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Friday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011

House buyers’ dilemma


686 paid ‘deposits’ but there is no sign of any house

Mummy models New mothers in the spotlight at Victoria’s Secret show

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You called the firemen? Fire and Rescue Department informed only half hour after shophouse blaze


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MACC probes NFC Purchase of RM9.8m condo latest allegation against corporation

THE Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has launched an investigation into the goings-on concerning the National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd (NFC). The corporation’s dealings are among 36 cases shortlisted by MACC for investigation following the disclosures made in the 2010 AuditorGeneral’s Report. An MACC officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said they had already opened the investigation papers on the case. “This was done on our own initiative following the release of the AG’s Report last month,” he said. He declined further comment. The Malay Mail learnt the commission had yet to call up anyone for questioning. The AG’s Report had noted that the NFC cattle farming project had in 2010 managed to produce only 3,289 head of cattle or 41.1 per cent of the target set. However, an even bigger controversy surfaced yesterday, which claimed the NFC had used its funds to buy a luxury condominium worth RM9.8 million in Bangsar. Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution claimed the RM9.8 million was part of the RM83 million given by the NFC to the National Meat and Livestocks Corporation Sdn Bhd

By T.K. LETCHUMY TAMBOO (NMLC), a subsidiary contracted as NFC’s marketing development agent. Both the NFC and NLMC are owned and operated by the husband and three children of Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil. NFC’s executive chairman is Shahrizat’s husband, Datuk Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail, while the children — Izmir, 31, Izran, 27, and Izzana, 25, — are the chief executive and executive directors, respectively. “On Dec 2, 2009, NFC transferred a total of RM9,758,140 from its CIMB Bank current account in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL, to Bandar Raya Developments Berhad as payment for the property, a condo called One Menerung, in Bangsar,” Saifuddin told a Press conference at the Parliament lobby. “The prices of the condos at One Menerung start at RM3 million and can reach up to RM10.3 miilion, depending on their size. The payment for the condo on behalf of another company that is fully owned by Shahrizat’s family is a clear misuse of the rakyat’s money. “It’s a complete breach of trust and against the real reason for the RM250 million loaned to the NFC.”

COWS IN THE CONDO? The One Menerung condominium in Bangsar (left) has been dragged into the NFC controversy that Shahrizat, in our frontpage report yesterday, claimed was a political conspiracy to undermine her leadership The One Menerung development includes a luxury condominium project, among others, in a high-end area of Bangsar. Saifuddin also rubbished claims by Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar and Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin that the RM250 million loan from the government to NFC has been placed in an escrow account. Noh had earlier said that only RM135 million had been drawn by the NFC as the funds have been

placed in an escrow account. On Wednesday, in defending the NFC, Khairy had said the RM250 million was placed in a special account under NFC but tightly monitored by the government. Khairy had also said that to withdraw the money, NFC must justify it with paperwork and present it to the Authorised Technical Committee — under the Veterinary Services Department — specially set up to control and monitor the feedlot project. He also said the committee would

approve the withdrawal “once it was satisfied” and that the process of withdrawing the money was strict. Saifuddin said: “The RM9.8 million used to purchase the condo was transferred from NFC’s CIMB current account and not from an escrow account. Their claims that every transaction needs the government’s approval and the process is tightly monitored is not true. “If indeed the monitoring is so tight, the RM9.8 million would not have been transferred just like that to purchase a condo that has nothing to do with the cattle industry. Are the cows sleeping in the condo?” Saifuddin said PKR had lodged a report with MACC on the matter. He said the matter must be immediately investigated and those involved must be answerable. “We also urge the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee to hold an immediate meeting to investigate this.” On Wednesday, Shahrizat had defended her family against the allegations, saying the accusations were a political conspiracy by the Opposition to undermine her leadership and destroy Wanita Umno. She had also said her family did not deserve to have such defaming allegations hurled at them. • More on One Menerung on pg2



Malaysia Innovations Agency will play an important role to commercialise innovations of the country's institutions of higher learning — Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah

The Malay Mail Friday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011


Promises not met Opposition leader hits out at Selangor govt over failures

SELANGOR opposition leader Datuk Mohamad Satim Diman (pic) accused the State government yesterday of not fulfilling its promises to reform State administration, including its failure to uphold its open tender policy for government projects. “Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had accused the previous Barisan Nasional (BN) administration of not being transparent, honest and responsible, handing out contracts to cronies, carrying out policies that are biased towards private companies and inefficiency at managing the State government’s expenditure,”


he said in his debate on the Selangor Budget 2012. “After three years and seven months of ruling the State, the talk has not matched the walk.” Mohamad Satim claimed the four companies selected to helm the Klang River rehabilitation project — TSS-Mako Engineering Sdn Bhd, GJA Engineering and Construction, Wessex Water I-Bhd Consortium, and DPZ Asia — were chosen by Abdul Khalid without an open tender. Furthermore, he said, although

RM2 billion was allocated for the project, to be carried out in two to three years, and another RM2 billion for the cleaning and devel-

opment of the river, the project had yet to be executed. “Abdul Khalid also did not fulfill his pledge to abolish joint ventures and privatisation among State government-linked companies (GLCs),” he said. For example, the Selangor Development C orporation (PKNS) had signed a joint venture with Syarikat UAPE in a 30:70 per cent equity deal to develop the PKNS Science Park 1 on 9.06 ha in Kota Damansara. Mohamad Satim also alleged PKNS had deviated from its purpose of providing affordable housing to poor people, saying

the State subsidiary was more concerned about earning profits by pursuing mega projects. “One such project is the proposal to redevelop the PKNS Sports Complex in Section 7, Kelana Jaya, into the Sports City, a sprawling mix-development project consisting of seven blocks of apartments, two blocks of office complexes and a block of business complex,” he said. Describing PKNS as riddled by mismanagement, he said this was apparent in the fact that its general manager, Othman Omar, received RM1.4 million in combined wages and bonuses for 2009 and 2010.

“He received a five-month bonus amounting to RM22,000 in 2009 and a 17-month bonus amounting to RM280,000 in 2010,” he claimed, adding that Othman’s monthly wage was RM40,000. Mohamed Satim said the monthly wage of the general manager under BN’s rule was only RM7,000 according to the pay scale of the Civil Service Department. On the 2012 budget, Mohamad Satim said he doubted the Selangor government would be able to spend RM1.6 bilion without any additional allocations.

Open tender for Klang River project THE four companies selected by Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for the Klang River rehabilitation project are research companies, not the contractors for the project. Political Secretary to the Menteri Besar Faekah Husin said yesterday the companies — TSSMako Engineering Sdn Bhd, GJA


One Menerung THE One Menerung in Bangsar is a luxury home development project currently taking place on a lush eight-acre land located behind Bangsar Shopping Centre. The project comprises six types of dwellings — a 28-storey highrise block with four units per floor in Block A; 14 multi-storey townhouses in Block B, and a 21-floor condominium tower in Block C that only has two 4,385sq. ft units per floor. Block D is similar to Block C but with bigger units (5,221sq. ft and 10,291sq.ft). Here, single floor units go from about RM3.1million. Block E and F houses 12 units of 3 1/2-storey link homes with roof terrace. Block E has units from 6,650 to 6,660sq.ft, and Block F is from 6,600 to 6,865sq.ft. The cost for one of these is about RM4 million. Launched in 2006, the first two phases of the project have reportedly been a success.

Engineering and Construction, Wessex Water I-Bhd Consortium, and DPZ Asia — were appointed as research consultants for the project. She said this when asked by reporters to comment on the allegations by state Spposition leader Datuk Mohamad Satim Diman that the Selangor govern-

ment failed to deliver promised reforms to State administration and that the four companies had been selected by Abdul Khalid to carry out the project without calling an open tender. “Basically, they (the four companies) present ideas to us on how to conduct the project,”Faekah said at the adjournment of yes-

terday's sitting. “They also present us with architectural models of how the area would be like after the project is completed." Faekah said the state government had yet to decide on the actual contractor to helm the project and gave an assurance the appointment would be con-

ducted through open tender. The Klang River rehabilitation project, involving 29.13 ha with a gross development value of RM2 billion, is an initiative under Selangor’s economic stimulus package, aimed at offering many opportunities including new commercial, tourism and property development ventures.


686 house buyers left in the lurch

HASNAH HASSAN used to think that owning her own home would be an impossible task for her family. The former petty trader from Klang, now a senior citizen in her 60s, earns a meagre income that is insufficient to qualify for a bank loan. So, when a man claiming to be a high-ranking officer in the Selangor government visited her and offered her a deal to buy a house directly from the State government for RM42,000, she found it irresistible. But two years down the road, after paying RM2,100 of her hard-earned money as a deposit for a low-cost house in Taman Botani, Klang, she has yet to receive the keys to her house. "I feel cheated. We received an offer letter and according to it, everything is ready. But the man who visited us has not answered our calls and the handing over of keys has been delayed for almost a year," Hasnah told reporters at

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the Selangor state secretariat in Shah Alam yesterday. She was among about 40 individuals who gathered at the building to hand over a memorandum to the Menteri Besar demanding that the matter be investigated. The group represented 686 buyers from all over Selangor who had paid similar deposits for low-cost houses in Taman Botani, Taman Intan in Cheras, Taman Selayang Mulia and Taman Indah in Balakong. The buyers had deposited the same sum (RM2,100) after being paid an "official" visit by the man who introduced himself as a special officer to Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. The man reportedly told them they would only need to pay a monthly installment of RM297 over a period 10 years, without interest, to the State authorities

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DISGRUNTLED: Some of the house buyers waiting outside the State Secretariat to submit their memorandum

themselves. All seemed well after they received an offer letter in November last year, informing them their houses were ready and that their keys would be handed over in three different batches earlier this year. But since then, everything went quiet and they could not contact anyone to raise their concerns. They raised the matter with the Menteri Besar's office two months ago but were not satisfied with the answers.

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"When we checked with the state Housing and Property Board, we were told the houses were ready and registered under our names. The house numbers have also been handed out. But they are asking us to apply for a bank loan, which is something we can't afford," said Hasmullah Ismail, a 40-year-old ustaz from Klang. "Many of us are either senior citizens or disabled who cannot afford a bank loan. We want a hire-purchase deal instead."

The project includes river cleaning, development of new sources of drinking water, environmental protection, flood mitigation, commercial, tourism and land development activities. The entire project is expected to take 15 years and to attract some RM50 billion worth of investments.

