’t fret, it doesn’t involve pouring hot lava over your body to melt away all those back problems. This method of massage is similar to using hot stones, but uses heated tiger striped clam shells to massage the body. “The heat of the shell will help ease away tense muscles. It’s heated when a sachet containing the lava gel made of algae, minerals and dried sea kelp, is inserted into the rubber cap at the bottom of the shell together with an activator liquid. “The chemical reaction between the activator and the lava gel sachet creates heat that can last a couple of hours. That makes it that’s more convenient and less time consuming than hot stones, where the

therapist has to constantly heat the stones up every half an hour to an hour,” explained Anna Thomas, PR and marketing executive of Gastrodome Management Services, representing Ozmosis Health & Day Spa. A product of the Philippines, the shell is used for a variety of massage strokes. For example, the knob at the back of the shell can be used to work away at tight knots while the smooth surface of the shell is to apply gentle pressure to calves and arms while the narrower edge of the shell is to de-stress tense shoulder blades or between the toes. Go ahead Little Mermaid, give it a go! Skin deep beauty If your skin has become lacklustre and you want to put some life back into it, the spa’s facials and beauty treatments

ALL-IN-ONE DE-STRESS CENTRE: Ozmosis has all your needs thought out and prepared for

are one of the kind that uses Dermalogica products, developed by the International Dermal Institute. Not only will it guarantee that you’re being treated by dermatologist recommended products but it’ll help to achieve the best results

for healthier and more radiant skin. Ozmosis Health & Day Spa is located at the first floor, 14 & 16, Jalan Telawi Dua, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Opening hours are from 10am to 8pm daily. Call 03-2287 0380 for more information or visit www.

12 lifestyle

Uncommon gathering at OctTwt

LAST Saturday, celebrities, politicians and almost 3,000 Malaysians from all walks of life came together in what became a world record for the October Tweet Fest (OctTwtFest) — a gathering of Malaysian Twitterers (users of the microblogging service). It was a fun occasion, and one that saw personalities and celebrities mingle freely minus the pretensions, which was true to the belief that everyone was on a level playing field on Twitter. Those who turned up for OctTwtFest were politicians Khairy Jamaluddin and Nurul Izzah and actresses Fazura and Maria Farida. Performances

Hear, Say


twitter @klubbkiddkl came from a broad range of acts including Altimet, Joe Flizzow, Amir Jahari, Hujan,

PERFORMERS: Hujan (left) and Joe

“invited” to the event. What they failed to understand was that it was an open event organised by volunteers who simply wanted to get together to break the world record (which they did) for the world’s largest Twitter-user gathering. Perhaps it was the lack of VIP treatment that may have turned them off, but at least one so-called celebrity was chided for his comments, while another had others shaking their heads BOTH SIDES NOW: Khairy (left) and Nurul Izzah popped in at her actions. To the politicians from both sides of Azenders and many had to rain on the the divide, artistes more. event’s parade. and celebrities With the many They even tried to who showed up a p p e a r a n c e s , discourage their and took time p e r f o r m a n c e s fans from going. off to value and happy Their motive their fans, socialising, there was not known, kudos for being were several but it is believed unassuming artistes who just that their effort to and for being put a damper on willing to things stemmed participate. from the artistes To the divataking offence wannabes… at not being FAZURA: Attended as well oh well… formally

Wrong place, wrong time FASHA SANDHA to blame, again? Not really, it appears this time she’s a victim of circumstance. Popular television series Juvana co-stars, Izreen Azminda and Johan Asa’ari were involved in a public exchange that saw Fasha’s name being dragged into the fray. Apparently, the whole game of public figures not wanting to confirm they’re an item has resulted in both being seen as platonic friends. However when Johan began acting alongside Fasha for Cinta Elysa, jealousy reared it’s green head and Izreen proclaimed to

‘Ghostbird’ Zee Avi to appear here

the media that he has refused to talk to her since. She insists that he has changed, that he reneged on his promise to be engaged while he insists that he never was in a serious relationship with her, doesn’t comprehend why she’s throwing such a fuss and that she is just being jealous of Fasha. A n d Fasha? At the wrong place, at the wrong time FASHA: Victim of for this one. circumstance

LOCAL lass done well in the States, Zee Avi will be back in Malaysia for her Zee Avi Homecoming Tour 2011. Organisers Livescape has announced that the Sarawakian will perform in three locations, namely in Kuala Lumpur at KL Live,

the girl called him worse than a monkey, arrogant, uneducated and a playboy on Twitter. Their relationship seems to be as good as over for Mamat, who apart from having problems with his work, has also failed two other relationships, both of which appear to point to him as the reason for the break-ups.

AFTER word that the only station to play 100% Malaysian music, XFM may have its plug pulled for reasons unknown, one more station may be heading the same way. Apparently, also going the way of the dodo will be RTM’s Muzik FM. Of course to date, no one has confirmed the closure of the station, but rumours have indicated that it will be replaced by another. It is sad to note that


KL to be zapped by fabulousity

Square peg fails to fit in round holes COMIC group Sepah may have rebranded themselves. The trio may continue as a duo as Jepp and Shuib have found Mamat to be too hot to handle. Mamat,however,isunperturbed and continues to rub people the wrong way. In a very public attack by exgirlfriend, Adda — formerly from the group Butterfly —

Life Centre (Nov 17), Penang (Nov 19) and Kuching at Damai Central, Damai Beach (Nov 26). After the release of her album Ghostbird which displays a more mature sense of musicianship, it will be interesting to finally get a full show from the petite ukeleleplucking singer.

