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SHANNON’S STORY October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this month features Shannon Campbell, a breast cancer survivor. Follow Shannon’s journey and see how she triumphed with unwavering faith, a positive attitude and loving support from family and friends.




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magazine • September/October 2012


Shannon Campbell. Photo by Alisa Murray Photography.


Plan your k c a t t a Take action with our comprehensive lung cancer treatment. At Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital, we’re at the frontlines of the fight against cancer. Our new Lung Nodule Clinic is made up of a world-class multidisciplinary team, with today’s most advanced technology – including iLogicTM, which allows physicians to diagnose and treat lung cancer in areas that were previously unreachable. In fact, we’re the only hospital in southeast Houston to offer this innovative treatment. And because we’re an Accredited Cancer Center, and recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, you can be assured you’re receiving some of the nation’s leading cancer care. Our Lung Nodule Clinic is committed to reducing the time from diagnosis to treatment of lung cancer. Physician referral is required. For more information, call 281.481.LUNG (5864) or email


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ublisher’s Preview September/October 2012 Vol. 3 No. 5

Dear Pearland Friends, Another Houston summer is on its way out ... slowly ... and we have Fall to look forward to with harvest festivals, county fairs and Halloween. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in this issue, we present Shannon’s Story.  A young mother, Shannon was at low risk with no family history of breast cancer.  Due to diligence in having yearly mammograms, her breast cancer was detected, and today, she is Publisher Jessica Kij, a survivor.  Follow Shannon’s Naomi Smith and Susie Ainsworth. journey and see how she triumphed with unwavering faith, a positive attitude and loving support from family and friends.  Shannon can confidently and justifiably declare herself a “winner” in the battle against cancer. In this issue, we also have a special section just for home:  Home Is Where the Heart Is.  Your home is your sanctuary, your safe haven, your cocoon.  In this special section, see home décor, protection and maintenance ideas for Fall spruce up.  And, while taking care of your home, take care of yourself.  Our medical section presents the area professionals who can provide you with the best medical care. The Pearland Focus team is expanding with the addition of Naomi Smith.  Naomi comes to Pearland Focus with sales and promotion experience, and she is looking forward to getting to know area businesses and helping them grow.  Please welcome Naomi when you see her at your door or at a Pearland event. As always, be sure to send us your headliners, photos and event news as well as your article ideas, community highlights and celebrations. Our readers want to know what’s happening in Pearland! We welcome your feedback as well. Please contact us at editor@, 281-690-4242 or

EXECUTIVE PUBLISHERS Michael & Lisa Fredrickson PUBLISHER Jessica Kij G E N E R A L M A NA G E R L. Dean West E D I T O R- I N - C H I E F Patti Parish-Kaminski C O M M U N I C AT I O N S D I R E C T O R Susie Ainsworth AC C O U N T E X E C U T I V E S Henry Pineda, Jr. Naomi Smith CONTRIBUTORS Laura Bates Swet Chaudhari, MD Brian Covault Linda K. Eaves John D. “Mickey” Mark Alisa Murray Sophia Vassiliou A RT D I R E C T O R Grace Belleza A RT & P R O D U C T I O N C O N S U LTA N T Joey Belleza GRAPHIC DESIGNER Elizabeth Pace C O M M U N I C AT I O N S C O O R D I NAT O R Sarah Greeson AC C O U N TA N T Erin Sanders PHOTOGRAPHER Alisa Murray Photography Jessica Pledger Photography

Stay focused!

Jessica Kij

WEB DESIGNER Joey Belleza (


INQUIRIES 281-690-4242 TOLL FREE 1-888-430-7469



Susie, I hope all is well on your end, I wanted to follow up and thank you for the coverage of this year’s Rotary Golf Tournament in the most recent issue of the Pearland Focus Magazine. We appreciate your participation along with your support. As always, you are welcome to join us for lunch anytime your schedule is open on a Tuesday at noon. Thanks again for helping Rotary make Pearland even better. Take care, Jonathan Salvato, CRPC® Vestis Advisors, LLC pearland

magazine • September/October 2012


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Subscription requests are free to all Pearland and Manvel addresses. Annual paid subscription of $9.95 required outside the Pearland and Manvel areas. Pearland Focus Magazine is published by absolutely! focus media, 4655 Techniplex Dr., Ste. 400, Stafford, TX 77477. Copyright © 2012 by absolutely! focus media. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Pearland Focus Magazine does not knowingly accept false or misleading advertising or editorial, nor do the publishers assume responsibility should such advertising or editorial appear. Pearland Focus Magazine welcomes editorial submissions from its readers.

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o n n ’ s n a h St ry COVER


h y Ainswort tograph By Susie rray Pho u M sa li yA Photos b


ancer: it is a six letter word that none of us want to face head on. But,

reality is that we all probably have been touched by it whether you know someone who has had it or have lived with it yourself. Cancer is a disease that knows no boundaries, no prejudices and no age requirements.


is the second highest cause of death in Americans just behind heart disease.

More Americans are diagnosed annually with breast cancer than any other cancer. October has been declared National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and during this month cancer organizations across the country join together to educate people about breast cancer as well as prevention and treatments. With over 2.6 million diagnoses each year, cancer touches us all. Here in Pearland, we met a remarkable woman who doesn’t fit the mold of a typical breast cancer patient. Now, Shannon Campbell is a survivor. At the age of 37, Shannon went in for her annual gynecologist appointment. Her doctor told her it was time to schedule a mammogram, knowing that most women have such a fear of doing this that they put it off for a couple years. Fortunately, Shannon


magazine • September/October 2012


had made a New Year’s Resolution to take better care of herself, so she took her physician’s advice and scheduled her mammogram right away. Shannon had no worries about the appointment; she wasn’t even in a high risk category. Two weeks later, she got her mammogram, and the technician noticed there were some dense areas. She told Shannon not to be surprised if she got a call for an ultrasound, which is typical follow up. As Shannon lay on the table getting that ultrasound, a radiologist reviewed the images and gave Shannon some options. Option one: Wait six months and re-ultrasound, or option two: biopsy. The doctor did not seem alarmed because she was not in any at risk group. Wisely, Shannon chose biopsy. Shannon’s medical team performed core biopsies and took 20 samples be-

The Campbells: Mary, Shannon Jeff and Thomas.

“My relationship with my husband is iron clad. There is nothing we can’t survive, can’t deal with, can’t solve. He was my rock and my cheerleader.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Number and leading causes of death in 2009 • Heart disease: 599,413 • Cancer: 567,628 • Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases: 137,353 • Stroke (Cerebrovascular Diseases): 128,842 • Accidents (Unintentional Injuries): 118,021 • Alzheimer’s : 79,003 • Diabetes: 68,705 • Influenza and Pneumonia: 53,692 • Nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome, and Nephrosis: 48,935

~ Shannon Campbell

cause they were having difficulty getting into some areas. She was then sent to a surgeon, Dr. Pham, who determined because they could not get everything with biopsy to perform a lumpectomy. A lumpectomy is the removal of the breast tumor, or in Shannon’s case, the dense tissue areas. One week later, Shannon returned to the surgeon for the pathology results. Her results were not in her chart, so Dr. Pham went to call and found that her pathology was being reviewed by another pathologist. He then asked Shannon if she wanted to know what the possibilities were or wait until results were sent back. Shannon wasn’t the type to www.pearland

.com • September/October 2012


wait for anything. Dr. Pham told her it was either DCIS Ductile Carcinoma inSitu (cancer) or LC Lobular Carcinoma (predisposition for cell changing). Three days later, Shannon got the call. She had DCIS and LC. “After the phone call, I sat in the office and cried,” Shannon remembered. “I didn’t want to hear that I had cancer. I had spent three years trying to have a baby, and in the process, I found out I had a clotting disorder and lived through numerous stages of miscarriage. I felt God wouldn’t do this to me ... to my family ... to my kids and to my husband, Jeff. I was crushed.” Quickly, Shannon pulled herself to-

“I wanted people to feel comfortable in my presence to ask me the ‘taboo’ questions.”