No agents for low-cost houses

THE Selangor government does not employ agents to register people who are eligible for low-cost houses. State executive councilor for housing, building management and squatters Iskandar Abdul Samad said yesterday those who would like to apply for low-cost houses would have to go directly to the offices of the Selangor Housing and Real Estate Board to register. "The application forms are available at the offices of the board at RM2 each," he said at a Press conference. “You do not have to pay RM200 for a form.” Iskandar was responding to a memorandum delivered by 10 people representing 686 house buyers who paid money to "agents" claiming to represent the State government for low-cost houses, only to be left without keys to the houses.

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The Malay Mail Friday 11 November, 2011


Out of 325 homeless people registered at the 'Anjung Singgah' or transit centre until October, 120 have been given employment — Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Heng Seai Kie


Fire, but none called for help


REDUCED TO ASHES: What remained of the ancestral home and the three other houses yesterday

Man lodges report at station half hour after blaze at shophouse

PUBLIC apathy reared its ugly head on Wednesday when not a single person bothered to alert the Fire and Rescue Department of a fire at a shoplot in Taman Melawati. The blaze, at a unit on the first floor of a two-storey shophouse at Jalan Bandar 1, occurred at 3.30pm but the Ampang Jaya Fire and Rescue Department was only "notified" half an hour later. Selangor Fire and Rescue Department public relations officer Azalin Sambin told The Malay Mail a 10-man team from the station arrived at the scene within minutes. The blaze was brought under control in 20 minutes. “Based on our timeline record of the incident, we did not receive any distress call. Luckily, at 4pm, a member of the public who saw the blaze came to Ampang Jaya branch to lodge a report." Azalin advised the public who witnessed such incidents to immediately contact the Fire and Rescue Department and not assume someone else had done it. "It is important we receive such information early because the fire could have been contained much earlier and possibly more valuables and even lives could have been saved. "All they need to do is either call 999 or 994 emergnecy


telephone lines. Rest assured, we don't take cases of fire incidents lightly," he said. “Once our operators receive a distress call, they channel the call to the nearest station. There is no issue of jurisdiction." Azalin was responding to a complaint from members of the public claiming the Fire and Rescue Department took 45-minutes to respond to the incident. A newspaper vendor, K. Muthu, 32, was furious at the department's slow response to the incident which led to his home next to the shoplot being partially damaged by the fire. He said the blaze, which destroyed his neighbour's unit, spread to his home which was also on the first floor. "The roof was ripped off and the wall separating my unit and my neighbour's was badly damaged by the intense heat," he said. Muthu, who was at work at the time of the incident, said he rushed home after his friends and family members saw the fire at the neighbouring unit. Muthu said he was lucky to reach home in time to rescue his belongings.


Ancestral home goes up in smoke IT took only an hour for a family's 90-year-old ancestral home at Kampung Cempedak in Bandar Baru Sentul here to go up in smoke. In the noon incident yesterday, fire destroyed three other houses and two Proton cars - Saga and Iswara. S ec ur ity guard Johar i Lohni, 43, whose ancestral home was burnt down, said he was awakened by neighbours calling out his name. "I was sleeping after my

night shift and fortunately my family members and I were alerted in time," he said, adding the fire had spread from his neighbour's house to his. "By the time I fled, my other family members had already rushed out. We watched helplessly as our 90-year-old home and our belongings were burnt to ashes."

Johari said while waiting for the fire engines to arrive, the villagers rescued three children whose mother had gone to a nearby grocery shop at the time. "Fortunately, there were no casualties and nobody was hurt," he said. "But my family feel the pain of losing our house that was handed down by my parents and grandparents. Now we are left with lots of memories to cherish."

Norazniza Baen, 32, said about 10 minutes after leaving her home to shop for groceries, she heard shouts from fellow villagers. "I rushed back only to see my house engulfed in flames. I was about to go inside to get my three children when a neighbour stopped me and said my children have already been rescued. I am so grateful to them," she said. Her husband Norfizan Ismail, 36, was at work at the time.



Body of man found near cemetery THE remains of a man, almost disemboweled, was found at a hillside near the Sungai Buloh Chinese Cemetery on Wednesday. Gombak district police chief ACP Abdul Rahim Abdullah said while the identity of the deceased was unknown, he is believed to be an Indonesian, aged between 20 to 30. The body, clad in a black T-shirt and denim shorts, had injuries on the neck and stomach. “He was slashed in the back of the neck, as well as on the

By G. Prakash

stomach,” Abdul Rahim said. The gruesome find was made by residents at 9.45pm. They alerted the police. “Several foreign workers and nearby residents were called by police to help identify the body but no one claimed to know the identity of the deceased,” he said. According to Abdul Rahim further, police believed the victim could have been working at a nearby plant nursery and was murdered at the cemetery by more than one killer.

“Based on the location of the place where the body was found, we did not see any trace of a struggle so we believe the victim was taken to the cemetery alive before being killed by a sharp object.” He added a handphone belonging to the victim was also found at the scene. Police are investigating revenge as a possible motive for the murder. Anyone with information on the incident are urged to contact the nearest police station.

Minibus crashes into tree after brakes fail TWO passengers got more than they bargained for when the minibus they were in crashed into a tree and tilted on its side in Persiaran Kayangan, here yesterday morning. Just before the 7.30am incident, the passengers boarded the bus at Section 13, here, heading to the Klang bus station. The bus contained only driver Mohamad Asri Saleng, 25. “At first, I did not realise there was anything wrong

with the bus as I had inspected it early in the morning before starting the journey,” Mohamed Asri said. However, he said, he began to feel something was wrong with the brakes as he was riding through Section 13, but dismissed it as a minor technical problem. It was when the bus was heading down a hilly road along Persiaran Kayangan, did Mohamed Asri realise the brakes were completely not working. “I had to slam my bus into

a tree to avoid colliding into other cars at the roundabout at the foot of the hill,” he said. Fire and Rescue Department personnel arrived on the scene shortly after to extricate the three from the wreckage. All sustained minor injuries and were taken to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang. The accident caused a massive three-hour gridlock along the Persiaran Kayanga stretch.


the malay mail

FRIday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011

FRIDay 11 NOVEMBER, 2011

the malay mail





MASholidays goes virtual MASholidays unveiled its first 3D Virtual Social Game World (VSGW) adventure program and a series of rebranded holiday packages at the World Travel Market (WTM) on Wednesday in an effort to promote Malaysia as a premier tourist destination. The unveiling was at the World Travel Market (WTM) in London. The VSGW, known as “The Lost Treasure of Malaysia”, would allow Internet users to immerse themselves in a rich 3D virtual world as they explore an ancient Malaysian Kingdom and compete in seeking treasure chests, relics and items stolen from royalty. As they gain points they will eventually emerge as “Hero of Malaysia” to win real MASholidays packages and related merchandise. More information at and

Western concept of human rights could be seen as taking root in the country and being turned into a new religion by some Malaysians -- Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim SERI KEMBANGAN

The majority rules Tun M: Minority rights should not impinge on the greater good

WHILE freedom and the rights of the minority are important, it should never impinge on the rights of the majority, especially in a democratic nation where the majority decide the greater good. Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said absolute freedom for individuals and minority groups is a Western concept whereas Eastern civilisation prized the greater good of the whole. In a lecture titled "Developing Malaysian Society’s Culture and Civilisation Towards a Developed Nation" at the launch of the "Che Det" coffee table book at the Palace of the Golden Horses here yesterday, Mahathir said expression of


freedom via street demonstrations would affect the freedom and rights of innocent businessmen and traders who make up the majority. "A society's ability to control their emotions using common sense and intellect reflects their level of civility. The more we think things through, the better we are. In the West, unlimited freedom is what they are after," he said. "This can be construed in a positive light at first, the freedom to decide governments, the freedom of speech. However, too much freedom is not a good thing because there are parties which will abuse that

A society's ability to control their emotions using common sense and intellect reflects their level of civility. The more we think things through, the better we are — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad concept to free themselves from all cultural, noble and positive values in life.


IJN Foundation to host glamorous 'Night of a Thousand Hearts'


THOSE with big hearts and deep pockets stand the chance to attend a glamorous dinner while contributing to a heartfelt cause. The National Heart Institute (IJN) Foundation Malaysia will be holding "A Night of a Thousand Hearts" charity dinner at 7.30pm on Nov 24 at the Grand Selangor Ballroom, Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel to raise funds. The dinner will be hosted by their patron and wife of the Prime Minister, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, while the Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, and his wife Raja Puan Besar of Perak Tuanku Zara Salim will be the royal guests of honour. IJN ambassador Datuk Sheila Majid will be performing and auctioning off her autographed album compilation, with the proceeds going to the foundation. "We will raise as much as we can," said the foundation's fund-raising committee chairman Datin Julini Mohd Ali at a Press conference yesterday. "We've received good support from the public as Malaysians are known for their generosity and we are hoping for more to come."

The Malay Mail Friday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011

BIG HEARTS NEEDED: (From left) Jasmine, Julini, Kuscher and Ritzzawati

Of the 100 tables available, more than 75 tables have been taken. Tables are being sold at RM10,000, RM5,000 and RM3,000 while individual seats can be bought for RM320 each. Sponsorship packages, available for RM50,000 and RM30,000, will give sponsors the privilege of sitting at the main banquet table with the royal guests or at the VIP table. Their company logos will be displayed on the backdrop and on promotional materials and the companies will receive a mention in the opening and closing remarks.

Sponsors could also present their cheques to Rosmah on stage. Sponsors present yesterday included Kosmopolito Hotel International Malaysia Sdn Bhd vice-chairman Datin Jasmine Abdullah Heng and Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel general manager Leo Kuscher. Also present was IJN Foundation manager Ritzzawati Rosli Mohd Rosli. When asked about the number of beneficiaries and allocations of funds raised, Julini said the foundation usually based such numbers on the collections received. They currently have eight

children in need of medical funding. Last year, the foundation financially supported 75 needy patients, spending a total of RM2.1 million. As of Sept this year, 42 patients have received support totaling RM1.2 million. "The foundation is a safety net," Julini explained. "As the helping hand of IJN itself, we do car washes and walk-a-thons to raise money for needy patients," she said. Those interested can call the IJN Foundation at 03-2617 8200 (ext 3196) or email for details.

"They don't want to follow the majority's needs but they want unlimited freedom. When this is extended to the community as a whole, this freedom will intrude upon the sensitivities of the majority. "If a minority group gets angry and react by holding demonstrations, rallies, riots and such and believe that it is their right and freedom to do so, their actions will have a negative effect on the freedom of the majority." The latest controversy to hit the nation was the recently banned Seksualiti Merdeka festival which advocated rights for homosexuals, lesbians and transgender people. On another note, Mahathir advocated more transparent

governance by inculcating a culture against bribery and corruption which have dire effects on a nation's development, growth and economy. "A society, a civilisation that turns a blind eye to corruption, bribery and petty crimes will cost the nation more, thus halting growth. Resources for development will have to be channelled to paying bribes to get things done, be it officers from the lowest levels to the highest levels. "On the other hand, a society which teaches children that corruption is a crime and minor thefts are wrong will be able to develop faster as the resources used to pay corrupted officials can be channelled to proper development," he said.