Second rad to go the way

ZEE AVI: Flying home soon

KIMORA: Coming over

THERE will be an air of fabulousity when Kimora Lee Simmons touches down in Kuala Lumpur in less than two weeks. The fab diva had tweeted her intent on coming to Malaysia a week or so ago, but it appears that details have now revealed that she will indeed be here. Sadly enough, we have been given no details of a public meet for fans as we have only been informed of a get-together with the media.

HANGING UP THEIR MICS: (From lef WERE you at the Westlife concert when the Irish lads came by and took us all down memory lane with their hits? If you weren’t, begin kicking yourself because that may well have been the last time the group was performing together as they have announced that

The Malay Mail Monday 24 OCTOBER, 2011



English garden wedding Actress and TV personality marries former rock band guitarist

dio station y of the dodo avenues for local music seem to be getting lesser, and undoubtedly the biggest losers at the end of the day will be the music industry as a whole. This definitely requires the push of the panic button as the model for the industry has changed in recent times. More and more acts are being produced independently and need more platforms than ever to help spread their music.

CELEBRITY weddings may be lavish and often extravagant, and some have even pushed the envelope to mimic circus acts in an effort to be different from the hoi polloi. For actress and TV personality Yasmin Hani Richardson, 32, there was no such occasion, but a simple and meaningful affair as she tied the knot with former Black Rose guitarist Sha’arin Mohommed Razali at the Duchess Place, Jalan Ampang on Friday. The simple English garden themed indoor

d Sha'arin N: Yasmin (left) an SHOW OF AFFECTIO wedding was a small affair (in comparison to most celebrity weddings) that had some 350 invited guests joining in for the cosy, intimate dinner to celebrate the couple's union. Dressed in a simple creation by Hatta Dolmat, Hani, as she is more affectionately known, looked radiant and smiled demurely throughout. "Sha’arin is a very positive person and

e to split

more importantly, he’s one that puts family first and those are the qualities I look for in a husband,” she said. The couple offered few words to the media, of which only a handful were invited. While no one was turned away, seats were limited at the rumoured RM100 per plate table and that raised the ire of some media who decided to crash the wedding to show their dissatisfaction. Still, that and the heavy

ft) Nicky, Mark, Shane and Kian after 14 years, it was time to call it quits. Yes, Westlife will be no more after their greatest hits compilation and farewell tour next year. Let’s hope they don’t go the way of Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block and attempt a comeback after that.

QUIET ALLURE: The gown was made by Hatta Dolmat

THIRD TIME LUCKY: Sha'arin saying his oath

INKING THE PACT: Yasmin signing on the dotted line downpour outside, did not dampen the festivities and the air of merriment. With two children from his previous marriage — Siti Narissa Edora, 25, and Armand, 23, from his first marriage, the choice of Duchess Place was a little suspect considering that it was also the venue of celebration for his second failed marriage to actress Ida Nerina. “We hope that it will last forever,” said Sha’arin, who also

offered only these few words. Still, it was one of the few celebrity marriages to actually capture the mood of nuptials, and guests were even feted by performances from Atilia, Salamiah Hassan, Amir Jahari and Lokman. Among celebrity friends spotted were actor and actress Farid Kamil and Diana Danielle as well as Hani’s best friends Dynas Mokhtar, Aishah Sinclair, Sazzy Falak and several other recognisable faces such as Ezlynn, Jojo Struys, and Diana Rafar. The couple tied the knot earlier at a quick affair with a mas kahwin of RM80 at the same location. Yasmin received a dowry or hantaran of RM32,000 as well as seven trays of gifts which included a ring, sirih junjung, a bag, fragrances, sweets, a prayer mat and a Quran. She reciprocated with nine trays of gifts including a ring, sirih junjung, a watch, fragrances, fruits, sweets, a camera, a prayer mat and a Quran. Donning a simple creation by Qamilla, the akad nikah or solemnisation ceremony attended by a small gathering, was meaningful and set the stage for the beautiful reception later in the night. —By JOE LEE


the malay mail

Monday 24 OCTOBER, 2011

MONday 24 OCTOBER, 2011

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the malay mail

Monday 24 OCTOBER, 2011

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Monday 24 OCTOBER, 2011 M515










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the malay mail









Monday 24 OCTOBER, 2011





03-7495 1273














The Malay Mail Monday 24 OCTOBER, 2011



WE DID IT! KLHC players and officials celebating their win â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Pic: RAZAK GHAZALI

KLHC hattrick City boys show fighting spirit to down TNB


IT was business as usual for KL Hockey Club (KLHC) as they wrapped up their 2011 Malaysia Hockey League campaign by winning the league title, the charity shield and the TNB Cup. At the National Hockey Stadium at Bukit Jalil yesterday, KLHC was made to work hard for the TNB Cup against Tenaga Nasional Bhd as they came back from two goals down to end the match 3-2. "The half-time talk made a difference. We were told to tighten up at the back and stay composed," said veteran forward Chua Boon Huat. "We never gave up but it was difficult having been two goals down. I'm glad we managed to stay composed until the end to

Results Yesterday Final KLHC 3 TNB 3rd/4th placing Maybank 0 Sapura

2 3

ROll of honours Man-of-the-Match Chua Boon Huat (KLHC) Fairplay Maybank Player of the Tournament Azlan Misron (KLHC) Best Goalkeeper Roslan Jamaluddin (Klhc) Top Goalscorer Faizal Saari (TNB)

finish in style." TNB went into attacking mode from the first whistle and were awarded a penalty corner in the 5th minute, which Faisal Saari converted to score his 19th goal of the season.

Amir Farid Ahmad Fauzi gave TNB a two-goal lead just three minutes later. TNB looked like they were going to stun KLHC and even threatened to score more goals but KLHC came back strong in the second-half. The half was equally played until Muhammad Amerullah Abdul Aziz pulled back in the 59th minute. From then on, it was all KLHC. Chua Boon Huat made it 2-2 via a penalty stroke in the 62nd minute before Muhammad Razie Abdul Rahim sent the KLHC bench and fans into a frenzy by converting a penalty corner after the final horn. "We knew we could wrap things up instead of going into the extra-time but we didn't want to be too eager to finish early," added Boon Huat.


