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Tuesday 18 october, 2011


Injured toddler left to die Outrage in China after horrific footage shows two-year-old girl run over twice

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Poor phone coverage leads to near-tragedies at University Malaya Medical Centre

AT University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), having good telecommunications coverage has become a matter of life and death. In the last two weeks, there have been two cases of neardeaths when doctors could not be traced by nurses because of poor network coverage, said UMMC deputy director Prof Dr Mustafa Ali Mohd. “Out of our 1,000-plus doctors, about 30 per cent use Maxis. And this doesn’t include our other staff. Since Oct 4, we have been experiencing extremely poor reception, with some parts of the hospital grounds not having any signal at all,” he told The Malay Mail. Dr Mustafa said that in their need for effective communication

By IKRAM ISMAIL among doctors and staff, the hospital had switched from pagers to mobile phones two years ago. Relating the latest near-tragedy, he said a young life was almost lost last week. “A staff nurse in the pediatric unit was trying to contact a doctor but because the network coverage was so bad, the doctor could not be traced,” he said. “It was extremely lucky the doctor showed up in time and managed to stabilise the patient.” He said a complaint was made to Maxis by a hospital staff on Oct 4 and on Oct 7, a Maxis technical staff visited the hospital to

check their transmitter installed on top of the Faculty of Pharmacy. “Their explanation was that the transmitter, installed 10 years ago, was being ‘blocked’ by other buildings. But those buildings have been there for the last two years whereas the non-coverage problem is new,” said Dr Mustafa. UMMC filed an official complaint with the telco on Oct 13. Dr Mustafa said there had been at least 20 complaints from doctors on poor network coverage, with specialists being the most affected. “There have been complaints from staff nurses and paramedics, too, but they didn’t lodge them with us directly,” he said.

“If anything untoward happens to patients because of this problem, surely UMMC will be blamed and not the telco.” He said the hospital attended to an average of 3,000 patients daily, including outpatients. About 60 to 70 patients register for surgery daily, thus rendering it crucial to have their doctors and specialists reachable at all times. “Most of the doctors’ personal mobile phone expenses are borne by the hospital. Initially, we had planned to subscribe to Maxis phone packages for our doctors but because of the poor coverage, it looks like we have to abort that plan.


Malaysia safest in the region Malaysia is the 19th safest country in the world and the safest in Southeast Asia, a survey reveals

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Detainee swap with Myanmar Malaysia will send home Myanmar citizens being held at detention centres and Myanmar is expected to reciprocate under a swap deal

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‘Disappearing’ hill Canadian brothers killed in crash Two Canadian brothers die after their car crashes through a barrier and plunges into a river

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Ugandan sex workers rescued Bulldozers begin clearing work at Bukit Gasing, where 69 bungalows will be built. The residents have filed an appeal against the High Court’s dismissal of their application for a judicial review of the project. It will be heard on Dec 12. >> Story on Page 6

Police rescue 21 Ugandan women who were promised hotel jobs in Malaysia but ended up being sex slaves

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'Proposed Apostasy Act needs careful study' THE proposed formulation of the Apostasy Act has to be looked into comprehensively at the State and federal levels before it can be carried out, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom said yesterday. He said that before the law could be formulated, it had to be referred to the State first because Islamic matters came under the jurisdiction of the Sultan. "This (Apostasy) Act has to be referred to the State first. Whether it is to be implemented or not depends on the State," he told a press conference here. He was commenting on a proposal by Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harunussaini Zakaria to formulate an Apostasy Act to punish individuals guilty of converting Muslims. Earlier, Jamil Khir, who is the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP) chairman, presented a cheque for RM2.8 million in schooling aid contributed by the MAIWP Baitulmal to a student representative. The aid is for about 17,000 students in Kuala Lumpur. On Malaysian haj pilgrims in Mecca having problems withdrawing money from Tabung Haji, he said this was because the Saudi Arabian government was restricting amounts withdrawn to prevent money laundering. —Bernama

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The Higher Education Ministry will introduce the 'MyBrainSc' scholarship programme for those pursuing pure science studies beginning next year -- Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin KUALA LUMPUR

We're safest in S.E. Asia Malaysia performs better than neighbours in survey

MALAYSIA is the 19th safest country in the world and the most safe in Southeast Asia. The latest Global Peace Index (GPI) shows that Malaysia is a safer place than Singapore, which ranked 24th, and other neighbouring countries such as Indonesia (68th) and Thailand (107th). Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Chor Chee Heung (pic) told The Malay Mail Malaysia also ranked fourth safest in the Asia-Pacific region, after New Zealand (2nd), Japan (3rd) and Australia (18th). The GPI als o showed Malaysia had risen in the ranking system, from 37th in 2007 to 19th this year. Chor said the survey was carried out by the Institute for Economics and Peace, which is the world’s leading measure of


global peacefulness. It gauges ongoing domestic and international conflict, safety and security in society and militarisation in 153 countries. He said the survey took into account 23 separate indicators ranging from the number of internal and external conflicts to the level of crime and disrespect for human rights. "Over the years, m ore c ou nt r i e s have been included in the survey but we continue to rise even higher. The survey proves that our streets are safe and that we are much better off than many other countries. We must give credit to our police force which has contributed a lot," said Chor. Inspector-General of Police











* Ranking out of 153 countries * Source: Global Peace Index 2011

Tan Sri Ismail Omar told The Malay Mail the police were happy with the GPI findings but would not rest on their laurels. The survey showed the three safest countries in the world were Iceland, New Zealand and Japan, while the three unsafest were Sudan, Iraq and Somalia.

The Malay Mail Tuesday 18 OCTOBER, 2011

Taman Tun Dr Ismail first choice for Safe City Programme IN an effort to reduce crime by at least 50 per cent in residential areas, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) in Kuala Lumpur will be the first to come under the Safe City Programme with the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concept. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Chor Chee Heung said the programme, which involves the upgrading of security, would be extended nationwide later. "To ensure the success of the Safe City Programme in TTDI, the Home Ministry has allocated RM1.45 million to be channelled to Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL)," he told reporters after visiting several locations in TTDI yesterday. Present was KL CID chief, SAC II Datuk Ku Chin Wah (pic). Chor said security improvements in TTDI involved installing seven closed-circuit television cameras, increasing the brightness of street lighting from 150 watts to 250 watts, having more speedbreakers and extending the crime geographic information system to the TTDI police station. The other measures include

repairing a perimeter fencing bordering TTDI and Sungai Penchala, pruning trees, and installing road railings in Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad and Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi. He said the CPTED concept was approved by the Cabinet on June 8 and involved simple principles and strategies to create a safe and conducive environment, besides improving residents' quality of life. "The concept is not difficult to implement as it involves using common sense," he said. Ku said TTDI, which has 6,500 houses, shops and buildings, recorded 247 crime cases from January to September this year. These included 62 serious or violent crimes and 185 property and vehicle crimes.


Mixed reaction to 'Himpun' gathering A PROPOSED gathering dubbed Himpunan Sujuta Umat (Himpun), which aims to gather a million Muslims against alleged Christian proselytising, to be held at Shah Alam Stadium on Saturday, has received a mixed response from Muslims. Those The Malay Mail spoke to felt the public should not unleash their anger by holding demonstrations despite concerns over religion, as the negative backlash could be damaging. International Islamic University political science department lecturer Prof Abdul Rashid Moten said demonstrations and picketing should be used only after other avenues failed. “A civilised society does not demonstrate when there are

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thousands of avenues that can be utilised to express concern and anger over a matter. When you have demonstrations, it becomes confrontational rather than interactional," he said. “We are living in a multireligious and multi-cultural society where everyone is sensitive towards religion and culture." Abdul Rashid said that in a multi-religious society, occasional clashes of beliefs were inevitable but religious leaders should organise open dialogues and round-table negotiations instead of demonstrations which could make the situation worse. “Demonstrations cannot

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stop proselytising. Open discussions and round-table negotiations and expressing views in a dignified manner can stop it. One should also look at it from a political angle because there will be political implications to this," he said. “The political parties might win the Muslim votes but they might lose the Chinese and Christian votes as a result. Not only that, there will also be a negative economic impact and we are going through economic hardship." Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association deputy president Dr Muhammad Fuad Yeoh, questioned the logic in holding the demonstration . “Who do they want to protest against? Are we protesting against the Christians for proselytising? I think we should

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be doing more work to take care of Muslims in the first place. As a Muslim, I think the concern is warranted but this isn’t the way to express our anger.” Muhammad Fuad said Muslims should use other methods to as a “confrontational demonstration” might “send the wrong signals” to non-Muslims and Christians. He said a more "tasteful and engaging" solution should be sought before-hand. However, Muslim Welfare Organisation Malaysia special officer Zubir Zain supported the idea of a million Muslims holding a peaceful demonstration. Zubir said Muslims “have been provoked” and apostasy was a serious issue that had both legal and religious con-

notations. “Currently, Islamic activists are angry and they, too, need to let loose some steam. I think organising the demonstration in a stadium is a good idea because it will be held in a contained manner. If they do not hold the demonstration where they can cool down afterwards, things might get worse,” he said. Zubir also claimed that if the Damansara Utama Methodist Church incident did not occur, the Muslim population would not have reacted in this way. Himpun is organised by various right-wing groups, including Perkasa, with the backing of both Umno and Pas youth. About 1,000 have confirmed their attendance. The group has also received 6,528 likes on its Facebook page.

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Smart Expressway will be closed to traffic from 11pm tomorrow to 6am on Thursday for maintenance — Syarikat Mengurus Air Banjir Dan Terowong Sdn Bhd

The Malay Mail Tuesday 18 October, 2011




Detainees swap deal Malaysia and Myanmar to discuss exchange of citizens under detention

MALAYSIA will be sending back Myanmar citizens at detention centres in the country and is expecting Myanmar to reciprocate with Malaysians detained there, under a swap deal. Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the move was two-fold; to reduce the number of detainees in the country and also

those in overcrowded immigration depots. "This will reduce the number of detainees in immigration depots and also in the context of 6P, where we will look at legalisation, amnesty and deportation," he said at a Press conference after meeting Myanmar Deputy Foreign Minister U Maung Myint at Parliament building yesterday.


Anwar reiterates debate challenge to Najib OPPOSITION Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has once again challenged Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to an open debate, this time on the recently-tabled Budget 2012 and Pakatan Rakyat's (PR) alternative Budget. The first time Anwar dared Najib to a debate on policy was when PR launched the Buku Jingga in December last year. At a Press conference at the Parliament lobby yesterday, Anwar said Najib, as the Finance Minister, should accept the challenge and allow the people to see and decide who had presented the better Budget. “Have an open debate. I have no qualms if the PM is given five or 10 minutes more to present his case as long as there is room for us to talk,"

he said. He criticised Najib for using government-controlled media and Gerakan’s annual general assembly to gun down the Opposition’s alternative Budget which Najib says fails to address the needs of the people. "The best avenue to discuss economic programmes is through a televised debate which I proposed since the launch of Buku Jingga. This, in turn, will benefit the country. "If Najib is truly convinced his economic agenda would benefit the rakyat, he should reason it in a public debate, including justifying his refusal to implement structural economic changes such as a universal minimum wage for all workers and the dismantling of monopolies in public goods and services.


Malaysian tourism receives UN recognition MALAYSIA has received an open letter from the United Nations World Travel Organisation (UNWTO) and World Travel and Tourism C ouncil (W T TC) as an acknowledgement of the relevance of travel and tourism in today's world. The letter was accepted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak from UNWTO secretary-general Dr Taleb Rifai at Parliament yesterday. The handover of the letter is part of the two organisations' common goal of main-

streaming travel and tourism globally through a campaign known as "Global Leaders for Tourism". The letter will be used to publish a "Golden Book" of travel and tourism and which represents the commitment of heads of governments to promote the travel and tourism industry in their countries as a means of sustainable development. Malaysia is the fifth Asian nation presented with the letter, after South Korea, Japan, China and Indonesia.


Hishammuddin said there were about 1,000 Myanmar nationals detained here and most were held for minor and other offences under the Immigration Act. However, he said not all 1,000 would be sent back under the swap deal.