Three private colleges get top audit ratings By ANDREW SAGAYAM

THREE local private colleges — Penang Medical College, SEGi College and Taylor's College, the latter two both in Subang Jaya, Selangor — are the best colleges in the country, according to the Higher Education Ministry. Its minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said the three colleges were rated under the Malaysia Quality Evaluation System also known as MyQuest. "These three colleges were chosen as the top three in the MyQuest audit exercise that began in January this year, which covered 210 colleges and higher learning institutions," said Khaled after announcing the MyQuest 2010/2011 results at his offices here yesterday. "The colleges were graded under five criteria, namely, the standards of its students, education resources, quality management system, recognised studies programme and recognised graduates. Those three colleges excelled in all five criteria and were each given a sixstar rating." He said there are 403 private colleges in the country but only 232 of them were eligible for the MyQuest audit. Asked why 22 out of the 232 eligible colleges did not take part, Khaled said the ministry

would talk to the colleges to find out why. The audit exercise also showed that many other local colleges were still far behind the required standards. "While the top three showed that local colleges can excel, there are many others which need to improve. Of the 210 colleges audited, 72 of them, making up 34.3 per cent, were not able to provide quality higher education," said Khaled. "The greatness of a learning institution is not founded on how nice the building or its premises look. A college must have integrity at all levels. They must be respected and revered by the public. Not only must the learning institutions be committed in providing education and knowledge but more importantly they should also contribute to the development and progress of the country." The audit also revealed that over 40 per cent, or 84 colleges, were given a four-star rating in studies or subjects classified as "good" — these were Literature and Humanities, Social Science, Business and Law, Science, Maths, Computers, Engineering and Manufacturing. To qualify for the audit, colleges must have at least one matured programme running, with at least one batch of graduates.

FRIDay 11 NOVEMBER, 2011

the malay mail



The Malay Mail Friday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011

tel:03-7495 1000/1001/1002 tel:019-261 4948 (after 9pm)

your right to be heard ● Complainants have to submit their personal particulars and provide a detailed account of their complaint. ● Complainants have to first file their complaints with the respective parties before contacting Hotline. ● Complaints referred by Hotline to the relevant parties would be published if there is no response in seven days. ● After a complaint has been resolved, the complainant cannot demand non-publication of the matter.

By SITI NURSURAYA ALI and Cecilia Victor

Ride into blackness

PWD to fix faulty lighting along darkened Serdang road to prevent accidents IT has been quite an eerie motoring experience for a Serdang resident lately when exiting the Kuala LumpurSeremban Expressway to go home. The reason, says CHRIS LEE, is he will be driving in darkness as there is no light along Jalan UPM, just after the Serdang toll. "It has been at least three months since the streetlights there are out." LEE claims this has resulted in an accident occurring along the road almost every week. "Although the incidents are not serious and no deaths have been reported, it does not mean the authorities can overlook the matter." He says the most recent accident occurred about 10pm last Sunday, during the Hari Raya Aidiladha holiday, involving a motorcycle and a car. "It was raining and the street was dark. Fortunately, it was only a minor accident." LEE wants to know how

soon the relevant authorities will fix the streetlights. ● SELANGOR Public Works Department (PWD) deputy director Abd Hamid Mohd Daud tells Hotline they will begin repair works immediately. He says the department will complete the job in about a week. "We thank the reader for highlighting the matter to us," says Abd Hamid. "In future, I would like to remind the public to report any complaints to our office directly." They can call the PWD's complaints hotline at 1300-888-557 or email at When contacted, LEE hopes the department will keep its word and fix the streetlights as soon as possible because public safety is at risk. He says he will contact the PWD's complaints unit if he comes across a similar situation at Jalan UPM in future.

GHOSTLY: Only headlights are illuminating pitch-black Jalan UPM — Pic: Ashraf Shamsul Azlan

'Dead' phone deal SAHIR MATSRI bought an iPhone with a work colleague via a DiGi promotion last month. "The promoter promised us the new package would be activated within 48 hours of registration, but our lines were

not up after that period.'' SAHIR says his office mate then contacted the manager in charge of the promotion and was promised their lines would function on Oct 14. After the date has passed, he has yet to be able to use the

line. "It is just another broken promise." SAHIR says the telco should compensate him for the inconvenience caused. ● A SPOKESMAN for DiGi Telecommunications Sdn

Bhd apologises for the delay in the phones' activation. "It was due to overwhelming response we received from the promotion.'' He says SAHIR has received their explanation and accepted their apology.

"Our reasons for the delay have been conveyed to the customer and the matter has been resolved.'' When contacted, SAHIR says DiGi has finally activated his phone line and compensated him for the late

Online comments C r ow d e d - o u t c o m m u t e r s (Nov 9)

● THIS is not new. KTMB does not know the meaning of punctuality. — Anonymous

● FACING a shortage of trains explains the reason for the delays but KTMB should at least compensate commuters by allowing or providing sufficient space for waiting or seats if they are already aware

of such delays. Incidents like this are expected to happen until new coaches are brought to the tracks for full usage. KTMB should ensure commuters are at ease while waiting. This is the least they can do. — Anonymous Back to square one (Nov 3)

● THE problem of illegal roadside food stalls happens

everywhere in KL. Some local councils choose to legalise them in the long run while others just don't care. The menace of illegal stalls has b e come a nor m and not many choose to shun them as the people also find these makeshift neighbourhood eateries convenient beside offering cheap food. How do we get this problem solved as the majority don't feel

such stalls are a problem to them? — Jojo Slow run over gym refund (Nov 9)

● WHY does it take so long to get a refund? Do some people think we are living in an era where they use smoke signals or beat the drums to communicate? —


activation. "I was able to use my line on Nov 1." He, however, hopes the telco will improve on its customer service and not wait for clients to complain to a third party to act on grouses.

TAKE NOTE 1. Those with complaints on the Public Works Department can convey them via toll-free 1-300-888-557, email; SMS JKR <your complaint > and send to 32728 for a minimum 50 sen fee; or online at 2. The public transport lane in Jalan Tun Sambanthan is now open but it is off-limit to private vehicles where City Hall can fine offenders up to RM300. 3. The Department of Irrigation and Drainage has the latest on flood situations at http://

The Malay Mail Friday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011

At least 20 workers were killed and another 23 trapped underground after a blast at a mine in China yesterday, State media said, in the latest disaster to hit the country's vast mining industry — AFP


Rape charge upheld for Israeli ex-president

FORMER President Moshe Katsav raped a former aide and molested two other women who worked for him, Israel's Supreme Court said yesterday, upholding his conviction in a lower court and a seven-year jail term. "He misused his high position and defiled the bodies and dignity of (his accusers)," the three-justice panel said in a unanimous ruling against Katsav's appeal and ordered him to report to jail to begin serving his sentence on Dec 7.

Katsav, 65, was president from 2000 to 2007. He was convicted in December of twice raping an aide when he was a cabinet minister in the late 1990s and sexually assaulting two other women who worked for him while he was president. "The ruling of the Supreme Court reaffirms that everybody in Israel is equal before the law. Presidents and dignitaries must (also) be held to account for their actions," prosecution attorney Naomi Granot said after the verdict was given. — Reuters


Papademos named new Greek PM SENIOR banker Lucas Papademos has been named as Greece's new prime minister, after four days of intense talks to form a coalition government. The interim government aims to approve a new €130 billion (RM557b) financial aid deal and

cement the debt-strapped country's position in the 17-nation eurozone. The 64-year-old former vicepresident of the European Central Bank will head a coalition backed by the governing Socialists and the opposition conservatives. — AFP

Quake and fury

No more Gmail for BlackBerry

27 pulled out of rubble after second Turkey quake in three weeks Riot police fired tear gas and used batons to disperse protesters angry at the State's relief efforts after the second earthquake in eastern Turkey in three weeks killed at least 10 people in the city of Van. Rescue teams searched for survivors after the 5.7 magnitude tremor yesterday night heaped misery on the predominantly Kurdish region where more than 600 people died following a major quake on Oct 23. "How can you fire pepper spray on people who have already suffered so much?" said Abdulrahim Kaplan, 32. He had gone to the crisis centre for a tent when police began firing tear gas, he said.

"Our people are freezing. We are sleeping outside — all seven of my family," he said, complaining bitterly over the alleged unfair distribution of tents. "Some people take five tents, some 10 and others get nothing. This is wrong." Thousands of families are living in makeshift camps with temperatures falling to freezing with the onset of winter. The latest tremor cut power to the area. Some 200 demonstrators chanted for the resignation of the provincial governor in a rally close to two city centre hotels that collapsed during the latest quake. Hundreds of rescuers hunted for survivors yesterday after an

earthquake in eastern Turkey killed ten people, toppled buildings and sowed panic less than three weeks after a massive deadly quake in the same area. Ten people, including a Japanese humanitarian worker, lost their lives during the quake which struck late yesterday and at least 27 people were pulled out alive, according to the prime minister's disaster and emergency management centre. More than 800 rescue personnel rushed to the area overnight, with diggers clawing through rubble after the 5.6 magnitude quake struck near the city of Van, sending two hotels crashing down along with two dozen mostly empty buildings. — Agencies




ADAM LEVINE AND Girlfriend ANNE Vyalitsyna



MODEL MUM: Kerr was the centre of attention at the show as she donned the RM7.8m bejewelled Fantasy Bra — AFPpix



ways after having a baby boy — was the centre of attention modeling the company’s Fantasy Bra, this year bejeweled with over US$2.5 million (RM7.8m) worth of jewelry, reports the New York Daily News. Seems like Victoria’s Secret is passing along the crown jewel of brassieres to new mommies: Adriana Lima, straight off of her pregnancy, sported the bra last year. Ambrosio and Heidi Klum, two other mothers, also modeled it in the past.

Murphy quits as Oscars host EDDIE MURPHY (pic) has quit as host of the Oscars next year. The comedian and actor follows Brett Ratner, who resigned from producing the show earlier yesterday so as not to tarnish the reputation of the Academy Awards after he made a number of ill-judged comments, the Times of India reports. Eddie said: "I was looking forward to being a part of the show that our production team and writers were just starting to develop but I'm sure that the new production team and host will do an equally great job."