No stopping the Flying Sikh

03-7495 1273

ACE rally driver Karamjit Singh has put himself in the hunt for the overall title of the Malaysian Rally Championship 2011. A fine performance by the 48-year-old Karamjit over the weekend at Round 3 of the championship in Tanjong Bidara, Malacca has put him within reach of the overall crown. "That's they joy of rallying. When everything goes your way and the car responds to your every touch, you know you are in for a comfortable drive. I am happy that I have won both rounds here in Malacca which has kept me in the hunt for the overall title.

"I have won the overall title 11 times and I want to make it a dozen," said Karamjit, better known as the ''Flying Sikh''. It is now only a two-point gap separating him and the leader Muhammad Rafiq Udhaya as they head for the fourth and final showdown in two months' time in Negri Sembilan. Karamjit has 28 points but Muhammad Rafiq, who finished second best to Karamjit on both days in Malacca, is still the overall leader on 30 points. Karamjit and co-driver Vivek Ponnusamy were the undisputed winners taking their Mitsubishi Lancer past every-

one with ease. Muhammad Rafiq and Sean Gregory in their Subaru Impreza just could not handle the pace. Karamjit's total winning time for the round was 1'53:19.7secs for the 125km race. Muhammad Rafiq finished 13 minutes behind Karamjit in 2'06:53.9secs. Third overall was young driver Kenneth Koh and Nicole Gill in their Proton Satria in 2'19:28.3secs. A total of 25 cars took part in the rally. For the first time in the championship, two environment-friendly fuelled cars took part in the race, a Daihatsu Tomaso and a Perodua Kelisa.



The Terengganu Football Fan Club (Peteh) expects more than 10,000 Terengganu fans to give moral suppport to the Turtles when they meet Negri Sembilan in the Malaysia Cup — Bernama

The Malay Mail Monday 24 OCTOBER, 2011

Petaling Jaya: FOOTBALL/ Malaysia Cup

The real McCoy End is near for fake football tickets, over-printing and touting, says MSL

NEW security measures for the selling of tickets for the 2012 M-League season are in the pipeline. Malaysian Super League Sdn Bhd chief executive office Stuart Ramalingam said the new security features would protect and benefit the States, clubs and the fans. "We are in the midst of developing a strategic ticketing solution and we hope to formally introduce it before the start of the 2012 season. “We know the limitations in the current system and have taken note of all the concerns raised by the States, fans and even our sponsors," he added. Fans wanting to watch the Terengganu-Selangor semifinal second-leg clash at the Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah Stadium on Saturday,

By Haresh Deol

and the Terengganu-Kelantan first-leg quarterfinal at the same venue two weeks ago, cried foul over the lack of tickets and were later forced to buy tickets from touts who sold it at a higher price. Fake tickets and old Super League tickets were also being sold on the streets as touts claimed they obtained them from insiders. Also in question was the "over-printing" of tickets as evident in the FA Cup final in June. Ma ny a r e a f r a i d t h e same fiasco will transpire as Terengganu play Negri Sembilan in the Malaysia Cup final at the Shah Alam Stadium this Saturday (Oct 29).

Meanwhile, Terengganu are adamant of making 2011 memorable after winning the FA Cup earlier this year. Terengganu edged Selangor 2-1 to win 4-1 on aggregate en route to booking a berth in the final. Negri Sembilan also managed a similar 2-1 win over T-Team to secure a 6-3 aggregate in the other semifinal. “This is our year. We are in the final and we hope to make it memorable,” said Terengganu coach Irfan Bakti. “I don’t blame (Selangor coach) P. Maniam for placing six to seven forwards in that match. They needed the goals and had nothing to lose.” Irfan was also confident his striker Abdul Hadi Yahya would place his name on the score sheet soon.

dashED dream: Terengganu's Joseph Kalang Tie (right) tries to get the ball from Selangor's Safiq Rahim — Pic: Shahir Omar

“I’m not worried (about his lack of form). He may score in the final.”

zero to hero: Terengganu's Abdul Manaf Mamat (centre) celebrates scoring a goal in the first-half — Pic: Shahir Omar

The Malay Mail Monday 24 OCTOBER, 2011

Queen Elizabeth II has sent her congratulations to the New Zealand rugby team after they won the 2011 World Cup, beating France 8-7 in the final Auckland — AFP

AUCKLAND: rugby/ world cup

Results YESTERDAY FINAL New Zealand 8 France 7 FRIDAY THIRD PLACING Australia 21 Wales 18

NEW ZEALAND captain Richie McCaw paid tribute to his players after they survived the most nerve-racking of scares to end 24 years of pain and clinch their second Rugby World Cup with an 8-7 win over France at Eden Park yesterday. "We had to dig deeper than ever before and it's hard to get it to sink in, but I am so proud of every single of one them," said McCaw. "We couldn't have been under more pressure at times but we stuck to our guns and got there in the end." It was a second-half penalty by fourth choice flyhalf Stephen Donald that proved decisive and McCaw, playing his 103rd Test, saluted the replacements who had been drafted into his injury-hit squad. "When we had problems the next guy stood up and the next guy stood up, and I take my hat off to the guy (Donald, who replaced Aaron Cruden in the final). But it's not about

FEARSOME WARRIORS: All Blacks including captain Richie McCaw (centre) perform a victory Haka behind the Webb Ellis Cup after the final — AFP photo