"We are not saying all the 1,000 will be returning to Myanmar but, in principle, these exchanges are important," he said. Hishammuddin said he did not have the exact number of Malaysians detained in Myanmar. When asked whether there would be more such swaps with other countries, he said:

"Currently, we are having discussions with Indonesia about such a swap as Indonesians make up the majority of foreigners in the country. If we can do this with Myanmar, I don't see why we can't do it with other countries. Although the 1,000 from Myanmar is not a lot, at least it's a start," he said. Hishammuddin also said it

was decided at the meeting a joint working committee comprising relevant agencies would be set up between Malaysia and Myanmar to periodically discuss issues concerning both countries. The detainee exchange would be be among the issues to be discussed by this committee, which would meet some time next week.


14 goods under price control for Deepavali THE government yesterday announced the maximum retail and wholesale prices for 14 types of goods, including chicken, mutton, eggs and legumes (dhall), from Friday to Oct 30 under the price control scheme for Deepavali, which falls on Oct 26. Domestic Tr a d e , Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the maximum retail price for live chicken is RM6.40 per kg, standard chicken RM7.50 and super chicken RM8.40. The maximum retail price for local bone-in mutton is RM32 per kg, imported bonein lamb RM20, imported boneless lamb RM24 and imported bone-in lamb leg at RM26, he told reporters at the lobby of Parliament House. Grade "A" chicken eggs

Pegged: Some of the food items under the price control scheme should be sold at a maximum retail price of 36 sen each, Grade "B" at 35 sen and Grade "C" 34 sen, he added. Ismail Sabri also said that the maximum retail price for tomatoes is RM4.20 per kg,

(Indian) small red onions RM5, (Chinese) imported potatoes RM3 and Australian dhall RM3.50. He said traders who sell these at higher than maximum prices, face a fine of up to

RM100,000 or a jail term of up to three years, or both. "Traders are required to affix pink price tags on the controlled items to differentiate them from other goods. Those not doing this face a fine of RM10,000 or an on-the-spot compound fine of RM5,000," he said. Ismail Sabri also said the ministry issued 127 showcause notices between Oct 8 and 14 to chicken traders, wholesalers and breeders nationwide. "As a result, the prices of chicken were lowered at the level of the breeders. As for the retailers and wholesalers, I appeal to them not to take advantage to reap excessive profits. "We will inspect prices at all levels from time to time," he said. — Bernama

Poor coverage could cost lives, says professor ● From pg 1 "However, we are currently subscribing to Maxis services for some of our more significant staff such as pharmacy officers and sisters at the surgery hall." Orthopaedic surgeon Prof Datuk Dr Tunku Sara Ahmad said her office at the department's surgery hall did not not have any network coverage. "I can't receive any calls or text messages if I'm in my office. There's no signal. It's only when I step out that the messages come all at once. This is unacceptable because I use my mobile phone a lot for my work," she said. Bio-medical imaging department's Assoc. Prof Dr

NEAR TRAGEDY: Mustafa (inset) says a young life was almost lost due to poor network coverage

Yang Faridah Abd Aziz said the line would get disconnected in the middle of a

call sometimes. "I have to walk around the hospital to find a signal. So

far, I've managed to handle all emergencies despite the poor coverage but what about next time? I may not be so lucky and a life could be lost," she said. Dr Mustafa said since the incident at the pediatric department, the hospital had taken precautionary measures to minimise the problem. "We've added more landlines in selected areas for our doctors and staff to make urgent calls," he said. He said a telco giant like Maxis should be responsible enough to rectify the matter soonest. When contacted, a Maxis Communications Bhd spokesman said they were aware of the matter and would issue a statement today.



All food prepared and served in hospitals under the Health Ministry is 100 per cent halal, clean and of good quality — Deputy health Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin



21 Ugandan sex slaves rescued

Not true Cambodian maid raped and killed

Promised hotel jobs but ended up with 'contract' they couldn't get out of THEY were promised jobs here as housekeepers or hotel workers with a salary of US$1,000 (RM3,100) a month but were subjected instead to sex slavery, sleeping with African men up to 10 hours every day, and bound by a "contract" they could not get out of. Such was the plight of 21 Ugandan women who were rescued by federal police last Friday when one of them managed to escape from her "employers" and sought police help. All the women were also forced to take birth control pills for the past three months since they entered the country. Police said if the women declined to do as told, they were beaten up and locked inside a room until they agreed to become sex workers. The women, aged 19 to 42, had fallen prey to "recruitment agents" in their home country, who had promised them wellpaying jobs in Malaysia. But they were forced to have sex with African men residing in


Malaysia at RM300 a session. The women were also forced to pay monthly rent of RM500 and RM100 for food provided by the syndicate. Federal CID chief Datuk Mohd Bakri Zinin said police began observing the syndicate after one of the women escaped and lodged a police report. “The women were staying in four different houses at Sunway Mentari Court in Subang Jaya. Our officers observed their activities for a few days before we raided the houses,” he said at a Press conference yesterday. "Investigations are under way to identify the mastermind and other members of the syndicate." On Friday, a team headed by Federal CID anti-vice, gaming and secret society deputy director SAC Abdul Jalil Hassan raided the four houses simultaneously and rescued all the 21 women.

The raiding party also seized RM3,700, several passports, fake student cards, record books on the women and their regular clients, packets of condoms and several boxes of birth control pills. “We also detained a man who was a customer at the time, and two Ugandan women pimps in charge of watching over the women and getting customers,” said Bakri.

The women had been brought into Malaysia through China where they stayed for a month and also forced to become sex slaves. “After their one-month social visit visa expired in China, they were brought here using student visas. The women easily fell prey to the syndicate because they were told they did not have to pay any fees, including travel expenses."

However, they were made to sign an agreement, which was later altered by the syndicate, whereby the women each had to pay a "debt bondage" of US$7,000 (RM22,000). “All the money the women made as sex slaves was controlled by the two pimps who kept record books, including a list of regular customers on credit who would bring the women to hotels but would only pay at the end of each month,” said Bakri. The customers were mostly Africans staying in the Sunway area. “The syndicate allowed the customers to take the women anywhere they wanted and the four houses at Sunway Mentari were merely used as the women’s hostels," said Bakri. Police believe although the "contract" with the women meant they were free to go after settling US$7,000, the syndicate would also deduct for house rental to prolong their hold on the women.



Outrider husband stoic to the end, says widow HE knew he was ill but Sgt Ibrahim Mat Husin never used it as an excuse not to work. However, the 51-year-old's failing health eventually caught up with him and he died on Sept 29, after a heart attack a week before. Ibrahim was one of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s outriders for three years and served him loyally until his death. His widow, Fakhriah Abd Raof (pic), 41, said Ibrahim had been diagnosed with a heart problem since 2003. "He was dedicated and had carried out his duties without fail," Fakhriah told The Malay Mail at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters yesterday, where she was handed a cheque for RM103,000 by Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Mohmad Salleh. The contribution is from the police force. "For my husband, it was a matter of pride, to be able to escort the current and previous Prime

SEIZED: Passports, student cards and handphones were among the items found by the police in the four houses they raided

Canadian brothers killed as car plunges into river


Ministers, and he never used his poor health as an excuse to not work," Fakhriah said. "There were times when he worked until late at night and had to wake up early the next day. "Although I am sad, I am proud of him." The couple have three sons, aged 14, 18 and 19. Ibrahim joined the police force in June 1980 and had been attached to several departments, including the General Operation Force. His last stint was with the Kuala Lumpur Traffic Police. Fakhriah will use the money for her children’s education.

TWO Canadian brothers died when a car they were in plunged into Sungai Bonus in the city early yesterday morning. They were with a Malaysian man when the car took a wrong turn in Jalan Munshi Abdullah from Jalan Ampang. It is believed the driver had misjudged the turn and the car crashed through the barrier and plunged into the river. KL City traffic police investigations and prosecution division head DSP Abdullah Roning said the accident occurred at 3.45am. Onlookers managed to rescue the Malaysian. “The two foreigners drowned as they were trapped in the vehicle. We are investigating who was behind the wheel," he said. Fire and Rescue Department personnel extricated the bodies, which were sent to

TRAGIC END: The two Canadian brothers died when their car crashed through a barrier and plunged into the river. A third man survived

Hospital Kuala Lumpur. The brothers have been identified as Jason Price Krull, 28, and Michael, also believed to be in his 20s. “The victims are believed to be

The Malay Mail Tuesday 18 OCTOBER, 2011

brothers from Calgary, Alberta, and were students at a private college in the city,” said Abdullah. The Malaysian, a friend of the Canadians, was taken to the same hospital for treatment.

FEDERAL CID chief Datuk Mohd Bakri Zinin says media reports of a recent rape-murder of a Cambodian maid in Malaysia were not true. He said the last murder involving a Cambodian was reported in 2004, and committed by a fellow countryman. “There had been reports in several newspapers the C amb o dian government had decided to stop sending Cambodian women to work here as housemaids because of a recent murder-and-rape case, but this is not true," he said Bakri said there had been no reports of a murder involving a Cambodians maid since 2004. “Our checks revealed no police reports were lodged by any parties, including family members or the Cambodian government, in regards to any murder case that took place in the country," he said. He said police records showed two murder cases involving Cambodian nationals, both committed by Cambodians. One of them, in May 2004, involved a maid, who was splashed with acid by her husband’s former wife, who was also a Cambodian, in Ulu Tiram, Johor. Police have established jealousy as a motive and the suspect is still at large. “The other murder involved a Cambodian factory worker who was killed by his colleague, a fellow countrymen, on Sept 2 last year in Seberang Perai (in Penang)." He said they were the two murders that had taken place but newspaper reports claimed three murders had occurred in the span of a week that resulted in the Cambodian government’s decision to stop sending its nationals to work here as maids. Bakri said there were 37 abuse and rape cases involving Cambodian women since 2009 and police had solved 23 of them while eight cases were found to have no elements of rape. “Whether a crime case involves a foreigner or a local, it does not make a difference to the police force as we pay attention to all crime cases and are focused on solving them," he said.


the malay mail




The Second Penang Bridge, now 65 per cent complete, is expected to be ready earlier than the November 2013 deadline â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Works Minister Datuk Seri Shaziman Abu Mansor

The Malay Mail Tuesday 18 OCTOBER, 2011


Bukit Gasing project starts Bulldozers begin clearing forests for 69 bungalows

THE fate of Bukit Gasing appears to be sealed. Bulldozers have cut huge tracts of forests to build 69 bungalows on 15.3 ha. Work on the Sanctuary Ridge Kuala Lumpur City project began in August despite the fact the residents' appeal against the High Court's dismissal of their application for a judicial review of the development is to be heard on Dec 12. Petaling Jaya city councillor Derek Fernandez said the developer, Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd, was acting within the law by commencing work on the land pending the appeal in court. "From a legal standpoint, they can do the earthworks because there is no interim stay on the court's decision or an injunction against it," he told The Malay Mail yesterday. "If the residents want to stop work on the land, they could apply for a stay on the court's decision pending the appeal. However, the residents would then have to pay a certain sum

By Meena Lakshana

to the developer if an injunction is filed." Bukit Gasing Joint Action Committee chairman Gary Yeoh said the injunction remained an option and he questioned the local authorities' role in upholding residents' interests. "My main contention is, where is Kuala Lumpur City Hall's (DBKL) responsibility towards ratepayers and residents?" he said. "It's about time local authorities lived up to their responsibility to ensure the safety of residents." On Sept 6 last year, the High Court dismissed the judicial review application filed by residents seeking a public hearing on the development. Judge Datuk Aziah Ali, who delivered the decision, said residents in the area had no right to be heard in relation to the hill slope development as the right

GREEN NO MORE: A billboard advertises bungalow land for sale at the entrance to where the hill is being cleared for the project

for a public hearing only arose if there was a change of density or use to a plot of land. The site for the development had been individually titled since 1977 and the land is categorised as "building". Gasing Meridian has owned the land since 1995.

On the clearing of vast tracts of forested areas, Yeoh said it was unsettling for residents. "Large tracts of land are now exposed to the elements. Do we have to go through a landslide before an inquiry into the development is held?" he asked.