Kardashian wedding 'staged'

Mamma mia! New mums shine at Victoria's Secret show

These Angels sure know how to bring their inner devils out. At least it felt that way yesterday at the 69th Regiment Armory in Kips Bay where they certainly brought the heat at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The 16th annual show brought out the industry’s most buxom models including newbies like Chanel Iman and veteran angels like Doutzen Kroes, Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio, who sported 30-pound jewelencrusted gold wings. But Kerr — who made her comeback to the run-

GOOGLE will stop offering its popular Gmail application for BlackBerrys later this month, delivering another blow to the device's maker Research in Motion Ltd, which is trying to prevent defections to handsets that operate on software provided by Apple Inc and Google, reports the Wall Street Journal. Starting on Nov 22, Google will no longer offer or support a Gmail app for Blackberry users, though BlackBerry users who already have the Gmail application installed on their phones can continue to use the service.

KIM KARDASHIAN'S former publicist, Jonathan Jaxson, believes the socialite's wedding to Kris Humphries was "staged". "She knew weeks before getting married she didn't want to do it," the New York Post quoted him as saying. "She's never gotten over ex Reggie Bush," he added. While talking on the The Elvis Duran Morning Show, the publicist also revealed that he had "staged" a number of media stunts for Kardashian while she was his client.



the malay mail

FRIDAY 11 NovemBER, 2011

Contest conclusion Thank you for your support

THE 1Malaysia Green 1Malaysia Clean photography competition will be ending

this week. The response has been overwhelming — thank you all for making this

contest such a success. We will be be announcing the winners in January. Organised by the Tourism Ministr y and The Paper That Cares, the contes which started on July 15 has seen magnificent points of view through the lenses of so many photography enthusiasts. The topic for last week was “Heritage" and because of the

huge amount of entries received and this being our final run for the contest, four of the most-deser ving pictures were chosen for this week's publication. For the final selection of the three most outstanding p h ot o s f rom t h e e nt i re collection of entries received

so far, our special committee will be awarding the winners the grand prize of RM5,000, the second prize of RM3,000

and the third prize of RM1,000. All winners will be duly notified.

q LAST WEEK’S BEST PHOTOS: Heritage EUGENE KL LEE · Camera: CANON 50 d · Exposure: 1/250, f 10, 1o mm · ISO:400 Some of the remaining old walls of Kellie's Castle, Batu Gajah

Mohamma · · · ·

d shafiq H adzme

C amer a: Nik o Shut ter Sp n 5100 eed: 1/60s Aperture: F1 Lens: 10.5m 8 m

The building Smoke House in Bukit Fraser known as De Olde )

Ng Wei Chean

· · · ·

C amer a: Nik o Shut ter Sp n 5100 eed: 1/5 Aperture: F6 Lens: 10.5m .3 m

One of the h eritage build ings in Kuala night

· Camera: Nikon D300 · Lens: Nikon 10.5mm · ISO: 560 · Speed: 1/2000 · Aperture: F4.8

Lumpur at

This photo was captured at Petaling Street Jalan Sultan

FRIDay 11 NOVEMBER, 2011

the malay mail


12 lifestyle Tokyo Motor Show preview

Mitsubishi PX-MiEV II

Quirky concepts galore THE Tokyo Motor Show is well known as the showcase of Japanese ideas of the future of transportation and since they are the ones who came VQ XJUI QBDIJOLP  LBSBPLF BOE VOEFSXFBS WFOEJOH NBDIJOFT  you can expect the ideas to be interesting and sometimes downright weird. The coolest concept to be leaked ahead of the show is UIF 4V[VLJ 3FHJOB  B DPNQBDU car that appears to have been inspired by a combination of a 3PNBO MFHJPOOBJSFT IFMNFU  B snail and slimy green frog. If it EPFTOU QVU B TNJMF  PS BU MFBTU B TNJSL  PO ZPVS GBDF UIFO ZPV

better check your pulse. There is even rumour that the Regina will make it to production. Oh joy. Honda is showcasing a tiny electric car called the Micro Commuter. It looks as delicate as BCVUUFSรธZTXJOHT POMZVHMJFS /JTTBO JT TIPXJOH Pรฒ UIFJS electric car technology in the 1JWP   XIJDI BQQFBST UP IBWF been designed without the wheels in mind and they are just tacked onto the corners at the very last minute. The effect is rather appropriate for this era of disjointed thoughts and incomplete sentences. 0O UIF NPSF NVOEBOF TJEF 

4V[VLJ BMTP CSPVHIU BMPOH B CBUUFSZQPXFSFE TXJGU BOE Mitsubishi showed off a thinly disguised future production SUV CZDBMMJOHJU$PODFQU19.J&7 Mitsubishi is also showing off the car that will relaunch the Colt nameplate. Just like all the DPMUT CFGPSF JU  JU JT OPOEFTDSJQU on the outside and the inside but it will be earnest and worthy. Oh bother.

WINNERS: Team Proton colours making a big splash at the podium

Proton is Asia Paci๏ฌ

Suzuki Swift EV

Malaysian carmaker bags all eight major APRC awards


Mitsubishi Mirage

IT has been a rather spectacular ZFBS GPS UIF 1SPUPO 3BMMZ 5FBN  winning the team and driver DIBNQJPOTIJQ JO UIFJS รถSTU GVMM ZFBS CVUJUEJEOUBMXBZTMPPLMJLF they were going to dominate the "TJB1BDJรถD3BMMZ$IBNQJPOTIJQ " TMJHIU TUVUUFS PO SPVOE two in Indonesia frayed some nerves and their surprising run with bad luck and mechanical gremlins in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge this year was XPSSZJOH /P POF LOFX JG UIF problem would start infecting UIFJS"13$DBNQBJHO Luckily the bug stayed in Europe and allowed the team to FOKPZ B GVTTGSFF TFBTPO JO "TJB

Suzuki Regina Concept

EXHILIRATING: The Proton team gunning for the finish Pivo 3

1BDJรถD "GUFS DMJODIJOH UIF UFBN UJUMF JO+BQBO UIFZMPPLFEGPSXBSEUP UIF รถOBM SPVOE JO $IJOB XIFSF UIFJS UXP ESJWFST  "MJTUFS .D3BF BOE$ISJT"ULJOTPOXFSFBMSFBEZ HVBSBOUFFEรถSTUBOETFDPOEBOE only needed points to determine who would be series champion. *OUIFFOE .D3BFTWJDUPSZBU the China Rally was the icing on the cake as they took home the "TJB 1BDJรถD 3BMMZ $IBNQJPOTIJQ driverโ€™s and manufacturerโ€™s titles. .D3BFESPWFUIF1SPUPO4BUSJB /FP4UPJUTGPVSUIWJDUPSZPG the season in six rounds when he DPNQMFUFE UIF UISFFEBZ $IJOB Rally ahead of Finnish driver Jari Ketomaa in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X with team mate Chris "ULJOTPOรถOJTIJOHUIJSEUPNBLF JUBOBMM1SPUPOย‰JOUIF"13$

driverโ€™s championship. 5IF 4BUSJB /FP 4T dominant performance all ZFBS MPOH BMTP DSPXOFE 1SPUPO XJOOFS PG UIF DPWFUFE "13$ manufacturerโ€™s championship ahead of Mitsubishi with Subaru รถOJTIJOH UIF  TFBTPO B distant third. The results in China also saw 1SPUPO CFDPNJOH UIF รถSTU DBS manufacturer to win all eight NBKPSJOEJWJEVBMUJUMFTJOUIF'*" "13$XIJDIJODMVEFTUIFPWFSBMM '*""13$ESJWFSTUJUMF '*""13$ NBOVGBDUVSFSTUJUMF UIF'*""13$ 5FBNT5SPQIZ  UIF '*" "TJB $VQ ESJWFST UJUMF  UIF '*" 1BDJรถD $VQ ESJWFST UJUMF  UIF NBOVGBDUVSFST UJUMFJOUIF'*""13$3BMMZ$VQGPS UXPXIFFM ESJWF DBUFHPSZ  UIF '*" "13$ 3BMMZ $VQ UXPXIFFM ESJWFESJWFSTUJUMFBOE'*""13$ Junior Cup driverโ€™s title.

The Malay Mail Friday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011


Proton Amazing Holiday winners get their prizes

VICTORY: Atkinson (left) and McRae on the Finish Ramp โ€œThe results in China sum up what has been a challenging but nevertheless rewarding year for 1SPUPO "T B NBOVGBDUVSFS  XF are committed to be better and this extends to both competition and in the manufacturing of production vehicles for the HMPCBM NBSLFU w TBJE 1SPUPO Holdings group managing director Datuk Seri Syed Zainal "CJEJO.PIBNFE5BIJS โ€œExcelling in competition serves a bigger purpose in UIBU JU TJHOJรถDBOUMZ TVQQPSUT our aspiration in becoming a competitive global car manufacturer. โ€œMotorsports is one of several key strategies being pursued UP FOIBODF UIF 1SPUPO CSBOE especially in markets that we are BDUJWFMZFYQPSUJOHUP*OBEEJUJPO 

it also enables us to promote the brand and increase awareness in new and potential markets. โ€œMotorsports also injects excitement into the brand or a QBSUJDVMBSNPEFM BOEJUQSPWJEFT a platform in which technology BOEUFDIOJDBMLOPXIPXDBOCF developed and applied to future SPBEHPJOHNPEFMT w4ZFE;BJOBM "CJEJOBEEFE He said a clear example of this was in the strong foundation in ride and handling characteristics shared by both the winning UXPXIFFM ESJWF DD 4BUSJB /FP ESJWFO CZ ,BSBNKJU 4JOHI BOE "LJSB #BNCB BOE XIBU customers can experience in a TIPXSPPNNPEFM4BUSJB/FP โ€œOverall it has been a SFNBSLBCMF ZFBS GPS 1SPUPO w IF said.

NON-PROTON CAR OWNING WINNERS: Kong and Lee TBJE.S+PIO%$IBDLP EJSFDUPS PG HSPVQ NBSLFUJOH  CSBOEJOH and motorsports. i0VS 7*1 1SPHSBNNF IBT gained quite a bit of interest and we are glad that we are able to SFXBSETVQQPSUFSTPGUIF1SPUPO brand. We are really excited for these winners as we know they XJMMIBWFBHSFBUUJNFw 5IF 7*1 1SPHSBNNF XBT initiated in the middle of this year as part of the companyโ€™s efforts to reach out to its customers and the Malaysian public.