Most Common Cancer Diagnosis According to the National Cancer Institute, these are the most common cancer types that are diagnosed with the greatest frequency in the United States, excluding nonmelanoma skin cancers: • • • • • • • • • • • •

~ Shannon Campbell

Bladder Cancer Lung Cancer Breast Cancer Melanoma Colon and Rectal Cancer Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Endometrial Cancer Pancreatic Cancer Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer Prostate Cancer Leukemia Thyroid Cancer

gether and made a choice. “After a few minutes, I realized I had to decide how this was going to affect me,” she said. “I had to be strong. I knew my attitude would have a direct influence on those around me. I decided to be strong.” At that time, Shannon was a wife and mother of two children, six-year-old Mary and 18-month old Thomas. Shannon went on to have three surgeries including bilateral mastectomy and expanders for implants. Leaving her family was not an option. She gave cancer a fight, and she came out on the

Shannon with Jeff’s mom Julia Campbell at a family gathering.

winning side. “Everyone around me gave me hope,” she recalled. “Their positive and optimistic outlook fed me. I knew I had to believe that I would be happy and healthy. Every day I told myself, you are blessed. I thanked God for my doctors, for finding it earlier than I should have just because my gynecologist thought to suggest a mammogram early.” Having a positive attitude was part of Shannon’s daily life. As a mother, her children needed her, and she needed them as well as the other people in her life. “People were constantly placed in my path. To not hope was to insult them, insult my family and insult God. I had learned to start trusting God, and breast cancer put my trust to the test.” Shannon’s doctor always commented on her amazing recovery and attitude. “I believe you are what you think. If your thoughts are positive, then you will feel happy. You can control your attitude, if nothing else.”

Gideon Lincecum with Jeff and Shannon Campbell at Jeff’s high school reunion. Her husband, Jeff, went to almost every doctor appointment because it helped him cope with and understand the disease. “Her surgeries did not stop her from doing anything,” Jeff explained. “Between all of her surgeries, she went to my high school reunion and a lot of family gatherings. She is always willing to talk to others who have cancer or just found out they have cancer.”


magazine • September/October 2012


When she was going through her cancer journey, talking was therapeutic. She said that being open allowed others to ask questions and not be afraid. “I wanted that,” Shannon said. “I wanted people to feel comfortable in my presence to ask me the ‘taboo’ questions. I wanted people to be unafraid, not to be scared of me or pity me either.” “No one is alone,” Shannon believes. “There is someone right in front of you that will be your shoulder, your cheerleader. All you have to do is see them.” In fact, that’s Shannon’s new soap box to say the least. She tells friends, family members and even complete strangers the importance of getting a mammogram and getting one early. She tells them, “Yes, it’s uncomfortable, but get it done now.” It sounds so trite, but in reality, mammograms save lives. It saved Shannon’s. Anyone who has experienced cancer on a personal level will be forever changed. For Shannon, it has made her appreciate life every day. “I am more aware that everything can change in a second. No one is invincible. I see myself in the mirror, and I am reminded every day how lucky I truly am. I savor my life each day. It is a gift. My faith has been strengthened.” “My relationship with my husband is iron clad. There is nothing we can’t survive, can’t deal with, can’t solve. He was my rock and my cheerleader.” “Cancer was a test. A test of faith, a test of strength; my own, my marriage.” But it also taught Shannon a valuable lesson. “I found out that I am strong, which is never an adjective I would have ever used to describe myself.”


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Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital l Caring for the Community

At the Forefront:

the Lung noduLe CLiniC

Could iLogic benefit you or a loved one? The Memorial Hermann Southeast Lung Nodule Clinic is located at 11920 Astoria Blvd., Suite 100. Physician referral is required. To schedule, have your physician call 281.481.Lung (5864). In an effort to diagnose lung cancer earlier – when it is easier to treat – Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital has opened the Lung Nodule Clinic. The Lung Nodule Clinic is unique in that it offers a multidisciplinary approach to treating the patient. This multidisciplinary team consists of your primary care physician along with a pulmonologist, medical oncologist, radiologist, radiation oncologist, pathologist, thoracic surgeon and oncology nurse navigator who coordinate your care to give you the best possible outcomes while keeping you informed. CatChing CanCer Before SymptomS Start Identified by a computerized tomography (CT) scan or chest X-ray, a lung nodule is an abnormal growth on the lung that may be cancerous. If

a patient’s primary care physician finds a nodule, the patient is referred to the Lung Nodule Clinic to determine the diagnosis. At the Lung Nodule Clinic, patients are tested to find out if their nodules are benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous). “The earlier lung nodules are spotted and lung cancer is diagnosed, the more treatment options there are – and the better the outcome,” says Krystie Fenton, R.N., certified oncology nurse navigator at Memorial Hermann Southeast. “When patients are examined in the clinic, lung cancer can be diagnosed before symptoms begin.” If the clinic finds lung cancer, the multidisciplinary team meets to discuss the best path of care for the patient, who is then referred for treatment. If the nodule is benign, the patient is monitored for any future warning signs of lung cancer.


magazine • September/October 2012


teChnoLogy offerS doCtorS Bird’S-eye View Memorial Hermann Southeast is one of only a handful of hospitals in the Houston area that offers the iLogic ENB system. This advanced technology uses GPS-like guidance during a patient’s CT scan to create a 3-D image of the lungs, allowing physicians to locate, test and plan treatment for lung lesions and lymph nodes difficult to access with traditional bronchoscopy. Lung cancer can be detected even before symptoms are evident, enhancing patient treatment options.

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on the


Go to Photos by Jessica Pledger Photography

Party on the Patio

Hosted by the Pearland Chamber of Commerce Thursday, July 26, 2012 • The Commerce Center

Kevin Jacobs & Brandi Griffin

Monique Wiltz, Fay Watson, Quentin Wiltz & Sally Mercer

Kara Burke, Mona Chavarria & Jess Ramsey

Rick Loughlin & Eric Melass

Dennis Collins & Mike Gnader

Donna Rizzo, Dustin Littrell & Kevin Fuller

Tristan Thompson & Sharon Goodwin

Greg Hill, Tom Reid & Scott Youngblood

Bill Eisen & Susan Sherrouse

Pedro Rodriquez, Marisa Franklin, Henry Saucier & Joshua Hari

Lisa Lane & Brittany Fletcher

Marlene & Tom Gorse

Neepa & Krishna Chaudhari

Cory Cart, Carol Artz-Bucek & Mary Newman

Janice & Regis Hallisey

Bryan Peltier & Freddie Thompson

Mark Collins, Brandon Knault & Wes Sutton

Laura Emmons, Mary Ann Stanko & Ashley Turner


magazine • September/October 2012


Focus on Beauty By Swet Chaudhari, MD

A State-of-the-Art Photo Facial


photo facial involves using intense pulsed light to treat a variety of skin conditions, including sun spots and age spots, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, diffuse redness, small facial capillaries, rough skin and hyperpigmentation. The goal is to correct these skin conditions and create smoother, even-toned skin that looks brighter and more youthful. Women who have had photo facials swear by it and return for additional treatments on a regular basis to maintain their youthful appearance. For the past 12 years, Sciton has been the industry leader in laser and light-based technology in the aesthetic market. At Divinity Med Spa & Wellness, we have invested in three Sciton systems in order to provide you with complete facial rejuvenation. The Sciton BBL photo facial uses proprietary broad-band light technology to provide the most state-of-the-art photo facial possible. The Sciton BBL system is the only intense pulse light system on the market with two flash lamps, delivering twice the amount of intense pulsed light for twice the results in half the treatment time. Using a patented contact-cooling system, the Sciton BBL

uses a liquid-cooled sapphire crystal that feels like an ice cube against your skin during the treatment. This provides the highest level of comfort as the intense pulsed light works its magic. With minimal discomfort, the Sciton BBL creates exceptional results quickly and with minimal downtime. With 6 different light filters, the Sciton BBL is fully customizable so that your photo facial is tailored to address your specific skin conditions. Very few photo facial systems have this level of customization, and our licensed aesthetician has the experience and skill to create a photo facial that is perfect for your skin. Simply put, the Sciton BBL at Divinity Med Spa & Wellness is the safest, most powerful, and most customizable photo facial you can get anywhere in Houston. Dr. Swet Chaudhari is a plastic surgeon and medical director at Divinity Med Spa & Wellness and has personally approved the Sciton BBL for his patients and oversees all of our medical spa services. Don’t trust just anyone with your beauty; trust a plastic surgeon. As a fully-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Chaudhari raises the bar above all other medical spas by providing the most cutting-edge technology for outstanding clinical results.

After over 300,000 treatments in the U.S. alone, Coolsculpting is still the #1 procedure for permanent non-surgical fat reduction and it is FDA-Cleared. Say “Goodbye” to unwanted bulges of fat in only ONE HOUR with NO SURGERY and NO DOWNTIME.