Commuters prefer timely trains to refunds By Cecilia Victor

WHILE the move by Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) to refund passengers for tickets if a Komuter train is delayed more than 30 minutes has been welcomed, most travellers would prefer the trains to arrive on time, The Malay Mail found in a random survey. KTM Komuter general manager Mohd Hider Yusoff said yesterday many commuters were unaware that since last year, KTM had revised its refund policy to include trains delayed by more than 30 minutes where previously refunds were made if trains were more than two hours late. "It's good of KTM to give a refund if a train is delayed by a half an hour but that does not solve the problem for those who arrive late for work," said Gan Chee Liang, 50, who fre-

WAITING: Passengers say they would rather have punctual trains than refunds for late arrivals

quently uses KTM's rail service to Singapore. "Waiting for a refund takes time and those affected by late trains may not get other transportation quickly. Most people would prefer KTM trains to be punctual." Ahmad Akmal Yahya, 20, and Mohd Hamid Jaafar, 23, gave the

thumbs-up to KTM for offering refunds within a short waiting period. "I'm a frequent commuter from Johor and train delays happen now and then, so it's good that KTM is trying to minimise delays,'' said Ahmad. Hamid said KTM should be

quicker in announcing train delays so that those who cannot wait can make alternative arrangements. "When announcements are late, the number of commuters waiting grows and results in congestion," he said. Under the refund policy, passengers have the option of full replacement of a single journey or full ticket refund within 24 hours at any KTM Komuter station. "While some passengers will wait for the delayed train, there will be dozens, even hundreds, of others who will opt for a refund and that means long queues for the refunds too," said Givithra Karthigesh, 23, who travels from KL to Seremban during work days. "KTM train delays is a weekly norm for me and most passengers would be happier if all trains arrive on time."

KTM can do more, say consumer groups KTM should consider providing alternative transportation for passengers who cannot wait for delayed Komuter trains. In making this suggestion, Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia (PPIM) secretary-general Datuk Dr Maamor Osman said: "A full refund isn't good

enough and KTM should provide free bus services for stranded passengers. In some European countries, affected passengers who already paid for the train ticket are even compensated for the amount they spend on alternative transport such as taxis or buses."

Ma'amor also said it is also the duty of KTM staff to inform passengers about train delays as early as possible. "KTM should strive for excellence to match the high standards of rail service in countries like Japan and Thailand," he said. Federation of Malaysian

Consumers Associations (Fomca) president Datuk Marimuthu Nadason said if KTM is determined to improve their services, they can. "The government's allocation of RM2 billion a year to improve public transportation is also insufficient," he said.

Bukit Gasing assemblyman Edward Lee said the onus was on the developer to ensure the land clearing work did not cause any untoward incidents. Sanctuary Gasing Group marketing manager Steven Tan said the company had appointed an

independent consultant, Ikram Engineering Services Sdn Bhd, to monitor the project. He said development impact and mitigation measures such as proper drainage, and silt traps and bunds to divert and channel run-off water, mud and silt from public roads and the surrounding areas would be implemented. Tan also said technologies such as inclinometers and settlement markers or gauges would be fixed to ensure the stability of the development into the future. "Measures for slope protection include retaining walls and cutslope management using turf, hydro-seeding (where grass seeds are sprayed onto the slope along with mulch and binder), gabion mattresses, stone pitching, slope drainage and horizontal drains," he said. It has also been reported Gasing Meridian intends to relocate the existing sewerage treatment plant at Taman Gasing Indah, and convert the site into a public park.


Groups on why pupils fail 3Rs EDUCATION groups are not surprised there are Year One pupils who cannot read, write or do basic arithmetic. This reaction came following results of the literacy and numeracy screenings (Linus) that 3,900 out of 15,000 Year One pupils were unable to master these basic skills. Parent Action Group for Education chairman Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim believes the figure could even be higher. "I'm not surprised at that figure. There are probably more cases which have not been reported," she said. Nor Azimah said the major causes of such learning disabilities were attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and dyslexia. She also noted that autism could be a contributing factor. She said teachers should attend short courses to help them detect learning disabilities in children and approach the parents. "Treatment is effective and does not usually totally segregate the child from those without disabilities. As they progress, the children should be integrated into normal classes and society," Nor Azimah said.


National Union of the Teaching Profession secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng, said dealing with children with learning disabilities should not be dumped on parents and teachers alone. The private sector should also help by providing needy schools with funds for children with special needs. Lok said those with special needs must be put into special classes or special schools. Lok said teachers who were able to deal with these children should be recognised by the authorities. "They should be given extra appreciation as it takes skill to deal with children with learning disabilities and not everyone can do it." Hils Learning Sdn Bhd director Hilary Craig said help for those with learning disabilities was available "but just like with most countries, it is still not enough". Craig, whose centre helps children with learning disabilities, said such disabilities were permanent but those with the disabilities could be taught different kinds of coping techniques.

the malay mail

TuesDay 18 OCTOBER, 2011




The Malay Mail Tuesday 18 OCTOBER, 2011

tel:03-7495 1000/1001/1002 tel:019-261 4948 (after 9pm)

your right to be heard ● Complainants have to submit their personal particulars and provide a detailed account of their complaint. ● Complainants have to first file their complaints with the respective parties before contacting Hotline. ● Complaints referred by Hotline to the relevant parties would be published if there is no response in seven days. ● After a complaint has been resolved, the complainant cannot demand non-publication of the matter.

Top-up trouble


Touch 'n Go fixing reload machines at LRT stations, but can't say when job is done ALEX KOK is frustrated with the Touch ‘n Go reload kiosks at the Masjid Jamek LRT station that have not been working since May. “I am also surprised no one has come to fix the machines." Being a frequent LRT user, he says the non-functioning kiosk problem is not confined to the Masjid Jamek station. "I have previously seen all four kiosks at the KLCC station being out of order beside several others at the Taman Bahagia and Asia Jaya LRT stations." KOK says he has called Touch ‘n Go numerous times over the matter but has yet to get a response. "I have called its customer service several times, the last being on Aug 19. The staff promised to send someone to look into the matter but nothing has been done so far." KOK hopes the reload machines can be used again

soon. "If the kiosks are not going to work, the company should not be promoting it in the first place.” ● TOUCH ‘N GO SDN BHD customer service division head A. Azmi Jafar acknowledges several of the reload kiosks at various LRT stations are out of order. "Both Touch ‘n Go and the transit operators are in the midst of rectifying the issue, which will be done in due time.” While apologising for the inconveniences caused, he urges users to use temporary means of reloading their Touch n' Go cards, as the company cannot be sure when the matter will be rectified. "They can reload the cards at the customer service counters of all 37 transit stations apart from more than 3,000 automated teller machines that provide reload services."

OUT: The out-of-order reload booths at Masjid Jamek LRT station — Pic: Arif Kartono

Gym transfer a tough 'workout' CHLOE YAP is unhappy with the way True Fitness is handling her membership transfer after it has relocated its Pavilion branch to the Kenanga International Building in Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, in February. "The new location is too far, so I was unable to go to the gym for the past eight months. "However, a manager told me I could transfer my mem-

bership to someone else if I did not want to pay RM95 to move to the new location," says the 23-year-old sales representative from Setapak. She says she then found a friend willing to take over her membership and both approached the fitness company to request for the transfer. YAP claims the manager changed her mind, saying the membership could not

TAKE NOTE 1. City Hall can now issue traffic summonses to both moving and static vehicles, as of Oct 1. 2. The Petaling Jaya City Council can suspend the licence of entertainment outlets found generating noise above 60 decibels. 3. Subang Jaya Municipal

Council’s storage charge (not to be confused with compound charge) for a towed motorcycle is RM5 for the first three days and RM5 for each subsequent day, while the fee for a towed car is RM10 for the first three days and RM10 for each subsequent day.

be transferred. "I felt cheated as my friend and I had gone all the way there to the office only to be told something else. YAP claims the manager also refused the membership transfer by stating her reasons for doing so were irrelevant. "My main reason was because of the location change. It is too far for me to travel and I also don't

work nearby anymore." When YAP insisted on settling the matter there and then, she claims the manager kept giving excuses, insisting she did not have the necessary forms and asked her to return the following week. "I think it is a waste of time. I don't think it is even relevant for me to pay the transfer fee either." YAP insists her member-

ship be transferred to her friend. ● A SPOKESMAN for True Fitness Sdn Bhd promises to contact YAP and allows her to decide which transfer she prefers. "Our operations manager has been trying to contact her to inform her of this." When contacted, YAP confirms True Fitness has informed her to choose

between transferring the membership to another person or to another branch. “I was told the cost to transfer my membership to another branch was RM90.50 while there was no cost for a friend to take on my membership. “I would like to transfer the membership to my friend but I need to check if he is still interested.”

Online comments Dented by car deal delay (Oct 13) ● THERE should be a law to protect consumers. When they pay a deposit and cannot get the product on time, a refund should be included with interest. Business people make money on the interest. Look at businesses that ask for deposits, such as education, travel agencies,

housing and many more. — Anonymous Unused card blacklist bother (Oct 14) ● WHAT nonsense is this? Being blacklisted for a credit card that was never used! This bank has gone overboard, and SURIAKUMAR should lodge an official complaint with Bank Negara to warn banks

not to simply blacklist anyone for no apparent or small reason. — shaktiman ● SIMILAR problems exist with other cardholders. Some pay up because they are afraid to speak out or just want to end the matter immediately. Some are still unaware they are being blacklisted for this stupid reason! — Ex-Customer

● IT is tactics like these that are helping banks to earn more. SURIAKUMAR might have been diligent to notice it, but others might not want to go through the hassle and just pay, probably after a few harassing calls from the bank and when their complaints fall on deaf ears. We need more people like SURIAKUMAR to do their part. — earl-ku

Babies who are born early and small are five times as likely as normal infants to develop autism, according to a two-decade-long US study released yesterday — AFP

The Malay Mail Tuesday 18 octoBER, 2011



'Crossed legs' protest ends

1: The child on the street, unaware of the van before her

2: The van knocks the toddler down and drives away

3: Numerous people walk past the child and do nothing

4: An elderly person spots the injured girl and moves her to the side


Toddler left to die Apathy toward injured two-year-old sparks anger in China

MORE than a dozen passers-by ignored a two-year-old girl as she lay critically injured on a street in southern China after being run over twice, the official Xinhua news agency said yesterday. The incident, captured by a surveillance camera and aired by Southern Television Guangdong (TVS), showed a


girl being hit by a white van on a narrow market street in the city of Foshan in Guangdong province. The driver fled the scene of the accident, leaving the girl to bleed on the sidewalk. Over a dozen people walked by the girl without offering help over the next six minutes. The girl was hit a second time by another

van, after which an elderly refuse collector who finally came to the girl's aid, moving her to the curb and shouting for help. He was ignored by several shopkeepers before finally tracking down her mother who took her to hospital. In response, one netizen on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblog similar to Twitter, wrote:


Korean scientist unveils cloned coyotes

SENSATIONAL: Singh at the finish line yesterday

Marathon man

A 100-YEAR-OLD man from London became the world's oldest marathon runner yesterday, after he sensationally completed a 42km race in Toronto. Indian-born Fauja Singh is set to enter Guinness

Doctors said Yue Yue was in a coma and unlikely to survive the ordeal. "She would not be able to survive any operations. She's close to brain death," a hospital spokesman said. Police have detained the drivers of both vehicles involved in the incident, Xinhua said. — AFP


Study casts light on reality TV's impact GIRLS who regularly watch reality television expect and accept more bullying and drama in their lives, a study suggested. They also assigned more value to physical appearances, and to view themselves as leaders and role models, according to the nationwide survey by the research wing of the Girl Scouts of the United States. Kimberlee Salmond, senior researcher, said: "We were kind of surprised to find such a huge difference between girls who regularly consume reality TV and those who don't," she said. Seventy-eight per cent of the reality TV watchers were more likely to agree gossiping was normal in relationships between girls. Sixty-eight per cent thought it was in girls' nature to be catty and competitive and 63 per cent found it tough to trust other girls. Reality TV fans were also more likely to believe girls must compete for a boy's attention, that dating and boyfriends makes them happier, to spend a lot of time on their appearance and to attribute a girl's value to her looks. They were more likely, too, to believe that you have to lie to get what you want, that meanness gets you more respect and you have to be mean to others to get what you want. — AFP

"This society is seriously ill. Even cats and dogs shouldn't be treated so heartlessly." But others linked the incident to an earlier case in which a man who tried to help an elderly woman after she fell over was prosecuted, apparently because his intervention broke government rules on dealing with accident victims.