"QBSU GSPN UIF "NB[JOH )PMJEBZT DPNQFUJUJPO  UIFSF JT BMTP B i.Z 1SPUPO .BLFPWFSw programme which rewards XJOOJOH1SPUPODBSPXOFSTXJUI an opportunity for a full car makeover. 5IF1SPUPO"NB[JOH)PMJEBZT contest only requires contestants to answer two questions with

winners being announced every month. With four more rounds UP HP  1SPUPO XJMM CF SFXBSEJOH B UPUBM PG BOPUIFS  XJOOFST over the next four months. For more information and a chance UP XJO BO BNB[JOH FYQFSJFODF  interested parties can visit www. Entries close on %FD


Resolution for Lotus F1 confusion THE recent decision of Formula One Team owners to allow Tony Fernandes to use the Caterham name in Formula One has opened up a path for amicable resolution between the parties involved. *O B 1SFTT SFMFBTF  1SPUPO and Group Lotus said they are delighted with the result and are now looking forward to a clearer future in Formula One. 5IFSFMFBTFTBJEi1SPUPO (SPVQ -PUVT  .BMBZTJB 3BDJOH 5FBN and its owner Tony Fernandes are delighted to announce that the legal dispute in the English $PVSUTSFMBUJOHUPUIFA-PUVTBOE A5FBN -PUVT CSBOET IBT OPX ended amicably with the parties agreeing settlement terms earlier this month. Lotus said the terms of the TFUUMFNFOU BSF DPOรถEFOUJBM CVU UIF EFBM TFFT UIF A-PUVT brand reunited under the sole ownership of Group Lotus. This JODMVEFTUIFSJHIUTUPUIFA-PUVT BOE A5FBN -PUVT OBNFT JO Formula 1 motor racing. This is made possible by the fact that the 1MRT will race JO UIF  'PSNVMB  TFBTPO under the name "Caterham F1 5FBNBOEXJMMVTFBi$BUFSIBNw chassis. The deal also sees a working relationship established between the parties and they will work together on future projects in

UIFBVUPNPUJWFรถFME Group Lotus Chief Executive 0รณDFS%BOZ#BIBSi0OCFIBMGPG (SPVQ-PUVTBOE1SPUPO*XPVME like to express how pleased we BSF UIBU UIJT NBUUFS JT รถOBMMZ closed and we can now focus on looking forward to the future. โ€œWe understand that this has been a very difficult and confusing time for the fans of the sport and the Lotus brand so we are glad to have reached a clear resolution on this important NBUUFS ย‰ * XPVME MJLF UP UBLF this opportunity to thank our GBOTGPSUIFJSDPOUJOVFETVQQPSU  JUNFBOTFWFSZUIJOHUPVTw 3JBE"TNBU (SPVQ$&0.35 TBJE 8F BSF QSPVE PG XIBU we have achieved by bringing the Team Lotus name back to Formula One when many tried and although we are sad to say HPPECZF UP5FBN -PUVT  XF BSF excited about owning our own future and being in control of PVS PXO EFTUJOZ /PX XF IBWF no one to be compared with. We make our own history and we will remain green and yellow. /PX XF MPPL GPSXBSE UP BO exciting future racing under our new team name of Caterham ' 5FBN 1MFBTF DPOUJOVF UP support our very special spirit of never say die and support us on UIFUSBDLBTXFNPWFVQUIFรถFME and demonstrate that the good do win."

HOW TO PLAY Sudoku X is a simple variation of Sudoku with the only difference being the squares in white (which make up the numeral X) need to tally from 1 to 9 along with the remaining coloured squares.


i๏ฌc rally king

THE รถSTU HSPVQ PG XJOOFST PG 1SPUPOT "NB[JOH )PMJEBZT contest was announced and SFDFJWFE UIFJS QSJ[FT FBSMJFS UIJT week. The contest is part of the carmakerโ€™s Very Important 1SPUPO 7*1  QSPHSBNNF aimed at acknowledging and SFXBSEJOH 1SPUPO DVTUPNFST and supporters. 5IF รถSTU TJY XJOOFST PG UIF "NB[JOH )PMJEBZT DPNQFUJUJPO XFSF 1SPUPO DBS PXOFST 3PTMJ[B "CV#BLBSGSPN,MBOH 5BO4JBOH -PPOH GSPN "NQBOH  )BJSVM /J[BN"CEVM3BOJGSPN,VBOUBO BOE "INBE 3BE[MBO .PIBNFE Yusof from Kluang. 5IF DPOUFTU  XIJDI JT BMTP PQFOUPOPO1SPUPODBSPXOFST  also saw two winners in this DBUFHPSZ  ,POH 1PPJ :FF GSPN #BUV $BWFT BOE -FF -JFX $IMPF from Kuching. "MM XJOOFST XJMM SFDFJWF BO FYDMVTJWF%BZT /JHIUTIPMJEBZ getaway at either The Hard Rock )PUFM JO 1FOBOH  5BOKVOH +BSB Resort in Terengganu or Casa del Rio in Malacca. i"T QBSU PG PVS A$PNNJUUFE UP CF #FUUFS JOJUJBUJWF  XF BSF proud to be able to provide yet another offering to those who BSFQBSUPGPVS7*11SPHSBNNF w

14 lifestyle

The Malay Mail Friday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011

TestDrive: Ford Mondeo 2.0 Ecoboost

Torgue of the town

The Ford Mondeo Ecoboost enters the market with power unrivalled in its class By Shamsul Yunos CARS looking for buyers in the executive segment have to come to the fight armed to the teeth with special features and unique propositions because it is a crowded segment that panders to the demands of those who are hard to satisfy. Since all the players in this segment are also familiar with this challenge, everyone is offering something interesting. The Ford Mondeo Ecoboost is entering the fray armed with a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine and powershift dual clutch transmission as the main guns and accompanying those are European styling, refinement and ride and handling. The forced induction system boosts power to 203PS, which is roughly 200 horsepower while torque can twist 300 Newtons. These are impressive numbers and they are unrivalled in this class. The first prod of the accelerator is enough to confirm that the specification sheet is not lying about the engine’s potential for creating fun. The

car eagerly lunges towards the horizon every time the driver tickles the right pedal. With so much torque available, the car is also quite capable of startling acceleration from junctions, traffic lights and annoying tailgaters. The engine really is the star of the show and given enough throttle movement, it is willing and able to upturn any frown into a smile. The Mondeo is the sort of car you can creep up in behind a BMW 320i and have a bit of fun. Thanks to a well sorted-out chassis, the Mondeo is also a capable hustler along roads less straight without getting itself out of sorts. The steering is relatively precise and there is decent feedback so the car can be placed accurately into corners and Ford Mondeo 2.0 Ecoboost specifications ▪ Engine type: 4 Cylinder, DOHC, 16 Valve, Ti-VCT+ drivers can have a good VIS, alloy cylinder head and block with min RON95 idea what the wheels are ▪ Turbocharger: Fixed type doing. ▪ Fuel preparation: Electronic multi-point fuel injection Fitted with a suitably ▪ Displacement (cc): 1999 impressed state of mind, ▪ Maximum power (PS (kW)/rpm): 203 (149) @ we ventured out of the 6000 city in search of some fun ▪ Maximum torque (Nm(kg.m)/rpm): 300 (30.6) @ 4500 roads and the Mondeo ▪ Transmission: PowerShift® 6-Speed dual-clutch immediately impressed automatic us. Suspension The car enters corners ▪ Front: MacPherson strut crisply, holds on to the ▪ Rear: Independent Control Blade multilink line without fuss and handles left-right transiTyre ▪ Front & rear: 215/50 R17 tions like a politician an▪ Spare tyre: T125/90 R16 swering a question. ▪ Special Features: Keyless ignition system, dualThe firm, Teutonic zone climate control, Bluetooth® & voice command, springing and well-conDriver power seat adjust 8 way with memory, Rear power point, Electrochromatic rear view mirror trolled damping allows the tyres to keep the car planted in corners but they are not so hard as to induce discomfort among the occupants. Suitably impressed with the Mondeo’s driving dynamics, we deContiMaxcided to slick the shifter Contact MC5 into automatic and take an easy drive back to the Recommended city. Fitment The Ulu Yam route is 215/50 R17 91V a combination of long sweeping corners and tight constant radius turns peppered with a few tricky tightening lines connected by lazy

meandering tarmac so a relaxed drive in automatic mode still requires the gearbox to do a lot of work. The gearbox made a lot of gear changes and the predictive system is quite good in guessing which gear should be next and when that happens, the shift is smooth but when it has second guessed wrongly, there is hesitation in the driveline and the driver feels momentary lack of power and then a gentle driveline shunt. Driven at half throttle or less, the Mondeo’s Powershift gearbox seems a trifle confused. Drive it aggressively and the automatic mode is peachy, all sweet and smooth. The Powershift is the problem here and we can say this with some certainty because the same issue rears its head in Volvos that use the same transmission. This indecisiveness and driveline shunt is also evident in city drives where drivers have to constantly accelerate and decelerate to match traffic and road conditions. It is not a huge problem, really. The driveline reminds me of a 1990s Mercedes-Benz where a change of gear involves the gearbox letting go of one cog and momentarily forgetting what it is supposed to do before startling itself into the next ratio. The Mondeo is otherwise very refined and this accentuates the low-

watt quality of the transmission. I suppose you can get used to it, for the sake of those delicious times when we attack our favourite roads in manual mode but why should we have to? Right? Unless there is a fundamental mechanical engineering design obstacle, for example if the selector fork design requires extra time to choose and move cogs or if the hydraulic shifters needs extra pressure, then the solution probably relies on the transmission’s software. Whatever the problem with the Powershift system, I hope they fix it soon. Otherwise the Mondeo is a fine product. The only other real complain with the Mondeo is really the price but what you are getting from RM180,000 is the performance of a well-sorted 2.4-litre car without having to pay the penalty of higher road tax. The Mondeo’s interior is a nice place to be in with supportive seats front and rear,

well-sorted ergonomics and a decent entertainmaent system to help time pass. The velour inserts in the seats are particularly helpful when the driver wants to charge hard on back roads, holding down occupants and keeping them feeling safe. The multi-function display tells everything you need to know about the car and the entertainment system, making it possible to change stations, track or volume without taking your eyes off the road for too long. With everything fitting perfectly, the RM180K price tag is well judged…. until I remember how the gearbox misbehaves. For that I can only give this car three-and-a-half stars out of four but it remains on the recommendation list because the transmission may be a personal complaint that most others would not notice.