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Provided by Texas First Bank By Jason Alderman


Knowing Which Financial Records to Save, Toss


• Receipts, cancelled checks or other proof of payment for deducted expenses. • Home purchase or closing statements, insurance records and receipts for improvements. • Homeowners, car and medical insurance claim payouts. • Investment statements (stocks, bonds, mutual funds retirement accounts, etc.) IRS Form 552 contains detailed instructions on what to save and for how long ( Hold onto certain documents for even longer than IRS audit requirements. For example: • Keep records for investments and major assets at least as long as you own them. • Save records and tax forms relating to retirement accounts, at least until you’ve drained their balances. • Toss monthly and quarterly loan statements after receiving year-end summaries, but always retain final payoff notices in case the loan erroneously goes into collection and you need proof. • Save all tax returns and attachments (Schedules, W-2 form, etc.) indefinitely. The same goes for hard-to-replace personal documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates, divorce, adoption and military discharge papers, will, power of attorney, etc. You can always save actual documents and receipts. But if your goal is to reduce paper clutter, scan copies and save as PDF files. Back up electronic “soft copies” on an encrypted flash drive or external hard drive in case your computer crashes. And, if you’re worried about fire, theft or other disasters, store additional copies in a safety deposit box or with a trusted friend. Recordkeeping is no fun, but compared to tearing the house apart to prepare for an audit, it’s a small price to pay. This article is brought to you by a partnership between Visa and Texas First Bank and was authored by Jason Alderman, who directs Visa’s financial education programs. For more information, follow Texas First Bank on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube or visit us at

olid & Se S ,

A True Texas Community Bank Responsive to your needs

re cu

Stron g

f the memory of hours spent hunting for and organizing paperwork to file your taxes is still fresh, think about doing some financial spring cleaning so next year’s tax preparation won’t be such an ordeal. Many people hold onto mounds of receipts and account statements because they’re not sure when it’s safe to toss them. (By toss, I mean shred – don’t give identity thieves any ammunition.) Here’s when you wouldn’t want to lack proper documentation: • If audited by the IRS, you must be able to justify deductions, charitable contributions, income, etc. • Track stock and fund transactions so when you sell you’ll only be taxed on profits above the purchase amount; also to justify claiming a loss on your taxes. • To claim tax credits/deductions for home improvements, such as energy-efficiency upgrades or for medical reasons. • If you make nondeductible (after-tax) contributions to an IRA or 401(k), to prove you’ve already paid taxes on the amount. • Your heirs will need your financial documents to settle your estate. The IRS has several periods of limitations during which you can be asked to produce records proving income, deductions or credits you claimed: • Normally, they have up to three years after your tax return to request documentation. • However, if you failed to report income that is more than 25 percent of the gross income on your return, they have six years. • If you file a claim for losses from worthless securities, it’s seven years. • If you don’t file a return or file a fraudulent return, there is no statute of limitations. So, you should probably hold onto back-up documentation for seven years, to be safe. These records include: • W-2 and 1099 income forms. • Year-end bank and brokerage statements showing interest earned.


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magazine • September/October 2012


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here can you find this resource? You simply need to visit www.TCRN-PEARLAND. com. Here, you can find a resourceful online Business Directory consisting of pre-screened high caliber businesses that deliver quality products and services that you can trust. From businesses like home services, restaurants, and medical services to community organizations like churches, TCRN-Pearland represents a well-balanced cross section of the very best that the Pearland area has to offer. Each month, look out for new businesses to be added to the directory that you can depend on.

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H O M E F E ATURE By Laura B a t e s


Holiday Decorating

y how time flies! It is September again, and we are looking straight in the face of the holiday season. I do not mean to scare you, but there is no stopping it now. With life getting back to some normalcy, now is the time to get a head start on all the holiday decorating. I am not talking about pulling out your fall decorations and taking inventory. What I am saying is now is a great time to have a look at all those knickknacks and home accessories that are on your book shelves and coffee table. Life in the decorating fast lane can get a little crazy, and many times, we focus only on the big picture such as sofas, paint and drapes. Now is the time to have a look at all the small stuff that is always forgotten or is not in the budget. It is safe to say that September gives us a little breather from the big ticket spending, so what better time is there to focus our attention on the small stuff that really does make a big difference? Lamps. To start, have a look at all of your lamps. Lamps are a huge player in the game of decorating. Lamps can take on a totally different look just by changing the shade. I think it is safe to say that it is time to put away the feather lamp shade (if you have not done so already) and purchase a new shade. While you are at it, take stock of all the finials on the lamps and see how they are holding up. This would also be a good time to grab some new ones. Just by changing these two things, your old lamp will look totally different. Our parents had the most o u t r a geous, large lamps – what I would give to have just one of them back! If you are lucky enough to be able to get your hands on one, nab it! The old treasure will need a new shade, but how great is it to be able to recycle it and oh what fun and what memories you will recall having it back and proudly displayed. Picture Frames. The next item that needs to be considered is all of those picture frames www.pearland

.com • September/October 2012


that have been collected over the years. Family photos are a very important element in transforming a house into a home, but a mish mash of frames ruins the feel and importance of what they are displaying. So, what to do next is take stock of your photos and make sure these are the photos you want to display for the next couple of months. I find that it is best to take them with me when I am shopping for new frames. It is funny how you just know which picture needs to go in what frame, like the photo comes to life and give the essence of moment, just because of the frame. When you are picking out the new frames, do not get crazy with a lot of different styles – keep to a certain look. The frames need to complement each other not fight each other - that just creates tacky. Another thing to remember as you are out looking for the perfect frame, large over smaller size ones are always a great look, so do not be afraid to go big here. A “Wow” Piece. Lastly, home accessories can be rearranged for a new look, but this would also be a good time to get a new “wow” piece. When looking for that new “wow” piece, make sure it is on a larger scale than your other accessories. We have a tendency to get everything the same size. Try to avoid this because nothing really stands out and everything kind of looks the same when this happens. Go ahead and step out on this one, and do not be scared if you have to pay a little more; it is worth it! Happy decorating!

Home is where the heart is


Five Star Floors A & A Cleaning Services When Mona Chavarria first started A & A Cleaning Services, her mission was clear: to provide quality residential cleaning services that exceed customer expectations. Almost fifteen years later, A & A has expanded its wide range of services to include residential cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, janitorial supplies, professional commercial lawn care services, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning for both residential and commercial businesses. Locally owned and operated, A & A Cleaning Services is highly invested in the Pearland community. “I believe it is important to give back to the community that has given so much to me,” says owner Mona. “That’s why I give so much of my time and money to various local organizations in community service.” One of the many organizations that A & A supports is the Adult Reading Center in Pearland, which provides instruction to adults with low literacy skills. Mona is a board member and a past Chairwoman of the Annual Red Hat Literacy Luncheon, which raises money for the center. A & A Cleaning was awarded the Business of the Year by the Pearland Chamber of Commerce. In 2010, A & A received the prestigious Blue Ribbon Small Business Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. A & A was recently presented a resolution by the State of Texas House of Representatives for demonstrating the degree to which a successful business can make a positive difference in the community it serves. To find out more about A & A, visit

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Your home says a lot about you, and your floors are the stage where your family’s life plays out. What do your floors say about you? At Five Star Floors, helping you select the perfect flooring is a passion. “When deciding on flooring, it’s important to consider your lifestyle,” said owner Mike El Kilani. “If your children have left home, you might not want the same floor as a couple who’s just starting their family.” Many things should be considered. Do you want to make a dramatic statement in your foyer or have a tranquil look in your bedroom? Are you looking for the permanence of stone for your outdoor kitchen? Where should the carpet end and the hardwood floor begin? What about your tub surround in the powder room? What will it cost? Whether your design ideas are etched in stone or just a general notion of what you like, whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, the experts at Five Star Floors will take time to listen to your ideas. They will ask questions about your needs, your vision and your budget then present you with choices. Finally, they will follow through with quality workmanship and attention to detail and back it all up with their own one-year installation warranty on top of the manufacturer’s guarantees. “Customer service is our hallmark,” Mike said. “We know you have a choice when it comes to flooring companies. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure we sell you a floor you can love now and for years to come at a price you can feel good about later.” Bring your dreams and let the Five Star team help you make them a reality. “We’ve been told that we pamper our customers,” Mike said. “Once someone comes in with an idea, we search local design centers until we find all the choices they might like. Then we walk with them through the design process.” Call 832736-9595 or visit for more information.

Imagine the Possibilities... Tile 20x20 Or 18x18 $3.99 per sq. ft.