World Records for the world's oldest marathon runner for completing the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in just over eight hours and 25 minutes, reports the Independent.

D I S G R AC E D S o u t h Korean stem cell scientist Hwang Woo-Suk unveiled eight cloned coyotes yesterday in a project sponsored by a provincial government. Hwang delivered the clones to a wild animal shelter at Pyeongtaek, 50km south of Seoul, in a ceremony chaired by Gyeonggi province governor Kim Moon-Soo, Kim's office said. Hwang was a national hero until some of his research into creating human stem cells from a cloned embryo was found to be faked. But his work in creating Snuppy, the world's first cloned dog, in 2005 has been verified by experts and authorities. Under a joint project with the province to clone wild animals, Hwang took cells from the skin of a coyote, Kim's office said in a statement. He transplanted their nu c l e i i nt o a d o g ' s eggs from which the canine nucleus had been removed, it said, adding the first clone was born on June 17. — AFP

THE women of Barbacoas, Colombia, have ended a threemonth, 19-day "crossed legs" strike of sexual abstinence aimed at getting a road to their isolated town paved, after officials pledged to invest in the project. "That night we devoted to our husbands. The desire was great and we took advantage of it," protest leader Luz Marina Castillo told El Tiempo. At least 300 women began the strike on June 22, refusing to have sex with their partners until the government agreed to pave the first half of a 163-year-old horse trail to the town in the southern department of Narino. — AFP

Quinto out of the closet ACTOR Zachary Quinto (pic) has revealed he is gay in a move to combat bullying. The actor, who plays Spock in the Star Trek revival, said he was moved to come out following the death of teenager Jamey Rodemeyer, who committed suicide after years of torment, reports NME. Quinto made the move in a new blog post on his official website, saying: "In the light of Jamey's death, it became clear to me that living a gay life without publicly acknowledging it is simply not enough to make any significant contribution to the immense work that lies ahead on the road to complete equality."

Woman cuts off husband's penis A WOMAN cut off her husband's penis with a pair of scissors and threw the severed member into a river in revenge for his affair with another woman and his physical abuse, police in Taiwan said yesterday. The 30-year-old Vietnamese woman, identified only by her surname, Pan, cut off about half her husband's penis at their home in the southern city of Tainan after he took drugs and sleeping pills and fell asleep, police said. The woman allegedly claimed she had thrown the severed member of her Taiwanese husband into a river before turning herself in. — AFP

Thai floods to cost RM10.2bil

ONE OF EIGHT: Hwang carries a cloned coyote during a ceremony in Pyeongtaek yesterday — AFPpic

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra yesterday said reconstruction from massive floods swamping vast swathes of the country is expected to cost the government over US$3.3 billion (RM10.2 bil). Fears for the capital Bangkok appeared to have eased as authorities battled to contain Thailand's worst flooding in decades, which has claimed over 300 lives. — AFP

10 lifestyle

The Malay Mail Tuesday 18 october, 2011

The meaning of being Malaysian By Siti NurSuraya Ali Title: Found in Malaysia Vol 2 Author: Nut Graph Publisher: ZI Publications Published: 2011 WHEN  it comes to filling up Malaysian forms,  no matter which box we have to tick: Malay, Chinese; Indian or Others,  the truth is, we are all migrants —  pendatang in our own way. We really should move on from this pointless issue if we want to prosper as a country. Found in Malaysia volume two collection features interviews with personalities such as Tiara Jacquelina, Datuk Sheila Majid and Chef Wan, AirAsia’s CEO Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes, directors Jo Kukathas, Zahim Albakri and Bernard Chauly; and even politicians Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Sivarasa Rasiah, Datuk Shahrir Samad and Nurul Izzah. The Nut Graph continues to draw on oral histories and memories of well-known Malaysian personalities about what it means to be Malaysian. The book is straight forward and very open, filled with memoirs of politicians Lim Kit Siang, Ibrahim Ali and Khairy Jamaluddin, as well as entertainers Hans Isaac,

Daphne Iking, Yunalis Zarai and some activists in between. While their answers don’t seem to  shy away from the crux of the matter such as — how Malaysian are you, or are you Malaysian enough, they make you wonder what happened to the old united Malaysian spirit. What happened to the cohesive Malaysia of the past? Has the modern world broken the union or have we all just grown apart? The book reflects on how diverse Malaysians have come to be. The personalities share their growing up stories from the 1930’s to the 1980’s when life seemed simpler and naturally bonded without government propagandas calling for unity through the 1Malaysia concept. One thing is for sure, the stories shared by renowned personalities in the book remind us that no one political party, person or lobby group has a definitive version of what constitutes pendatang or penduduk in this complicated yet fascinating country of ours. Found In Malaysia Vol. 2 provides an insight into

Malaysia’s social and political psyche through the eyes

of colourful individuals.


Heart-warming nourishment for mothers-to-be Title: Chicken Soup for the Soul: New Moms: 101 Inspirational Stories of Joy, Love, and Wonder Authors: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Susan M. Hein Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing 2011 Rating: 8/10 Inspiring, enlightening and eye-opening. At first look, the cover looks like any other mom-to-be book about pregnancy and motherhood.  However, upon first reading, this book definitely gets the “must-read” star. It makes a great gift for all new moms. With details of experience by new moms and those expecting, one can easily feel the joy, laughter, pain and stress of motherhood. Of course unlike the picture-perfect super mom ideals usually found on TV,  this book tells it all – from painful breastfeeding experiences and labour to sleepless nights and diaper duties.  Not everything about motherhood is toil and trouble, there are happy moments too like baby’s first step, first smile, first laugh, and even first diaper change. These are all big milestone in a baby’s life. The book gives a wide range of first-hand accounts and even tips on how to overcome hardship and difficult times, but before

you rush out to get all the latest baby gadgets, remember, you might not have the same experience as these inspiring mothers. A local writer also contributed her story to the book bringing   the stories a little closer to home and while most mothers and writers agree motherhood is no stroll in the park, at the end of the day, it is worth every ounce of pain, energy and stress that you may or may not experience. The joy and love at the end of the endurance will balance everything out. When reading the book, do keep in mind though that every pregnancy is different, every baby has its own personality hence there are no two stories that are alike in the 101 stories in the book. It is not a bad idea to start writing your own experience and share it with the world. — By Siti

NurSuraya Ali

MPH Best-Seller LIST Non-fiction 1. A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad 2. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive - 101

Inspirational Stories about Counting Your Blessings and Having a Positive Attitude by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen & Amy Newmark

3. Quantum Leaps: 100 Scientists Who Changed The World by Jon Balchin 4. Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going by Han Fook Kwang, et al

5. The Power of X: Enter the 10 Gods by Joey Yap 6. Redirect: The Surprising New Science of Psychological Change by Timothy D Wilson

7. Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens 8. I Moved Your Cheese: For Those Who Refuse to Live as Mice in Someone Else's Maze by Deepak Malhotra

9. Wonders of the World: 100 Incredible and Inspiring Places on Earth by Igloo Books Ltd 10. The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking

3. The Affair by Lee Child 4. A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R.

Martin 5. The Help by Kathryn Stockett 6. Mystery by Jonathan

Kellerman 7. Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan

8. Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King 9. Kill Alex Cross by James

Patterson 10. The Black Prism by Brent Weeks

Perkahwinan Medan Memberi yang Paling Mulia (Kompilasi BestSeller 3 dalam 1) (Kemudi Rumah Tangga) by Hasrizal Abdul Jamil 4. Beduk Diketuk by Pahrol

Mohd Juoi 5. 9 July 2011 What Really Happened by Nathaniel Tan 6. Life Through My Eyes by Muhamad Hafiz Ismail 7. Labbaikallah - Secubit

Fiction 1. Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer 2. Legacy by Danielle Steel

Local Author 1. A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad 2. Ensiklopedia Solat: Kombinasi Fakta Hukum

dan Sains (Fiqah, Falsafah, Sejarah, Saintifik) (Ilustrasi & Foto Menarik) by Datuk Haji Md Hashim Yahaya 3. Aku Terima Nikahnya: Titipan Erti Sebenar

• Weekly list compiled by MPH Bookstores, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur;

Halwa Penawar Jiwa: Corat-Coret Menjadi Tetamu ALLAH di Tanah Suci, Pengalaman untuk Diri Sendiri, Pengajaran untuk Orang Lain (Tarbiah Rohani) by Hj Zainal Hj

Bujang 8. Growing Up With Ghosts by Bernice Chauly 9. On the Wings of Thought by Vijay Eswaran 10. Patriots & Pretenders by Kua Kia Soong

lifestyle 11

The Malay Mail Tuesday • 18 OCTOBER, 2011

When two worlds collide

Musician merges rock with devotional music to spread religious message

By JOE LEE twitter @klubbkiddkl

PEKIN IBRAHIM is on a parallel career path. Not many would know that the actor is also a musician. The low-profile performer is definitely known more for his on-screen prowess, especially for his exceptional performance in the soon-tobe released and much-awaited gritty thriller, Bunohan directed by Din Said. He was also in the sequel to Rock and the box-

office hit Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah, both movies directed by Mamat Khalid. Pekin, however, is no singerturned-actor. He admits he has dabbled in various aspects of the performing arts for the longest time. “After 16 years of acting, I am glad that I have been able to reap the benefits of my involvement in films that have won critical acclaim as well as scored in terms of box-office takings. “I am indeed thankful that I have been blessed to play roles that have been challenging, and I have managed to deliver my best.” Beginning his career as a “water boy” on shooting locations for dramas and films, the journey has not been easy. “My aim in this field is not about fame or fortune but dedication to my art.” And he continues his venture into music with his second musical

effort which will explore a cross of the rock genre with reflections of Sufism — the inner, more mystical dimensions of Islam, with his band, Seven Words. “It has not been done here. We chose to approach devotional material with rock,” explained Pekin saying that the concept was a twist that will differ from the more conventional route of devotional material in the market. Apart from Pekin himself, Seven Words comprises members Dan (guitar), JD (bass), Man Tabeh (drums) and Abe Watanabe on (vocals). The band has managed to record more than 60 demos of their own material to choose from, for the forthcoming album. “We’re selecting the best at the moment, and the first single should hit radio soon before the album rolls out

The single, 'Perjalananku Ke Langit' will begin our journey towards sharing the message of Islam through music. - Pekin Ibrahim

sometime next year. “The single, Perjalananku Ke Langit will begin our journey towards sharing the message of Islam through music to the younger generation, and I hope that our music will be accepted, and more importantly reach out to everyone for the message it holds.”