Friday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011

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the malay mail











Friday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011 M580






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Friday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011 M580










the malay mail M580







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the malay mail

friDAY 11 novemBER, 2011


The medal hunt in the 26th Sea Games begins today with five gold medals up for grabs in canoeing — Bernama

The Malay Mail Friday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011


Bring it on ∙

Eyes on Bernie

Apache in more trouble

FORMULA 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone took the stand as the star witness in a bribery trial

Mesuma ready to challenge for rights to tiger stripe design Thursday 10 NOVEMBER, 2011

Stripe wars



SPORTS apparel company Mesuma Sports Sdn Bhd are adamant they are the rightful owner of the tiger stripe design on the national jersey. The National Sports Council (NSC) had, earlier this week, served Mesuma a writ of summons claiming the former are the rightful owner of the design. In a statement to Mailsport, Mesuma owner Maya Heng said they dispute NSC are the owners of the trademark. "We are the registered owners and we have the rights to use the mark as registered. We are contesting their claim," said Maya. "We are also challenging their rights to the industrial designs they are talking about." NSC had published several "warning notices" in several dailies on Wednesday claiming rightful ownership of the design. This came about after The Paper That Cares, through its article National jersey bungle on May 13, exposed Telekom Malaysia's (TM) deal with NSC and the Olympic Council of

MANCHESTER CITY’S Carlos Tevez ditched his club and headed for Argentina without permission

>> pg21

>> pg23

plied their apparels to the contingent for the ongoing 26th Sea Games in NSC out to protect ‘intellect ual property’ Indonesia and for the London Olympics next year. >> pg20 In 2005, the Sports Ministry Ready to roar ran a contest to design the national jersey in which the designs of the top three winning entries were selected. They were later redesigned by Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing to FLASHBACK: Our report yesterday give it a national theme. The Malaysia (OCM) in designing episode remains unclear. jersey, which was launched by >> pg21 and selling the Team Malaysia The name "Panthera" too is in then deputy prime minister Spanish dom inanceDatuk Seri Najib Razak, bore Panthera jerseys, which courted contention as it stems from the LONDON: FOOTBALL controversy due to the owner- name "Panther" registered by five tiger stripes. Br of the h PM asks Fifa to recon shipitis design rights. Secaicho Corporation Mesuma decided to make sider po ppy ban Japan on Checks with the Intellectual Aug 30, 1977. TM, CR Sports>> pg22the jersey sponsor friendly and Property Corporation of and NSC did not apply toCau regght in reduced the design to three Malaysia (IPCM) showed ister the name "Panthera".the middle tiger stripes. Mesuma have been registered OCM admitted having overFormer NSC director-genproprietor of the trademark looked the contract saying they eral Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz for the "three tiger stripes" for had a "sponsorship agreement confirmed the council had 10 years (July 9, 2009 to July in mind and not a merchandis- never undertaken any action 9, 2019) with certificates of ing agreement". to register the tiger stripes >> pg23 national jersey before it was registration issued on Feb 19 NSC, had in a statement this year. to The Malay Mail published launched in 2005. IPCM also revealed CR Sports on May 24, claimed they had Ramlan was quoted in The Sdn Bhd filed six applications "undertaken steps to protect Malay Mail, on May 26, as on May 3 — five days after the the government's intellectual saying: "The matter (to regisTeam Malaysia Panthera jersey property and have duly regis- ter) was raised to protect the was launched — to register the tered with IPCM in the correct rights to intellectual property design that has been trade- classification of the Industrial or design but the management marked by Mesuma. Design Act 1996". felt since everybody should be The link between CR Sports Mesuma are the official attire using it, there was no need for and NSC and their role in this for OCM since 2006 and sup- protection."

BRITISH Prime Minisplaying a friendly in ter David Cameron Cy- the line of duty. has prus on Friday. “There are a variety asked Fifa to recons Remembrance Day falls of ider In a statem ent issued options where the FA their “outrageous” on Nov 11, can ban on British teams wear- from his office yester- sary of the the annive r- continue suppor ting the day the Armi- cause day, Cameron said: “This ing embroidered poppie of Remembrance . stice was signed markin s seems outrageous. The the g on their shirts to mark end of the First World One of them already was idea that wearin approv ga Remembrance Day ed by Fifa, the Pein to remember thosepoppy War in 1918. riod of Silence .” friendl ies this week. who However, Fifa rejecte d Fifa World footba ll’s gov- have given their lives for the appeal in a letter to minute have allowe d a our freedom is a politic erning body has rebuffe ’s silence to be held al the FA. d act is absurd . before the games and reques ts from the British “We for regret to “Weari ng a poppy is govern ment to allow Engan you that accept inform the teams to wear poppie s ing such on their trainin land and Wales to wear act of huge respec t and initiatives g kits. Fifa’s rules preven the poppy, but will allow nation al pride. I hope the door would open t to similar ini- items Fifa will recons ider.” them to wear black armof a politic tiatives from all over The British Govern the ture being worn al nabands and observe perion shirts ment, backed by the Eng-- world, jeopard ising the and althou ods of silence instead gh it does not neutra lity of footba . ll,” regard poppie s Englan d take on world lish FA, asked Fifa for Fifa wrote. as politipermis sion to wear champions the “There fore, we confirm cal, Fifa are concer ned Spain at it would open the door Wembley, while Wales poppie s, which are worn herewith SIGN OF RESPECT: that the sug- to as a symbol for remem countr ies wanting to play Norway in Cardif - gested embro The poppy seen on on Saturd ay. Scotlan d f, bering membe rs of the match shirt idery on the wear variou s differe nt Fulham’s Chris Baird’s are armed forces who cannot be au- emblem died in thorise d. s on their shirts. jersey — AFP photo — Reuter s Published by Malay Mail Sdn Bhd (239512V Sdn Bhd (239512V ), Lot

Winds of changenational

THE National Sports Council (NSC) will undergo several changes to ensure they remain relevant to the national scene

THE National Sports Council By HARESH DEOL (NSC) have served a writ ment’s intellectual propert of y summons to sports apparel and have duly registered with company Mesuma Sports the Intellectual Propert Sdn 2009 to July 9, 2019). GOLF Bhd over the ownership The cer- poration of Malaysi y Corof the tificates of registra a (IPCM) tion national jersey tiger stripe de- sued on Feb 19 this were is- in the correct classification sign. year. Checks with IPCM later of the Industrial Design Act Mesuma owner Maya Heng 1996”. revealed CR Sports Sdn confirmed having received Bhd Mesuma remain as the the ofsummons adding “her lawyers filed six applications on May ficial attire for the 3 — five days after the are handling the matter”. Team Council of Malaysi Olympic a and supNSC also published adver- Malaysia Panthera jersey was plied their apparels launched — to register torials in several dailies the national contingent to the yes- design that has for the been trade- ongoing terday claiming rights over 26th Sea Games in the marked by Mesum three-striped tiger design. a. Indonesia and for the London The name “Panthera” too The Paper That Cares is Olympics next year. in contention as it stems through its article, Nationa from In 2005, the jersey bungle on May 13, l the name “Panther” registered ran a contest Sports Ministry re- by Secaicho Corpor to vealed Telekom Malaysi ation Ja- tional jersey design the na(TM) deal with NSC a’s pan on Aug 30, 1977. TM, CR signs of the in which the deand Sports and NSC top three winning did not Olympic Council of Malaysi a to register the name apply entries were selected. (OCM) in designing and “PanThey were later redesign sell- thera”. ed TIGER WOODS is ing the Team Malaysia PanOCM admitted having by Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing to convinced he is finally thera jerseys courted controgive it a national theme. overlooked the contract The in position to begin his versy due to the ownersh say- jersey, which ip of ing they had a rise to the top of world “sponsorship then deputy was launched by rights. prime minister agreement in mind and golf This was confirmed by again not Datuk Seri Najib Razak, bore the Intellectual Property Corpo- a merchandising agreement”. five tiger stripes. ration of Malaysia (IPCM) The role of CR Sports in this Having been the official episode remains unclear. atthat responded in a stateme tire distributor for the OlymFOOTBALL nt NSC, however, saying Mesuma have been statement to The had in a pic Council of Malaysia registered proprietor of Malay Mail since 2006, the published on May Mesuma decided trademark for the “three 24 said: to make the tiger “The NSC have stripes” for 10 years (July undertaken friendly and jersey sponsor 9, steps to protect the reduced the degovern- sign to three tiger stripes.

STRIPES SPARK SQUABBLE: The jerseys from Mesuma

Published by Malay Mail


), Lot 2A, Jalan 13/2, 46200

2A, Jalan 13/2, 46200 Petaling

LIVERPOOL’s Pepe Reina says it’s difficult for other countries to emulate the success of the Spanish team


FRANCE’S Yann M’Vila will join Arsenal or Real Madrid in the summer transfer window

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, and printed by The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Jaya, Selangor, and printed Berhad (4485-H), 31, Jalan by Ultimate Print Sdn Bhd Riong, 59100 KL (62208-H) Lot 2, Jalan Sepana 15/3, Off Persiaran Selangor, Seksyen 15, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor


Ramadan dares to dream


NATIONAL U-21 forward Muhamad Ramadan Rosli wants a fairytale ending to the Sultan of Johor Cup at the Taman Daya Stadium in Johor Baru today. The Project 2013 boys have rectified their initial slump to win their last two matches over much fancied Korea and Pakistan. Now, they are within touching distance of reaching their target of a top two finish. "We have to keep going and build on our last two performances. It's not that we were bad in the first two matches but we couldn't find the finishing touch," said Ramadan. "I hope that is all behind us. All our good work will go to waste if we fail to win tomorrow (today)." Malaysia play India knowing they have their fate solely in their hands. India and Korea both have a chance of qualifying for the final. "We know where we stand

and what we need to do," added Ramadan. The equation is simple, should Malaysia win, they will play Australia in the final. Should India win then the final spot could be decided on goal difference as India and Korea will be tied on nine points — assuming Korea overcomes New Zealand. "We will play to win and do what is needed. However, there is no point depending on the results of others as it makes one forget the task at hand. I want my team to remain focused at getting a favourable result and take it from there," Project 2013 coach K. Dharmaraj told the tournament's official website. Meanwhile, Korea's coach Song Seung Tae is keeping his fingers crossed that the Malaysia-India result would favour the Koreans. According to him, the Koreans would do their part and hope they qualify for tomorrow's final against the Aussies. Korea take on a New Zealand side knowing the best they can hope for is a 3rd/4th placing match.