Nervy champions All Blacks under tremendous pressure before winning second World Cup one guy, everybody played as well as they can." In 1999 and 2007, France had wrecked New Zealand's dreams of glory with dramatic come-from-behind victories. And they looked as if they might do so again as they battled to within a single point of the All Blacks with half an hour of the match remaining. But in this reenactment of the inaugural 1987 final, Les Bleus once again came off second best as a Tony Woodcock try and Donald's penalty gave New Zealand the edge over a converted try by Thierry Dusautoir. France were unrecognisable from the team who had struggled in the earlier rounds and New Zealand had to dig deeper than they would ever have imagined to get their hands on the Webb Ellis Cup in front of a delirious home crowd. France captain Dusautoir, voted Man-of-the-Match, said: "We read a lot of stuff this week but I thought we showed

we know how to play rugby. We are really disappointed. I am really proud of my boys and what they did in the World Cup." With both teams playing their third World Cup final, it was clear it was going to be a passionate encounter from the moment the French advanced on the All Blacks' haka. The collisions were shuddering and both teams lost their flyhalves before the interval, when only a single unconverted try by prop Woodcock separated the sides. France got their first penalty attempt on goal two minutes into the second-half, when McCaw was caught handling in the ruck. But scrumhalf Dimitri Yachvili's attempt was just wide. New Zealand won a penalty in front of the posts two minutes later. Donald took over the kicking duties and nailed his attempt to put his team 8-0 ahead. But France struck back almost immediately. A break

by replacement flyhalf François Trinh-Duc opened up New Zealand defence and France made several attempts on the line before Dusautoir raced in to touch down beside the posts. Trinh-Duc converted to make it 8-7 and when Donald put the restart out on the full, the All Blacks' anxiety was palpable. New Zealand head coach Graham Henry went to his bench and the out-of-form Piri Weepu was replaced by Andy Ellis, hooker Keven Mealamu gave way to Andrew Hore and Ali Williams took Sam Whitelock's place in the second row. Les Bleus sensed another famous upset and took every opportunity to apply pressure. With 15 minutes remaining, the All Blacks were behind on territory and possession when Trinh-Duc had a chance to put the French in front on the scoreboard. But his 48-metre penalty attempt was also wide of the mark.


England skipper Moody quits international scene ENGLAND rugby coach Martin Johnson praised his captain Lewis Moody yesterday after the flanker announced earlier in the day he was stepping down from international rugby. "Lewis has been a great servant to English rugby and has literally put his body on the line more times than he

can probably remember," Johnson said of the 2003 World Cup winner. "To play in two World Cup finals and then lead his country in a third campaign is a great testament to him. "He will be missed on and off the field. On behalf of everyone in the England squad, players, coaches and

management, we wish him all the best for the rest of his career." England's 2011 World Cup campaign ended in ignominy with a quarterfinal defeat to France, and their tournament was marked by ill-discipline on and off the pitch. Moody, who won 71 caps,

said: "If England want to start planning for a successful World Cup in four years' time, it is my belief they should be appointing a new captain from February. "Even if they still wanted me to carry on, there's no way I would last another four years," the 33-year-old added. — Reuters




Brilliant Tseng victorious at home

WORLD No 1 Tseng Yani blew away the rest of the field to capture her seventh LPGA Tour victory of the season yesterday at the inaugural Sunrise Taiwan Championship, thrilling her home fans. The 22-year-old Tseng shot a final-round six-under 66 to finish at 16-under and record a five-stroke victory over Spain's Azahara Munoz and Amy Yang of South Korea at Sunrise Golf & Country Club in Yangmei. Going into the final round Tseng held a two-stroke lead over Anna Nordqvist of Sweden. The duo exchanged birdies on the second but Tseng's dominant play, which included six birdies and zero bogeys, propelled her to her 12th career LPGA title, in front of her proud watching grandmother. "It's incredible," said an elated Tseng. "I wish this year would never end. I wish I could win more tournaments. "I have two tournaments left, and I will do my best. I'm really happy what I did this year, and

I'll so keep learning and get more experience and try to make more history." The Spaniard Munoz posted her second consecutive top three performance, while Yang's runner-up finish was her second of the season. Behind them was Morgan Pressel, who shot the round of the tournament with a sevenunder-par 65 to finish just off the pace. But the day was all about Tseng, who said her grandmother had insisted on coming to watch. "My grandmother was on 18 hole. Yesterday my mum told me, 'Grandma is going to go see you tomorrow'. I was like, 'No, no, no, there's too many people'," she said. "I was very happy to see her because she never takes airplanes to go to other countries, never in her life. "So she always watches in front of the TV and now she can see me play on the 18th hole, so I was really, really emotional and very happy." — AFP


Cibulkova beats Kanepi for her first WTA title SLOVAKIA'S eighth seed Dominika Cibulkova (pic) battled back from a set down to win her first title beating Kaia Kanepi of Estonia in the final of the joint WTA/ATP US$1.5 million (RM4.7m) Kremlin Cup yesterday. Cibulkova won a tough three-setter 3-6, 7-6 (7-1), 7-5 in two hours 40 minutes to record her first ever win over Kanepi in their third meeting. "I've been close to this win for a long time and I'm so happy to finally clinch my first title," Cibulkova said. "It's the end of the season, which is probably my career's best. It just couldn't finish better as I finally got my first WTA win after finishing runner-up in Linz last week. I'm really happy now!" Kanepi, 26, who won her first WTA title last year in Palermo, looked slightly more focused from the start breaking halfway into the opening set for a comfortable 4-1 lead. Cibulkova, who lost all three of her previous WTA finals, including her runner-up finish in Linz last week, failed to close the gap leaving Kanepi with a one-set lead after 41 minutes. No big serves were produced in the second set, which went to a tiebreak with Bratislava resident Cibulkova proving the more accurate to level at