Hand Scraped Wood Starting at $4.99 while supplies last


Granite $29.99 per sq. ft.

Carpet $1.69 per sq. ft. With 1/2” 6 lb. pad installed

Engineered Wood starting at $4.99 per sq. ft.

Our commitment to QUALITY and EXCELLENT customer service makes FIVE STAR FLOORS the clear choice for your flooring needs.

installed with trim

Including 1 1/2” bullnose. Limited Time Only

Quick Step Laminate $2.99 per sq. ft. with basic pads & trims installed

Free In-home Consultations Monday thru Friday - 10am to 7pm Saturday - 10am to 5pm Open Sunday - 12pm to 5pm

We also carry: Bruce, Mannington, Columbia, Earthwerks, Marazzi, Emser, Quickstep & Appalachian.

832 H736 H9595

8209 Broadway (FM 518) • Pearland, TX


FLOORS Beautiful durable floors for less. Carpet | Area Rugs | Tile & Stone Hardwood | Laminate | Resilient

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Five Star Floors

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Min 200 sq. ft. of any tile, wood or laminate & 50 yards of any carpet purchase. One coupon per family. Prior purchases excluded. Not valid with any other offer. Coupon has no cash value and is non-transferable. Expires October 31, 2012

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The Designer’s Niche

A.S.I.D. Award Winner Ranked in Pearland Journal’s “Best of 2011” Interior Design Category for Pearland/ Friendswood * Hourly Consultations up to 3 hrs. * One Day Room Makeovers * Custom & Retail Interior Design * Custom Window Treatments * Custom Upholstery * Remodeling & New Construction * Custom Faux for Cabinets, Walls & Ceilings

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Sienna Plantation Sienna Plantation is an award-winning master-planned community with custom homes, gated custom home sites, executive homes and patio homes from the 170s to the millions just minutes southwest of Houston’s employment, cultural and entertainment centers. With homes from the area’s top builders, the well-planned, forested community with amenities and activities for any lifestyle is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s topselling master-planned communities. Among its countless amenities, the 7,000-acre master-planned community is home to three water parks including the south’s largest private water adventure park with 200 feet of twisting slides, the all-new Sienna Springs Resort Pool, 36 parks and playgrounds, the Camp Sienna Sports Complex, the Sienna Plantation Golf Club, a 6,000-square-foot fitness center, eight lighted tennis courts and lakes for fishing and kayaking. A project of Johnson Development, Sienna Plantation is a short drive to the Texas Medical Center, downtown Houston and other local points of interest. By late 2013, the Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road will stretch from Sienna Plantation all the way to U.S. 90A when the EZ Tag only toll road is extended to Sienna Parkway. Families in the community attend schools in the renowned Fort Bend Independent School. This fall, Sienna Plantation will welcome the opening of the community’s first private school, Sienna Lutheran Academy. Plus, residents enjoy the convenience of a Houston Community College campus located in Sienna Plantation. For more information, go to or “like” Sienna Plantation on Facebook, The Sienna Home Finder Center, 5777 Sienna Parkway, offers maps, information on amenities, schools and more. See ad on page 23.


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The Designer’s Niche was established in the Pearland area in 2008 by Dina Holleron. Dina has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Houston, and she is also an active Allied Member of A.S.I.D. Dina has over 12 years of hands on design experience in both residential and commercial projects and works very closely with her clients to achieve a design that is tailored to suit each individual need in regards to their style and budget. Dina feels that when you invite her to design your space, you are inviting her into one of the most personal areas of your life. She works with you one-onone to create an atmosphere that best suits you both aesthetically and financially. “My client’s sentiment plays an important role in the design process, and when that is combined with our award winning expertise in style, function and design, each client ends up with their own signature space. There is no template that is one size fits all for style nor budget,” Dina says.  The Designer’s Niche offers a variety of services at no obligation including hourly consultations, oneday makeovers and full-service design for both residential and commercial projects. Unique home décor, rugs, lighting, custom cabinets, upholstery and custom window treatments are also available.  Dina also has formal training in the art of faux and can offer over 40 different finishes and textures for walls, ceilings and cabinets/furniture, transforming rooms and pieces from boring to “wow.” For more information, call 281-3233630 or visit www.thedesignersniche. com. 

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The Buzz On Interest Rates! An exciting secret is spreading like wildfire throughout the housing market. This secret has prompted many perspective buyers to take interest in purchasing homes that were not options before, all because of their price point. The secret is that interest rates have dropped to a historical low. Now, qualified buyers are able to purchase their dream home at a very attractive rate. These historically low prices will benefit those who decide to invest in this wonderful opportunity. Homeowners have a tremendous advantage. The money received from selling their homes could prove to be very prosperous for them. This money can be used as an investment to purchase an exclusive property. Regrettably, some believe that they are losing when they sell their home, but in fact they are winning. This approach gives the seller an opportunity to be in the perfect position to purchase a better home with a much lower interest rate. Furthermore, none have guaranteed that these low rates will remain. This knowledge has alerted many aggressive buyers to invest. These impressive interest rates coupled with Louis Vargas’s successful sales techniques have given buyers a unique opportunity. Vargas works tirelessly to ensure his client’s expectations are exceeded. To find out more about how Louis Vargas can help you buy your dream home or sell your current home, call ReMax Top Realty at 713-876-1706. Don’t miss this opportunity!

RECEIVE $500 IN CASH if your home does not sell in 90 days

• One hour design and staging consultation at no cost to you • Professional Photography and Videography • Custom Brochures and Flyers of your Home • Custom Website Designed for your Listing Foreclosure Specialist

Call for Foreclosure Listings

Louis Vargas

713.876.1706 www.pearland

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Don’t Wait For A Claim To Determine If You Are Properly Protected

Texas Custom Patios: Creating stylish outdoor living spaces Texas Custom Patios is the Houston area’s premier designer and builder of stylish outdoor living spaces. The company is a family-owned residential remodeling contractor specializing in designing and building custom projects to enhance outdoor living such as patio covers, outdoor kitchens, sunrooms, fireplaces, screened porches, pergolas and decorative patios. They have completed over 700 projects in the Houston area since 2004. Texas Custom Patios provides a turnkey custom design project. Their specialty is building projects that look original to the home, including room additions, guest houses, decks, outdoor kitchens and custom patios. You will know exactly what you are getting when you choose to work with Texas Custom Patios. Detailed designs include rendered views showing the completed project on the back of your home. If you would like a detailed explanation of the process they use from design to completed construction, please visit their website where they will walk you through the steps. There is also a huge photo gallery with hundreds of pictures of completed projects to give ideas for your dream backyard. Texas Custom Patios serves much of the Greater Houston area including Cypress, The Woodlands, Fulshear, Katy, Missouri City, Richmond, Rosenberg, Pearland, Spring, Sugar Land, and Tomball. Contact Texas Custom Patios today to schedule your free design consultation at 281.265.1994 or visit

We’ve all heard the old saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.” Many factors can affect a homeowner’s policy rate. Rating factors vary from company to company, so it does pay to compare, but be sure you are comparing “apples to apples.” What may seem like a great deal now may leave you high and dry when it comes time to file a claim. Ask questions to make sure of what you’re buying. Here are some things to watch for: Replacement Cost Coverage Look at your dwelling limits. Insurance companies require that homes stay insured within eighty percent of their estimated reconstruction cost in order to receive replacement cost coverage on a loss. Otherwise, an actual cash value policy assures you will

Your New Outdoor Living Room! Patio Covers • Outdoor Kitchens • Screened Porches Decorative Patios • Sunrooms • And More!


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View homes For Sale From Any Cell Phone! The Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene Mobile Search is the ultimate field tool for homebuyers.

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Looking for a new home? Our mobile search can help! By utilizing any phones location technology, the app allows users to get a sense of place and community within the areas of their home search. Call today.

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You’ve got a family doctor and a family attorney. But do you have a family insurance professional?

receive an amount equal to the depreciated value of the dwelling and its contents. Exclusions Sudden eruption of water damage (other than flood) is the most common claim we receive on homeowner’s policies. Some companies consider this an optional coverage, which they leave off to lower premiums. Be sure to ask your agent what is included on your policy. If needed, additional coverage can be added as an endorsement. Deductibles Check your policy deductible to make sure it’s at a level you are comfortable with. Customer Service Generally, a business cannot offer a high quality product at a low quality price. Paying a little extra premium for reputable customer service can be worth it, especially when you need to file a claim. Craig Slater is a Farmers Insurance Agent in Pearland. He can be reached at 281-9977575.