FIXTURES TODAY Australia v Pakistan (4.05pm) New Zealand v Korea (6.05pm) India v Malaysia (8.05pm)

STANDINGS Australia Malaysia India Korea New Zealand Pakistan

P 4 4 4 4 4 4

W 4 2 2 2 1 0

D 0 1 0 0 1 0

L F A Pts 0 17 7 12 1 8 3 7 2 13 11 6 2 13 15 6 2 4 9 4 4 3 10 0

HAPPY ENDING: Ramadan (right) tangles with Korea's Jung Jun-lee during the match on Monday — BERNAMA photo



Malaysia ready to slam dunk opposition IT has been a quiet affair for the men's and women's basketball teams but that will change when they arrive in Jakarta for the 26th Sea Games tomorrow. While both teams have been staying away from the limelight, they have been gearing up for the regional Games for the past year. H o w e v e r, M a l a y s i a n Basketball Association secretary-general Sim Sin Heng (pic) said anything can happen during their stay in Indonesia. "There are many contributing factors and we must appreciate the fact that the neighbouring countries have been preparing well for this meet," said former national coach Sin Heng. "We can prepare but it boils down to the players' performances on match day." The women's team have b e en w inning t he gold medal on numerous occasions including at the 1997 (Jakarta) and 2001 (KL) editions. The men's team, meanwhile, have made it to the podium numerous times but is still a shadow behind the likes of the Philippines. However, the men's team are playing in the Asian Basketball League under the KL Dragons banner as they dribble around some of the best clubs in the region. They also came out champions in the 4th China-Asean Men's Inter national Invit ation

after defeating hosts China Guangxi 74-72 in the final held in Nanning earlier this month. History is on the Malaysians' side after defeating the Filipinos in the final of the 1989 Sea Games in KL. Among the key players who will play an instrumental role for the men's team include Chee Li Wei, Kwaan-Yoong Jing and B. Guganeswaran. Seasoned campaigner K. Satyaseelan, who came back from retirement this year, will also join the team to Jakarta to add depth to the squad. While Sin Heng remained tight-lipped of the teams' chances, the women's team are most likely eying for the gold medal while the men would be pleased securing a podium finish. The Indonesians and Thais are also capable of making it to the final.


Tips, tickets and more at clinics for schoolchildren TO further develop the sport, the Combined Old Boys Rugby Association (Cobra) have been conducting coaching clinics for schoolchildren in various parts of the nation leading up to the 42nd HSBC Cobra 10s tournament at the PJ Stadium starting tomorrow. The clinics, which started on Monday, is an annual programme and aided by players from various teams around the globe. "We are grateful to the teams who agreed to help us with the coaching clinics, namely Impala from Ke ny a , Na d ro g a f rom

Fiji, Tradition ( Japan), Ponsonby, Canterbury (New Zealand) and Penguins (UK)," said Cobra president Boon Hoon Chee. "The Penguins are conducting clinics in southern Malaysia as they make their way to PJ after the SCC 7s in Singapore," he added. In addition to the clinics, which ends today, Cobra will hand out 2,500 free tickets to schoolchildren to watch the tournament this weekend. A total of 16 teams will compete for the coveted Hui Weng Choon trophy and a total prize money of RM100,000.



Colombia's Radamel Falcao will miss World Cup qualifiers against Venezuela and Argentina after suffering a training injury — Reuters

Goal-machine Argies

Messi, Higuain, Aguero set to put smile back on Sabella


with Mustapha "El Loco" Kamaruddin

HOLA! Lionel Messi, Sergio "Kun" Aguero and Gonzalo Higuain upfront — what a deadly combination indeed. These three in-form attackers, with lot of goals among them of late, are poised to start when Argentina entertain Bolivia at Estadio Monument a l in Buenos Aires in a South American 2014 World Cup qualifier tomorrow (4am). They are set to start as another in-form attacker, Angel di Maria of Real Madrid, has been ruled out because of an injury. Argentina, under new coach Alejandro Sabella, have not been enjoying a good start to their campaign. After beating Chile 4-1 in the opener at home, they surprisingly lost 1-0 to a fighting Venezuela in the second match. The hosts surely can't afford to drop a single point against the Bolivians, especially as they will face a tough task next against formidable Colombia away on Tuesday. Messi, Aguero and Higuain have to play a big role tomorrow for Argentina obviously. And based on their current form in Europe, the three should be able to create problems and get the hosts a win to put them in the "right frame of mind" for the Colombian hurdle. Messi may not have been scoring that often for his national team but he already has 14 goals to his credit this season for Barcelona from 11 matches to lead the top scorer's chart. Real's Higuain is also on song with 11 goals. Aguero? He has already netted nine goals for high-flying English Premier League leaders Manchester City despite the fact that this is only his debut season.

FIXTURES TOMORROW Argentina v Bolivia (4am) Uruguay v Chile (6am) Colombia v Venezuela (8am) Paraguay v Ecuador (8am) WEDNESDAY Colombia v Argentina (5am) Ecuador v Peru (5am) Chile v Paraguay (7.30am) Venezuela v Bolivia (9am)

STANDINGS Uruguay Argentina Ecuador Colombia Peru Venezuela Chile Paraguay Bolivia

P 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2

W 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0

D 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0

L 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 2

F 5 4 2 2 4 1 5 1 3

A Pts 3 4 2 3 0 3 1 3 4 3 2 3 6 3 3 1 6 0

Note: Top four qualify for World Cup. Fifth-placed team to be involved in playoff with a team from Asia.

The interesting aspect about this Messi, Higuain and Aguero combination is that all of them can operate either in the centre or on the flanks effectively and this can confuse the Bolivian defence. Guess how many goals will Argentina score? El Loco feels at least three... hopefully Argentina will not lose or the fans will be cursing. Strikeforce aside, expect some changes in the Argentina midfield as Valencia star Ever Banega is out because of suspension. This is where Fernando Gago, who is now on loan with Italian club Roma from Real, can take over. The stylish Gago has featured regularly for Roma and should be ready to partner Barca star Javier Mascherano and Jose Sosa of Ukrainian club Metalist Kharkiv in midfield. It is interesting to see how Gago will fare. This is the best chance for him to impress Sabella. Basically a

LETHAL COMBO: Aguero (left), Messi (inset) and Higuain will pose problems for Bolivia and Colombia — FILE photo

defensive midfielder, Gago has the ability to start some decent att acking moves which is handy for the strikers. Sabella, meanwhile, vowed to remedy his team's loss to Venezuela after admitting he will go down in history as the first coach to be beaten by the Vinotinto. A Fernando Amorebieta goal led Cesar Farias' team to a 1-0 win last month, which marked the first time that Venezuela had defeated Argentina. Sabella admitted losing the last game left scars on him and his charges. "It will stay in history that

I was the first coach to lose, that cannot be erased," he told Ole. Poor thing. "Self-criticism is important, but we should not panic. We have to be intelligent in order to listen to the rest and analyse things so the same errors are not committed twice. Mao TseTung said self-criticism is a symptom of weakness and there is some truth in that," said the 57-year-old. Wow! Intelligent or not, Argentina have to b eat Bolivia, or Sabella will be in deeper trouble and may have to panic. Adios!

The Malay Mail Friday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011

FromThe Driver'sSeat with Alex Yoong

Let's not tire the tyres ABU DHABI will witness the penultimate round of the 2011 Formula 1 World Championship this weekend, and what a difference a year makes! Last year, four drivers went into the last round of the championship all with a shot of winning it. Fernando Alonso was a heavy favourite, but his failure to pass Vitaly Petrov in the race meant that Sebastian Vettel won the championship with a faultless drive. This year, we have seen Vettel add consistency to his armoury and the result has been one of the most dominated championship wins we have ever seen. Red Bull have had the quickest car this season, especially in qualifying. Although we have had some weekends when they weren't the quickest, Vettel still strove with great maturity to go on and win those races. McLaren and Ferrari look to have caught up to Red Bull as the year progressed, especially Mc L a r e n , w h o s e e m to have closed the gap prop erly with a p ole positon in Japan and another front row in the last race in India. But that being said, Vettel has driven magnificently to win the championship, and if anyone is going to wrestle the crown from Vettel in 2012, they definitely need to raise their game and show that form now, in these last two races of the year. D espite Abu Dhabi having the longest straight on the calendar, overtaking was not so prevalent last season. With two DRS zones, we can surely expect a lot of overtaking this weekend. What I hope not to s e e , h owe ve r, i s t o o much tyre degradation. Conventional wisdom is that high tyre degradation leads to more overtaking, which is true, but

it also makes for poor racing. G o o d racing, in my opinion, is when two drivers battle it out on the roads, lap after lap with a chance of reovertaking. On a track like Abu Dhabi, there should be lots of overtaking with two long straights and two DRS zones. High tyre degradation will take away from the spectacle because it will disadvantage overtaken drivers who won't have the ability to fight back b e caus e of wor n out tyres. I expect some of the teams to be trimming their wings out to maximise the speed for the long straights in the first and second sector in Abu Dhabi, but if you really want to be quick here, the secret lies in sector three. Last season, this was the point where Vettel was strong. There is an old Chinese saying, "Failure is the mother of all successes". For the sake of Vettel's Red Bull teammate Mark Webber, I certainly hope this is true. He will be concentrating on this section surely, as there is no doubt that he is hoping to break his winless streak, especially as he seeks to overtake Button for second in the championship. Below the big three, the mid field battle is also heating up. Torro Ross o have cer t ain ly brought the goods in the last few races and now, they are truly in the battle for 6th place in the championship along with Force India and Sauber. In these final two Grands Prix of the year, I expect fireworks to erupt from these three teams.  Catch former F1 driver Alex Yoong on STAR Sports' coverage of this weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Race Day and Chequered Flag

The Malay Mail Friday 11 NOVEMBER, 2011

Newcastle fans reacted angrily after club bosses announced plans to rename St James Park in a drive to increase revenues — AFP


Tevez digging own grave, says PFA boss

P R O F E S S I O N A L F O O T B A L L E R S ' ASSOCIATION (PFA) chief executive Gordon Taylor admits Carlos Tevez is "digging himself a hole" at Manchester City and risks incurring further disciplinary action. The Argentine missed training on Wednesday and has returned to his homeland, despite being repeatedly told that he was to remain in England. The striker's decision to go against City's orders comes on the back of his infamous non-appearance in a Champions League clash against Bayern Munich that saw him dominate the headlines. The PFA fought his corner on that occasion, resulting in a four-week fine imposed by City being cut in half. However, Taylor admits Tevez has now left himself "vulnerable" with his latest action and believes City could decide to wash their hands off the troublesome striker by seeking to cancel his contract. "To break an instruction not to go and to be determined to go is inviting trouble," Taylor told Sky Sports. "From that point of view, I believe there is going to be more trouble rather than peace in this situation. I do feel disappointed to say the least, coming so soon when I was hoping things could move on. "I'm sure it's not only me, his advisors as well must be wondering where do we go from here? "It's no use saying otherwise, the lad is digging

himself a hole and it is going deeper." Asked if City were now in a position to consider ending Tevez's contract, Taylor said: "Bearing in mind what's happened recently, he was clearly told — I have been informed — on more than one occasion that he was not to return to Argentina, that he was on a fitness regime here. He has not been in the team and if he has breached that instruction, that goes to the heart of the contract and that could be gross misconduct in anybody's language. "I don't want to predetermine, but I'm very concerned because it's a serious situation and one the PFA aren't happy about and I assume neither are City." Taylor stopped short of pulling the PFA's support of Tevez but admits it would be difficult for them to stand up for the striker in the wake of his decision to go AWOL. "I don't put off players, even when they are in the wrong," he said. "But on the other hand, we would have to advise him that at the moment his actions are not doing himself any good at all and he is leaving himself very vulnerable to action by the club, and that could be that they will consider very serious actions so soon after the last problem. "It's a worry to me how we can get out of this, bearing in mind that he is a human being and a top quality footballer. His actions aren't what we could possibly recommend to any other player in the game."