one set all after one hour 37 minutes. In the deciding set the 22-year-old Slovak produced three breaks to win the set and the match. Cibulkova received a silver trophy and US$118,000, while runner-up Kanepi pocketed US$64,000 prize purse. Meanwhile, Serbia's top seed Janko Tipsarevic won the ATP title of the Kremlin Cup tournament beating second seed and his compatriot Viktor Troicki 6-4, 6-2. — AFP



presstalk DAILY MAIL

Barca defenders wanted by Spurs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR scouts are reportedly monitoring the progress of young Barcelona defenders Marc Bartra and Martin Montoya. 20-year-old centreback Bartra was on a list of potentials Harry Redknapp was considering over the summer to provide cover for the perennially injured Ledley King while Spain U-21 rightback Montoya, also 20, would be ideal defensive cover for Kyle Walker. The talented Barcelona pair appear to be stalling on signing new contracts in Spain, having made just five appearances between them at the Nou Camp. According to radio station Talksport, Tottenham have offered the players, who are rated at around €3 million each, attractive personal terms.


Walcott looks to extend contract THEO WALCOTT is ready to snub a big money move to Juventus, by signing a new contract with Arsenal. The Gunners winger will be entering the final 18 months of his contract in the New Year, and Emirates chiefs are desperate to avoid a repeat of this summer's situation where they were held to ransom by Samir Nasri, who was eventually sold to Manchester City. But Walcott has recently signalled his intent to renew his current deal with Arsenal, which would appear to spell the end of any reported move to Serie A or anywhere else. "I will listen to what Arsenal have to say. Hopefully we will sit down with the club soon and talk things over," said the England man.


Costly rent hike set to hit Everton hard HUDSON CAPITAL PROPERTIES, who own cashstrapped Everton's state-ofthe-art Finch Farm training facilities, have put the ground up for sale at £15.3 million. Everton pay an estimated £1.1 million a year for Finch Farm, but they will now be paying £1.25 million annual rent and that rises by a compound 2.5 per cent interest every season. Supremo Bill Kenwright claims the Toffees have an option to buy back the training ground, with the first opportunity to do so falling in 2012 and then every five years after that — but they would have to pay the going rate. The club have signed up for a 50 year lease as tenants and by the time the lease runs out, they will have paid a staggering £80 million to use their own facilities.

Leaders Bayern Munich conceded their first Bundesliga goal in more than 12 hours of football as they slumped to a 2-1 defeat at Hanover — Reuters

The Malay Mail Monday 24 OCTOBER, 2011


Singing the Blues Helguson on the

HEIDAR HELGUSON'S penalty secured QPR's first home league win of the season against a Chelsea side reduced to nine men by the first-half dismissals of Jose Bosingwa and Didier Drogba yesterday. Bosingwa was dismissed in the 33rd minute for a foul on Shaun Wright-Phillips while Drogba walked after a 41st minute lunge on Adel Taarabt in an explosive west London derby. Having already fallen behind to Helguson's ninth minute spotkick, Chelsea were unable to force an equaliser and remain third, six points behind leaders Manchester City, after their second league defeat under Andre Villas-Boas. The Blues fought with nine men but QPR held on to savour a first win over their near neighbours since 1995. As memorable as the victory was, it was impossible to escape the fact that Chelsea had triggered their own downfall. Manchester City's 6-1 victory over Manchester United earlier in the day meant Villas-Boas knew his side would move to second place if they secured victory at Loftus Road. The first sign that the derby

spot to shock nine-man Chelsea

stunning victory: Helguson celebrates scoring from the penalty spot — AFP photo

would go QPR's way came when Helguson chased a long ball into the Chelsea area and David Luiz found himself unable to resist the temptation to push the forward instead of shepherding him to safety. The force applied was minimal and the QPR striker was quick to go down, but there was enough contact to allow referee Chris Foy to point to the penalty spot and, after claiming the ball from Taarabt, Helguson converted. Worse was to come when Bosingwa was sent-off in the 33rd minute. Taarabt released Wright-Phillips to run behind

the Chelsea backline from near the halfway and, beaten for pace, Bosingwa attempted to halt the winger's run by tugging at his shirt. Foy decided it was both a foul and that Bosingwa had denied a goal scoring opportunity, although Chelsea claimed there were covering defenders. The last thing the visitors then needed was for someone else to lose their head. But Drogba was unable to rein in his frustration and after once again conceding possession, the forward attempted to recover his mistake with an ugly two-footed lunge

on Taarabt. Foy's reaction was immediate and with just 41 minutes gone, Chelsea were down to nine men. Chelsea responded well with Frank Lampard coming close with a header immediately after the restart, serving notice they were still in the game. Openings appeared within the Chelsea defence and had QPR showed more composure in front of goal, they could have made the game safe from one of a number of breakaways. Joey Barton fired wide and Taarabt was denied by a John Obi Mikel challenge but the best opportunity was squandered by Helguson who volleyed over from close range with 13 minutes remaining. A goal then would have spared home nerves during the frantic final few minutes when Chelsea again came close to claiming an equaliser when Nicolas Anelka headed straight at Paddy Kenny from close range. But QPR held on to move into the top half of the table while Chelsea were left to count the cost of losing their heads in the first-half. — AFP