The time to choose the right insurance professional is before you need one. Call Craig today and experience his unique brand of personalized service that has made him one of Pearland’s leading agents.

Craig Slater Agency 281-997-7575

A Forest for Sale. ChooseYour Spot NOW

Sienna Plantation’S Fall Sneak Preview. They say life is full of surprises ... like finding the home of your dreams. During our Sneak Peek Preview, you’ll discover the very best, the most wooded, the most beautiful homesites in Sienna Plantation. These sought after new neighborhoods in the heart of Sienna are encircled with trails, lakes and parks.

Visit Sienna’s premier builders for special


Hurry tHey won’t laSt long! Sienna Parkway at Hwy. 6 . 281-778-7777

from $200s-Millions

Ashton Woods . Avanti . Coventry . Custom Classics . Darling Homes . D. R. Horton Fairmont Custom Homes . Fedrick, Harris Estate Homes . Highland . Huntington Homes Meritage . Monterey Custom Homes . Newmark . Partners in Building . Perry Homes Plantation . Pulte . Regan Custom Homes . Ryland . Sterling Classic Custom Homes Trendmaker . Toll Brothers . Triumph . Westport Scan to get a map and a listing of new homes for sale in Sienna.


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Galleria Med Center

Fort Bend Parkway

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1-800-PLUMBER: Giving Clean Water and More We all agree that a home is one of the most valuable items we will ever own, but it does not compare to the value of our family. At 1-800-PLUMBER, we understand the value of both families and homes. 1-800-PLUMBER is a family owned and operated business in the heart of Pearland. The owner and his sons are committed to bringing you the best service in the industry with honesty and integrity. Not only do they want to service your home with any plumbing needs that arise, they want to provide solutions that will benefit your family. One way 1-800-PLUMBER can benefit your family is by improving the quality of the water you and your children use. They can treat your water through water filtration and water softening; they also offer chemical and mineral removal systems to give you the purest water around. By removing the chemicals in your water, you can rest knowing that the water you are drinking from your faucet is healthy for you and is comparable to the quality of bottled water. Removing the minerals in water softens the water, which is preferable for your skin. Softer water requires less lotion, shampoo, and other daily products for your skin. With this wellbalanced approach to attaining pure water, you can provide the best for your family. For more information about how to provide your family with water filtration or to address plumbing issues, call 1-800-758-6237. Mention this article to receive a free estimate on your water system!

Named Best Pest Control Company 2010 & 2011 by Pearland Journal

Killum Pest Control

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Protecting Your Most Valuable Investment A termite is an insect with six legs and a three segmented body: a head, thorax and abdomen. When an infested piece of wood is broken open, you will see what looks like a maggot with legs. Termites can be categorized into two groups by their nesting sites. The most common here is the earth-dwelling termites that make tunnels in the ground or build tubes above the earth, called subterranean termites. Termites are most abundant in the south and southwest parts of the country. The Gulf Coast is known as the “termite belt.” Since termites try to avoid light and open air spaces, termites and the destruction they cause can be undetected. Termites destroy over five billion dollars in property annually which equates to over two million homes across the U.S. Termites are destructive because they live long lives, their colonies are self-repeating, and they have a constant supply of food. Subterranean termite season begins in March, which means it’s time to have your home checked. Conducive conditions for termites to infest buildings include: • Wood to ground contact • Foundation cracks • Uneven drainage • High landscaping covering slab • Debris against the house • Joints between porches and foundations • Pipes and insulation By inspecting your home or property at least once a year, you can hopefully prevent costly damage. Set up an appointment for Killum Pest Control to check on your most valuable asset- your home! Contact Eric Melass at contact@ or 888-297-9993.

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Lacie Grace Interior Design Wants to Personalize Your Space Does your home need a new personality? Does it need a transformation for the holidays? Lacie Grace Interior Design can help! Vivid color combinations are back, and they liven up any space. Here’s a start: find furniture that is timeless, neutral and matches your preferred style. Then, add colorful accessories like pillows or interesting pieces of art around the room. Lacie, the face behind Lacie Grace Interior Design, has a strong background in color. Lacie knows how to use color in any space to create the right style for her clients. Lacie holds a Bachelors degree in Interior Design from the University of Texas. It is through her studies that she learned the importance of cohesive design and how to make all of the steps of design (i.e. space planning, colors, furniture and accessories) work together to create the style and feel that her clients desire. Lacie is passionate about all types of design. She believes a beautifully designed home or office is an investment in your happiness. Lacie would love to discuss your design needs with you. Whether you need full-service design or just some ideas on how to use what you already have, she can help! Contact Lacie Grace Interior Design today at 281-549-5191 for your free consultation or visit for more information.


• Complimentary Estimates

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• Professional Sewer Services

Eliminate tree roots in your sewer line

• Technology Driven Drain Cleaning

• Water Leak Detection • Video Camera Inspections • Water Jet Cleaning System

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H O M E F E ATURE By Sophia Vas s i l i o u

Collect Yourself

Sophia’s Tips: Showcase & Edit


ncorporating collections of favorite or unusual things in your home décor scheme not only makes for interesting displays, as an added bonus, they will also free up storage space. When starting a collection, it is great to find something that really speaks to you aesthetically and organically. This is about what interests you – your favorite things. I have worked with clients who have everything from American vintage pottery to Murano glass pieces scattered throughout their home. One client had a fabulous hat collection stored away and another had natural skin, handmade boots hidden. When items are grouped together and displayed well, you have a wonderful, but more importantly, an unexpected collection. Personally, I like chairs. Naturally they’re important in my design work, but I appreciate the history, craftsmanship, function and beauty of them. A

client gave me a small Shaker Chair lapel pin after we had successfully found the life-size ones needed for her kitchen. That led to my small chair collection exhibited on a wall with others ones I have restored and painted. Collecting is an easy, affordable project that grows as you find new treasures and serves as a wonderful design addition to your space. And, they can be great conversation pieces in your home. For more information on collecting or other design projects, contact Sophia Designs at

Find an area that is easily seen like a bookshelf or wall area. Install or hang pieces depending on what they are. The area should be well lit for a pleasing arrangement.

Adding On

You may run across collectables where you’d least expect while traveling, shopping at antique or hardware stores, garage or estate sales.


Does your friend love scarves? Find unique ones along the way to add to her collection. Keep in mind gifts for special occasions – graduation, home, baby, holiday – may serve as the beginning of a new collection for others. pearland

magazine • September/October 2012


Pearland Florist

Your Friendly Florist

Your one stop shop for all of your holiday arrangement and centerpiece needs


2411 S Grand Blvd., Pearland, TX 77581 www.pearland

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High School HOT SHOT

By Linda K. Eaves

Reaching a High Note


llison Anderson has been singing ever since she could talk. The Pearland High senior was recently accepted into the Houston Grand Opera’s High School Voice Studio. For her audition, the gifted soprano sang Nuit d’étoiles, by Claude Debussy. This yearlong scholarship program includes private weekly voice lessons, master classes, vocal coaching from Houston Grand Opera staff and performance opportunities. Studio members gain a “behind the scenes” look at a professional opera company by attending off and on-stage rehearsals and by “shadowing” production staff backstage during performances. Participants receive assistance with applications and auditions for college programs. In addition to improving vocal skills, the program is designed to enhance self-esteem, find healthy means of expression, teach rigorous standards of achievement and reward disciplined commitment. Auditions take place each spring and are open to juniors entering their senior year who attend high school in the greater Houston area. Growing up, Allison sang in her school and church choir at First Baptist Eagle Heights Christian Academy. She credits Pearland High School’s (PHS) choir director Derrick Bready for encouraging her to audition for Houston Grand Opera’s High School Voice Studio.

n o s i l l A “Working hard and doing your very best to never give up will lead you to a path of success.” Allison’s most memorable moment in choir was the closing night of PHS’s musical Beauty and the Beast. “Everyone in the cast gathered together for magic circle where we all joined hands and came together one last time as one family. Pearland High School’s choir program really brings in everyone together to feel like a family,” Allison said.


magazine • September/October 2012


Allison’s vocal talents earned her the position of first alternate for the All-State Choir in her junior year. In the 2012 UIL Theater Area competition, she was selected as a member for the All-Star cast for her role as Babette in Beauty and the Beast. She is also involved in Pearland High’s cross country team and runs outside of school as well. “I like running outside of school with my best friend Cassie Hinshaw, who is very athletic and has the same passion for running. I enjoy running because it keeps my mind and body sharp.” Currently, Allison is undecided on a college but is interested in majoring in vocal performance as well as business management. “I am looking at major universities out of Texas! I really love the adventure of traveling, so I want to go to college somewhere far from home and far from what I am familiar with.” Her advice to others: “Well, it seems to be cliché to say, ‘follow your dreams,’ but that’s exactly what I would tell others. Following and pursuing what you love can bring you to places you’d never have thought possible. Working hard and doing your very best to never give up will lead you to a path of success.” Allison said, “I feel extremely blessed by God to be given this wonderful opportunity to explore and expand my passion in creating music.”