12 lifestyle BY now, you would probably have heard about Zuan Yuan Restaurant — a posh Chinese restaurant located at the lobby of One World Hotel in Bandar Utama. It is known not just for its first-rate cuisine, but also for its very relaxing atmosphere using natural lighting from its very large windows. Yes, excellent service from its professionallytrained staff is also in the list. It might not be too much to say that the restaurant serves victuals that is the best among the best in the Klang Valley. Therefore, a gastronomical adventure at Zuan Yuan is almost a given. And now, from Oct 1 to Oct 31, Zuan Yuan would be the place to go for a taste of Cantonese cooking through their "I Love Hong Kong" promotion. Their choice of Hong Kong is a good one as it is one of the major cities in Asia that is like a giant sponge soaking up cultures and influences on the go. Hong Kong's cuisine traces its origin from the 19th century when it became Britain’s colonial outpost in 1841. Cantonese cuisine then reached its peak period during the 1920s. By 1949, Hong Kong received a surge of non-Cantonese speaking refugees from other parts of China and slowly Shanghai cuisine was introduced. Hong Kong cuisine, like much of Chinese cooking, usually uses a lot of fresh ingredients and as little seasoning as possible so that one can savour all the original flavours. Inspired by the

Hong Kong cu in Petaling

Story and pix by LOONG WAI TING city that never sleeps that is Hong Kong, Chef Michael Chew of Zuan Yuan Restaurant came up with his version of Cantonese food and he did not disappoint. First on the appetiser list was “Poached bittergourd in Szechuan Style”. While the lightly poached bittergourd was nothing fancy on its own, the generous amount of specially-concocted chilli paste — courtesy of Cheft Chew — instantly added extra points to the humble dish. Next on the list was “Sea conch with cucumber in wasabi sauce." The base was the wasabi FRESH: Wok fried tiger prawn with special sauce

MASTER CREATOR: Chef Michael and his excellent Cantonese fare sauce, found only in Zuan Yuan Restaurant (again, one of Chef Chew's master creations), while the hero of the dish was the sea conch which had a chewy (but not rubbery) texture. The sauce was minimal in taste but combined with cool cucumber, the appetiser was refreshing. What is a Chinese dinner if soup is not included? Gracing the soup menu was “Double boiled black chicken soup with dried scallop and Chong Cao Hua." For those not familiar with Chinese herbs, "Chong Cao Hua" is cordyceps militaris, a type of fungus known for its medicinal purposes for relieving insomnia and strengthening one's lungs. It even has anti-aging properties. The soup was clear and sweet,

a result of the amount of time it took to boil. Sipping the first spoonful of the hot soup, one could definitely feel its medicinal properties kicking in. The taste lingered in the mouth as one slowly let the liquid rest in the mouth before washing it down the throat.

FABULOUS PAIRING: Braised cod fish with morel mushroom

The “Wok fried tiger prawn with special sauce" resembled buttered-prawn, a famous dish found normally in KL’s dai pai dong or open-air food stalls. This version had a milder flavour than expected. The prawn was crunchy in texture, fresh and contained most of its original flavours.

The “Braised cod fish with morel mushroom" is a musthave if you love fish. Suitable for children, this is an appetising dish that tastes good on its own. One thing about Zuan Yuan Restaurant is that it takes great consideration to serve the best and freshest ingredients. And with the cod, it was no exception.

REFRESHING: Sea conch with cucumber in wasabi sauce

NUTRITIOUS: Double boiled black chicken soup with dried scallop and herbs

More beer, please! "Eins, zwei, drei, g'suffa; Zicke-Zacke-Zicke-Zacke Hoy, Hoy, Hoy!” Say what!? That's German for "One, Two, Three, DRINK!"

OOM-PAH BAND: Oompah-pah, oom-pah-pah that's how it goes...

PRETTY MAIDENS IN A ROW: The beautiful GAB Oktoberfest girls

THOSE were the enthusiastic and gregarious cheers heard together with steins clunking and slightly rumpled voices singing— Everyone was having a blast at Guinness Anchor Berhad’s (GAB) Oktoberfest kick-off party at the new SOULed OUT, Ampang. Before you can say “Ein Bier, bitte” (German for, “one beer, please”), the monthlong Oktoberfest in Malaysia will give you

more than just one or two beers. It'll also throw in a bountiful selection of the world’s finest and most popular Oktoberfest beers as well as awesome parties, special promotions and more events for beer lovers. Already in its fourth year running, GAB's Oktoberfest has introduced three hearty German beers complete with their unique history, exceptional pedigree and taste. These are the official beer at the Munich Oktoberfest, Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, and they are known as the full bodied beer with a rich malty aroma that’s perfectly paired with roast pork knuckles. The Hopf Ice Wheat Beer is the beer that uses iced conditioned wheat in brewing while the 111 Zwickl Beer is made for the taste of Bavarian professional master brewers or if you want to experience the beer of the Middle Ages. The kick-off party had a turnout of more than 200 people at the

RAISING THE STEINS: (Front row, fro marketing director, Charles Ireland Guinness Anchor Berhad, and Mich OUT Ampang chic SOULed OUT café where guests were briefed on Oktoberfest beers and treated to a day of German-inspired cuisines and traditional Oktober-

Other Ok t

COFFEE SHOPS AND CHINESE RESTAURANTS: For every purchase of any two big bottle of Tiger, Guinness or Anchor, consumers will get a RM2 discount and enjoy the flexibility to pair any of the two bottles between the three provid-

The Malay Mail Tuesday 18 OCTOBER, 2011

uisine Jaya

SWEET: Black and White Sesame Glutinous Rice Cake finely cut with a steady hand, then laid across a plate in a circle. A quick stir-fry of egg in tomato sauce was then added on top. One comfort food on the list was the "Assorted diced seafood with crispy rice in lobster soup." Just like Teochew porridge, the rice infused well with the lobster soup. There was certainly comfort in every big spoonful. Washing down the heavy meal was the "Mango and avocado Ying-Yang style" and "Black and white sesame glutinous rice cake." The "Mango and avocado YingYang style" was a combination of art, taste and texture. The sweet mango combined favourably with the rather bland avocado. The glutinous rice was soft and not too sweet. Zuan Yuan Restaurant opens daily for lunch from 12pm to 2.30pm and for dinner from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. On weekends and public holidays, the restaurant opens for lunch from 11am to 2.30pm and for dinner from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. For reservations, call Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant at 03 76811159.

The morel mushroom, on the other hand, had a distinct flavour that somehow complemented its partner. Perhaps one the best main dishes was the "Braised chicken with king soya sauce served in clay pot." It was dark, but not salty. The king soya sauce, in fact, tasted sweeter than expected. The chicken was braised to perfection and the meat was soft and tender. The soya sauce melded into every fiber of the chicken and one got that explosion of flavour in every bite. The “Braised beancurd with egg and tomato sauce" resembled home-cooked food with a touch of wok-inspired deftness. The beancurd was

om left) Bernard Eloy, supply chain director, Yap Swee Leng, d, managing director and Shirley Low, head of trade marketing of hele Kwok, first lady and Fred Choo, commander-in-chief of SOULed

EXCELLENT: The winners of one gold and eight bronze medals at Culinaire Malaysia 2011

Culinary gold medal for De Palma Hotel By SITI NURSURAYA ALI IT was a moment to cherish for Chef Hasimin Hashim who walked away with the gold medal for his creation under Category Class 4 of “Truly Malaysia Platter” at the 10th Culinaire Malaysia 2011 held in September at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Culinaire Malaysia 2011 is a signature biennial event, held in conjunction with Food & Hotel Malaysia (FHM) 2011. Its objective is to recognise and showcase the talents and skills of chefs and F&B service associates. Through this effort, it is hoped that the culinary standards of Malaysia would be further advanced by attracting young hopefuls to embark in the exciting culinary or F&B profession. By recognising these outstanding chefs and F&B service professionals, they would be motivated to attain the highest of standards in their respective fields. Chef Hasimin also won the bronze medal, together with his team mates Chef Suhaimi

Jamian, Chef Muhammad Nazaruddin Hamzah under the Category Class 24 “Ethnic Malay Cuisine”. Meanwhile, Chef Juzaili Mat Hasan won the bronze medal in the “Fish or Seafood Main Course” category. Chef Mohd Farhan Ezani competed in “Meat or Poultry as Main Course” category won the bronze medal while Mohd Rizal Abdul Rahman and Murugan a/l Munian won the same medal in the mocktail category. Murugan also competed in the table setting category and won the bronze medal along with Mohd Leo Redhza Hazlee. A total of 1,190 individual entries and 46 teams participated in this event and the participants were from China, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Macau and Malaysia. De Palma Hotels sent a team of 13 participants and 10 of them achieved medals, with Chef Hasimin bagging the coveted top prize. “Winning is not the only goal, but the experience in participation is important. Sharing of the experience with colleagues, having seniors to guide and advise the younger

t SUPERMARKETS: Those who purchase their beers from retail outlets such as Cold Storage, Mercato, Village Grocer and Jaya Grocer will enjoy special

HOW TO PLAY Sudoku X is a simple variation of Sudoku with the only difference being the squares in white (which make up the numeral X) need to tally from 1 to 9 along with the remaining coloured squares.


promotional discounts. t

BARS AND CLUBS: With every purchase of a 1L stein of Tiger beer, consumers are entitled to take home a limited edition GAB Oktoberfest 1L stein mugs.

THUMBS UP: Chef Hasimin with his winning creation while Mohd Ilyas gestures behind him

regards in us,” said De Palma Hotels group general manager Datuk Mohd Ilyas Zainol Abidin said.


ers can also enjoy the GAB Oktoberfest celebrations and more fun-filled events at other selected outlets. — By KARINA

ktoberfest promotions ed selections to suit individual preference.

aspiring colleagues in order to improve the overall standards of quality and service so that the world would have high


fest games such as the Chicken Dance, the pretzel Challenge, the Beer Stein Holding Competition together with the zesty Oom-Pah band. Custom-



the malay mail



the malay mail




the malay mail

Tuesday 18 OCTOBER, 2011

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Tuesday 18 OCTOBER, 2011 M398














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the malay mail











Tuesday 18 OCTOBER, 2011 M580






The Malay Mail Tuesday 18 OCTOBER, 2011

Perak will get players from the middle east and Africa to beef the squad next season — Bernama




Irfan's goal

Terengganu coach realistic about Malaysia Cup chances By HARESH DEOL

TERENGGANU coach Irfan Bakti (pic) has tasted glory at every level except the Malaysia Cup. It comes as no surprise the Kelantanese habours an ambition of seeing his lads winning the title en route to satisfying his personal goal. But Irfan is not getting carried away just yet as the Turtles face Selangor in the first-leg semifinals at the Shah Alam Stadium tonight (kick-

FIXTURES SEMIFINALS (FIRST-LEG) Selangor v Terengganu (Shah Alam Stadium, 8.45pm) T-Team v Negri Sembilan (Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah Stadium, 8.45pm)

off 8.45pm). "I've won the League title, the FA Cup title twice but not the Malaysia Cup and this is the best chance I'll ever have," admitted Irfan. "But there is still a long way to go and I don't want to get carried away. We have to beat

Selangor first before getting into the final." The Red Giants seem to have Lady Luck by their side judging with the low number of shots at goal and poor conversion rate. This was evident in the quarterfinal match against Perak. However, Irfan maintained Selangor are still the favourites and his lads will not underestimate the Klang Valley side. "They have scored more goals from free-kicks rather than direct shots. But Selangor

are improving since their first Malaysia Cup match and I'm afraid they will rise to the occasion against us. "We have the advantage of playing at home in the return-leg so that is somehow comforting. We still can't take things for granted and treat Selangor with respect." The east coast side will have a fit squad while Selangor are hoping skipper Amri Yahyah would recover from his knee injury in time. Defeating Kelantan in the quarterfinals gave Irfan the



Hectic week for Azlan


THE next seven days will be a week to remember for KL Hockey Club (KLHC) captain Azlan Misron. Not only will he have to navigate his side's semifinal ties against Maybank but also tie the knot to his sweetheart of six years, Fairuz Aini, on Saturday. Barring any upsets, Azlan will also lead KLHC in the TNB Cup final on Sunday. "Yes, it will be a hectic week but I hope for it to be as memorable as possible," said Azlan, who had the akad nikah ceremony a couple of days back. "Winning the TNB Cup will be the icing on the cake. I hope the team can give it to me as a wedding present." Azlan wishes Aini to be present during the semifinals and the final should KLHC progress but insisted he would understand if she had other commitments. The 28-year-old believes Maybank will pose a differ-

FIXTURES FIRST-LEG WEDNESDAY KLHC v Maybank – 6pm TNB v Sapura – 8pm SECOND-LEG FRIDAY Sapura v TNB - 6pm KLHC v Maybank - 8pm (all matches at National Hockey Stadium pitch 2)

YOU WILL BE MINE: Azlan looking at the TNB Cup throphy after the Press conference at TNB club — Pic: RAZAK GHAZALI

ent threat to the bashing they handed SSTMI-Thunderbolt in the quarterfinals, which KLHC won 19-0 over two legs. Maybank, who had a rather

inconsistent performance in the Malaysia Hockey League (MHL), surprised everyone by thumping UniKL 5-0 in the quarterfinal first-leg. The

Tigers probably had the semifinal tie in mind when they lost 4-3 in the return-leg. "The tempo of the game will change. Maybank will play a quicker game than SSTMI. We have to increase our physical presence as well. "Maybank will probably use the same tactics that worked so well for them against UniKL. We have to be cautious and prepare ourselves by studying their moves." Meanwhile, Maybank coach Wallace Tan admits the odds are against the Tigers. "We might not be able to use the same tactics again. KLHC are of higher class compared to UniKL," said Wallace.