BARCELONA: football/ primera liga

Amazing Sevilla goalkeeper Varas prefers to be cool after stunning Barca

LIONEL MESSI and his Barcelona teammates must be having some sleepless nights after they were held to a 0-0 draw by Sevilla at Nou Camp on Saturday. And the man responsible for this is Sevilla goalkeeper Javi Varas who produced an extraordinary performance by executing five amazing saves and a penalty by Messi in stoppage time to the disappointment of nearly 90,000 fans. But Varas preferred to stay modest with his memorable performance by opting to share the credit among his teammates. "The attitude of the team is commendable. The credit belongs to everyone, as everyone tried to contribute, so my peers must not be detracted," said Varas. "To get a draw here is very complex, but all the players prevented Barca from scor-

ing, and this is very good." Varas then commented the importance of Sevilla's next two games, both at their home Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan. "Home is where we will decide our league position and in these two games, the objective is to get two wins," he said. Sevilla, still unbeaten, are now fourth in the table. Manager Marcelino congratulated his players especially Varas. "Barca dominated in the second-half but our goalkeeper was extraordinary," he said. "It seems impossible to play against this club (Barca) without conceding a goal, if the goalkeeper is not the best. We came to play against a team who had scored 21 goals at home in the league and we kept a clean sheet." On the controversial penalty decision and the

subsequent red card to striker Frederic Kanoute in injury time, Marcelino said: "These decisions are complicated and would be a shame that we lost at the last minute. "I have enough information to explain what happened to Kanoute." Barca manager Josep ''Pep'' Guardiola accepted the draw — highlighting their opponents' defensive resolve. "We must congratulate the Sevilla defence and tonight's (Saturday's) biggame player Varas," he told AS. "We played well but we must get back up and kick back on Tuesday (against Granada away)." Guardiola also touched on the result, where he admitted the conservative nature of Sevilla was too resistant to Barca pressure during the 90 minutes,


Betis 0 Sociedad 0 Atle Madrid 1 Osasuna 3

Vallecano Getafe Mallorca Zaragoza

2 0 1 0

R. Santander 0 S. Gijon 2 Malaga 0 Barcelona 0

Espanyol Grenada R. Madrid Sevilla

1 0 4 0


despite his side typically dominating possession. "It's never easy to play against a team that play too defensively, with nine players at the back, as there is no room," he said. "Sevilla had only one attack at our goal, but we also saw that we could score a goal on the counter." Barca now second in the table following the draw, after Real Madrid's convincing 4-0 victory over Malaga in another match means they go top of the standings.


Allegri plays down Boateng switch AC MILAN coach Massimiliano Allegri played down the significance of his decision to bring on KevinPrince Boateng as the Ghana midfielder starred in the 4-3 comeback victory against Lecce yesterday. Boateng was introduced as a second-half substitute and within 19 minutes had completed a hattrick to wipe out Milan's 3-0 deficit at the break. Colombian centreback Mario Yepes added the winner seven minutes from time to complete the stunning turnaround. But Allegri tried to play down his influence in bringing Boateng into the fray. "I make changes with conviction but it's the pitch that shows whether I make mistakes or not," he said. "We pushed more (in the second-half) and he made us more dangerous up front. "I'm happy for Boateng. He's been criticised in the last few weeks about his private life. "He's 24-years-old. He needs to grow up but managing your private life is not easy." Boateng came under fire in the Italian Press for a late night outing but the player said he has put the incident behind him. "It was unbelievable. We came back and I scored three goals," he said. "I was a bit injured on the knee and I think the coach wanted to give me a bit of a rest but we didn't play well in the first-half so he told me to go out and try my best. "I just try to work and play well, there are always negative people but I just look forward." — AFP


Cagliari 0 Napoli Inter Milan 1 Chievo Lecce 3 AC Milan Parma 1 Atalanta Roma 1 Palermo Siena 2 Cesena Udinese 3 Novara Fiorentina 2 Catania Juventus 2 Genoa

0 0 4 2 0 0 0 2 2

The Malay Mail Monday 24 OCTOBER, 2011

I'm still gobsmacked — Manchester City defender Micah Richards


'Worst day ever'



Fergie stunned after humiliating defeat at home

SIR ALEX FEGUSON slammed his Manchester United players after suffering the heaviest defeat of his 54-year career against rivals Manchester City yesterday. Ferguson was left shellshocked after City ran riot against 10-man United, finishing 6-1 winners to score their biggest win at Old Trafford in 85 years. "It was our worst ever day," said Ferguson. "It's the worst result in my history, ever. Even as a player I don't think I ever lost 6-1. "I can't believe the scoreline. The first goal was a blow for sure but it was retrievable at 1-0." A furious Ferguson, who saw Jonny Evans red-carded, was unhappy that his team had not moved to staunch the flow of goals as City went for the jugular in the second-half. "The sending-off was a killer for us. We kept attacking when we went 4-1 down and we should have just said: 'We've had our day'." "We just kept attacking. They were attacking three versus two. It was crazy


football," Ferguson told Sky Sports. "I thought with the experience we've got — Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra — they would (defend more) but we just kept attacking. Sometimes there has to be common sense about it. It was a bad day."

Ferguson said the scale of the defeat could also come back to haunt United at the business end of the season if goal difference comes into play. Before the match, United had trailed City by only two goals in the standings. After yesterday's brutal mauling,

that had stretched to 12 goals, with City now five points clear at the top of the table. "What did concern me was the goals for and against. Goal difference may count. Last year it was in our favour, most years it is in our favour... this time maybe not." Fergus on never theless

Yesterday Arsenal 3 Stoke Blackburn 1 Tottenham Fulham 1 Everton Man United 1 Man City QPR 1 Chelsea Saturday Aston Villa 1 West Brom Bolton 0 Sunderland Liverpool 1 Norwich Newcastle 1 Wigan Wolves 2 Swansea

range, but it looked liked Fulham had earned a share of the spoils thanks to substitute Bryan Ruiz's exquisite equaliser in the secondhalf. However, Fulham striker Bobby Zamora missed a sitter and Saha and Rodwell made him pay. Despite having lost their last three matches, Everton were quickly into their stride and incisive passing through

the middle saw the ball fall to Drenthe, who smashed home from 30 yards. Moyes replaced Apostolos Vellios with French striker Saha five minutes into the second-half in a bid to reinvigorate his attack. However, it was Fulham boss Martin Jol whose change worked first. He brought on Ruiz and the Costa Rica international provided a moment of magic to force a