Pearland Kids ChalkBoard The published photos came from Press Releases submitted to Pearland Focus by the schools/organizations of these children.

Two Pearland ISD artists won state level awards in the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation school bus safety poster contest. Rogers Middle School’s Brooke Farris won third place in Division II, and Alexander Middle School’s Alan Hoyt second place in Division IV. Pictured is Brooke Farris’ winning entry.

Please Note : Submitted news must include complete captions, including names, to be considered for publishing.

As part of a community service project, Pearland Daisy Troop 27563 visited Pearland Animal Control. Pictured are Madelyn Chmarney, Lucy Varnell, Taylor Hansen, Priya Halder, Mia Pichon and Shannon Shields.

Congratulations to Girl Scout April Nguyen who completed her Silver Award project with assistance from Cub Scout Pack 404 Wolf Den and Junior Girl Scout Troop 21261. Pictured are Don Hayes, Will Gundlach, Joshua Derington, Ethan Cooper, Bryce Cooper, Patrick Cooper, Will Hayes, Nicholas Stevens, Andrew Derington, Marney Gundlach, April Nguyen, Rachel Stevens and Adele Cooper.

The Pearland Little League White 10 year old All-Stars are the Texas East Little League State Champions! The team went undefeated in the state tournament and are the first team from Pearland Little League to win the 9-10 Year Old Texas East State Championship. Pictured are Manager Vince Gabino, Coach Kevin Roblyer and Coach Mike Adams. Hunter Dopslauf, Ian Scaffidi, Matthew Adams, Clayton Broeder, Layne Roblyer, Jonathan Newman, and Joshua Gabino. Nate Clinton, Mason Clowers, Presley Smith, Landon Donley and Jake Scott. Not pictured is Brandon Sliwinski. www.pearland

Brownie Troop 27565 members spent the night at the Downtown Aquarium. Pictured are Cienna Dobbins, Samantha Jebb, Milenka Eterovic, Paige Blue, Madison Wilson, Kiera Metz, Demetra Delaney-Jebb, Lisa McGriffMetz and Christina Lovette.

.com • September/October 2012


Pearland’s Finest in Medicine


Helping Pearland Smile Bright!

Accent Dental Group recommends you receive a dental check-up and cleaning twice a year to assure you maintain a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

Two Convenient Locations 6915 Broadway Pearland, Texas 77581 281-997-0100 161 North Bypass 35, Ste. H Alvin, Texas 77511 281-331-3515

Hoa Tony Tran, DDS

Michael R. Smith, DDS

Devin Spinks, DDS

During the Month of September Let Accent Dental Group Transform Your Smile!



See what you would look like with a complete smile makeover – All we need is a quick photo!


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Go Easy on the PDA Healthy, comfortable vision is a crucial part of our everyday lives. There can be serious problems for those who spend hours each day in front of computers, smart phones and tablets. While these tools improve the efficiency of our lives, prolonged use of electronic devices may lead to symptoms such as eyestrain, dry eyes, headache, fatigue and blurred vision. Dr. Melanie Melancon of Eye Styles in Pearland recommends taking these small steps to nurture eye health while using technology: • Give It A Rest: Remember the 20-20-20 Rule. At least every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away. • Size Up: Smaller screens usually favor tiny type that challenges your vision. Try increasing the font size so the device can be used at a distance comfortable for your eyes and arms. • Reduce Glare: When possible, angle the device away from direct lighting. Anti-glare lens treatments help to reduce further glare. • Look Down: It is easier on the eyes to focus on reading material that is below eye level, so position the device slightly below eye level. This also places material more naturally into the computer portion of progressive lenses. • Comprehensive Eye Exams: Discuss your eye and vision needs with your optometrist at your annual exam. Your optometrist will introduce you to new products and technology, providing more customized options for improving your lifestyle and eye style. Eye Styles is located at 10555 Pearland Parkway at Beltway 8. For more information, call 713-991-552 or visit


magazine • September/October 2012


Meniscus Transplant Can Ease Suffering of Painful Knee A meniscus transplant, a rarely performed arthroscopic procedure, may help delay the onset of arthritis and relieve knee pain for young, active people. “This can be a great procedure for someone under the age of 50 who has pain after a significant meniscal injury or multiple previous meniscus surgeries,” said Dr. Patrick McCulloch, an orthopedic surgeon with the Methodist Center for Sports Medicine in Houston. The meniscus is a piece of rubbery cartilage that sits between the bones in the knee and acts as a shock absorber to help stabilize the knee. People who have had the meniscus removed are more likely to see degenerative changes in the knee joint, causing the remaining cartilage that covers the bone to wear away and expose the bone. “When someone is left with little or no meniscus, we find an organ donor with the same size knee,” McCulloch said. “We transplant the meniscus into the patient’s knee and once it heals, the hope is that it will act like a normal meniscus and relieve pain.” This technique is used to slow down the progression of arthritis in the knee. While some patients will eventually need a knee replacement, this procedure can give them a number of years of pain-free activity before this has to be considered. “My focus is on joint restoration and procedures that regenerate cartilage in the knee. The meniscus transplant is another positive procedure that can relieve pain and keep people active,” McCulloch said. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Methodist Center for Orthopaedic Surgery at 713-790BONE (2663).

Pearland’s Finest in Medicine


Treating Lifestyles with Eye Styles

Roll Dice in September! Get Savings of 10%, 20% or 30%* Off your Glasses


September 1st - 30th * Family Eye Care * Lasik Co-management * Specialty Contact Lens Fittings

Exceptional Readers. Exceptional Clients.


Featuring Juicy Couture and Carrera Frames September 27th 5:00—7:00

Join Our Team! Send resume to

*Offer not valid with insurance or any other offer. Restrictions apply.

10555 Pearland Pkwy (at Beltway 8 next to Subway) 713-991-5522 www.pearland

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Pearland’s Finest in Medicine


Take a Sip from the Fountain of Youth at Divinity Med Spa Methodist Brings Cardiology Expertise to Pearland The Methodist Hospital has always been known as one of the best in the country for cardiology. In fact, the Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center was ranked 12th in cardiology and heart surgery in U.S. News & World Report’s 2012 America’s “Best Hospitals” issue. Since famed heart surgeon, the late Dr. Michael E. DeBakey, came to Methodist more than 60 years ago, the hospital has been on the cutting edge of new technologies and procedures for treating heart disease. Methodist has now brought that level of expertise to Pearland. Cardiologists with the Methodist DeBakey Cardiology Associates (MDCA) treat patients with the most up-to-date therapies, from heart disease prevention to stents, angioplasty, defibrillators, pacemakers, valvuloplasty and heart transplantation. The physicians also specialize in treating such conditions as heart failure, coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, peripheral artery diseases, valve diseases and heart disease in women. “This office in Pearland makes it easier for patients to see their cardiologist on a regular basis without having to fight traffic in the Texas Medical Center,” said Dr. Miguel A. Quinones, chairman of the department of cardiology. “We strive to take the best care of our patients, and providing them the opportunity to be seen by some of the best cardiologists in Houston so close to home is one way of doing just that.” Methodist DeBakey Cardiology Associates is located at 2950 Cullen Parkway, Suite 111. For more information, visit, call 713-441-9909 or call toll free at 888361-4375.

Today, it’s easier than ever to take a sip from the fountain of youth. Advances in minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures over the past decade make it easier and more financially feasible for men and women to enhance their appearance. As a fully trained plastic surgeon at SunCoast Plastic Surgery, Dr. Swet Chaudhari uses state-of-the art technology and advanced surgical techniques to create exceptional results for his patients. Dr. Chaudhari earned his medical degree at the prestigious UCLA School of Medicine. His extensive training includes a fiveyear general surgery residency, a complete fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at UTMB, as well as a fellowship in burn surgery. He is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and is an active member of the Houston Society of Plastic Surgeons. Everyone wants to look better and feel younger, and Dr. Chaudhari understands that many people don’t want to go through anything too extreme. “Non-surgical methods in rejuvenation are becoming a huge trend,” said Dr. Chaudhari. “I wanted to provide my community with a premiere medical spa where health and beauty come together for total rejuvenation. At Divinity Med Spa and Wellness, our personalized approach integrates body and mind to promote overall health and wellness for every client.” Whether it is Botox and fillers, Coolsculpting non-surgical permanent fat reduction, laser hair removal, physician-supervised weight loss programs or bio-identical hormone therapy, Divinity has whatever you need to help you look and feel divine. To find out more about these non-surgical methods, call Divinity Med Spa and Wellness at 281-993-4999 or visit at www. See ad on back cover.