Crane looks forward to awesome time

DEFENDING champion Ben Crane wants to successfully defend his Asia Pacific Classics Malaysia at The Mines Resort & Golf Club later this month. The American recalled his first visit to Malaysia last and had only fond memories. "Winning the title last year was just great. I'm looking forward to returning and defending the title — it should be awesome again," said Crane. "Learning about other cultures was great. The hospitality

and atmosphere was remarkable. There was a joy for life in the people I met at the tournament." Crane, who is expecting the birth of his third child this week, warmed up for tournament in style when he emerged victorious at the McGladrey Classic at Seaside Golf Club on Sea Island in Georgia on Sunday. He had put on a dazzling display of precision golf to come back from eight strokes

off the lead. "I was five minutes from withdrawing from it (McGladrey Classics) due to a niggling hip injury and my wife's condition," he said. Asia Pacific Classics will also showcase five major title winners in the likes of Vijay Singh, Angel Cabrera, Stewart Cink, Lucas Glover and David Duval. Between them they have garnered two Masters Green Jackets, three British Open

much needed boost to be ambitious this time around. "Although it was against my home State, my job is to coach Terengganu and it was indeed satisfying to beat Kelantan in a full house. "If we overcame the atmosphere in Kota Baru and stick to our rhythm, I believe we will able to do well against Selangor," Irfan added. Tickets for the match, priced at RM15 for adults and RM5 for children, will be on sale at the Shah Alam Stadium from 9am onwards.

Claret Jugs, two US Opens and two PGA Championship crowns. Besides the big guns, there will also be four PGA Tour rookies trying their best to add another title to their credentials. Brendan Steele (Texas Open), Jhonattan Vegas (Bob Hope Classics), Chris Kirk (Viking Classic) and Scott Stallings (Greenbrier Classics) will all aim to win the only PGA Tour outside United States.

Biggest test in Farid's career FARID BADRUL HISHAM (pic) could have made it as a motocross expert but he traded dirt for tracks to make an impression in the scene. The 18-year-old is now staring at his biggest race as he has been given a wildcard entry into the 125cc category of the Malaysian GP at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) this weekend. Farid joins another Malaysian, Zulfahmi Khairuddin, of AirAsia-SICAjo at the circuit. Both riders will ride the Derbi machine while most of their opponents will be on the Aprilia. "It's the biggest test of my career," said Farid. "There so much to do but I am thankful for being given the opportunity to race among some of the best riders in the 125cc event." Farid started riding when he was four-years-old as his father, former national motocross rider Badrul Hisham Zin, introduced him to the dirt bike. "When I was 13, I made the switch to the tracks as my dad was concerned about my safety. He even didn't allow me to race in the Cub Prix due to the surface." Farid mastered the corners as he featured in the Supersports 600cc class of the British Superbikes Championship early this year. He is based in the UK and returned to KL four days ago for the weekend race in Sepang. "It's good to be back. I'm looking forward to the race but it is not going to be easy."

Farid would have several criteria to meet before impressing the folks at the Sepang International Circuit for a possible career throughout the MotoGP season next year. Farid will first have to qualify for this Sunday's race and be placed in the top 20 bracket. Only then he will be sent to Spain for a proper training stint. "I can't be too far fetched so let's take one step at a time. I need to qualify and only then I'll be able to think about the next step," he added. Meanwhile, Nicolas Terol is eager to extend his lead in the 125cc standings as he now has 271 points. Trailing close in second place is Johann Zarco with 246 points. Sandro Cortese, meanwhile, is third with 205 points. The Malaysian GP starts this Friday with the race day scheduled on Sunday. For more information, log on to www.malaysiangp.



South Africa's Craig Joubert will referee the World Cup final between New Zealand and France — AFP

auckland: rugby/ world cup

'What's the problem?'

The Malay Mail Tuesday 18 OCTOBER, 2011

France happy to face men in black

Defiant Cooper says abuse will make him stronger as a Wallaby AUSTRALIA'S controversial flyhalf Quade Cooper believes the abuse he has suffered during their Rugby World Cup campaign will only make him stronger. He has been public enemy No 1 in New Zealand on account of the fact that he was born in Waikato and yet plays for Australia, and also because of his alleged feud with All Blacks skipper Richie McCaw. Consequently, the locals took great satisfaction out of Cooper's underwhelming display in Australia's 20-6 semifinal defeat by New Zealand in Auckland on Sunday. However, Cooper insisted afterwards that the constant stream of negativity which has been directed towards him over the past five weeks has actually been of benefit to him. "Everyone is trying to get at me," he said. "I'm definitely going to be better off for it. "The way everyone came at me from all angles, whether it be the media, the crowd, trying to make a big buzz out of it. I got used to it and I think I grew a lot of confidence out of it.



MASO: France to give All Blacks the final jersey rights — AFP photo

FRIDAY THIRD PLACING Wales v Australia (3.30pm) SUNDAY FINAL France v New Zealand (4pm) (Live on Astro's CH 816 and CH 831)

"I'm not in a position to point fingers about that or have a cry about it. It's there, it's going to happen and it has happened. It was just about getting on and doing the best that I could for my team and I feel that I did that. "It's been the case throughout the whole tournament from the minute I stepped off the plane, to the minute — I'm sure — that I get on the plane. "I'm sure that everybody will have their opinion, their voices, and whatever that be I'm not going to try and make any perception any different. I am who I am. I'm going to play the way that I play and whether you like it or not, that's me." Despite the fact that he has been subjected to so much vitriol during his time in New Zealand, Cooper showed no bitterness or ill will towards

unwarrAnted abuse: Cooper plays with a football on Takapuna Beach near Auckland during a recovery session — AFP photo

the hosts after their semifinal success. "It was a very tough night. That showed by the intensity and accuracy that they brought to the game. Right across the board they were making it a personal contest between each player and at the end of the day they came out on top," he said. Still, while admitting that the Wallabies had come off a clear second best, Cooper b e l i e ve s t h at Au st r a l i a have plenty of grounds

for optimism. "We're down about losing a semifinal in a World Cup. For a lot of the boys it was their first World Cup, but I'm sure it won't be their last," he said. "Everyone is looking to the future because we can't get this game back, but we can look forward to what's to come." Australia and Cooper will now have the chance to restore some pride by beating Wales in the third placing clash on Friday.

NEW ZEALAND will wear their first choice all black strip in Sunday's final despite losing the toss to France in Auckland yesterday. France team manager Jo Maso correctly called heads when the coin was flipped to decide first choice of jersey and changing room at Eden Park. He could have chosen for France to wear their regular blue jersey and New Zealand to play in their all white strip but declined to do so. "We decided to allow the All Blacks the choice to play in black. It is a sign of respect and a way for our team to thank New Zealanders for a remarkable World Cup," said Maso. The president of the French Rugby Union Pierre Camou, head coach Marc Lievremont, team management and players supported the decision.

"It is an honour to play the All Blacks when they play in their black jerseys and it is logical with the World Cup final being held at Eden Park," said Maso. France, who will play New Zealand in white for the second time in a Rugby World Cup match, hope Maso winning the coin toss will be a good omen. He also won the toss prior to the 2007 edition's quarterfinal match between the teams. On that occasion, New Zealand were forced to wear their alternative silver and black strip and lost the match 20-18. It was the only time Les Bleus have not faced a predominantly black New Zealand jersey in World Cup encounters. Meanwhile, Australia will wear their traditional gold jersey and Wales their red one when they battle for bronze on Friday.

All Blacks have to cool it and focus on final

stayING wary: Henry attempts to open a bottle of water during a Press conference — AFP photo

N EW Z E A L A N D he a d coach Graham Henry urged the All Blacks not to get carried away with their impressive semifinal victory over Australia at Eden Park on Sunday. New Zealand comprehensively outplayed their bitter rivals to record a 20-6 win to book a final date against France this Sunday. The historic win, which keeps the All Blacks on course for a first World Cup crown since 1987, sparked jubilation among players and a capacity crowd at Eden Park but Henry warned that nothing has been won yet. "It's important we calm down," he said. "It was a huge game on the weekend, we can't stay up there. We've got to come down, get to base

again, clean sheet of paper and build again for this Test match on Sunday against the French. Although they didn't play particularly well in their semifinal, we know they got the ability to play outstandingly and they've done that in the past." Henry's biggest fear is that France produce another epic World Cup performance to end New Zealand's hopes of ending a 24-year drought in the sport's showpiece event. "The French can be the best in the world on their day," he said. "The All Blacks have had some great Test matches against the French during the last eight years, starting with that Paris Test in 2004, which was a game that put a lot of these young guys on the map and a lot

of them now have played 70, 80, 100 games for the All Blacks. But in 2007, after beating the French by 50 points or thereabouts in a game prior to that, we got beaten in the quarterfinal. That's the reality. "There's history in All Black-French Rugby World Cup games. Outside of that, apart from a Test in Dunedin, I think we've won every game. So we've won every game in France and lost one game at home over the last eight years to the French and lost a Rugby World Cup quarterfinal, which was the most bizarre game that I've ever been involved in. "There is a lot of history there, the boys respect the French team, they got a lot of talented players and it will

be a good final." South African referee Craig Joubert has been given the honour of taking charge of the final. An appointment welcomed by Henry and one that he believes will also please his players. "He's a good referee. He's a referee who relates well to the players on the field. He's clear on his instruction, he has a lot of composure out there. He's developed as the top referee or one of the top referees in the world over the last three or four years," said Henry. "It's pleasing because the players enjoy playing when he's refereeing and that's a sign of a good referee. He's cool out there, he communicates well and makes good decisions, which is critical."

Germany striker Miroslav Klose said he aims to break Ronaldo's all-time record for the most goals scored at World Cup finals and to finish his career at Brazil 2014 — AFP

The Malay Mail Tuesday 18 OCTOBER, 2011



MILAN: football/ champions league

Results YESTERDAY R. Vallecano 0 Espanyol 1 R. Zaragoza 2 R. Sociedad 0 Levante 3 Malaga 0 Sevilla 2 S. Gijon 1

Standings P Barcelona 7 Levante 7 Real Madrid 7 Sevilla 7 Valencia 7 Malaga 7 R. Betis 7 Atle Madrid 7 R. Zaragoza 7 Espanyol 7 Mallorca 7 R. Sociedad 7 Villarreal 7 Osasuna 6 R. Vallecano 7 Ath Bilbao 6 Getafe 7 Granada 7 R. Santander 7 S. Gijon 7

W D L 5 2 0 5 2 0 5 1 1 4 3 0 4 2 1 4 1 2 4 0 3 2 3 2 2 3 2 3 0 4 2 2 3 2 1 4 1 4 2 1 4 1 1 3 3 1 2 3 1 2 4 1 2 4 0 4 3 0 1 6

F A Pts 26 4 17 11 3 17 24 6 16 8 4 15 10 7 14 10 7 13 10 11 12 8 6 9 9 13 9 6 11 9 6 8 8 7 10 7 7 11 7 5 12 7 6 11 6 7 9 5 6 10 5 2 8 5 4 12 4 3 12 1

10 goals Lionel Messi (Barcelona) 8 goals Gonzalo Higuain (Real Madrid) 7 goals Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 5 goals Roberto Soldado (Valencia) Radamel Falcao (Atle Madrid)

Results YESTERDAY 0 Fiorentina 0 Udinese 0 Siena 0 Juventus 0 Lecce 0 Bologna 2 Roma SATURDAY Catania 2 Inter Milan AC Milan 3 Palermo Napoli 1 Parma

0 0 0 0 0 2 1 1 0 2

Standings Juventus Udinese Cagliari Lazio Napoli Palermo Chievo Catania Parma Fiorentina Genoa Roma AC Milan Siena Atalanta Novara Inter Milan Bologna Lecce Cesena