67th minute equaliser. Neat interplay saw the ball spread left to Ruiz, who produced a fine chip over Howard just three minutes after coming on. The goal spurred Everton into life and Schwarzer did superbly to tip a Saha strike wide from close range. Fulham thought they had grabbed a last-minute winner through Zamora after he latched on to Andrew

Johnson's pass and rounded Howard, but he could only hit the bar. The Cottagers suffered the consequences seconds later as Saha broke free and managed to squeeze home under pressure from Aaron Hughes and Schwarzer. And Everton ensured they would return to Merseyside with all three points in stoppage time as Rodwell smashed home. — AFP

Van der Vaart double destroys Rovers

DUTCH midfielder Rafael van der Vaart scored twice to give Tottenham a 2-1 victory over struggling Blackburn at Ewood Park yesterday. Van der Vaart took his tally to six goals for the season as Tottenham moved up to fifth in the table, three points behind fourth placed Newcastle with a game in hand. Blackburn, who have now won just three of their last

23 Premier League matches, had equalised through Mauro Formica but remain in the relegation zone after slipping to a sixth defeat in nine games this season. But their performance was a significant improvement on the displays of recent weeks, which have led to supporters calling for manager Steve Kean to be sacked. For all their recent problems, Blackburn got off to a

fast start with Junior Hoilett cutting in from the left and hitting a shot just over the bar. But Tottenham made the breakthrough in the 15th minute. Rightback Ky le Walker burst past Gael Givet and pulled the ball back for Van der Vaart to produce a simple finish from 15 yards. Emmanuel Adebayor looked set to get on the

end of another Bale cross moments later but Olsson managed to get his chest to the ball, forcing Paul Robinson to tip over the bar. Robins on was worked again when Adebayor got to Gareth Bale's cross first but Blackburn scored a surprise equaliser in the 28th minute. Morten Gamst Pedersen lifted a free-kick into the

area and Chris Samba beat Younes Kaboul in the air before Formica drove into the top corner from close range. But in the 53rd minute Van der Vaart added his second with real style. B enoit Assou-Ekotto cut in from the left flank and laid the ball off for the Dutchman to sweep in from just outside the area. — AFP

1 2 3 6 0 2 2 1 0 2

STANDINGS Man City Man Utd Chelsea Newcastle Tottenham Liverpool Arsenal Norwich Stoke QPR Aston Villa West Brom Everton Sunderland Swansea Wolves Fulham Bolton Wigan Blackburn

P W D L F A Pts 9 8 1 0 33 7 25 9 6 2 1 26 12 20 9 6 1 2 20 10 19 9 5 4 0 12 6 19 8 5 1 2 15 13 16 9 4 3 2 12 10 15 9 4 1 4 15 18 13 9 3 3 3 11 12 12 9 3 3 3 7 11 12 9 3 3 3 7 14 12 9 2 5 2 11 11 11 9 3 2 4 9 11 11 8 3 1 4 10 12 10 9 2 3 4 12 10 9 9 2 3 4 9 14 9 9 2 2 5 8 14 8 9 1 4 4 11 12 7 9 2 0 7 12 24 6 9 1 2 6 6 15 5 9 1 2 6 10 20 5

LEADING SCORERS 9 goals Aguero (Manchester City)

Saha late show stuns Fulham

LOUIS SAHA returned to haunt Fulham as his late goal inspired Everton's dramatic 3-1 victory at Craven Cottage yesterday. Substitute Saha struck in stoppage time before Jack Rodwell scored Everton's third to ensure David Moyes' side ended a run of three successive defeats. Everton had taken a third minute lead when Royston Drenthe struck from long


COME ON REF: Manchester United players protest to referee Mark Clattenburg (centre) after he sends off defender Jonny Evans (left) — AFP photo

vowed that his team would bounce back. "We will react, no question about that. It's a perfect result for us to react to because there is a lot of embarrassment in the dressing room and that will make an impact," he said. "We'll come back. By January we'll be okay. We usually get the show on the road in the second-half of the season and that will have to be the case. "We've played all the teams around us and they have all to play each other so the second-half of the season is important to us now." Manchester City keeper Joe Hart, meanwhile, attempted to keep a lid on the euphoria. "We've got to stay level headed," he told the BBC. "We're a winning side and a team of winners but you don't get extra points by winning by that margin or by beating Manchester United. "You could hear the fans today and we are delighted for them. We're a unit, the players, the staff, the fans and that is how we roll." — AFP


Rooney (Manchester United) 8 goals Dzeko (Manchester City)

7 goals van Persie (Arsenal) 5 goals Ba (Newcastle) Balotelli (Manchester City) van der Vaart (Tottenham) 4 goals Agbonlahor (Aston Villa) Lampard (Chelsea)

Sturridge (Chelsea) Suarez (Liverpool)