Methodist deBakey Cardiology assoCiates

in Pearland

Our physicians specialize in treating:

• Heart failure

• Valve disease • Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)

• Cardiac screening and prevention

• Geriatric cardiovascular disease

• Palpitations and atrial fibrillation

• Coronary artery disease

2950 Cullen | Pearland, TX 77584 | 713-441-9909 |


magazine • September/October 2012


• Chest pain

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“Eye” Am Back-to-School Ready! It is estimated that as much as eighty percent of a child’s learning occurs while reading, writing and using computers. Additionally, many sports require clear distance vision, good depth perception and effective hand-eye coordination. When a child’s vision is not functioning properly, education and participation in sports can suffer. Resulting behaviors include hyperactivity, which is often mislabeled as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Dr. Dianne Dao comments, “As a parent, I know the importance of preparing your children for school. Since vision may change frequently during the school years, a comprehensive eye exam is one of the most important first steps for back-to-school preparation. That is why we have customized our eye exams to the needs of students, and our optometrists and staff are dedi-

cated to ensuring kids feel comfortable and confident about the process.” According to Dr. Dao, the signs that may indicate a child has a vision problem include: • Consistent eye rubbing and blinking • Short attention span • Avoiding reading or visually close activities • Frequent headaches • Holding reading materials too close to face

Today’s Vision family eye care office will be moving to 2705 East Broadway Street, Suite #115 in Pearland by the end of September. Until then, visit Drs. Dianne B. Dao and Atiya Husain at 3227 E. Broadway Street in Pearland. After providing eye care and eyewear needs to Pearlanders for thirteen years, they need more space. Today’s Vision accepts many vision and medical health insurance plans. For more information, call 281485-2020 or visit


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Pearland’s Finest in Medicine Memorial Hermann Receives TMF Award Four Memorial Hermann hospitals – Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital, Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital, Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital and Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital – collectively received the Texas Health Care Quality Improvement Gold Award from TMF® Health Quality Institute, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Texas. The hospitals were the only hospitals in Houston to receive the Gold award, which recognizes excellent, high-quality care among patients with acute myocardial infarction or AMI (heart attack), heart failure, pneumonia and surgical care.  Accepting the award was Dr. Michael Warneke, Medical Director of Quality, Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital; Dr. William Parks, Chief Medical Officer, Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital; TMF Board of Trustees member Dr. Carla F. Ortique; Gary Kerr, CEO, Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital; and Dr. Kristel Poffinbarger, Chief Medical Officer, Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital.

Trust the specialists at South Texas Foot for the care your feet need and deserve Experts in relieving pain, repairing injuries, correcting abnormalities, South Texas Foot offers: • Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgery • Geriatric Foot Care • Children’s Deformities • Diabetic Foot Care • Heel Spurs | Ingrown Toenails • Neuromas | Bunions • Hammertoes | Sports Injuries • Medicare, PPO’s, HMO’s

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Now Seeing Patients in Pearland! Board Certified Ophthalmologist

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Stewart Zuckerbrod, M.D. General Ophthalmology

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Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital Invites You to Girls’ Night Out You do so much for everyone else, so Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital is offering a special evening to pamper yourself while at the same time, learning about important women’s health issues. Grab your girlfriends and join us for a fun evening to learn about a variety of women’s health concerns, including breast and gynecological cancer care, from a panel of physicians affiliated with Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital. Tips also will be offered regarding early detection, prevention and proper screening techniques. The Girls’ Night Out event will take place Thursday, September 20, from 6-8 pm, at The Green Event Center, 2000 West Parkwood in Friendswood. In addition to learning about health issues, attendees also can enjoy beauty tips, hors d’ourves and shopping opportunities during this fun evening. Registration is required for this free event but is limited to ages 21 and up. Seating is limited, so register early. To register, call 713.222.CARE (2273). To schedule your mammogram call 281-929-6485, or register at the event with our schedulers. The event is facilitated by Deepti Mishra, M.D., Internal Medicine. The panel of physicians who will be featured are Amber Shamburger, M.D., OB/GYN; Jibi Thomas, M.D., Breast Radiologist; John Dalrymple, M.D., Gynecological Oncologist; Jonathan Cheng, M.D., Radiation Oncologist; Glen Garner, M.D., and General Surgeon.


n o i t a r Opeackpack B T

he YMCA teamed up with Pearland Town Center, Pearland High School's Drama Club, Kids R Kids Daycare and God's Army Supply (G.A.S.), a faith-based organization focused on unifying and energizing Christians, for the 8th Annual Backpack/ School Supply Drive. The community came together and helped raise over 500 backpacks and 16,000 supplies for the 2012-2013 school year. All of the donations will benefit local children and will be distributed by the elementary and middle school counselors. The YMCA's cause is to strengthen communities, with social responsibility being one of our focus areas. They believe it is important to support families in need and give each child the opportunity to start the school year with the supplies they need to succeed, explained Tonni Vale, Member Services Director at Vic Coppinger YMCA. G.A.S. is committed to responding to the needs of the community, reaching those interested in Christianity and providing resources that facilitate Christ-centered living. Their goal is to create a movement by mobilizing an international army of Christian soldiers. G.A.S. sponsored a school supply drive at the Pearland Town Center. "With the help of God's Army Supply, we collected 47 backpacks and hundreds of supplies that night," said Vale. "It was a group effort and truly made me proud to be a part of the Pearland community." Eric Carr, G.A.S. co-founder, army veteran and teacher in Pearland ISD, demonstrates his commitment to promoting sustainable values in youth with a S.O.L.D.I.E.R.S mission statement for his students. Junior high students are encouraged to incorporate service, organization, leadership, discipline, improvement, education, respect, and sacrifice into every aspect of life. At the end of each school year, students are rewarded upon successful demonstration of these attributes.

Will, Ima, Ayden and Alanna Noelle.

Isabel Hydorn and Eric Carr.

Tonni and Jacob Vale.

Stephanie Leva and Rhian Starr.

Mandy and Mark McGlothlin.

Suzette Hydorn, Roxanne Carr and Molly Hydorn.

Shelby, Devon and Chelsie Laws.


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EVENTS Texas Community Referral Network at Divinity Med Spa

Brian Covault with Swet & Neepa Chaudhari.

September 8th & 22nd October 13th & 27th Saturday, 8 am – 12 pm Pearland Old Townsite Farmers Market Support local families by purchasing local produce and products at Zychlinski Park at 2243 Grand Blvd. Visit September 8th & October 13th Saturday, 7 – 10 pm Kidz Nite Out Children ages 3 to 11 years can join Pearland Parks and Recreation for a night full of games, contest, crafts, and dinner, too! Visit September 13th 11:30 am – 1:00 pm “Yes!” Attitude Seminar South East Express Network of ABWA welcomes Erik Swanson, a nationally acclaimed success coach, at the Golden Corral’s private meeting room, 9115 Broadway. Business professionals are invited. The cost is $20 and includes a meal. Visit or call 281-412-4546.

Adalynn & Jennifer Parish..

Susie Ainsworth & Stefany Owens.

October 5th – 7th Friday – Sunday Red Cat Jazz Festival Enjoy this exhibition of the rich heritage of jazz music. Outdoor performances will be held at Pearland Town Center, and indoor performances will be held at the Red Cat Jazz Lounge in the historic Magnolia Square Brewery and Ballroom, located at 711 Franklin. Call 713-226-7870.

Sally Mercer, Randy Wells & Rick Laughlin.

Hillary Howland & Neepa Chaudhari.

September 27th Thursday, 5 pm Eye Styles Trunk Show Refreshments will be served beginning at 5 pm, and the event will feature the brands Carrera and Juicy Couture. Call 713-991-5522.