Burdened Bent

Striker admits pressure, backs Villa teammate to shine ASTON VILL A st r i ker Darren Bent admits he feels "on trial" every time he plays for England as he looks to press home his Euro 2012 squad credentials. Bent has scored four goals in his last five internationals but knows it will impress coach Fabio Capello if he passes the ultimate test and performs well against World Cup winners Spain at Wembley on Sunday (1.15am). The hunger of the Aston Villa man cannot be questioned after he missed out on being selected for the 2006 and 2010 World Cups, while England did not qualify for Euro 2008. "Every time you play for your country, it's like you are on trial, to be honest. If I get selected, hopefully, I'll do myself justice and hang onto the shirt," said Bent. "I've got a few goals recently for England but this is going up another gear. Spain are the best team in the world, who won the last World Cup and the Euros. "They've got players out of this world and will be a great game to be involved in. It would be great to play against someone like Spain and prove you can handle

they have some very good players." The Irish got the draw they wanted when they were paired with the Estonians, and they struck lucky when they were handed the trip to Tallinn first for the match tomorrow (3.45am), meaning the tie will ultimately be settled at Aviva Stadium in Dublin on Tuesday. "We have experienced the other side of things, being away for the second-leg. Even when we qualified for the World Cup in '02, we were in Iran and there were, I don't know, 50 or 100 Irish fans there," said Given. "If we could do it in Dublin on Tuesday, it would be just probably the most special


Inter link flatters Hazard

LILLE midfielder Eden Hazard (pic) says he is "proud" to be a reported target of Serie A giants Inter Milan. The Belgium international has reportedly attracted interest from top European clubs, including Inter, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Arsenal. "Inter is a fantastic squad. They have great champions. If you play for a club like Inter you have to be considered a top player," Hazard said. "When a great club like Inter that has won so much wants me, this can only make me proud."

Vidic may leave for Real

making his mark: Bent (left) and Capello in training recently

yourself at that level. "You are going to meet people like them next summer so it's a chance to show what you can do." Bent spearheads one of the least experienced strikeforces assembled by Capello, who will miss the wedding of his son, Pierfilippo, as it clashes with the Spain game. He has won only 11 caps himself but that is five more than the combined tally of Gabriel Agbonlahor (three), Danny Welbeck (two), Bobby Zamora (one) and Daniel Sturridge (nil). But he has no doubt Villa teammate Agbonlahor can make his mark in his first call-up for two years.

"Gabby has been brilliant all season. He has got the pace and the power and he seems a lot more confident this season than he did last season," said Bent. Capello is also eager to assess the potential of Welbeck and Sturridge, with the latter called-up at senior level for the first time. There are 11 players with six caps or fewer in the squad, which is lacking the likes of Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard and Jack Wilshere. Capello has a major injury doubt over Everton centreback Phil Jagielka, who has a hairline fracture of his toe.

Given tells team to beware of Estonia give his side an advantage in the Euro 2012 qualifier, he knows that alone will by no means see them through. "We do have an advantage in that we have got the experience of having been here before, and I think it's the first time they have ever qualified for a playoff situation. "But at the same time, it's the best team they have ever had in their history. "I haven't seen all the video footage of them yet but I have seen some of the goals from the campaign and they had some great results. So we can't be taking them lightly and thinking it's going to be an easy game or anything like that because we know




GOALKEEPER Shay Given (pic) warned his Republic of Ireland teammates their playoff experience will count for nothing if they underestimate Estonia. The 35-year-old Aston Villa man has suffered both the joy of qualification and the bitter disappointment of failure in sudden death showdowns during his distinguished international career, most notably reaching the 2002 World Cup finals by edging out Iran in Tehran and then denied a return by Thierry Henry's infamous handball in Paris two years ago. However, Estonia are in the playoffs of a major tournament for the first time, and while Given admits that may


SIR ALEX FERGUSON is prepared to rip the heart from his defence next summer and sell Nemanja Vidic (pic) to Real Madrid. Real coach Jose Mourinho continues to eye Vidic as he looks to build a team that can wrest the Champions League crown from their great rivals Barcelona. Ferguson understandably will not countenance letting his club captain go in the forthcoming January transfer window. Ferguson will consider selling Vidic next summer if his old friend Mourinho comes up with enough money to enable United to buy a replacement.


Villa sounded out by Reds

FIXTURES Qualifiers First round playoffs thing in my career to actually qualify in Dublin. "If we could do that, then the country would be going a little bit crazy, I would think."

TOMORROW Bosnia v Portugal (3am) Turkey v Croatia (3.05am) Czech Republic v Montenegro (3.45am) Estonia v Ireland (3.45am)

LIVERPOOL have made an initial enquiry about an audacious move for Barcelona striker David Villa. Spain's top marksman is rumoured to have had a bust-up with Lionel Messi and the Reds have made contact with Villa's agent to gauge initial interest, reports radio station Cadena SER. Despite the success of Luis Suarez, Kenny Dalglish's men have struggled for firepower since losing Fernando Torres to Chelsea. It would surely take a blockbuster bid to prise Villa away from the Nou Camp but the Reds have proved in the past they are not afraid to spend big.

Ramadan dreams

Any Given day

NATIONAL junior striker Muhamad Ramadan Rosli knows what it means if they beat India today

GOALKEEPER Shay Given warns Republic of Ireland teammates not to underestimate Estonia

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Friday 11 November, 2011

LONDON: football/ international friendly

Tiger tales

WILL the rightful owner of the tiger stripe design on the national jersey please stand up?


Ain’t over yet

INTERESTING tussle between Torro Rosso, Force India and Sauber brewing in penultimate race

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latin heat

Lethal weapons

ARGENTINA’S Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero (pic) and Gonzalo Higuain form dream partnership in tomorrow’s World Cup qualifier

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Money talks

Sly Spaniards

England will be no pushovers but we’re here to win, says Spain’s Xavi BARCELONA’S midfield maestro Xavi insists England still represent a tough challenge but he expects Spain to beat any team in the world. England coach Fabio Capello earlier claimed the Three Lions cannot contemplate playing like Spain and Xavi expects to triumph when the two clash in an international friendly at Wembley on Sunday (1.15am). “It’s not easy and we know we’re in London for a hard test against strong opponents,” Xavi told the Daily Mirror. “But I’m optimistic. We believe that with our style, we can beat any rival. “In any competition, in the World Cup or in the Euros, England are always among the favourites for the title. “At Euro 2012, people think they have a chance to win. The English are difficult opponents. So Saturday (Sunday) will be a unique match for us. A hard test. “I certainly wouldn’t want them in the first group phase. They are always dangerous and hard to beat with their talented players and spirit.” Xavi does not think England will be weak opponents despite the absence of key players like striker Wayne Rooney. “I know England have im-

CENTURY BREAKERS: Casillas (centre), Xavi (left) and Zubizarreta pose during the Uefa special award ceremony for players who have made 100 or more international appearances yesterday — AFP photo

portant players missing and that’s a setback for them,” he said. “But I don’t think it means they are less powerful. They are still one of the best teams in the world. “Rooney’s presence is important for England. But I watch the Premier League and it is the forwards who are the strongest players in England.

“Any problems any team have don’t come from the attack. The Premier League is one of the best leagues in the world for attacking players. “Capello is a strategist, a very good tactician. With him in charge, England have improved defensively and it will not be easy to beat them at Wembley.”

Xavi admits Wembley is a special place, more so after Barca’s Champions League triumph at the venue earlier this year where the Catalans outplayed Manchester United. “For me, Wembley will always be special. I remember it with great affection and to return to this stadium will be beautiful. This isn’t a simple

friendly match but a prestigious match,” he said. “We’re the World Cup champions and England are a big team. Our challenge is to offer a good image and to win. “From our success at the World Cup we’re expected to show that same level in every match. That brings its own pressure.”

SANTIAGO: football/ south american world cup qualifiers

Chile’s Borghi frustrated after dropping five

SIR ALEX FERGUSON willing to sell Nemanja Vidic (pic) to Real Madrid for the right price

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CHILE coach Claudio Borghi (pic) admitted he was disappointed at having to drop five players from his squad after the quintet fell short of disciplinary standards at their training base ahead of their away World Cup 2014 qualifying clash with Copa America champions Uruguay tomorrow (6am). Arturo Vidal, Jorge Valdivia, Jean Beausejour, Gonzalo Jara and Carlos Carmona were all sent home from the Roja camp after missing a

curfew on Tuesday night, arriving late following a party to celebrate the baptism of Valdivia’s child. Borghi revealed he was hurt by how things happened and that he was left with no choice. “I am in pain because one recognises what affection is, an understanding built over a long time with the players in the good times and the bad. But there is a saying: ‘The show must go on’. It was time to take a stand,

despite the footballing disadvantage it could cause us,” he told La Tercera. “The players in question arrived 45 minutes late. I went to see them in their bedrooms and they were not in a fit state for a professional footballer or a member of the Chilean national team. “They did not put up an argument, they had no defence.” With Chile’s match with Uruguay hardly two days away, Borghi will not be able

to call up foreign-based players as replacements, meaning they will come from the domestic league. The former Colo Colo and Boca Juniors manager confirmed that Universidad de Chile defender Jose Rojas and Universidad Catolica quartet Milovan Mirosevic, Fernando Meneses, Felipe Seymour and Felipe Gutierrez would enter the fray. After the Uruguay match, Chile will host Paraguay on Tuesday.

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11 November 2011  

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