P 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

W D L 3 3 0 3 3 0 3 2 1 3 2 1 3 1 2 3 1 2 2 3 1 2 3 1 3 0 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 3 2 3 2 1 1 2 3 1 1 4 1 1 4 1 1 4 0 2 4

Inter must focus to bounce back, says Ranieri

TROUBLED Inter Milan manager Claudio Ranieri (pic) called on his players to remain focused for their Champions League Group B away clash against Lille tomorrow (2.45am). Inter, for the record, have made their worst start to a Serie A season in 28 years. They will be looking for a much needed confidence boosting win against French outfit Lille after losing four of their opening six league games. "We have to remain united and continue to work hard," said Ranieri, whose side finished last weekend eight points behind league leaders Juventus

after going down 2-1 at Catania on Saturday. "No one is happy and we must react to come out of this situation. Although we have to

take it one step at a time, we need to hurry up and start to get things right. "My players are disappointed and unhappy, as am I. But we have to remain focused and be ready because we face a very difficult game at Lille," he said. Inter won 3-2 at CSKA Moscow last month to climb to second in the pool, one point clear of Lille and one adrift of leaders Trabzonspor. The Italian club will have to tighten up at the back if they are to clinch their second win in Europe this season as they have the worst defensive record in Serie A, having conceded 13

goals in six games. To complicate matters for Ranieri, he will be without injured centreback Walter Samuel, who sustained a thigh strain over the weekend. Inter, however, will be bolstered by the return of Julio Cesar, Cristian Chivu, Joel Obi and Wesley Sneijder. All four players missed the clash at Catania through either injury or suspension, but all are expected to start tomorrow. In contrast to Inter, Lille won 3-1 at Auxerre last Saturday to extend their unbeaten run in Ligue 1 to eight games. The result lifted Rudi Garcia's side to fourth in the standings —

ROME: football/ serie a

Battling Lazio deserve victory, says midfielder Hernanes


Cesena Atalanta Cagliari Chievo Genoa Novara Lazio

Dazed and confused

F A Pts 9 3 12 7 1 12 8 5 11 9 7 11 10 5 10 9 9 10 6 5 9 7 8 9 8 11 9 6 4 8 9 8 8 7 6 8 8 8 8 4 4 6 8 7 5 10 12 5 8 13 4 4 10 4 3 9 4 2 7 2

Note: Atalanta deducted six points due to match fixing

LAZIO midfielder Hernanes (pic) described their 2-1 derby win over Roma yesterday as a "victory of freedom" as he provided a crucial contribution after seeing his team go behind after just five minutes. Striker Pablo Osvaldo had given Roma the lead early on but Lazio fought back. In the second-half, Cristian Brocchi won a penalty from Simon Kjaer, with the Denmark international seeing red, and Hernanes stepped up to finish from the spot. Then in stoppage-time, it was Miroslav Klose who found the winner when he turned on to Francelino Matuzalem's pass to fire home and secure three points for Lazio. "This is a win that gives us freedom," Hernanes told Sky Sport Italia. "We tried in every way to score the winner. And, in the end, it was a great assist by Matuzalem for Klose and he

scored. Now we have to continue like this. The team are always improving and we owe much of this to manager Edy Reja," said the Brazilian. Lazio are now fourth in the table with 11 points while Roma slip to 12th.

Roma manager Luis Enrique expressed his dismay with his side's defeat as he lamented his side were unable to cling on after taking the lead and noted that Lazio never threw in the towel. "Oh my, what a finale," he

said. "It is a shame we lost the game, considering all that happened. "When we thought the game would end in a draw, they scored. We could have done better in the first-half, we got off to a great start, but after the goal we just did not play like we usually do. "After Lazio found themselves losing, they risked more and caused us some trouble, there is more work to be done." The under-pressure Spaniard then explained why Kjaer deputised for Nicolas Burdisso, as the Dane left the team with 10 men after being sent-off early in the secondhalf. "Burdisso was coming off a long journey with the national team (Argentina)," said Enrique. "It is easy to talk after the game, but I have to make my decisions before the kick-off."


Federer out of ATP top three

R O G E R F E DE R E R h a s dropped out of the top three places in the ATP world rankings for the first time since before he won the first of his 16 Grand Slam titles at Wimbledon in July 2003. Federer falls to fourth due to Andy Murray's win on Sunday in the Shanghai Masters, his third straight ATP title triumph in Asia during the last month. Murray has few points to

defend before the end of the season and with Federer sidelined with an injury, the Scot is well placed to end the season as world No 3 for the first time. Serbia's Novak Djokovic, who has won the Australian and US Opens as well as Wimbledon this year, remains comfortably ahead despite taking time off to rest a back injury. French Open winner Rafael Nadal of Spain stays in second.

Meanwhile, France's Marion Bartoli, who defeated US Open champion Samantha Stosur of Australia to reclaim the Japan Open at the weekend, has returned to the top 10 in the world rankings. Bartoli, who claimed her seventh WTA title on Sunday, moves up two spots to No 9. The Frenchwoman is still bidding to qualify for the seasonending WTA Championships

in Istanbul from Oct 25-30 with just one place up for grabs. Slovak Dominika Cibulkova, a finalist in Linz, Austria moves up three places to 20th. Denmark's Caroline Wozniacki holds the world No 1 ranking ahead of Russian Maria Sharapova with Victoria Azarenka of Belarus in third. — AFP

four points behind leaders Paris St Germain. "We could not have asked for a better result at Auxerre in order to prepare for our game against Inter," said Garcia. "Auxerre had been playing well and had not lost at home this season until now. Our performance and the win has given my players confidence but it's also a great result for the team. "We now hope to get our first victory in the Champions League this season." Lille were held to draws by CSKA Mos cow and Trabzonspor in their opening two group games.

VALENCIA: football/ primera liga

Sweet surprise win for Levante HIGH-FLYING Levante manager Juan Ignacio admitted he was surprised to see his side beat big spenders Malaga 3-0 at home yesterday. Three goals in the first-half from Barkero, Juan Lopez and Arouna Kone gave Levante a comfortable victory over Malaga, who played over an hour with 10 men after Willy Caballero was sent-off. Ignacio hailed Malaga's quality but said his side deserved to take the three points. "We fairly won this game. But we have to be realistic. I did not expect this result," he said. "Malaga have very good players. Santiago Cazorla plays very well with the ball, but we managed to read the game well and our counter attack was very good." The result sees Levante keep their status as the league's surprise package as they sit second in the table — level on points with leaders Barcelona. "We have to enjoy all that has been happening, but we know this league is very long and that we will suffer to collect points," said Ignacio. "We will reach our goal of getting 42 points in April, but I hope I am mistaken and we can get them before that. In football, it is very hard to win, especially to get five victories in a row in La Liga, but we have done it."



Snooker ball rains on ex-ref SCHALKE have launched an investigation to find fans who threw objects at former referee Markus Merk during a Bundesliga game. Merk was an on-pitch panel expert for Sky's live coverage of Schalke's 2-1 loss to Kaiserslautern when beer, lighters and other objects were thrown in his direction before and after the game. It was reported that a snooker ball was also among the items thrown. Merk has been unpopular with Schalke fans since the last game of the season in 2001, when Bayern Munich scored from a free-kick he awarded in injury-time against Hamburg to snatch the title from their side.


Wenger nips in for Brazilian

SAO PAULO midfielder Casemiro's (pic) sharp rise has caught the eye of a number of European clubs including Arsenal, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid. Despite the calibre of the other interested clubs, Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is reportedly keen to fight off the competition and take him to the Emirates. Wenger is reportedly set to make a move in January to beat the competition before Sao Paulo demand big money. Casemiro, 19, is a tough midfield enforcer who possesses typically Brazilian technical skill and can play in a defensive or more advanced midfield role.


Everton scout striking options HOFFENHEIM striker Vedad Ibisevic remains a top target of Everton boss David Moyes. The Bosnian international striker, who nearly joined Blackburn over the summer, has been out injured with a thigh strain but returned as a substitute in the 2-0 Bundesliga defeat at Stuttgart on Saturday. Reports say Moyes sent scouts to watch the striker in the game, his first appearance of the campaign, and the Blues boss is pondering whether to make a January bid for the 27-year-old. Ibisevic has scored over 40 goals in the Bundesliga over the past two-and-a-half seasons and has made 34 appearances for his country.

Roberto Mancini has spoken of his plans to remain at Manchester City for 'many years' as he looks to pledge his long-term future to the mega-rich club — AFP

The Malay Mail Tuesday 18 OCTOBER, 2011

MANCHESTER: football/ champions league

Mean Milner

City midfielder aims to play big role against Villarreal, United MANCHESTER CIT Y'S James Milner is bracing himself for a huge week ahead as they prepare for Villarreal and the Manchester derby in the Champions League and Premier League respectively. A 4-1 win over Aston Villa last Saturday allowed City to open up a two-point lead at the top of the Premier League, but there is no let up in the games with Villarreal and Manchester United on the horizon this week. Villarreal or "The Yellow Submarine", visit Etihad Stadium for a must-win Champions League Group A clash tomorrow (2.45am), while Sunday's Manchester derby at Old Trafford will pit the top flight's first and second-placed teams against each other. But Milner, who scored City's fourth against Villa, is refusing to be daunted by the size of the tasks ahead. "We want to win every game we play," said the midfielder. "They're big games but it won't change our philosophy. We'll go and try and win. We've had a slow start

in the Champions League but hopefully we'll pick up and put in a performance that we know we can. "It's a tough group, and our first taste of Champions League football together, but we know we can improve on our Champions League performances so far. A win is important and I'm sure we can get it." Maybe with the meeting with Villarreal in mind, manager Roberto Mancini left playmakers Samir Nasri and David Silva on the bench against Villa, while eight-goal striker Sergio Aguero was not risked following a groin strain. A City side sporting four changes still had enough to see off Villa, though, and Milner believes that shows how strong a squad Mancini has at his disposal. "It's easy when you're playing every game, but we have got so many games that the manager is going to use his squad," said England international Milner. "We're very lucky that we've got a great squad of players so when you get your

Bastos: Bring on Real LYON midfielder Michel B a s to s i s c o n f i d e n t ahead of their Champions League Group D clash against Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu tomorrow (2.45am) — claiming there could not be a better time to play the Spanish giants. Bastos is leading the charge towards the match after scoring twice in Lyon's 3-1 Ligue 1 win over Nancy last Saturday. The result pushed Remi Garde's men up to third in the championship race, but the Brazilian is more focused on the showdown in Madrid. "This will be my first match against Real in two seasons because I was suspended for one match, and then I was injured for the other," said Bastos. "The game against Real comes at a great time for me and Lyon because I am confident and I want to make a difference, like I did

against Nancy." Lyon have only lost twice in all competitions this season ahead of their trip to Spain and are second in the group, two points behind Real. Meanwhile, Real manager Jose Mourinho may have to make do without the services of midfielder Lassana Diarra as the Frenchman is not fully fit. The 26-year-old played for 90 minutes in last Saturday's 4-1 Primera Liga win over Real Betis, but complained of physical problems afterwards and was unable to take part in Sunday's training session. Diarra instead worked individually in the, and it remains unclear whether he will be deemed fit to feature against Lyon. Mourinho is expected to give Germany international Sami Khedira the nod if the France international is unavailable.

chance you have to try and play as well as you can. The main thing is contributing to the team and the most important thing is City winning football matches. That's all that matters." Despite another stellar performance against Villa, the 25-year-old Milner is not guaranteed to be given a start against Villarreal. Often a victim of his own versatility, he could be forced to make way for any one of a number of big name play-

ers waiting in the wings, but he insists that team success should always come before personal preference. "Where the manager asks me to play, I will play," he said. "I've got better positions and places where I feel I can perform to a better standard but I will do the best I can wherever I'm asked to play. "City winning matches is the most important thing. It's not about individuals, it's about the team."