October 31st Wednesday, 5:30 – 8 pm Trick-or-Treat Trail Join the City of Pearland for this free event where children will have the chance to trick-or-treat in a safe and fun environment. Music, inflatables, games, food and a costume contest are some of the activities planned for the evening held at the Pearland High School visitor parking lot, 3775 S. Main. Visit www.

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Living the Sweet Life:

By Alisa Murray Nationally recognized portrait artist and award-winning columnist.

Off to an Orphanage I

f you ask me for help, and it involves children ... chances are I am going to say yes! A few years ago, I was asked by Nick Desai if I would travel with him to his native land of India. I said yes, and a few months ago, he made good on his promise to take me there. To say I was ill prepared for the journey would not be exactly fair since I knew that my task would be to photograph one of his orphanages. I was aware of the situation in India, and he and I had several conversations concerning how the children there were treated; more or less, they are thrown away. As a mother, it bothered me. I could not get my mind wrapped around how one could actually abandon and leave one’s own offspring to starve. India has a devastating rate of poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy. As a result, the children are sold into prostitution and introduced to drugs early, and the country as a whole is quite dismal. I was prepared for these things when I entered the country, and these things I did indeed find. After my long flight, we rested only two hours before going in the night seven hours north to the village of Dumda. The building where the children live is small, made of concrete cinder blocks and has one room for sleeping on dirt floors with only small cracks for light and aeration. A room adjacent to that serves as their kitchen, which consists of a small work table with a fire pit in the floor. It is hot in there and a blanket on the floor has a scattered handful of onions and potatoes that will feed the children. When I first arrived, I was greeted by a porch full of smiling faces ranging from ages 3 to 15. The children were happy and appeared to be healthy. They were dressed in beautiful clothes and prepared a performance for us singing and dancing much like my own children at their schools. I began getting to know each of the children and discovered they are better off than their unsaved cohorts, but they are

Alisa with the children at an Indian orphanage.

still very much in need of more. I have taken all of my luggage space in packing not for myself but to stash as many toys, lollipops, cars, trains and dolls as I can possibly carry. A sweet lady in the Houston airport spotted me early in my journey and quietly whispered to me to go to the gate upstairs where no one would be counting or weighing bags. That was the first God wink of many along my path. The journey was long and brutal without much stopping or resting. By the time I reached the children, it was Friday, and we had been traveling without sleeping since Wednesday. I had been able to get three bags with me to the orphanage, and now it was time for me to give the children my gifts. A big thank you needs to be said to Roland and Jonna Flores, Tressa, Angela Majors and Erin Dodd for gathering and bringing me so many toys and candies. The children were thrilled to get a small whistle, a piece of candy. I saw boys playing with cars and trains with bright smiles, and it made me wonder where were their other toys? How could it be childhood without toys? I wanted to summon up the North Pole and magically have the big man in red appear fully conscious of the fact that I was indeed their Santa Claus. Despite all these gifts, probably the most important gift I gave them was not


magazine • September/October 2012


a surprise to any who truly know me. It had occurred to me that although all the children had their basic needs met, no one would have thought to give them a portrait of themselves. Portraits are what I do, and I felt deeply responsible to the children to be able to gift them a portrait of themselves. You should have seen their faces as the pictures began popping out of the camera! It was truly an amazing sight – all their faces lit up running around with their pictures flapping in their hands! I realized then that my work there was done. They would be better off than they had been when I found them, and despite their plight in life, they would overcome, rise above, and hopefully, leave someday. I could see it in their eyes; they have gratitude and, most of all, hope. On September 7th in Sugar Land at the JW Marriott, The Hope Endowment, the organization that funds the orphanage, is having a gala. The children need funding for a new building, and they need other material things as well. If you are interested in donating or attending, call 832-598-4886 or email hopeendowment@ Take Care of YOU – and the children!


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Carleston After-School Program Wins Honors

Carleston Elementary after-school program site coordinator Holly Treece accepts the CASE award from HCDE Assistant Superintendent Celes Harris. (Photo courtesy of HCDE).

The Carleston Elementary 21st-Century After-School Program has staked its claim to fame with several recent awards. This spring, the program was named Harris County Department of Education’s Cooperative for After-School Enrichment Site of the Year. Carleston won the Site of the Year award out of more than 50 local CASE-funded after-school programs. In addition, after-school robotics teams from Carleston took top awards at the Kids’ Day at Hewlett Packard Competition in May. After building a robot from LEGO kits, students created a marketing presentation and business plan. Robotics teammates Jajuan Roberts, Jarval Duplechain, Victoria Peterson and Savanna Johnson won first place, while after-school fourth-graders earned third place overall in the competition. Marketing teammates included Brae’lyn Younger, Alicia Medrano, Savion Skeete and Jaden Aluko. Carleston’s After-School Program serves approximately 150 kindergarten through fourth-grade students with academic tutoring, homework assistance, field trips, hand-on learning enrichment and a summer school program. In addition, Pearland Independent School District provides After-School Programs at Lawhon Elementary and Sablatura Middle School.

Pearland ISD Wins Top Awards at FPS State, International Meets Pearland Independent School District students and teams scored big at Future Problem Solving Program state and international competitions this spring. Breaking out research skills and thinking caps, Pearland ISD students won three top spots worldwide during the FPS international conference in Indiana June 7-10, while teams and individuals snagged eight top awards during the state bowl. FPS engages students in creative problem-solving, with more than 250,000 participants annually from the U.S., Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Singapore and Turkey.


.com • September/October 2012


The Pearland ISD Board of Trustees recognized state and international Future Problem Solvers winners during its June 12 meeting. Pictured are coach Alicia Lauve, Lucia Zhan, Irene Cofie, Nakul Rao, Akshaya Annapragada, Pujarini Maiti and coach Mark Dunk.

In 2000, Pearland ISD launched the program at campuses, providing more opportunities for students to prepare for life in a global community.

Historically Pearland

By John D. “Mickey” Mark, President – Pearland Historical Society

A September Night to Remember O

n July 23rd of last year, Pearland’s oldest native born citizen, Emma Jamison Wells, passed away at the age of 97. Through the years, Emma, a charter member of the Pearland Historical Society, kept scrapbooks of information about things happening in Pearland and also in the Houston area. Recently Emma’s daughter, Margie Wells who is also a member of the Pearland Historical Society, was looking through one of her mother’s scrapbooks searching for information for the prospective Historical Society Museum when she found a story from a 1943 Houston newspaper. Although the story is about a Houston tragedy, it does also involve Pearland. In September 1943, the main interest to the citizens of Pearland and most of the United States was what was happening in the war in Europe and the Pacific. Practically every young man in Pearland was serving in the U.S. military in some capacity. The news about the war came from the daily 15 minute radio news programs, which normally were heard at noon, 6 pm and 10 pm. In September of 1943, the news indicated our troops in Europe and the Pacific were winning the battles. The Pearland citizens also would congregate around the little post office on Broadway to see if anyone got a letter from a loved one in the military and could pass on whatever news he or she had received. However, the Pearland citizens awakened on the morning of September 7, 1943 to a local news story, which at least for a day or so pushed war news into the background. A few old time Pearlanders may remember the story. A terrible fire at a downtown Houston hotel in the early morning hours had claimed 55 lives. The hotel was the old Gulf Hotel, a three story building at the corner of Louisiana and Preston Street. The hotel was what used to be called a “flopEmma Jamison Wells, 2006. house.” Reportpearland

The mass burial at South Park in Pearland in September of 1943.

edly, the hotel had 87 beds, mostly divided from one another by a thin partition. The cost for a night’s stay was 40 cents per bed. The story said it was reported by the desk clerk that 133 persons had registered for the night. The fire apparently started from a cigarette left on a mattress. The smoldering mattress was moved to a closet on the 2nd floor. Moments later, it erupted in flames, which rapidly consumed the thin partitions of the hotel. There were only two exits from the hotel, one on an interior exit and the other an exterior fire escape. Fifty-five persons lost their lives and another 36 were injured. No other fire in the history of Houston has taken more lives. So what is the connection to Pearland? Of the 55 people who perished in the fire, twenty one were never identified. A mass burial was held at South Park Cemetery in Pearland. The 21 unidentified and another 15 homeless persons were buried in a 100 foot trench, which was later marked off in separate graves. In 1943, Pearland had approximately 350 persons living within the old town site of Orange Street to the north, Walnut Street to the south, Galveston Street to the east and Austin Street to the west. The small town of Pearland was seldom in the news. So when the mass burial was at the cemetery in Pearland, it was big news in the town. Thanks to Margie Wells for the pictures and the story.

magazine • September/October 2012


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After BBL

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