Ace Cibulkova

Dutch double

Slovakia’s Dominika Cibulkova wins first WTA title

Tottenham’s Rafael van der Vaart scores twice to sink Blackburn

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Real deal

Latest security measures for football tickets in the pipeline

>> pg20 Rugby

Close call

New Zealand captain Richie McCaw

Rugby World Cup champions All Blacks almost caved in under French pressure

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Courting Walcott

Arsenal doing all they can to keep Theo Walcott at the Emirates

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Six stigma


Accidental death SIC medical did the best they could, says CEO

IT was not the race Sepang International Circuit (SIC) chief executive officer Datuk Ahmad Razlan Razali had hoped for. Many had anticipated the Malaysian GP to be a subdued affair after Australian Casey Stoner had reclaimed his second MotoGP title at the Australian GP two weeks ago. Instead, the race yesterday marked a black spot in SIC’s 13 years of hosting the MotoGP after Italian Marco Simoncelli died in a freak accident at turn 11 in the second lap. Slow motion video replays showed the San Carlo Honda Gresini rider negotiating a corner when his left leg was raised quite high as he slipped from his bike. Simoncelli was then hit by Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi causing the Italian’s helmet to rip apart. He died as a result of massive trauma to his head, neck and chest. Edwards dislocated his left shoulder while Rossi escaped unhurt. Ahmad Razlan, a former rider himself, was shaken with the whole incident as he brushes off allegations of inadequate medical personnel attending to Simoncelli during the incident. “It was purely a racing accident,” said Ahmad Razlan. “I don’t know what people mean by inadequate medical personnel but we have


Manchester United eats humble pie at Old Trafford

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Monday 24 October, 2011

By Haresh Deol

MOTOGP FATALITIES 1980 - Patrick Pons (FRA) British GP 1981 - Michel Rougerie (FRA) Yugoslavian GP 1981 - Sauro Pazzaglia (ITA) Italian GP 1981 - Alain Beraud (FRA) Czech Republic GP 1983 - Michel Frutschi (SUI) French GP 1983 - Rolf Ruttimann (SUI) Croatian GP 1983 - Norman Brown (NIR) British GP 1983 - Peter Huber (SUI) British GP 1984 - Kevin Wrettom (ENG) Belgian GP 1989 - Iván Palazzese (VEN) German GP 1993 - Noboyuki Wakai (JPN) Spanish GP 2003 - Daijiro Kato (JPN) Japanese GP 2010 - Shoya Tomizawa (JPN) Japanese GP 2011 - Marco Simoncelli (ITA) Malaysian GP

FACTFILE BORN: Jan 20,1987 PLACE OF BIRTH: Cattolica, Italy 2002: Wins the European 125cc title June 2008: Wins his first 250cc race at the Italian GP Oct 2008: Wins the 250cc World Championship 2009: Finishes third in the 250cc World Championship 2010: Moves up to MotoGP class riding for Honda June 2011: Claims first MotoGP pole at the Catalunya GP Aug 2011: First podium finish at Czech Republic GP Oct 2011: Second place at Australian GP

enough people to attend to any situation, as we have for the past 13 years.” Ahmad Razlan added SIC have the exact number of personnel for every department in accordance to the regulations set by the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) and the organisers Dorna. “I was in the medical centre while the doctors were attending to Simoncelli. They

horrific crash: Simoncelli’s father Paolo (left) waits outside the medical centre as the rider was treated following the crash at the Malaysian MotoGP at Sepang yesterday — AFP photo

were all over him trying to save him.” Simoncelli was unconscious when the medical crew reached him at the circuit. They performed CPR in both the ambulance and for 45 minutes in the medical centre but was declared dead at 4.56pm. Ahmad Razlan even asked his family to join him at the circuit as they stayed back late yesterday night. “It’s a sad weekend and our sincere condolences to Simoncelli’s family. Personally, I need some down time. Thankfully, my family decided to come here and be with me,” said a solemn Ahmad Razlan. Race director Paul Butler,

meanwhile, said the accident would be investigated. This is a double blow for SIC after they were slapped with fines amounting to €15,000 (RM65,600) after “marshals failed to warn Moto2 riders of a wet patch, creating a very dangerous situation for the riders” during the practice session on Friday. During the practice, Germany’s Marc Marquez and Briton Badley Smith fell at turn 10. Smith suffered a fractured collarbone due to the fall. SIC accepted FIM’s penalty as Ahmad Razlan was reported as saying: “It was a late reaction by the flag marshals. But it was a tricky situ-

ation. It was sunny and raining at the same time.” Simoncelli, known for his afro hairstyle, started racing in 2002 in the 125cc event before graduating to the 250cc four years later. He won the 250cc World Championship title in 2008 before joining MotoGP in 2010. Simoncelli’s death reminds many of the fatal crash involving Japanese youngster Shoya Tomizawa in the Moto2 event last year and is the first in the premier class after Daijiro Kato was killed at the 2003 Japanese GP. It remains unclear if the episode would dampen the decision to introduce the 1000cc, replacing the current 800cc, engines next year.

Serie A mourns for Simoncelli

TRIBUTES from the Italian world of football have flooded in following the death of MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli yesterday. The 24-year-old, who was a big AC Milan fan, died after being involved in a serious accident at the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang. The CONIC (Italian Olympic Committee) confirmed that every Serie A match yesterday would observe a minute of silence starting from AC Milan’s tie against Lecce.

Milan assistant manager Mauro Tassotti was among the first to speak for the club following the rider’s death. “I was watching the television (when the crash happened). Apart from Marco being a Milan fan, we are sad because a young sportsman leaves us early,” Tassotti told Sky Sport Italia. Milan also released a statement via their official website. It said: “Every Rossoneri fan and Milan will

come together to show support for Marco’s family. He was a great Milan fan and the club would like to send our sincere and felt condolences.” Inter Milan and their president Massimo Moratti released a statement which read: “President Massimo Moratti, alongside manager Claudio Ranieri and the team, take part in the worldwide pain being felt following the loss of Marco Simoncelli. In remembrance of a young champion, Inter would like to send

their condolences to Simoncelli’s family and friends.” A statement from Roma read: “Roma are close to the family and friends of Marco Simoncelli who died at the Malaysian Grand Prix.” Napoli’s message of condolence stated: “President Aurelio De Laurentiis, the staff, team and directors have been struck by the tragedy of Marco Simoncelli, an Italian champion who has left us. Napoli would like to stay close to the rider’s family.”

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24 October 2011  

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