WE ARE NOT SCARED: Milner eyes Villarreal scalp — AFP photo

Day OCT 18 MATCHES Previous meetings Napoli Man City


Bayern Villarreal

W1-D1-L0 –

Leading scorer: Gomez, Bay.; Cavani, Nap. 2 Shots on target: Schweinsteiger, Bayern 4

CSKA Moscow Lille

Trabzonspor Internazionale

– –

Leading scorer: Sow, Lille; Doumbia, CSKA 2 Shots on target: Zarate, Inter 6

Otelul Galati Basel

Man Utd Benfica

– –

Leading scorer: Frei, Basel 3 Shots on target: 5 players with 3 shots

Real Madrid W1-D4-L3 Dinamo Zagreb W2-D1-L3

Lyon Ajax

Leading scorer: 6 players with 1 goal Shots on target: Ronaldo, Real 6


Manchester Utd


Bayern Napoli Man City Villarreal

2-0-0 1-1-0 0-1-1 0-0-2

4-0 3-1 1-3 0-4

6 4 1 0

Trabz’spor Inter Lille CSKA

1-1-0 1-0-1 0-2-0 0-1-1

2-1 3-3 3-3 4-5

4 3 2 1

Basel Benfica Man Utd Otelul

1-1-0 1-1-0 0-2-0 0-0-2

5-4 2-1 4-4 1-3

4 4 2 0

Real Lyon Ajax Zagreb

2-0-0 1-1-0 0-1-1 0-0-2

4-0 2-0 0-3 0-3

6 4 1 0

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 30 goals in European competition

SHOOTING BOOTS: Most goals scored in Champions League 317 Real Madrid Barcelona



Bayern Munich Arsenal


AC Milan


SLOW STARTERS Manchester United have had their worst Champions League start in over 10 years – the last time United drew their opening two matches, they went on to win the tournament Champions winless in first two games Group form* Pts Inter 2009/10 Group runners-up 9 Porto 2003/04 Group runners-up 11 Man Utd 1998/99 Group runners-up 10 Sources: UEFA, Infostrada Sports





Picture: Getty Images



Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas has returned to training after damaging his thigh muscle on Oct 1 — Reuters

The Malay Mail Tuesday 18 OCTOBER, 2011



MUNICH: footbal/ champions league

Taming Napoli

Bayern aim to return home from Naples with three points, says Lahm BAYERN MUNICH and German international Philipp Lahm (pic) stressed the Bundesliga giants are determined to pick up a win in their Group A clash against Napoli at Stadio San Paolo tomorrow (2.45am). The Bavarians have been sensational in the opening months of the current season and Lahm is eager to continue their winning ways against the Serie A outfit. "We want to keep up our current form. We are travelling to Naples in order to win our third game of the group stage," the 27-yearold Lahm told SID. "It is crucial to record good results in the Champions League. What happens there is what gets noticed by the

LAST FIVE MATCHES NAPOLI Oct 15 - Napoli 1 Parma 2 (Serie A) Oct 1 - Inter Milan 0 Napoli 3 (Serie A) Sep 27 - Napoli 2 Villarreal 0 (Champions League) Sep 24 - Napoli 0 Fiorentina 0 (Serie A) Sep 21 - Chievo 1 Napoli 0 (Serie A) BAYERN MUNICH Oct 15 - Bayern 4 Hertha Berlis 0 (Bundesliga) Oct 1 - Hoffenheim 0 Bayern 0 (Bundesliga) Sep 27 - Bayern 2 Man City 0 (Champions League) Sep 24 - Bayern 3 - Leverkusen 0 (Bundesliga) Sep 18 - Schalke 0 Bayern 2 (Bundesliga)


BAYERN Mario Gomez

other teams." At t a c k i n g m i d f i e l d e r Thomas Muller echoed his compatriot's comments and expects Bayern to leave Italy victorious with full points.

"We will win the game. The atmosphere doesn't scare us. These kind of games are the icing on the cake for a professional," he said.

In-form striker Mario Gomez is poised to cause problems to the Nap oli defence. He has netted 10 goals so far in the Bundesliga to put him on top of the goal scoring chart. Meanwhile, star winger Arjen Robben, who is recovering from a minor injury, will not be in action for Bayern. However, manager Jupp Heynckes will welcome back Luiz Gustavo into the starting line-up. Bayern are now on top of the group with six points from two games. They are also on top of the Bundesliga table with 22 points from nine matches — five more points than s e c ond - pl a c e d B or uss i a Monchengladbach.

LONDON: football/ premier league

Foreign owners want to scrap relegation SOME foreign owners of Premier League clubs want to scrap relegation and promotion to the top flight, according to League Managers' Association (LMA) chief executive Richard Bevan. He fears that if more teams fall into foreign hands, they could succeed in forcing through a vote to abolish relegation. The LMA chief executive is hoping that can be prevented by the recent parliamentary inquiry into football governance, which recommended the Football Association adopt a licencing system for clubs. Speaking at the Professional Players Federation conference in London, Bevan said: "We're keen that the recent DCMS report is successful in helping the FA get to a stage where they've got a licencing programme for clubs. " T h e re a re a nu m b e r of overseas-owned clubs already talking about bringing about the avoidance of promotion and relegation in the Premier League. "If we have four or five more ne w ow ners, t hat could happen," he said.

Taylor to arbitrate Suarez, Evra row

PROFESSIONAL Footballers' Association chief executive Gordon Taylor is ready to act as a mediator in the Luis Suarez against Patrice Evra race row. The FA are investigating a complaint from Manchester United defender Evra, who accused Liverpool striker Suarez of racially abusing him during last Saturday's Premier League game at Anfield. Suarez said he was "upset" by Evra's allegation, which he has categorically denied. Speaking at the Professional Players Federation (PPF) annual conference, Taylor said he would be prepared to mediate between the players if necessary. "It's something we've done in the past and it's something I hope we'll be asked to do in the future. We need to try to

cool down and reflect on what happened and to contact the FA and see what form their inquiry will take," he said. "It's good to get this behind us as quickly as possible instead of letting these things fester. "It's disappointing to have

QUEENS PARK RANGERS' outspoken and controversial captain Joey Barton believes England's rugby players have got off lightly after their World Cup antics and has also criticised Ryan Giggs' behaviour. Barton claims there would have been "public executions" had the England football team behaved like their rugby union counterparts at the World Cup. England's dismal campaign

in New Zealand lurched from one controversy to another before and after their quarterfinal exit, with players criticised for their off-field behaviour during the tournament. Barton, who has one international cap, told the Professional Players Federation national conference yesterday: "If that was an England football team at a World Cup, there would probably have been public executions when

two of our players from different countries at odds over a serious issue. Only by having a full inquiry on such matters can we get to the bottom of it and try to make sure that such problems don't arise again in the future."

PPF chairman Brendon Batson, a campaigner for greater black and ethnic minority representation in the game, said: "Obviously, something has gone on to the extent that Evra made a complaint, and I know that Suarez has denied making any comment. "For the good of the game, and for the reputation of the players involved and the clubs involved, we need to get to the bottom of it." Evra made an accusation of racism three years ago against a member of Chelsea's ground staff, a claim that was ultimately dismissed. Batson was confident the authorities treated every allegation "seriously". "It's on the evidence that's available," he said. "I know the referee didn't hear it but he included it in

his report because of the complaint from Evra. Whatever investigation is going to be done has to be thorough and very transparent as well." Meanwhile, Liverpool are demanding action against Evra over his allegations of racist abuse from Suarez. The Guardian reported Liverpool have given their firm backing to Suarez over his denial that he racially abused Evra — and want the United defender to receive a ban from the FA should his accusations prove groundless. Suarez has received a show of support from his employers. A Liverpool spokesman said: "Luis is adamant that he has not used language of that nature and the club is totally supportive of the player."

they got home. "'Football's a gentleman's game played by thugs', I hear quite a lot, and, 'rugby's a thug's game played by gentlemen'. "The minute a footballer steps out of line, I think the media in this country — because of the sums of money they earn and also because of the stigma attached — are really quick to jump on it." Barton also took issue wit h fo otb a l lers' st atus

as role models. "There is envy about what footballers earn, the astronomical figures," he said. "That's not our fault. "I went from being on £300 a week playing in a big league to £6,500 a week. No one taught me how to handle that, no one taught me how to be a man, I didn't instantly get that wage increase and become a role model. "I was still the same kid from a working

class council estate." However, despite criticising media intrusion into players' private lives, Barton hit out at the behaviour of England captain John Terry and Manchester United star winger Giggs in their private lives. He said of the latter: "The Giggs issue in any walk of life is not right, the behaviour of the man towards another man, towards his brother. "It's not right."

WATCH YOUR MOUTH: Evra (right) claims he was a victim of Suarez's abuse — AFP photo

Barton blasts England rugby team, Giggs

Fall guy

Killer Milner

Roger Federer falls to No 4 of the ATP world rankings

City midfielder James Milner poised to sink the Yellow Submarines and convert the Red Devils

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Tuesday 18 October, 2011


Casillas hoping Lyon demons have gone for good

Terengganu coach Irfan Bakti fancy chances of lifting coveted trophy

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Cocky Cooper

Wallaby Quade Cooper eats abuse for breakfast, lunch and dinner

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Lille focus

Inter Milan manager Claudio Ranieri calls for united front ahead of Lille clash

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OLYMPIQUE LYON did much to help condemn Real Madrid to six years as Champions League also-rans as the Spanish team’s victory over the French side in the first knockout round last season was a symbolic and practical breakthrough. Lyon have won three and drawn four of their eight meetings since 2005 and inflicted a painful defeat on the nine-time European champions in the last 16 in March 2010 when a 75th minute goal stunned the Bernabeu and sent them through 2-1 on aggregate. The teams meet again in Group D tomorrow and Real captain Iker Casillas said he hoped the Lyon demons had now been banished for good. “It was important to get through to the quarterfinals last year,” goalkeeper Casillas said as he reflected on a campaign that was finally ended by Barcelona in the last four. “Our overall record against Lyon is negative but last year we banished the ghosts of Lyon and getting knocked out at the last 16 stage. “Several years of not being up to scratch in European competition does make

you more concerned. But we made it to the semis last year and let’s see if we can achieve more this time around,” Casillas said. Last season marked the first time Real progressed beyond the last 16 in six campaigns and under coach Jose Mourinho, who joined the club after leading Inter Milan to Champions League glory in 2010, they now have an eye on a 10th crown. President Florentino Perez has spent hundreds of millions of euros on players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and former Lyon striker Karim Benzema as he bids to realise his dream of what has become known in Spain as la decima, or “the 10th”. Benzema scored home and away for Real in last season’s 4-1 aggregate win over his former club and has been in impressive form this term. The Frenchman’s strike partner Gonzalo Higuain is also in the middle of a purple patch having netted three hattricks in two weeks, two in La Liga and one for Argentina. Mourinho, who also won the Champions League with Porto in 2004, refused to be drawn on which striker he

unfavourable balance: Casillas attends a Press conference after a training session at Real Madrid’s sport city — AFP photo

would pick against Lyon. “I am not going to say whether Higuain or Benzema is playing. Or if they both play or neither of them,” he said. The former Chelsea coach

returns to Real’s bench after serving a three-match ban imposed by Uefa for comments he made after last season’s semifinal defeat. “That’s history,” said

Mourinho when asked about the ban. “This is a new Champions League competition and a new season. “Let’s see if we can do better this time.” — Reuters


Reina: Reds are rising


Striking options

Everton keen to bring Bosnian striker Vedad Ibisevic to Goodison Park

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LIVERPOOL’S near £120 million (RM587.1m) investment drive in the past 10 months is paying dividends, Anfield goalkeeper Jose Reina (pic) said. “I hope (the signings) have helped close the gap,” said the Spain international following Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Manchester United. That result left Liverpool lying fifth, six points off leaders Manchester City. Reina added: “Our belief is about the quality of the team and the squad and

the strength we have as a group of players and a club — that is all that matters. “We have to work on a daily basis trying to improve and keep going to try to compete more often with people above us. “It is still early days to talk about closing gaps but we will find out at the end of the season. “Hopefully the distance won’t be as big.” Under their new management and the return of club icon Kenny Dalglish as coach there is a new

mood of optimism sweeping through Anfield. Reina remarked: “It is a positive thing to be disappointed after not beating Manchester United. “We are clearly playing better and are winning games and that is key. “I think we have had just one poor game — at Spurs (a 4-0 defeat in which Liverpool had two players sentoff) — and over the season it has not been a bad balance at all. “We are much happier than a year ago.” — ­ AFP

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18 October 2011  
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